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2005 Online Chats
2/23/05 - Online Chat with Navionics Jeff Brodeur by Jeff Brodeur of Navionics

Jeff@Navionics Logs in

Bx2(IL): Hi all. A little early eh?

Jeff@Navionics: I'm on time!

cleepshaw: Hi guys! Anybody there?

Jeff@Navionics: Ha! I forgot it was Central time!

"cleepshaw: OH YEAH, now I see the CST thing myself!"

Bx2(IL): That'll get ya everytime.

"cleepshaw: Jeff - are we talkin now, or are we comin back later?"

Bx2(IL): Jeff: I gotta leave in about 10 minutes. Can you answer a question objectively?

Jeff@Navionics: Go ahead...Sorry chattin w/ Johnny Candle

Bx2(IL): That's OK. I bought a Humminbird NS25 and it takes C-MAP chips. How does C-MAP compare with Navionics?

Jeff@Navionics: Inland? It depends. On general It doesn't. Very few lakes. Even the C-Map folks will admit they aren;t really strong players in the walleye market.

"Jeff@Navionics: In Illinois, they have about 23 lakes. If yours is on there, it will work ok, but they just don't have the hardware base inland to justify a lot of investment in the inland market."

"Bx2(IL): That's what I was afraid of. When I bought it I got a great price. Didn't even think of using mapping chips, but of course I changed my mind. They have a chip that is supposed to have hot spots built into it, but haven't bought it yet."

"Bx2(IL): Looking at chip for IA, MN & WI"

"cleepshaw: Jeff - We talked last fall about the problem I had getting my XL Gold charts to cold boot on my Lowrance 4000 M. I have since upgraded to a 6000 C, and have the same problem. Anything new on that issue?"

"Jeff@Navionics: Check out their website under SuperLakes. Make sure the waters you want to fish are there. If they are, Its not bad stuff. Not sure if its worth the $150 price tag tho."

Bx2(IL): That's what I was wondering. Thanks much. I gotta go. Glad you were here early.

Rusty_McCan: Jeff are you open for questions right now or should we wait for the chat

Jeff@Navionics: anyone doing any hardwater stuff?

"cleepshaw: Jeff - I got cut off back there, so pardon my repeating myself. I was just wondering if their is any update to the cold boot issue I discussed with you last Fall. My XL Gold chart will not boot up in my Lowrance unless I insert the try with the unit on."

Jeff@Navionics: Yeah...Thats a mystery to us. that problem occurred after a software update from Lowrance. Pretty strange. I have heard that they are aware of the problem and will offer a software patch to fix it soon.

Jeff@Navionics: Its especially strange since it is intermittent

"cleepshaw: Yeah, since we talked I upgraded my 4000M to a 6000C and still have the same issue."

Jeff@Navionics: i wish I had an easy solution.

"Jeff@Navionics: Our friends in Tulsa will fugure it out. If it is determined there is action needed on our part, we will do our best to fix it, but I'm pretty sure they are addressing it."

"cleepshaw: Another question - are the new Hot Spot series maps different from the classics, or do they just have more coverage?"

WarrenMN: Every one is arriving early to get a seat

Jeff@Navionics: Lowrances engineers are the best in the biz. Its always a pleassure to work with them

Jeff@Navionics: Codfishing kicks in here soon

Jeff@Navionics: Need steaks for the freezer

WarrenMN: You on the coast Jeff

Jeff@Navionics: Yeah. Cape Cod

"WarrenMN: Ok, not warm as I was dreaming about then"

Den: lol

Jeff@Navionics: How a saltwater surfcaster became the Inland sales Manager beats me

"WarrenMN: LOL, you do some software too"

cleepshaw: Personality!

Jeff@Navionics: Caught and ate my first Walleye last year in Chamberlain

"WarrenMN: We haven't met, I do Doc's personal maps"

Jeff@Navionics: YUMMMMY

Jeff@Navionics: Hi Warren

Jeff@Navionics: Just shot doc an email not 10 mins ago

WarrenMN: Ok he'll be happy

Jeff@Navionics: Gotta keep Doc happy!

Jeff@Navionics: He's a guy you would like on your side

"WarrenMN: got a question, did you guys map Devils Lake or did you use the GF guys masters data"

Jeff@Navionics: that guy is a fanatic when it comes to electronics and mapping

"WarrenMN: yeah, he picks things up quick"

Jeff@Navionics: Yup

WarrenMN: I can't stay ahead of him

Jeff@Navionics: DF data

"WarrenMN: OK, wondered about that"

"Jeff@Navionics: But, we will most likely map it ourselves"

WarrenMN: I hope to when some responsibilities change

Jeff@Navionics: Any pros you guys would like to see on here for a chat?

"WarrenMN: REW, LOL"

Den: always

Jeff@Navionics: lol...

WarrenMN: poor guy

Den: what did he do to you?? lol

"WarrenMN: No, he was sick for the chat last time"

Den: ok

"Jeff@Navionics: Yeah, I got that much"

WarrenMN: Think he got the creeping crude that?s going around

"gilly: Just bought an iFinder H20 and live in MI- fish St. Clair River and Lake St. Clair. What would be my best bang for the buck as far as contours, details, etc- premium chip?"

chatman Logs in

WarrenMN: and here's PJ

Den: hi der chatmaan

chatman: yo gents

Albe: Hi PJ

"WarrenMN: PJ, I'm trying to do an article for Western Walleye on the Devils Lake map"

chatman: i knew albe would be here

chatman: hi steve

WarrenMN: Albe would still be here if he was on his death bad

Den: hi stevie

chatman: great WA

"Albe: Jee, how much of lake michigan is covered on the north series chip"

FreeByrd: Hello everyone

chatman: still gotta get that program

WarrenMN: HI FreeByrd

FreeByrd: Hey Den - you have many 2nds left?

gilly: Hey Jeff what can you tell me about the iFinder H20 and the best chip for SE MI

Jeff@Navionics: Sorry Gilly...Darned PWT guys won't leave me alone ;)

Den: yes steve

chatman: hi den didnt see ya

Den: hi pj

chatman: give it a few mins i will start us off ofishaly

"WarrenMN: Ok, question for every one"

"Albe: Jeff, how much of lake michigan is covered on the north series chip?"

chatman: sure wa

WarrenMN: has any one seen the transducer for the new side scan Humminbirds

gilly: Does the unit access only the info from the chip with regards

chatman: hang on a few min albe

"Jeff@Navionics: Two choices. XL3 For the East GL. Or Premium North. It really depends on how much time you spend OFF the GLs. If you only fish in that area, get the XL3"

FreeByrd: OK - I'll call tomorrow - need to buy a bunch of them to use this Sat as giveaways for something I'm doing for South Shore

Den: ok steve

FreeByrd: probably around 50 of them

Den: sounds good

Jeff@Navionics: Good crowd

Jeff@Navionics: Rabid walleye addicts.

Jeff@Navionics: I love it

WarrenMN: least Rabid

Den: very rabid this time of year

WarrenMN: Cabin fever brings it on I guess

Jeff@Navionics: Yeah...cleaning the reels and replacing hooks gets old after a bit

gilly: so Premium North would get me covered for both GL and inland lakes whereas XL3 is best for GL only?

"Jeff@Navionics: Not all of the GL, but almost all of the good stuff"

"Jeff@Navionics: If thats most important, get the XL3"

FreeByrd: Jeff - timing of Platinum release for Lake Erie? - saw the demo at Miami show last week on the Raymarine E Series - AWESOME!

Den: hi jim

Jeff@Navionics: actually...you might want to buy both just to be safe;)

Jeff@Navionics: In MIAMI? aren't you supposed to be suffering like the rest of your peers in the Midwest?

FreeByrd: I am - flew back to CLEVELAND late Sat night

Jeff@Navionics: Platinum. Couldn't say. Late summer?

WarrenMN: Any more jobs like yours

Driftr: no Walleyes in Miami

Den: hi Dan

chatman: well lets get it kicked off

chatman: everyone shut up a min LOL

Dan: even'n

chatman: gang lets give a big warm WC welcome for Jeff Broudeur from Navionics

Satch_MN: clap clap

WarrenMN: clap clap clap clap

FreeByrd: welcome Jeff

"Den: clap, clap"

Satch_MN: hello all

Albe: clap clap

Driftr: howdy Jeff

Jeff@Navionics: Glad to be here as always!

Jeff@Navionics: Good time of year to catch up

Jeff@Navionics: Lots of great stuff happening

chatman: Jeff anything new you would like to announce before you get bombarded with questions LOL

cleepshaw: Howdy Jeff - Howdy All!

chatman: hi cleep


Jeff@Navionics: It is the absolute best mapping available ANYWHERE

Jeff@Navionics: Also...new sponsorship for the PWT and Western Walleyes

Dan: Thanks for being here Jeff. Lets hear why it's the best

Jeff@Navionics: 3000 lakes

Jeff@Navionics: Rivers included

Jeff@Navionics: tons of Great lakes Coverage

chatman: you guys are on a roll jeff

Jeff@Navionics: 4 Huge Regions

Jeff@Navionics: And our exclusive HD surveys

Driftr: are the Great lakes included in the region

"Jeff@Navionics: If you guys haven't fished one of these maps, your head will spin"

Washington_Walleyes: Anything in the Pacific northwest?

Jeff@Navionics: Surveys completed in the past year to 1' contour intervals

Driftr: send me out a demo Jeff :D

Jeff@Navionics: Loads out West

"cleepshaw: Jeff - Do the Premium Hotmaps offer more detail or updates than the Classics, or do they just have more coverage?"

"Jeff@Navionics: oeur D'alene, Holter, Strawberry, Banks. All HD lakes in the West"

Jeff@Navionics: Cleep. All of the above

Dan: My dilemma. Live on the state line of ND & MN hard to convince the wife to spend $400 clams to have MN & ND

Jeff@Navionics: ESPECIALLY on the HD lakes. This level of detail is not available anywhere else (on paper or otherwise)

"wildgerman: when will you have detailed maps of Lake Sakakawea in North Dakota, also the map on Devils lake, what year was the shore line data taken from."

"Jeff@Navionics: Sorry Dan. I hear you, but they have to start and stop somewhere"

Washington_Walleyes: Please explain HD lakes.

Satch_MN: Beginner question: Does the wave point save to the MMC card or just to the unit?

Jeff@Navionics: Wild-We have included part of Sakak. The Devils lake data is less than 2 years old. From the new ND DF data

Dan: Thanks for your time I'll set back and listen for awhile. We appreciate your coming here!

Driftr: are Great Lakes included in a region or do you have to get a separate map for them

Jeff@Navionics: HD lakes are lakes that we have put boats on and actually surveyed. They are unparralled in detail and accuracy

cleepshaw: Jeff - Will you guys be offering any deals that would help me upgrade my Hotspots Classic to a Premium?

Jeff@Navionics: Way points save to the unit itself-not the Navionivcs card

wildgerman: What part of Lake Sakakawea will be on the map?

Jeff@Navionics: Driftr. Both. Complete coverage is in the XL# product. Very extensive coverage (most of the good fishing areas) in the Premium

Jeff@Navionics: Cleep. Your classic chart is worth $64.50 in trade. Call the 800-848-5896 # for details

Washington_Walleyes: Where can I find a list of HD lakes?

Washington_Walleyes: For Washington State.

Jeff@Navionics: Wild--would have to look. I think it is the southern part. put a thread on WEC general disc and I will study it for you

chatman: hi dennis

Sunshine: Yo

Jeff@Navionics: washington...website under hotmaps...HD lakes in RED

yukon_jack: jeff for navigation on lotw which chip do you recomend i have lms 480 m with hot spots chip but find it hard to navigate with

yukon_jack: detail is too small

Jimmy_Jig: Will the HotMaps Prem. load into my Lowrance H2O?

chatman: guys Sunshine is the reason Jeff is here he introduced him to me last year

Jeff@Navionics: The best for LOTW is the data on the West GL chart...code 1G900XL3

cleepshaw: Gracias Sunshine!

Jeff@Navionics: Hey Dennis!

Sunshine: Yes?

Jeff@Navionics: Jimmy...YES

Jeff@Navionics: wassup?

Jeff@Navionics: when you takin me fishing?

yukon_jack: thanks jeff

Jeff@Navionics: Hey Johnnie!

FreeByrd: hey JC

Sunshine: Jeff....how about letting us all in on what is in store for Navionics in the near future?

Johnnie_Candle: Hi All!

cleepshaw: Hey Johnnie!

Den: hi Johnnie

WarrenMN: There's a stranger

Sunshine: yo johnnie


Albe: Can I trade in a Wi or a MI or a Lake Michigan chip for a North Region chip

chatman: hi jonnie its perchjerker

"Jeff@Navionics: Platinum. Don't know when, but were talking overhead photos, true 3d contouring, and improved port services. It is truly unbelievable stuff"

Jeff@Navionics: space age

ETT: this year???

Jeff@Navionics: Albe. Yup. Call the 800-848-5896 #. They will walk you through it

Jeff@Navionics: ETT...unlikely. But you never know;)

Sunshine: Will we be able to use your product on our computer soon?

Jeff@Navionics: Good question Sunshine. Yeah

Jeff@Navionics: Our NavPlanner product will be out pretty soon

Albe: how much of Lake MI is on North Region chip

WarrenMN: Will it work on the lowrance emulators

Johnnie_Candle: Opps wrong button.

FreeByrd: I saw the demos of the Platinum last week in Miami - REALLY AMAZING STUFF

Sunshine: Tell us more about Navplanner please

Jeff@Navionics: Will let you read the charts on your PC and do waypoint and route management functions

Sunshine: cool

Satch_MN: when will that be available?

Albe: great

Sunshine: Platnuim sounds awesome too!

chatman: awesome

Jeff@Navionics: Albe. Most of it. At least most of the best fishing areas. I can let you know in more detail if your area is covered if you strart a thread asking

Jeff@Navionics: NavPlanner availability. I get my copy next week!!

Jeff@Navionics: Any offers?

"Jeff@Navionics: lol...after testing, hopefully by iceout. Could be later"

"wildgerman: What areas will your Platinum maps cover and will they include the two main lakes in North Dakota, Lake Sakakawea and Devils Lake, What makes the Platinum maps stand apart from your Gold series maps and when might they be available?"

Satch_MN: great

Jeff@Navionics: The new Rivers charts are cool too

Wade@JollyAnnMarine: I'll take one of those Navplanners :)

FreeByrd: The 3D Contouring on the platinum was incredible... can't wait

chatman: jeff sure i will take one too!!!

Jeff@Navionics: Wild...they aren't even comparable with existing mapping. Great lakes will be first oot of the box. Inland may be a while

Wade@JollyAnnMarine: Perchjerjer and I get a 2 for one right?

Den: which great lakes

"Jeff@Navionics: Wade, I might be able to scare one up for ya!"

Wade@JollyAnnMarine: :)

Jeff@Navionics: Den...all of them

Den: hi dan-o

Jeff@Navionics: JC...Hows it going?

Jeff@Navionics: Got that new devils Lake data for ya!

Albe: Thread has been started on General Discussion.

"Johnnie_Candle: Life is good, just getting ready to fish all the new spots I find on the charts."

Dan(oh): hello all

Jeff@Navionics: Has anyone fished with the new Premium product yet?

Johnnie_Candle: I can't wait to see the stuff that I know is there and can't find.

Dan(oh): hello Mr. Candle

"Jeff@Navionics: JC- I left those ""secret"" hole off off it...Just like you asked"

chatman: johnnie are you going to be in Detroit next week?

"Johnnie_Candle: Thanks, Jeff. I knew I could count on you."

Jeff@Navionics: Oh Yeah...anyone going to the MidWest sports show?

"Wade@JollyAnnMarine: Jeff, any plans for Navionics to get a bunch of screen shots of the Premium stuff on the website?"

WarrenMN: Which city is that

Jeff@Navionics: Ill be doing that one. Would enjoy meeting some of yall face to face

"Johnnie_Candle: No, i am in Sioux Falls this weekend and in Bismarck the next doing some Walleye Universities."

Jeff@Navionics: Minneapolis

WarrenMN: maybe

Albe: When is it?

Johnnie_Candle: I will be in Minneapolis for a day or two just scouting around.

Jeff@Navionics: Wade...Email me with what you would like to see. I?ll get it for you

chatman: ok johnnie

Wade@JollyAnnMarine: that'll work

Jeff@Navionics: last week of March

Jeff@Navionics: First week of April

Jeff@Navionics: Great time to see new product

Jeff@Navionics: I hear there is some OK fishing around that way

"Wade@JollyAnnMarine: Jeff,The Premium North... does it include all the data that is on the River Charts for that area?"

Albe: Is it a weekend or an all week show? Will you be there the full time?

"Jeff@Navionics: Wade, Yeah...all of the River data within the chart boundaries is included"

"Jeff@Navionics: Albe. April 1,2 weekend"

"Wade@JollyAnnMarine: That's what I thought, so that makes it better for my river guys to just get the Premium, better deal"

"Jeff@Navionics: I'll have some help, but I should be there the whole weekend"

"Jeff@Navionics: Wade, yeah, just make sure they understand that where the chart border stops, that where the river info stops. Serious river Rats may still want the XL#"

Jeff@Navionics: sorry...XL3

"Wade@JollyAnnMarine: Yep, I gotcha"

Albe: Will you be at the Milwaukee Sport Show at any time?

"Jeff@Navionics: man, you guys are being easy on me"

Wade@JollyAnnMarine: Do you want some X-15 questions? LOL :)

"Jeff@Navionics: Albe, that show has come up a bunch of time in meetings here. It is one we are STRONGLY considering for next year"

Jeff@Navionics: Oh yeah...new product available for the x-15 guys

Jeff@Navionics: its called REELMAP

chatman: hey nothing wrong with us x15 guys! LOL

Sunshine: do milwaukee Jeff....please....I'll help

Jeff@Navionics: its the 1' Reelbottom product and the 3' ProMap (LakeMaster) product bundled together

Jeff@Navionics: $199

Albe: Only have a X15. What will it do.

"Wade@JollyAnnMarine: REELMAP? I am behind the times, when Jeff?"

Jeff@Navionics: A nod to our faithful X-15 customers

Jeff@Navionics: Wade...just rolled out in the past week

yukon_jack: jeff what is the status on shipping to individual customers in canada ??

cleepshaw: Gotta go gang! Thanks Jeff - Thanks PJ ---

Jeff@Navionics: Yukon...shouldn't be a problem

Jeff@Navionics: Ill bet Wade at Jolly Ann could help you out

yukon_jack: thanks I?m going to order the chip u suggested

Sunshine: oops....Jeff did you mention new river maps?

"Johnnie_Candle: Jeff, I get confused by all of the offerings. I have come to relying on you to help me with what I need. Can you give a quick run down of what is available and how the detail changes as the series of charts change?"

"Wade@JollyAnnMarine: Yukon, we'll ship to Canada if you need"

"Jeff@Navionics: I might have...XL3 River Maps for the Miss, MO, TN, Columbia, Ohio, and many others. Also included in the Premium product"

yukon_jack: thanks

"Jeff@Navionics: Johnnie....Inland/HotMaps, 4 Regions in three formats"

Albe: Hi Doc

"Jeff@Navionics: Classic and Gold at $129-Nothing new, just 3x as much coverage"

Wade@JollyAnnMarine: Hello Doc

Doc_Samson: Hi Guys

Jeff@Navionics: Hiya Doc

Driftr: hi Doc

yukon_jack: what is the difference between the hot spot chip vs a lotw navigational chip ??

skipjackoh: all the ohio river

"Jeff@Navionics: HotMaps Premium is the goodies. Loads of new lakes, rivers, HD surveys, and more. $199"

yukon_jack: hot map rather

Sunshine: I think its awesome that you bundle those w/ 3 times the lakes!

Jeff@Navionics: Yukon...diff source data. hotMaps uses FHS...XL3 uses NOAA/CHS

yukon_jack: so if my purpose is not to land on rocks how will the other be better

Grape_Juice: Hi W

"Jeff@Navionics: It has been determined that the NOAA source is somewhat more accurate. However, we have re-worked the FHS data for LOTW and its pretty solid right now"

"Johnnie_Candle: Is it still the case that if a lake is covered by both the Hot Maps and the XL3 that the XL3 is better detail? If so, when do you see the Hot Maps catching up to XL3?"

"Jeff@Navionics: Johnnie, the data used in the Premium is considered the ""best"". There is not much of a difference anymore with the exception of lakes with Borders inside of Canada"

chatman: hi Doc

Sunshine: Is 3D the future Jeff?

"Johnnie_Candle: If I am in Canada, as I am a bunch lately (new job with new boat company) which charts do I need?"

"Jeff@Navionics: I am very confident that the Premium Product is using the best data in virtually all other areas. We have done a lot of shuffling with this product, and have tried to select the most detailed/ano or most accurate data"

Jeff@Navionics: Which lake johnnie?

"Johnnie_Candle: It could be many, but most likely LOTW and Lake Winnipeg and the Winnipeg River System."

Jeff@Navionics: Sunshine...Its a big part of it...and its not realy the future. Its here VERY soon. Its just going to be a while before we can apply the technology to our inland database

Jeff@Navionics: Coastal gets 3D in a few months

Jeff@Navionics: and its mindblowing

Jeff@Navionics: We had consumers stacked 10 deep in Miami to get a peek

Sunshine: any video peeks to show???

Doc_Samson: I have looked at 3D maps but the 2D fits my brain better. Any thoughts?

"Jeff@Navionics: None walked away without saucer eyes and a ""wow"" on their lips"

Jeff@Navionics: Doc-what if you could have both;)

yukon_jack: hot maps

Doc_Samson: I would take it

Doc_Samson: I want everything

"JimJ: I swapped my reelbottom chip for the Premium north. When I load the chip, I see that there are about 4 or 5 map data choices to shoose from. How do you choose the right data set, or will it autoload depending on which lake you are on?"

FreeByrd: Wait tilll you guys see this 3D stuff - incredible

Jeff@Navionics: Doc...we are talking taking PC only technology and giving it to the fisherman on a dedicated plotter

Den: hi Jerry

Jeff@Navionics: Lim...yeah...thats tough...trial and error

Jeff@Navionics: we are working with Lowrance to get that issue cleaned up

Sunshine: Doc....what

yukon_jack: i found it difficult to find any marine that was able to hook up lms 480

"Jeff@Navionics: Jim, we will post the corresponding areas with their codes on our website within a few days"

Jeff@Navionics: EB-did you upgrade to premium yet?

"JimJ: I didn't see any usage/loading instructions for the new premium. did I miss them, or are they on your web?"

"FreeByrd: Jeff - the ""superimpose"" or ""fade in"" of the Aerial overtop of the chart - is that specific to Raymarine's implementation or will it be that way for all of the units that work with the Platinum when they come out."

eyebanger(Oh): NO

"Jeff@Navionics: Jim...they load the same as the old maps, there are just a bunch more ""sub-Maps"" under the Navionics map choice. You need to cycle through them to get the area you want"

"wildgerman: I have accessed data from satellite photos,used Terra-server,to make maps and viewed other lake maps mad by different companys, Why are the contour lines different on every map you look at for the same section of the lake?"

Jeff@Navionics: Free...hopefully all

"Jeff@Navionics: Wild...some are more accurate than others...not being a wisearse, but accuracy varies TREMENDOUSLY by the source"

yukon_jack: will i get more detail with a specific lotw map ie markers etc

Jeff@Navionics: Thats why we are re-surveying lakes

yukon_jack: more

Jeff@Navionics: We feel that the only data we can trust as truly accurate is our own...Hence the HD lakes on the Premium product

ll: could you tell me what programs are pre-loaded in the new Lowrance hard drive modles?

"wildgerman: OK then, Whose maps are the most accurate?"

"Jeff@Navionics: Yukon...If forced to choose, I would fish the XL3 charts for LOTW...THIS year"

yukon_jack: xl3 are ??

Jeff@Navionics: Il...Not a clue...they aren' ours

yukon_jack: eh ??

"Jeff@Navionics: XL3 are our ""Bluewater"" nav maps. The data there is taken from the oficial Govt sources. They lack some fishing info, but they are spot on with the official navigation papers"

yukon_jack: good

Grape_Juice: Jeff what about the older units like X 16 will you be upgrading for them?

yukon_jack: thanks

"JimJ: I am currently using a I finder, and will be replacing boat unit most likely with a 3500c. On the ifinder contours are harder to see than the reelbottom chip. Will the color bring the detail out alot better?"

"Jeff@Navionics: We have two products...HotMaps for inland Lakes, and XL3 charts for offshore. LOTW is included in our West Great lakes chart (code 900XL3)"

"Johnnie_Candle: Good, and you?"

Jonny_Rocket: good

Sunshine: Luv the XlL charts

yukon_jack: johnny b good

Jeff@Navionics: Jim...absolutely. With all the new detail color is very important

"Jeff@Navionics: In the future, the LOTW data will be the same on both"

"Johnnie_Candle: Rocket, how was I Hop this year in GB. Sorry I missed it. That was fun. And Sunshine, if you are ease dropping, i bet she smoked."

Doc_Samson: Your old FHS had LOTW on it. Does the new HotMaps Premium have LOTW?

Sunshine: Any wish lists out there for Jeff????

"Jeff@Navionics: Doc...Yeah, and about 1500 other lakes in the North region"

"Jonny_Rocket: Jeff, I forgot about the chat but my question is this, I updated chips in fall but now you have updated chips again to include more states per chip. Will I get nailed another update charge to update again only a few months later"

Jonny_Rocket: Did not make it to I hop. Jim's not as fun as you. Don't tell him I said that

"Jeff@Navionics: ""nailed"" or hooked up? lol...it depends. You need to make sure the added lakes and detail are worth the investment...most people don't need 3000 lakes. But if there is a SINGLE HD lake on it you don't have, you will be very happy to upgrade"

Johnnie_Candle: You're secret is safe with me.

Jeff@Navionics: lol...battery?

JimJ: I notice when zooming in and out with the cursor on a spot I'm not on that the redraw rate is alot longer than zooming on an area I'm locked on (works better that it previews on the showfloor) do you see that to be true?

chatman: laptop

Den: later all. have a good night

chatman: take care den

Dan(oh): night Den

"Jeff@Navionics: Jim, depends on the plotter, but I agree. redraw is faster when the plotter ""warms up"" to the spot"

eyebanger(Oh): CUDen

Jonny_Rocket: I am a tournament fisherman and will be fishing the MWC this year and beyond. I am gearing toward the PWT in the future so more is better. Why didn't they tell me there was another update coming so soon. I would have waited

Jeff@Navionics: The ammount of data on these new charts is like nothing seen before. I expect some software enhancements on the manufacturers end to improve re-draw speed

Sunshine: Jonny Rocket......... there will always be an update coming out soon :-)

Dan: If one sees positioning off for example 100'can units be mannually corrected to regain accuracy?

"Jeff@Navionics: Johnny---sorry, we update every year. But if an improved chart puts you on a pile of fish and gets you in the $$, its paid for and then some. Most of the pros I know consider mapping to be one of the most important fish catching tools in the boat."

Johnnie_Candle: I will second that Jeff!

chatman: well guys where did the hour go

Jeff@Navionics: Dan...depends on the unit. We would like to know about it though so we can fix it

Doc_Samson: I will third that

Dan: thanks

Jeff@Navionics: Figured you would Doc ;)

Jeff@Navionics: Wow....good questions.

yukon_jack: good discussion jeff

chatman: lets all give a big thanks to jeff

WarrenMN: clap clap

chatman: hi tool

Albe: Thanks Jeff

yukon_jack: big thanks jeff

Jeff@Navionics: Really glad to do this again...Ill make sure I'm back next year...maybe we can talk more about 3d

chatman: hour late dude

"Johnnie_Candle: Thanks Jeff, you will have mail in the am."

Jeff@Navionics: Cheers all...tight lines!!!

Doc_Samson: Thanks for the info

Sunshine: thanks jeff

Toolman: I need a new watch!

Fishnmagician: thanks for your time Jeff

Sunshine: clap clap clap

chatman: yea yea yea

JimJ: Thanks

chatman: jeff thanks a bunch for being such an important asset to WC

Jeff@Navionics: my pleasure..as long as we are helping put more fish at the rail

"Wade@JollyAnnMarine: G'night guys, Take care"

Fishnmagician: nite PJ

Jeff@Navionics: Dinner time!

"WarrenMN: FreeByrd, you asked a question I was curious about"

chatman Logs Out

Jeff@Navionics Logs Out


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