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Gary Gray's Y2K Fireside Chat 12/20/2000

chatman-  Ladies and gentlemen a warm round of applause for Gary Gray....

Juls-  clap clap clap welcome Gary!

jerry-  clap clap clap...welcome Gary

Gary Gray-  Happy Holidays to ALL!!!!!

#1 Saugeye-  Greetings Gary

Chris K-  clap, clap, clap hi Gary

Driftr-  welcome Gary!!!

eyefish(mi);-  Welcome Gary...CLAP CLAP

river king-  welcome Gary

slip-bobber(MT)-  Hi Gary

chatman-  Happy New Year! OOPS! too soon...

Gary Gray-  I want to take this time to thank all of you at WC for having me on these chat's

Todd_NE-  hi all, Chris from Canada

Juls-  we love having you here Gary! Thanks for doing so many for us!

chatman-  Always a good time and your always welcome Gary...

Bigfoot-  we love you man

Driftr-  ooops, anyone start the fire?

Gary Gray-  Well, another year has past, and looking forward to 2001

chatman-  So, where do we want to go tonight Gary?

Gary Gray-  you's name it

Juls-  Will you be fishing all 6 PWT's next season Gary?

Gary Gray-  yes

jerry-  Lake Winnebago and chain

chatman-  I saw a photo of the new metaflake boats, lookin' pretty good...

river king-  what kind of boat do you run Gary

Gary Gray-  not in there this next year

Gary Gray-  Yar Craft

Chris K-  Are you going to run a metal flake color boat Gary?

Juls-  will your new boat be all spiffied up with colors Gary? like NASCAR? seems everyone is going that way now...

Gary Gray-  Green Poly Flake, w/Silver and Black

Juls-  pretty

Chris K-  That will be sharp!

Chris K-  Going to run an Opti Max or an EFI?

Gary Gray-  225 EFI

Gary Gray-  maybe a 250 EFI

Todd_NE-  Gary, is the Storm line reduction/changes as doom and gloom as it seems?

jerry-  Are other's going away from Opti's or just your personal choice

Gary Gray-  everyone set for Xmas, last minute shopping

Driftr-  Gary, 1 more day

chatman-  never start till last minute, I love the hunt......

Juls-  done here...wait forgot to get the dog something...lol

jerry-  all done

Gary Gray-  personal choice, everyone is running Opti, just different

Chris K-  250? What should the boat do with a 250 under tournament load?

jerry-  I see

river king-  Sunday morning shopping for me

Gary Gray-  68-70 MPH

Juls-  wow

jerry-  whoosh

Juls-  varooom!!!

jerry-  like the wind

Gary Gray-  How's Lake Erie doing?

Larry(WI);-  Spoke w/ Rapala sales rep yesterday, all new colors(15 in T-Sticks)

Chris K-  single console for next year again? I don't want to loose another hat with you!

Den-  getting hard Gary

Juls-  lol Chris

Gary Gray-  only way to go

Juls-  will you be mc'ing any of the 'bago tourneys next year Gary?

chatman-  Are you gonna get in the Merc. Nationals as an angler?

Gary Gray-  almost went to a full windshield this year, but then I would be like 


Chris K-  What has Mack's got in line for new products in 2001?

Juls-  lol

Gary Gray-  yes, I will

Bigfoot-  na I'm to slow for you Bubba

Den-  gotta get the right color Gary

Gary Gray-  haven't seen the 2001 product as of yet

Den-  color make it faster foot

Gary Gray-  old bull theory

Bigfoot-  yep

Den-  lol

Gary Gray-  me too!

Bigfoot-  slow and easy

Juls-  - -)

ETT-  old fart back complex, foot

eyeguy/mn-  hi Ness!

Gary Gray-  How is the RCL doing

Bigfoot-  yes

Gary Gray-  hi Ness!

Littlefoot-  how fast is a grape

Larry(WI);-  Gary, what do you think of the new Lowrance products for 2001?

Bigfoot-  it's out

Juls-  hahahaha littlefoot..too funny!!

Bigfoot-  It will be on the wire in the morning

ETT-  where is it posted Rick???

jerry-  lol

Gary Gray-  they look Great, should have my new stuff shortly, then I can tell you more

chatman-  I am looking at putting the new color unit on my next rig....

Larry(WI);-  Which unit(s) are you getting?

Driftr-  Gary, are you going to have an LCX-16CI?

Gary Gray-  Has RCL made a press release yet ? Rick

Bigfoot-  it will be on the wire in the morning

Gary Gray-  Lcx 15

Gary Gray-  Ice fishing has been good for pan fish, and white bass

Gary Gray-  see ya swat

chatman-  Do the White bass ever shut down on the system Gary???

Gary Gray-  no

Chris K-  Do lots of ice fishing Gary?

Gary Gray-  something to pass the winter

Juls-  how much ice is up your way Gary?

colin-  Gary are you fishing any MWC's, or just PWT

Gary Gray-  winnebago: 5-7" upper lakes 11-13 and they are driving out

jerry-  crazy to drive out now

Gary Gray-  PWT some MWC, Merc Nat'ls

chatman-  Have the Pike slowed down in Boom bay Yet? or are they still going nuts like it was first ice?

Gary Gray-  they are

Chris K-  Any predictions for the future of walleye tournament fishing?

jerry-  lol

Gary Gray-  Only getting Better, things like RCL, and PWT will take it higher

Larry(WI);-  Gary, what is the best method on the upper lakes, jigging or tip-ups?

Gary Gray-  jigging

Chris K-  Do you think there is enough interest from younger anglers? Or is the 

cost of tournament fishing too intimidating?

Gary Gray-  cost has a lot to do with it, but there are some good young anglers out there, right Chris

Chris K-  there are a lot of good young anglers out there, but with the cost of boats, travel, tackle... it is hard to jump into the bigger tournaments.

Gary Gray-  Sponsors are getting tougher and tougher,

chatman-  Do you think it is tougher for a young angler now Gary? More technology and tactics, but higher compassion level?

Juls-  Gary...have you fished all the waters that the PWT is going to next year or is there some new water you will get to explore?

Gary Gray-  yes, competition is getting tougher too!

Larry(WI);-  Gary, how are they getting tougher?

Gary Gray-  Would you like to start over in this game Rick? I mean with the competition, and Sponsors

Bigfoot-  no

Gary Gray-  harder to obtain, there are a lot more people asking

Bigfoot-  I like where I'm at now

Den-  at home??

Gary Gray-  Us old guy's, aren't getting any younger

Juls-  lol

eyefish(mi);-  where you at Rick

jerry-  lol

Den-  that's where experience comes in Gary

Bigfoot-  Home

chatman-  That's where the full windshields and deluxe canvas options come from 


eyefish(mi);-  yours???

Chris K-  Do you think that because of competition for sponsors, anglers are willing to do more work for less from the sponsor

Bigfoot-  comfort

Bigfoot-  I got it

Gary Gray-  that is sometimes the problem, hat and jacket theory, right Rick

Driftr-  Yep, full windshields :)

chatman-  gettin' older means you value comfort more and a fellow isn't as bullet proof....

chatman-  I figured that out and I'm only 36....LOL.....

Bigfoot-  you got that right

Den-  youngster

jerry-  36?

Den-  lol

chatman-  I know, I'm gettin' wimpy in my "old" age.....

gpare (Sask)-  got socks older than 36

Bigfoot-  easy Ralph

jerry-  LOL

Gary Gray-  I have been at this game for 17 yrs. now, and have most of the same sponsors

Juls-  Dang! Your even younger than me...lol now I feel old

chatman-  lol......

Den-  not wimpy, that be smarter, lol

eyeguy/mn-  lolol

Den-  who are some of your sponsors Gary?

slip-bobber(MT)-  When Chris is as old as me I will be Dead!!! lol

Juls-  lol

Bigfoot-  there goes the rest of the time

Den-  lol

Gary Gray-  Mercury, Yar Craft, Storm/Normark, Off Shore Berkeley, On and On and On!!!

Chris K-  You are not that old Doug!

Juls-  Will you be doing any seminars here in the area this winter Gary? I would like to see them

chatman-  Here comes a real kick to the hornets nest....

Gary Gray-  Yes

Den-  lol

Larry(WI);-  Gary, what is the most challenging body of water you have been on?

chatman-  Do yon think long time loyalty to sponsors can help a pro's reputation Gary?

Gary Gray-  Sault St. Marie

Gary Gray-  Yes, loyalty is the most important, and longevity plays the same role

Chris K-  I am young and I want to learn! Thanks for the lessons on Peck!

Den-  lol

Gary Gray-  who are you talking to

Chris K-  Any new stuff from Offshore in 2001?

slip-bobber(MT)-  My pleasure-Wish we could have found those same fish during the tourney

Chris K-  Doug. Thanks for the day on LOTW too. I will never forget it!

Larry(WI);-  When is the new snap coming out?

Jigbite-  Gary, do you feel that there are a lot of young anglers ready to move up?

slip-bobber(MT)-  Had fun

Gary Gray-  I had fun

Larry(WI);-  (Clip)

Gary Gray-  yes, and I encourage them, just don't beat me up so bad

Juls-  - -)

Chris K-  Had a chance to use any Taildancers Gary?

chatman-  LOl

Gary Gray-  not yet

Chris K-  What do you think of the new holographic colors from Normark?

Gary Gray-  Have I missed any questions

chatman-  looking really good...let's see if the eyes like em...

Gary Gray-  haven't seen them yet

Larry(WI);-  Gary, have you seen the new Thundercranks yet?

Juls-  ya long time ago I asked if you were fishing new waters this year on the PWT...or have you been to all of them before?

Gary Gray-  no

jerry-  How's the future of Winnebago and chain looking? Size limits for next year?

Gary Gray-  no, never been to New York since Basic Training

Gary Gray-  I think it will be stable

Gary Gray-  no size limits for 2001

jerry-  okay, thanks

Chris K-  What is your favorite type of water to fish?

Juls-  do you think there should be a slot put on 'bago Gary?

Gary Gray-  open water

chatman-  Just to clear up a possible point, what basis is the no size limit on?

Gary Gray-  yes, for 5 yrs

chatman-  point of curiosity with me is all....

Chris K-  Rivers, Lakes, Reservoirs...?

Juls-  that would be nice..think they will ever do it?

Gary Gray-  not to target the 15" plus fish

Gary Gray-  no

Juls-  dang

jerry-  wish they would

Juls-  it would be nice to catch a bigger fish out of there someday

Gary Gray-  so do I

Gary Gray-  them days are gone for awhile

Fish'n Fool-  Gary there are some nice fish there could it be that the forage is more tempting then our bait??

Gary Gray-  yes

Juls-  lol

Den-  oh, lol

Chris K-  What is the worst thing that ever happened to you in a tournament?

Gary Gray-  lots of bait fish this yr.

eyefish(mi);-  Gary are you looking forward to coming back to Detroit in April

Gary Gray-  missed first place by 4 hundreds of an once

Juls-  ouch!!

Juls-  where was that?

Gary Gray-  love Detroit

Chris K-  ouch!

EyeBoy-  That is close.

bill-  Gary, bill from Canada ever fish in Canadian waters

jerry-  Did you fish the deep jig bite in Detroit?

Gary Gray-  yes, used to go there every spring, and fall

chatman-  It is even harder to take when you know the fish have coughed up that much or more in shad, into the live well....

Juls-  true true

Gary Gray-  yes, on the deep jig bite'

bill-  river or lake

EyeBoy-  Chat-  put em back in.

Juls-  - -)

Gary Gray-  both

Gary Gray-  what comes up, must go down

bill-  if you get the chance fish the Ottawa

Gary Gray-  OK

red-  anyone catching anything

Chris K-  Has the PWT ever gone farther west than Fort Peck? If not, do you think it will?

Gary Gray-  not yet, but the are looking at Washington next month

Chris K-  Where in Washington?

Fisherman-  Gary when you're just kickin back for some relaxing fishing on Bago, what's you're favorite method

EyeBoy-  Gary-  what body of water?

Gary Gray-  jig fishing

Juls-  oo oo I know I know..lol

Gary Gray-  Columbia River

Gary Gray-  Juls has been with me just for fun, right Juls

Gary Gray-  catfish and all!!!!!!!!

Juls-  you betcha..that was fun!!!

Juls-  heheh

Juls-  thunderstorms too...- -)

bill-  when fishing a large river what do you prefer jig or lure

#1 Saugeye-  Gary, Have you had any embarrassing moments like Slip bobber has during a tourney?

eyeguy/mn-  lolol

Chris K-  Ever had an amateur fall in on you?

Gary Gray-  yes, Bill once got something caught in his zipper, and wanted me to help him, I said no, I don't think so!

Juls-  hahahah

Gary Gray-  no

Fish'n Fool-  lolololol

chatman-  I remember that one, and the cup he was awarded to prevent that again....

Juls-  - -)

Jigbite-  Gary, been hearing allot of talk about no live bait tournaments, what do you think?

Gary Gray-  had one almost fall out of the boat on the move though, right Chris!

EyeBoy-  Gary-  FDR Lake, Chelan Lake, Rufus Lake, or some where between?

Chris K-  there has to be people other than me who have done that! I got some good pictures of Mark Martin though.

Juls-  - -)

Gary Gray-  no live bait, it has been talked about, it wouldn't matter to me

Fish'n Fool-  Gary how much is it costing you a year to do the tournament circuit?

Gary Gray-  I don't know where, just the Columbia

EyeBoy-  Thanks

Gary Gray-  about 25,000

bill-  does the walleye tournament ever or wil it be coming into Canada

Gary Gray-  PWT has talked about it, but the rules up there keep changing

Bigfoot-  so do theirs

#1 Saugeye-  any body heard when the PWT may be coming back to Peck

Gary Gray-  2003

#1 Saugeye-  We'll look forward to it

Chris K-  What kind of boats did you run before Yar Craft?

triton(WI);-  where you fishing this weekend?

Gary Gray-  no, up to Yar Craft

EyeBoy-  Gary-  will they use weigh boats on FP? Big hubbub over the mortality rate.

bill-  on the average how much money does it take to run a tournament (Canadian)

Gary Gray-  only can take a wait and see

#1 Saugeye-  Just move the date ahead to cooler water on Peck - no problem

Gary Gray-  depends on the added money for a draw

slip-bobber(MT)-  where from eyeboy?

triton(WI);-  you fished Winnebago this year yet thru the ice Gary?

Gary Gray-  no, upper lakes

eyefish(mi);-  Ice fishing .........Bahumbug

Juls-  lol Rod

triton(WI);-  how old were you when you started on the PWT?

Chris K-  What was the best moment you have had in tournament fishing?

Gary Gray-  Well, I want to take this time to wish All a Happy Holiday Season, 

Merry Christmas

Gary Gray-  Lake Erie WINNING!!!!

triton(WI);-  you too Gary

Saker-  u2 G

Driftr-  same to you Gary

Juls-  Same to you and yours Gary!

Gary Gray-  36

Chris K-  same to you Gary

EyeBoy-  Seasons greetings Gary!!

bob g-  you to gary

eyefish(mi);-  same to ya Gary

chatman-  any more questions for Gary as we wind down tonight?

T-Mac-  Thanks..same 2 u

triton(WI);-  do you know when the net PWT event on Winnebago will be if ever?

donyar/mi;-  Happy Holidays Gary

Gary Gray-  yes

Gary Gray-  2002 for Winnebago

Chris K-  sounds good!

chatman-  Ladies and gents, a big round of applause for Gary Gray's annual 

fireside chat......

slip-bobber(MT)-  Great Job Gary-Good info

triton(WI);-  thanx allot Gary

eyefish(mi);-  Thanks Gary

jerry-  Thanks Gary. Happy Holidays.

Juls-  clap clap clap clap clap..thanks Gary...

donyar/mi;-  Thanks Gary

bob g-  ya hoooooo

Chris K-  clap, clap, clap, clap,clap, clap,clap... Thanks

Driftr-  Thanks Gary, clap clap clap

#1 Saugeye-  Thanks Gary, have a great Christmas

EyeBoy-  Take care Gary!

Gary Gray-  Hope I am able to do it again next yr, God willing and the water don't rise!

Juls-  lol

T-Mac-  Thanks ....clapadee clap

Gary Gray-  Thank you all for having me

eyeguy/mn-  thanks Gary , was fun!

chatman-  Hey, more water means more places to fish.....right?

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