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2004 Online Chats
7/21/04 - Online Chat with Renew Allure by Renew Allure

<Chatman> hi guys
<Chatman> Doug, rip
<Renew Allure> Welcome fisherman, this is Doug from Renew Allure. My brother-in-law and I created a great product for coloring your lures, jigs, spoons, and hooks. It comes in 2 four ¼ oz. bottle packs. The bottles have brushes inside them. Our paint's are transparent which gives the painted bill a halo affect when the light shines through.
<Chatman> hey Doug
<Chatman> rip?
<Chatman> you guys there?
<Renew Allure> Hi, how's is going
<Chatman> I'm good Doug, I think there might be a problem with the chatroom, not sure
<Renew Allure> Yes, I'm here
<Renew Allure> Is the problem on my end?
<Chatman> no
<Chatman> Maybe its ok, sometimes it freezes up, hope its not one of those days
<Chatman> just hang in there,
<Renew Allure> OK thanks
<Rippin> hey renew
<Chatman> i just did a reminder post, they will start trickling in then we can start up
<Rippin> sorry phone call
<Renew Allure> Hi Rippin, How's the fishing been?
<Chatman> hey rip is awake
<Rippin> awesome
<Rippin> I can't multi task i guess
<Rippin> haha
<Chatman> lol
<Renew Allure> What do you fish for?
<Rippin> I don't have much time to chat I have a Pheasants Forever meeting soon, Walleyes!!!
<Rippin> do you have a website by chance
<Chatman> Doug where are you from?
<Chatman> I saw a ringneck in our parking lot the other day
<Chatman> hi MD
<Renew Allure> Yes, www.renewallure.com
<Rippin> cool
<Renew Allure> Have any of you ever heard of our product Renew Allure?
<Rippin> nope
<Chatman> Doug, just so you know, you have to put the http:// in front of the links to get them to work on the board
<Renew Allure> You can color your lures, hooks, spoons, jigs, etc.
<Rippin> but i will check out your site when i get home later
<Chatman> its a pain in the butt this board is
<Rippin> thanks for the info
<MDeyes> Thanks for all of your help at bago
<Rippin> I have to run I look forward to learning more about it when i get home
<Rippin> night
<Renew Allure> I'm from Wis.
<Chatman> see ya rip
User [Rippin] left forum.
<Chatman> how long has your product been on the market?
<Renew Allure> MDeyes are you Mr. B by any chance?
<MDeyes> renewalure on spinners and thundersticks helped myself and Charlie Brant finish high at bago thanks
<Chatman> really
<MDeyes> Mr. yes sir
<Renew Allure> You can also view and purchase our product at http://www.walleyecentral.com/renew_allure.shtml
<Chatman> hey Doug just so you know, this chat log will be posted in an area where people can go in and read it at a later date, so your comments will always be available for reading
<Renew Allure> Good to know
<Chatman> How does it work on spoons for instance?
<Renew Allure> Here are a few tips using our product.
<Chatman> yes, I tell guys when i post a new chat in the log and they go and read them so they don't miss anything
<Renew Allure> The key to catching fish is to apply the red Renew Allure on the bottom of a clear crank bait bill.
<Renew Allure> . This will give off a halo affect in the water. When there is a metal finish on the crank bait bill paint the top and the bottom of the bill.
<Renew Allure> . It will appear that the crank bait is bleeding and the fish will become active due to their predator instinct.
<Renew Allure> In early spring during the crayfish migration use the orange Renew Allure on your crank baits.
<Chatman> really
<Renew Allure> This would be in early April/May depending on the water temperature. This time of year the crayfish turns a rustic orange color.
<Renew Allure> This orange color attracts the walleye, musky or any game fish. Use a crawdad color Rapala and paint the bill orange.
<Renew Allure> Benefits: You are able to change the color of your lures to match your environment and water conditions in just minutes.
<Renew Allure> Create and color your ineffective lures to make them attractive. You can do this in your boat with using Renew Allure.
<Chatman> is it in a bottle like fingernail polish
<Renew Allure> Water conditions use: Red, orange and yellow for low water clarity. Use blue, green and purple for clear water conditions.
<Renew Allure> Yes, it is in a bottle like fingernail polish.
<Renew Allure> We spent more on a good quality brush.
<Chatman> i have a question about red, off the record
<Renew Allure> OK let her fly
<Chatman> its my understanding that red is the one color walleyes cant see well, hence the red cajun fishing line thats out now
<Chatman> they talked about the color red in a recent walleye insider
<Chatman> i don't know if thats true or not, whats your take on it?
<Renew Allure> Well, the biggest thing is that the red bill thundersticks do catch more fish.
<Renew Allure> Red represents an injured bait fish they will attack thinking your lure is injured.
<Chatman> but is it because they can see the bill or does red make the bill invisible and makes the bait appear more natural?
<Renew Allure> Red also represents a gill flash and bass guys catch more fish on red hooks than any other hooks.
<MDeyes> I can tell you that renewalure is a quality product, you can add a color or change colors in seconds and thats great for prefishing.
<Chatman> again, is it because the see the hook or does red make the hook harder to see?
<Chatman> Hi WA
<WarrenMN> HI Brian
<Renew Allure> Yes, walleyes can see red.
<Chatman> I'm not saying its not a good product, I'm just curious about the red thing
<Renew Allure> Hi WA, welcome
<WarrenMN> I must have missed a lot
<Chatman> I would have to agree they can indeed see red also
<Chatman> no WA, we were just getting started
<WarrenMN> Moving boat in case storms hit
<Chatman> ok enough about my theory on red LOL
<Renew Allure> Predator fish are attracted to red.
<WarrenMN> Can you give a run down on Renew Allure so I know whats going on
<Chatman> how does your product work on spoons?
<Renew Allure> It works excellent. We've had good results
<Renew Allure> WA we're discussing our new paint product Renew Allure.
<WarrenMN> OK, do you have a web page
<Renew Allure> WA My brother-in-law and I created a great product for coloring your lures, jigs, spoons, and hooks. It comes in 2 four ¼ oz. bottle packs. The bottles have brushes inside them. Our paints are transparent which gives the painted bill a
halo affect when the light shines through.
<Renew Allure> Yes, www.renewallure.com. You can also purchase it at http://www.walleyecentral.com/renew_allure.shtml
<Renew Allure> Here's more info: Use the clear paint to seal the painted color to make it more durable. Use the white and pink colors for detailing your lures.
<Renew Allure> Ice Fishing: Clean your lure with acetone (fingernail polish remover) and let dry before applying Renew Allure. Apply the red Renew Allure to the bottom of your lure to simulate an injured bait fish. Color your hooks red to simulate a
“gill flash”.
<Renew Allure> We rated an 8.4 on a 10.0 scale in the North American Fishing Club (NAFC) product survey. To view our product and to order go to http://www.walleyecentral.com/renew_allure.shtml.
<Chatman> i take it is not intended to change the whole color of the lure, correct?
<Renew Allure> Yes, it's transparent. So if you paint over a chrome lure you will get a vibrant color.
<WarrenMN> Can you use Cheese cloth to pattern with it
<Renew Allure> Yes, you can
<WarrenMN> or is it kind of runny
<Renew Allure> It is runny/watery but dries fast.
<WarrenMN> Be interesting if you could use a feather or some thing to transfer a kind of rub on pattern
<Chatman> what colors does it come in
<Renew Allure> Look at the old storm thundersticks. The red that is on the bill, our product does a better red.
<WarrenMN> do any finishes react to it by softening or melting
<Renew Allure> Red, blue, orange, yellow in one pack and green, black, purple and pink in another pack.
<Chatman> thats interesting
<Renew Allure> It will penetrate plastic. It won't clean off plastic 100%.
<MDeyes> Thanks again for your help at Winnebago. I look forward to using renewalure on some spinner blades at the up coming MWC Saginaw tourney. Great chat. Good night to Doug and all.
<Renew Allure> We haven't had any problems with it melting any plastics.
<WarrenMN> night D
<Renew Allure> Have a good one MDeyes
<WarrenMN> I'm just thinking what my worms use to do to the other lures
User [MDeyes] left forum.
<WarrenMN> In fact what they use to do to the lure box. LOL
<Chatman> I have spoken to a few pros I know about your product, they haven't heard of it but there is a lot of interest in it
<Renew Allure> Our product doesn't melt worms. The drying time is longer compared to a metal finish.
<WarrenMN> worms too, interesting
<WarrenMN> I was just going down memory lane
<Chatman> are there any plans for opaque colors?
<Renew Allure> It might stay a little tacky on worms.
<WarrenMN> HI Kansas
<Chatman> HI HS
<Chatman> KS sorry
<KansasState> hello
<Renew Allure> Our pink is opaque and we are testing an opaque purple.
<Chatman> hi Albe
<Chatman> i would like those 2 colors for my spoons especially
<Renew Allure> We could probably hook you up with a opaque purple if you are interested.
<Renew Allure> Hi Albe
<Albe> How does Allure work with air brushes
<WarrenMN> Would stuff stick to it if while its drying
<Renew Allure> And the pink of course.
<WarrenMN> I have an idea for you if it does
<Albe> Want to spray my own spinners with holographic decals on them
<Renew Allure> Yes, it works in air brushes.
<Renew Allure> We currently sell to musky lure builders.
<WarrenMN> Was thinking of applying the paint and then sprinkle sparkles
<WarrenMN> sparkles
<WarrenMN> ? what ever
<WarrenMN> glitter is what I'm thinking of
<Renew Allure> Yes that should work
<Chatman> speaking of airbrushing, what kind of solvent cleans it?
<Renew Allure> Chatman we can hook you up with what you want. Just email me.
<Chatman> I will do that
<Renew Allure> Clean your brush with acetone (fingernail polish remover).
<Chatman> ok so be careful with it in the boat then lol
<Renew Allure> Yes, don't spill it. Your wife would kill you!
<Chatman> yea I guess you cant have everything lol
<WarrenMN> or you'll be explaining for the rest of your life
<WarrenMN> gone fishing again ah
<Renew Allure> Yes, we've gotten calls from customers on how to clean it up.
<Chatman> as long as its not the color of your wife's best friends nail polish I think you will be ok LOL
<Renew Allure> Ya, good one.
<Chatman> how long does it take to dry ?
<Chatman> on a lure that is
<Renew Allure> Welcome KansasState
<WarrenMN> JHawk?
<Renew Allure> It depends on what you apply it to and the humidity. It can only take a few minutes
<Chatman> i see.
<WarrenMN> Did you say there's a clear too
<Chatman> I see its featured in Walleye Insider
<Renew Allure> Yes, there is a clear. You have to go to our website to get the clear. www.renewallure.com
<WarrenMN> book marked it
<WarrenMN> I think the weather man in going to send us a nasty gram tonight
<Chatman> are you sponsoring any pros yet?
<Renew Allure> Yes, we were in Walleye Insider, North American Fishing Club, Fishing Tackle Retailer and Bass News.
<Chatman> is he? We are under a t storm watch
<WarrenMN> Cold front is moving in and its 90 out
<Renew Allure> Yes, Charlie Brandt and Tim Fields.
<Chatman> yea same here WA
<Chatman> hope it settles down by the weekend
<Renew Allure> Tim Minnema and his dad also some local pros.
<Chatman> those are 2 good pros
<Renew Allure> Weather here in Wis. is hot and sticky. No storms yet.
<Chatman> how does it hold up on a hook?
<WarrenMN> Which end of the state
<Albe> Will it stick to white water base coat?
<Renew Allure> It works great on hooks. You may have to re-apply occasionally.
<Renew Allure> Yes it will.
<Albe> N Wisconsin starting to see thunderheads building in NW here in Laona
<WarrenMN> You might catch the fish just sniffing the lure if you do it too soon to fishing
<Renew Allure> As for our pros. We have them listed on our website with a few pictures.
<WarrenMN> Thats a joke son
<Renew Allure> Ya, OK lol.
<Albe> Can a person get red or any other colors in 2 oz. bottles for dipping trebles?
User [wa_walleye] joined forum from
<WarrenMN> HI WA
<Renew Allure> Yes, we do make special exceptions for orders.
<Renew Allure> Welcome wa_walleye
<WarrenMN> here http://www.renewallure.com/
<Chatman> hello there WA
<WarrenMN> to let you whats going on
<Albe> Does a person just call for a special order?
<wa_walleye> hello
<Albe> Anyone special to talk to?
<Renew Allure> Yes call or email us. Our email address is on our website.
<Renew Allure> Call Doug
<Renew Allure> Wa do you need catching up on what we are talking about?
<Chatman> Doug is a nice guy to talk to, I enjoyed our brief conversation the other day
User [KansasState] left forum.
<Renew Allure> Walleye Central sells our 2 kits which contain 4 bottles each.
<Renew Allure> You can view and purchase the kits at http://www.walleyecentral.com/renew_allure.shtml
<WarrenMN> gonna run, guys have a good night
User [WarrenMN] left forum.
<Renew Allure> If you want single bottles or special orders contact us at www.renewallure.com
<Renew Allure> Any other questions?
<Renew Allure> Chatman we are very impressed with this website. You do an excellent job!
<Chatman> man we covered about everything I can thing of lol
<Chatman> hey thanks its a team effort
<Albe> One of the easier ones to navigate and its fast
<Renew Allure> We have a new product called Bio-Safe Live Well Prep for cleaning and disinfecting live well, bait well, minnow buckets, boats, trailers, etc.
<Chatman> maybe we can get together and do a video on your products, show guy how it works on the water
<Renew Allure> We will be contacting you to get our new product on your website.
<Chatman> bet that would work good on my old cooler lol
<Renew Allure> That video idea would be great.
<Renew Allure> Ya, works great for anything that stinks!
<Chatman> we wont go there LOL
<Renew Allure> We even cleaned our bird bath with it.
<Chatman> Wa got any questions for Doug?
<Renew Allure> Ya lol.
<Renew Allure> What the question.
<Albe> Will contact you after I get back from a Lambeau Field visit tomorrow for 2 oz. bottles
<Chatman> i was just asking wa_walleye if he had any questions
<wa_walleye> no
<wa_walleye> just tuning in from work
<Chatman> oh ok
<Chatman> seem kinds quiet tonight
<Chatman> kinda
<Renew Allure> yes it is
<wa_walleye> fish must be biting back there
<Renew Allure> Yes they are.
<Chatman> well guys I think I'm gonna wrap it up
<wa_walleye> thank Renew and Chat man
<Renew Allure> Thanks guys, happy fishing!
<Albe> Thanks for the info Doug
<Chatman> just want to thank Doug for spending some time with us
<Albe> Clap Clap


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