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2004 Online Chats
Online Chat with Craig Cushman of Garmin Electronics 4/14/2004 by Craig Cushman of Garmin Electronics

<Chatman> ok guys lets have a big WC welcome for Craig Cushman!
<Tyee> Craig, what's your position with Garmin? I have a GPS Map 130 and am wondering if it still has any value? It takes forever to lock on and I don't know if the prob. is the unit itself or the old technology?
<Ristorapper> Clap CLap CLAp CLAP
<Craig at Garmin> I'm a guy who plays many roles but let's just say Media and Promotions manager
<Chatman> thanks rist I thought everyone was a sleep lol
<Guest> welcome Craig thanks for taking the time!
<Craig at Garmin> I'd say update that 130! you'll be amazed at the performance difference today
<Tyee> Well now's your chance to promote me to a new product...Good Luck
<Tyee> What do you mean update it? Throw it away and get a new one? ouch!!
<Craig at Garmin> where do I start and be politically correct. Bottom line is that I have yet to meet someone that bought Garmin and regretted their buy!
<Chatman> tell it like it is Craig, not political correctness necessary lol
<Craig at Garmin> first thing is check our website for a new software version. If you're not happy after that it may be time for a change to a new unit
<Ristorapper> Have a chat buddy here on WC Rodbenderbob that wants to know if Garmin would take in trade his 2010 mono for a color unit by Garmin??
<Tyee> I'm regretting it now if I gotta pitch it! hehe, is there anything I can do to update it? I don't have any cords or way to update it on the web can this be done by sending it in?
<Craig at Garmin> new unit = more accurate, faster redraw, better maps, brighter screens....sunlight viewable COLOR!!!!
<Ristorapper> hey warren
<Chatman> hi Wa
<WarrenMN> hey all
<WarrenMN> Am I late?
<Ristorapper> just got going
<Craig at Garmin> You could send it but check the 130 page on the site. see if there's a cable you can buy and then update the latest software for free
<Chatman> not really we are just getting started
<WarrenMN> excellent
<Tyee> you have a link? I have searched for the 130 with no luck
<Chatman> Craig, risto asked about a trade in if you missed it
<Chatman> missed it. Sorry
<Craig at Garmin> check www.garmin.com. go to Marine and scroll down to discontinued products. the page should still be there
<Chatman> Enough talk about the old stuff, what new and exciting at Garmin, Craig?
<sevenmmm> Hi all Hi Craig.
<Chatman> hi Rick
<Craig at Garmin> We DO trade in occasionally , send in any gps Garmin or not and get $$$towards a new one. Check the promotions page of the site b/c I'm not sure if that is still going on
<WarrenMN> Craig, I'll say one thing. The little model 12, I think, GPS was the best unit I ever saw
<Ristorapper> Craig, for Rodbenderbob: can he trade in a Garmin 2010 for a new color unit??
<Ristorapper> oops sorry
<Craig at Garmin> New stuff Color FF250C, GPSMAP 172C and GPSMAP 1278C that replace the 162/168. Beautiful color for pretty low bucks
<sevenmmm> I haven't ever used a Garmin. What would I be most impressed with if I ever had a chance to fish with one?
<Craig at Garmin> He can't trade it in 1 for 1 but he can get some money for it. Best is to sell it to someone for a really good price and buy it new. You'll get more for the unit in a direct sale. 2010 is still a killer unit!
<Guest> The most USER friendly GPS on the market!!!!
<Ristorapper> thanks Craig I think he'd be happy knowing that
<WarrenMN> can you describe the 2010 for those of us who haven't seen one
<Chatman> Craig is your new lineup on your website yet?
<WarrenMN> good idea
<Craig at Garmin> Sevenmmm- hands down the easiest FF or GPS you'll use. Less button pushes to get what you want. Logical operation that doesn't make you guess and remember button pushes. Extremely reliable!
<WarrenMN> darn won't run there without the http
<Ristorapper> http//:www.garmin.com
<Craig at Garmin> 2010 and 2010C are 10.4 inch plotters that can take any of our mapping products. Unmatched color performance in sun. Can add sonar to it too.
<WarrenMN> Can it store data
<WarrenMN> the days run
<Chatman> I was wondering that too
<Craig at Garmin> store several hundred wypts and routes
<Craig at Garmin> Guys new mapping too. can I describe them?
<Ristorapper> sure
<Chatman> of course
<WarrenMN> shoot
<Tyee> Craig, I just checked the 130 line and the cable is 40 bucks and updates are available, If I don't want to get the cable can I send it to Garmin and have them update the software?
<Craig at Garmin> first we made a significant change to our fishing hot spots CD. We now split the country into east central and west. Buy the CD or pre-programmed card and get the whole 1/3 for the same price/ We added about 100 lake to it. Also
the new Lakemaster Promap CD for Garmin units. We have MN in stores now and the resolution is great 3' contours/
<Chatman> anything for Michigan?
<Tyee> I also looked at the promotions page and nothing there for a unit only 4 years old! what are the chances of getting something towards a new unit on the 130?
<Craig at Garmin> May be a charge on the 130 cuz it's out of warranty but hey it may be less than $40. call 800-800-1020 tomorrow and ask
<Craig at Garmin> Like I said there may be a coupon to send in with a receipt of purchase for a new Garmin that will get you some money back. I'm not sure if that promo is still running
<Chatman> please take the # down Tyee and call tomorrow
<Craig at Garmin> MI has awesome coverage on our REC lake/FHS CD and on our Bluechart
<Ristorapper> ditto for rodbender bob too 
<Driftr> hi folks
<Chatman> thanks Craig
<Chatman> Hi Jim
<Guest> what are rec lakes?
<sevenmmm> What can you tell me about the sonar? Like can it pick out a walleye settled on a hard bottom?
<Craig at Garmin> All our mapping is produced by Garmin. We take Lakemaster, FHS and many other sources and ensure that when you buy a Garmin with mapping it will be the most accurate available for our units. We sort of Garminize maps to make them perform
better on our units
<Tyee> Ok! Do the new fishing hotspots maps have the Winnebago system on them and how detailed are they? What is the lowest dollar unit it would work on?
<WarrenMN> we get to the end I got a question. I map lakes 
<Craig at Garmin> Our fishfinders are sensitive enough to do that especially the 320C or 250C units . the color allows for better target separation
<WarrenMN> What pixel count you using now
<fatboy> hello fellas almost slept through it
<Craig at Garmin> Winniebago is on the Rec lake CD or card. It will work on an eTrex Legend hand held or GPSMAP 162. Both inexpensive units
<Chatman> hi fat
<sevenmmm> How large screens are those 320 and 250 units have?
<Tyee> did the Rec lake CD get updates recently?
<Billy_OH> Hi Craig. Are the Rec lakes on the same FHS CD?
<Craig at Garmin> 320X320 on new 250/250C/ 320C but really when you talk color (anyone's color, pixels become less of an issue. The range of color allow each pixel to better define a target return
<Chatman> Tony we are going to be out Fri night
<Ristorapper> Is the 250 out yet??
<Craig at Garmin> 250 is 4" diag and the 320C is 5.5". Yes the REC lake/FHS just got overhauled
<Driftr> cool
<Craig at Garmin> we started shipping the 250 and 250C in small qtys about a week ago. We're way behind but larger qtys will be shipping in the next week or so
<Tyee> How much is a 250 or 250c?
<Ristorapper> Scott Fairbairn said that is the unit I should wait for!!
<Craig at Garmin> I was at Cabelas here in KC last week and they already had some in stock
<Ristorapper> and the 320 C $$??
<Craig at Garmin> I agree, the best color for the price. $320C just dropped to $699 but our retailers can sell where they want to
<Wefish> Hi all !!
<sevenmmm> Whats the speed of these new units? When one zooms in and such, does it take much time to bring the new info up?
<Craig at Garmin> we're using a new processor on the 172 and 178C. There is NO delay in redraw. Our engineers told me they were having a tough time handling the speed. They got it under control though. Panning a map is the fastest I've seen 
<WarrenMN> Transducers, whats the specs on the ones included
<Wefish> Craig are there any plans to allow users to put in their own digital maps?
<sevenmmm> Thats big news.
<sevenmmm> Have one handy I can borrow and try out? :-)
<Craig at Garmin> new FFs can be bought with dual freq. 200/50 or 200khz either way
<Tyee> whats the best mono for the bucks?
<Craig at Garmin> if you go dual the power output jumps to 500watts
<Chatman> i like Berkley big game
<Chatman> oh sorry lol
<WarrenMN> Whats the half power beam width
<Craig at Garmin> for GPS it's the GPSMAP 182. good 5.5 screen and internal antenna
<fatboy> Craig I see where i can buy a 320 or 250 for not much difference in price. Which unit should I buy and why ?
<Craig at Garmin> 3200pp at 200/ 4000pp at dual
<WarrenMN> degrees?
<Craig at Garmin> 250C is around $449 I believe and the 320C is around 699. difference is the size of the LCD and an high quality LCD on the 320C
<Craig at Garmin> 20/49
<WarrenMN> ah, thank you
<sevenmmm> How large is the coverage of the sonar in 10 feet of water?
<Rick> Craig i have a new 250. i am getting a constant string of "hollow" fish at 2.5 to 3 ft. are these fish or surface interference?
<Craig at Garmin> and if a train leaves the station at....just kidding. usually it's 1.5X the depth so it would be about 15'. boy your making me work for those fact tonight!
<Paul> <Enter Text Here>Any issues with accuracy or maintaining signal with the internal antennae on the GPS 182?
<Chatman> us WC guys aren't all beauty, we got brains too lol
<sevenmmm> You bet. This is WC Chat time!
<fatboy> Craig The 250 is 320x320 and the 320 is 320x240 correct
<Craig at Garmin> none whatsoever. It's the same sensor just attached. makes it real handy for removal and use in a vehicle or other boat
<WarrenMN> WAAS ?
<Craig at Garmin> that is correct on the 320C thanks for the clarification
<WarrenMN> oops, wrong half
<fatboy> Craig so it seems that the 250 screen is better ?
<Craig at Garmin> Yes all our new stuff is WAAS compatible. Also we register speeds below 1mph and update your position continuously. Other brands don't
<Wefish> Craig will Garmin let a user install their own digital maps? Such as USGS.
<sevenmmm> How about at faster speeds? Will the sonar still pick out fish?
<Ristorapper> Another question for Rodbenderbob: what is coming from Garmin what are you working on that you can discuss with us which may be of interest
<Craig at Garmin> well not exactly b/c the real important number is the vertical pix. The 240 on the 320C screen is horizontal b/c we tend to orient our FFs vertically rather than horiz
<PaulV> Any difference in processor speed between the 182 and newer units?
<Tyee> Craig, I also use the fishfinder 240 another outdated unit I suppose, It reads well going slow but not at all when on plane? What is the best fishfinder to locate fish while underway? 
<Craig at Garmin> Sonar will do fine at high speeds. We have increased the scroll speed a bit and it will continue to perform well at speeds.
<Craig at Garmin> no diff in processor speeds just making it work in a smaller area on the 178C
<sevenmmm> Is Garmin compatible with an autopilot?
<Ristorapper> all your gps units with internal antennas
<Tyee> Sonar? whats the cheapest (least expensive) unit with sonar?
<Craig at Garmin> I'd say the 240 isn't the problem. Most likely y it's the ducer install. 
<WarrenMN> I hear a lot of people say that their old units don't work as good
<Craig at Garmin> Yes we output nmea0183 for pilots
<Craig at Garmin> Tyee it's the gpsmap168
<fatboy> Craig so your saying that the screen its self is better quality on the 320 than the 250
<Chatman> Craig, will the Garmin record the bottom so I can play it back in my PC when I get home?
<Craig at Garmin> yes, the 320 is a TFT and the 250C is a CSTN. both perform very well in the sun. the only diff you'll notice is in the field of view. It's going to be wider on the TFT
<WarrenMN> ouch
<Craig at Garmin> We don't record sonar.....as of today
<sevenmmm> You still have Chris Cintron hanging around?
<Craig at Garmin> someone asked about new stuff can I let you guys in on something?
<sevenmmm> YES!
<Wefish> Yes please
<Chatman> Yes sir we are ready!
<Craig at Garmin> Chris is the MAN!!!
<WarrenMN> most assuredly
<sevenmmm> Ha, I knew he was important around there....:-)
<Chatman> i know, you units are going to internet connections so we can connect to WC on the water
<Craig at Garmin> today we announced a new product in conjunction with XM. We can deliver real time weather info, surface temps, wind speed direction, wave height and more right on you Garmin Chartplotter. 
<fatboy> yeah new stuff lol If buy a 320 sat. a 480 is sure to be out Monday lol !!!
<WarrenMN> Now thats getting hi tech
<Tyee> Craig, The 168 is a dual unit and around 400 on ebay! I am looking for a bow mount fishfinder only of good quality what do you recommend?
<Craig at Garmin> sorry my consonants ran amuck. height and chartplotter are what I meant
<Rick> Craig will it also clean the fish
<sevenmmm> Man, that'll be big on a large body of water to know where the best conditions are right on the spot.
<WarrenMN> no no , make coffee
<Craig at Garmin> awesome technology for you big water guys!
<Craig at Garmin> coffee...hmmm I see what we can do
<WarrenMN> what about care and feeding of transducers and cables
<Tyee> Gonna need a Verado to hear the weather reports coming out of a locator!!!!!
<sevenmmm> Yes. Just imagine knowing the water temp is better a few mile away...
<Craig at Garmin> weather alerts will pop up and if the county your in is under a storm alert, you'll have the warning real-time
<sevenmmm> Cooooool.
<WarrenMN> That would be nice
<Tyee> Will it have Doppler X?
<WarrenMN> ESP on big water like Erie
<Chatman> that is neat
<sevenmmm> What about this logging into WC stuff?
<Craig at Garmin> it's NEXRAD
<sevenmmm> Tell me thats true too!
<Chatman> its not a subscription thing is it?
<Tyee> hahaha seven....What is list price projected to be on that unit?
<sevenmmm> Who cares! That'll give instant bragging rights! :-)
<Tyee> Need someone to demo them this year?????
<Ristorapper> yea got 16 volunteers here
<Craig at Garmin> there is a subscription starting at 29.99 per month plus an activation fee of $50 the first time. You can pay the XM folks
<Craig at Garmin> I'm sure Fairbairn, Bell and Franklin will be good guinea pigs
<Ristorapper> lol
<WarrenMN> Craig, do you know the auto end GPS stuff for Garmin
<sevenmmm> Forget them, were more important!
<Craig at Garmin> you bet!
<Tyee> 30 a month.....holly cow thats the difference between a 250hp and a 275! Darn
<WarrenMN> did I see 8 gigs of memory on one
<Chatman> i wonder if you can bundle it with their satellite radio service
<Craig at Garmin> it's the diff between you warn in a bar with a beer or stuck holding onto your overturned rig too!!!!!!!!
<sevenmmm> Hehehe
<Craig at Garmin> yes for 6.99 more a month you can get the audio and run it from the GPS.
<Tyee> just kidding there Craig! Seriously though what is the best bow mount fish locator?
<sevenmmm> Wow. Can catch the Brewer game when I'm in Saginaw!
<Chatman> man all you need now is the internet connections, I'm telling ya!
<Craig at Garmin> we have the whole US in one street unit called the Streetpilot 2620. 
<Ristorapper> who had the AP question a bit earlier run that by Craig again
<Tyee> You said you do your own mapping? Do any units run with Microsoft streets?
<Craig at Garmin> best bow mount 250/ 250C or 320C. Might want a combo up there then it would be the 178C or 188C
<WarrenMN> Those are the same units with GPS?
<fatboy> hey that's two
<Craig at Garmin> no all our mapping is proprietary so we can control the quality and accuracy when it's on the gps
<Craig at Garmin> yes same units
<WarrenMN> Craig, do you go to the tournaments
<Tyee> Does Garmin have someone else private label the software? I can't imagine the resources you need to have the latest construction etc in your street units?
<Craig at Garmin> one other thing I forgot to mention: on the 250/250C and 320C you can mark waypoints at the bow fishfinder if it's connected to the GPS on the console
<Chatman> 5 mins to go guys, get the last of your questions in
<Craig at Garmin> I get to some tournaments but Chris Cintron does such a good job up there, I'm free to take care of the FLW/Everstart stuff
<fatboy> Craig - so even though the 250has a bigger screen than the 320 the 320 will show more detail ?
<Guest> Craig, what is the difference between the 168 Sounder and the 178c
<Craig at Garmin> The software on the street units is done by another company and we Garminize it so you can find restaurants, hotels, marinas much faster
<WarrenMN> Do you think Garmin will go with raster graphics like DOQQ's on their machines
<fatboy> pixel wise
<Craig at Garmin> no I don't think we'll change formats
<WarrenMN> Wasn't thinking change as adding
<Craig at Garmin> diff on the 168 and 178C is quite a bit. color for one, t178C takes data cards like the 182C, faster processor. Basically and upgrade in technology
<Craig at Garmin> If so I'm not aware of it
<Driftr> time for me to go, thanks Craig
<Driftr> nite everyone
<Tyee> Thanks Craig I thought so Thats a pretty big job in itself. Your input tonight has narrowed my search for new electronics and I appreciate your time. If anyone is looking for a 240 fishfinder and a 130 gps map I think I will be updating this year
<Craig at Garmin> your welcome
<Chatman> well guys, that was a quick hour
<Craig at Garmin> Thanks Tyee!
<WarrenMN> Craig, you did a great presentation
<Wefish> Thanks Craig. Later all !!
<Ristorapper> thanks Craig for the info
<bigfish1965> dang
<fatboy> thanks Craig
<xtra12> Thanks Craig
<Craig at Garmin> Thanks everyone for your time
<Chatman> everyone lets have a big hand for Craig
<WarrenMN> clap clap clap
<bigfish1965> <applause>
<sevenmmm> whistle WHISTLE!
<Chatman> thanks for spending the hour at the keyboard with us
<ETT> thank you ...clap clap clap
<Tyee> thanks WC for puttin this on tonight! and Hope to hear from you again Craig!
<Chatman> I know its not that easy sometimes but we do appreciate it
<Craig at Garmin> Let's do it again soon
<Ristorapper> clap claP clAP cLAP CLLAP
<B Thomas> wow, thats 2 in a row I've missed!
<Chatman> same time every week BT
<B Thomas> yea I just forget about it until its too late
<B Thomas> wife puts me to work
<Craig at Garmin> See ya. Good fishing guys!


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