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2004 Online Chats
5/5/04 - Online Chat With Mark Romanack by Mark Romanack

<Mark Romanack> Hi Chatman, I'm ready to talk fishing... Mark R
<reels> hey Mark
<Chatman> little late arriving crowd, but they will be here
<Chatman> at 8, I will do a little intro, then we can start officially
<Mark Romanack> I think last time I was the one that was late...
<Chatman> hi Satch
<Satch_MN> hello all
<Chatman> yea, the guys were teasing me about that time lol
<Chatman> they all thought I was pulling their leg about you being the guest lol
<Mark Romanack> Who's been fishing and where?
<reels> just finished the RCL as a co-angler at Erie
<Satch_MN> fished the RCL Illinois River and Lake Erie Co Angler
<reels> fun fishing, but rough weather. IL river also
<Mark Romanack> Unfortunately, Erie can be boom or bust this time of year
<Chatman> Det river here
<Satch_MN> used the 7th addition quite a bite
<Mark Romanack> Satch, were you pulling cranks or spinners?
<Satch_MN> both
<Satch_MN> I got 27th place
<reels> congrats
<Mark Romanack> I actually took a break from eyes and fished for perch today with my son Zack
<Chatman> nice day today
<Chatman> Unlike yesterday...
<reels> so, tell us a bit about yourself Mark.
<Satch_MN> the wind will be in your back yard tomorrow probably, it was very windy here in MN
<Chatman> we had honest to god 4 footers in the river
<Mark Romanack> The weather was outstanding, but the fishing was a little slow. We boated about three dozen but only a handful were worth taking home
<Chatman> were you fishing Sag bay ?
<Mark Romanack> Chatman, no water is rougher than the Detroit when the wind blows. The waves are so close together it literally beats you to the bone.
<Chatman> yea, i know lol, i twisted my ankle on a handline weight that i didn't see rolling around the deck lol
<Mark Romanack> Chatman, I fished Saginaw about a week ago at Au Gres. They are getting some nice fish on cranks in shallow water
<Chatman> hi guest, got a name?
<Guest> Call me retire55
<Chatman> Well might as well kick it off
<Chatman> hi retire55 
<Chatman> Lets have a big WC welcome for Mark Romanack!!!
<Satch_MN> clap clap clap 
<Guest> Hi. This is my first time in the chatroom. Mark's appearance was the hook.
<Chatman> gotta be official, ya know
<Chatman> union rules
<Mark Romanack> Thanks all, happy to be here.
<Chatman> Mark, when will the great lakes edition be out, or is it already?
<Mark Romanack> The Great Lakes or Big Water (I haven't decided yet) edition won't be ready until later this summer. We still have more testing to do, but the wait will be worth it. I'm getting tons of questions on this new book and everyone who fishes
big water will find something they can use.
<Driftr> hi folks
<reels> no offence to Mark, but I'm not sure who Mark is. Can we have a little intro and a little info about Mark?
<Chatman> Sorry, go for it Mark
<Chatman> Hi Jim
<Guest> Good one reels!!
<Satch_MN> will there be an edition for shallow lakes then?
<Mark Romanack> No offence taken... I'm an outdoor writer, book author, retired walleye pro and avid walleye fisherman. 
<Mark Romanack> Satch, just to clarify... the Great Lakes edition is only going to be about big water gear, lead core, dipsy divers, etc.
<Chatman> hi Ojoe2
<reels> what is your nitch or favorite walleye fishing presentation?
<Satch_MN> what was the difference between 6 edition to 7th?
<Mark Romanack> Reels, I'd have to say trolling, but I enjoy all forms of walleye fishing. I've written five books on the subject over the years, but Precision Trolling is for sure the most popular.
<Chatman> I have your Trolling Top to Bottom book, its a real good read
<reels> ah... ok, I know who you are now.... we are a bit dense out here in IA. I have several of your books. 
<Mark Romanack> Satch, the 7th edition added about 55 new lures including Producers, Yo Zuri, Heddon, Lucky Craft and other brands
<Chatman> lol reels
<Satch_MN> the 7th edition book is built better than the 6th, cover seems more durable
<Chatman> Mark, do you know yet if the Big Water Ed will be in the same format as the 7th, so we can just add pages to it instead of having both books onboard?
<Mark Romanack> Chatman, Trolling Top to Bottom is currently being rewritten. I expect to release it sometime later this summer and it will contain 20 new chapters and lots of fresh information we didn't have available to us back when the original book was written
<Chatman> wow that will be cool, i like the format of that book
<reels> Mark, have you done anything on trolling spinners with weights on boards as far as depth and speed? 
<WarrenMN> Mark, just got here. Can you explain, again if so, how you get the lure depths
<Mark Romanack> Chatman, the Great Lakes edition will be a smaller and less expensive booklet and wouldn't be suitable as a supplement to PT.
<Chatman> i see , thanks
<Satch_MN> dumb question is there a web site?
<Mark Romanack> WarrenMN, we use a scuba diver in open water to conduct our depth tests. The diver hangs out near a buoy that has a tape measure dangling into the water. As lures are trolled by, the diver submerges and gets a fish's eye view of the b
baits as they pass by on various lead lengths. We test a bunch of leads and the data is plotted onto an XY graph to produce our Patented Dive Curves that appear in Precision Trolling.
<Guest> Mark, have you considered the option of change pages rather than us buying a completely new edition?
<Mark Romanack> The website is www.precisionangling.com
<WarrenMN> thanks Mark
<Satch_MN> thanks
<WarrenMN> Do companies send samples to you to do it with. Freebies
<Chatman> if you try to click on that link, it probably wont work, you have to have the http:// in it for some reason
<Mark Romanack> Guest, we sure have and in fact even attempted to do just that with the 7th edition, but we frankly discovered that our retail outlets didn't appreciate us doing business without them. Updates simply cause all sorts of problems for us
and it doesn't look like we will be able to provide updated pages. Instead we're sort of forced to continue with the new edition concept we've used over the years. Anglers who have stuck with us and use our data can purchase new editions by calling
800-353-6958 and we'll off you guys 20% discount for being good customers. That's about the best solution to the problem we can figure out. Sorry.
<Chatman> i think that makes sense
<Mark Romanack> WarrenMN, We get a few free samples to test, but mostly we buy the lures we want to test. The baits we choose are largely those that customers recommend to us.
<WarrenMN> I like hearing that
<Guest> Thanks Mark. Is there an 8th edition planned and if so, what will be the major additions?
<reels> Mark, do any of the books have spinners with weights being dragged behind boards? This was a key on Erie for catching suspended fish, but we were guessing at the depth running verses blade size and speed.
<WarrenMN> Risto, that you
<Mark Romanack> Guest, for sure there will be an 8th edition and in fact I'm already well in route to having this edition completed. I'd expect that this edition will be ready for market in about one year. New lures to watch for include all the new R
rapala stuff, more Yo Zuri , PRADCO, Dave's Lures, etc.
<Mark Romanack> Reels, the Precision Trolling book (all editions) covers snap weights at three speeds and weights from 1/2 to 3 ounces.
<Guest> Thanks again Mark.
<Chatman> just curious, do you do the research on a local lake near you?
<Mark Romanack> Chatman, we have tested on a number of lakes, but keep coming back to Higgins in Roscommon County, Michigan. The water is very clear and the lake is deep, but protected from the wind. We have to have flat water to test on.
<Chatman> i know that lake well. Its where we used to camp in the summer when i was a kid
<Chatman> beautiful lake
<Mark Romanack> Higgins is as beautiful today as it was 30 years ago. 
<Juls> Will the book, or is it even possible, cover using in-line sinkers like the snap weight section does? I would think it would be hard because you cant do a 50/50 method with an inline sinker
<reels> or a bottom bouncer with a six foot lead.
<Satch_MN> good ? juls
<Mark Romanack> Juls, we can do more research with in-line weights, but speed is the major problem. What speed to test at is a huge issue especially when you're dealing with both walleye and salmon anglers.
<Chatman> yea that makes perfect sense with depth being so speed sensitive with inline weights
<WarrenMN> Mark, I map lakes so don't get much fishing in, but do you take notes on lure action with the depths
<Mark Romanack> In-line weights are great, but they are impossible to keep at a specific water depth. In some ways, that's what makes them so deadly at catching fish, but testing them is very difficult from our perspective.
<Juls> but you only need to cover so many speeds since inline sinkers are usually run on a slow presentation right? I don't think I have run them any higher than 2mph....I'm just thinking out loud
<Juls> maybe do like .2 or .3 mph increments?
<Juls> or even .5
<WarrenMN> hi 
<reels> and if you run them off boards, will the distance behind the board effect the depth?
<Mark Romanack> WarrenMn, You bet. We hand test each lure to insure it is diving and wiggling correctly. The diver can see the baits clearly so he knows immediately if a bait is running funny or not getting the action it should. This helps us provide
dive curves that are consistent, reliable and accurate.
<rapper> yea cover say 1mph 1.5 mph and 2 mph and let us interpolate in-between
<WarrenMN> but do you keep notes on how much and what action the lure has so the customer has some thing to relate to
<reels> we're just helping you justify edition #9....
<Mark Romanack> That is what we have done with speed in the past, but communicating speed to anglers is risky business. No two anglers are using the same speed indicator and that also means we're not speaking the same language.
<Juls> lol reels
<Juls> good point Mark
<Chatman> thats what I was thinking , Mark. No two speed indicators would be that close at those speeds I wouldn't think
<Mark Romanack> Warren, for the most part no. Action is something that you'll have to explore yourself. We do get excited when we see lures in the water that we know will catch fish, the Reef Runner Ripshad for example.
<WarrenMN> gps will in the future, but nothing yet I bet
<Guest> I have the 6th edition. Did the 7th edition or will the 8th edition present dive curves with other than 10 lb mono or 10/4 Fireline? Just wondering whether new lines have impacted your studies.
<Juls> ok, just do the testing from my boat, so I know where the heck those inline weights are...lol just kidding
<reels> SOG on GPS should be close though shouldn't it? Assuming there is no current.
<Mark Romanack> GPS Speed Over Ground is about the best speed indicator available to us at this point, but not everyone uses this technology.
<WarrenMN> How much difference does line diameter have on depth for a lure
<rapper> that's how we did all of this in the beginning without Marks help Juls atta girl!1
<WarrenMN> and it does jump a bit
<Mark Romanack> Line diameter is second only to lead length on its influence to lure depth. You lose about two feet of maximum diving depth for every line diameter you increase above our testing line of 10# test.
<WarrenMN> nice to know that
<WarrenMN> I got to fish more
<Juls> Mark, what other exciting projects do you have on your plate this season? I know you're a busy guy, and I appreciate you taking the time to visit with us tonight...thanks! Are you writing any new books or doing any filming this summer?
<Mark Romanack> I like to use SOG, but some paddle wheel devices like those produced by Moore Electronics are good as well.
<reels> Mark, are all line counters the same? Is 150' on a Daiwa 150' on a Okuma?
<Mark Romanack> Reels, all line counter reels are not alike. Most will not calibrate with one another. We test using Daiwa SG27LC reels for our testing because when full they calibrate very close to actual feet. I suggest you do the same or at least 
use all the same brand and model line counter reels.
<rapper> How does current affect the dive curves, we need more line out to achieve a specific depth right??
<Mark Romanack> Juls, we're working on a new edition of the Precision Casting book, re-releasing Trolling Top to Bottom and a musky edition of Precision Trolling.
<Fishlessyooper> Mark, I want to thank you for answering my question about the feet back measurement in the lure charts. When you reel the lure to rod tip & then zero out the line counter reel to duplicate your chart results; should the rod tip b
e at the water surface when you let line out? 
<Juls> sounds good...;-)
<Mark Romanack> Rapper, we don't test in rivers because the current speed can not be controlled. Current causes lures to experience more resistance and therefore suffer from less diving ability. You can compensate for this by letting more line out.
<rapper> thought so thanks
<rapper> therefore does speed with out current affect dive curve at a specific depth then?
<WarrenMN> Risto, some thing for ya. Working with divers on rescue, the current at the bottom of a moving water is most times very little
<Mark Romanack> Fishlessyooper, so long as you zero out the counter when the lure hits the rod tip, it doesn't matter. I use in-line boards for almost all my trolling, so the line is always at the water surface.
<Fishlessyooper> Thank you, Mark
<Mark Romanack> Warren, you're right. Friction is why the water near the bottom is less than up in the water column. Still however we can't test in rivers because every river has different current speeds to deal with.
<rapper> I understand that Warren but current works on the line, more resistance therefore more line out. Parabolically there is less current at bottom thus that is why some fish are caught in current if they are hugging the bottom, lots of guys 
don't believe in pulling cranks in current I do
<WarrenMN> That'd add a real variable
<Mark Romanack> Rapper, speed doesn't effect lure depth when open water trolling, so long as you're trolling within the lure's normal range of operation, usually 1.5-4 mph.
<rapper> unfortunately in my experience most bottom huggers in current are males.
<Juls> that's what handlining is all about rapper...fish on the bottom...;-)
<Juls> be right back...dog wants in
<rapper> I hear ya Juls Peluso is gonna give me a try at that this year so he says!!
<Mark Romanack> Juls is right. Handlining would be way more efficient than conventional trolling tactics.
<WarrenMN> That seems like handling barb wire to me
<Mark Romanack> Don't nock it until you've tried it....
<Juls> hehehe...my hands are smooth as ...well something more abrasive than silk..but smooth all the same. ;-)
<reels> Any plans on a handlining book> Or is there one out there?
<Mark Romanack> Handlining is so deadly, I shutter to think what would happen if everyone was using it.
<Chatman> hey who's knocking handlining lol
<Juls> Excellent Idea!!!! Mark would be the right guy to write it!
<rapper> sounds very effective for those that do it and will take a look at it in the near future. Really only think it is a Tournament tactic as I love to feel those head shakes and probably don't get that feel with handlining and lead core
<Mark Romanack> No plans for a handlining book. I'm a puppy when it comes to handlining, there are many others more skillful at this trolling technique than yours truly.
<Juls> you feel it right through your body...not the rod...you gotta try it! Its fun!
<Chatman> oh yea you do, you have a straight line from the fish to your hand, no rod or mono in the way
<WarrenMN> Wonder if any one's ever caught a Muskie that way
<Mark Romanack> Rapper, I'm with you. Handlining is very effective, but it doesn't compare to the excitement I get from more traditional methods.
<rapper> but a 1 or 2 pound weight hanging i n line absorbing the fight
<reels> I grew up on the IL river and seeing Juls hubby cleaning up on handlining, got me thinking there is more to fishing to learn.
<Juls> bah humbug...LOL
<Chatman> we are getting off the topic here, lol
<Juls> true true...sorry
<Chatman> we could argue handlining all night, but thats not why we are here
<reels> sorry....
<Chatman> no biggie
<WarrenMN> does the type of line, same diameter, have an affect on depth
<Chatman> we will set up a handline debate chat one night 
<rapper> Mark I've used your sixth and seventh editions with some elbow grease to provide myself a shortcut to your dive curves, anything legally wrong with that as long as I don't sell the idea or duplicate my hard work?? Much easier to use one or 
two pages of my copy vs. your entire book!!
<Mark Romanack> Warren, Our testing is done with 10# Berkley XT, but any good trolling line will provide similar results. Braided lines however are another story. We have a conversion chart for braided lines, but we need to do more specific testing o
n these lines to offer anglers more useful information.
<WarrenMN> that hit the mark
<WarrenMN> thanks
<Mark Romanack> Rapper, I don't understand what you mean?
<Chatman> Do the braided lines of the same diameter offer more or less resistance to the water do you know?
<reels> How far does 10lb mono stretch at 100' going say 2mph?
<Mark Romanack> Braided lines offer less resistance and therefore most lures go deeper. However lures that have modest dive curves don't suddenly become super divers just because they are being used on Fireline.
<Chatman> I see, just wondering
<Guest> Thanks for your responses tonight Mark.
<rapper> I take only the lures I run and use your charts to plot on a sheet of paper the lures dive characteristics. I can get 250 cranks on two sides of one sheet of paper. Therefore I've condensed your book into one sheet of paper for my use. I
f you give out your email address I can email you a copy of what I've done
<WarrenMN> Less resistance, interesting
<WarrenMN> got to run. later all
<Mark Romanack> Rapper, that sounds like a good idea and so long as it's for your personal use, I can't see a problem. Good idea.
<WarrenMN> Mark, very nice to have you on
<rapper> Something similar to pulling out the pages of your trolling book the lures I do not run
<Mark Romanack> My pleasure
<Chatman> I copy the curve from the book and tape it to the plano box that hold the respective lures, so the info is right there when you open the box
<rapper> another very good idea to Chatman
<reels> good idea
<Chatman> yea then the book is safe and sound at home
<Mark Romanack> I like the idea of taping the dive curve to the plano box, but not everyone organizes their lures this way. 
<rapper> mono stretches up to 18% right??
<Chatman> thats true
<Juls> It's easier to do now, since the 7th edition uses the three ring binder instead of the spiral bound notebook...
<Mark Romanack> Line stretch varies when wet and dry
<reels> wow, my edition must be ancient....
<reels> time to upgrade
<Juls> the 7th is very nice...great color in it too...they did a great job 
<rapper> agree juls
<rapper> just like the color sonars !! color is nice
<reels> sorry, 20 discount to upgrade did you say?
<Mark Romanack> Juls, the ring binder is history. We had too many damaged in shipping, so we decided to go back to the spiral binding we have used in the past. Sorry
<Chatman> HI MN
<MNwalleyehunter> Hey guys, hi Mark
<Juls> lol...well, it's a good thing I got one early enough. ;-)
<Mark Romanack> Reels, yes if you need an updated edition, call me at 800-353-6958 and I'd be happy to shave 20% off suggested retail for past customers. Thanks
<reels> ok, will do tomorrow.
<Mark Romanack> Hi MNwalleye hunter
<rapper> Spiral is not that hard to work with/remove unwanted pages. Had it open and closed many times lately working with it
<Zed> Mark, we all owe you a bit gratitude for the many walleye that's came in our boats as a result of your work. Thanks again. I've bought every addition that's been printed! We
<Juls> Ain't that the truth!!
<Mark Romanack> Zed, thanks for the kind words. What started as a part time project has turned into a career for me.
<rapper> Well said Zed thanks Mark
<reels> ditto
<Fishlessyooper> Mark, Do you like to use large crankbaits or small crankbaits in (LBDN & BBDN); during the early season with the cold water?
<Juls> Mark, is your new house all done since the tornado destroyed your old one last year?
<rapper> Mark what exactly is your position/job in doing the research on a new crankbait. Are you in the water(diver)?
<rapper> And have you ever caught fish while doing your research?? hehe
<Juls> ;-)
<Chatman> lol
<Mark Romanack> Small cranks seem to produce better for me most of the time. One exception is when fishing Erie in the fall or other Great Lakes waters. Big baits seem to work better then. My all time favorite cranks include the 1/4 ounce Hot n Tot, 
No 5 shad rap, Storm Deep Jr. thunderstick and the newest to that list is the Reef Runner Ripshad.
<rapper> dang walleye messed up a run take two hehe
<Juls> lol
<Zed> Mark any plans for perhaps in the future to add a section for in-line weighting systems such as keel weights? I know a lot of Rcl anglers were using variations of these on Erie last week.
<Chatman> fish used to bite my ankles in Higgins lake when I was a little shaver lol
<Mark Romanack> Rapper, we don't catch fish often while testing because Higgins has few fish in the open water we test, especially in the summer when the trout are all deep.
<Mark Romanack> Keel weights and snap weights run about the same.
<rapper> had to ask good!!
<Chatman> well, guys the hour is almost up
<Chatman> get the last of your questions in for Mark please
<reels> Thanks Mark, pleasure chatting with you, thanks!
<Chatman> man it went fast
<xtra12> Thanks Mark
<rapper> thanks so much Mark and keep up the great service you are doing for anglers around the world Clap clap Clap
<Mark Romanack> Thanks guys and gals and when you have questions or concerns, call our 800 number or e-mail me at mark@precisionangling.com. I promise to keep in touch.
<Juls> Thanks again Mark...it was great having you here to answer all of our questions. Keep up the good work! We appreciate it!
<Zed> Thanks Mark
<Fishlessyooper> Thank you, Jeff
<Juls> I gotta run....have a good night all!
<Chatman> yea it was real interesting hearing how you put PT together
<Chatman> lets have a big WC hand for Mark!!!
<Mark Romanack> Good night everyone and thanks for inviting me. Until the next time...
<Chatman> take care
<Chatman> gotta go eat my co co puffs guys
<MNwalleyehunter> clap clap clap
<Chatman> thanks for visiting


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