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2004 Online Chats
12/22/04 - Online Chat with Gary Gray by Gary Gray

chatman:: lets get the show on the road

Gary_Gray:: did some scrambling, had to get daughters pc up on line, and am having new one built for me as we speak.

Ristorapper: could hit 18 below if clouds clear off tonight in not 8 below

chatman:: oh i see I couldnt belive youe old machine had Windows 95 on it lol

chatman:: gang lets have a big warm welcome for Gary Gray!!!

Gary_Gray:: old theory, if it ain't broke, why fix it

WarrenMN: clap clap clap clap

Eyebanger(Oh): Yes

Ristorapper: clap claP clAP cLAP CLAP

WarrenMN: cause some one wants to sell you a new on any more

Dano: hooooowooooo

chatman:: its was a bit of a challenge for Gary to join us tonight but he was determined not to let us down

Gary_Gray:: it took all day, but I'm here

Eyebanger(Oh): I'm glad cause I'm sitting in a snowstorm Gary

chatman:: is that Mr Deshano I see?

Gary_Gray:: this all looks so different

WarrenMN: He was here

WarrenMN: went to do some thing

Gary_Gray:: hello Bruce

Chairman: Hi Gary, just got back in heere.

Gary_Gray:: I would like to take this time, to wish everyone a Very Special Holiday Season, and a Merry Christmas

Dano: same to you, thanks

Chairman: Merry Christmas to you and yours also

Ristorapper: Back at you

Terroreyes: You too

mr.Biggs: Hey whats up Gary doing some hard water fishing soon?

Satch_MN: Gary, How did that Triton work for ya?

Eyebanger(Oh): Same

Eyebanger(Oh): Same

Xtra12: Happy Holidays

Gary_Gray:: won't be long

Gary_Gray:: it's below zero here now

Chairman: I am going south!

Ristorapper: making ice like crazy

Gary_Gray:: how's that Striper Fishing going Bruce?

Chairman: Gary, when it the sturgeon season.

Chairman: The stripers are great. heading for NC the end of Jan

Gary_Gray:: Sturgoen season is in Feb, should have ice

Chairman: Ok, maybe I will get out and sit in a shanty with you one day

Gary_Gray:: Triton worked Great, nice ride

Dano: how is your sturgeon population holding up?

Ristorapper: how big a sturgeons we talking?

Gary_Gray:: your always welcome Bruce

Chairman: I see that several anglers are changing boats and or motors again.

Gary_Gray:: best for me, 138

Chairman: You going to fish the RCL this year?

chatman:: could you run down your sponsors for us, Gary?

Gary_Gray:: lot's of changing going on, it's fun to see who is going to be where

Gary_Gray:: maybe

WarrenMN: Hi FM

Fishnmagician: hello all

Gary_Gray:: Off Shore, Mercury, Triton, Motor Guide, Quantum, Pepsi, Renosky, and Lowrance

Chairman: That new 104 is something

Satch_MN: Gary, out of the PWT schedule which tourny would be the best this year?

Gary_Gray:: that big screen, it's what I need, just so I can see

Chairman: I know that feeling!

Gary_Gray:: Saginaw, Mobridge

ffishman: so whats going on

Chairman: Saginaw is getting tough with the loss of the shad

Gary_Gray:: the only reason I said those 2, is, I have not fished the rest

jaubreaker: so gary how do you like that new pro kicker fom merc?

Gary_Gray:: Bruce, why not tell us a little about your new release board?

WarrenMN: oops

Ristorapper: Did you run the new Verado this year and if so your comments on it

Gary_Gray:: The pro-kicker, is what we finally needed, they listened

Gary_Gray:: will be running a 15hp pro kicker this ye, for test

Fishnmagician: good evening GJ

Grape_Juice: HI FM

Xtra12: New Board ?

chatman:: LOL yea this new chat page is a little different

Chairman: I haven't been on in a while as you can tell !

ffishman: Gary, if you are fishing a fairly clear water lake, in June, in depths of around 12 to 18 feet, do you think you would be better off finding walleyes in an inside turn or an outside turn?

Gary_Gray:: no, not this yr, but I will in 2005. I have run it before, and it is nice

mr.Biggs: it's great easy and fast

Fishnmagician: someday is finely here LOL

Gary_Gray:: what do you mean by inside or outside turn

ffishman: inside, a inverted U an outside the other side of it

Chairman: bottom fish or suspended?

Gary_Gray:: don't feel bad Bruce, I'm trying to function with new pc tonight also, and new chat site

ffishman: or inside, the inside of a U

ffishman: bottom fish

Gary_Gray:: outside turn, as the fish will spook less

WarrenMN: Just don't click the last icon next to ?

Chairman: I learned that already Warren ha ha... thanks.

Chairman: where did the old private thingy go?

WarrenMN: Double click on the name

WarrenMN: on the right in the box

Grape_Juice > Fishnmagician: trip down here was great partly sunny all the way

Gary_Gray:: this is a lot different than before

Satch_MN: Gary, at what temp or time do sheepshead spawn and get big enough for walleye to feed on?

ffishman: Do you ever use live bait

WarrenMN: good thing they got rid of the sound effects

chatman:: yea i made scott axe the sounds crap lol

WarrenMN: LOL

WarrenMN: That is you Perch?

chatman:: sure is

WarrenMN: get my email

Gary_Gray:: they spawn usually in mid-june, and are big enough for forage around 1st week of kuly through nov

chatman:: gotta use chatman: to have admin rights

chatman:: no email latley

Gary_Gray:: temp 72-75

Gary_Gray:: sure, some tournaments are strickly live bait

Gary_Gray:: have I missed anyone

ffishman: what do you prefer, crawlers or minnows

Gary_Gray:: depends on the time of the year.

Chairman: Were there any suspended fish at bull shoals Gary or just on points like most reservoirs?

ffishman: june

Gary_Gray:: Bruce, I did not make the Bull shoals event

Satch_MN: Gary, do where do sheepshead spawn? Reason for these questions is where I fish alot they feed on sheepshead alot. I just want to get some pattern.

jaubreaker: getting back to that pro kicker, did you use one this year?

Gary_Gray:: by june, crawlers come into play. I judge it, by when bait is available naturally, that is when fish start to feed on that particular food source

ffishman: Thank you, very good point

Gary_Gray:: Sheephead, unlike other fish that puddle to spawn, they spawn in open water suspended

Gary_Gray:: they gather in large schools, and spawn

Chairman: just a big orgy eh gary....

Gary_Gray:: you bet

Ristorapper: yep

WarrenMN: Whats your opinion on scents

Gary_Gray:: I have caught many walleyes on Bago, trolling with Off Shore Boards, putting my baits, just under the spawning sheephead

chatman:: hi Dan

Gary_Gray:: I have not been a big user of scents, not to say they don't work, just haven't used them alot

Ristorapper: pitching jigs vs vertical jigging with minnows; do you hook minnow the same on jig

Dan(MI): Hello all

Chairman: Going to the NPAA meeting Gary?

Eyebanger(Oh): GJ ? You in S>C>?

Grape_Juice: Yes I am EB

Gary_Gray:: yes, through mouth, and back up though top of head

Ristorapper: gottcha

Gary_Gray:: I will be there, it will just be touch and go with Dana due

Chairman: I will be in on the 6th.

WarrenMN: Do you use one style jig or do you use different
eyelet angles

Gary_Gray:: I will be at home, only 15 miles away

Chairman: I have hooked minnows through the head and out the bottom, they seem to stay on the jig better

Gary_Gray:: I use strickly one kind, ball jig

WarrenMN: Oh, whats the difference in the pro kicker and a regular 15

Ristorapper: I've heard that works better pitching they stay on longer Bruce

WarrenMN: sorry for jumping around

Chairman: I will have a few prototype night lights at the NPAA meeting.

Gary_Gray:: the Pro kicker, has power trimm, has a self righting straps, and has elec start. it is also lighter by 18lbs

WarrenMN: Is it geared any different

Billy(MB): hello all

Ristorapper: Hi Billy

Xtra12: new board lights?

Gary_Gray:: I had a 9.9 last yr, and it had the bigfoot gearcase, and I believe the 15 will have the same. I will know more after the holidays

Chairman: yeah. the blinking ones are on the way out

chatman:: i have a 15 with the bigfoot gearcase, its a 2000 though, nice motor

Chairman: I finally have DSL here in the MI woods!

WarrenMN: Nice isn;t it

ffishman: What is your preference for gps

Chairman: oh yeah

Gary_Gray:: Tonight, lets all take a minute, to say a prayer for those young Men and Women, in the Armed forces, who give up so much for our Freedom. Gilligan, I hope your son is doing well

chatman:: bruce do you still have the same email addy?

Satch_MN: amen to that Gary!

chatman:: yes great thought Gary

Xtra12: AMEN

WarrenMN: yep

Ristorapper: tonight and every night Gary!!

Chairman: Yes I have Gary.

Gilligan: THANK you Gary, he has 24 more days!

Eyesrfn: amen

Chairman: New home number though, you can get it at the NPAA.NET website

WarrenMN: Your gonna have to bug Doc to show you the set up BD

Xtra12: When do you think the new lights will be out

chatman:: ok thanks Bruce

Chairman: They are an '06 product, but will be available in the spring of '05 I hope LOL

Gary_Gray:: What's the biggest Striper so far, Bruce

Ristorapper > Eyesrfn: something new yea

Chairman: 36.38 Lake Lanier GA

Xtra12: Sounds good cant find anything I like out there

WarrenMN: uf da

Gary_Gray:: now, that's a fish

ffishman: Which brand of locator do you favor

Gary_Gray:: Lowrance

chatman:: :)

ffishman: Which brand of gps do you prefer

Chairman: about 99% of the striper guys use lowrance too

chatman:: ;) :0)

ffishman: are they a sponser

Gilligan: Gary...what is new for you for 05? Any new sponsors?

Gary_Gray:: yes, but if they were not, I would still own a Lowrance

Gary_Gray:: will know more after 15 Jan, Gilligan

Gilligan: Hoped the PWT would have returned to NY in '05, hope you get back for '06

Gary_Gray:: I look forward anytime, for the chance to fish with you Gilligan

Gary, I get asked alot about board rods. I am not fussy about what I use, what is your preferrence?

WarrenMN: You think having the RCL and the PWT at Bull shoals will have any effect on each other

Gary_Gray:: Fred, helped me out at Dunkirk,

Gilligan: Me too...especially now that you have a full windshield lol

Ristorapper > Eyesrfn: wolffers@btinet.net here ok will do

Gary_Gray:: I think the more the merry'er, that's what will make them both step up to plate

Satch_MN: hello juls

Chairman: I was down there to Ranger in Nov. the locals liked the Walleye guys.

Eyebanger(Oh): HI Juls

chatman:: you have snow yet, Juls?

WarrenMN: I was thinking it might be good

Gary_Gray:: now that I have had a full windshield, I got spoiled, will never be without one again

Juls_OH: Getting it now

Chairman: April down there is going to be tough

Gary_Gray:: hi juls

chatman:: still waiting in motown

Ristorapper: good for the co-angler/am Gary too!!

Chairman: Nice here up north Juls LOL

WarrenMN: Gary, you and Samson are starting to sound alike

Satch_MN: explain chairman

Ristorapper: Funny how i can remember exactly who had a single console in all the Championship events I rode with!!

Gary_Gray:: never been there, but I'm sure april will be a everyone in the same area spot fishing

chatman:: hi Rick

Chairman: Not snowing here on Sag Bay. we have about 8" on the ground though

Bigfoot: Yo

Gary_Gray:: hi Rick

Eyebanger(Oh): Yo Foots

Chairman: hey, the Boss is back! hi Rick

Bigfoot: Hi Gary

WarrenMN: Chair, have to tell you some time about talking to the Missouri and Ark fish and game guys

Bigfoot: I check in and Juls was logged

Bigfoot: you can tell me Warren

20:50:07 Chairman > WarrenMN: wow separate windows for private now eh? cool

Bigfoot: Ready for the year Gary

Gary_Gray:: have I missed anyone's question????

Ristorapper: Giving any seminars Gary?

Gary_Gray:: getting there

Chairman: PB rods Gary?

Gary_Gray:: a couple of clubs, maybe some shows

Bigfoot: PB ?

Satch_MN: planer board

Gary_Gray:: which one Bruce

Chairman: Planer board rod preference for gary from earlier

Gary_Gray:: Quantum has a new 8 1/2 fter, specifically for Planner boards

Satch_MN: telescoping

Satch_MN: ?

Ristorapper: ?

Gary_Gray:: I used them last year, great action, and they are telescopic

Satch_MN: how $$

Gary_Gray:: they sell for around 50.00

Chairman: Thats good, hard to fit a 8 1\2 in my rod locker

Gary_Gray:: they collapse to about 7'

Satch_MN: have good eye's on the rod?

Chairman: That is a length I can handle.

Gary_Gray:: they have titanium guides

Satch_MN: 10 or so eyes

Gary_Gray:: I got kids chasing one down, so I can get you model #

Satch_MN: great

WarrenMN: Chat, you still have that ID tracer for here don't you

Gary_Gray:: Quantum, Affinity IM7, AFC80 AND IT IS A 8 FTER

Ristorapper: collapses to 7' makes sense my 8 1/2 collapse to 7 1/2

Satch_MN: Must work good coming out of the rod holders then

Chairman: I played with new rod holders this year. Called Driftmaster. nice to get rods out and they are strong

chatman:: yea those driftmasters are great

Gary_Gray:: easy to handle, and work a fish with. I just did not catch a lot of big fish last yr

WarrenMN: Where do they telescope at

WarrenMN: middle, base?

Ristorapper: usually right above the handle W

WarrenMN: ah

Gary_Gray:: forward of the reel

chatman:: well looks like our hour is about up

Satch_MN: thanks Gary for the input

Grape_Juice: hey skippy

Eyebanger(Oh): Thanks Gary

chatman:: really appreciate Gary taking the time to visit with us

Ristorapper: Thanks Gary

chatman:: and all he went through today just to get online

Gary_Gray:: I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas, and a Special Holiday season

Ristorapper: best wishes on the tour this season

Grape_Juice: Thanks Gary for the info Merry Xmas and good luck in 2005

Eyebanger(Oh): Want some snow Skip?

Gilligan: Take care Gary will be watchin for ya on top of the leaderboard

WarrenMN: thanks for the info Gary

Gary_Gray:: Thanks Gilligan, and hope your son is doing fine

Gary_Gray:: Thank you's for having me

chatman:: yes Fred, your son will be in our thoughts

chatman:: no prob freely

Chairman: See you soon Gary, Merry Christmas

Gilligan: Thanks guys! We will be holding Christmas late this season!

chatman:: have a great holiday everyone, I gotta go fill some
stockings ho ho ho

WarrenMN: Chair, I think the one guy's name down there was AJ Pratt

Gary_Gray:: Once I get up and running with new PC, I will be here more often

WarrenMN: you'll like the new computer

WarrenMN: Some one you know making it for you?

Gary_Gray:: yes

Gary_Gray:: Advent Computers

WarrenMN: Oh, I meant a friend or family

skipjack: no ice here

WarrenMN: how much memory

Eyebanger(Oh): No Ice here yet

Ristorapper: got plenty of ice here but I'm not that crazy to go out yet

Gary_Gray:: Well, Grandkids are here for their christmas, so I have to go, to All, good night

WarrenMN: night

Ristorapper: take care GG\

skipjack: nite

Gary_Gray: Logs Out


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