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2004 Online Chats
5/19/04 - Online Chat With Sue Deleys of Guest Chargers by Sue Deleys (Guest Chargers)

<Lets all welcome Sue Deleys from Guest!!
<lundlander> what do u do sue?
<Chatman> its 8 eastern, 7 central
<lundlander> its 7 central now
<Sue D> I am the Technical Support Manager at Guest Company. 
<lundlander> oh ok
<Sue D> But I am really the whole department
<lundlander> lol
<scooter> hi all
<Sue D> I answer the phones, process returns, enter orders, manage the Pro Staff and do shows
<Chatman> hey scoot
<Sue D> Hi Scooter
<Chatman> hey rap
<Sue D> Hi Rapaleye
<Chatman> see I told you I could coax a few guys in lol
<lundlander> ok this may sound stupid but what does guest make/sell?
<scooter> sue i lost the number to get a hold of you could u please post it
<lundlander> hi rap
<Sue D> Guest makes on board battery chargers
<lundlander> oh, ok
<Rapaleye> Hi Sue, I just wanted to thank you for the time you put into this board. 
<Sue D> We call them Charge Pro
<lundlander> i have one, lol
<Sue D> Thanks Rapaleye
<Chatman> yes Sue is a valuable resource
<Rapaleye> When I bought my boat 2 years ago I installed a guest and you helped me with a few issues
<Sue D> There is a great bunch of people here. I just wish I was closer so I could meet some of you.
<Rapaleye> where is guest located?
<Sue D> I hope everything is still working properly
<Sue D> Guest is located in Meriden CT
<Chatman> Hey Jim
<Sue D> Hi ETT
<Rapaleye> Everything is working great
<ETT> hello
<Chatman> now that ETT is here we can start officially
<Sue D> I'm happy to hear that. Normally all I is problems
<Chatman> Hey I got one for ya Sue (not a problem)
<scooter> mine is going on four years but in that whet do you feel is a good time to replace and how long do they usually last
<Sue D> What's that Chatman?
<lundlander> so do u also make them for Cabela's and basspro also, right?
<Chatman> Why is it that you cant mix gel batts with lead acid on the chargers, i know it has to do with voltage requirements somehow
<Sue D> Scooter, i firmly believe in the old saying...
<Sue D> If it ain't broke, don't fix it
<Rapaleye> Do you think a lot of people buy too many amps for their chargers. Mine is a 5-5-5 and it has never not worked over night
<Sue D> You don't want to mix battery types as the lead acid batteries will handle much higher voltages than will the gel cell batteries and that can damage them
<scooter> i know but i have that new model bug and usually that means bigger and better and seeing some of the newer models has me thinking
<Chatman> so even if the banks are isolated it can still cause problems?
<Sue D> Most people are used to the older transformer type chargers. With them, you need the higher amperages to compensate for the voltage from you get when using a long extension cord
<Sue D> But the lower amperage chargers normally cost less, so I go with them first
<Sue D> Chatman, you are right, if your charger bans are isolated, you can mix battery types
<Chatman> hey fish
<Fishnmagician> hey PJ
<lundlander> i had to extend the wires coming out of one of the banks from charger will this hurt my unit?
<Chatman> oh really
<Sue D> But not when it comes to running batteries in 24 or 36 volt series
<Chatman> Sue, is there any way to tell if the banks are truly isolated? ( I don't have a Guest now, but I used to)
<Sue D> Lund, you can extend the wires either using your own wire (my recommendation) or using the extension kit offered by Guest
<Chatman> so I could use a gel as a starting battery and 2 gells for my 24v system if I have an isolated charger
<ETT> Sue , doesn't the smart technology eliminate some of the trouble, and why wouldn't it be a good idea to give the owner an option for Gel or Lead acid
<Sue D> If the charger is multiple chargers in one housing, the banks are isolated. 
<Chatman> I meant 2 lead acid as my 24 v system, sorry
<Sue D> 2611 is one charger with split outputs and is not isolated.
<Chatman> i understand
<Chatman> i used to have a 2611. it had a common ground if I remember correctly
<Sue D> 2613A is similar on the trolling side, but has an independent start bank
<Guest> hello
<lundlander> hi FM
<Sue D> ETT, we set our chargers to not exceed the max voltages for gel cell batteries. That way you don't need to be checking the switch and possibly damage your gel cell batteries
<Fishnmagician> hi LL
<Rapaleye> Sue it seems like a lot of the new engines have high amp alternators, does a person really need to charge it with the on board unit? It seems that whenever I plug in the start battery is green right away. 
<ETT> so yours wil all work all the time on Gel
<Sue D> No, the 2611 has independent ground, so it can be used for batteries wired in a 24 volt series
<Guest> Sue, Bass/Walleye Boats Magazine did a shoot out on chargers and the Guest rated low. Did Guest respond to that article?
<Chatman> I think I had a 2610 Sue
<Sue D> Rapaleye, even with the high alternator output, the engine can be power hungry. Add in livewells and electronics and it makes a good case for putting a charger on the start battery too
<Sue D> Guest, We did respond to that article, however I am not sure if it has or will be published
<Guest> Can you give a few details?
<ETT> with 20 minutes high speed runs, that would most likely be the case.
<Sue D> Chatman, yes, the 2610 has a common ground and it cannot be used for batteries wired in a 24 volt series
<Chatman> Ok thanks Sue that what I thought
<Sue D> The hit us on price, but compared our 10 X 10 X 10, to other manufactures 5 X 5 X 5 chargers
<Chatman> well thats dumb
<Sue D> And stated we were priced above other manufacturers
<Fishnmagician> pay for what you get... i say!
<ETT> wasn't that obvious OR why'd they go and do that fer???
<Sue D> They also stated that our charger took twice as long as others
<Sue D> and still did not bring batteries to full charge.
<Sue D> I felt at the time and still do that the article was biases
<ETT> have you heard of Pulse Tech battery conditioners, and what if so..what's your opinion of their products?
<Guest> what do you recommend as the best wet cell deep cycle battery?
<Sue D> Don't really know anything about them, sorry
<ETT> thank you
<Eye-see> Sue do you have a charger that will charge an Optima AGM battery without overcharging?
<Sue D> Guest, sorry, I make it a point to stay out away from recommending batteries
<Guest> thanks for the chat
<Sue D> Eye-see, any of our chargers will charge up the Optima batteries
<Chatman> i think there is a problem on my end lol
<Sue D> what type of problem?
<Eye-see> I have herd that the on-board chargers tend to overcharge AGM's
<Chatman> i missed a bunch of comments
<Chatman> oh well don't worry about it
<Sue D> I have not heard that. The SGM batteries tend to be able to handle a higher voltage than gel cell batteries
<Sue D> oops, I'm not the best typist around
<Sue D> I meant AGM not SGM
<ETT> sue what do recommend as percent of available amp hour for daily use. Daily draw down or whatever you want to call it/
<Sue D> I normally like to look at how often someone fishes and recommend from there
<Sue D> Most anglers can use a 5 amp per bank charger as they don't need a faster charge than over night
<ETT> my point is how much of the available power should a guy use in a day to not prematurely damage his batteries. I think you many guys draw them down too far.
<Sue D> Professional anglers and guides may need a faster charge, so I recommend 10 or 15 amps per bank
<ETT> too
<Chatman> good question Jim
<Sue D> ETT, sorry, I am not as good with batteries as I am with chargers asn would have to suggest checking with the manufacturers for their recommendations
<Chatman> aww Sue, we thought you knew everything lol
<ETT> NO, No I'm sorry for asking a charger gal a battery question. My bad!!
<Sue D> Sorry, guess I gotta admit that I don't know it all
<Chatman> Hey Jim, that give me an idea, I should get a expert on batteries on too
<Chatman> Sue is there anything new on the horizon at Guest?
<Sue D> That sounds like it would be a great chat
<ETT> It boils down to... too many guys run too small a battery or batteries.
<ETT> LOL boils...get it
<Sue D> Actually, we have just come out with a new line of chargers called Opti-Charge
<Sue D> LOL at ETT
<Fishnmagician> Sue, on average, how long would you expect a charger to last?
<ETT> sounds good...tell us about them.
<Sue D> and we have brought out a new case design for out current line
<Chatman> hi big
<Bigfish1965> Hey
<ETT> me... only 1 day, but I run alot of stuff
<Sue D> We are now finally working on life expectancy tests. 
<Sue D> But I currently have a charger manufactured in 97 that still operates perfectly
<Chatman> Sue is there anything we can do as users to prolong the life of our chargers?
<Sue D> Nothing besides making certain that the connections are kept clean and that the chargers have plenty of air circulation
<Chatman> yea I bet heat is their worst enemy
<Sue D> Opti-Charge is a new lower cost line of chargers that offers lower amperages for weekend anglers
<Fishnmagician> Sue, are you saying heat kills?
<Sue D> Yes it does.
<Sue D> However water will keep the charger cooler
<Sue D> Hi Guys!
<Chatman> h Swede, 710
<Swede> hi all
<Eye-see> I just checked some info on the Optima d31m and it says max charge voltage should be 15vdc or less, 10A max for 8-10 hours and a max float charge of 1A. Do you have a dual bank that would meet these specs?
<walleye710> good evening
<Chatman> hi Spin
<Sue D> Eye-see all of our charges are factory set to not exceed 14.1 volts DC in the absorption mode
<spinner 1> <same to you.
<Chatman> hello Jim
<Driftr> howdy folks
<Sue D> Our float voltage is 13.3 +/- 0.2 volts with a variable amperage that goes as low as 500 milliamps
<Driftr> Hi Sue :)
<Sue D> Hey Driftr, how ya been?
<Driftr> good Sue, sorry i am late
<Eye-see> What is the max current in float mode?
<Sue D> Volts or amps?
<Eye-see> Amps.
<Swede> tc all
<Swede> bye 
<Sue D> The max at transition depends on the model, however a good average is 2-3 amps
<Sue D> and the amperage drops rapidly to less than an amp
<Chatman> Sue is the new line of chargers now available at all the usual places?
<Sue D> Not at all of them. You can find the Opti-Charge at Cabela's and West Marine
<Sue D> They are not available at Bass Pro
<Eye-see> Does Guest make a maintainer charger for winter that can be used outside the boat?
<Chatman> hi Terror
<terroreyes> yello
<spinner 1> what is different on these verses the one it is replacing?
<Sue D> Yes, we has 2 different model portable chargers. Model 2612A is a 10 amp charger and 2606A is a 6 amp model
<walleye710> Sue, is a 10amp charger the best bet for recharging deep cycle and cranking batteries or should I be using something different for the best charging rate
<Sue D> Both wil charge batteries up and then maintain them all winter at full charge.
<Eye-see> How many banks?
<Sue D> They are single bank chargers
<Sue D> Spinner 1, I am not sure what you are asking
<Driftr> I just leave my onboard plugged in all winter
<Driftr> never had a problem
<Sue D> Walleye 710, it depends on how often you fish
<walleye710> Fish 2-4 times a week this time of the year and put a lot of hours on the deep cycle
<Sue D> A 10 amp charger will charge in half the time of a 5 amp charger
<walleye710> Ok, a friend has told me that anything less than 10amps can ruin the battery
<spinner 1> did the opti replace one or is it a brand new one?
<Eye-see> Driftr I have to remove mine or they could freeze as my boat is stored outside in temps that go sub zero
<Sue D> Do you have overnight to charge or do you need to have your batteries charged sooner?
<walleye710> I usually end up charging them overnight
<Sue D> Walleye, not true. Some batteries can be damaged by higher amps and voltages
<Sue D> Eye-see, if you leave your batteries on a good float charger, you should be able to leave them in your boat as the charger will prevent the batteries from freezing
<walleye710> Ok, I have 2 10amp chargers and a 2/6amp charger for the motorcycle that I use on the cranking battery. My buddy has told me never to use the 2/6amp charger for any reason.
<Driftr> my boat was in an unheated garage, the 2631 did its job well
<spanky> <Enter Text Here> does Guest make any solar chargers?
<ETT> brb
<Sue D> Spinner 1, the Opti-Charge is a new line of lower amperage and lower cost chargers
<Sue D> Walleye 710, no reason to not use the 6 amp charger on your deep cycle batteries
<Chatman> guys please get the last of your questions in for Sue
<spinner 1> thank you sue.
<Sue D> Spanky, Sorry, Guest does not make any solar chargers
<spanky> What is your opinion of a solar charger?
<ETT> back
<Chatman> hey Spanky did see you slip in
<Sue D> You can also call me toll free at Guest at 1-888-483-7865 ext. 135 or e-mail me at sdelelys@guestco.com
<Sue D> Spanky, I try not to comment on other manufacturers products, especially when I don't know much about their technology
<walleye710> thanks Sue, one last question, at work we use a battery analyzer/conditioner to remove memory from radio batteries and to rejuvenate them. Is there a way or device to do the same thing with an older deep cycle or cranking battery or is the best advice to just replace them.
<Eye-see> I have been told it is a good idea to discharge a deep cycle battery to about 10 -15% once in a while then recharge to full. does guest have anything to "Cycle a battery" or discharge it safely?
<Sue D> Deep cycle and cranking batteries do not have a memory like the older telephone, computer batteries did/do, so a conditioner is not needed
<walleye710> thanks for your time Sue
<ETT> The conditioners or for desufating batteries that is the primary cause of early battery failure/
<Chatman> well guys our hour is up
<Sue D> Eye-see, you don't want discharge too deeply, otherwise you may have trouble in getting the charge cycle to start up
<Fishnmagician> Sue, is it best to recharge after every use even if only used for a little?
<Eye-see> Thanks Sue
<Chatman> Sue, you are welcome to stick around if you would like, but I am going end the chat officially 
<walleye710> Eye-see, I have heard the same thing. I just wish I knew of a reliable way to know when I have discharged a battery down to that point. My buddy has also told me that discharging anything but a new battery that low can hurt them. 
<Sue D> ETT, yes it is, but only on flooded batteries, Using a cycle to knock the sulfation off the plates can damage gel cell batteries
<ETT> correct!!
<Sue D> Fish, yes, always recharge as soon as you get back in
<Sue D> Thanks for having me back again Chatman!
<Fishnmagician> CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!!!
<Chatman> lets have a BIG hand for Sue!
<ETT> too many variables for me to have your job Sue!!! Well done
<Driftr> Sue , thanks for the chat
<Sue D> Thanks ETT, I try
<ETT> clap, clap, clap!!
<Driftr> clap clap clap !!!!
<Fishnmagician> yes Sue keep up the great work!!!!
<walleye710> Thanks again. good advice
<Chatman> i smell cookies, i gotta run guys
<Chatman> thanks again Sue


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