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2005 Online Chats
Online Chat with Ted Takasaki - 1/19/05 by Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson

Chatman: lets kick it off with a warm welcome for Ted Takasaki!!

Chatman: Hi WA

oldbuckbub: bx you got the capt with a

WarrenMN: clap clap clap

Satch_MN: clap,clap,clap

Fishnmagician: CLAO CLAP CLAP

Bx2(IL): Yaaaaaah. Hi Ted!!!!

Albe: Clap Clap Clap

dincler: clap clap

rangerguy: clap clap clap

eyeman_1: wish you would have made the O'Hare show last week.... it could use the help.... we missed you Ted...clap ......

Bx2(IL): Whistle whistle

Ted: Thank you

Chatman: Ted what ya got for us this season?

Ted: Lot's of new news

Chatman: i bet start anyplace

Ted: Munchies Thumpin' Ringworms for new product

Ted: Designed specifically for walleye guys

Ted: New Red Devil Spinners

Bx2(IL): What are they?

Ted: Soft Plastic ringworms

Ted: I'd like to invite everyone to this year's Walleye Masters Institute as well

Bx2(IL): Who makes them?

Satch_MN: ted, It was a good idea to have something closer to the west for the Walley Masters Institue in sioux falls. now some people don't have to drive 8+ hrs.

Ted: That was the idea

Setter: Ted,are they a good learning tool,the schools?

Ted: The registration is good for Chicago, but slow for Sioux Falls

Satch_MN: ted, is there still opening for sioux falls?

Ted: The schools are a great learning experience

Ted: Lots of opening for SF

Satch_MN: openings

Setter: I plan on making the Sioux Falls school,you'll be there right?

champ: ted are you doing sheboygan gander seminar

Ted: I will be at both schools

Ted: I won't be at Sheboygan this year

Setter: What will you cover Ted?

champ: that sucks

Ted: We're still working on the schedule

Ted: Different topics at both schools

dincler: Ted where do I get info on this school

Ted: It's too hard to get to Sheboygan right after the Institute in Chicago

champ: okay

Ted: Look on the front main page of walleye central

Setter: Ted,do you know Eric Naig?

Ted: I know Eric very well

champ: I do the Daves Lure booth and usualy waych your seminar

Setter: He is a great person,i'm from his area

tamos46 Logs in []

Chatman queries IP of tamos46

Ted: I agree, Eric is a class guy

Ted: Thank you for watching the seminars

champ: Ted this is Russell Gahagan you remember me from mwc i fish with dad George

Setter: He stays busy with Purefishing

Albe: http://www.walleyecentral.com/articles/?a=787

Ted: Hello Russell

champ: how have you been

Albe: Here is link to Institute

Chatman: thanks Albe

Ted: Way too busy, but I love what I do

champ: so do i

Ted: Thank you albe for the link

wallguy: ted how many tournys do you fish a year about?

Ted: Well this year I'll be fishing fewer than normal

Ted: 5 to 8 tournaments a year

Setter: Still do the PWT?

Ted: Well, tonight I'll announce that I'll be fishing FLW Walleye Tour

eyeman_1: interesting

Setter: Is that the old RCL?

Ted: No PWT this year

Chatman: excellent

Ted: That is the old RCL

Setter: I wish you the best of luck!!

Ted: You're all the first to know

Ted: Thanks

Satch_MN: i will be fishing all four as a co-angler. see ya on the tour ted!

champ: Ted let me know if you need something for Green Bay

Ted: It was just a question of 4 tournament vs. 6

wallguy: excellant stops on that flw tour

Ted: Introduce yourself to me

Setter: You get to fish Devils this year,I just got back from there Sat

Ted: I can always use a good tip or two

Ted: Devil's lake is an awesome fishery

champ: get your spinners ready

Setter: Huge,isn't it?

Ted: I love spinners

Ted: They're all big lake spots

champ: what are your favorite blades

Ted: Hatchet and colorado

Setter: What # test do you use on your spinners Ted?

Ted: 12 or 14 pound test magnathin

Chatman: yes tell us about some of your favorite blade techniques

champ: big blades at green bay ted

Ted: Yipper I agree

Ted: change speed

Bx2(IL): I'll be fishing for walleyes in Rainy Lake for the first time 3rd week in August. What is the best method there for that time of year?

Ted: fish the main lake humps - jig and minnow

Ted: Lindy rigs too

Bx2(IL): OK. I'll do just that. Thanks.

Ted: look for fish on your electronics

champ: ted you have any tips for spring valley on march

Ted: most of them will be eyes'

Ted: spring valley in march is excellent

Ted: as long as there's good visibility

Ted: max gap jig/minnow or plastic grub

Setter: Teb,will you have some of your tapes at Sioux Falls,are they in DVD?

Ted: vertical jig flats

eyeman_1: how about bull shoals..... my did just moved there a few years ago....lives off howard creek arm...tough fishery

champ: up or doown

Ted: I'll have a brand new DVD available in 3 weeks

Setter: On what please?

Ted: Bull shoals has a ton of walleyes in it

Ted: The DVD will be on shallow water eyes and structure fish

eyeman_1: hes just begun to get into a few

Ted: Rivers will be covered in depth as well

oldbuckbub: tell more about the ringworm and how and when you use in w erie

Ted: every where I marked fish in 25 to 35 feet, the Aqua Vu showed walleyes

Albe: Why can't I get 2004 PWT from Video Club. They said it is discontinued and cannot get any more

Satch_MN: what would be a good rod setup for 3 way's?

Ted: The Thumpin' Ringworm works great on the Detroit River

dincler: Ted Fishing LCumberland,KY How do I start out?

Ted: The 2004 PWT isn't out yet as far as I know

Ted: Haven't been to cumberland yet, but I would guess spinners/bottom bouncers on the points

Setter: Teb,were you just up in Ontario ice fishing with Pete M??

Ted: yes...I was with Pete. 20 degrees below zero no wind chill

eyeman_1: we connected about the same depths but also deeper in August off the Dam face using riggers and spinners

Ted: hi juls

Setter: Hi Juls,Ryan Hale here

Albe: Hi Juls

Chatman: HI Juls

Juls_OH: Hi ya Ted!! Sorry I'm late....

Ted: Juls, you missed my big announcement

Chatman: ohh no yellow lol

Chatman: hard to read

eyeman_1: i'm blind

Juls_OH: Hi All

Juls_OH: sorry about that

WarrenMN: ah, much better

eyeman_1: thanks

Satch_MN: ah

paulsbox: Ted, What sonar do you recommend?

Ted: You guys are pretty sophisticated with all the color

Ted: Most of the depth finders today are good.

rangerguy: What low profile reel would recomend for bottom bouncin?

Ted: The key is to find one in your price range that has sufficient top to bottom pixels

Ted: I run Bottomline and it's done well for me over the year

paulsbox: Thanks!

Ted: The Pflueger Trion has been indestructible for me

Ted: The new President is smooth as silk

eyeman_1: does it have a flippin switch

Ted: Right and left hand reel is a great feature of the President

Satch_MN: what did you get for mph out of that ranger with the verado?

Ted: Does not have a flippin switch...I've been talking them about adding it

tamos46 Logs Out

Ted: Trions had one and then took it off.

eyeman_1: that would make it real interesting then

Ted: 621 with Verado

Ted: 61mph by myself half tank gas

Satch_MN: ok

Ted: 57 mph 2 people half tank

smallie Logs Out

Ted: 54 mph 2 peopl full tank tournament loaded full live well

Ted: It's an awesome machine!

Ted: So quiet you can't tell its running

Bx2(IL): Wow. Talk about power trolling. LOL

Ted: digital shift is more important than people think

Chatman: how does that work

Ted: it's quieter than a kicker

Ted: digital shift is smooth and easy to use...no cables to bind

Chatman: oh so it shifts by wire

Ted: its a wire that tells the motor to shift..it's like playing a video game

Chatman: yea i get it

Ted: electronically

Ted: no moving parts

Bx2(IL): Can't hear it at all when you're going faster than sound. LOL

rangerguy: I was led to believe the fuel economy on the Verados is not up to expectations-comments?

WarrenMN: Is that part of the 2000 NMEA or a Merc thing

Ted: my experience with the Verado was no worse or better than my optimax

Ted: optimax was lots better than efi

Ted: Digital shift is just a great feature

Juls_OH: Ted, are you fishing all 6 PWT's this year? Sorry if someone asked this already....

dincler: Do know if they are going to make it in the135HP 150 ?

Ted: that was my announcement

Chatman: we forgive you LOL

Ted: I'm joining you on the FLW

Juls_OH: lol...sorry...;-)

Ted: it will be available down to 135 soon

Juls_OH: TOO COOL!!!!!!!!! Glad to hear that!!!!!!!

Ted: I'm excited

Juls_OH: You will enjoy the experience...;-)

Ted: Television coverage was the key

Juls_OH: Rick says he's looking forward to bumping heads with you again...lol

Ted: change in format was important as well

Juls_OH: I agree

Juls_OH: I like the new format a lot

Ted: Tell Rick hi and I'm looking forward to seeing you guys this year

Setter: format change?

Juls_OH: will do

Ted: 3 days then cut

eyeman_1: That is cool... I'll get to see both of you at the final weigh in on Erie....we arrive that Sat

Ted: total all 4 days weight

Setter: How many to day 4?

Juls_OH: 10

Ted: 10

Juls_OH: whoops..sorry, this is your chat...lol

Ted: that's okay

Setter: Does the FWL fill at 200 teams?

WarrenMN: amatuer

Ted: i believe it will be limited to 150

Juls_OH: 150 tops

WarrenMN: How will the amatuers fit in

Juls_OH: stand alone championship is a winner too

Ted: pro am just like PWT

Juls_OH: same as always warren....

WarrenMN: final day

Ted: no doubt the reduced field championship was important as well

Setter: So the am's will get 3 days right?

Ted: I wish there was the same cash though

Juls_OH: only during regular season tournaments....at the championship they go only to day three

WarrenMN: ah

Juls_OH: you will get 70 for first with your ranger ted....;-) not too shabby

butch: sorry but i just came in and am wonder what tournament your talking about

Ted: no doubt

Juls_OH: FLW Walleye Tour

butch: thanks

Albe: Do you use any segmented leadcore for trolling. What length for 35'?

Ted: I'll miss the PWT...it's a first class circuit

Ted: 3 colors segmented will work as long as you go slow

butch: Is this ted t.

Juls_OH: yepper

35 feet probably an additional 100 feet

butch: your not going to fish the pwt anylonger

Fishnmagician: GJ

Grape_Juice: Hi FM

Bx2(IL): Hi GJ

Ted: I always reserve the option to go back

butch: of course

Ted: I've talked to Charlie Moore at PWT and left on good terms

Juls_OH: cool

Bx2(IL): Don't burn your bridges.

Ted: As long as they'll take me back

butch: I dont think that anybody of you stature to walleye fishing could leave in anything but good terms

Juls_OH: you sure are bringing in a good crowd tonight Ted....been a long time since the chat was this full...lol

Ted: I really pondered over this decision

oldbuckbub: but why more $$$$$$$

Ted: dollars aren't always the key to making decisions

oldbuckbub: no but it helps lol

Setter: Ten,who is the best stick you've fished with,a mentor?

Setter: Ted,sorry

Ted: Good question....probably Spence Petros

Bx2(IL): Hi Eye

Eyebanger(Oh): Hi room

WarrenMN: Hi EB

intresting: Ted If a guy wish to get to point to get on Little lindy Joe pro staff what do you look for in qualifications

Setter: Never heard of Spence

Juls_OH: Ted, what new Lindy products have come out for 2005 that you are excited about?

Ted: Spence was an editor with Fishing Facts

Ted: Pro staff is tough

Setter: thank-you

Chatman: what is Spence up to these day

Ted: You'd need to rise above the crowd

Ted: I get resumes and requests everyday

Ted: Munchies Thumpin' Grubs and Ringworms

Ted: I shot 2 awesome shows on the Mississippi

Ted: River this past fall only using plastics

Setter: What pool?

Ted: Grubs and ringworms

Ted: Below redwing

WarrenMN: Ted, one of the guys that comes on here, Swede (real Swede) was talking about MORMUSKAS OR THE MICRO-SIZED BALANCED JIGS

Juls_OH: when can we expect to see the show? And, what channel will it be broadcast on?

WarrenMN: Is there an equal here

Chatman: maramushkas!!

Chatman: I use those

Ted: The closest Lindy has is the Genz Bug

WarrenMN: Swede showed a nice Swedish sight on those

Ted: Gillespies show already aired

Ted: Winkelman will be on feb/march

Juls_OH: HOLY COW!!! hehehe just kidding...;-) sorry I missed it

Satch_MN: I have learned some good fishing tips from your web site. Good info.

Juls_OH: ok, I'll watch for Babe's show

Ted: OLN with winkelman good fishing

arkansas_dave Logs Out

Ted: I always try to give everything I know

Ted: The genz bug is an awesome ice fishing jig

Bx2(IL): What's your web address?

Ted: www.lindyfishingtackle.com

Bx2(IL): Thanks. I'll check it out.

Setter: Ted,do you make the No Snagg sinkers in a 3 or 4oz size?

Ted: my personal site is www.walleyecentral.com/takasaki

Ted: no NOSNAGG's in 3 or 4 oz.

Bx2(IL): I'll check that out too.

Ted: 1 oz is the largest

Setter: Thanks

Juls_OH: Ted, are you going to have a booth at the Indianapolis boat/sport/travel show? Rick and I will be there on the 25th and 26th of Feb., so I thought it would be fun to drop in if you did have one

Ted: Nothing at Indianapolis Lindy doesn't do many consumer shows

Juls_OH: thats what I thought....had to ask though...;-)

WarrenMN: Ted, you in northern Minnesota

arlen_mitchel Leaves Subroom

Ted: I live in Brainerd

WarrenMN: thought, how did you do

Ted: 2 hours north of the twin cities

WarrenMN: last week

WarrenMN: Forest Lake here

WarrenMN: cold?

eyeman_1 Logs Out

butch: has it been cold enough for you ted

Ted: 38 below zero no windchill

Juls_OH: brrrrrrrr

Setter: Ted,Juls,wish you the best of luck on the FLW this year.I sure would like to fish an event someday.

Ted: car exhaust doesn't rise at 38 below

Juls_OH: thanks setter

WarrenMN: little more and the propane don't work

Ted: Juls I thought you fished them

butch: the boat dosnt float to well either

WarrenMN: -45

Setter: On Devils last week Ted,we had a heck of a time just getting the propane to burn!!!

Juls_OH: huh?

WarrenMN: -45 propane stops boiling

WarrenMN: it stays a liquid

Ted: sorry..I looked at setters remark

Juls_OH: lol....i see

Chatman: shoot its 20 in Detroit and everyone whines LOL

Chatman: not 20 below either

Juls_OH: we had a heat wave today....32 felt good

WarrenMN: LOL

Ted: my fingers are typing faster that i can think

Juls_OH: lol

Chatman: did you have snow Juls?

Setter: Take care everyone,again good luck

Ted: thanks

Juls_OH: couple of inches....

butch: will you be fishing anything other than the FLW ted

Chatman: yea us too no biggie

Ted: not this year...maybe a musky tournament

WarrenMN: Lot of people cutting back this year?

Ted: I dont' think so...I've just got too many irons in the fire right now

WarrenMN: Doc is saying he's going too

butch: I saw you a couple times last year once at spring valley and then i talked to you briefly at Bay De Noc

Satch_MN: good luck to you ted and juls see ya on the tour. night all!

Ted: thanks

arlen_mitchel: ted my son was with u on the 53.2 day ill never forget the phone call that nite mitch

Juls_OH: night Satch

butch: My brother fished with you at Sault St. Marie a few years ago

Ted: jan was a great partner a day i'll never forget

Ted: Sault st. marie was tough for me

intresting: Good Luck see you in FLW this year TED night Butch see you next week

Ted: thanks

butch: The day you fished with i think you had boat problems

Juls_OH: that was a day a lot of us won't forget! It was an awesome basket....we all wish and fish for days like that...;-)

Ted: That's hard to believe cuz i runa ranger

butch: ok motor probems

Juls_OH: lol

butch: lol

Ted: I honestly haven't had any breakdowns (knock on wood)

Ted: I'll never blame poor performance on equipment

butch: thats good

Ted: You have to have close and far spots

Juls_OH: Are you going to fish any team tournaments with your daughter in the future, or does she just like to go fun fishing with papa?

Ted: She would like to fish a tournament or two

Ted: Maybe...

butch: i fished the MWC last year we had 2nd place at the end of day one

Juls_OH: that's great!

Albe: IE crashed. Going to try Foxfire now for the rest of the chat.

butch: That would be great to see your daughter carry on a family tradition in tournamnet fishing

WarrenMN: later folks.

Ted: She likes fishing, but loves horses

Juls_OH: Yeah! I would like to see more women doing this

Ted: good night

WarrenMN Logs Out

Juls_OH: nite warren

Bx2(IL): Bye Warren

Juls_OH: ohhhhhhhhh she sounds just like me! I love horses too!

Bx2(IL): It would be good to have more women pros.

Mahumba: Made it back! Whew!

Ted: i didn't know that

Ted: she likes arabians

Ted: I agree on the women pros...we need more like juls

Juls_OH: when I was little i wanted to raise horses when I grew up, but then reality hit me and I found out I had to have money to do that...hahahah

Ted: yup i agree...they eat alot

Juls_OH: lol

butch: but you dont need money to fish?

butch: lol

Juls_OH: priorities my friend....lol

butch: thats right

butch: thats been my biggest hurdel for tournament fishing is the funding

Bx2(IL): You could fish from your horse!

Mahumba: Chatman, Will this chat be copied somewhere so i can read it from the start?

Juls_OH: if you thought fishing was expensive....try raising horses!

Ted: Juls is right

Juls_OH: I could Bx2....in a wading river...lol

Juls_OH: do you have horses Ted?

Bx2(IL): I almost bought a couple, then I figured out the $$$ part. So I bought a boat instead.

butch: well im going to continue to try and grow my tournament fishing for now

Ted: Kristi goes over to her FFA advisor's farm

Juls_OH: good for her....keep it up

dog Logs Out

Ted: tournament funds need to be built up slowly at your own pace

Ted: should never fish to make enough money to get home

butch: for now i plan to fish smaller tournaments and hopefully buy the time my kids reach high school i can get into it full bore

arlen_mitchel: are u booked up on prefish at cumberland

Ted: that's the way

Ted: i won't be at cumberland

arlen_mitchel: ok

Ted: how's it going arlen

Ted: I'll be at the FLW this year

Juls_OH: he will be at Bull Shoals

Chatman: well gang that was a quick hour

butch: Have you ben spending any time on the ice ted

Juls_OH: wow...its gone already? that was fast

Bx2(IL): Already??

Ted: lots of fun lof

arlen_mitchel: very good heading to sanibel is in 3 weeks going to try for some reds

Juls_OH: I've got to run....

Ted: forgive my internet ignorance, but what is lol

Mahumba: Darn......Will it be copied somewhere, Chatman?

Chatman: yes Roger

butch: laugh out loud

Juls_OH: Rick's on the phone and the new puppy has to go out....now!

Ted: reds are awesome

Ted: that's what i thought

Ted: dont' eat any yellow snow

Juls_OH: Ted, good luck this year, and again...it will be great to see you on the tour! See you soon!

Chatman: I just want to thank Ted for spending the hour with us

Ted: see ya and good night

Juls_OH Logs Out

Ted: foods waiting at the table

butch: good night ted and juleas

Xtra12: Thanks Ted

Mahumba: lol? I thought it was the sound that someone makes when their tongue is hanging out of the side of their mouth!

Bx2(IL): Thanks for the tips Ted. Have a peaceful night

Ted: thank you!

Xtra12 Logs Out

Ted Logs Out


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