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2004 Online Chats
Online Chat with Ted Takasaki March 24, 2004 by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson

<Chatman> Everyone, lets have a big warm WC welcome for one of everyoneís favorite personalities, Ted Takasaki!
<Driftr> Welcome Ted Takasaki!!!!!
<iamwalleye1> I need to get a couple GECOS from Christy!
<ETT> clap, clap, clap
<Driftr> clap clap clap!!!
<Ted Takasaki> You're much too kind
<Fishnmagician> CLAP CLAP CLAP
<WarrenMN> clap clap clap
<Satch_MN> clap clap
<tom(mn)> clap clap clap 
<iamwalleye1> clap
<Liquid Metal> clap clap
<Ted Takasaki> Kristi's slowed down on the geco production
<Chatman> ok now we are officially off and running. Anything you say can be used against you! LOL
<Ted Takasaki> thank you
<iamwalleye1> They sure bring me good luck!
<Ted Takasaki> Iíll tell her
<Chatman> hi Bri
<B Thomas> hello all
<WarrenMN> What tournaments will you be in this year
<Chatman> So Ted whatís new at Lindy this year?
<Ted Takasaki> pwt
<Ted Takasaki> munchies thumpin' grubs
<Ted Takasaki> max gap jig
<B Thomas> Ted, whats youíre best early spring program for Erie pre spawners?
<Ted Takasaki> pre 50 degrees cranks suspended
<Ted Takasaki> over 50, spinners suspended or bottom
<B Thomas> how slow do you concentrate?
<Ted Takasaki> as slow as the kicker will go
<Ted Takasaki> pre spawn could also mean jigging the reefs
<Ted Takasaki> that's already past though
<Fishnmagician> hi FB
<Ted Takasaki> most females are off the reefs pretty quick
<Driftr> hi Steve
<B Thomas> water is still in mind 30s i believe 
<Ted Takasaki> if that's the case, then jig off marble head
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> we had 36 degrees surface Sat between D can and Green Island
<B Thomas> thatís what I figured as a start this weekend
<ETT> probably all the way up to 37 by now
<B Thomas> bathwater
<Ted Takasaki> it'll warm up quick with this kind of heat wave 
<iamwalleye1> Where? MARK?
<Ted Takasaki> it was 63 in Brainerd today
<Liquid Metal> Ted what would be your best bait/ rigging during the spawn on western res.?
<iamwalleye1> Me 2
<Ted Takasaki> I'd be throwing light jigs up on the shoreline rocks
<Ted Takasaki> dead stick on the outside
<Ted Takasaki> split shot/hook or Lindy rig
<iamwalleye1> Ted NO RCL this year?
<Ted Takasaki> just don't have the time...Iíd love to fish the RCL
<Satch_MN> Ted, what setup of rod/jig on dead stick?
<Liquid Metal> thanks
<Ted Takasaki> long med action rod
<Satch_MN> 7 1/2
<Ted Takasaki> 7 to 7-1/2
<tedddd> hey denied how are you?
<Ted Takasaki> good name
<Guest1o1> <Enter Text Here>Ted what do you think the bite will be at lbdn in early June
<Fishnmagician> hi Hollywood
<Denied(Oh)> hi Tedddd, doing fine
<Ted Takasaki> spinners
<Satch_MN> would mono/fireline be better on dead stick?
<Ted Takasaki> should be good...June is always good on lbdn 
<Tom Franjesh> what up
<Ted Takasaki> mono
<Satch_MN> ok
<Cuke> Mr. T, greetings from Sask
<Guest1o1> bottom or suspended
<iamwalleye1> Do you run iron silk?
<ETT> Ted give us a description of your go to open water suspended harness, please
<Ted Takasaki> bottom
<iamwalleye1> for trolling?
<Ted Takasaki> 2 hooks number 2 #4 or #5 blade 
<Ted Takasaki> maybe treble on back
<ETT> beads?
<tedddd> we caught over 250 perch
<Ted Takasaki> gold or silver blades/ red or chart bead
<Fishnmagician> hey risto!
<tedddd> kept about 150
<Tom Franjesh> I heard there maybe a NE wind on Sunday. Any word on the water clarity?
<ETT> 6mm or 8mm
<tedddd> never did get a chance to fish Erie down your way this winter
<Ted Takasaki> boy Iím not sure...i just kind of eyeball em'
<tedddd> we fished Brest bay a lot
<tedddd> through the ice
<ETT> Colorado or Indiana blades
<Ted Takasaki> i like Colorado and hatchets
<tedddd> it wasnít a good ice season this year
<ETT> Ok thanks
<Liquid Metal> Ted have do you ever dead stick with plastics?
<Ted Takasaki> i haven't
<Tom (mn)> do you have a favorite crankbait you like to pull?
<Ted Takasaki> well, my favorite is the one that's catching fish now
<tedddd> i hear they have taken a few in the upper detroit river
<Ted Takasaki> reef runners, shad raps, 24 a's, rogues and husky jerks are all goods ones
<Chatman> hey trail
<tedddd> if i were to come don there with in the next two weeks where would you suggest to start
<iamwalleye1> Tipped?
<iamwalleye1> With worms
<trailerguy> Hi PJ
<hollywoodeyes> Ted what is you're most popular Techni-Glo jighead color
<Ted Takasaki> sometimes
<iamwalleye1> 1/2 or hole
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> TED - on your 53# day during Erie PWT - what kind of speed?
<Ted Takasaki> ruby redtail and chart
<Ted Takasaki> speed was 1 to 1.5
<Ted Takasaki> 1/2 usually
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> thanks 
<Ted Takasaki> i was going just slow enough for the motor to bog down occasionally
<Tom Franjesh> Anybody fishing Erie on Sat or Sunday?
<Ted Takasaki> i wish i was
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> I normally run faster than most guys - bigger boat and that is what I'm comfortable with
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> I'll be out Sat and Sun Tom weather permitting
<reddog> evening folks
<Liquid Metal> how shallow do you like to fish mostly?
<Fishnmagician> hey dog
<Ted Takasaki> i love a good shallow bite...caught em right up on the rocks before
<Tom Franjesh> If so, do you think the water temp will be high enough to troll N. of the reefs. I just don't have a whole lot of confidence this early.
<Ted Takasaki> Iíd probably be jigging if it is mid 30's
<Ted Takasaki> mid 40's cranks
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> Did you do anything drastically different on the record day than previous days
<Guest1o1> favorite crank for lbdn
<Ted Takasaki> i made a lot of turns that day
<Tom Franjesh> That's what I figured. Thanks. Mid 40's.
<Tom (mn)> Ted what is your favorite body of water to fish?
<Liquid Metal> thanks for your time Ted
<Ted Takasaki> did pretty good with rogues
<Ted Takasaki> favorite water low
<Satch_MN> Ted, how long do you make spinner rigs fishing in 5' and rocky? Also, what size blades?
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> inside or outside boards take noticeably more fish than the other?
<Ted Takasaki> 4 feet #3 blades
<Hollywoodeyes> Ted it's not clear in you're spiffy new catalog the snell length on your single hook stingers. Do you know off the top of your head?
<Satch_MN> Colorado right
<Ted Takasaki> neither board in or out was any better
<Ted Takasaki> fished Erie though ice once ...caught a few pigs
<Reddog> Ted, remember the Big Spirit Musky in the tournament, back in like 87 or so?
<Ted Takasaki> single hooks stingers or snells
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> Thanks - Just YOUR day - and a GREAT one at that!
<Ted Takasaki> 51 inches my first musky
<hollywoodeyes> Stingers
<Ted Takasaki> Iíll always remember that one
<tedddd> nice fish
<Guest1o1> favorite color on lbdn
<Ted Takasaki> we haven't come out with a single hook stinger yet 
<reddog> Can still see the smile on your face hehehe
<tedddd> havenít got one of those yet
<Ted Takasaki> purple
<Fishnmagician> hey bill!
<bill brown(Indy)> FM whats up
<Ted Takasaki> that first musky was almost as exciting as the 98 championship
<Ristorapper> Almost but I bet the smile was as big!
<Ted Takasaki> hi Juls
<reddog> Ted. I have a meeting with Perry and Eric in the morning, I almost invited them in tonight, but I just got home myself.
<iamwalleye1> Whats the winning weight for SV MWC?
<hollywoodeyes> Page 14 top left showing size 2 or 5. looks like single hook.
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> Tom Franjesh - We've caught em trolling N / and E of reefs in 36 degree water so if that is what you would rather do this weekend don't be afraid to give it a try
<Ted Takasaki> tell Perry hi for me
<reddog> Will do.
<Ted Takasaki> 48 pounds
<Juls> Hi Ted!!
<champ,ne.> hi Ted what is your best crank for eyes.
<Ted Takasaki> I'll check but i think i know that catalog
<hollywoodeyes> I believe you!
<Tom Franjesh> Steve: 36 Degrees. How well did you do?
<Ted Takasaki> i like a lot of different cranks...reef runners are pretty good
<Ted Takasaki> we'll probably come out with a single hook stinger some day
<champ,ne.> how about double shad raps?
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> Some days good - some days not so good - but good enough that I don't mess with jigs anymore
<Ted Takasaki> i like single better 
<Tom Franjesh> Really. Steve, are you docked at Green Cove.
<Ted Takasaki> Iíd rather catch a monster eye on a jig any day
<iamwalleye1> anything new for your sponsors?
<Tom Franjesh> I have two uncles that have condos at Green Cove. At one time they owned six units.
<Ted Takasaki> it's important to be careful with the cold water
<Juls> Ted, I'm in Spring Valley...at breakfast this morning there were some men sitting at a table next to me and I heard them say, "Ted Takasaki is going to be getting here on Sunday"...that true? Are you coming over here?
<Ted Takasaki> pflueger president reel 10 ball bearings 60 buck
<Ted Takasaki> verado from merc!
<Ted Takasaki> Iíll be the emcee at the mwc weigh in on Sunday for the 3pm flight
<Ted Takasaki> super braid from stren
<hollywoodeyes> Reason Iím confused is all others say treble but these. Thatís why I assumed they were singles. Picture looks like it too. I love your yellow/orange Fuzz-EGrub bodies. Getting ready to place an order as we speak!
<Juls> Cool!!! It will be good to see you!
<Ted Takasaki> oh...we have single stingers for spinnerbaits..bass stuff
<Ted Takasaki> it's been a while ...Juls you've been traveling too much
<Ted Takasaki> say hi to Ricky for me
<Juls> It's supposed to be a beautiful warm day on Sunday too...;-)
<Satch_MN> Juls, how is fishing down there? I will be there on Monday.
<Juls> will do
<Ted Takasaki> i actually will get to fish a bit on Monday
<iamwalleye1> how was the turn out for the institute?'
<Ted Takasaki> full house again this year
<Ted Takasaki> we're going to open up another location for the institute next year
<Ted Takasaki> 2 sites
<iamwalleye1> MN?
<Juls> sweet
<Ted Takasaki> close
<Tom Franjesh> Brian. My uncle John's condo is right above Joe Whitten's.
<Ristorapper> ND?
<iamwalleye1> Thatís good news
<Ted Takasaki> close
<reddog> Okoboji?
<Ted Takasaki> real close
<Juls> ha-ha he's not telling yet...
<B Thomas> yea I remember that friggin wall mount Joe had on his wall
<Ted Takasaki> we don't have a contract signed yet
<Ristorapper> we'll be here all night guessing
<Ristorapper> oh!
<hollywoodeyes> I must also compliment you on a friendly staff. Called 4 days ago for this catalog wonderful women sent it right out.
<B Thomas> Juls, are you still with Crown?
<Juls> Yes Sir
<Ted Takasaki> that's why they get paid the big bucks
<Ted Takasaki> we've got super people working at Lindy
<B Thomas> wow, thatís my dream team lol
<Juls> lol
<hollywoodeyes> They deserve it!
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> This is one of most impressive mounts I've seen
<iamwalleye1> Customer service is a must!
<Ted Takasaki> i drank a shot of crown in memory of you Juls
<Tom Franjesh> Are you talking about the stringer mount inside his living room. Unbelievable.
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> YEAH
<B Thomas> yes tom
<Juls> hahaha thank you for your support!
<B Thomas> thatís nuts, I think he told me he got most of them in one day
<iamwalleye1> Get together is it moved JULS?
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> I usually forget when I start drinking the Crown
<Tom Franjesh> He did.
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> Mary probably caught most of em...
<Juls> I'm looking forward to trying out the new jigs from Lindy...the wide gap jigs. should be good on Devils for me
<Fishnmagician> hi Dave 
<Ristorapper> better buy a bunch Juls!!
<B Thomas> You keep your boat over at GC Steve?
<Juls> it will be in Vermillion this year...ill tell you more after the chat if you like
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> TED - how long of leaders were you guys using at Dunkirk last year?
<Satch_MN> Ted, have you been able to get your new boat in the water yet? Where? 
<Ted Takasaki> i will start the season with my last year's boat
<Ristorapper> 1million trees in the water!!
<Juls> already got those Ted...they worked last year for me....took 15th place with them
<Ted Takasaki> new one will have a verado on it
<Ted Takasaki> good job
<B Thomas> another Ranger Ted?
<Ted Takasaki> 12 feet behind dipsy
<chamookman> hi ya PJ
<Ted Takasaki> 621 
<reddog> I just bought an Eagle fishmark480 for the bow, and my buddy gave me a Pinpoint 7520. Both are NIB, What would everyoneís recommendations, without telling me to get something different. The 7520 wont cost me anything, and the 480 is return
able. What to do? 
<Ted Takasaki> That's one sweet boat!
<Ristorapper> send the 7520 to me
<Satch_MN> Ted, color?
<B Thomas> just saw one out of the wrap last week all rigged very nice
<Ted Takasaki> black mist with mica stripes
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> OK thanks - the long leaders can be a pain but seem to make a difference once you get East of Fairport Harbor
<Satch_MN> cool
<Ted Takasaki> long leaders was key to catching...i just couldn't get em on the 2nd day
<Fishnmagician> hi bean
<Juls> what hole is your motor mounted in Ted?
<Dean> <Enter Text Here>Ted have you tried a slide diver for spooky fish its the same as a dipsy but the lead can be as long as you liker
<Driftr> Steve, 8-10 " is common here in central basin
<Ted Takasaki> i really can't remember Juls without getting up and checking
<Driftr> foot, sorry
<Ted Takasaki> i think 2nd
<Juls> ok
<Ted Takasaki> i haven't tried a slide diver
<B Thomas> do you prefer snap weights, lead core or what do you use to get deep in the Fairport or Dunkirk Tournys?
<iamwalleye1> How about Erie this year out of Cleveland? What do you think how where what?
<Ted Takasaki> i used them both...hard to say
<B Thomas> use mainly shallow divers with lead core?
<Ted Takasaki> never been out of Cleveland...toss a coin
<Ted Takasaki> depends on water temp
<Ted Takasaki> Iíll use deep divers probably more
<B Thomas> bring your armored vehicle to Cleveland
<B Thomas> just kidding
<B Thomas> locking lugs
<Ted Takasaki> bullet proof windows
<Ted Takasaki> just kidding
<Tom Franjesh> No he's not
<Juls> it's not that bad...lol just lock everything up and put the alarms on...lol
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> We ran some as long as 13 feet out of Geneva - not a problem with only 4 lines in a tournament but would hate to have to do it in a normal situation with more lines out
<iamwalleye1> I have a 250xs on the way. Was this a good motor for you? 
<Juls> and keep a pit bull in the boat...hehehe
<Ted Takasaki> i liked my xs
<reddog> evening yd3
<Fishnmagician> hey 3 dogs!
<chamookman> Ted, what are Your favorite - go to cranks?
<B Thomas> the hoodlums donít like dogs
<Ted Takasaki> can't wait for verado though
<Ted Takasaki> Iíll put my yorkies in the boat
<Juls> hahaha
<Juls> that'll scare them
<Ted Takasaki> hard to say about cranks...i like a lot of em
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> Cleveland should be nice - different than the normal tournament setting but they will do a nice job
<Ted Takasaki> reef runners, husky jerks, rogues, Wally divers, shad raps, 24 a's
<Dean> Ted try slidediver.com explains it in detail
<yellowdogs3> evening guys
<B Thomas> I was considering shelling out the bucks for the Co Angler in CLE, are co anglers supposed to pre fish or just show up tourney day?
<Ted Takasaki> rock & roll
<chamookman> Thanks!
<Tom Franjesh> You would not believe how ignorant the boaters are outta Cleveland. 
<Ted Takasaki> hall of fame
<Guest1o1> whats a 24a
<B Thomas> donít get me going tom!
<Ristorapper> lets see then for Cleveland pwt my picks will have to go to pros that own dogs other guys will be robbed
<Juls> hahaha
<Driftr> lol
<Ted Takasaki> i was never so scared for my life when 40 cigar boats come flying through a pack of fishermen on Winnebago
<B Thomas> hopefully the launch isnít Gordon Park
<Ted Takasaki> bomber
<chamookman> Do English Setters count? :)
<Tom Franjesh> If so - pack heat/
<B Thomas> Id think Edgewater park
<Juls> boating rules go out the window there? whoever has the biggest boat has the right of way..eh?
<Satch_MN> lol
<Ted Takasaki> bomber 24A
<B Thomas> I always pack up that way you kidding
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> It is at Edgewater
<Ted Takasaki> one cut off my board and chopped the flag in half
<iamwalleye1> #53 day on Erie what was the best color
<Ted Takasaki> firetiger morning...purple and blue/silver afternoon
<iamwalleye1> was the afternoon bite better?
<Ted Takasaki> 53.2 pounds...sounds great even today 2 years later
<Ted Takasaki> it was much better in the pm...i only had a 12pounder and 8 pounder until about 1pm
<Don(UT)> <Enter Text Here>
<Ristorapper> how many fish did you go through on your record day Ted?
<iamwalleye1> that was a great day in fishing history
<Fishnmagician> Ted 53 will always sound good!
<Ted Takasaki> about 14 total
<Juls> that was brought up by a customer at one of our promotions Ted! Your catch is still the talk of the town!
<Juls> That was in Nebraska!!!
<Ted Takasaki> the livewell looked like Jurassic park ...all teeth and fins
<Fishnmagician> lol
<Ted Takasaki> actually that was the 2nd time Iíve had the single day record
<iamwalleye1> its nice to see you on Midwest outdoors
<Ted Takasaki> i had it with 45 pounds in about 93
<Ted Takasaki> thank you
<B Thomas> I wish I coulda seen the 2002 PWT weigh ins
<B Thomas> Pt Clinton that is
<chamookman> Kenny Sheer, almost fainted at the pre-weigh!
<Fishnmagician> so whats it going to be this year? hehehe
<Ted Takasaki> there was some weight that day!
<B Thomas> didnít you have the big fish for that tourney Ted?
<Ted Takasaki> no i didn't have big fish...i think that was about 14 pounds
<Juls> be right back
<B Thomas> oh thatís right, a pwt record right?
<iamwalleye1> Lets hope for better weather this year on the eastside. 
<Ted Takasaki> i think pwt big fish record was from detroit river
<Ristorapper> Anything new and exciting coming down the pipeline from Lindy in the next year two that you can share with us ??
<Ted Takasaki> new style nite brite float waggler style
<B Thomas> not much of a historian lol
<Ted Takasaki> more shapes of soft plastic
<iamwalleye1> Ted Thanks got to go! Have a very good and safe year!
<Ted Takasaki> we just acquired M/G tackle company
<Ted Takasaki> thanks
<sandpaper> Hi Ted its me and Tom B.
<Ted Takasaki> hey boys!
<Fishnmagician> hello GJ
<sandpaper> you leaving already
<Grape Juice> how do all 
<sandpaper> Aaron says hello 
<Fishnmagician> banger!
<Ted Takasaki> you've got the whole gang
<sandpaper> yep. Tom claims he is gonna whoop yer tail this year!
<eyebanger> yikes ,too many ! BBL
<Ted Takasaki> i hope so...
<Satch_MN> Ted, I enjoyed reading your tips that you share on lindy's web site, gives me some new things to try
<sandpaper> :) have a good night Ted, see you later
<Ristorapper> agree with Satch too
<Ted Takasaki> thank you...we're really working hard to make the website better
<Ted Takasaki> see you guys!
<Tom Franjesh> Ted. What's the best thing about being a pro?
<Ted Takasaki> having the opportunity to interact with you guys
<Guest1o1> fished with you in Dunkirk last year and will never forget it
<Ted Takasaki> i like sharing tips and seeing people catch fish
<Tom Franjesh> What's the 2nd best thing then?
<Ted Takasaki> hopefully it was the day that we did well
<Ristorapper> Any down sides anything you'd like to see change in the pro ranks
<Juls> Sorry I have to cut this short Ted....Rick just found another job for me to do...lol gotta tie some leads up and make some shanks...I'll see you Sunday! Have a safe trip over.
<Ted Takasaki> 2nd best ...doing well in the tournaments
<Satch_MN> Ted, good luck to ya this year, will be watching for ya on the leader boards
<Ted Takasaki> see you Sunday Juls!
<rock2me> Ted, is there one thing new that you will be trying this year that you'll share with us.
<Ted Takasaki> thanks
<Tom Franjesh> Do you get as excited about fishing as you did before you became a pro.
<Ted Takasaki> down side would be the travel ...every weekend from Jan through April
<Ted Takasaki> Iíll be fishing with our new munchies thumpin' grubs on 3 ways
<Ted Takasaki> i love to do well...that's what's exciting.
<tom(mn)> do you think laws will be passed banning lead in fishing?
<Ted Takasaki> if it wasn't fun...Iíd quit
<Ted Takasaki> although i like to travel too
<rock2me> Thanks!
<Ted Takasaki> i think we've got the lead thing beaten back for now
<Fishnmagician> one thing you'll notice... Ted is always smiling!
<Tom Franjesh> I think I'm painting with Steve. I don't have a choice. If I can find a babysitter I may go on Sunday.
<Ristorapper> How do you think a smaller field will do for competition in the PWT I think the competition will be higher than in years past
<Ted Takasaki> Iím just one happy guy
<Ted Takasaki> it's a lot tougher field today that it was yesterday than it was 10 years ago
<ETT.> Ted what will be on the 3rd 3 way .
<Ted Takasaki> it's really the best of the best.
<Mech> Is it best to jig slow in the spring?
<B Thomas> Ted, a lot of guys use night crawlers with their Reef Runners / cranks, do you use that presentation much?
<Ted Takasaki> dropper with jig if legal, trailer with thumpin grub, 3rd to rod
<Ted Takasaki> i would start slow then snap
<Burr> How is a veteran pro like yourself going to attack the Bull Shoals location this year? 
<Ristorapper> yea how is that three way set up?? both lead or one lead on floater ??
<Ristorapper> one
<Ted Takasaki> Iíll tip a crank with crawlers when it's warmer
<m.n.obucket> Ted, think that the amateur will or can be changed to co-angler in PWT?
<rock2me> If you had one color for the thumpin jig which would you start with?
<Ted Takasaki> bottom bouncers/spinners and keep running around the lake
<B Thomas> thanks a lot Ted for the info and good luck
<Ted Takasaki> one leader or trailer for floater
<Mech> Have you ever noticed that line color plays a difference in a "tough bite"
<stratos> how about gulp crawlers on the cranks 
<Ted Takasaki> i see no difference between co angler or amateur...he's my partner for the day
<Ted Takasaki> one color chart silk
<Ted Takasaki> Iíve mainly used green line
<rock2me> We're on the same page then!
<Ted Takasaki> i haven't tried gulp crawlers
<Mech> do you ever use f-carbon?
<Ristorapper> that's gotta be your favorite color Ted? chartreuse?? used it on jig in '98 PWT championship
<Chatman> hate to say this guys but get the last of your questions in for Ted 
<Ted Takasaki> f carbon is tough one...they're making it better these days
<Ted Takasaki> chart is tough to beat but again favorite color is what's catching fish right now
<Burr> How long, and hard, has it been for Lindy to develop the Glow Plastics?
<Ted Takasaki> it's been tough...we're still not done with the research.
<chamookman> Thanks Ted - See Ya PJ - Detroit River?
<Burr> We'll help with that, wink, wink
<Ted Takasaki> perfection is a tough goal
<Guest1o1> thanks Ted your the man
<Ted Takasaki> it's been tough to keep up with you guys!
<Fishnmagician> Ted, best of luck to ya this year!!
<rock2me> Thanks, Ted. You da' man!
<Ted Takasaki> tanks a bunch!
<WarrenMN> What electronics
<tom(mn)> Ted always enjoy listening to you talk fishin thanks and bye
<Ristorapper> thanks Champ best wishes this season and stay safe
<Ted Takasaki> Iíve used bottomline since i was in diapers
<Ted Takasaki> seems like anyway
<Chatman> Guys we are going to wrap it up for tonight
<Grape Juice> good luck and good health Ted clap clap clap clap
<Driftr> Thanks Ted
<Ted Takasaki> they've got some new units for this year
<WarrenMN> clap clap clap
<Driftr> clap clap clap !!!!!
<Burr> Are you working with anyone new on the trail this year?
<Ted Takasaki> thank you guys, i really appreciate it
<Ristorapper> clap Clap CLap CLAp CLAP
<Chatman> lets have a big hand for Ted, and thanks a TON for taking the time to visit with us!
<Burr> thanks Ted
<Fishnmagician> come back again!
<rock2me> YEAH!
<Grape Juice> clap clap clap
<Ted Takasaki> Iím rooming with Perry g. Tim Minnema, tom backer and Dave r.
<Chatman> look for the chat log to be posted by the beginning of the week
<Ristorapper> all good guys too!!
<WarrenMN> You'll have to ask Backer about my map then
<Ted Takasaki> thanks again...time to sign off. Iíve got a radio interview to do...
<Ristorapper> nite Ted
<WarrenMN> night
<Ted Takasaki> i don't think backer can find anything in his house
<m.n.obucket> thanx Ted
<Grape Juice> nite Ted
<Chatman> thanks Ted
<Fishnmagician> nite Ted


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