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2004 Online Chats
Jeff Brodeur of Navionics Chat 4/7/04 by Jeff Brodeur of Navionics

<Chatman> Guys lets give a big WC welcome to Jeff Brodeur of Navionics!
<Jeff@Navionics> hope better weather is on the way...dying to wet a line
<Satch_MN> clapp clap clap
<Ristorapper> clap Clap CLAp CLAP
<Denied(Oh)> cl cl clap
<Jeff@Navionics> Just so you all know
<Jeff@Navionics> I am the inland product manager for Navionics
<Jeff@Navionics> Have a lot to do with dealer relations
<Jeff@Navionics> and product development
<Denied(Oh)> Jeff tell me about the new Gold cards, what is different from the XL
<Ristorapper> with a last name like that u sure your not playing hockey somewhere
<Driftr> howdy folks
<Ristorapper> ; )
<Satch_MN> Jeff, what is the difference between Navionics and Map create?
<Jeff@Navionics> And, I will also say, the fishermen(women) from the southwest are the most savvy about electronics and their use
<Denied(Oh)> hi Driftr
<Jeff@Navionics> Gold has user adjustable shaded contours, nicer screen display. easy to see drop offs and other structure
<Denied(Oh)> how do you adjust the shades, new screen or what?
<Jeff@Navionics> Map Create gives no fishing detail...only roads and water outlines
<Jeff@Navionics> Powerful program though. Neat stuff on the road
<Satch_MN> what would be the proper procedure of getting a new 104c with Navionics for MN?
<Jeff@Navionics> Shades are adjusted in the plotter menu. Can be set at a number of different depths to be highlighted
<WiEye> What is the difference between the "Newer" XL chips and the ones say a couple years old?
<<Chatman->Driftr>> cool, hopefully the time change didnt cause too many problems for guys
<Denied(Oh)> going price ~200?
<Jeff@Navionics> If you want to highlight shallow structure, you can. Deeper structure, just select the deeper depth setting
<Jeff@Navionics> Buy to 104...buy a region 10 Gold chart. Plug and play. Super easy
<Denied(Oh)> On my XL all I can do is turn on and off the Navionics chart, with gold do you have additional screen?
<Satch_MN> approximate $$ per card?
<Jeff@Navionics> Our newest XL charts are only updated with notice to mariners and other data provided from NOAA and other Govt. agencies
<Jeff@Navionics> Same thing essentially
<Ristorapper> ND/SD chip out does not contain my popular fishing lakes, like Sakakawea and Devils Lake. Any plans on including those two lakes in a chip someday??
<Jeff@Navionics> Our newest charts are the XL3 Charts. Three times the area coverage. Same price as the smaller XL charts
<Jeff@Navionics> Risto...you bet
<Chatman> I just got an XL3 chart from Jeff, it has LOTS of coverage
<Chatman> i was really impressed
<WiEye> So if I happened to buy one that sat on the shelf for a year, it would be the same as the newest??
<Jeff@Navionics> You are also aware of the challenges of finding accurate data that reflects what is really happening on those world class lakes
<Ristorapper> Oh yea! 
<Jeff@Navionics> WiEye...it may not have the most up to date navigation data on it. But it would be very similar. I advise my customers to upgrade every three years or so. Unless they are commercial or Govt. agencies
<Jeff@Navionics> The depth and structure soundings rarely change
<Jeff@Navionics> Risto...look for those lakes around this time next year
<WiEye> Sure, OK
<Ristorapper> That's good news Jeff been patiently waiting
<Jeff@Navionics> WiEye...we also stock balance all of our dealers, so that they have the "freshest produce" on their shelves when it is available
<Driftr> Jeff, can you give us your web site addy
<WiEye> Cool IS there reduced prices for upgrading?
<Jeff@Navionics> Risto...those lakes are on my HOT list. We are going to get them come hell or high water (pun intended!)
<Hafe> I just got my Navionics/hotmaps gold edition for Wisconsin lakes,#9 should I keep it or do you have a better more detailed chip for the area coming out soon?
<Jeff@Navionics> www.navionics.com
<Chatman> Jeff, is it possible to accidentally erase a cartridge with my X15?
<Jeff@Navionics> Hafe..is the code HM277xl?
<Ristorapper> we are at a all time low on one of those lakes and an all time or near all time high on the other!!
<Jeff@Navionics> Chatman...yup. Don't try to copy it. Don't download waypoints to it, don't upload a Lowrance software upgrade with our chip in the other drawer
<Jeff@Navionics> We charge a $25 re-programming fee for erased charts...no exceptions
<WiEye> So, there is no way to make your self a backup copy??
<Jeff@Navionics> Risto...I know. We have a solution. You are going to love it!
<Jeff@Navionics> No backup copies
<Satch_MN> is it possible to update a old chip? and how much$$?
<Ristorapper> Always thinking, I like that!
<Hafe> 9G277KL is on the chip, with OCT 03 10
<Jeff@Navionics> But you can use the chart in any plotter that accepts its format (which is almost all Lowrance plotters)
<Chatman> ok thanks ,I know not to put it in my reader, I was just wondering
<Jeff@Navionics> Satch...1/2 price. Upgrade to a HotMaps costs $64.50 with your old chart in trade. (800)848-5896 gets it done quickly
<Driftr> there is a lot of coverage it looks like to a region
<Hafe> Yes it is on the sticker fastened to the chip
<Jeff@Navionics> you can put it in a PC reader without causing any damage, but there is no reason to do so since you will not be able to view the chart on a PC. Plotter only
<Denied(Oh)> whats the best way to buy a new 901xl3?
<Driftr> did I read somewhere you can get 3reigons on a single chip?
<Jeff@Navionics> Hafe, all set till this fall buddy!
<Jon {WI}> Jeff, I have Wisconsin chip HM242xl is this the latest version or is there a more current one?
<Hafe> Looking forward to it-Thanks
<WiEye> Thanks Jeff, Gotta run! Tight lines to all!!
<Eric Wright> <Enter Text Here>Jeff, This is Eric from Okoboji, IA, I left you an e-mail and voice mail with my numbers if you still want to get a hold of me
<Guest> <Enter Text Here>what chip will I need to cover the bays de noc and the bay of green bay?
<Jeff@Navionics> Jon...see our dealer list on our website. try Bass Pro, cabelas, Gander, Reeds, Thorne, and many others
<Sunshine> Are we on?
<Denied(Oh)> yep
<Jeff@Navionics> Hey Eric! please forward again and I will contact you ASAP!
<Chatman> Hi Dennis
<Eric Wright> sounds good, you'll have mail in a few minutes
<Sunshine> Hey Jeff, What's coming down the pipe? Any new products?
<Jeff@Navionics> Guest...BDN and Green Bay is 900XL3
<Jon {WI}> Jeff, when someone send in a chip and their money to upgrade, what is the turn around time?
<Jeff@Navionics> Hey Dennis...your stuff is in the mail!
<Sunshine> Thanks Jeff
<Jeff@Navionics> Jon...about 8 business days...under promise and over deliver!
<Guest> Thanks Jeff
<Jeff@Navionics> Ahhh Dennis...you want me to show my cards?
<Sunshine> Jeff, just a couple of aces
<Jeff@Navionics> I wonder if Craig is listening in ;)
<Sunshine> Can you tell us about some of lakes you're working on?
<Jeff@Navionics> lets just say more lakes, more detail, better value
<Denied(Oh)> thanks Jeff, got what i needed, bye all
<Reno> Hi Jeff, sorry I joined late, is Devils Lake ND in your plans?
<Jeff@Navionics> Well...Winnie in MN is in the bag with 1' contours
<Jeff@Navionics> Hi Reno...its in my biggest and best plans!
<Sunshine> I'm really impressed with how fast the technology is improving
<Jeff@Navionics> Sunshine...it really makes my head spin
<Reno> Super, yet this year?
<<Ristorapper->Reno>> he said this time next year earlier
<Jeff@Navionics> Its amazing how much things change in a short time frame
<Jeff@Navionics> Reno...this time next year (I Hope!)
<<Ristorapper->Reno>> same for Sakakawea yippee this time next year bout time!!!!
<Sunshine> It appears that you are also positioning yourself with great companies
<Driftr> Jeff, did I see posted that you can get 3 regions on one chip
<Jeff@Navionics> Yeah sunshine...Raymarine is full on board...outstanding electronics
<Jeff@Navionics> Driftr. Nope. That may be the new Garmin product
<Driftr> yo Ebi
<Chatman> Mr. Co angler!
<Hafe> What will be the difference between the present gold chip, and the newer chips coming out this fall for Lake Winnebago
<Ristorapper> the co angler!! hey Ebi
<ebijack> howdy everyone!
<Sunshine> I like the X3 model for selling the great lakes
<Reno> Jeff, I recently purchased Region 10 , HM278XL, is that the most current?
<Jeff@Navionics> Ours is focusing on adding more detail per region and detail that no one else in the industry has
<Driftr> thats cool, i just misread something
<Jeff@Navionics> Reno...yup...thats the goodies!
<Driftr> I need 3 regions , that is why i asked
<Jeff@Navionics> no..there are lots of rumors...
<ebijack> Jeff have the hot spots for the great lakes and just ordered the gold for the same area..what can i expect for detail difference
<Jeff@Navionics> stick with us Driftr...you are going to see some new stuff that will make your head spin and top off that fish box!
<Reno> Great, any tips for a first time user of your product, can't wait to use.
<Ristorapper> Jeff I'm looking to upgrade electronics this year or next which electronics do I need to look at to use your chips?
<Jeff@Navionics> Reno...plug it in and GO FISH!
<Sunshine> I meant plug and play
<Reno> Now that's a product that I like, customer friendly!
<Jeff@Navionics> EBI...The source for the GL is different. The XL or XL3 data is generally preferred to the FHS data we use on our HotMaps product
<Jeff@Navionics> You will not be disappointed
<Chatman> Jeff I have a question, it may be dumb, but do the chart orient themselves so that north is always north on your screen when you turn the boat?
<ebijack> thanks Jeff, I'll be running them side by side to get a comparison
<Chatman> if you know what i mean
<Eric Wright> Jeff, you've got mail!
<Jeff@Navionics> Risto...Lowrance, Hummingbird, Raymarine, Furuno, Northstar, 
<Driftr> Jeff, are the great lakes included in a region a certain lake would be?
<Driftr> like Erie & Ontario in reg.1
<Jeff@Navionics> Chatman...that is user adjustable as well. North up or heading up. you choose (I Like North up)
<ebijack> course up or track up if you want everything on your left to be on your left etc...
<Hafe> North up-especially in the fog-don't ask
<Chatman> Is that done through the Navionics software or the Lowrance (X15)
<ebijack> track up for Lowrance, course up for Garmin
<Jeff@Navionics> Driftr. Only partial areas. But the areas are some of the areas that are more popular to fish. If you need complete GL coverage, get the XL3 charts for the GL (the west version also has LOTW and Rainy)
<Chatman> I see (Lowrance man here) LOL
<Jeff@Navionics> The Lowrance software will set you up with heading (track up or North up in the menu)
<Driftr> does Lowrance sell the Navionics?
<Jeff@Navionics> Anyone from south Dakota?
<Ristorapper> close ND
<Jeff@Navionics> Driftr...nope, but most Lowrance dealers offer our product
<Reno> No, but I am going to be fishing there in two weeks, what's up?
<Jeff@Navionics> Risto...gonna be in SD next week...how's the fishin?
<Eric Wright> Jeff, I am in Brookings right now
<Driftr> heck of a Lowrance Pro Staffer i am, don't know what all they sell :)
<ebijack> jeff..i ordered my hotspot from your web site...this time i had to order from reeds sports
<Ristorapper> Sorry can't help you on that one heard down by the border ND/SD it is picking up is all
<Reno> Received a report from a friend, that Chamberlain is hot right now.
<Jeff@Navionics> Ebi...rather you ordered it from Reeds. We are real big on supporting our dealers as best we can. 
<Eric Wright> Chamberlain, has had its good days and slower days. Thompson has been producing a few good days as well
<Jeff@Navionics> Yahoo! Thats where IM heading!
<Reno> How about Waubay?
<ebijack> Jeff, i couldn't find on your site anywhere to order...
<Sunshine> Jeff, some maps I can zoom more than others, why???
<Eric Wright> should be good, chance of snow this weekend, and temps in low 40's high 30's till next Monday predicted
<Jeff@Navionics> Ebi...(800)848-5896...customer support will help you out. Might be as long as 10 days at this point. SUPER busy
<Reno> Where you from Eric?
<Eric Wright> I am finishing some school in Brookings, SD. Okoboji IA is home
User [wa_walleye] left forum.
<Jeff@Navionics> Sunshine...depends on the scale chart we use. Ports usually allow higher zoom levels. But it is a plotter function first. The manufacturer determines the amount of overzoom allowed
<ebijack> no problem Jeff....i thought since i ordered from Navionics I'd do it again but your site didn't have that option
<Reno> Thanks Jeff for your responses, have a great night everyone!
<<Driftr->ebijack>> hi Tom, are these worth having?
<Chatman> I wondered what "overzoomed" meant
<ebijack> Jeff, I've been very happy with the accuracy of the hotspots on the Detroit river, Erie, saginaw bay,st clair
<Jeff@Navionics> you can, but we always try to get you to a local dealer first. We only sell direct because our chart cover the whole world. Quite the stock issue for local dealers!
<Ristorapper> How may I ask will your maps show for drastic changes in water level like Sakakawea??
User [Johnnie Candle] joined forum from
<Driftr> hey JC
<Eric Wright> hey candle
<ebijack> howdy Johnnie!
<Ristorapper> hey JC great WU couple weekends ago
<Jeff@Navionics> Glad to hear it Ebi...they will be getting even better soon!
<Sunshine> Jeff, when are you coming to WI so I can take ya' fishin'? 
<<ebijack->Driftr>> i wouldn't be without it...that's why i bought a second one
<Johnnie Candle> What's up all? Hi Jeff, sorry so late, busy putting all that new stuff on the new rig.
<Sunshine> Yo' Johnnie!
<Jeff@Navionics> Risto...they likely wont. But if your position is correct, a quick addition or subtraction will put you at the correct depth
<ebijack> Jeff..will i be able to update both my hotspot and my gold XL?
<Johnnie Candle> Dennis, are there any girls in here smoking a cigarette? HE HE (inside joke all)
<Jeff@Navionics> Hey Johnnie!
<Jeff@Navionics> Get your Maps Johnnie?
<Ristorapper> how bout just running altitude above sea level I'm so used to doing that now EX . I'm trolling the 1800' contour line!!
<Johnnie Candle> Not yet, expecting them any day now. I can't wait to see them on the LCX 104 I just put in the boat today.
<eyeguy> Jeff, What is the difference between Wisconsin #9 classics and Wisconsin #9 gold?
<Jeff@Navionics> SWEET unit
<eyeguy> Johnnie, feelin better?
<ebijack> you can get a look at how big the 104 display is by looking at the "liveleader" board photos...you can see a few of the boats depths etc...he he he 
<Johnnie Candle> If they keep making all this extra stuff so good, I am going to run out of excuses. With the Navionics maps so accurate, I can't even say that I couldn't find the spot anymore. HE
<Driftr> Jeff, which maps show more in depth and structure detail
<Jeff@Navionics> Eye...same data...different on screen look...shaded contours on the Gold. Makes it easy to see structure as well as that 2' ledge you are heading at doing 50MPH. The Gold is really the direction we are heading.
<Johnnie Candle> Yeah, I feel human again. Sunday was a bad day, I think I still have one lung left. Didn't know it was possible to cough that much.
<Jeff@Navionics> Driftr...HotMaps+...
<ebijack> the hotspot has an advantage for folks going to newer waters due to the "local" info that comes from the hotspots paper maps
<Hafe> eyeguy the #9 gold has the reefs highlighted in blue with a white background, the classic has the blue background with no highlights on reefs
<eyeguy> Jeff, then a person can send in an old chip plus 64.50 and get the new gold for Wisconsin #9 correct
<Eric Wright> getting it out of the way before the tournaments start this year Johnnie?
<Jeff@Navionics> Eye...yeah...call 800-848-5896 first to get an RA...they will explain it all...its pretty easy
<Johnnie Candle> I sure hope so Eric. It would be nice to make it through all six events instead of just 5
<Sunshine> Jeff, I agree, being able to drive 55mph and see the shallow areas is sweet
<Eric Wright> i hear ya
<Driftr> what does the Gold have that a HotMaps + doesn't?
<Jeff@Navionics> anyone using the HotMaps+?
<ebijack> more detail
<eyeguy> Jeff, one last question, will I see a difference between the two on a X15 monochrome screen or only on the color units
<ebijack> I'm not sure i need more detail....but I'll let you know Driftr
<Jeff@Navionics> not more detail..shaded contours. the HM+ product is currently only available in Classic. The HM+ has THE BEST detail. but not as many lakes
<ebijack> sure
<Driftr> thanks Tom
<ebijack> Jeff, doesn't the gold have more contour lines then the hotspot?
<Jeff@Navionics> The X15 will only accept Classic. Gold is really a product designed for full color units (upgrade now!)
<Jeff@Navionics> Ebi...nope. with a few exceptions. I found some data that was better detail wise than what we had in Classic. I have added those lakes to the new Gold 
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<Albe> Will the software ever be changed to include more icons that fisherman can use like an icon for a rock pile
<Orange Whip> I'd like to ask a question. I have an X-19. I fish Lake Superior. I'm on my second chip that I bought last year. What is the best chip that I can buy today for detail.
<Johnnie Candle> Jeff, this may have been asked already, but I was late as always. What, if anything, is planned for the Dakotas in the near future?
<Chatman> Hi big, Jon
<Jeff@Navionics> Albe, thats a plotter issue. lowrance gives you a load of cool icons that you can overlay on our charts
<Johnnie Candle> JP, What it is?
<bigfish> Hey PJ
<Jeff@Navionics> Jeez...the Dakotas...I guess there is some fishing to be done out thataway
<ebijack> Jeff, has the gold changed? a friend runs the same areas as me, with a 3 yr. old gold and he has more contour lines than my hotspot....both on Lowrance
<Jeff@Navionics> Johnnie...you just wait buddy!
<Ristorapper> lol
<Jeff@Navionics> Ebi...Gold was only released last year...you sure?
<Jeff@Navionics> be interested to know the code on the front of the chart...
<ebijack> maybe he has the classic but does have more contour lines..both on X-16's
<ebijack> i run 2 X-16's and a lms240
<Jeff@Navionics> again, Gold is going to be where the goodies are going...Get that new color plotter...Our newest software will make you glad you did!
<ebijack> the biggest difference was on saginaw bay
<Eric Wright> will do, i will be around the guys all weekend it sounds like, got a meeting Friday and suppose to gill net. so much for Easter break lol
<Jeff@Navionics> Yeah Ebi...The X16 is the exception...won't read Gold
<Jeff@Navionics> Ebi...I know what it was...One of you had HotMaps, one had Classic XL. Most guys prefer the XL detail in that area. Better fishing info and more accurate.
<<Eric Wright->Johnnie Candle>> Did Doug go through American Marine in Algona? I think that is our closest dealer?
<ebijack> yep that's it Jeff...classicXL
<Jeff@Navionics> eye...Canuck like me?
<bigfish> <Canuck
<ebijack> why won't the gold work on a X-16?
<Orange Whip> 
<Jeff@Navionics> Yeah...the XL3 chart absolutely rock for the Great Lakes. All of my pros and guides run the XL or XL3 for the Great Lakes.
<Ristorapper> X-16 have all the upgrades Ebi?
<Jon Piette> Johnnie, Feeling better? Carroll said you were ill
<Chatman> Guys get the last of your questions in for Jeff, another quick hour has almost passed
<ebijack> yes i run the 3.1 version risto
<Ristorapper> heard with all the upgrades the 16's are like the 19's cept for the screen size
<Jeff@Navionics> Nope...the X16 has the older processor. It will not chew up and spit our Gold Charts. too much info. On the bright side, I just gave you a great reason to shop for the 104!
<Sunshine> Jeff, thanks for being here and thanks for a great product
<ebijack> i find less problems with my X-16's than the X-19's
<Jon Piette> Jeff, thanks for answering questions tonight 
<Jeff@Navionics> Hi John...howzit going?
<Johnnie Candle> Risto, I ran the x-16 last year, two of them. i did all the upgrades and by the end of the season you could not tell them from a 19. great units.
<Ristorapper> lotsa buddies running 16's love em
<ebijack> if i ordered the gold Jeff.....can i return it for the classic XL...no mention about it not working on the X-16
<ebijack> same price
<Jeff@Navionics> X16 is a great unit...will not run Gold though...And Gold is where the newest and best stuff will happen from this end
<Chatman> OK guys we are going to put a fork in the chat
<Ristorapper> shoulda bought one of Carroll's used 19's when I had the chance!!
<Jeff@Navionics> Ebi...yup...NP...jbrodeur@navionics.com...Ill get you squared
<Chatman> its done
<ebijack> thanks Jeff
<Ristorapper> thanks so much for the info Jeff
<<Driftr->Driftr>> thanks Jeff
<Chatman> lets thank Jeff for a great informative chat session
<Jeff@Navionics> Thanks all! Great to be here...Tight Lines!
<Eric Wright> thanks Jeff
<Albe> Thanks Jeff
<eyebanger(oh)> Thanks Jeff


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