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2004 Tournament News
2004 WCGT Tournament Results from Vermilion, OH by Walleye Central

This is about the best I can do and I hope the names are correct.
When the teams signed in at weigh in they did not give the full team names most of the time, some of the time it's only a first of last name. Some of the teams that ended up fishing together were not the same people that signed up at the raffle...... not enough information to get the complete results online.... I don't know names for all the teams.

Next year I will have to do something different so we can get full results online.

We had 118 teams sign up

1) Keith Walters, Kurt Walters and Nate Marcini 35.05 pounds
2) Larry Woods, Brent Woods and Dominic Ritz 30.35
3) Chuck Hanck and Tony Muscioni 29.45
4) Jerry Cox and Ron Levitan 29.10
There was a tie for 5th place
5) Bo Rhodes and Rich Benoit 26.50
5) Bill Summerly and Phil Miller 26.50
6) Ray Leach, Ken Rothig Sr and Ken Rothig Jr 26.35
7) Dan Gies, Kevin Toms and Matt Melani 25.70
8) Tom Shively, Ken Wehr and John Doutt 23.51
9) Bernie Babb and Bob Doyle 23.50
10) Dave Cercone, Bill Edwards and Rick Bowers 23.10

Big Fish went to Tom Shively 11.10 pounds

Bottoms Up award went to the team of Joe Smith (TBO)and Mike Bocko with a weight of 3.50 pounds.


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