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2005 Online Chats
2/2/05 - Chat with Doc Samson by Bruce Samson

Doc_Samson Logs in 

Camoking: hello Doc

WarrenMN: Hi Bruce, no perchie yet

WarrenMN: oops

kenb: Hi Doc

Doc_Samson: hi guys and gals

Washington_Walleyes: Hello Doc.

skipjack: hey doc

Bx2(IL): Hi Doc

Chatman: Hi doc

Albe: Hi Doc

Chatman: and everyone else

Albe: Hi Doc

Doc_Samson: Albe you are everywhere

butch: hello everyone

WarrenMN: HI Butch

Chatman: give it a few and i will kick us off

Chatman: hi wa

Washington_Walleyes: Hello

Albe: got to be when your teachin'

butch: hows it going albe

butch: and warren

Chatman: albe you are no slouch either

Albe: Location of GPS antenna - console or near transducer

Doc_Samson: transducer

Albe: thats what I thought

Doc_Samson: But 6 ft doesn't make much difference

Chatman: ok everyone

Chatman: lets all give a warm welcome for doc samson!!!

Fishnmagician: CLAP CLAP CLAP

WarrenMN: clap clap clap clap clap palc

kenb: WHoo hooo

butch: clap clap clap

Camoking: yahoo

Washington_Walleyes: Yeah!

skipjack: yeaaaaaaa

Doc_Samson: very good

Albe: clap clap clap

Bx2(IL): Hey hey !!!

rangerguy: CLAP CLAP CLAP

Chatman: doc has had lots cooking since last we talked

Chatman: lets start out with doc telling us what is new and go from there

Doc_Samson: electronics is changing fast which is good i like challenges

Albe: Learned some things when I listened to you on WYLL

Chatman: please hold your questions for a few minutes

Doc_Samson: what did you learn?

Doc_Samson: oops

Chatman: while doc tells about his dvd and seminar

cfwalleye: evening all

Chatman: no doc you can ask whatever you want you are the boss lol

Doc_Samson: Lowrance Schools are my big focus this year

Doc_Samson: 7 hours of Lowrance/Eagle training

Doc_Samson: I joined up with Bill Diedrich to produce the Lowrance School

Dan(oh): HELLO ALL

Chatman: hi dan

Doc_Samson: He has been giving electronic seminars for 30 years

Doc_Samson: I have a schedule on www.hightechfishing.com and you are all invited

Chatman: isnt bill from infisherman

jms: When will the Lowrance Instructional DVD part 2 be out?

Doc_Samson: My Lowrance DVD has been a big hit and if any of you want to say anything about the DVD and the School speak up

Doc_Samson: I received the final edit today and haven't looked at it

Chatman: heck the dvd is great

Doc_Samson: Part 2 will next go to the printer

Doc_Samson: Bill writes for In-Fish

Albe: Can't wait for it

Doc_Samson: I did DVD 2 last winter but have trouble making it clear enough

Chatman: doc where are the seminars going to be held

jms: What do you mean clear?

Doc_Samson: I received my Lowrance map card with FHS on it today

Doc_Samson: It has bull Shoals and Cumberland for my PWT tournaments

Doc_Samson: DVD 2 when copied was fuzzy when played for some technical reason

Chatman: guys shoot your questions

Doc_Samson: Schools will be at Lakeville,MN Gander

Doc_Samson: Joe's St Paul

Doc_Samson: Reeds Walker

Doc_Samson: Minnetonka

Washington_Walleyes: How deep is to deep?

butch: do the new lowrance units come with instructional pc disks

jms: Is your schedule for the schools listed on your site?

Doc_Samson: Nope, I have the only in depth one that I know of

Doc_Samson: School schedule and registration are on www.hightechfishing.com

kenb: Doc - How much do you attribute your success as a tournament fisherman to your "technical prowess" vs. fishing skill?

butch: are you fishing all 6 pwt events this year

Doc_Samson: both are equal

Doc_Samson: I have always had my face in a sonar and collected every paper map available

jms: Are those locations for semiars  or where we can find the DVD?

Doc_Samson: I will fish all 6 PWT and Wave Wackers

kenb: So - being well informed about the water system structure is just as important as technique?

Bx2(IL): I have a Humminbird NS25 Sonar/GPS. I haven't used it very much. I want to send for a C-Map chip for WI, MN & IA. with hot spots in it. Any comments about this unit?

butch: is there any one tournament on the pwt that you feal better about than the rest ?

Doc_Samson: Those locations are for seminars. Reeds, Joes, Scheels, Thorne Bros, Capras carry the DVD besides my site

Doc_Samson: Oahe I like the best

Doc_Samson: I haven't been to Fox Chain, Sault St Marie, or Cumberland

butch: last year was the first time i got to use a lowrance color unit those things are awsome

Chatman: doc also has a real good video on boat control

kenb: On a new system, how much prefishing will you do before the event?

Doc_Samson: I have very little experience with Hummingbird, sorry

rangerguy: Is the new X-20 going to be replacing the X-18 and the X-19?

Grape_Juice: Hello Doc and everyone

Bx2(IL): OK. Thanks any how Doc.

Chatman: hi grape

Doc_Samson: I like to get in at least 5 days of pre fishing

Bx2(IL): Hey GJ

Doc_Samson: The x-20 replaces the x-18

Doc_Samson: I did use a Hummingbird flasher 10 years ago!

kenb: Can you talk breifly about resolution vs. power and what you feel is the most important when looking for a new unit?

butch: i could hardly believe it but out on leech lake we where jigging with 3/8 oz jigs with red tails and we could see our jigs in 55' of water

Doc_Samson: Most units have enough power now days, so vertical pixel count is more important

Albe: how high should Colorline be set

jms: How will you prepare for these lakes before you get to them...anything, or do you just head out and prefish?

kenb: Is target separation a function of power or pixels?

Doc_Samson: However the pixel counts are good on most higher end units. I like a minimum of 480 vertical

Doc_Samson: target separation is a function of both

butch: isnt target seperation afected alot by cone angle of the transducer

Doc_Samson: I prepare for lakes by calling people who have been ther. get the best maps, and drive around the lake with the boat alot

jms: As you drive are you hunting for just fish or are you lokking for structure?

Dan(oh): Do you work with other fisherman?

Doc_Samson: cone angles are larger with low freq transducers which have poorer resolution because the wavelength is wider

Doc_Samson: when driving I am looking at bottom content, fish, and structure

kenb: Do you recommend a dual freq unit for tournament fisherman, or just a 200khz?

Doc_Samson: I like to work with one guy. I have worked with Mike Peluso when he had time

Driftr: howdy folks

MapnSD: Hi Driftr

Doc_Samson: I recommend 200 only unless you use downriggers for all my freshwater fishing

butch: due you  run a dual counsal boat or a walk thrue

jms: How can you get such a good picture when your going 33-35 mph (DVD part 1)? Is this common or have you made some kind of modification to you transducer?

Doc_Samson: I am working with Brett King of Smooth Moves in the PWT East this year

rangerguy: Do through-the-hull transducers work as well as the transom mount?

Doc_Samson: walk thru

Doc_Samson: I have no special things to make the high speed reading

butch: we run the same boat and i sometimes find it hard to controlin the wind

Doc_Samson: I do have aCrestliner whcih has a smooth bottom but I don't know how much that helps

Doc_Samson: Thru hull transducers work if they have no air bubbles, I have little experience with them

Driftr: the smooth bottom of a Crestliner is a great help

Doc_Samson: I have had 2 and one didn't work well

butch: what are some good tips for boat control in the wind with a walk thru

butch: i find the windshield acts like a bit of a sail

Doc_Samson: Give me an example on wind and which part of the boat I will be using to controll the boat

butch: quarter trolling a break with kicker motor

Doc_Samson: the windshield does catch more wind but it is manageable

Doc_Samson: If I troll a break I will be on the bow trolling motor

butch: i sometimes put a drift sock out the back but i have heard of other things you can do with a drift sock to help

Doc_Samson: I use a Minn Kota Maxxum with 101lbs thrust

Doc_Samson: I use drift socks out the back to slow the boat when I am trolling with the main engine

butch: do you ever use drift socks off the bow while forward trolling

Doc_Samson: If you use a kicker to push the boat into a quartering wind it will always be difficult

WarrenMN: Bruce, do you want to mention that TR-1

Doc_Samson: I have used them off the bow, either one or two but I found it difficult to steer compared to socks off the back and the boat stayed on course better

Doc_Samson: I use the TR-1 when ever I am trolling except for precision contour trolling

butch: last year i was jigging deap water had a north south break the wind was from the south with gusts from the south west is there anything i could have done to help keep the boat moveing slow and stay on the break

Doc_Samson: The TR-1 is an auto pilot for the kicker

Washington_Walleyes: Doc,How do you fish deep clear waters.

Albe: Do you ever run drift socks off the side cleats

Doc_Samson: I would have back trolled into the wind Butch

Doc_Samson: I fish deep clear waters by first looking for fish deep,deep

kenb: Better have some splashguards or you're gettin wet!!

Doc_Samson: I have Wave Wackers

Washington_Walleyes: What do you call deep?

Chatman: doc i want to hear more about the seminar

Doc_Samson: I use socks on the side cleats when I am drifting

butch: we tried that but but couldnt get the boat up on the breakto work it up and down the boat wouldnt turn into the gusts without moveing to fast

Doc_Samson: My deepest walleye waqs 67 ft

butch: 55 feet

Doc_Samson: I have caught many 40-60 ft in the fall

Washington_Walleyes: Thanks.

jms: Doc, what will you have on this years boat for electronics?

Doc_Samson: Butch when you have those conditions the goal is to stay vertical and fish slow, watch the sonar always and anticipate the wind

butch: thanks doc

Doc_Samson: I plan on lowrance 111cs

Bx2(IL): I will be fishing Rainy Lake the third week of August. How deep should I look?

butch: we had a chance at a big check and i blew it on the boat control on day 2

Doc_Samson: I want the hard drive even tho I don't know what I will be able to do with it!!

Doc_Samson: Rainy, I would look from 3-30

kenb: That means you're a geek!  (and proud of it, I bet!)

Bx2(IL): OK. Thanks. I'll do that.

WarrenMN: LOL

jms: Will you run with three 111?

Doc_Samson: i think so but I may have only two in the boat as I have have found I can see them easily from everywhere

Washington_Walleyes: Have you ever fished out west Doc?

kenb: Good question WW

Doc_Samson: The guy in the back can see the depth on the one in the bow

Doc_Samson: Montana

Doc_Samson: I fished in the Columbia when I went to school there in 1974

WarrenMN: Bruce the discussion the other night was about running the one up front and the one on the transom and interference

Doc_Samson: I didn't fish for walleyes but caught some sturgeon

Washington_Walleyes: Not many eyes here in 74.

Doc_Samson: I use 200 khz transducers so I will get interfernece unless I am in shallow water

WarrenMN: Is there a way around it or best to just shut one off

Washington_Walleyes: But they are now.LOL

Doc_Samson: You can change the ping speeds so one is different than the other which does help

Washington_Walleyes: Hey there Smallie.

Doc_Samson: Time for a little 3d

Albe: I know the max ping speed is 33, do you divide the % ping speed into that and that is your new ping speed

WarrenMN: Thought the server crashed

butch: so do you run both units when your fishing all the time or do you useually just run one

Doc_Samson: #D is a software that creates depth contour maps from your chart recordings

jms: Not to jump back in the conversation but, why don't you fish with others? It seems like most guys out there are a member of a four man team.

Doc_Samson: I usually turn one off

kenb: You talkin about 3DField?

Bx2(IL): Hi Denny

MapnSD: Doc - do you scan and plot your own waypoints before you start looking for structure?

Doc_Samson: I like not having too many as you can't be as personal

smalliecatcher: Hi had to come to a site that works

butch: can you give us some basics on the maps

Doc_Samson: Yes, I make waypoints off interesting structure on maps so I don't have to look for them

Bx2(IL): Yep. Payy attention to Doc smallie. He's a sharp guy.

Doc_Samson: Better yet I have all the maps on my computer hooked to my GPS in the boat

Doc_Samson: #DField is right $90 and you can make a map in under 3 minutes

Doc_Samson: 3D

jms: Is the software on your computer LakeMaster or MapCreate

MapnSD: Do you have a computer in your boat?

Doc_Samson: MapCreate, LakeMaster, and Fugawi

Chatman: doc is there a serial cable to hook my x15 to my laptop or how does that work

Doc_Samson: I have a ruggedized Panasonic in the boat with a wireless display

WarrenMN: Bruce, would you like a link to the USA today article

Chatman: to use the gps on the moving map program like fugwai

Doc_Samson: both took the beating all last year and I use it for seminars in the winter

Doc_Samson: sure Warren

WarrenMN: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/techinnovations/2004-05-25-walleye_x.htm

WarrenMN: be carefull guys

WarrenMN: some of you it may not open a secound window

WarrenMN: and pop you out of here for a sec

Chatman: hi eye

Doc_Samson: Chat I hook the NMEA wires from the Lowrance to a serial cable and then connect it to my lap

Washington_Walleyes: Hey banger.

Chatman: i see

Doc_Samson: Warren hooked it up for me BLESS HIM

Eyebanger(Oh): Hello all

kenb: Doc - Just want to put a plug in for Warren - he is the greatest!

Chatman: lol hes the man

WarrenMN: ah geez

Bx2(IL): Hi eye!

Doc_Samson: He is the man

Doc_Samson: Back to #D

Chatman: if you guys didnt kne Warren is a specialist in the map emd of things

jms: I gotta meet this WarrenMN guy

butch: is there a standard adapter to conect a lowrance to a pc then

kenb: that's an understatement!

Dan(oh): night all

Dan(oh): thanks Doc

WarrenMN: night Dan

Chatman: bye dan

Washington_Walleyes: Have a good one dan.

Doc_Samson: If you record a log on Lowrance and play it in the SonarViewer you can use this data to make a depth contour map. It is the future and I don't sell #D or know the Russian that made it

Doc_Samson: 3DField

kenb: Can you go through the steps briefly?

Doc_Samson: There is no standard adapter but Warren can explain and I will rest my fingers

kenb: You output the csv from the sonarviewer, right?

WarrenMN: yeah ken

Doc_Samson: right

kenb: (helping you along) :)

WarrenMN: If you go into the sonar viewer there will be a CSV out put

Doc_Samson: then open the csv in the 3DField

WarrenMN: but make sure you have the 1.2.2 vers

kenb: 1.2.2 of the sonar viewer

butch: on the pc right

WarrenMN: Any one need to know where the Sonar Viewer is at

Chatman: yea i found that out about the latest vesrion of sonar viewer

WarrenMN: http://www.lowrance.com/Software/PCSoftware/sonar_viewer.asp

kenb: Yes - get the SLG off of your MMC or SD card out of the lowrance

Bx2(IL): Smallie: Back to page 1 ??

WarrenMN: Then in 3D you open that file

Chatman: hey guys look at the time

WarrenMN: Bruce?

Chatman: man is it going fast

Doc_Samson: yes

Fishnmagician: wow.. i'am lost

Chatman: doc can you stick around to finish your thoughts

WarrenMN: Give them the emulator link

Grape_Juice: Thanks Doc great talk

WarrenMN: ?

guest: thanks for all the info

jms: Thanks Doc

Doc_Samson: I explain 3D mapping at the Lowrance Schools and demonstrate it

Washington_Walleyes: Thanks Doc.

WarrenMN: http://www.lowrance.com/Software/PCSoftware/demos.asp

Albe: Thanks Doc

Bx2(IL): T Y Doc.

WarrenMN: Doc, your web page

Chatman: we can have doc on again to continue there is a lot of ground to cover with this new technology

rangerguy: Thanks Doc

kenb: Thanks a bunch Doc - good luck and Godspeed this season!

MapnSD: Doc - The next time your in SD stop in and we will talk Oahe. Thanks for the chat !!!

Chatman: www.hightechfishing.com

butch: thanks doc it was a great time

Doc_Samson: My pleasure

WarrenMN: thanks for coming

mitchel: doc ur an american idol

Chatman: ok guys i gitta split

butch: warren i have a couple questions for you latter

Albe: Have a great tournamaent season Doc

WarrenMN: no problem

Fishnmagician: nite PJ

Chatman: lol mitchell

Chatman: see ya guys

Grape_Juice: nite PJ

WarrenMN: night PJ

Doc_Samson: I will do this again next winter if you want

Bx2(IL): BYE, and Thanks for hosting Doc.

Grape_Juice: great Doc

Doc_Samson Logs Out

chatman Logs Out


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