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2005 Online Chats
Stay'N Charge Online Chat 4/13/05 by Stay\'N Charge - Jim Payne

Stay N Charge Battery Charger - Online Chat 4/13/05

Jim Payne Logs in []
willyd: Yes
Jim Payne: Hey all
WarrenMN: Payne reliever
willyd: Hey jim
WarrenMN: Hi Jim
Jim Payne: Lets Stayncharge
Chatman: hi j
WarrenMN: tuff crowd tonight
WarrenMN: too nice of weather
Chatman: im sure more guys will be along in a few
WarrenMN: and the chat never really got into a Wednesday night rhythm this winter
willyd: So what is new with JIM
WarrenMN: Still a lot of light out here
Chatman: i just didint have a lot of time to do them
Chatman: yea maybe i should have them later
Jim Payne: this sun staying out is great
WarrenMN: you need more than one person to do this stuff Brian
Chatman: yea i love it
Chatman: yea i hear ya wa
WarrenMN: Ice went out over a week ago, way early for here
WarrenMN: Jim, you stuff can be run with an AC charger
Jim Payne: Maybe to much sun guys do not need battery power yet
Chatman: lol yea
Jim Payne: Yes you can use a single bank charger out of your garage and charge your stating battery and up to three trolling batteries too
WarrenMN: Ok, one regular battery charge, garage type
WarrenMN: and can you charge off the boat motor alternator
Jim Payne: Yes today was a great day for Stayncharge products
WarrenMN: ut oh, its up to me to pin you down Jim
Jim Payne: The new All Charge system is a very smart box that will charge from almost anywhere
WarrenMN: What the retail price on them
WarrenMN: or suggested
Jim Payne: $169.00 for on the water and $49.00 from the truck
Chatman: i git one last fall and it really does work
WarrenMN: ? not sure what you mean, on the water or truck
Jim Payne: I hope all the guys that are not here are out fishing
Jim Payne: The All charge comes with what you need to charge off your outboard or from the AC charger
WarrenMN: I may rig my boat to charge the batteries I run the computers off of
WarrenMN: Oh, the truck is an extra
Jim Payne: and if you want to charge from the truck while you tow the boat you will need the Original harness
Jim Payne: The truck is just different
WarrenMN: what does it have to connect too
Jim Payne: what computer do you run on the boat?
WarrenMN: I map lakes and do maps for people like Bruce Samson
WarrenMN: Oh Brian, you should see the Oahe data I came up with. woooooooow
Jim Payne: So how do you use the computer on the boat?
Jim Payne: Do you plug it into the boat charging system?
WarrenMN: so I just track back and forth across a lake
WarrenMN: I run every thing off the batteries
WarrenMN: up till now I haven't used a charging system so the power stays clean
Jim Payne: So you just plug it into the boat system off the outboard?
Chatman: warren is a perfect guy for this
Chatman: hi larry
Jim Payne: Your system just uses the power from the starting battery?
Chatman: hi go
WarrenMN: No, I have the batteries separate and recharge them when I get home
Chatman: Guys, Jim's site iw www.stayncharge.com
WarrenMN: I have too big batteries for the computer gear
Jim Payne: Chatman Larry is the guy that makes everything possible for Stayncharge. He is my manufacture that has been with me since day one. He is the greatest
guest: what does the truck harness hook up to ? i assume it could charge an rv deep cycle battery if plugged into the truck 7 pin connector. right?
Chatman: oh great nice to see you Larry
Jim Payne: This guy has old people that make sure tings are done correct
WarrenMN: Hi Larry
WarrenMN: Hi to guest and go too
Jim Payne: Warren those batteries are charged by the outboard
WarrenMN: no, I don't have them connected to any thing but the computer
WarrenMN: and sonar/GPS
Jim Payne: so how do you keep them charged
WarrenMN: I usually come home every night to charge them
WarrenMN: but thats getting to be a problem as I get further away from here
Jim Payne: Lets get together with Larry and get some kind of system that will make your life easier
WarrenMN: Been wanting to be sure that the 12v hasn't any noise too
Jim Payne: Larry tell warren your back ground
Jim Payne: Larry can get this done for you even though he lives in Austin and ride a Harley
WarrenMN: bet he went for coffee
WarrenMN: Austin as in Texas
Chatman: lol jim
WarrenMN: or Minn
Jim Payne: no MN
WarrenMN: good a local
WarrenMN: LOL
WarrenMN: Forest Lake here
WarrenMN: HI NY
Chatman: hi ny
NYeyes: hello and good evening all
WarrenMN: I may get a new 30 hp to run the boat this summer B
WarrenMN: Who you think makes a good one
Chatman: they are all good
WarrenMN: I always wanted a 4 stoke but now I think I might be better with a 2
Jim Payne: i am getting Larry back
WarrenMN: gooed?
WarrenMN: LOL
WarrenMN: What you think of Suzuki
Jim Payne: Larry is back
WarrenMN: Hi Larry
Chatman: typing on a laptop with fat fingers lol
NYeyes: lol
Larry_Erickson: Hey guys, what's up
Jim Payne: Tell Larry about the battery requirement
WarrenMN: fat finger syndrome
Jim Payne: Larry does the computer need cleaner batteries
WarrenMN: Oh, I've been running a computer and Sonar/GPS on unattached batteries in the boat
WarrenMN: Jim, not so much the computer with the power regulator it has
Jim Payne: Larry can we get a cleaner charge for this?
WarrenMN: as the GPS
WarrenMN: and
guest: jim-what does the harness hook up to on the tow vehicle and would it charge a rv trailer battery if plugged into the 7-pin connector?
WarrenMN: your four battery system might make it easy
Jim Payne: Larry was out feeding the horses so give him a break
WarrenMN: I can run two sets of two
Larry_Erickson: What's the question for me?
WarrenMN: Not really a question Larry
WarrenMN: I run a computer in the boat that I don't charge till I get home
WarrenMN: in the past just so I have clean DC
Jim Payne: It can charge off the 7 prong plug but that is a 40 amp fuse that hooks into the truck system that goes through the computer system on the truck
Jim Payne: We have alot of trailer companies using the system
WarrenMN: Problem is I won't likely be driving around much off the water when I'm at a lake
Jim Payne: I bet we can come up with a filter that would help the computer
Chatman: a lot of the guys on the pro bass circuits are going to jims system
WarrenMN: In fact my plans are to stay in the boat for up to 4 days at a time
WarrenMN: I'm thinking easier
WarrenMN: put a switch and charge one set while running on the other
Jim Payne: Bradley Stringer just came on board and Ron Seelhoff has been with us for two years now
NYeyes: what a great name stringer
WarrenMN: Ok, I know of them
WarrenMN: especially for fishing
Jim Payne: Do we need some kind of filter in there to protect the computer battery?
Chatman: lol ny
NYeyes: thats what i mean
WarrenMN: I doubt it would hurt the computer. The 12 line has protection to run in a car
WarrenMN: DC-DC adapter
Jim Payne: Could we put a plug in the boat with a cleaner system to run all the electronics
WarrenMN: but with doing it by banking them I wouldn't have a worry in the world
WarrenMN: B, do the web page again so I can book mark it
Larry_Erickson: Warren, I live in the country and we have problems with power surges. I use an uninterruptible power system (UPS) in front of everything I have. This is basically just a big battery that I would think you could put in line just like you have at home.
Chatman: www.stayncharge.com
WarrenMN: Larry, I live in Forest Lake
Jim Payne: Maybe we filter the batteries for all the electronics
WarrenMN: Use to live in Winona, Lake Mills IA too
Jim Payne: NYesyes where are you from
guest: it charges without your harness but sure wont do it in 30 minutes. more like a trickle charge. please describe what your harness does and where it wires into the tow vehicle-jim
Jim Payne: Guset it will charge in 30 minutes per battery
WarrenMN: Jim, isn't that dependent on the out put of his source?
Jim Payne: We do not force feed any batteries, yes the output is a factor but the system only gives what the batteries asks for
WarrenMN: Oh, when you get a chance, I was wondering what you use for terminals to hook a charge to
Jim Payne: Which part? And guest if you have thought please let me know
Jim Payne: Warren all wires are a good 10 awg
WarrenMN: nice and heavy
Jim Payne: The new All charge is a smart box that monitors everything
Chatman: yea and they use standard ring type terminals for the battery connections
WarrenMN: I was meaning connecting the charger
Jim Payne: The secret is we charge while batteries are not under draw
WarrenMN: Pick looks like two posts on top?
guest: jim-if i install both the allcharge and the truck harness i could charge my rv trailer battery in 30 minutes and the trolling batteries while driving home or from the 40 amp alternator on the boat motor-right?
Jim Payne: The input can take the truck wires as well as the outboard starting battery and a AC charger
Jim Payne: Yes Guest
Jim Payne: 25 minutes per battery
Chatman: it monitors all the batteries and goes back and forth charging them
Jim Payne: You know four years ago i put a $1000.00 bounty on my systems and have not yet paid it out
guest: jim-what does your harness do to be able to charge the trailer battery in 30 minutes? it takes forever without your harness.
WarrenMN: should run. Jim I'll do some thinking on this
WarrenMN: sounds like a good idea, but have had to much going on here the last couple years
Jim Payne: We have more then one thousand units on race car trailers, and boats, and pop trailers and have never had one returned because of it not doing what we say it does yet
WarrenMN: My dad has Alzheimer's and this week we had to put him in a nursing home
Jim Payne: Warren lets get together and if we can help you deal we will
Jim Payne: I really want to hear from guest
WarrenMN: Will do, now that I can get back to my own needs
WarrenMN: thanks
WarrenMN: bye
WarrenMN Logs Out
Jim Payne: god bless you and your dad, I lost my dad four years ago and for the  same thing it sucks
Chatman: yes you dad will be our prayers
Jim Payne: Brian not to many guys fishing yet
Chatman: its just starting up Jim
guest: im not questioning that at all Jim. just trying to understand the difference in charging rate with your device. my trailer battery charges whenever it is plugged into the truck but its like a trickle charge.
Chatman: no we will have to do another chat when there are more guys around
eyebanger(OH): Hey there all
Jim Payne: If your truck is running the batteries should charge up pretty fast
WarrenMN: forgot, PJ. send me an email if you'd like to see some extreme imagery of Oahe and Sakakawea
WarrenMN: accueview@mywdo.com
Jim Payne: Guest i really like people questioning the charge
Chatman: hi eye
Chatman: guest i had a hard time believe it oo until i used one
eyebanger(OH): Hi PJ
Jim Payne: Brian maybe next month everybody will want to talk about the batteries
Chatman: yea after they use them and remember what a hassle they can be lol
Jim Payne: You know the best part is that we do not have to prove it work anymore
Jim Payne: We are loving life now
Jim Payne: Cocktails for everyone
Jim Payne: Guest i am buying
Chatman: the word is spreading fast in the bass world about the stayncharge
Chatman: we are trying to get the walleye guys to realize the value of this
Jim Payne: They will
eyebanger(OH): Jim ,with your success in the boat end you should be looking down the road to electric vehicles
Jim Payne: Already looking at this
Chatman: call him reddy kilowatt
eyebanger(OH): I looked at your system and was really impressed
Chatman: i have one in the boat eye
Jim Payne: We have tried and we are still doing what youy guys say you want us to do
eyebanger(OH): I'm an old electrician and know the ins and outs of all types of electric power
Jim Payne: then we should get along pretty well
eyebanger(OH): Did allot of work at NASA in Cleveland and seen much
Jim Payne: I have friends that are rocket guys
Chatman: thats neat eye
Chatman: oops guys i gotta run
eyebanger(OH): Ok PJ
Chatman: wish i could hang around but i gotta go do something
Chatman: see ya
Chatman Logs Out
Jim Payne: Brian i think we need to do this after about three weeks after opener after guys have dead batteries
eyebanger(OH): To bad there weren't more in here tonight
NYeyes Logs Out
Jim Payne: i know but we will do it again and if you guys need help let me know
Jim Payne: I am going for a cocktail
eyebanger(OH): Get some info down to Sportsmans outpost in Vermilion .Lots of interest here
guest Logs Out
Jim Payne: Let me know what we need to do and maybe we can get you some feedback
Jim Payne Logs Out


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