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Trolling Inline Boards by Gary Gray

Now days, everyone has had some experience with in-line planner boards for trolling. But still some people question the use for the boards. Some ask when to use them, some ask why to use them, and others ask, why spend the money? They are all easy questions to answer if you have had success using them.

  For those who ask when to use them, I say, any time you troll you can use them. They allow you to place more lines out than if you where only running your lines straight off the back of the boat. They also let you spread your lines out to cover more water, which for sure will up your percentage of catching fish.

  You can use them for trolling your lines up against the shoreline, where it is too shallow to run your boat. Beside that, you would scare the fish in shallow water with the boat, if you got in that close. The boards allow you to put your lines, where you can't be. They also allow you to fish clear water situations, where you would spook the fish by going over the top of them. There are more reasons to use them, then not to use them. They are universal, where every board can be used on either side of the boat. You don't have to buy a certain board for a certain side of the boat, just turn the arm over and switch sides. Every fisherman or fisherwoman, owes it to themselves to have fun fishing with these lure taxi's. They are fun to fish with and very productive.

  I guess I already answered the question why to use them as well as when to us them, so let me tell you about why spend the money.

  You and I, have spent more money thinking about going fishing, this past winter on magazines, then it costs to add 4 sideliners to your bag of tricks. We all spend a lot of money on anything that says fishing. Cabin Fever creates a spending urge, that no fisherperson can resist. Just use the words NEW DEVICE, we are hooked right now! Well, that's the neat part, Offshore boards have been around for a long time, and they are here to stay. Last year at Lake Erie, when I won the PWT Pro-Am, the sideliners were as important as the lures. I was fishing mid-depth fish, in clear water, and the sideliners allowed me to put my lures in the strike zone, without putting the boat on top of the fish, which would have spooked them. I credit Offshore with 90% of my career success. Without them in my boat, I'd be lost.

  Offshore boards have been here from the start. In-line planner boards will always be here, for our use. We will only be able to improve on the uses for them.

  If you have other boards, such as Church, Roach Boards or whatever make, you might want to check out the NEW Snapper Release. This release fits every board out there. It comes in a kit, with all parts to fit each board. You will never Loose a board again! 

Keep on Trolling,
Gary Gray


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