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2004 Online Chats
4/21/04 - Online Chat with Dave Storm of KaBoom Baits by KaBoom Baits

<Chatman> well, gang lets give a big wc welcome to Dave Storm of Kaboom lures and his partner Ron Smart!
<WarrenMN> clap clap clap
<Fishnmagician> CLAP CLAP CLAP
<Skis> Round of applause!!
<walleyechaser24> hi guys!! clap, clap!!
<Dano> hey Ron & Dave
<Dave Storm & Ron Smart> Greetings, everyone!
<ETT> hi Dave
<eyeman_1> Hey Warren! 
<Dave Storm & Ron Smart> Hi, ETT
<Chatman> Dave I have to apologize up front, I lost track of the deal with Storm lures, and Kaboom, etc
<Dave Storm & Ron Smart> Everyone please forgive me if I do not address you personally, I do not yet know everyone..
<walleyechaser24> brb, need more caffeine.
<Dave Storm & Ron Smart> You are not alone...that was over 4 years ago!
<Chatman> Yea I know its been a while
<WarrenMN> Can you up date us
<Chatman> yes please give us a short history if you don't mind
<Skis> So, has there been a boom with Kaboom? I'm from the Midwest, so I have not seen one of your baits!
<Dave Storm & Ron Smart> I will give you a short summary of my company's history
<WarrenMN> Thanks
<Dave Storm & Ron Smart> My family sold their long-time business Storm Lures to Rapala in Jan. of 1999. In 2002, I started up my own business with Danny Powers
<Dave Storm & Ron Smart> Danny was the old Storm Lures plant manager and my best friend.
<Dave Storm & Ron Smart> My father was one of the founders of Storm Lures in 1963.
<Dave Storm & Ron Smart> So, I have literally been in the lure-making business all of my life, I was born in 1964!
<Chatman> wow
<rumblefish> hi
<Dano> yea, cool
<WarrenMN> interesting
<Skis> That would be 40 years LOL!!!
<Fishnmagician> so it's safe to say you've made a lure or two
<Dave Storm & Ron Smart> My first lure to hit the market is the Winning Streak, a metal-lipped trolling bait.
<Dave Storm & Ron Smart> I turn 40 next month!!! Not there yet!
<walleyechaser24> and how many lures, total?
<eyeman_1> I turn 40 June 3
<Chatman> yes I like those winning streaks
<Dano> buncha young pups
<Dave Storm & Ron Smart> I make the Winning Streak and the new Deep Nitro Shiner, a minnow bait. Two lures. But in over 75 colors total!
<WarrenMN> Really
<walleyechaser24> the nitro shiner is a good looking bait.
<Skis> Where is your market currently?
<eyeman_1> I just purchased several of the Nitros and they do look well made indeed
<WarrenMN> Do you track the types of lures and colors you sell by areas
<Dave Storm & Ron Smart> We have just begun shipping Nitros this spring. My main market is in the Great Lakes region.
<walleyechaser24> does the nitro have a good rolling action?
<Orion Avatar> Curious? How many new colors for the future?
<walleyechaser24> Cabelas carries them.
<Skis> So I haven't seen one! Another reason to get out to Erie!!
<Dano> Dave, you think color is so important you need that many?
<walleyechaser24> color =walleyes
<Dave Storm & Ron Smart> Color selection is very important to our success
<Dave Storm & Ron Smart> Erie PA? Some local independent dealers do have some of our lures
<eyeman_1> Dave, what other baits do you plan to introduce in the near future. I ask because I'm looking for a Thin Fin replacement
<wa_walleye> what is minimum custom color order?
<Dano> guess I'm spoiled
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Dave's is back on the air
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Dano - are you Canadian - colours gives it away
<walleyechaser24> gotcha 5 by 5
<Dano> yes, Ontario
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Someone asked about new colors. Yes, we're working on some right now
<eyeman_1> Dave, also was wondering what other new baits will be coming down the pipe in the near future
<wa_walleye> what is the minimum custom order?
<walleyechaser24> is it difficult to put a new color in the lineup?
<David Storm and Ron Smart> We have quite a few ON fishermen contacting us and we're working to get some dealers and dist in CN
<Satch_MN> hello all
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Min customs: 20 dz.
<Dano> yes you would do well here, no distributors yet?
<Orion Avatar> The Nitro Shiner action looks very good! 
<David Storm and Ron Smart> In QB and SK
<Chatman> hi Stach
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Thanks Orion
<Dano> so LeBarons should have them?
<David Storm and Ron Smart> New colors are pretty easily done
<walleyechaser24> thanks, Dave
<wa_walleye> Blue mackerel??
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Yes, LeBaron's should and we are making progress
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Blue Mac not yet. That'd be a good one
<walleyechaser24> good color!
<Orion Avatar> You still carry my old favorite color too!
<Dano> great to hear
<David Storm and Ron Smart> What is your fav
<wa_walleye> blue mackerel
<WarrenMN> What is that WA, gun barrel blue
<David Storm and Ron Smart> OK we know who you are LM
<Orion Avatar> Metallic Emerald Greenish one
<Satch_MN> what is your website add? If you have one to view products.
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Yes, Blue Mack is has squiggles
<David Storm and Ron Smart> www.daveslures.com
<Chatman> anything with copper on it last year was hot on spoons in my area of Erie
<Orion Avatar> Not sure what the official description is?
<Satch_MN> thank you
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Copper - Color #19
<Chatman> do you sell many of those around Erie?
<Chatman> I would like to give those a shot
<WarrenMN> http://www.daveslures.com/ incase the other didn't work
<David Storm and Ron Smart> We have several variations of yellows that are pretty hot - #14 in CN waters and other areas
<walleyechaser24> thanks, warren, thats better.
<Dano> what is the best selling colour?
<eyebanger(oh)> Gold, black
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Best seller is Met. Blue Scale Red lip and then Gold / Blk in the Winning Streak #1 in Deep Nitro Shiner is Hot Tiger (#1)
<walleyechaser24> yellows work good in NC
<Dano> thanks
<Orion Avatar> Are the nitro shiner's max. depth the same as the old storm deep JR's.? 
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Fishing for TarHeels in NC
<WarrenMN> Dave can you give the average running depth of these
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Depth is similar - Romanack is testing. Our tests show it getting a little deeper
<Fishnmagician> hello vsv
<Orion Avatar> cool!
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Avg. depth max 16
<Dano> are these plastic or wood bodies?
<Orion Avatar> 120'?
<walleyechaser24> how many feet out?
<Orion Avatar> 10# Test?
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Dave's KABOOM Baits WSRs and DNSs are molded plastic 
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Yes 120 on 10# mono 
<Dano> thnx
<Orion Avatar> I can already taste fresh walleye fillets!!!!
<Dano> good cause I can smell em!
<walleyechaser24> CPR, CPR, CPR!!!
<David Storm and Ron Smart> If you can't find a local dealer try www.playnposm.com --- that guy is a Lower Columbia WE Club dude and also very active 
<wa_walleye> Orion only gets small fish so he cam fillet
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Then he needs to use Dave's --- we only catch the big ones
<walleyechaser24> that is ok, then.
<Dano> lol
<David Storm and Ron Smart> We're getting ready to intro something new -- soon
<walleyechaser24> i will take a dozen, of each color, then!!
<Dano> do tell
<David Storm and Ron Smart> New colors coming shortly - you'll like them.
<walleyechaser24> trolling bait?
<David Storm and Ron Smart> In the Nitro Shiner series
<Skis> Must have been quiet too long!
<walleyechaser24> will it troll deeper?
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Can't say until we start shipping
<walleyechaser24> thanks, Dave, will be looking for it>
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Some dealers and distributors will be getting the news in the next few days
<walleyechaser24> what hooks do the nitro shiner come with?
<David Storm and Ron Smart> here's a couple other places if you can't get Dave's locally --- www.xtackle.com and www.franksgreatoutdoors.com and www.cabelas.com
<Dano> new lure or new colours?
<David Storm and Ron Smart> New colors - new lure in July
<Orion Avatar> Will or does Kaboom produce hot'n'tot equivalents?
<Chatman> ed at xtackle is a great guy
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Hooks are #4 wide gap
<walleyechaser24> thanks, Dave
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Dave's first lure was the Winning Streak which does compete very well with that other lure you said
<WarrenMN> Hi Skipper
<David Storm and Ron Smart> The website www.daveslures.com has a list of a bunch of dealers and shows all our colors - except the new stuff that only we know about
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Yo Skip
<skipjack> glad u brought I'm back Dave
<Dano> Must be a lot of work setting up for a new lure
<Orion Avatar> Is the #4 wide gap hook about the same as the triple grip style hooks?
<David Storm and Ron Smart> What type of new bait from Dave's would you like to see --- and thanks Skip
<Skis> What speeds work best for your baits?
<David Storm and Ron Smart> #4 is Laser Sharp Eagle Claw bronze
<Orion Avatar> thanks
<walleyechaser24> good hook, Dave, thanks.
<walleyewizard68> <Enter Text Here>Your nitro shiner is awesome. Has better roll than the thunderstick
<eyeman_1> I'd like to see a bait that will be similar but of course better than the Thin Fin and the old Storm AJ
<David Storm and Ron Smart> We've got guys who claim they've trolled the DNS up to 3mph --- and it stays down. Mostly though guys fish em less than 1.8
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Thanks for the roll info -- it's intentional, designed that way.
<Chatman> t stick
<Skis> Thanks! I like the looks of the lures and may have to hit cabelas and get a couple!
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Thanks for the input on new baits. We've got some in the works 
<walleyechaser24> Dave, a good bait for eyes will still roll good at a faster speed than 1.8 mph.
<Chatman> hey Cabelas has one of their $40 giveaways this weekend for club members
<David Storm and Ron Smart> How fast
<Chatman> hmmm...I think I know what I am going to get lol
<walleyechaser24> not 3.0 but around 2.5mph
<David Storm and Ron Smart> The DNS action is stable at 3-plus. Give it a whirl and tell us what you think.
<walleyewizard68> they have been out fishing reef runners and sticks three to one on our boat this year
<David Storm and Ron Smart> The DNS has a lot of action compared to similar products
<walleyechaser24> will do, it may be the hot for me this year.
<Dano> Dave, whats the long term plan? Are you going to keep developing new lures in the foreseeable future?
<eyeman_1> will do. headed to Erie in 10 days to do just that
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Wow
<skipjack> noticed sum Erie colors in the new stuff
<Chatman> Dave how many lures to you crank out in a year?
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Long term more lures more styles more placement more happy fisherman
<Dano> LOL sounds good, thanks
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Yes, new colors showing up 
<Skis> Looks like a good product! Keep up the good work! I've got to jet!
<eyeman_1> cheep sunglasses looks real good
<David Storm and Ron Smart> More than my fingers and toes
<skipjack> yea Eyeman
<walleyechaser24> good answer
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Thanks Skis
<Dano> see ya skis
<eyeman_1> need a purple something though
<walleyechaser24> by skis
<David Storm and Ron Smart> We have several Check the site www.daveslures.com
<skipjack> i got one that was purple
<scooter> hi all
<David Storm and Ron Smart> What did you have in mind
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Hi scooter
<Chatman> hi scoot
<Dano> I don't think your links are working Dave
<eyeman_1> purple metallic w/yellow & orange belly
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Not working as a link from this - but you can go to
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Yes, that is #5 on the Dave's color chart
<Chatman> you have to put the http:// in front of it
<Chatman> dunno why but you do in this chatroom
<scooter> work is not what it is cracked up to be. i would have been here earlier to say thanks dave for bringing back a great lure design
<David Storm and Ron Smart> #4 is Met Blue with Or Belly and #5 is the Purple
<David Storm and Ron Smart> O.K. ---- http://www.daveslures.com --- sorry bout that
<eyeman_1> cant wait to get the prism's back out at LBDN this fall either
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Hi scooter. Thanks for the compliment
<walleyewizard68> metallic rainbow and sunglasses have been really hot so far this year
<Dano> Thanks guys
<David Storm and Ron Smart> We have 5 colors in prisms and they're selling like hot cakes
<eyeman_1> wwiz that's good to hear cause I purchased a few of them
<David Storm and Ron Smart> WalleyeWiz - you're helping make those best sellers?
<Chatman> wiz whereabouts are you fishing?
<eyeman_1> us Ole LBDN guys love them cause they catch fish!
<Orion Avatar> Mostly around the Great Lakes?
<skipjack> in the hot n tot design WW?
<walleyewizard68> cant help it they are real good lures
<David Storm and Ron Smart> LBDN is my #1 place in late Oct/Nov . Love it
<eyeman_1> was down to my last purple this past fall.... not anymore:)
<walleyewizard68> Erie and pymatuning
<Chatman> thanks wiz
<David Storm and Ron Smart> skipjack - -we can't say those little h-n-t words
<Dano> LBDN?
<skipjack> lol
<walleyewizard68> lol
<eyeman_1> Little Bay DeNoc in MI
<skipjack> forget new name
<Guest> good evening all 
<eyeman_1> Winning Streak
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Do you guys shop at Kelly's B&T in Andover?
<Dano> thnx Eyeman
<David Storm and Ron Smart> That's in OH near Pymatuning
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Hi guest. Do you fish?
<walleyewizard68> cabelas and gander mtn here
<skipjack> wow brain will never make that change
<Orion Avatar> What's the #1 nitro shiner color in the Winnebago area?
<Guest> i stop at Kelly's al the time dave 
<Fishnmagician> t
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Man , that is a hot spot - no doubt. Ed at Tews could say. The purple prism is hot
<skipjack> RR
<Fishnmagician> hey risto!
<eyeman_1> RR
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Next time at Kelly's say hello to Dolly. She's a great gal
<Ristorapper> hi guys
<Dano> sounds like a song Dave
<Guest> i will do that dave i will be there sat morn 
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Great. Tell her Ron says hi too
<luckyketch> looked at the 47 different colors on the color chart, had to get my sunglasses
<skipjack> rip
<Fishnmagician> hi rippin
<Rippin_eyes> howdy
<walleyewizard68> good choice
<Rippin_eyes> must be a chat tonight
<Guest> will do I'm headed out there sat to try and get a few eyes 
<Rippin_eyes> Hey Dave
<David Storm and Ron Smart> The sunglass #39 is pretty hot 
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Hello Rippin-eyes
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Check out the web site in about 1 week to see these 8 new colors we're doing
<Guest> anyone else headed to pymy this week end 
<Rippin_eyes> what is the addy Dave
<David Storm and Ron Smart> http://www.daveslures.com
<walleyewizard68> headin to Pymy Sat thats all that we will be pulling
<Rippin_eyes> thanks
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Kelly's has some special custom colors on the way - may be there now
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Capt Choice, Rosemary, Rosemary Baby, etc
<Dano> Thanks Dave its been a pleasure, good night gentlemen. Check out Canadian Tire for distribution here in Ontario.
<Orion Avatar> Gotta Go, I'll check your web site soon. Thanks for the info Dave! Every one catch a limit!!!!
<walleyechaser24> by dano
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Thanks Dano. Ron was talking to them Mon
<Guest> dave i found purple to be a hot color i troll it long line 150ft on 10 lb test mono 
<Dano> Best of Luck
<walleyechaser24> dave, will Cabelas carry more colors eventually?
<David Storm and Ron Smart> We make purple prism, metallic purples, gloss painted purples
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Just ask the tackle dept guys at Cabela's or anywhere else and they'll more than likely add
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Best to hear it from you guys
<scooter> thanks again guys you saved my summer from being a bleak colorless outlook and gave a old guy some hope of catching a few fish
<walleyechaser24> thanks, dave
<walleyewizard68> How come these colors are so hard to find in PA?
<Guest> i think it more like the purple prim dave 
<Guest> wizard Richter's in Jamestown have them 
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Wwiz68 - we're growing. Last year was a delivery challenge. This is year 2 and we're getting their.
<walleyewizard68> thanx
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Any dealers you know we should tell us and we'll work on em
<Guest> do you know where I'm talking about wizard 
<walleyewizard68> up at Pymy?
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Hey, Honsie
<Honsie> hello
<Fishnmagician> Honsie
<Rippin_eyes> hey Hons
<Chatman> hi Honsie
<Guest> yes wizard Kelly in Andover have them also 
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Hons, you have a brother name Frons
<Honsie> yep, and we are here to PUMP YOU UP!!
<eyeman_1> lol
<Guest> wizard i have not yet seen any at poffs place 
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Ouch!
<walleyewizard68> maybe I will stop there on the way back sat.
<David Storm and Ron Smart> I think Poff's buys through a distributor
<Fishnmagician> hi FB
<eyeman_1> Hey Steve
<Honsie> I am going to give mine a shot at Sharpe in only 8 more days
<Chatman> hi Steve
<Guest> i will be there also sat wizard where are you launching at 
<FreeByrd Steve Carlson> hi all
<Rippin_eyes> hey byrd
<walleyewizard68> linesville
<skipjack> FB
<David Storm and Ron Smart> What other style and size baits should we do for you guys
<walleyewizard68> thinfins
<David Storm and Ron Smart> We have the tackle show coming in July for 2005 product intro
<walleyechaser24> dave, a jerkbait would be good.
<eyeman_1> how about a shad style bait
<Guest> troll out in front of snowmobile club on the flat 
<Rippin_eyes> shads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Honsie> I like the kabooms and would like a deeper running one. 25-30 feet
<Chatman> I agree with the jerkbait
<Chatman> or a stickbait
<David Storm and Ron Smart> 25-30 ft WSR or DNS?
<walleyechaser24> stickbaits work here.
<David Storm and Ron Smart> DNS - Nitro; WSR - Streak
<eyeman_1> DNS!
<rumblefish> good evening gentlemen
<Honsie> wsr
<Chatman> i need something new to handline with!
<David Storm and Ron Smart> In about 6 weeks, we'll be posting the 2005 stuff
<walleyechaser24> DNS, agree
<rumblefish> hi Ron...Dale Kozak here
<David Storm and Ron Smart> We think you're going to like what we working on
<eyeman_1> I don't doubt it
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Dale - Glad to hear from you! We had an Ontario dude earlier
<Honsie> when will the 2005 lures be available?
<walleyechaser24> bring it on!
<Guest> and what is that dave 
<eyeman_1> good ?
<rumblefish> Well the prairies are buzzing
<David Storm and Ron Smart> The new 2005 stuff will begin shipping in Dec
<rumblefish> any plans on the different sizes for 2005?
<David Storm and Ron Smart> If we tell you won't be surprised. But we guarantee you'll be happy
<Honsie> I am getting distracted watching my Cubbies run up the score on the Pirates
<David Storm and Ron Smart> Rumblefish - you wanting a bigger Deep Nitro
<eyeman_1> ain't that grand!
<rumblefish> please...call me dale
<rumblefish> yes...we have an interest in the 7" as well
<David Storm and Ron Smart> OK, Dale, we'll do that. We appreciate your business. 
<walleyewizard68> that would be great for Erie in the summer
<David Storm and Ron Smart> As a matter of fact we appreciate every one of you guys who are fishing our baits.
<rumblefish> reef runner has been dominating our deep water techniques over the last few years and it seems we finally have a product out there to rival it
<Guest> wizard what part of pa you from 

<walleyechaser24> dave, another plus are suspending style lures--?
<Honsie> how deep will the dns run on 10# mono?
<Guest> ebensburgh here 
<eyeman_1> 16'
<eyeman_1> w/120' out
<walleyechaser24> Chatman?
<Honsie> thanks. 
<walleyechaser24> is the chat over?
<Chatman> guys its about time to wrap it up for the night
<walleyewizard68> I guess so
<Chatman> just about a few more minutes
<eyeman_1> :(
<Honsie> thanks to Ron and Dave!
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> we lost you again
<eyeman_1> Dave and Ron thanks for making our evening
<walleyechaser24> ok, guess it is--thanks, for being here tonite, dave and Ron.
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> Wanting to say thanks to all of you and thanks for fishing our lures
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> We appreciate all of you having confidence in Dave's Lures
<Chatman> thanks so much for visiting with us
<rumblefish> my pleasure guys and looking forward to much future eyes with them
<rumblefish> Ron?
<walleyechaser24> waiting for the new lures and colors, thanks.
<walleyewizard68> keep up the great job guys I plan on tearing up the tourneys with your lures
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> Yeah
<Chatman> guys lets give a big hand to Dave Storm and Ron Smart!!!
<skipjack> thanks Ron and dave
<rumblefish> could you find a moment to give me a quick call?
<Honsie> HAND
<Fishnmagician> CLAP CLAP CLAP
<Rippin_eyes> dave, is there a reason why Scheels doesn't carry your hooks
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> You bet
<walleyechaser24> clap, clap clap!!!
<Rippin_eyes> CLAP CLAP CLAP
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> Scheels Appleton does all 
<rumblefish> great i will be here for 30 min then off to the walleye trail meeting
<Rippin_eyes> ok, I'll have to talk to the boys in Mankato
<Chatman> thanks guys, I gotta run, my cocoa puffs are waiting
<Fishnmagician> nite PJ
<Rippin_eyes> night
<Chatman> next week we have Sam Andersen
<walleyechaser24> thanks, Chatman, catch a few for me!
<walleyewizard68> nite guys and tight lines
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> Dale, call my office and leave your number - I'm remote
<skipjack> nite
<Chatman> later guys
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> I'll still be here for awhile if anyone has a Q
<Honsie> goodnight all...
<Rippin_eyes> night
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> Thanks, Chatman. We appreciate the time
<Fishnmagician> nite Honsie
<Rippin_eyes> dave are you guys looking at making some shads at all
<eyeman_1> Dave... haven
<skipjack> hey I'm just so happy that i don't have spend a 1/2 hour trying to save that other lure any more
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> That is something we are considering
<eyeman_1> haven't had a chance to run the DNS yet but will in 10 days... how well do they stay in tune
<walleyechaser24> good, thanks for staying with us---
<walleyechaser24> shad style works here.
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> They stay down, are very stable due to the rounded lip and more surface to the lip --
<Rippin_eyes> yeah
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> Walleyechaser where's your home water
<Rippin_eyes> they seem to be the best for the lakes I have fished
<walleyechaser24> NC
<eyeman_1> out of all the old Storm baits I have and it's a ton only had one that wouldn't tune.. says a lot about the quality of the baits.. thanks
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> We're planning to expand the line and include shad styles in the future
<walleyechaser24> gizzard shad is natural
<Fishnmagician> hey dawg
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> Appreciate that Eyeman. Dad worked hard to make his lures the best
<Rippin_eyes> I'll be looking for them!!!!!!
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> We need some good dealers in NC
<Rippin_eyes> I like the tots, they are nice
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> If you have time sometime, let us know who we should see
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> Do you mean Winning Streaks, Rippin_eyes?
<walleyechaser24> some perch imitators would be good too, they do not have the shad shape--
<eyeman_1> we here in IL could use a source... GMtn doesn't have them in yet
<skipjack> sorry dave but old dogs and new names
<Rippin_eyes> yeah
<walleyechaser24> perch are my walleyes preferred choice, i believe
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> If you talk to the fishing dept mgr., he can get them - several GMt's do have them, exp. in WI
<skipjack> dave u gonna be at Erie next week
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> We have a lot of things on the drawing board but plan to introduce only one or two new styles each year
<eyeman_1> I got mine at Extreme and Cabela's so I'm good for this trip.... I hope
<walleyechaser24> most of us are isolated, so we have to order by mail--
<skipjack> ett
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> http://www.daveslures.com when you have a chance
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> Also, www.tewstwo.com
<walleyechaser24> have to go to Charlotte otherwise
<Rippin_eyes> Hey ETT, I ordered 4 of those rods today!!
<Rippin_eyes> They better be good!!!
<Rippin_eyes> haha
<walleyechaser24> can i order from your site, dave?
<ETT> they are
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> Our website has a bunch of on-;line sources --- http://www.daveslures.com
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> I cannot sell on-line at this time. We're working hard to support all our dealers
<walleyechaser24> good, thanks, dave
<Rippin_eyes> ok good deal, if not I'll track ya down!! haha
<eyeman_1> folks... good nite and Dave&Ron thanks for the time and baits ... much success
<ETT> too old to run and too fat to hide
<Rippin_eyes> haha
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> Boy, with a name like Rippin_eyes I wouldn't want you to catch me!
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> Eyeman 1 - good nite. Thanks for your time.
<walleyechaser24> by eyemangood to talk with you
<Rippin_eyes> haha dave
<Rippin_eyes> i got that name from a little kid
<skipjack> nite guys, great chat, later
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> I'm sure it comes from the success you have catching big Walleyes
<Rippin_eyes> yup
<Rippin_eyes> so is anyone getting out fishing this weekend
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> One thing I ask: Love me like you loved my Dad (Bill Storm) LOL
<ETT> I am, if the weather gods smile
<Rippin_eyes> will do dave
<Fishnmagician> rippin.... still one week of ice left here
<reddog> Sunday and Monday maybe
<Rippin_eyes> run to SD!!!!!
<walleyechaser24> will do--have some of the originals, still
<walleyechaser24> no ice, 82 degrees
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> We signing off for now. Contact us david@daveslures.com later. That's the best way to reach me.
<Rippin_eyes> thanks dave
<ETT> sorry to miss so much ...2 phone calls
<ETT> thanks
<walleyechaser24> thanks, dave, enjoyed it
<reddog> Thanks Dave and Ron
<Fishnmagician> thanks guys
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> Thanks again for all your time. And, we hope you have great success fishing Dave's KA_BOOM Baits for years and years to come
<Eyez> hi ya
<reddog> Eyez
<Rippin_eyes> when ya get that shad out give shout out!!!
<Rippin_eyes> Hey Eyez sorry I didn't get to talk to you this weekend!!!!
<Fishnmagician> hi Runner
<Dave Storm and Ron Smart> Check our site regularly and we'll be posting new stuff


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