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2004 Online Chats
6/2/04 - Jim Stedke (ETT) Online Chat by Jim Stedke (ETT)

<Chatman> everyone welcome Jim Stedke please
<Driftr> Welcome Jim Stedke !!!
<walleyeten> you dudes catchin some serious fish yet
<Driftr> clap clap clap
<Guest> Can you run two ways off jets?
<Rippin> hi Jim
<ETT> thank you and welcome to you
<Chatman> hi Tom
<walleyeten> where are the fish besides the in the water
<ETT> 2 ways can be used with Jets several ways
<Chatman> guys Jim has a good article in this months great lakes angler
<Tom O> <Enter Text Here>Hi Everyone
<ETT> 3 ways 
<ETT> i should have said
<Driftr> yo boatnut
<boatnut> hi Jim
<ETT> hi
<Chatman> Hi Mike didnt see ya there
<boatnut> Driftr too
<boatnut> hi Brian
<Driftr> ETT, are you fishing many tournaments this year?
<ETT> yes the fish are going real good now
<ETT> only close by tourney's, and some small ones for fun
<Skeeter> Hi all
<Driftr> are you in any of the MWC ones
<boatnut> so Jim...how can you run jets 3 different ways off jets?
<ETT> no
<boatnut> i mean spoons
<Chatman> hey marc
<Driftr> hey marc
<walleyeten> ok
<ETT> the easiest way is to use the 3way to attach the lures, then 2feet ahead of the 3way attach the Jet way an or16 snap on 6" of line
<Chatman> hey dave
<ETT> you mean 2 spoons?
<Homer> Howdy
<boatnut> yes, missed the part about "two ways" with jets
<ETT> run one spoon normally than attach a fixed slider using a rubber band as far up the line as you want
<walleyeten> I catch more fish with dipseys
<Skeeter> Probably can't run 2 flutter spoons off a jet can you they would tangle???
<Chatman> Hi WA
<Rippin> hey warren
<WarrenMN> howdy all
<ETT> Tandem lures must always be set slow to keep forward movement on them...they are a pain and I seldom use them
<ETT> walleyeten... not if they are in the top 20 ' you won't
<Skeeter> So some sort of diver, hot n tot, and a flutter with 6'lead would work well?
<ETT> no you can't run deep divers at summer speeds off Jets
<walleyeten> oh yeah, catchem all the time; two different dips
<ETT> a medium diver and a spoon or a harness
<ETT> walleyten...lets hear them. please.
<ETT> seriously, I'm all ears
<Skeeter> You would think I lived in Alaska, we still don't have your latest article on jets in Midland.
<Driftr> me too
<Guest> What jet hole do you use?
<walleyeten> run all 0,s and ones with crawler harnesses
<ETT> top hole for the line . I'm not sure the lure hole matters a great deal
<ETT> at what setting
<ETT> ???
<walleyeten> ETT you talking at me
<ETT> yes
<ETT> sorry
<ETT> yes walleyeten, I was talking to you
<Driftr> hi Roy
<walleyeten> setting#3 on the outside (small dip) inside behind the boat (BIGGER DIP) AT 0
<Skeeter> We are starting to get some mayflies on the Saginaw Bay. How would you go about fishing walleye in 15 ft water.
<Skeeter> With Jets that is
<ezmarc> Jim, Can you make it to the meeting this weekend?
<iamwalleye1> hey Marc
<ETT> we run 4 on each side all the time. At 1, 2, 3, and where 4 would be if there was a 4. All #1s with the rings. Then set Jets off boards outside them
<walleyeten> use your pre troll book from there ETT
<ETT> no Marc birthday and graduation parties
<ezmarc> Oops I knew that!
<Duckhunter> How deep will a 10# Jet Diver go with .014 line, at 100 ft. back.
<ETT> yes walleyeten but we run superbraid and have to adjust the depths
<walleyeten> ETT we don't run boards cause don't have time
<walleyeten> too busy catching fish
<ETT> you must have more walleye than Lake Erie
<walleyeten> I catch my fair share dude
<walleyeten> dude ETT
<Tom O> You have to run boards on Erie or your results will suffer
<Homer> ETT, heard any recent reports from the Pelee Is. area? Heading out Friday, and debating on whether to stay local (Detroit) or drive to Leamington.
<ETT> 15' in Saginaw... 30 jets 35' behind the boards, and try 10s way up high. Steve says that kicks a$$
<walleyeten> Don't seem to have a problem
<iamwalleye1> ETT, Do you run the big spoons off the dipseys and small off jets?
<walleyeten> have boards; give up for lent
<ETT> no I've not heard anything about Pelee, but there has got to be fish on the wheel. And King George is going so... they are there
<Tom O> Jim, I run the big planer boards so how far should I space the Jets
<Chatman> lol
<iamwalleye1> also can you run jets off offshore boards?
<ETT> iamwalleye1 the same size on both (whichever is going)
<iamwalleye1> TY
<boatnut> hi dean
<Tom O> Hi Dean
<Skeeter> Hi Dean
<Guest> Hi Dean
<Chatman> Hi dean
<Denied(Oh)> evening all
<iamwalleye1> Hi dean
<ETT> Tom. Some charters run 5 a side , so you can stack them close, but you need to tune them to track true
<boatnut> iamwalleye..I run 40 jets off church boards all the time
<Guest> Dean I sure do like your web site!
<iamwalleye1> TY
<Denied(Oh)> thanks
<iamwalleye1> What kind of leads?
<ETT> iamwalleye1 yes even 40 Jets will work off in-lines
<Tom O> Also Jim, can you troll them real slow, say under 2.0 mph
<WarrenMN> Whats the web address
<ETT> depends on depth desired
<ETT> yes down to 1.5
<iamwalleye1> Thanks Jim Later ezmarc got to go!
<boatnut> ETT, when running say 20 jets off inlines...fish hits outside...you always clear inside board first?
<ezmarc> Why 1.5 Jim?
<Denied(Oh)> www.cliftond.com
<ETT> unless the fish is big 
<Tom O> Jim, what length of leader do you run to your spoon from the jet and what pound test and brand
<boatnut> k thanks
<Chatman> you need the http:// or it wont work on this room
<ETT> He asked about slow speeds
<Skeeter> then it would just go back huh
<ETT> TomO 25 pound test pure fluorocarbon leader material...6'
<WarrenMN> http://www.cliftond.com/
<WarrenMN> did it for you
<ETT> Skeeter ???
<Skeeter> Yes sir! 
<Skeeter> Just sitting here learning
<Tom O> The reason I asked about slow speeds is I want to try jets on one side and bottom bouncers on the other if they will work
<ETT> I don't understand 
<Chatman> it will work Tom I do it all the time 
<ETT> you mean under 1.5 MPH
<ezmarc> Why would slow speeds only work down to 1.5 Jim. I think that's what me and Skeeter are asking
<Tom O> Thanks ,Brian,
<ETT> they begin to loose the ability to dive at slow speeds...especially with harnesses, so you'll be higher than you think. But IF IT WORKS>>>DON"T FIX IT!!!
<Denied(Oh)> at less than 1.5 the diver curves change on jets and dipsys both
<ETT> alot for sure in opposite directions
<ETT> Jets up...Dipsys down
<Chatman> i wont argue with that
<Duckhunter> When do I use a clear Jet Dive over a color one.
<Chatman> jets are buoyant, dipsys aren't
<ETT> up hi in clear water
<Duckhunter> Ok
<Denied(Oh)> right, i was running big dipsys down about 1mph and saw them on the sonar, not much pull back
<Homer> Yep, still here (but multi-tasking)
<ETT> I think 1.6 is the slowest I've ever fished Dipsys
<Skeeter> Ever use the little disks?
<Denied(Oh)> at 1mph the diver cure is 1 to 1, one out one down.
<ETT> only played with them a couple times...I fish too fast for them most of the time
<Skeeter> How fast do you troll?
<ETT> summer time seldom under 2.3
<Skeeter> I hardly ever get over 2.5
<ETT> up to 3.5
<Skeeter> Ok
<Skeeter> 3.5 huh, and they don't spin out
<ETT> Dipsys??
<Skeeter> yes
<Duckhunter> That my best speeds
<Skeeter> 3.5 is your best Duckhunter
<ETT> not with small spoons but you need to be aware of what pulls harder and keep them on the down dipsys
<ETT> I think he meant 2.5 skeeter
<Skeeter> I think so to Jim
<ezmarc> Geez, I usually stay under 1.8 but have been known to crank it occasionally. Must be why I'm just an occasional diver user.
<ETT> I'm most often within 3 tenths of 2.5
<ETT> How long have I been telling you that!!! Marc
<ezmarc> A looonnngg time!
<Skeeter> I hope to give those jets a work out in the next few days if the wind and rain let up here on Saginaw Bay
<Guest> Do you gage speed by a gps or fish hawk?
<Driftr> in the central basin we pull at 2 to 2.5
<PatSea> I'm assuming these speeds are miles per hour??
<Driftr> hi Honsie
<Rippin> hey Honsie
<Honsie> hello all
<WarrenMN> LOL
<ETT> my GPS is calibrated...most read a couple tenths too fast most of the time
<Chatman> Jim are you talking summer speeds or all the time speed 2.5
<ETT> summer
<Skeeter> Guest I use GPS, used to use Osprey but had trouble with it and Moor didn't stand behind it.
<Chatman> ok thats what i thought you meant
<silver shad> what size jets do you use most of the time
<Tom O> Dean, how is the water clarity out by West Sister Island. Will try there on Fri. and Sat if weather allows
<WarrenMN> What does the 10' 20' and such mean
<PatSea> what type of rod do I need to pull a jet diver??
<Chatman> diving depth
<ETT> I've going to 40s more and more. In some ways the are easier than the 20s
<Denied(Oh)> I've not be out there yet but expect it to be ok by reports I am getting.
<ETT> Std board rods work fine
<Skeeter> do jets spook fish??? They seem so big.
<Tom O> Thanks Dean
<Skeeter> Favorite go to color???
<ETT> Warren. That's supposed to be the depth that 100' of 17# test mono will get you
<WarrenMN> That just dawned on me. but not the line size
<ETT> Clear
<Tom O> That was my next question Skeeter
<Skeeter> ha
<ETT> hi Steve...Thanks for stopping by
<FreeByrd Steve> Hi All - started raining
<ETT> If Dipsys don't why would you think Jets would??
<Driftr> rain? now way
<WarrenMN> just quit here after the last 10 days
<silver shad> what type of snap swivel and size do you use
<Denied(Oh)> all day Steve
<Skeeter> ETT and all, I have to run. thanks for all the tips. Talk to you later. Skeeter
<Tom O> Makes sense Jim
<ETT> 15 or 20 # test Sampo ball bearing (they're about 1-1/4" long
<Chatman> see ya Nels
<ETT> I think they both attract and/or confuse the fish
<Driftr> ETT, have you ever witnessed any color of a dipsy or a jet being more productive?
<ETT> yes...often
<ETT> but most pronounced on the negative side..as in metallic up high spook fish. too much flash
<Driftr> I have seen the dipsy color being significant
<ETT> high or low Driftr
<Driftr> in the deep central basin we use the metallic purple mostly
<Driftr> low
<ETT> Ron Johnson runs all flat green with yellow rings
<Driftr> for some reason this works better than any others
<Driftr> isn't that something
<WarrenMN> Around here I'd be worried the northern and muskie would develop a taste for those things
<Driftr> Rob is really good at it too
<ETT> The shops at Dunkirk have 40 or more colors of Dipsys
<Tom O> Jim, besides spoons, can you run certain shallow running crankbaits and if you can which do you prefer
<ETT> probably true Warren
<Driftr> I was told once dipsy color was meant to what program was being used
<ETT> any stick bait can be run. Rasnowskis are popular at Dunkirk. I like little rippers myself
<Tom O> Flat green with yellow ring is my favorite for walleyes and salmon
<ETT> and harnesses with smaller blades will work fine as well
<Driftr> willows or Colorado
<ezmarc> UHOH Jim! Spooners here!
<ETT> spooner any late word on Mary (Den's wife)??
<Driftr> whats up with Mary
<Denied(Oh)> Jim have you done any good with plastic worms on harnesses?
<spooner> no, didn't talk to him today. Just the report from yesterday
<ETT> I use Colorados 3s or 4s
<ETT> no plastics for me
<spooner> Glad there was no heart damage though. That is good
<ETT> I hadn't heard that
<FreeByrd Steve> I talked to their son yesterday afternoon and the concern was fluid on lungs
<Denied(Oh)> ???
<ETT> she had a heart attack
<spooner> They still had her on the vent to help her out
<FreeByrd Steve> but heart and everythign else had to stabilize before they could do anything about that
<Driftr> I didn't hear
<Driftr> just recently?
<FreeByrd Steve> happened Sunday night at dinner
<spooner> What a way to spend your birthday huh?
<Driftr> oh my
<Chatman> her b day was Sun?
<spooner> yeah, Den took her out to eat for it and that's when it happened
<Chatman> wow so is mine
<Chatman> and my wife's was Mon
<spooner> She is a tough one though
<Homer> Gotta go tinker w/ my boat. Thanks, ETT. G'nite all.
<ETT> It's great there was no permanent damage
<spooner> She's been through a lot already
<Chatman> see ya Holmes
<Chatman> yea I'm glad to hear she made it through ok
<Denied(Oh)> nite all got to go
<Chatman> bye Dean thanks
<WarrenMN> Wrong button
<spooner> Jim, are you gonna be at Cranberry Sat?
<ETT> nope parties (grad & BD
<Chatman> guys were are going to do a how to video with Jim and Steve on dipsys and jets one of these weekends
<spooner> gonna miss ya
<Driftr> I would like to fish with you sometime ETT
<ETT> that'd be great, let's go
<FreeByrd Steve> Just let us know when you want to file it PJ
<FreeByrd Steve> film
<Tom O> Great idea Brian, the videos are neat
<Chatman> yea it will be pretty soon I hope
<FreeByrd Steve> Will be in Monroe for July 11 WWA tournament
<Driftr> after I am through this surgery
<Chatman> glad you like them, we have a lot of plans for it
<FreeByrd Steve> maybe Fri or Sat before that
<ETT> let me know
<Chatman> yea Steve maybe
<Driftr> cool, I would like that
<ezmarc> I'd like to see that too!
<FreeByrd Steve> you may as well come with us Marc
<ETT> OK now you got me wondering!!!
<Chatman> I might be in Kentucky then , I'm not sure
<Tom O> Steve I fish out of Monroe all the time so if you need any info let me know
<ezmarc> Think I'll be prefishing Cleveland.
<spooner> what did I miss?
<WarrenMN> chatman, got some thing when this is done
<FreeByrd Steve> sounds good Tom
<FreeByrd Steve> will depend on if / what the boundary for tourney is
<Chatman> ok Wa
<Tom O> I will be out all day Fri. Sat, and Sun weather permitting
<ezmarc> Why don' you and Jim come up to Cleveland and give me some personal instruction. Maybe turn me into a convert and speed demon!
<Driftr> Steve, do you use your big boat in tourneys?
<Chatman> Tom O are you going out Fri by chance?
<FreeByrd Steve> In any that will let me enter
<FreeByrd Steve> thats why I bought it
<Driftr> you should 
<Tom O> Yes, I have the day off and I'm in a small tourney Sat. and sun
<Chatman> I will be going out of Sterling in the morning
<FreeByrd Steve> Den got nice fish at 2.8 with big spoons last week
<ETT> Marc, You gotta do what you have confidence in
<Chatman> yell for perchjerker on the vhf if you think of it
<Chatman> hey guys we are going to wrap up the chat officially
<FreeByrd Steve> I forced myself to slow down a bunch this spring and do the harness thing
<Tom O> PJ, tomorrow or Fri? If tomorrow let me know how you did
<Chatman> you are all welcome to hang around of course
<Driftr> Thanks ETT, Great chat
<Chatman> no Fri Tom
<RoyGPA> Thanks ETT
<Driftr> clap clap clap !!!!!!!
<Chatman> lets all give ETT a big hand
<WarrenMN> clap clap clap
<ETT> happy to try and help out
<ezmarc> Thanks PJ and Jim! Good chat!
<Tom O> Thanks ETT appreciate all the info
<PatSea> Great job, ETT
<Chatman> yea thanks for doing it on short notice
<ETT> not a problem
<Chatman> gonna run be good guys
<ETT> it went too fast


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