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2005 Online Chats
4/6/05 - Online Chat with GPS Guide Spots by GPS GuideSpots

chatman: Brian why dont you introduce your crew so we know who everyone is 
Brian_MN: OK. All the guys are here. Bob Kuntz is our sales guy. He's been fishing for about 60 years. Lee Erickson does all out web development. Barry Howell does the photography and marketing. I (Brian) work with the guides and do the back-end database work. 
Brian_MN: We just launched the new company last week at the Mpls Sport Show. The web site is up and live and we're taking orders and doing more product development. 
chatman: great 
WarrenMN: Wished I'd known, I'd stopped by 
Brian_MN: Reception so far from the public has been awesome. We talked to a few thousand people at the show, and our partners are really stepping up to help out. 
Brian_MN: Sorry we missed you Warren. 
Brian_MN: Hi Tom. 
WarrenMN: I was there to get a free supper from Bruce Samson 
tom_d: Hi Brian. How are you doing? 
Brian_MN: Doing great Tom, good to see you! 
tom_d: Thanks, same here. 
chatman: hi tom d its perchjerker 
wellsw: Where do you guys like to fish walleye at? 
tom_d: Hi Perch ... good to see you too 
Brian_MN: Has eveyone had a chance to check out our site? 
chatman: you too 
tom_d: No ... I had intended to check it, but have not. Tell me about your new venture? 
chatman: give up the link brian 
Brian_MN: We're at www.gpsguidespots.com 
Brian_MN: Our mission is to provide fishing information to educate folks on the right way to fish certain spots on our most popular lakes. 
tom_d: I think I tried to bring it up before but could not. Obviously I mispelled something. 
chatman: we have tough competition tonight going up against blazing saddles 
tom_d: It works now. 
Albe: Hi all 
Brian_MN: With this information, our customers can apply this to other lakes in other areas to jumpstart the learning curve that it take to be a more successful fisherman. 
tom_d: Sounds like a great idea to me. 
Brian_MN: Thanks Tom, we're really excited about it. 
tom_d: Looks like a ton of pro fishermen involved, too 
chatman: so are there tips, etc included with each waypoint or how does it work 
Brian_MN: We're signing up new guides every day. I just finished development on two new products last night. 
wellsw: My name is Wells Kaiser and I am from Wisconsin 
tom_d: hi Wells 
chatman: hi wells welcome 
WarrenMN: Got a question 
Brian_MN: Chat - exactly, you get the waypoint, the spot on the spot, detailed fishing information on when, and how to fish the spots, plus a LakeMaster thumbnail showing you the spot. 
WarrenMN: I just looked at White Bear. $150 ?? 
Brian_MN: Yes, for White Bear we have 15 spots, it about all that a lake of that size can support. 
Brian_MN: Our general pricing is $10/spot. 
dog: What about lake of the woods? 
Brian_MN: We've been amazed at the quality of the information being provided by our guides. 
tom_d: so, for LOW that is 1,500 spots and 15,000???? lol 
Brian_MN: What area of Lake of the Woods would you like to see covered? It's in the works right now, but there's a lot of water. 
Brian_MN: Ha ha Tom. 
tom_d: laughing 
tom_d: you are right ... a LOT of water 
Brian_MN: Give me your boat and I'll give you all my muskie spots on LOTW. 
tom_d: you know what? I think I like my boat too much now that I have put all that work into it. 
wellsw: Hey Bob are you there? 
tom_d: beside, I would be more interested in walleye spots 
Brian_MN: Our guides have beeen awesome. Kevin McQuoid, for Mille Lacs, went into incredible detail on his spots. 
tom_d: or smalleyes 
Brian_MN: Our lakes are bundled by species and lake, and we even have a few multi-species products. 
fstop95: Yes sir, all four of us are known to hunt down the bucketmouths 
tom_d: Have you done anything with the NE Quadrant of LOW, Brian? 
wellsw: I fished the World Classics for bass fishing 
Brian_MN: The site once more, for those of you just joining is; www.gpsguidespots.com 
chatman: what states are you doing 
Brian_MN: Not yet Tom. I need to make contact with some more guides to make sure we get the quality that we demand. 
Brian_MN: MN is live now. WI, ND, SD, and Ohio are coming very soon 
tom_d: ok. 
Deckwood: Hi everyone. Brian what are your quality standards? 
fstop95: Hello NYeyes and welcome 
NYeyes: thanks 
tom_d: so, let me understand. We get the GPS points and how to fish that spot? 
Brian_MN: Getting quality guides who want to spend the time to give us quality info us the most important thing. 
fstop95: correct 
Brian_MN: Yes, you got it Tom. 
tom_d: does that vary season to season... the fishing technique at the spot? 
chatman: now how do you insure you get quality info? 
Brian_MN: Deckwood - We review all spots, verify them using LakeMaster, and work with the guides to refine the descriptions. 
tom_d: I know Lakemaster has done a recon on all the lakes they are using as part of their new maps 
tom_d: not just using existing maps. 
Brian_MN: Chat - we have kicked back some spots that were community holes. We don't want any of that. Our spots are all good competent high-percentage spots that aren't well known. 
tom_d: brian ... you run Garmin, right? 
chatman: hey JIM 
wellsw: Well, Im 13 and won the Nothern Divisonals on Lake St.Clair, last year 
tom_d: for a GPS, I mean?? 
Brian_MN: Right Tom, all the new LakeMaster products are based on new surveys that they've recently completed. 
JIM_PAYNE: Hey all 
chatman: Its perch 
ETT: yea 
Brian_MN: Hi Jim. 
chatman: are you from Mich wells? 
Brian_MN: We're very excited to be partnered with LakeMaster. That as a big step for us, and it really enhances the quality of our product. 
tom_d: have you heard anything about Garmin accepting the Lakemaster product for Wisconsin? I talked to Jeff at Lakemaster and he said Garmin is still assessing the value of the MN stuff Lakemaster provided them. It would be nice to have the new surveys for Wi 
Deckwood: How many lakes do you have info. on Brian? 
tom_d: on my Garmin 182 
chatman: do you only work with lakemater lakes then? 
Brian_MN: No Chat, we work with any lakes that we have guide coverage on. 
chatman: i see thanks 
Brian_MN: If LakeMaster data is available to enhance the product, we use it. 
NYeyes: that makes sense 
tom_d: yup 
tom_d: how do you weed out the "community holes" spots??? Just by common knowledge? 
Brian_MN: In your product, you get your waypoints shown on the LM map, which shows you how the structure lays out and how to approach fishing it. 
NYeyes: good question tom- i was wondering that myself 
chatman: a paper lakemaster map? 
Brian_MN: Tom - common knowledge, study of other maps already on the market, and interviews with the guides. We talk them through each of their spots. 
Deckwood: How many people do you have in this venture? 
tom_d: makes sense. Probably the only way to do it. 
Brian_MN: It takes an enormous amount of time to product just one lake. We've got hundreds of hours into this so far. 
tom_d: yah, I bet. That makes the $10 seem pretty reasonable. 
Brian_MN: Deck - there are the 4 partners, Barry, Lee, Bob, and myself, plus lots of help from our partners. 
Brian_MN: We think so Tom, we're not producing anyting that we wouldn't want to use ourselves. 
tom_d: how do you plan on keeping the info from being distributed without paying for it? 
Brian_MN: Piracy of our information is always a concern. We hope that people will understand that distribution of the spots only decreases their value. 
tom_d: I mean ... if a guy buys 25 spots, how do you keep him from sharing it with his buddies? 
tom_d: gotcha 
tom_d: kind of a self-managing thing then 
ETT: you going to give away what you paid 250 for....I'm not 
Brian_MN: Tom - if I paid $250 for Mille Lacs spots, I wouldn't be inclined to share it. 
tom_d: I agree 
Brian_MN: Thanks. 
Brian_MN: Our target audience for this product is guys like us who have kids, family, full-time jobs, and very limited time. If I were going to a new lake and this info were available, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. 
Brian_MN: Life's too short to spend it burning gas when I can be catching fish! 
Deckwood: Brian what has been the response so far? Good Sales? 
tom_d: the fly in the ointment is if he has 10 buddies and they each give him $25 -- then he has recouped his investment and they only paid $25 for it. 
Brian_MN: Deck - response has exceeded our expectations. 
chatman: burning gas, that makes my wallet hurt lol 
tom_d: but, I guess the odds on that happening are pretty slim. 
NYeyes: these days it does 
tom_d: too bad you can't copyright the info somehow 
chatman: not much differeent than precidion trolling, anyone can copy the pages and give them to thier friends 
ETT: it will happen but ....how often, and they have to realize they can burn the spot. 
tom_d: yup 
Brian_MN: Tom - I believe that people are basically honest. If someone wants to dilute the quality of what they have, there's not much we can do about it. 
chatman: but that doesnt stop Mark from doing PT 
Brian_MN: What lakes would you like to see that you haven't found on our site so far? 
chatman: MICHIGAN 
tom_d: lol 
Brian_MN: Mississippi Pool 4 is in the can, should be up in a day or so, just in time for spring fishing. 
tom_d: why is that, Perch?? 
chatman: we are the poor stepchild of the mapping insdusrty 
NYeyes: i walked in late, what is the addy for the site again 
Brian_MN: www.gpsguidespots.com 
NYeyes: thanks 
chatman: why is what tom 
tom_d: why is it that you want MICHIGAN? I was pulling your leg 
Brian_MN: We see this going nationwide within a year. Guides from other states are actually contacting us as we speak. 
Early007: Hi Brian, I joined late so pardon me if this has already been asked. Say on a lake like Mille Lacs, how many spots will be available for purchase? I know that the consumer can buy 25 at a time. Will there be more than 25 available for one species? 
chatman: oh lol 
Brian_MN: We're currently working on the next set of 25 for Mille Lacs, featuring spots from The Griz. 
mcrobb Logs Out 
Brian_MN: We also have 2 new exciting Mille lacs products coming. Mille Lacs Bobber Spots, and Mille Lacs Trolling Runs. 
Brian_MN: Some lakes can support that many spots, others cannot. 
NYeyes: nothing for NY yet, im going to cry 
NYeyes: im sure it will happen eventually 
chatman: trolling runs...sounds cool 
tom_d: I would think you would want to do the high-pressure lakes first Brian, right? More customers available that way? 
Brian_MN: We are limiting SM Bass and Muskies to 25 spots on the Mille Lacs series, in order to protect that fragile fishery. 
Brian_MN: NYeyes - we're going nationwide very soon, please be patient. 
Deckwood: Do you have a size limit on the body of water you cover?Does boater population have preferance? 
Early007: What is in it for the guide? What is their take on a $10 spot? 
Brian_MN: Tom - the lakes we covered first are the ones that have the most pro guides working on them. Other lakes will take more time to develop. 
tom_d: makes sense 
tom_d: I would nominate Winnebago and its river systems for first work, once you get started on WI 
NYeyes: It seems like guides would be reluctant to congest thier hot spots 
Brian_MN: Guide compensation is confidential, just let me say that they are paid every time we sell a lake with their spots. 
NYeyes: I guess each guide has to weigh the dollar vs the amount of boats they might encounter in a honey hole 
tom_d: Winnebago gets lots of angler activity and there are lots of guides for that area. 
Brian_MN: The guides also get the benefit of the exposure we provide them, with their pictures, web page, sponsor info, links, etc. We're trying to help them with their guide businesses at the same time. 
chatman: just wondering if you are trying to do a new lake, how do you insure you are getting quality info 
NYeyes: repuatation of guides i assume? 
NYeyes: that must play a role 
Brian_MN: The guides are putting their reputations on the line with their spots, because each spot is identified with the guide's picture. 
Deckwood: Brian how long have you been at this business? 
tom_d: wow ... that is a good idea. 
chatman: yea there must be some element of trust also involved 
chatman: i see 
Brian_MN: Absolutely guide reputation is important. Not everyone is given the opportunity to work with us, it's a pretty select group. 
chatman: cool 
tom_d: Brian ... did you see my point about Winnebago when you start Wisconsin? 
Brian_MN: Deck - the fishing business, about 10 years. I worked with the GPS system in the Air Force from 1986-1995. 
fstop95: this might help: http://www.gpsguidespots.com/sample/sample.html 
tom_d: that would seem a logical place to start ... lots of angles, lots of guides 
tom_d: anglers, that is 
Brian_MN: Sorry Tom, what was that about 'bago? 
tom_d: I just thought that would be a good place for you to start when you do offer Wisconsin lakes. 
tom_d: you were looking for suggestions on what lakes to do. 
Brian_MN: I'd agree, lots of people fishing it, lots of people who don't know where to begin. Our target market in a nutshell. 
tom_d: and, it is huge, which means lots of spots to sell, too 
Brian_MN: Thanks Tom, we'll kick Winnebago out as soon as it's ready. We're working with guides over there right now. 
tom_d: good. 
Brian_MN: So, can I out you down for one? 
chatman: hello buddy Nels 
Brian_MN: put 
tom_d: lol ... put me on the customer list. 
chatman: and Banger 
skeeter: Hi there everyone 
tom_d: hi skeeter 
NYeyes: hello skeeter 
Brian_MN: Hi Skeeter 
eyebanger(OH): Howdy all 
fstop95: welcome skeeter 
tom_d: and NE Quadrant, LOW too 
tom_d: wink wink, nudge nudge. 
Brian_MN: Yeah right Tom. Like you need any help there! 
skeeter: Bummer I am late and wanted to see what this was all about. 
tom_d: actually, I picked up most of my spots following YOU around ... lol 
chatman: ask away skeet plenty of time left 
Brian_MN: Skeeter, transcript will be available later, you can read the whole thing. 
chatman: hi just 
skeeter: Good deal 
Brian_MN: Ask away Skeeter, we'll stay as long as you want to talk. 
tom_d: yup .. ask Skeeter 
fstop95: start at www.gpsguidespots.com to see what we're talking about 
tom_d: we have all asked a ton so far 
ETT: so, Brian, Why would you think it will work for Lake Of The Woods and it won't work for Erie? 
chatman: cant stay away eh wa? LOL 
Brian_MN: My fingers are smokin' 
skeeter: So what is this all about. A company that is selling hot spots on certain lakes. Do they also buy them from locals or what 
chatman: what no erie i muct have missed that 
NYeyes: yes skeeter they buy them from guides 
Brian_MN: Skeeter- we work with guides and pros to develop quality fishing information. 
tom_d: and they sell you the list of points, with fishing tips along with each point 
skeeter: Ok 
fstop95: Skeeter, ck this out- http://www.gpsguidespots.com/sample/sample.html 
tom_d: by species you are interested in. 
wellsw: Do you have information about Lake Norman? 
tom_d: is that MN wells?? 
skeeter: How about Saginaw Bay. 
Brian_MN: ETT - the way I understand the Great Lakes, is that fishing is more based on seasonal movements and forage location than it is on structure. 
Early007: Good Chat Brian, good luck with GPS Guidespots. I'll probably talk to you at the Camp Confidence Tourney on Gull in June. Jason Erlandson 
Brian_MN: Saginaw Bay is a possibility, as is Green Bay. 
Mr.Larry: But what are the odds that any given spot will actually produce? Don't conditions change all the time? 
ETT: And you think it is not on other large bodies of water? 
skeeter: Fish move conditions change 
Brian_MN: Cool Jason, I look forward to seeing you at the Camp Confidence tourney. 
tom_d: now, Green Bay, especially Sturgeon Bay might be beneficial, Brian. Especially for Smallies. 
fstop95: http://www.gpsguidespots.com/sample/sample.html 
Brian_MN: Mr. Larry - part of the info we provide is the where, when, and how. We tell you, for instance that a spot is a June spot when the wind is out of the southwest. 
DaveD Logs Out 
Mr.Larry: Ok, that makes it bettter. 
ETT: You are doing great at making my case brian. 
tom_d: Brian ... did you catch that? 2 customers for Sturgeon Bay for Smallies? 
Brian_MN: ETT - yup, the Great Lakes are way too dynamic for what we're trying to do in general, with the exception of some of the bays where fish relate to structure. 
Brian_MN: Yep, thanks Tom. 
NYeyes: like the niagra river and bar 
Brian_MN: I heard there's a hot bite right under the falls, but boat control is dificult! 
NYeyes: that was wishful thinking 
Mr.Larry: Just big lakes, right? Too bad you guys don't fish little out of the way lakes and sell spots for them. 
NYeyes: i wear a raincoat and it makes it better 
fstop95: vertical jig from the top of the scenic overlook 
Brian_MN: MrLarry - smaller bodies of water are coming. We don't want to sacrifice quality just to create a product, however. 
tom_d: Brian ... would you envision annual updates to the info? Or would you think that the guide info would be stuff that does not "develop" from one year to the next? 
fstop95: We actually had several customers inquire about smaller lakes at the sportshow 
NYeyes: tought to net that way though- u hook 1 u have to go over in a barrel to get it- especially tough with winter steeleies 
skeeter: I talked to a charter captain today and he said sure I would sell them some spots but not the good ones. How is this sort of thing going to play into things. Pay a lot of money for just well know spots in general??? 
tom_d: NYeyes ... a raincoat and a 15,000 gallon per minute automatic bilge pump, huh? 
Brian_MN: Tom - information and fishing techniques are always developing, and we envision a forum to update information on spots and seasonal bites. 
NYeyes: yup 
fstop95: These guys are putting their reputations on the lines. Trust us, they are giving us quality spots 
wellsw: When is the best bite on Sturgeon Bay? 
tom_d: good question Wells 
tom_d: I know May and June are hot months 
tom_d: would be nice to see a map with that kind of info/location data on it 
wellsw: Oh i see, thats when they are spawning so you can site fish for them. 
tom_d: bingo 
fstop95: Even if these guys keep their "best" spots, I'll take the Griz for example, and love his spots 5-10 any day of the week, I guarantee you they are better than most if not all "us normal guys" spots in terms of consistent production. 
wellsw: Yah because i have a tournament coming up on that lake. 
tom_d: but I know lots of locals also fish the shore lines in other months ... and those locations would be valuable products for Brian 
eyebanger(OH): On Erie all you got to do is follow the charter boats.Thats the way they have done it for 20 years 
Brian_MN: Chat - we'll stick around as long as people want to talk to us. 
chatman: ok thats great. I will have to leave at the top of the hour though 
NYeyes: not to sound like a skeptic, but i honestly believe this will be a short term business- the internet and all the forums these days word travels way too fast 
fstop95: These guys are providing time tested, proved and reliable spots. Face it, these guys don't mark a quality spot until they've pulled several quality fish. 
JIM_PAYNE: so we can really talk then? 
NYeyes: anyone else feel that way? 
chatman: yes jim lol 
Brian_MN: NY - we agree, which is why we're already developing the next evolution of fishing information produced by GPSGuideSpots.com 
Mr.Larry: Any thoughts on BWCA spots? can't fish' em by conventional means, but it would be cool to have 'em... 
chatman: not sure how i feel about it ny 
fstop95: We're counting on word travelling fast, but again, the price point should help maintain the integrity of the product 
NYeyes: but eventually hot spots have to "run out" brian 
Brian_MN: Mr.Larry - currently talking to guides about BWCA spots. 
NYeyes: fish have been keeping relatively the same patterns for 1000's of years 
Brian_MN: NY - good fishing spots were good 100 years ago, and will be 100 years from now. 
NYeyes: thats what i mean 
rankin755: hows it going? 
Mr.Larry: that'd be cooler than all get-out. 
fstop95: NY-Structure spots tend to remain very consistent from year to year. We don't expect hundreds and hundreds of guys to be hitting these spots 
Brian_MN: We agree, and we're aggressively pursuing it so that it's available for this season. 
rankin755: just the 2 of you guys talking? 
tom_d: Brian ... I wish you luck in this venture. I will be watching for WI and LOW. See you on the water at Witch Bay in July? Gotta run ... my 4-legged buddies are wanting their evening walk. 
rankin755 Leaves Subroom 
chatman: Yes good luck guys its an interesting idea 
Mr.Larry: Why would a guide go in for this? Can't be that much money in it, even if it flies. 
Brian_MN: In order to preserve the quality of our spots, and to prevent overuse of the resource, we are limiting the numbers of products sold for any given lake. 
chatman: really 
fstop95: rankin-Yes, Brian and I are typing, Bob and Lee are standing here with us 
Crow: thats interesting 
Brian_MN: Mr.Larry - all our guides are very excited to be involved. We've signed up 35 out of 38 guides that we've approached with the product. 
Mr.Larry: So limited product means even less potential revenue for a guide. 
Mr.Larry: I bet I sound like a skeptic here... not meaning to, just trying to get a handle on it... 
Deckwood: How do the guides feel about limited potential? 
Brian_MN: Mr.Larry - there's more to this than money. There's educating the next generation of anglers, and preserving the resource for them to enjoy as we all do. 
Brian_MN: Deck - they're completely supportive, it was their idea! 
Mr.Larry: good point. 
chatman: well gang i gotta run i smell cookies 
JIM_PAYNE: night brian 
chatman: good luck with it I willbe in touch Brian 
tom_d: me too Perch. Dogs are anxious. Good luck Brian ... will watch for LOW and WI to come out. I am interested!!! 
Brian_MN: Fishing license sales are declining all over the country, kids have to omany options these days. We hope that by using our spots, they can have early success and get hooked on fishing like we are. 
chatman: see ya jim 
tom_d Logs Out 
Brian_MN: Thanks Tom, see you in a few short weeks up in God's Country. 
chatman: Jim how is that stayncharge doing 
chatman Logs Out


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