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2005 Online Chats
3/23/05 - Online Chat with Tommy Skarlis by Tommy Skarlis

chatman Logs in 

Tommy_Skarlis Logs in

pauleye: waiting for the ice to get out of the detriot river i am crying over here

WildWomanMI: Hey Tommy

chatman: there he is

chatman: hi T

Dakangler: hi t

Dan(oh): hello Tommy

FreeByrd Logs in

chatman: lets get started

Tommy_Skarlis: Hi Walleye Maniacs

FreeByrd: Hi Tommy

pauleye: hey ts

chatman: everyone please welcome Tommy Skarlis!

FreeByrd: !!!!

WildWomanMI: Tommy. explain your success on Little Bay de Noc in the PWT last year. You had a couple of great days........

chatman: im on a laptop with a teeny keyboard and fat fingets lol

Tommy_Skarlis: Well - I started trolling spinners with Off shore Snap weights on whaleback shoals

Tommy_Skarlis: There were schools of baitfish the first two days that were so big - I thought that the boat was going to get hung up on them

WildWomanMI: Are you talking alewife as baitfish?

Tommy_Skarlis: I believe so - they just marked as big balls so I asume they were

WildWomanMI: How deep were they? How fast were you going?

Tommy_Skarlis: I had a skinny 25 a fat 28 and an incredible 22 and 15/16ths

chatman: tommy who are your sponsors this year

Tommy_Skarlis: I was fishing 50/50 with 1.5 and 2 oz and going 1.2mph

WildWomanMI: Thanks..... BTW your little buddy Adam says HI!!!!

Tommy_Skarlis: Sponsors are: Coleman, Lindy, Ranger, Evinrude, Daves KA-BOOM,

Tommy_Skarlis: Minn Kota, Lowrance, Berkley, Abu Garcia

Tommy_Skarlis: Fenwick, Optima Batteries, Gemini Sport Marketing

Dan(oh): when is Daves coming out with the full size deep diver

Tommy_Skarlis: Have not talked about a full size yet - but the KA-BOOM shiner will dive to 18 feet

chatman: hi dave long time

chatman: thats an impressive list tommy

eyebuster: hi folks,  it has been along time

Tommy_Skarlis: I am forgetting a few

WildWomanMI: What tournament organizations are you fishing this year?

Tommy_Skarlis: The rest are on the NPAA Website

WildWomanMI: PWT MWC....

chatman: hi jim

Tommy_Skarlis: I will be fishing the PWT, the FLW one MWC (SV just got done with) and an Everstart Bass event in Lacrosse

Dan(oh): Hi Jim

ETT: hi all

WildWomanMI: Thanks for the update. time to do my radio show.... nice chat folks cya on the water and tight lines. Doni-Mae

chatman: by ww

Tommy_Skarlis: Bye Doni MAe - tell Adam and the rest hi

WildWomanMI: TTFN

WildWomanMI: I will buddy

WildWomanMI Logs Out

Tommy_Skarlis: Doni Mae is so awesome

Muskiefool Logs Out

chatman: who is that?

chatman: Doni

Tommy_Skarlis: She is a press agent from the UP

chatman: i see

Driftr: howdy folks

Tommy_Skarlis: She runs her own paper - helped me to become somewhat famous up there

chatman: the up is a great place

Tommy_Skarlis: might be the only place

Driftr: hi Tommy

chatman: hi jim

Tommy_Skarlis: hi driftr

chatman: lol yea

Gale_Johnson: tell us about the kaboom's, the deep shiner will dive 15+, what do you like about them

Tommy_Skarlis: I like the fact that they have a wider tail and will dive deeper than most stick baits

Tommy_Skarlis: that is the reason that the crankbaits that dave fritz designs are so hot

WarrenMN Logs Out

Tommy_Skarlis: plus - they have so many custom colors - I can get my "crank bait fix" LOl

pauleye: what do you think about the goby colors

Tommy_Skarlis: I like em alot - I do not think that as fisherman that we use nuetral colors enough

Gale_Johnson: how deep do the shiner's, deep shiner's dive

Tommy_Skarlis: I also like the Ruby Reds - Red bills and red hools

panfish: Tommy do you use a snap or tie direct to your line when pulling cranks?

chatman: thats interesting about the neutral colors

Tommy_Skarlis: they will get up to 18 feet deep - more with fireline

Tommy_Skarlis: I use the smallest Cross Lok that Berkley makes

Tommy_Skarlis: Yeah - nuetral - most guys never fish with a brown jig or crank

chatman: true

Tommy_Skarlis: I've made a lot of money with nuetrals like brown, black and white

Kevinkej: Tom are you fishing Bull Shols FLW

chatman: one hot bait on the det river is a brown rubber worm

Tommy_Skarlis: Oh yeah

pauleye: brown jig and brown worm always on the detroit rver

Tommy_Skarlis: on both the rubber worm and BS

Tommy_Skarlis: I will be fishing Bull Shoals FLW I mean - not BS literally

chatman: hi albe

Kevinkej: You might want to get a hold of me

Albe: good evening guys

Tommy_Skarlis: Ok - whats your email?

Tommy_Skarlis: Hy Albe

FreeByrd: makes sense - closer in color to what they normally eat than the reaction colors

Kevinkej: Same as name Aol

Tommy_Skarlis: Exactly - match the hatch

chatman > eyebuster: whats up man

Tommy_Skarlis: Unless we are on your home waters FreeByrd - then you throw lodgic out the window and put on the wildest stuff you own! LOl

Kevinkej: You know me we fished red wing together....I caught the last fish of the day.. remember

FreeByrd: those browns and blacks and whites just aren't as good as "catching fishermen" in the bait stores - and they are the ones with the money

Tommy_Skarlis: Well - you show me a walleye with a wallet and we'll all be out of work

ETT: No Tommy...the ugliest one you own

Tommy_Skarlis: I was trying to be polite to the big pond

Tommy_Skarlis: besides - all of my cranks are beautiful

Tommy_Skarlis: touch em and I'll kill ya

Tommy_Skarlis: just kidding

Dakangler: Tommy are you fishing mobridge's pwt this year and if so are you concerned about the low water for menuverablity

Tommy_Skarlis: No - not concerned - it will be what it will be

ETT: I've got a couple really beautiful ones, that are ugly as sin!!...Exactly

Gale_Johnson: i have excellent luck trolling crawdad colored shad raps, on mud-sand flats, found out by accident, got one in a lot of lures off ebay and tied it one day, out fished all other colors most of the summer, had to go buy more

FreeByrd: yeah - shhh Jim - I still remember that "beautiful" lure that took the 13+ with the picture that was on the outdoor display at the IX center...

Tommy_Skarlis: Thats what is nice about bait companies like Dave's and Reef Runner - they give us the choices we need to match the hatch or find something that is coooooollllll

Gale_Johnson: how many cranks do you have tommy

Kevinkej: Tom get a hold of me before BS

Tommy_Skarlis: Ok kevin


FreeByrd: Just a good thing that Frank K had nothing to do with "naming" that one - and it may have been ugly/beautiful enough to even stump him

Tommy_Skarlis: I have a handful

Tommy_Skarlis: not trying to be a smarty pants - a handful is slang for 5 thousand

Gale_Johnson: to many to count?

Tommy_Skarlis: Plus the wife may be watching

flemij1: Tom - what size cranks do use use most?

Tommy_Skarlis: she'd want to get that many pairs of shoes

Gale_Johnson: my wife is, that's why i was asking, make's me look better

champ: Hey Tommy its Russell Gahagan nice tourn at Spring Valley!!!

Gale_Johnson: i hear ya

Tommy_Skarlis: I use mostly medium size - Daves KA-BOOm Shiners and Reef Runner Deep Little Rippers

Tommy_Skarlis: Hey Russel

Tommy_Skarlis: Hi Mrs Johnson

champ: boy did the clam beds get packed

yukon_jack: im back folks

Tommy_Skarlis: yeah - it was crazy

chatman > Driftr: email to me if you wouldnt mind

yukon_jack: whoa good crowd

Tommy_Skarlis: Hi Yukon'

yukon_jack: how ya doin tom

Tommy_Skarlis: fair to midland

Gale_Johnson: how big of area are these clam bed's we hear about at sv

Tommy_Skarlis: Big news to annouce - I am moving to Iowa

Tommy_Skarlis: and no bullhead jokes

champ: Iowa? should be wisconsin tommy!

panfish: LMAO

Tommy_Skarlis: WI is not big enough for Kolinski and I both

panfish: FYI Tommy the north grade at Spirit Lake should be starting soon for slimers!

bj: Wise move Tommy, we will be glad to have you back in Iowa.

Tommy_Skarlis: The clambeds are about the size of a football field

Gale_Johnson: bet they are packed

Tommy_Skarlis: Yeah - it would be fun to get over there and fish with Eric Naig

Tommy_Skarlis: Sometimes they are - sometimes they are not

champ: packed clam beds make tough for us trollers

panfish: I drive through Cylinder sometimes on my way to the lakes

Tommy_Skarlis: Yeah - but when in Rome

panfish: Where you moving to in Iowa?

Tommy_Skarlis: April - in fact my brother and Chad Kinkade will be doing the moving - I will be at a tournament

Tommy_Skarlis: Found the place in IA - made and offer - they accepted - then two days later the neighbor came over and asked me if I ever thought about selling the place

FreeByrd: JC...

Tommy_Skarlis: Didnt even have to go through a realtor

ETT: You always so lucky??

JIM_C: good eve...

Tommy_Skarlis: Blessed maybe

Tommy_Skarlis: hi Jim

ETT: Indeed

panfish: You need to come down and fish Brushy sometime with Eric...see if you fella's can figure out them eyes in that lake.

Tommy_Skarlis: Ok - tough walleye questions - whos got one

yukon_jack > Dakangler: Hey dak pardon my ignorance but who is tom s

Tommy_Skarlis: Brushy would be fun - so many lakes - so little time

JIM_C: Hi Skarlis

yukon_jack: where are walley on small lakes in spring and fall

Gale_Johnson: gulp nightcrawler's, gulp 3" minnow, what do you think, read that some people used them at sv, minnow's anyway

panfish: I tried to get Bernie to put Brushy on the GWNC as one of the lakes no luck yet

Tommy_Skarlis: Gulp! Grubs were working - chartruese and orange

Gale_Johnson: as good as jig n minnow

champ: Tommy have you fished Green Bay much?

Tommy_Skarlis: Spring and Fall - Shallow sand and gravel flats next to deep water

Tommy_Skarlis: They were tipping with minnow

Gale_Johnson: i see

Tommy_Skarlis: have fished GB a little

champ: Harness or cranks?

jabt: I have a 24 volt system for my trolling motor and completely forgot how to hook up the batteries for the spring outing coming up shortly can anyone help

FreeByrd > JIM_C: It's good to take at least one with you - sorta like BAIT

Tommy_Skarlis: That way if the minnow gets pulled off you still have the Gulp!

Tommy_Skarlis: Harnesses

champ: any productive areas?

jabt: all right that helps a little...thanks

Tommy_Skarlis: Positve to Neg from battery to battery

Ojoe2: What color line would you recommend for trolling for walleye & does it depend on the water clarity?

Tommy_Skarlis: The humps up by Sturgeon - best to call Stroeshein

jabt: thanks again...seeya

Driftr: hi JC

Dan(oh): Hi there Johnnie

Tommy_Skarlis: I use the Moss Green Berkley XT ten and Berkley Sensation in 12 for regular

chatman: hi johnnie

Tommy_Skarlis: and Vanish Transition for clear

Tommy_Skarlis: JC!

Johnnie_Candle: Hey all,what up Tommy?!?

Tommy_Skarlis: The Rent

chatman: lol

chatman: blood pressure

chatman: etc

Johnnie_Candle: Tel me about it, same with Gas prices.

yukon_jack: you ever ice fish tom

chatman: ouch

Tommy_Skarlis: Dont get us started

FreeByrd: beats walking or rowing JC

Tommy_Skarlis: I love to Ice Fish

FreeByrd: Consider yourselves lucky

FreeByrd: my gas tank is

FreeByrd: 210 gallons

Driftr: I can see us all in the future trolling from walleye sail boats

yukon_jack: how do find fish in winter ??

Driftr: :)

Tommy_Skarlis: I am trying to get out on Winny for some Perch

Satch_MN: are you sticking with the PWT this year skarlis?

Tommy_Skarlis: I cover a lot of water and use my electronics

Tommy_Skarlis: Oh yeah - Tenth year

yukon_jack > WarrenMN: hello warren

Satch_MN: no flw

Tommy_Skarlis: No reason to leave it yet

Tommy_Skarlis: Yes FLW too

ETT: What stop are you most looking forward to Tommy ??

Tommy_Skarlis: The next one LOL

Tommy_Skarlis: If I had to pick - I would say Erie or Bull Shoals

Tommy_Skarlis: But - I love em all

chatman: tommy give us brief rundown of how you use your electronics to scope out a new lake please

Tommy_Skarlis: Devils Lake will be fun too

JIM_C: Sounds tough right now down south...

Tommy_Skarlis: Well - with electronics

Tommy_Skarlis: I can cover water on the first day of practice and mark where the fish are

Tommy_Skarlis: Then make a list of places I want to fish and go back on day two etc

panfish: what do you us for a locator

Satch_MN: Do you any camera's for prefishing skarlis?

Tommy_Skarlis: I have been using them alot more lately - and I use Lowrance color sonar - it is telling me more than I ever thought possible

FreeByrd > JIM_C: OHHH - maybe glad I didn't call lately

JIM_C > FreeByrd: I'd give him mine but it's not rigged

Tommy_Skarlis: I do not use cameras that often - should start to use them more

Tommy_Skarlis: I use Lowrance 104C and this year will be using the 110's

Tommy_Skarlis: Hi crabby and Lee

WarrenMN > Dakangler: LOL

yukon_jack: how does one use a camera out of a boat ice fishing is common but out of a boat ??

panfish: how much power & pixels would you reccomend on fishing lake with a max depth of 30 feet

yukon_jack: warpdrive

Tommy_Skarlis: You just throw it over the side - they come with a fin that allows them to look forward

Tommy_Skarlis: I would rec. using the most pixels and power you can afford

Gale_Johnson: thinking of buying some new planer board, what kind do you use and why

Tommy_Skarlis: I use OffShore's

Gale_Johnson: do they have better snaps

Tommy_Skarlis: OffShore made the first boards - they have supported the walleye angler from the beginning and they are in my opinion the best

panfish: do you use the tattle flags

Gale_Johnson: do the flags work or just bare

yukon_jack queries IP of WarrenMN

Tommy_Skarlis: They have the right snaps

Tommy_Skarlis: for every application'

WarrenMN queries IP of yukon_jack

arlen_mitchel: Tommy  good luck in 05 season fishing as your day 2 amature in 2003 at escanaba was one of the best days of my life  Arlen Mitchel

Tommy_Skarlis: I use tattle fladx a lot

Tommy_Skarlis: Thanks Arlen

oldbuckbub: hi all glad i stoped by

Tommy_Skarlis: Hi old buck

panfish: you ever have a problem with the flag staying upright in a heavy chop

Tommy_Skarlis: I almost won a tournament in 1998 with the flags

Tommy_Skarlis: Well - in heavy chop - you just have to "deal" with the rythum

Tommy_Skarlis: I was using OffShores with tattle flags in 04 LBD and took third

Satch_MN: Do you have any plugs painted special of you?  How often do you prefer your own crafted colors?

Tommy_Skarlis: Panfish - in heavy chop - you might want to set them a little heavier

Tommy_Skarlis: I've had some friends give me their customs - I am working with Dave's right now on a few select colors - but nothing in stone

Driftr: hey banger

Tommy_Skarlis: Some times I doctor them up with Sharpie Markers

yukon_jack: hello eb

Gale_Johnson: there ya go, sharpie as a sponsor

Satch_MN: Do you go with bigger trebles often to change the action of the plugs and if so when?

Tommy_Skarlis: I'll take it

Gale_Johnson: just like nascar

eyebanger(OH): Hello all

Tommy_Skarlis: I play with them a little - was using bigger trebles in 03 when I won Dunkirk

Driftr: specially if they endorse a nice check with the Sharpie

panfish: I took a left and a right board and drilled a hole about 1/4 of a inch above the factory hole in the flag stem. Its  just big enough for the spring end  to go threw that really helped to keep my flag up

oldbuckbub: i want to troll erie as soon as i can west end between w sister and bass islands like as soon as a week or two any tips

Satch_MN: What made you think to do so?

Tommy_Skarlis: Well - it would be a good fit - a quality product that I believe in and $

Driftr: for sure

JIM_C: Tommy...got an HO yet?

Tommy_Skarlis: Use cranks - subtle action on cold front days (Ripsticks and Shallow Daves Kabooms and Rogues) and More Radical on Warm Days - Reef Runners and such - concentrate on the upper one third of the water column

Tommy_Skarlis: HO E-TEC is at Ranger waiting to be mounted

oldbuckbub: thax

Driftr: Tommy, how about mentioning who your sponsors are

Johnnie_Candle: Gonna give me a ride this year?

chatman: guys its about time to wrap it up for tonight

Tommy_Skarlis: Ranger, Coleman, Evinrude, Berkley, Lindy, Daves Lures., Headlight Lures, Minn Kota, Optima Batteries, Lowrance, Fish On - Tempress, Fenwick, Reef Runner

lee Logs Out

chatman: get the last of your questions in for tommy please

panfish: do you run red trebles on your cranks tommy

Tommy_Skarlis: Yes I do - I mentioned earlier that Dave's is putting Red Trebles on their Ruby Red Series

chatman: 2nd time for the sponsors Jim LOL I asked him when we started like a good chat host ;)

Tommy_Skarlis: Plus Red Lips

Gale_Johnson: thanks tommy , hope to draw you at mobridge

Tommy_Skarlis: Mee too

Satch_MN: had a great time at rcl championship with ya good luck '05 maybe see ya on the flw tour

Driftr: Tommy, Thanks for the chat tonight

Tommy_Skarlis: Johnie - theres room in my boat for you - always

panfish: Thanks for all the info Tommy great hearing from a pro

FreeByrd: See you in Port Clinton Tommy

Tommy_Skarlis: Thanks guys - looking forward to seeing all of you out and about

chatman: guys lets give a big round of applause for tommy

Tommy_Skarlis: Catch a big one

Johnnie_Candle: It has ben a while Tommy.  PWT Championship in Bismarck 1997 I think it was.  we were both younger and thinner.

chatman: thanks for joining us tonight buddy

Tommy_Skarlis: Yeah - and you didnt have any gray hair

chatman: Hi Jim

Tommy_Skarlis: Thanks guys

JIM_PAYNE: Hey all

Albe: Thanks Tom

Gale_Johnson: johnie, do you have prefishing partner at mobridge

chatman: you just missed it jim

JIM_PAYNE: ya i see that

chatman: can you call me tomorrow at work kjim?

Johnnie_Candle: Gale, I have some room still.  Shoot me an e-mail

Tommy_Skarlis Logs Out


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