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2004 Online Chats
6/23/04 - Online Chat with Stay'N Charge (Jim Payne) by Stay\'N Charge - Jim Payne

<Chatman> hi Jim
<Jim Payne> am i early?
<Chatman> no right on time
<Chatman> hi Satch
<Satch_MN> hello
<Chatman> there were a few guys here earlier they will be back
<Jim Payne> Well thanks for the chance to talk about Stayncharge
<Satch_MN> hello warren
<Jim Payne> everybody knows I love to talk
<Chatman> hey WA
<WarrenMN> Hey perch
<WarrenMN> HI Jim
<Jim Payne> Hi Warren
<Chatman> well, lets get going I'm sure more will show up
<WarrenMN> Evening Stach. You get any of the good stuff tonight
<WarrenMN> oops
<Chatman> lol
<WarrenMN> weather perch
<Chatman> oh lol
<Satch_MN> not yet
<Chatman> hey WA that article was cool!!!
<Chatman> congrats on that
<WarrenMN> Did you see the 24 degrees up at Embrasse
<WarrenMN> Yeah, felt good about it
<Chatman> so Jim tell us about your products
<WarrenMN> It and a buck still buys me coffee 
<WarrenMN> sorry Jim
<Jim Payne> no problem this is a great place for you to catch up
<Chatman> brb I'm going to do a reminder post
<WarrenMN> There's the frost man
<Jim Payne> i am not sure if everyone knows what my products do
<Fishnmagician> hey Warren!
<Satch_MN> anything new for features or add-ons
<Fishnmagician> you bet.... 4nites in a row now
<WarrenMN> Jim, is there a web page you can give too
<Chatman> hi fishn
<Chatman> hi lone
<Fishnmagician> hi PJ!
<Chatman> hi guest
<Jim Payne> the Stayncharge products are for the fisherman that wants to fish and not worry about charging the batteries on the boat
<Chatman> how long does it typically take to charge
<Chatman> hi skis
<Skis> Hey Gang!
<Jim Payne> we have gotten it down to an average of 25 to thirty minutes per battery
<Fishnmagician> hey Skis
<Chatman> wow thats great
<Chatman> whats the difference between the 2 models?
<WarrenMN> Doesn't that produce a lot of heat then
<Fishnmagician> Jim, you may have already explained it... but please explain how the system works?
<Jim Payne> we have the original that charges the single batteries and we have the gorilla that will charge up to three batteries in series on the road or on the water
<WarrenMN> Jim, is this a 12 volt or 120 system
<Jim Payne> The systems all work by letting the batteries decide what they need and we just transfer the power to each battery as they want it.
<Satch_MN> so it's a smart charger and won't over charge batteries I'm I correct?
<Fishnmagician> and where does the power come from?
<Jim Payne> we are introducing a new Stayncharge all charge system that will charge from the truck, the outboard motor and from any single bank charger to charge up to four batteries at once
<Jim Payne> the power is taken from the alternator of the motor you are using
<Fishnmagician> ok i get it now thanks
<Satch_MN> does that include kickers?
<Jim Payne> the new system will work on any motor that generates 12.9 volt
<Jim Payne> we have redesigned the system through computer software to read voltage
<WarrenMN> Will a solar panel set up generate enough current to use with this
<WarrenMN> Or a set of panels
<Jim Payne> yes it can if it has enough output
<WarrenMN> very interesting
<Fishnmagician> warren, i see the wheels turning now LOL
<Satch_MN> what is the minimum output for current /watts?
<WarrenMN> Do you have a web page that can be posted here so we can open a second window
<Jim Payne> i have done ten years of testing and have been on the market for the past three years and we have it down pretty well
<Jim Payne> webman would have to answer that.
<Jim Payne> i have made a deal with scott on this site for a summer special that is only done here and the prices are cheaper then any where including cabelas
<LoneRanger> Does this system link the alternator to your current on board charging system?
<Fishnmagician> hey TG
<WarrenMN> Do you know if it taps in front of the regulator or after.
<Trailerguy> Hi guys
<Jim Payne> if you are using a onboard now you can use the Stayncharge and it will not interfere with it
<Chatman> Hi T
<Chatman> I assume it doesn't interfere with sonars, etc?
<Jim Payne> not at all. it will not interfere with computer systems or any thing else
<WarrenMN> Will it work with gel cells
<Jim Payne> to make it simple what we are doing is taking the power your are already generating and transferring it to were you need it
<Jim Payne> yes i have alot of people using gel cells
<Chatman> hi bigg
<bigfish1965> bri
<Chatman> Jim do you have a pro staff?
<WarrenMN> Hi T
<Chatman> hi Jim
<WarrenMN> hi mr biggie
<Satch_MN> so a person does not need a 120v charger anymore, this product would charge the batteries just as good and fast?
<terroreyes> hello all
<Jim Payne> i have Ron Seelhoff
<Chatman> Ron's a great guy
<WarrenMN> You would still need a 120 charger to use with it at home?
<Jim Payne> if you tow your boat or drive enough on the water yes but i am not trying to take you away from onboard chargers i am just going to make your ac charge time almost nothing
<Satch_MN> ok thanks
<Jim Payne> if you have a two hour drive on a trip and you have a 36 volt system you would not need to charge in between trips
<Chatman> I assume that it doesn't effect the service life of the alternator
<Jim Payne> in the past ten years i have not had one complaint
<Chatman> i will take that as a "no" then LOL
<Jim Payne> Jim Haddix is the head tech at cabelas and since they started carrying the products he has gotten nothing but good reports
<Jim Payne> no
<Chatman> thats great
<LoneRanger> Could your product handle this problem? Fished the GNWC at Oahe three weeks ago. Encountered 25 to 40 mph wind. Ran out of juice with bowmount in a couple hours. Had enough to control a drift with socks, but ran dead by noon.
<Jim Payne> if your are using the outboard to charge with Stayncharge you could of just ran the outboard for short time and would have probably helped
<Chatman> he brings up a good point
<Chatman> what if you tried running the engine while the trolling motor battery was dead in order to try and use the trolling motor
<Chatman> I cant imagine that would be a good thing to do
<Jim Payne> no it would draw to much power
<Chatman> I'm sure there is a failsafe built in to prevent damage
<WarrenMN> Got to run
<Chatman> see ya Wa
<Jim Payne> but depending on how big the outboard was it would only take a twenty minute run to charge the battery
<Chatman> I have an I/O with a 100 a alternator, I bet it would charge it in no time
<Jim Payne> you betcha
<Chatman> what about instrumentation for the unit
<Chatman> is there something that tells you what its doing
<Jim Payne> the system has LED's and some boats have gauges and some do not but it would cheaper and better for you to use your own gauge then it would for me to put one on my system because of cost
<Chatman> i understand
<Fishnmagician> so Jim.. how big is this unit? is it the size of on onboard?
<Jim Payne> the gauges you can put on would cost you maybe thirty dollars but for me to put it on my system it would be more and the system would have to be bigger
<Jim Payne> the system is 6 by 5 by 1 and 1 half inch deep and weighs less then one pound
<Fishnmagician> ok
<Jim Payne> the cost is even better
<LoneRanger> Is your web site Stayncharge.com?
<Jim Payne> yes
<Jim Payne> but like i said i gave scott a deal that should help you all
<Jim Payne> man i wish i could get more of you on here because i know if you use the Stayncharge system you will fish more and have less troubles
<Fishnmagician> so when you drive down the road... does it use your trailer light plug in for power?
<Skis> Do you have a web site to look at your system?
<Jim Payne> no the system is completely stand alone that is wired to the battery on the tow vehicle stayncharge.com
<Fishnmagician> separate plug then huh?
<Jim Payne> yes unless you have a 99 or newer truck with the seven prong plug and you can wire into it as long as you use my breaker in between
<Fishnmagician> is it pretty easy to wire yourself then?
<Trailerguy> Why 99 or newer? My 97 has 7 prong plug.
<Skis> Sorry, just looked at your website. Interesting concept!
<Jim Payne> well the 99 and newer already has a 40 amp circuit on them
<Chatman> yea, its been slow in the chatroom come summertime, sorry about that
<Trailerguy> ok
<Chatman> i think the thing is a great idea
<Fishnmagician> TG i think 99 and newer come standard... i had to get my 98 wired with 7 prong
<Skis> That and the PWT going on doesn't help either
<Jim Payne> thanks skis we are working hard just to get people to try it but we have been getting nothing but great results
<Chatman> I do have a background in mechanical engineering and I think its great
<Jim Payne> well we guarantee it through this site if it does not do everything i say it does we will buy it back
<Trailerguy> Have 97 dodge turbo diesel, 7 prong is standard.
<Chatman> maybe we should do a video on it for WC
<Skis> Does anyone on here have one on their boat, other than Jim?
<Jim Payne> scott golden does
<Skis> That's a good idea Chatman!
<Trailerguy> Scott has all the toys, lol
<Jim Payne> that would be great if we could do video
<Fishnmagician> Jim, you must come back in the winter(slow time) a ton of people here then
<Chatman> yea, we have some good videos in the works, I think this would be a good one too
<Chatman> I will get with you on the video idea, Jim
<Jim Payne> i sell more harnesses in the winter for ice houses 
<Jim Payne> great Chatman
<Chatman> how does it work for an ice house, with a atv maybe?
<Skis> Well, I've got to run. Take care guys and thanks Jim for the time!
<Chatman> bye skis
<Jim Payne> thanks skis
<Fishnmagician> Jim, by any chance, are you(Stayncharge) a sponsor for the MTT?
<Jim Payne> i did last year
<Jim Payne> is that a good thing?
<Fishnmagician> i thought i saw you name on there trailer
<Fishnmagician> not this year though?
<Jim Payne> yes i sponsored four trails 1st year but spent this year on new stuff and we are a national sponsor for the wbfa
<Fishnmagician> where a bouts are you located?
<Jim Payne> just for your info the Stayncharge products are in Cabelas. Gander mountain, Scheels and Northern Tool
<Jim Payne> i am in apple valley MN
<Chatman> sure wish I could think of some more questions for ya
<Fishnmagician> ok
<Chatman> you covered everything very well
<Jim Payne> great
<Chatman> hi iboat
<iboat> hello
<Fishnmagician> i can't wait to see one in action
<Chatman> got any questions for Jim about the stay n charge iboat?
<iboat> no
<Jim Payne> we have over 200 units on the water to date
<Jim Payne> 2000 units sorry
<Chatman> oh thats better lol
<Jim Payne> do not type well
<Chatman> do any RVers use them?
<Jim Payne> yes they are in parts plus in new Mexico and they sale them to trailer companies as well i have them in race car trailers
<Fishnmagician> my uncle Charlie hunter(you may know him) has one, but i haven't gotten a chance to see it yet
<Jim Payne> were is here ?
<Jim Payne> hope is batteries are charged
<Jim Payne> is uncle Charlie from MN?
<Fishnmagician> yep
<Jim Payne> is he a mechanic
<Fishnmagician> St Paul
<Jim Payne> mechanic
<Trailerguy> When charging batteries in parallel , is there a problem if the batteries are not matched?
<Fishnmagician> drives truck now... but did work at Rosemount marine
<Jim Payne> yes i know old Charlie what a great guy
<Jim Payne> if you mean are they the same kind and answer is no. the system give the batteries what each wants
<Fishnmagician> can tell a good story thats for sure
<Jim Payne> you betcha
<Jim Payne> as far as battery matching when using dc to charge dc the batteries want a certain charge and the alternator gives them what they want
<Chatman> well our time is about up guys
<Chatman> any other questions?
<Jim Payne> i hope i answered all the question 
<Chatman> hi Dan
<Fishnmagician> CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!!!
<Dan(oh)> hello, sorry i missed it
<Jim Payne> thanks Chatman and call me about video
<Dan(oh)> ok
<Trailerguy> But if one is say 850cca and the other is 900 cca , or one is new the other old , is there a problem distinguishing what each needs?
<Chatman> if you have a question for Jim, I don't think its too late to ask
<Fishnmagician> later Jim.. good talkin to ya
<Jim Payne> not a problem because the one that needs the most will take the most until they both even out
<Jim Payne> thanks
<Chatman> I will call ya tomorrow Jim about the video
<Trailerguy> ok, thanks Jim
<Chatman> thanks guys for joins us tonight
<Jim Payne> you betcha
<Chatman> and a special thanks to <Jim Payne>
<Jim Payne> thanks Chatman
<Chatman> later mom has brownies just out of the oven
<Fishnmagician> nite PJ
<Trailerguy> nite guys
<Fishnmagician> nite TG
<Jim Payne> see ya on the water
<Dan(oh)> night


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