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2004 Online Chats
5/12/04 - Western Walleye Magazine Editor Duane Hons Online Chat by Western Walleye Magazine

<Chatman> so how is the mag doing, Honsie?
<Western Walleye Editor> It is coming along. I am working on the May/June issue right now!
<SUPERTROLLER> I just got my March/April yesterday
<Chatman> you guys need to come on over to the Detroit river sometime
<Skis> Hey guys! Small group!
<SUPERTROLLER> been there
<Western Walleye Editor> That would be fun.
<Chatman> I will take you out, show you a few spots
<Chatman> hi love
<LoveFishing> Hi ... just looking and listening
<Skis> Anything new with the Magazine? Had one sent about 8 months ago.
<Chatman> i was talking to dnr fish biologist and he told me there are 4 million walleyes in the Detroit river
<Skis> That is a lot of walleyes!!
<Western Walleye Editor> hmmm, in the last 8 months, not a lot has changed. We are continuing to add different areas and different authors.
<Chatman> yea and 100,000 are caught each year
<LoveFishing> Honsie... Dave in S.D. Love the Crestliner!!
<scooter> evening gentlemen
<sevenmmm> I don't know to much about this editor business your doing, can you give me a brief description of your duties as such?
<Western Walleye Editor> Thanks Dave
<Western Walleye Editor> Okay
<Western Walleye Editor> As most know, Billy Brenton and I started Western Walleye a little over 2 years ago.
<Western Walleye Editor> Billy took on the business side and I took on the production side.
<Western Walleye Editor> So as a typical small business, we both where many hats. I pretty much do all the layout, design, copy editing (although I just got an intern)
<LoveFishing> I mean I love your old ts202... even got to find out how well the bilge worked last night... worked like a charm. 
<Western Walleye Editor> Also we design the ads for most of the smaller advertisers
<Chatman> what is your circulation at right now?
<Western Walleye Editor> ahh, that Dave... everything working okay?
<sevenmmm> Where do you do the work, like at your home?
<Western Walleye Editor> PJ - That is a good question. I believe we are printing somewhere around 10000 of each issue.
<Western Walleye Editor> some for mailing, some for newsstands.
<Western Walleye Editor> Usually at home. Also, I am a software consultant as my "real" job. so I travel a lot and do a lot in the weeknights.
<Chatman> hi cfw
<cfw> evening all
<Western Walleye Editor> hello cfw
<Skis> You cover a pretty big area geographically. Where is your best location in terms of subscribers?
<sevenmmm> Oh cool, I like that. What equipment do you need to put this together?
<LoveFishing> yes, but the Garmin's don't seem to work as good as my ole x85, I then did some research on the Garmin site last night... looks like only one finder should be hooked up to the transducer at a time.
<Western Walleye Editor> I don't have the list as Billy handles that side of it, but last I knew, ND was the top state followed by MT and CO. I am not sure if that is the case now or not.
<Chatman> i know of one in MIchigan lol
<Western Walleye Editor> To be honest, I do the entire thing on a P3 Gateway laptop. Just bumped up the RAM to handle the big files.
<SUPERTROLLER> do you have a breakdown of how many mags now go to W.C. club subscribers?
<Western Walleye Editor> I don't. I could check with Billy and see if he tracks that.
<Chatman> hi Warren
<WarrenMN> Who's the speaker
<Western Walleye Editor> Dave, I agree, I normally didn't have them on the dash and back at the same time.
<WarrenMN> HI
<SUPERTROLLER> just wondered how many we added to your subscription list
<WarrenMN> I see
<Chatman> Duane Hons from Western Walleye Mag
<SUPERTROLLER> subscription
<Western Walleye Editor> ST - I agree, it has helped, but I am not sure the number.
<sevenmmm> Wow. Then what would you say to a potential subscriber is the difference you offer over other magazines?
<LoveFishing> Oh, well... I am just tickled.... took a while to learn how to load a bunk though!! I am in 7th heaven!!
<Western Walleye Editor> I would say that we offer a more personal look at walleye fishing.
<Western Walleye Editor> I like to get locals to write about their waters and techniques.
<Western Walleye Editor> Even as our circulation grows, I always want it to be a local feeling magazine.
<SUPERTROLLER> I l like your articles,,, all the writers
<sevenmmm> Clarify locals - like tournament fisherman?
<Chatman> i think the mag has a good down home feel to it if you know what i mean
<Western Walleye Editor> The other thing is that we have turned down all advertising from alcohol and tobacco companies. We really believe that walleye fishing is a family sport.
<Chatman> thats pretty rare
<SUPERTROLLER> nice to get a different personal touch article from someone new and different instead of the same old National writers
<Western Walleye Editor> Tournament fishermen (or women) or even just a guy that fishes a lake a lot.
<LoveFishing> Good for you guys... money is not everything!!!
<Chatman> i cant believe the stuff i see on the walls behind the plate at a baseball game the advertise lol
<Chatman> hey Satch
<Western Walleye Editor> Sometime I get a note from someone like Chatman saying that we should do an article on Handlining.
<Satch_MN> hello all
<Western Walleye Editor> I write back and say. You are correct, write it for me!
<Chatman> yea who did that crappy article on handlining anyway lol
<sevenmmm> How do you find these local writers?
<WarrenMN> Hi a Satch
<SUPERTROLLER> enough about handlining,,,,, we hear that every year!
<Western Walleye Editor> Many through WC and a few other sites.
<Chatman> actually I had a lot of fun writing that article and bugging the hell out of Duane lol
<Western Walleye Editor> Also at tournaments and visiting with local guides, etc.
<Western Walleye Editor> If you thought it was long, you should have seen it before I cut it half! haha
<Chatman> lol
<LoveFishing> ok... now... what have you been fishing for lakes and what have you been catching??
<SUPERTROLLER> I wish those articles WERE longer.
<Guest> lol
<SUPERTROLLER> I read the whole thing the day I get it!
<Western Walleye Editor> We will be working on expanding as time goes on. But read it over and over. Also try the puzzle, they usually take me a couple days!
<Chatman> hi rist
<Western Walleye Editor> Hello Risto.
<Chatman> Duane what tourneys do you fish?
<Western Walleye Editor> LF - I have spent the last week at Lake Sharpe. Prefishing was great and I was looking forward to 10-12 pound days. Unfortunately the fish didn't agree during the tourney
<Western Walleye Editor> Chatman - I did the new Lowrance one at Sharpe, in 2 weeks, RCL at Devils Lake. 
<Skis> Did you slip down to Chamberlain for the PWT?
<Chatman> hi Wa
<wa_walleye> hello
<Western Walleye Editor> No, I had to come back to work and will head down there on Friday. heck, it is only a 600 mile drive
<WarrenMN> Are you going to be at Devils before the RCL
<Western Walleye Editor> Warren - Yes.
<WarrenMN> only
<Skis> Drive there at least once a month (200 miles)!!
<Western Walleye Editor> I will head over the Friday or Saturday the weekend before and prefish about 5 days.
<WarrenMN> Going to be at DL the week before
<Satch_MN> not in the tourney WarrenMn?
<SUPERTROLLER> leave a few in the lake for them guys Warren
<WarrenMN> no, going with Samson to go over the map on the water
<WarrenMN> likely end up not fishing
<Satch_MN> ok
<Western Walleye Editor> warren - Doc showed me your pictures at Spring Valley.
<Western Walleye Editor> I like the idea and will likely be getting some of them from you.
<WarrenMN> Devils ?
<Western Walleye Editor> yep, Devils. 
<WarrenMN> Cass?
<Western Walleye Editor> Just briefly on Cass since I am not fishing that tourney.
<WarrenMN> that one is different
<Chatman> hey fishn
<Fishnmagician> hey PJ
<WarrenMN> HI FM
<Fishnmagician> hi warren
<WarrenMN> How involved are you in the water problems on the Missouri
<Western Walleye Editor> Anybody have any suggestions on lakes or techniques they would like to see articles on?
<Western Walleye Editor> Warren -
<WarrenMN> You interviewing any politicians
<Western Walleye Editor> oops.. We are staying closely involved.
<Western Walleye Editor> I talked to Denny Rehberg and Conrad Burns in the last couple weeks.
<SUPERTROLLER> Can we expect the magazine to be more timely in the future?
<Western Walleye Editor> I will be trying to get more in the next couple weeks and will have an article in the next issue.
<Western Walleye Editor> ST - Yes. We are trying to get a set schedule and with a change of printers it set us back a bit.
<Chatman> oh i was wondering about that
<Western Walleye Editor> We are trying to get closer to coming out mid month of the first month of the issue date.
<SUPERTROLLER> it seemed a bit odd to get March/April magazine in May
<WarrenMN> Chat can you slip the http address on here
<Western Walleye Editor> While doing that not getting too close together to upset any advertisers. As everyone here knows, they keep the pages turning.
<Chatman> yes for what Wa?
<Western Walleye Editor> Chatman is the website legal?
<Chatman> sure sure
<Western Walleye Editor> www.westernwalleye.com
<LoveFishing> how about an article about Oahe, the possibilities, future, etc.... because I just bought a trailer at West Whitlock.... teeheee!!
<Chatman> put the http in front or it wont work
<Western Walleye Editor> I will get right on that. I have some good contacts in the Pierre area that could do a great justice to that.
<Western Walleye Editor> http://www.westernwalleye.com
<Skis> Now if they only can get more water on Oahe!
<LoveFishing> just kidding really.... but I did get the trailer... you can use it if you ever go that direction
<Western Walleye Editor> that is the BIGG problem
<Western Walleye Editor> Rehberg just authored a law setting a minimum for Ft. Peck, but I am sure that even if it passes, it will end up in the courts.
<Western Walleye Editor> For as bad as it is and unpopular as they are, the Corps is in a tough spot.
<WarrenMN> Actually this would be a very good time to let the politicians know your thoughts
<SUPERTROLLER> is it possible to find someone from Cabela's to write an article on their process and timetable for selecting participants for their National tournament? 
<Western Walleye Editor> Something like 14 lawsuits telling them which way to go.
<Skis> Have you done many articles on lead core? Fished with lead core for the first time this weekend prefishing the PWT in Chamberlain. Interesting to say the least!
<SUPERTROLLER> that would be something a lot of people would like to see.
<Western Walleye Editor> ST - Great idea. I will see what I can do.
<Western Walleye Editor> Skis - Not many, but we had one a couple issues back. I can try and find a copy for you.
<Western Walleye Editor> send me an email. 
<Skis> That's OK, just thinking about topics out loud for you!
<Western Walleye Editor> Thanks!
<LoveFishing> the whole drought issue is whupping all our lakes, even here they turned the water on to irrigators two weeks early... we will need a bulldozer to get in and out pretty soon
<Skis> We need a lot of rain!
<Chatman> we just added about 8" to lake Erie
<WarrenMN> Strange, your drought, Devils Lake must be setting records
<SUPERTROLLER> lake Michigan too!
<Skis> Weekdays preferably!!
<Western Walleye Editor> yep. That is the biggest problem. With the lack of water, the corps is trying to spread it around. You know what they say when you try to keep everyone happy you end up keeping no one happy.
<Skis> I thought it was if momma ain't happy no one's happy! LOL!
<WarrenMN> Oh yeah
<Chatman> ain't that the truth
<Western Walleye Editor> now it seems that that they are draining peck and trying to raise or at least maintain the Dakota reservoirs. Looks like they are trying to split us up...
<Satch_MN> how low are we talking at Oahe?
<Skis> The water level at Chamberlain has been pretty consistent for the past 18 months from what I've seen.
<Western Walleye Editor> let me check
<WarrenMN> Oh boy, got one for you guys
<WarrenMN> Just checked the Devils Lake gauge
<WarrenMN> http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nd/nwis/uv/?site_no=05056500
<Western Walleye Editor> Oahe is 37 feet below full pool. .4 feet below previous record
<LoveFishing> not many docks open... was there two weeks ago... everyone say the smelt run was great and fish packing on weight... but be very careful about how you go north.
<WarrenMN> Did they get a heck of a rain again?
<Western Walleye Editor> Ft. Peck is 42 below full pool, 4.7 below the old record
<SUPERTROLLER> How about a preview of what's coming in the next magazine? (Authors or places they talk about)
<Satch_MN> has many people been marking the rock piles visible for future reference?
<Western Walleye Editor> I don't have it all broken down on this PC. 
<sevenmmm> Tell me about the stories you receive for the magazine. Do you normally have to do alot of editing?
<Western Walleye Editor> Satch - A lot of talk about that.
<Western Walleye Editor> 7 - depends. Some go right as I receive them. Some take a lot.
<Chatman> tell him Duane lol
<SUPERTROLLER> You should be out there making your own spots with logs and rocks
<Western Walleye Editor> I have some people tell me that they can't write, but I know they could give a good article on a certain lake.
<Western Walleye Editor> I tell them to just put their thoughts down and then I write it off that.
<Chatman> actually Duane is a real good editor, I know from experience 
<WarrenMN> That sounds like a good way to get the local input
<sevenmmm> If you had to choose one writer to be the lead in the magazine, who would it be?
<Lawrence> hi
<sevenmmm> hi
<sevenmmm> bye
<sevenmmm> hehe
<SUPERTROLLER> not real talkative was he.
<Western Walleye Editor> We actually asked Al to write and he isn't doing much
<Western Walleye Editor> sorry, I got a call...
<sevenmmm> Ok, so who that is willing!?
<WarrenMN> Did any of you see who was busted by the MN/DNR
<Chatman> hey tom
<Fishnmagician> hey shadow
<Western Walleye Editor> I don't want to upset anyone that writes for us. All are good.
<shadowman> hey everybody
<Chatman> tom will write an article for ya Duane
<Western Walleye Editor> hello
<sevenmmm> Ahhhhh, come on!
<sevenmmm> :-)
<Western Walleye Editor> Maybe warren would write on the development of his maps/photos
<WarrenMN> Samson tells me I go over every ones head
<Chatman> there also is a guy named Rick Larson who is pretty outspoken, i bet he could write something
<Western Walleye Editor> If you are going over his head, we are in trouble!
<WarrenMN> I loose him too some times
<sevenmmm> Hehehe
<Chatman> yea i would like to see an article by Warren!!!
<sevenmmm> Ever have anyone complain about their stories getting edited?
<Western Walleye Editor> If you wrote one and sent it to Perch Jerker, he could get it down to our level! haha
<WarrenMN> I can hear ticking in 73m's head
<Western Walleye Editor> Just hackin on you PJ
<Western Walleye Editor> oops PJ
<sevenmmm> Heck, I could write 10 stories a day - if i had the time!
<WarrenMN> I gave up writing
<WarrenMN> for every ones benefit
<WarrenMN> :)
<Chatman> easy boy
<Western Walleye Editor> Honestly though. I think we have had some very informative articles from Rick Gardner, Bill Leonard, Mike Peluso, Johnnie Candle, Ron Gazvoda, Rick Walters and many others.
<Chatman> I do have admin rights lol
<Western Walleye Editor> haha
<Western Walleye Editor> Oh, I can't forget WC's own Dave Landahl.
<Chatman> did I see Rick did pretty good today in the PWT
<WarrenMN> Did you look at the totals for today at Chamberlain
<Chatman> Gardner that is
<Western Walleye Editor> Yeah, and another on the leader board, MT's own Dale Gilbert. Another local writer.
<shadowman> night fellows have a good chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Western Walleye Editor> Dave is going to start a new series on an in-depth look at different anglers.
<LoveFishing> ok... now I am going to send you an article by e-mail tonight... something from S.D.
<Western Walleye Editor> I would love to have it.
<Western Walleye Editor> That is one area we are really trying to expand on.
<LoveFishing> I must go... working with Horseradish I ground last night
<Western Walleye Editor> see ya LF
<WarrenMN> that'll bring tears to your eyes
<WarrenMN> and remove the hairs from the nose
<Skis> If you want a rookie trying to put something together for SD, I'd be willing to try! Shoot me an e-mail tomorrow.
<Western Walleye Editor> skis - will do. Many, many of our writers are first timers. Some have gone on to publish in Walleye Insider, etc.
<SUPERTROLLER> or perch Insider
<Western Walleye Editor> haha
<eyeman_1> hello fishn
<Chatman> ?
<Chatman> lol
<SUPERTROLLER> he's quick!
<Western Walleye Editor> hello
<Chatman> how about sheephead insider that up my alley
<eyeman_1> howdy all
<Chatman> hi eye
<Western Walleye Editor> how about a bottom bouncing article for summer.
<SUPERTROLLER> they've got to be 17 lbs. for Master angler though,,,, that's huge!
<sevenmmm> How many hours does it take to put out an issue, from scratch?
<eyeman_1> might have had one like that last week on Erie
<SUPERTROLLER> sheephead
<Chatman> gotta love them bottom bouncers 
<WarrenMN> LOL
<Western Walleye Editor> I have never really got a good count, but I would say 100-150. 
<eyeman_1> yep, off of Kelley's, on a Dave's Nitro
<sevenmmm> WOW! Thats alot of work!
<Western Walleye Editor> wow, typing to fast. That is learn
<WarrenMN> Is the mag a full time job?
<sevenmmm> Lets see, times a hundred dollars an hour = lots of big bucks.
<Western Walleye Editor> Warren - Yes. However not my only one.
<Chatman> hi Dave
<sevenmmm> Thats a joke. LOL
<Western Walleye Editor> A normal week for me is to fly from Billings to Chicago on Monday morning. Go to work until 7 .
<Western Walleye Editor> Work on the mag for an hour or two each night around my work schedule.
<Western Walleye Editor> Fly home on Thursday night after putting in about 40 hours at the office.
<sevenmmm> Whats your job in Chicago?
<SUPERTROLLER> thanks for answering questions Duane
<Western Walleye Editor> Then try to fish on the weekends
<WarrenMN> ? whats the other job
<Western Walleye Editor> thanks ST
<SUPERTROLLER> thanks for your time 
<Skis> Well, gotta jet! Later Guys!
<WarrenMN> night skis
<eyeman_1> later skis
<Chatman> nite
<Western Walleye Editor> I work as an E-commerce software consultant. Currently contracted at Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.
<WarrenMN> you commute every week?
<Chatman> Wow look at the time
<Western Walleye Editor> warren - yep
<Chatman> that was quick
<WarrenMN> uf da
<sevenmmm> Ok. Just how did this whole magazine idea get started? 
<Western Walleye Editor> Billy used to own a small printing company in Billings.
<Western Walleye Editor> He wanted to start a local MT mag at that time and I didn't have time.
<sevenmmm> Aha. 
<Western Walleye Editor> He kept asking...
<sevenmmm> Whats your schooling then?
<Western Walleye Editor> On 9-11 I was stranded in Chicago and my contract at the time evaporated.
<eyeman_1> gotta run guys the T-Storms have arrived again, be back later....
<WarrenMN> bought
<Chatman> bye eye
<WarrenMN> bought
<Western Walleye Editor> He asked again and I said okay, lets do it. My next question.... How do we do it?
<WarrenMN> arggggg
<WarrenMN> Night
<sevenmmm> How do you do it? :-)
<Western Walleye Editor> schooling is business admin and computer science.
<WarrenMN> What school
<Western Walleye Editor> Lots of questions to the people that know! haha
<Western Walleye Editor> Rocky Mountain College.
<Chatman> hey guys I gotta run
<WarrenMN> bye
<lundlander> hi gang
<Fishnmagician> night PJ
<WarrenMN> take care
<sevenmmm> Cu Chatman.
<Fishnmagician> hey LL
<Chatman> if you want to hang around Hons, that would be great
<Western Walleye Editor> I always say that the most important thing I learned in college is how to solve problems.
<Western Walleye Editor> seeya PJ
<sevenmmm> Thats interesting.
<Chatman> thanks for coming, and all you guys, take care
<Western Walleye Editor> I can stay a couple more minutes if you have any more questions...
<WarrenMN> not here
<sevenmmm> If anyone wants to submit an article to the magazine, what is the normal routine?
<WarrenMN> wouldn't want to hold you up
<Western Walleye Editor> If anyone wants to submit an article, send it to me at dhons@walleyetech.com. I will look it over.
<Western Walleye Editor
<Western Walleye Editor> Then, if we can use it I will make you an offer for one time rights.
<sevenmmm> What are the favored story lines?
<Western Walleye Editor> If you agree, we print.
<WarrenMN> Humor?
<Western Walleye Editor> Articles on a particular lake to help someone that has never been there. or an in depth how to on techniques.
<Western Walleye Editor> Humor sometimes
<Western Walleye Editor> We have a recurring author, Mark Henckel that does our "Final Thoughts", inside the back cover of each issue.
<sevenmmm> So you'll actually pay money if you like a story?
<Western Walleye Editor> If it is a good article though we could have more.
<WarrenMN> or bragging rights
<Western Walleye Editor> If you can combine a trip to a certain lake with a great technique at a certain time of year, that would be great.
<Fishnmagician> what kind of budget do you have for one month?
<Western Walleye Editor> Also, we have a trophy room in every issue where we print readers photos.
<WarrenMN> I should send him the fish pic, ah FM
<Fishnmagician> hehehe
<WarrenMN> skinny dipping take on new implications
<Western Walleye Editor> FM - That is a tricky one. It is actually a 7 times a year article. We usually pay between 25-100 per article. Depending on the photo included and the amount of work required.
<Fishnmagician> ok
<WarrenMN> You take non walleye fish pictures?
<lundlander> well that leaves me out, biggest thing i ever caught, well its sitting watching TV right now.
<Western Walleye Editor> Some pros want to make money on the articles, some want to get them printed for free just for the sponsors.
<Western Walleye Editor> ooh, Lund, I hope you are sage...
<Western Walleye Editor> oops safe
<WarrenMN> really
<lundlander> : )
<Western Walleye Editor> warren - only kids.
<WarrenMN> Ok, FM seen it.
<WarrenMN> ugly thing
<Western Walleye Editor> My theory is that if a kids is fishing or catching, they can go in the kids pages.
<Fishnmagician> I'm a kid lol
<WarrenMN> it was bigger than a kid
<Western Walleye Editor> lol
<Western Walleye Editor> what was it?
<WarrenMN> Ever hear of an alligator gar
<Western Walleye Editor> I have... UGLY!
<WarrenMN> I'll send you the pic for the heck of it
<WarrenMN> taller than the two holding it
<wa_walleye> fished for them in the bayou
<Western Walleye Editor> yeah, please do. Maybe I can paint a white tip on the tail! haha
<Fishnmagician> lol
<WarrenMN> Was thinking of calling it a Texas Muskie
<wa_walleye> LOL
<WarrenMN> You can see the teeth and they must be as big around as your pinky
<Western Walleye Editor> man. where was it caught?
<WarrenMN> Scary part is that not a big one
<lundlander> not many of them left is there warren
<WarrenMN> Delta lake Texas
<Rippin_eyes> Hey guys
<WarrenMN> getting fewer
<Fishnmagician> hey Chris
<Western Walleye Editor> hello
<WarrenMN> Hi Rip
<Rippin_eyes> fish whats up
<lundlander> hi rip
<WarrenMN> I'll look here
<Rippin_eyes> Hey 7MM I was told by jack that you guys had a good time fishing
<Fishnmagician> getting gittie for this weekend! Chris
<Western Walleye Editor> well folks, I gotta get going, but get me any articles and photos to dhons@walleyetech.com
<Rippin_eyes> Yeah mille Lacs is calling my name
<Rippin_eyes> seeya
<sevenmmm> Oh my God! We had a terrific time. Caught about a hundred fish and we laugh and joked all day long!
<Fishnmagician> thanks for spending time with us
<Western Walleye Editor> Thanks for coming in tonight, this was fun and as PJ said, the time flew by!
<WarrenMN> take care and thanks for coming
<Rippin_eyes> what kind of photos do you want
<Western Walleye Editor> Rippin - trophy room photos for the magazine. And remember, with a publisher like Billy Brenton, I accept even 1 or 2 pound walleyes as trophies!
<sevenmmm> Ok, thanks for the Chat W W E. I'm going back to the baseball game!
<Western Walleye Editor> I can take JPG, GIF or PDF. If you need to mail, shoot me an email and I will send the address.
<Western Walleye Editor> Thanks again, I am taking off. If you have any other questions or any comments, please email me at dhons@walleyetech.com or go to http://www.westernwalleye.com


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