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Carol Nelson 4-12-00

<ebijack> Please Welcome our host tonight CAROL NELSON!!!!!
<Carol Nelson> Hi all!
<Driftr> Welcome Carol!!!!!!!!!
<ebijack> clap clap clap
<golden> This is Carols first time on the Chat, so take it easy on
her OK fellas
<Mikej> hi carol
<river king> hi carol
<BB shot ILL.> hi CAROL
<ETT> welcome Carol
<Carol Nelson> Hi gang! Yup...that is the key...take it
easy...Hey I am here to chat about about
<Carol Nelson> okay, hit enter too quick...about MWC and the World
Walleye Championship, as well as future expansion of MWC any
<ebijack> howdy carol, how about starting us off with a bit of
history about you
<EYESRFN> where are the tourneys being held?
<Carol Nelson> No problem...I have a degree in Recreation from the U of M
<Carol Nelson> Tourneys are being held for the rest of this year
at Big Stone MN Gladstone, MI Oconto, WI and Lake City, MN...
<ebijack> recreation?
<Carol Nelson> Wonderful!
<Swat1> Carol is the MWC going to stay a team event or will it go
to a Pro Am format too?
<Mark(Wi)> What can we expect to see in 2001 for the MWC?
<Carol Nelson> Staying a team format...2001 we are looking at an
expansion of hopefully enough teams to create two regions in 2001...
<ETT> what do you think is primary to raising the publics interest in walleye tournament fishing?
<ebijack> carol, how many boats enter most tourney's now
<Cormorant> Is the MWC going to have boundaries for the July 15,16
tourn out of Oconto
<EYESRFN> are there any plans to expand to MT, SD, or ND
<Carol Nelson> This year, 2 tourneys have 200 teams, 3 have
225...we are looking at keeping no more than 200 next year.
<Carol Nelson> MT SD ND are all possibilities...depends on if
there is a group interested in helping with tourney-COC sports club etc.
<ebijack> carol, are you at each event?
<Carol Nelson> MT SD ND are all possibilities...depends on if
there is a group interested in helping with tourney-COC sports club etc.
<Mark(Wi)> Do you feel that 225 at spring valley was to many?
<Carol Nelson> I am at each event...RE: Rasing the publics
interst in walleye tourney fishing, that is a great
question...I have opinions...how about you ETT?
<ebijack> carol, how many years have you been doing the mwc
<ETT> sure do. 
<Carol Nelson> RE; 225 Spring Valley can handle it, and with the
rate we have to turn teams away, that is one site we would
have to consider 225 next year-we will get angler's input on this.
<ebijack> carol, how many flights are there with 225 boats
<Carol Nelson> re: MWC years...oh, yeah started observing MWC
last June...started working full time on it last Oct YEARS of experience!
<Carol Nelson> ETT opinion...love to hear... With 225 boats,
depends on the tourney SV had two and I believe Big Stone will have 2 flights...
<ebijack> carol, how early do most the tourney's fill up, and what
other advantages are there for pre-registering
<Carol Nelson> ETT I think that walleye tourney has a HUGE
future, and that it is imperative to get the public's support
and involvement...that is what we are working on at this years Championship
<ebijack> carol, are new sponsorships being looked into like they
have for the FLW tourney's
<Carol Nelson> SV fills up immediately...day one...Ortonville and
the others are kind of a "waiting" game...they are all waiting
to see how many teams are signed up, to try to get best flight
numbers out...you know anglers, eh?
<Carol Nelson> We are constantly looking for new sponsorship...In
order to grow the circuit we have several criteria...1. we need
a group that can run a tourney, such as the Spring Valley Walleye Club
<ETT> Most obvious way to increase fishermen's interest is to up
the awards. Best way to do that is to increase sponsorship. 
<ebijack> carol, have you thought about advantages for early
<BB shot ILL.> do you expect the entry fees to stay about the same
<Carol Nelson> 2 we need new sponsors to (as ETT says) to keep up
the prize money... and to sponsor the circuit.
<ETT> they are out there. someone only needs to go after them. 
<Carol Nelson> I anticipate they will stay very similar next
year...I am thinking the only reason to up them (and that
would only be a nominal amount) would be to raise payout...
<ebijack> carol, do you look for local helpers for each tourney location
<river king> if you listen to the ordinary person talk about the 
bass tourneys the two things you hear most are the big payouts
and watched them on television
<ETT> Not necessarily fishing oriented
<Carol Nelson> ETT you are definitely right again! It is right
now, logistically, a time issue with staff...
<Carol Nelson> We count on local groups to help run the entire
tourney from beginning to end...
<ETT> need to talk to sponsors NOW for next year
<ebijack> with 200 boats, seems like advertising should be easier to get
<Carol Nelson> Tv is a big thing...that is the way walleye angling
will grow-huge for pros and sponsors...and payout is huge to the anglers
<Carol Nelson> We definitely need to recruit sponsors NOW...buy
July they usually have their next year's budget determined.
<ETT> exactly
<ebijack> is this a full time job for you carol?
<ETT> and spent
<Carol Nelson> Advertising comes with a price tag...it is the free
advertising we need for now...with about a zero budget for advertising...
<Carol Nelson> Way more than a full time job...
<Carol Nelson> and yes, ETT it is budgeted and spent.
<ebijack> carol, what do you think is the one thing that would
bring the mwc into the forefront
<ETT> great move
<Carol Nelson> With regard to growing the circuit for next year, I
am interested in whether or not anyone knows of groups
interested in hosting MWC tourneys???
<BB shot ILL.> I like MWC entry fees over others
<Guest> Carol, have you contacted Fox SPORTS or ESPN about doing
any coverage ?
<Mark(Wi1)> is the MWC working on tv coverage for the future?
<Carol Nelson> To move the MWC into the forefront will need strong
leadership, fairness, consistency, excellent communication and
keeping in mind that the people to keep happy are the anglers,
the sponsors...not the staff
<Carol Nelson> As I understand, ESPN was contacted for the
Championship, but the price tag was too high. I am not sure about Fox...
<Swat1> Carol has the MWC made a ruling on handling?
<ETT> You are on the right track there
<river king> what about outdoor life network
<ebijack> espn can't even keep up with their scheduling
times...they don't seem to care about fishing at all
<Carol Nelson> As long as an angling technique is legal, we
recognize it as such...
<Carol Nelson> Outdoor Life Network...I am kinda new (as you have
probably surmised...) if I could get a contact, that would be
something I would definitely check into.
<Cormorant> How will the WI DNR's proposed tournament boundaries
on Green Bay effect the MWC? 
<Carol Nelson> I am in agreement about ESPN...personally, I think
watching a car drive around in circles for hours is
boring...angling is not...we just have to figure out a way to
fillm it so that it IS exciting to watch, and then they will
be pounding down the doors..
<ebijack> carol, are you involved with the rules and regulations
<EYESRFN> can the public see the fish or do you use weigh boats
<ebijack> espn can't even keep the FLW tour scheduling on
time..not even close
<Carol Nelson> As I understand it, the boundaries on Green Bay
will not affect us this year...DNR meets in January 2001 to
discuss and they will probably not implement until 2002...It
will definitley affect that tourney in a BIG way if enforced
<Carol Nelson> Re: rules and regs I am involved with MWCs
<ETT> look at how BASS does it & FLW Tour
<Mark(Wi1)> Have to run, Thanks Carol, see you at Big Stone.
<ebijack> tnn is a better choice for tv viewing
<ETT> cuts and camera boats with all remaining competitors
<Carol Nelson> The public can almost always see the
fish...sometimes, the local DNR wants to keep this to a limit
to protect the DNR...we work with them to stay in compliance
(as well as on their good side)-never pays to work against
groups, you know?
<Carol Nelson> Where does BASS and FLW videos show?
<Carol Nelson> Thanks, Mark!
<ETT> almost a play by play , made for tv tournament
<ebijack> espn..but not very often when it is scheduled
<ETT> on the water at the site
<Cormorant> Right now the DNR wants voluntary "compliance" but I
know some tournaments are going to stay within the boundaries.
I'm glad to see you're not.
<Carol Nelson> TNN, eh? Anyone have a connection there?
<ebijack> nope
<eyemaxx> the best way to run an event is to eliminate anglers
daily... you get a narrow field as things get fired up... 
and it's easy to film the gig...
<Carol Nelson> As I understand, our TDs have been working with the
DNR and staying within boundaries this year is not even a
voluntary compliance...so that is a good thing this year.
<Guest> I think if you special effects like a graphic showing the
power of the pull when catching a walleye, or stats about the
angler in past and present tourney. like catches and lost
fish. Things like that might get more people to watch .
<ebijack> what's the web site address carol
<Carol Nelson> Good point with narrowing the field. Possibly in
the future.
<eyemaxx> it works well for BASS, the Megabucks event is very easy
to film and present on tv
<Carol Nelson> We are actually doing a show like that for the
Championship-2 huge monitors with video of earlier action of the day.
<ebijack> what channels will those be shown on carol?
<eyemaxx> the flw millennium tourney was a television flop in my opinion...
<ETT> take your time and do it right !! you are on the right
track. Show the pros how they ought to be doing it.
<ETT> I agree I- max
<eyemaxx> they narrowed the field very well, spent thousands and
thousands to make it work, but flopped at center stage
<Carol Nelson> Re: the championship, we are not on tv stations, but cable
<EYESRFN> how does a person obtain info on MWC?
<Carol Nelson> we are also on local mpls staions
<Carol Nelson> Call me at 612-833-1522 or email
<ETT> thank you and good luck Carol
<Carol Nelson> website is walleyecentral
<Swat1> Click on the MWC on top of the opening page here on
Walleye Central to get to the MWC
<Carol Nelson> Hey thanks ETT!
<Carol Nelson> Sorry I was so late getting on, computer at work
would not connect and had to race home in snow storm to my
computer...Thanks for having me...any other questions?
<Swat1> Just so you know Caroll ETT doesn't look anything like ET
from the movie either...LOL
<ETT> too fat
<Carol Nelson> If it is who I think it is, I do not know if I
agree :)
<ebijack> 'd like to thank our host tonight CAROL NELSON
<ebijack> clap clap clap
<ETT> clap, clap clap
<Hot-n-Tot> hurray hurray
<Carol Nelson> Thanks, gang! and to ETT for the shot I took!
<Swat1> Thanks Carol
<river king> thanks carol
<jigman/ont> clap clap
<Cormorant> Thank you
<eyemaxx> good luck with the mwc - you 've got a good thing going
<EYESRFN> thank you Carol
<geo> clap clap thanks Carol
<Carol Nelson> MWC is only as great as the anglers and
sponsors...and that is why it has a great future!
<eyemaxx> the walleye world is getting huge - and it is truly
growing the walleye segment of the industry
<ETT> here here
<eyemaxx> the mwc handshakes with ranger and mercury are going to
stabilize the whole thing

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