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2004 Online Chats
6/30/04 - Chat with Tommy Skarlis by Tommy Skarlis

<Chatman> lets have a big WC welcome for the one and only Tommy Skarlis!
<Satch_MN> clap clap clap
<WarrenMN> Clap clap clap
<Chatman> hope I spelled your name right LOL
<Rippin_eyes> CLap CLap CLap
<Tommy Skarlis>  :>)
<Lunker1> Hey guys
<Tommy Skarlis> Close enuf
<Tommy Skarlis> Hi Lunker
<trailerguy> clap clap clap
<Chatman> was following your weights on the PWT last week
<Tommy Skarlis> and Gerry
<Chatman> hi lunk
<Rippin_eyes> Tommy I saw you up at cass 10 days or so after the tourney, were you going into kitchi to get some revenge
<Tommy Skarlis> Yeah - it was a fun tourney
<WarrenMN> Better weights down there than I thought would come out
<Rippin_eyes> yeah
<Tommy Skarlis> Was up there to film a show
<Chatman> Hi Gerry
<Rippin_eyes> cool
<Tommy Skarlis> The weight surprised me too
<WarrenMN> Think they'll do another tournament on Cass?
<Tommy Skarlis> Sure!
<WarrenMN> I bet you loved going out the back door to fish
<Lunker1> Tommy, you or any of the other guys have any experience with this red monofilament line they've come out with? Can't remember the name. Does it really disappear below the water line?
<Satch_MN> what is the best technique to fish while in a may fly hatch? and what colors should a person try
<Tommy Skarlis> Cass is an incredible body of water to fish - and yes - I loved fishing out my back door - but still stayed up there at an awesome place called Break on the Lake
<WarrenMN> What is the scoop on the red line
<Tommy Skarlis> I would believe that the red would stick out like a sore thumb to the fish
<Tommy Skarlis> In may fly hatch - Brown and Whites work best - like the original owner baits
<Rippin_eyes> How did the Evinrude Classic go this year? What is a good turn out??
<Tommy Skarlis> Power that us
<Tommy Skarlis> The EWC Was awesome - we had a full field
<Rippin_eyes> I have had my best luck with white spinners during a mayfly hatch
<Rippin_eyes> Cool
<Tommy Skarlis> Hi Jim
<Lunker1> hey Jim
<Jim Payne> hey guys
<Tommy Skarlis> In a mayfly hatch - spinners work well , plus trolling cranks through the hatch clouds at severely high speeds
<Rippin_eyes> Is there a website for the Classic Tommy?
<Satch_MN> what size of plugs or models work best?
<Tommy Skarlis> 3 to 5 mph and match the hatch of whatever is eating the flies
<Tommy Skarlis> www.walleyeclassic.com - or you can find anything about what we are doing at www.fishingthewildside.com
<Lunker1> can you guys define exactly what you mean by (white) "spinners"? You talking about tandem or in-line spinners? Or "spinner snells" or what?
<Rippin_eyes> thanks
<Tommy Skarlis> In line spinners/crawler harness spinners
<Rippin_eyes> Little Joes
<Tommy Skarlis> exactly
<Lunker1> ok Tommy that helps....thanks
<WarrenMN> What about planer boards 
<WarrenMN> Help or not at that time
<Tommy Skarlis> Off Shore is the only brand for me - and definitely use boards - fly fish are high fish and the boards help out a ton
<Tommy Skarlis> I use boards even when I think I can get away with flat lines - a better spread and more hookups
<Tommy Skarlis> Plus boards are so much fun to fish with
<Satch_MN> exactly
<Tommy Skarlis> Like a big bobber
<Satch_MN> they are fun
<Tommy Skarlis> Hi Rick
<Rippin_eyes> What is your favorite body of water 
<Tommy Skarlis> Its like magic when a board goes back
<Tommy Skarlis> Wherever I am!
<Rick> Hey Tommy...glad to see you made it home from bull shoals
<Tommy Skarlis> I am a little partial to the Miss River and to Lake Erie
<Satch_MN> There is nothing better than to see the board dive under and go straight back of the boat.
<Tommy Skarlis> I'm glad to be back
<Tommy Skarlis> Yeah Baby
<Rick> Me too, but I really had fun
<Tommy Skarlis> What a great part of America
<Rippin_eyes> do you use tattle flags with your boards
<Tommy Skarlis> In some situations - Tattle Flags are the only way to go!
<Tommy Skarlis> Hi Dan
<Chatman> Tommy do you run superline on your inline boards?
<Dan...> even'n
<Tommy Skarlis> I'll use tattle flags around weeds or in areas with small critter fish
<Satch_MN> have you double spring the flags for any situations?
<Tommy Skarlis> No - usually just move the spring up and down on the board
<Tommy Skarlis> I will occasionally pull boards with Fire line
<Lunker1> what's the determining factor in what kind of line you use to pull boards?
<Tommy Skarlis> Usually to get a bait deeper than it normally runs
<Tommy Skarlis> Ill use fire line
<Lunker1> lol.....man, he types fast!!!
<Satch_MN> do you run a shock absorber with fire line?
<Tommy Skarlis> For most other instances - I'll use Sensation
<Rippin_eyes> Do they make a bigger board for lead core and bigger cranks
<Tommy Skarlis> The Board serves as the Shock absorber
<Satch_MN> 5 to 10 feet?
<Chatman> do you tattles with superline? I donít know how you would unless you had 2 snapper releases
<Tommy Skarlis> The Off Shore will handle big Cranks and Lead Core
<Lunker1> do you think Sensation is worth the extra price? At least to those of us that have to pay for it?
<Tommy Skarlis> You can tattle with Fire line - just have to "wrap" around the red Clips
<Tommy Skarlis> Sensation is awesome for three reasons: It has a little more stretch than other Monos, The 12 lb test is same diameter as 10 lb XT (or very close) and it is smoother and comes off of the real easier
<Tommy Skarlis> If you do not want to pay extra for the Sensation - Berkley XT in 10 lb test is tough to beat
<Lunker1> so what's your opinion of sensation in a jigging situation.....say 6 lb test? as opposed to XL?
<Satch_MN> do you get the slinky affect with sensation?
<Chatman> ok . Yea I donít like wrapping the line. I think you can read the boards pretty well without the flags using superline
<Tommy Skarlis> I will use XL when I am going low vis (clear or green) and Sensation with hi vis solar mint
<Dan...> congrats Tommy on what appears to be a very good year for you on the trail. I know of the grind and sacrifices your group faces throughout the year. Gotta run good luck!
<Tommy Skarlis> the stretch doesn't matter much with 10 to 30 feet of line out - but if stretch does matter - I will go to fire line
<Tommy Skarlis> I agree with chat man
<Tommy Skarlis> See ya Dan
<Tommy Skarlis> Did you guys hear that we will have a television show?
<Satch_MN> no
<Tommy Skarlis> Fishing the WildSide will air beginning this Sunday (the 4th) at 8 am and 12 pm!!!!
<Tommy Skarlis> Chip Leer, Jeremy Smith and myself will be the show hosts
<Lunker1> well, another difference in my use of fire line vs. mono is when I'm fishing (again, read to say jigging) in a body of water with lots of rock vs. lots of wood....continual snagging in rock leads me to use mono which is easier to break off and
I'll use fire line in wood so it's easier to bend the hook on my jig
<Tommy Skarlis> It will air on Fox Sport net North
<Lunker1> what's your TV market going to be Tommy?
<Tommy Skarlis> I agree with you Lunker
<Lunker1> damn....like I said, he types fast!!!
<Tommy Skarlis> ND, SD, MN, WI and part of IA. We will be on Comcast (Chicago) in first and second quarters of 05
<Rippin_eyes> What is the show all going to feature, everything, or just eyes
<Tommy Skarlis> No - multi species - in fact we are going to try to offer something for everyone - from bluegills and bass to walleye, sturgeon trout and creek chubs - you name it
<Rippin_eyes> cool
<Satch_MN> great!
<Rippin_eyes> Are you going to have a bunch of kids fishing for the pan fish!!!
<Tommy Skarlis> we will also have sections that help anglers select the proper line - shore lunch tips - etc
<Lunker1> super.....my wife's been after me to bring home a mess of creek chubs......lol
<Tommy Skarlis> we will work as hard as we can to include kids
<Chatman> hey do you know anything about Kentucky Lake by chance?
<Chatman> sounds like a great type of show
<Tommy Skarlis> You can cook Creek chubs, like most fish they are delicious
<Tommy Skarlis> Do not know @ Kentucky L
<Chatman> ok thanks we are going there next week on vacation
<Chatman> hi Jim
<Jim Payne> hey
<Tommy Skarlis> Please check out the show and tell me what you think about it
<Tommy Skarlis> welcome back Jim
<Chatman> sure will
<Rippin_eyes> I'll be tuned in!! Where was most of the shows filmed
<Jim Payne> thanks tom
<Lunker1> I'll be looking forward to it Tommy.....we can never have enough fishing shows here in central Wisconsin
<Tommy Skarlis> Cass, Leech, Mille lacs, LOW and we will be getting over into WI and MI - trying to talk Chip into going down to Bull shoals and Norfolk now - plus Cleveland
<Tommy Skarlis> Plus Oahe and Devils Lake
<Lunker1> LOW from MN or Canadian side?
<Tommy Skarlis> Where ever you guys want us to go
<Tommy Skarlis> MN side
<Tommy Skarlis> It takes a lot of paper work to film in CA
<Tommy Skarlis> Plus - our viewers live and fish in the states - but that doesn't nesc. mean we wont do CA
<Rippin_eyes> Do a walleye show on Tonka!! You would be surprised at the number of big fish in a "Bass" lake
<Lunker1> really? You can't just wander in and turn on the camera? Even gotta have permits for filming a commercial show?
<Tommy Skarlis> Was just on Tonka Monday for the Doug Meinkewicz Charity event
<Rippin_eyes> I saw that on the news, was it fun
<Tommy Skarlis> Yeah - I have really had to open my eyes to how much work this TV stuff is
<Tommy Skarlis> The Tourney was a blast - got to hang out with Jack Morris and Willie Mitchell and a bunch of other players
<Tommy Skarlis> Welcome back Gerry
<Rippin_eyes> more work than running a fishing tourney
<Chatman> Jack Morris?
<Chatman> the pitcher?
<Rippin_eyes> Twin pitcher
<Tommy Skarlis> yes
<Satch_MN> cool
<Tommy Skarlis> from 87 to 91 - World series stud and an awesome angler
<Chatman> ohm he was a great pitcher
<Jim Payne> is he as good at fishing?
<Chatman> we had him in Detroit when we won it all
<Tommy Skarlis> Awesome at fishing and a really down to earth guy
<Chatman> yea funny how everyone thought he was so mean LOL 
<Chatman> when he pitcher he was
<Jim Payne> tough guy
<Tommy Skarlis> Through fishing Iíve had the opp. to meet a lot of these "Superstars" and most are really cool
<Tommy Skarlis> I think I can take him
<Chatman> thatís cool
<Rippin_eyes> Hey Rick
<Tommy Skarlis> Yo 7
<Chatman> lol
<Chatman> hey Rick
<Sevenmmm> Hi :-)
<gbusa> Hi Tom, Just wanted to again extend the offer for Cleveland. Just got back from a 4 day trip What is your prospected pre fish days?
<Lunker1> hey Tommy, I've got an idea for your show......spend some time, on a consistent basis...highlighting how to use one of the most misunderstood pieces of equipment in a boat......the electronics
<Tommy Skarlis> All filled up - sorry
<Chatman> good idea Lunker
<Rippin_eyes> Don't you just love those electronic hand books!!
<Tommy Skarlis> Great idea Lunker - in fact we will be doing a one minute segment called "structured presentation" that will focus on electronics and boat control
<Chatman> lol rip
<Rippin_eyes> hey dog
<Tommy Skarlis> sup dog?
<Rippin_eyes> Hey Steve
<yellowdogs3> Hi all, sorry left for a minute
<Tommy Skarlis> In stead of going after the super advanced angler - we are going to try to reach out to all anglers
<Grape Juice> hi Chris
<Tommy Skarlis> Hi grape juice
<Gbusa> One of the most impressive shows I have seen was with underwater footage of strikes, and presentations.
<Satch_MN> good luck to you in the championships! Got to go
<Grape Juice> Hi Tommy
<Lunker1> Dang, froze up there.....sorry
<Tommy Skarlis> See ya Satch thanks
<Sevenmmm> Can you highlight how you caught those winning fish this year at Winneconne?
<Tommy Skarlis> I was vertical jigging, dragging jigs, pitching jigs and trolling
<Sevenmmm> Gee whiz, which one is first!
<Tommy Skarlis> Underwater footage is very impressive indeed Gerry
<Lunker1> Tommy, what does dragging jigs do to trigger 'eyes that other presentations don't?
<Tommy Skarlis> Vertical Jigging and dragging jigs dominated my presentations
<Sevenmmm> Live bait? Plastics?
<Tommy Skarlis> Dragging jigs is effective when fish are exiting a river system and the popping and rolling downstream seems to trigger more strikes
<Tommy Skarlis> Was using Powerbait and Live bait combined
<Lunker1> but oftentimes I've heard of dragging a jig being a more effective presentation on lakes too....'ssup wit dat?
<Lunker1> hey there tg and Warren
<Tommy Skarlis> Walleyes feeding on Crawfish or other bottom dwelling critters like it 
<Tommy Skarlis> Most minnows and other prey do not come off of the bottom in fear of being profiled and eaten
<Lunker1> makes sense....I suppose dragging stirs up just a bit of mud or something that helps trigger too
<Tommy Skarlis> yeah - looks more natural
<Lunker1> oops....mama's calling' dinner....gotta go.....thanks for the chat Tommy....good luck on the circuit(s)
<Tommy Skarlis> sometimes in fishing - we try to figure it out too much instead of saying - "it works and I'm goin to do it"
<Tommy Skarlis> See ya Lunk
<Rippin_eyes> I have pre fished with some that get way to into thinking instead of just fishing
<WarrenMN> Right place, right time, right presentation triangle
<Grape Juice> what size rods and action do you use jigging Tommy?
<Tommy Skarlis> Exactly - fish have a brain the size of a pea
<Tommy Skarlis> For Vertical and Pitching - I use 7 foot Fenwick Techna AV MF (medium fast action)
<Rippin_eyes> Exactly
<Tommy Skarlis> For dragging - 7.6 ML
<Tommy Skarlis> Hi Steve
<Steve Guest> Hi
<Rippin_eyes> What is your fav color jig
<Tommy Skarlis> All time favorite and best is Lindys Fuzz-E-Grub Hot Yellow Glow
<Tommy Skarlis> Second is Blue
<SteveGuest> I'm New at this just bought 1st boat
<WarrenMN> Blue?
<Tommy Skarlis> Congrats
<Tommy Skarlis> Blue Rocks
<Grape Juice> enjoy it Steve
<Tommy Skarlis> New Techni Glow Glow blue is very impressive - Red eye that glows too
<Rippin_eyes> Have you ever found purple jigs?? I love purple spinners but can't ever find a jig
<SteveGuest> Orange Rattle Trap
<Tommy Skarlis> Purple jigs are cool
<Rippin_eyes> Where do you find them??
<Tommy Skarlis> I am trying to talk Lindys into making a Glow Purple
<WarrenMN> Any idea what walleyes eyes are sensitive to in the color band range
<Rippin_eyes> I'll email teddy
<Tommy Skarlis> You might have to make them yourself
<Tommy Skarlis> I know that they like glow, orange and green
<WarrenMN> suppose that shows against any back ground
<Tommy Skarlis> Yeah - and it could just be what we use the most too?
<WarrenMN> So true
<Tommy Skarlis> I usually recommend that people put on their favorite colors or shat they have confidence in!
<Tommy Skarlis> I mean what
<Tommy Skarlis> oh to laugh at myself
<Rippin_eyes> I thought you were British for a while
<Tommy Skarlis> Me too! LOL
<Grape Juice> lol
<WarrenMN> 64K question, how do you call enough and change what your doing or the lure
<Tommy Skarlis> 30 minutes before you get that dying feeling inside - you change and leave stupid fish or no fish for fish that are on the feed
<Tommy Skarlis> To answer a little better than that I would have to be in that position and I would only be right 20 % of the time
<SteveGuest> question/starting walling need new mid-priced rod/reel suggest
<Grape Juice> whatís your favorite live bait
<Gbusa> Tommy, the last thirty years I have fished Erie Central Basin. It can be one tough busy day, any day, with anything happening and adjustments constantly to control depth and presentations under changing conditions. Do you find this chaos I
N other fisheries.
<Tommy Skarlis> Steve - try the Mitchell Avocet Spinning reel with a Berkley lightning Rod
<WarrenMN> signal fade GJ
<Tommy Skarlis> Grape - Chubs and Leeches
<Grape Juice> no worms?
<Tommy Skarlis> Gerry - yes it can be chaotic anywhere
<SteveGuest> thanks Tommy
<Chatman> guys get the last of your questions in for Tommy
<Tommy Skarlis> Crawlers are cool too - been using a lot of Power Crawlers lately instead -
<Rippin_eyes> a little less messy??
<Grape Juice> like the power crawlers too!!
<Tommy Skarlis> A lot less messy and if you forget them in the cooler........ you get the point
<Rippin_eyes> ha-ha
<Grape Juice> lol
<WarrenMN> Hard to put pop back in
<Chatman> do power crawlers turn into leather like gulp does?
<Tommy Skarlis> Worm dirt under the finger nails does have a certain poetic justice to it though
<Tommy Skarlis> No - 
<Rippin_eyes> Drives the women wild!!!
<Grape Juice> lol
<Tommy Skarlis> Power crawlers are petroleum based - they stay supple
<Chatman> man that gulp welds itself to your hooks lol
<SteveGuest> thanks think I'll join up! Take care.
<Chatman> ok I remember, I have used Powerbait, same thing
<Rippin_eyes> yeah don't forget to take it off perch
<Tommy Skarlis> Yeah it does drive the women wild - and the proper women at that - Fat , Scaly and around ten pounds
<WarrenMN> That stuff seem kind of hard right out of package to you
<Chatman> I have already learn that lesson rip lol
<Grape Juice> amen Tommy
<Rippin_eyes> Nothing wrong with that
<Chatman> yea its kind of weird stuff
<Tommy Skarlis> Gulp is some awesome bait 
<WarrenMN> Seemed like tire rubber
<Rippin_eyes> hey aaron
<Chatman> Tommy what tourney is next for you?
<Jim Payne> Tommy do you know Ron Seelhoff
<Tommy Skarlis> Lake Erie Cleveland
<Tommy Skarlis> Yes - Seelhoff - is an all time legendary favorite of mine
<Rippin_eyes> We put some on a kids rod up at cass and they caught all kinds of fish in the harbor
<Grape Juice> good fishing and good luck Tommy
<Jim Payne> He is a good friend of mine too
<Chatman> well good luck there, we will be following you on the leaderboard, right at the top someplace
<Tommy Skarlis> Thanks Everybody - have to go but hope to see you watching the TV Show on Fox Sport Net North on Sunday at 8 am and noon
<Grape Juice> clap clap clap clap 
<Tommy Skarlis> Thanks Everybody (blush Blush)
<WarrenMN> clap clap clap
<yellowdogs3> Good night, & good luck Tommy
<Rippin_eyes> thanks for your time!!! Good luck the rest of the tourneys
<Jim Payne> I tried calling you today
<Grape Juice> Thanks Tommy
<Chatman> thanks so much Tommy for stopping by!!!
<Jim Payne> thanks Tommy
<yellowdogs3> barb
<Jim Payne> I can call you now
<Jim Payne> 313 number
<Rippin_eyes> everyone is leaving
<Rippin_eyes> grape who told you fishing was slow
<trailerguy> niter all
<WarrenMN> No, storm warning kept me out of the boat this afternoon
<Jim Payne> boy answered told me to call back and no one answered
<Grape Juice> called resort Sunday
<WarrenMN> niter t
<Rippin_eyes> cool
<Grape Juice> friend called today and its worse
<WarrenMN> bye 73m
<Jim Payne> 612-590-5833
<WarrenMN> Perch
<Jim Payne> anytime
<Rippin_eyes> a 612er
<Chatman> yea I ma here WA
<Rippin_eyes> what part of the cities do ya live
<WarrenMN> that gulp, the Gulp worms I was using 
<Jim Payne> apple valley
<Rippin_eyes> cool
<WarrenMN> the felt like they were made out of an old tire
<Grape Juice> boat store sent me wrong bilge pump for boat
<WarrenMN> hey, another cities
<Jim Payne> stayncharge products
<Chatman> that stuff is weird
<Chatman> hey I gotta scoot guys
<Chatman> talk to you in the morning Jim
<Rippin_eyes> seeya
<Grape Juice> nite Chatman


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