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2004 Online Chats
Online Chat with Phil Wilson 3/31/04 by Phil Wilson Sr.

<Chatman> Everyone, lets have a big wc welcome for Phil Wilson!!!
<101> whats up phil
<Eyeman(IN)> Hi Phil
<eyeman_1> Evening phil
<eyeman_1> Phil
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Just trying to get ready for another of wonderful walleye season
<Chatman> Phil, your not in the RCL?
<Eyeman(IN)> No Tracker boats allowed Phil
<Chatman> ahhh
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Nope my boat is the wrong color for RCL
<Chatman> I see
<Chatman> so Winnie your first stop then?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> so, does any one have soft water yet?
<WarrenMN> only around the edges
<Chatman> here in Detroit we got it
<wa_walleye> LOL, yes on the Columbia
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Winnie it is, and looking forward to it too
<eyeman_1> Here in IL we have it but it's very muddy
<Chatman> first trip out this Sunday
<j9f> no ice in western Erie
<Phil Wilson Sr.> I here Detroit is going good too
<Eyeman(IN)> I got lots of open water here 
<101> what were you running as far as bait at Dunkirk last year
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Unfortunately I don't get to do much fishing at home
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Dunkirk was lead and dipseys
<Chatman> Yea, its just starting in Detroit
<101> cranks or spinners
<Phil Wilson Sr.> My lure of choice there was the blue glass minnow by Rapala
<Phil Wilson Sr.> some spinners but cranks did it best for me
<101> were you letting the lead sink to bottom then take off
<Phil Wilson Sr.> That new glass minnow color from Rapala is really going to be a big hit every where I think
<Chatman> is that deep diver or do they make it in different styles
<Phil Wilson Sr.> No, I was just letting out 8 and 10 colors then varying speed
<101> no renoskys
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Last year was just the floater, but this year it is available in the diver and the Shad Raps too
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Some Renosky had to give Bill a few hundred bucks
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Don't laugh at my spelling. My fingers work faster than my brain
<101> who is bill
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Bill's lures or maybe that's not the name of the shop west of town
<We Fish> Hello All
<WarrenMN> How do you like that!
<WarrenMN> Chatman that is
<101> bill was your am partner on the first day
<Phil Wilson Sr.> He lasted longer than I did first trip in.
<Phil Wilson Sr.> wish I could remember all my am's names.
<101> he bought a new Crestliner
<Phil Wilson Sr.> I remember my day two was a guy from the ATF
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Imagine that
<WarrenMN> fed ATF?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> yes, feds
<WarrenMN> uh oh
<WarrenMN> behave time
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Thought for sure it was a set up
<WarrenMN> LOL
<We Fish> Hello Mr. Wilson Sr. Have you ever fished the mighty Rock River
<WarrenMN> Phil, do you have any sponsors you'd like to mention
<Phil Wilson Sr.> nice guy though, typical cop, showed up with coffee and doughnuts for me
<Eyeman(IN)> :-)
<Phil Wilson Sr.> I am sponsored by, Rapala, Bait Rigs, Mercury, Heartland siding and Astro building products.
<Phil Wilson Sr.> But, my number one sponsor is my wife Angie
<WarrenMN> Hear that a lot
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Welcome Eric
<Chatman> yea thats the #1 always lol
<101> what tech would you use at lbdn early spring
<WarrenMN> What are you using for electronics
<Eric Wright> thanks
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Been married for 25 years this year and had the same kindergarten teacher so we have been together for life
<WarrenMN> kind of a 25 going on 40 then
<Phil Wilson Sr.> She even lets me use her credit card when I max mine
<wa_walleye> Shoot, no chance of her sponsoring anybody else then
<WarrenMN> lucky dog
<Phil Wilson Sr.> 44 to be exact
<Phil Wilson Sr.> 101, you from the Dunkirk area?
<101> south of Pittsburgh
<Phil Wilson Sr.> now I remember it's Bill's Hooks in Dunkirk
<Phil Wilson Sr.> That's where the ATF agent was from
<WarrenMN> do the feds go for Crispy Cremes then
<We Fish> Well I guess You don't want to talk to us little guys from Wis.
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Just spent a week in Florida at Big Pine key with Fish Lady from Dunki9rk
<Guest> So is Mr. Wilson fishing any tournaments this year?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Hey Steve
<Chatman> HI Steve
<Eyeman(IN)> Hi Steve
<FreeByrd Steve> Hi All
<WarrenMN> What electronics do you use
<101> my buddy bill fished with you first day he had a blast
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Wis., of course. That's my first trip out got any secrets ya wanna share?
<We Fish> Fish the mighty rock river
<Guest> Is your better half doing your typing tonight Mr. Wilson?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> I am excited about Winnie but a little scared too
<WarrenMN> which tournament is Winnie
<Phil Wilson Sr.> I told ya not to laugh at my spelling, and now my typing, lol
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Easy on the mister, that's my dad
<Guest> No no really am just wondering if she is there also.
<We Fish> Use a Zone R By Fin Tech
<Guest> lol
<Phil Wilson Sr.> no, she is shopping with daughter in law.
<Chatman> So Phil, would you rather jig, or are you a troller
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Getting stuff for the 25th party
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Personally I prefer trolling
<Phil Wilson Sr.> I even troll the Detroit river
<Chatman> good answer lol
<Guest> 25 great! Congrats to both of you from Skeeter!
<Chatman> yea I do, but with wire
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Some day I may even learn to hand line
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Hey Nels what's up?
<Chatman> if you are ever in town I will be glad to take you
<Jaren> Hey Phil , got any stuff on Detroit right now?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Would love it. How's sat sound
<Guest> Not much. Came here to learn how to fish.
<Phil Wilson Sr.> You taught me
<Chatman> this sat?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> sure
<Guest> right
<Chatman> I have a 85 birthday party for an aunt, but Sun I will be out there
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Really Nels I did learn alot about the bay from you. You are one of the best there
<Phil Wilson Sr.> I got no plans for sun
<Chatman> Skeeter snuck in here?
<Chatman> well, email me afterwards, maybe we can set something up
<Phil Wilson Sr.> done deal I'll do it
<Chatman> great I think it would be fun
<Phil Wilson Sr.> now skeeter snuck out
<Chatman> maybe his boat needed cleaning lol
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Remember I have never done it, so you'll have a rookie on board
<Eyeman(IN)> :-)
<scooter> hi all
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Hi scooter
<Chatman> yea, you will catch on quick
<Chatman> hi scoot
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Cant wait
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Do I need to bring any thing Brian
<Chatman> anyone have any questions for our guest?
<Chatman> no, I don't think so Phil
<Chatman> just your patience lol
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Bring em on guys that's why I am here
<Eyeman(IN)> with them little fish starting to come in you might not know when you hook one :-)
<Eyeman(IN)> starting 
<Phil Wilson Sr.> That's ok I've drug big ones around Erie before
<FreeByrd Steve> Phil - you doing full PWT schedule this year?
<Chatman> if you see me pop out I have been having some trouble with my comp
<Chatman> Hello Mr. Larson
<Phil Wilson Sr.> I am registered for all six yes
<sevenmmm> Hello all
<sevenmmm> Hi Phil!
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Hey seven how are ya?
<FreeByrd Steve> good deal - I'm doing Cleveland as Amateur - looking forward to it - never done one before
<sevenmmm> Just Fine You looking forward to Winneconne?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> You'll love it. Just keep an open mind, and be patient
<FreeByrd Steve> Yeah I know the routine from doing two Port Clinton RCL's
<Phil Wilson Sr.> I am really excited about Winnie, new spot for me
<FreeByrd Steve> I've had a blast both times - and learned things both times
<sevenmmm> Cool. You Got a plan?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Steve, you being such a good fisherman yourself I hope I draw ya
<Phil Wilson Sr.> MY plan? Of course. WIN!!!
<FreeByrd Steve> Some say not to do them on your home waters - but I've learned things both times that I wouldn't have tried if it wasn't for the tournaments
<sevenmmm> LOL
<Chatman> Hey Rick, I'm taking Phil out on Sunday to do a little handlining
<FreeByrd Steve> It is fun interesting to see how others do things
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Home waters can be a draw back for an am. That's why I say keep an open mind
<sevenmmm> Of the all the PWT, which location you looking forward to the most?
<FreeByrd Steve> Right - but if ya know it going in then no problem
<FreeByrd Steve> I can see how it would be a problem for some people
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Exactly Steve.
<Eyeman(IN)> Got to run Phil , thanks guys it was fun 
<Phil Wilson Sr.> My most looked forward to is a hard question. But, probably Cleveland cause I can do my favorite tech
<sevenmmm> TROLL!
<Phil Wilson Sr.> But I really like chamberlain too
<Phil Wilson Sr.> With capitol letters, I love it
<sevenmmm> How come Chamberlain?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Bull Shoals could be interesting too
<Phil Wilson Sr.> I really like the Dakotas, And if i cant troll I'd rather rig
<Phil Wilson Sr.> And Chamberlain give you the opportunity to do it all if need be
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Evening eyes
<terroreyes> evening
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Also, the people in Chamberlain are really good to us.
<sevenmmm> Just how big is your largest 'eye?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Some of the places we go I feel like they don't want us there
<Phil Wilson Sr.> I think there both the same size
<terroreyes> since it's spring..... what's you're after ice technique, when do you change, and to what?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> 15 1/2 pounds caught at Dunkirk the last day of prefish two years ago
<Chatman> Hi terror
<FreeByrd Steve> one day too soon!
<FreeByrd Steve> Do you know how long it was
<scooter> good luck to you this year Phil............and good evening guys I have to get back to work
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Eyes, being a troller I usually start right out with cranks, but depends on the water too
<sevenmmm> 15 1/2? Holy Smokes!!!! What you catch it on?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Bait Rigs big water rig with a natural craw power worm
<sevenmmm> Who makes the power worm?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> One of the few fish I ever caught on a plastic worm using a harness
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Berkley
<sevenmmm> Oh yeah DUH! :-)
<FreeByrd Steve> was it over 34 inches Phil?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Now they come out with the new one that really stinks but is water friendly
<FreeByrd Steve> I've seen a few over 33 but haven't seen one over 34 ...YET
<Phil Wilson Sr.> 35 34" the local that was with me went nuts when I released her
<Phil Wilson Sr.> We catch quite a few 33's in Huron in the fall
<FreeByrd Steve> I might have had to jump in after one that big - LOL
<Phil Wilson Sr.> I couldn't help myself, being a show off for the guy with me.
<wa_walleye> stay away from Columbia river then FreeByrd
<FreeByrd Steve> yeah - usually on Mon through Friday...
<Phil Wilson Sr.> You should of heard him at the dock telling the story
<sevenmmm> Tell us you did take a picture?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Never fish on sat or sun in Huron
<FreeByrd Steve> it's all relative WA walleye - I'd like to come there sometime but it would ruin me - just like coming to Erie ruins a lot of people 
<Phil Wilson Sr.> I'd rather sit and watch Carl yell at people. It's more fun
<Chatman> lol
<FreeByrd Steve> That's what I figured Phil - I wouldn't either if I was there for 6 weeks 
<FreeByrd Steve> LOL - Boat ramp fun!
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Course if have your boat in the basin It works nice huh Steve
<FreeByrd Steve> that can be entertaining sometimes too
<wa_walleye> I think everybody should fish march in Columbia several 17 plus caught in last two weeks not a high pressure place like Erie
<FreeByrd Steve> some of the guys with 30' sports with single screw inboards
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Oh you saw me he
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Beer time though
<Phil Wilson Sr.> beer
<sevenmmm> Whats you highest tournament finish Phil?
<FreeByrd Steve> I had a few "controlled crash landings" myself with the Carolina
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Was in Portland twice last year and never wet a line. The only guy I could find wanted to take me sturgeon fishin
<Phil Wilson Sr.> You need to get on the other end next year
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Say grease monkey
<greasemonkey78> Howdy
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Do ya use wd40 on your baits
<FreeByrd Steve> other end?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Aren't you in the corner with the blue Carolina?
<FreeByrd Steve> Blue Contender Center Console - old boat was 25 Carolina Classic
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Hi Jimmy, and Aaron didn't see you sneak in
<JimmyC> Hi Phil...
<Aaron Abaurrea> Hi Phil
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Oh yea contender sorry. 
<FreeByrd Steve> I have a better dock this year but I was just joking about the crash landings
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Ya know blue 7's got a new one this year too
<Aaron Abaurrea> ready for Bago?
<FreeByrd Steve> Yeah 26 Triton - walkaround
<Phil Wilson Sr.> It was a Triton then, some else told me some thing I'd never heard of
<Chatman> I really like the look of those Tundras
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Skeeter. Did you remember who you were or were you being sneaky?
<Chatman> makes my boat looks like a tuna fish can
<Aaron Abaurrea> hey, I don't get out much, but is it true Sheldon is in a Yarcraft?
<Skeeter> ha sometimes one has to be sneaky.
<Chatman> skeeter!
<sevenmmm> PHIL! What crankbait do you have the most of in your stock?!
<JimmyC> Yes...Yar Craft
<Skeeter> Hi all
<greasemonkey78> Skeeter Anything happening on Saginaw Bay
<Skeeter> Wind and waves
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Tundra is a nice boat. I still run the Targa 2000. My opinion best tournament boat for the money
<Chatman> the targa is the glass one, correct?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Seven I have more Shad Raps than Gander mtn
<Skeeter> 3's and 4's for 2 days. the fish are there but darn hard to fish with those conditions.
<sevenmmm> Hehe :-)
<Skeeter> Wouldn't bother Phil, he loves those conditions.
<Phil Wilson Sr.> The Targa is glass yes, too bad they quit making them
<Skeeter> What are you running now Phil
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Rougher the better Nels, full throttle
<Skeeter> I know you! 
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Still have the Targa
<Skeeter> run and gun
<Skeeter> Ok
<Skeeter> you fishing Pwt and what else this year
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Was looking at the Tundra but couldn't strike the deal I wanted with Tracker. So now I have a generic boat powered by the Mercury
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Just Pwt Skeeter. That's enough time away from by pretty wife
<Chatman> hey skeeter, I'm taking Phil handlining on Sunday, anything I should watch out for?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Don't tell him Nels
<terroreyes> you guys hitting the river?
<Skeeter> ha hahaha 
<Chatman> lol Nels and I are buds
<Chatman> yea terror
<Skeeter> sneak behinds
<Chatman> hi Johnnie
<FreeByrd Steve> Hi Johnnie
<Phil Wilson Sr.> J C whats up
<sevenmmm> Think you will be laughing alot Chatman! :-)
<Chatman> well guys that hour did go fast
<JimmyC> Johnnie Candle...hey your Famous
<Phil Wilson Sr.> I promise it'll be fun
<Johnnie Candle> Just had to drop in and see what my buddy Phil is up to.
<Chatman> yea I am looking forward to it
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Just being Phil, ya know?
<Phil Wilson Sr.> How ya been Johnnie
<Skeeter> Wish I could have been here for the whole hour but wife had to use puter so I had to leave for awhile.
<wa_walleye> << -- wants to be like Phil
<Chatman> guys I am going to wrap up the chat officially, but everyone is welcome to hang around all they want
<Johnnie Candle> Pretty good, Phil. Busy as all get out. Built a house last summer and moved in this winter. That was fun.
<Phil Wilson Sr.> wow that went fast 
<terroreyes> Well, I'm out here for a few. Hope to see you on the water Sunday!
<Chatman> everyone lets give Phil a big hand
<Phil Wilson Sr.> I'll stick around. It's been real fun guys.
<sevenmmm> Cu Terror
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Now any one wanna get serious
<Aaron Abaurrea> Hey Johnny
<terroreyes> clap-clap
<JimmyC> clapclapclap
<Skeeter> Phil good luck this year and stay safe.
<Johnnie Candle> AA, What it is? Ready to go yet?
<Skeeter> Clap clap
<greasemonkey78> clappppppppppppppp
<sevenmmm> whistle Whistle!
<Chatman> i wish I could stay, but I gotta go eat my cocoa puffs
<Skeeter> Tell the wife I said hi
<FreeByrd Steve> serious bout what Phil??? - lol
<Phil Wilson Sr.> Thanx guys It's been a hoot


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