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2004 Online Chats
4/28/04 - Online Chat with Sam Anderson by Sam Anderson

<Driftr> Ladies & Gentlemen welcome out guest host Sam Anderson !!!
<Fishnmagician> CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!!
<WarrenMN> clap clap clap
<Driftr> clap clap clap !!!!
<Rippin_eyes> clap clap clap
<Sam Anderson> we'll thanks for having me...it's great to be online
<WarrenMN> nice of you to take time on with this weather
<Driftr> Well Sam, what would you like to talk about this evening
<Sam Anderson> We'll I've been busy getting things ready for the PWT next week and it's great to kick back and see what else is goin on out in the world
<WarrenMN> Francis Case?
<Sam Anderson> I'm open as far as topics...anyone got anything that's been stumping them yet this Spring?
<Rippin_eyes> Sam I saw you at Chamberlain two weeks ago, are you ready to rip a few in the PWT
<Rippin_eyes> hey arron
<Aaron Abaurrea> Hiya
<Sam Anderson> we're sure going to try and put the right fish in the boat
<Guest> <Enter Text Here>How bout the products you are involved with?
<Sam Anderson> in SD though it's a numbers game and with no culling and a 6 fish in the boat rule ....decisions decisions
<Rippin_eyes> yeah don't throw away those 17's
<Aaron Abaurrea> give me some tips Sam!!!
<Sam Anderson> PRODUCTS I'm involved with..sure we can do that...let me know if I start boring anyone
<Rippin_eyes> I'll give ya some Aaron
<Aaron Abaurrea> great!!
<Sam Anderson> As I started in my fishing career some 15 years ago, I like many started pursuing sponsors...
<Rippin_eyes> I still have your email
<WarrenMN> don't buy a boat that leaks
<Aaron Abaurrea> cool
<Sam Anderson> Through those pursuits, I found several companies that made really good products that I believed in and along the way the owners decided to transition into retirement
<Sam Anderson> The first company that I was able to buy was Drift Control Sea Anchors, almost 5 years ago.
<Aaron Abaurrea> Sam's rod savers are EXCELLENT
<Sam Anderson> The second company that I have had the pleasure to buy is Beckman Nets!
<Rippin_eyes> Who makes those rod socks that your and your partner were using??
<scooter> great net are they still made in Madison
<Sam Anderson> Boy what great products...I don't mean to brag about Beckman but it really feels special to be associated with a product and a group of people who are so passionate about doing only the best
<Sam Anderson> The nets have been a tool of mine before I started guiding and now it's fun to have a hand in helping grow the business...
<Sam Anderson> We've tried to focus on cutting edge ideas and new products that are innovative...we're always open to ideas!
<Sam Anderson> Has Anyone seen any of our new items this spring?
<Mech> Sam, did you fish the 7th annual Francis Case, How'd you do?
<John Balla> Hey Sam, good to see 'ya live and well!
<Sam Anderson> How Good fishing questions...can we not talk about how I finished out in SD in the last tournament?
<Sam Anderson> Just kidding
<Rippin_eyes> HAHA
<Rippin_eyes> I know
<Sam Anderson> It was a rough one for us...we held out until about 3 looking for the 3-4 lber
<Sam Anderson> no luck and decided to put the 5 Th one in the box and ran out of time
<Sam Anderson> I think we ended up in 58th or so?
<Rippin_eyes> I want to know how you kept your partner in a cherry mood after he blew his motor up on Thursday!!!
<Rippin_eyes> Hey Johnnie!
<Mech> sounds like a little better luck than we had!
<Johnnie Candle> Hi all.
<Sam Anderson> Bart was bummed about the motor deal...not really sure what happened....I know he did hit a log earlier that week?
<Sam Anderson> Hi Jonnie!
<Guest> South winds or southwest?
<Driftr> hi Johnnie
<Mech> If the tourney would have been Friday we'd have done very well, put back a five and a six and had no problem with slots, 
<Sam Anderson> It seemed like the bigger fish were a little more fickle prespawn?
<Johnnie Candle> Sam, will I be seeing you in your most favorite lake in SD next week? I guess you have a few favorites down that way now, don't you?
<Sam Anderson> I like it better once they've spawned...it's a little easier to pattern the females
<Rippin_eyes> Yeah the big fish out there were weird biters
<Sam Anderson> Yes Johnnie...looking forward to Francis Case...how about you?
<WarrenMN> HI Mr. Candle
<Rippin_eyes> We caught out big ones south!
<Sam Anderson> We're you cranking or live bait?
<Mech> I have another tourney out there next week, any suggestions, Jig Shallow?
<Rippin_eyes> Crankin!!
<Guest> If the white bass are running the rivers they should be done? whats water temp on top?
<Mech> Crankin!!
<Johnnie Candle> Anything will be better than Winneconne last week. Tough bite and not good execution. That is the great thing about our job, just wait a few days and we get to do it again.
<Sam Anderson> Yes a lot of fish up in the shallows...we found that as the day wore on the bigger fish seemed to move deeper from the pressure
<John Balla> Hey Sam, hope all is well. Did you make it through Chicago this Spring? 
<Sam Anderson> You're right...when they go bad it's fun to put em behind and when they go really well you have to try to savor them as long as you can!
<John Balla> Great new products, where can I get the spinner wraps?
<Mech> By the way thanks for your time at the meeting. 
<Sam Anderson> Hi John...good to read your thoughts...I was in Chi-town a few times ...did the Walleyes Unlimited and 2 other seminars in IN and OH
<Sam Anderson> SPINNER WRAPS...Ahhh...good question...I know Gander Mtn has them and Mills fleet farm as well...we've been getting lots of calls on them
<John Balla> Looking to get the new rod wraps as well, are they color coded for length?
<John Balla> I guess I mean the rod sleeves!!
<Sam Anderson> Yes...rod socks have color coded Velcro at the bottom closure to identify the rod length you're looking for when things are tucked away or in the bag
<John Balla> Thanks
<Sam Anderson> I'm interested in how Spring Valley went....how did you do in MWC and RCL?
<Mech> when cranking SD res., whats your tough bite go to crank in spring?
<Sam Anderson> Hey there Mech... Like to use smaller cranks in the Spring and watch the speed...it seems like it's either really slow or really fast... 
<John Balla> 59th and 27th respectively...one fish from the cut two years in a row!!
<Sam Anderson> the crank I like the most is the new Rapala Glass Shad #4...IT HOT...HOT...HOT!
<John Balla> color favorites?
<John Balla> colors?
<Sam Anderson> Worked great a few weeks ago...A little tip...I painted the tails of my cranks purple about 1/3 of the way up the crank
<Mech> It's O.K. I won't tell anyone, why purple?
<John Balla> Fishing them on the 'core?
<Sam Anderson> The blue clear works well and never go on the water w/o the firetiger...also the silver black or gold black are killer
<Sam Anderson> yes core and sometime fire line if were fishing really shallow...
<John Balla> speed?
<Sam Anderson> speed is key...I've had years were you had to drift and troll w/ kicker motor in idle half the time...other years you had to be hitting 3mpg to get them started...experiment
<John Balla> What rods do you use for 'core?
<Sam Anderson> I've got a variety of rods...I like to always use a pair of 10ft rods to get some distance out to the side of the boat. For Leadcore, you don't need anything fancy
<John Balla> What pound test on the 'core? 
<stratos> what kind of leader on the core Fireline or mono
<Guest> The new Rapala snaps are a winner, made a big difference side by side to other anglers, can you have them put a bunch in the Twin Cities stores.
<Sam Anderson> Actually I just started playing with a NEW rod from SCHEELS outfitters...it's HOT and I can't wait to give it the real test next week in SD...10ft and has a really nice taper...not sure what the model number is though?
<Sam Anderson> The leader that I run from core is usually 20lb Fireline 5 ft or if it's clear water I usually use Berkley XT green and go at least 30 ft.
<Johnnie Candle> Sam I believe it is a 10foot 6 inch rod, MH. I started using those last year for Lead core myself. Unless this is brand new?
<Sam Anderson> no...I think you're right...they might be 10'6...I know they work great on the Mississippi...
<John Balla> Sam, do you sell fin-savers in multiple bag sizes?
<Johnnie Candle> Mine are in the truck, let me go see the model number.
<Sam Anderson> On the fin savers....we only sell one size bag right now...we can special order some prototypes though...believe it or not we just started working on our 2006 items and the fin saver in another size is on the list
<John Balla> Great....thanks.
<Sam Anderson> Has anyone seen the NEW Beckman Mesh Bait cylinders
<stratos> whats a fin saver
<Sam Anderson> We've been getting lots of email from people especially out east and south wondering where to get them...
<John Balla> Yes, love the idea for separating the bait.
<Rippin_eyes> Sam I have a question, I have one of the Drift control socks, it seems that sometimes It doesn't open up very fast, is there something i might be doing wrong
<Sam Anderson> the fin saver is style of NET that we make...it made with a 7/8" mesh on the side to protect fin and tail damage for Musky and salmon fishing...it's a big fish net!
<John Balla> It should keep my leeches and crawlers lively for 'Bago this Spring.
<John Balla> It makes an awesome Great Lakes Walleye net as well.
<WarrenMN> Rip, did you see the tornado warning for FM's area
<Rippin_eyes> NO not watching the TV, I hope he will be ok!! I'll put it on 
<Johnnie Candle> Warren, that sound too cool, I want one. 
<WarrenMN> Cass is his only
<WarrenMN> he paid for it
<Sam Anderson> CASS what...has anyone heard any good dirt on Cass Lake
<WarrenMN> I did a very special map for Samson. but its his map only
<Rippin_eyes> Yup
<Sam Anderson> I'm really looking forward to fishing the Cass Lake system...lots of nooks and cranny's!
<John Balla> Tease.
<WarrenMN> I know, but he paid for the data
<WarrenMN> that was the deal
<John Balla> JK
<Johnnie Candle> Found the rod, Scheels Pro Classic, PC1062TMH, 10'6" Med. Hvy 2 pc
<WarrenMN> Did you get to see it
<Sam Anderson> good stuff...pretty amazing way to get contours of the spots you've been fishing for years!
<Rippin_eyes> does St. Croix still make some rod blanks for Scheels
<Sam Anderson> Yes I saw it...it's really amazing!
<John Balla> Warren, fishing Leech in Sep, and I have a fresh map and sharpie....
<Sam Anderson> Jonnie you're close...I think I have the one that is just medium not MH
<WarrenMN> Don't have any thing on Leach
<Sam Anderson> Does anyone know much about the RCL Erie event that's goin g on?
<Sam Anderson> Whats the water temp out there right now?
<WarrenMN> I talked to Jenna
<WarrenMN> waves were bad
<WarrenMN> Bruce Detain had to come in on his kicker
<Sam Anderson> Sounds like the guys had some nasty weather and didn't fish a few days?
<Johnnie Candle> Yeah Sam, I have those to, killer for dead sticks as well.
<John Balla> 36 pounds leads, 207h is 27 pounds.
<stratos> I left there this morning back to IL, water was 52 
<Aaron Abaurrea> Mark Christiansen is leading
<John Balla> 20th is 27 pounds
<Sam Anderson> WOW 52...those fish should be going better than that??? Big blow?
<Sam Anderson> Are they keeping 6 fish?
<stratos> most guys were off the water Tues by noon
<John Balla> Brumbaugh in 9th
<WarrenMN> 5
<WarrenMN> on the scales
<Sam Anderson> that's the Brumbaugh mister...never count him out on the troll!
<Johnnie Candle> Gotta run, work to do. Sam and others, see you in Chamberlain. Thanks for stopping in Sam.
<Sam Anderson> Take care Jonnie!
<WarrenMN> If your in the cities John, call
<Sam Anderson> See you in SD...!
<Sam Anderson> Anybody heard the latest water temp over on Francis Case?
<stratos> looked like most guys went North of Kelly's out to the border
<Sam Anderson> I'm sure the spawn must be complete and the bite should turn on towards the mid part of next week...
<Sam Anderson> Yes...the old Canadian border spots...that water from Canada can be so much cleaner
<stratos> fished a and b can Mon really dirty out there
<Sam Anderson> What's the latest census from most on the Berkley -Stren combo?
<Rippin_eyes> Berkley line is the only stuff I use
<Sam Anderson> Believe it or not I think it will actually do some good...there will be more focus on improvements and less duplications...along with hopefully keeping the good of both!
<Aaron Abaurrea> Berkeley owns basically all the line business!!
<Sam Anderson> Yes... they are getting to be quite large...but still the best!
<Aaron Abaurrea> I agree!!
<Rippin_eyes> Sam did you try any gulp yet??
<Sam Anderson> Aaron...did you fish the PWT Winne tourney?
<Aaron Abaurrea> Sure did, bombed day three..
<Sam Anderson> Sounds like a lot guys were in the river that did well
<Aaron Abaurrea> was in 26th, dropped to 56th OUCH!
<Sam Anderson> too bad...there's more...are you fishing all 6 PWT
<John Balla> Sam, thanks for chatting, good luck with the biz and at Case.....hope to talk to you soon.
<Aaron Abaurrea> I fished right next to Kolinski, yes all six
<Sam Anderson> If so, you've got good time to work things up for the Angler of the year and championship
<Aaron Abaurrea> 35th for angler now, so IM working my way to Houghton!
<Sam Anderson> Did you get one of our Magnum Drift socks? The MS150 is a must for SD
<Sam Anderson> Mr. Balla...are you fishing all PWT?
<Aaron Abaurrea> no, but I believe ya Sam, bring an extra, I'll buy it!
<Sam Anderson> What have you guys heard about the RCL???
<Sam Anderson> Are they going to still have the state tournaments...I've heard they are?
<Rippin_eyes> 36.06 for 5 fish is leader right now
<John Balla> No, the MWC Central and Saginaw Bay Challenge...
<Aaron Abaurrea> Sam, you fishing RCL in Devils?
<Sam Anderson> oh great!
<John Balla> "Bago is next late June...
<Sam Anderson> NO RCL at this time for me...business has been good and I have a little guy now and have been enjoying every minute I can with him growing up!
<Rippin_eyes> TBO
<Aaron Abaurrea> I learned a couple of things in Winneconne Sam, John Kolinski, and Mark Courts, are two class acts!!
<tbomn> Good evening all
<John Balla> Congrats on the son....gotta run, Sam, hope to see you soon.
<Sam Anderson> COOL John...kick some walleye tail over there....!
<Rippin_eyes> Sam, you must have a pretty understanding wife to let you fish all the time???
<John Balla> Good Luck!
<Sam Anderson> Yes Mark and John are both savvy anglers as well as professionals!
<Aaron Abaurrea> Hey, guys gotta run, talk soon Chris, and see ya soon Sam!
<Rippin_eyes> I'll be in tough Aaron
<Aaron Abaurrea> awesome!
<Sam Anderson> I sure do have the best wife a guy could hope to find...she met me after I was into fishing and has never known any different
<Sam Anderson> sounds good Aaron!
<Rippin_eyes> that explains it!!!
<Rippin_eyes> haha
<Rippin_eyes> Are you going to fish all 6 PWT events sometime soon??
<Sam Anderson> So has anyone heard about those big eye's caught out in Wy this year...I heard something like almost 20lbs?
<Rippin_eyes> nope, those are HUGE fish though, did you see the 14 from red wing
<WarrenMN> Tom(Wy) hasn't said any thing
<Sam Anderson> I would like to get back and start fishing all 6 again...just depends on how work and family life continues...my parents taught me to work before you play and then you can play a lot when you get older...hopefully working hard pays off 
and in a couple years I can get back at it...
<Sam Anderson> I miss the competition and the camaraderie
<Driftr> Folks, the hour is winding down. Time to get you last questions in to Sam
<Rippin_eyes> did i read right you started at 18???
<Driftr> Sam, before this chat ends, can you tell us who your sponsors are?
<Sam Anderson> ALL 6 gives you a full season to strategize...it seems as though when your just doing 3-4 you get started and the season is over...last year was a bummer because I fished the East and all 3 tournaments were only 2 day tourneys...
<Sam Anderson> I did get started at 18 and it was a bunch of fun...some of my first sponsors were Mercury, MotorGuide Berkley and Drift Control
<Sam Anderson> As I grew my passion for tournaments and more importantly for trying to help educate anglers...the sponsors grew...but it's a lot of work for many years!
<Sam Anderson> And a key thing I learned is that you have to be honest about talking about products
<Rippin_eyes> I would have to agree with you there
<Sam Anderson> I f you try to push a new product on to people that really doesn't work...you loose all credibility...
<WarrenMN> Bet its nice when you get to a point you can pick and chose
<Driftr> it is always smart to only endorse products you believe in
<Rippin_eyes> I helped some guy at chamberlain catch a limit of fish by telling him what to use, he came over to the camper that night and was like a5 year old who caught a sunfish!! I think that was more fun than hammering the fish!!
<Sam Anderson> So, in the past 5 years...I've spent more and more time trying to refine the basics and keeping things simple...half the battle is staying organized and using tools to help you spend more time fishing and less time farting around...
<Sam Anderson> you're right hearing and seeing people catch fish is as fun or funner than doing it yourself!
<Rippin_eyes> If we have an idea for you to try out how could we contact you
<Sam Anderson> Can't wait for more boy Zac to get old enough to go out in the boat!
<WarrenMN> I bet
<Sam Anderson> just send me an email at sam@bayandbay.com
<Driftr> How about a Walleye Central round of applause for Sam Anderson !!!!
<Driftr> Thanks Sam
<WarrenMN> clap clap clap
<Driftr> great job
<Rippin_eyes> Thanks Sam!!!!!!!!
<WarrenMN> thanks Sam
<Rippin_eyes> clap clap clap
<Driftr> clap clap clap !!!!
<Sam Anderson> thanks a ton!
<Driftr> Sam and everyone, you are welcome to stay and keep chatting
<Sam Anderson> Hope everyone has a great season of fish catching and make sure to let some go too!
<Rippin_eyes> good luck at chamberlain Sam
<WarrenMN> I think I'm gonna have to start dragging a line
<WarrenMN> yeah, good luck at Chamberlain
<Rippin_eyes> what are you doing Saturday warren, I'm going to Tonka to catch some crappies
<WarrenMN> trying to get the other boat rigged to maybe do some more on Cass
<WarrenMN> checking stuff to make sure
<Sam Anderson> Speaking of that little fella...need to get going and put him down...always something to do with the little guy...its great...again.. for anyone that would like to contact me you can email at sam@bayandbay.com 
.beckmanfishing.com hope to see everyone on the water!!!
<WarrenMN> maybe will run into you at one of the tourneys
<Sam Anderson> Look forward to it...have a good night everyone!!!


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