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Jim O'Rourke  1/19/00
[19:58:49] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight  JIM O'ROURKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
[19:58:56] Drift'r: Welcome Jim O'Rourke !!!!!!
[19:58:56] ebijack: clap clap clap
[19:59:00] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap welcome Jim
[19:59:02] Clicker (oh): welcome jim
[19:59:05] bob g: ha jim
[19:59:06] Bluewater: Evening Jim
[19:59:06] walleye&bass wi: clap clap clap
[19:59:07] Drift'r: clap clap clap
[19:59:11] Den: clap clap
[19:59:13] slapshot: welcome
[19:59:13] fishstalker: hey!!
[19:59:37] Jim O'Rourke: Hi everybody...I was just talking to Al Lindner, he came back
from Gull Lake and the walleyes were biting!!
[19:59:55] ebijack: jim, how about a little bit of info about how you got yourself into
doing emceeing!
[19:59:56] Jim O'Rourke: Al Lindner told me to tell everyone hi.
[20:00:30] Jim O'Rourke: The emcee job was offered to me back in 1996 when Jim
Kalkofen, the dircetor, needed to get off stage and work with sponsors
[20:00:58] ebijack: jim, you happened to be just in the right spot or they knew of your
[20:01:00] Jim O'Rourke: It was a great opportunity although I had never done
anything like that before
[20:01:22] Jim O'Rourke: It was a comnination of both, the right spot and the radio
[20:01:23] Sheila: And Jim, tell Al L. we all say "hi" to him too!
[20:01:46] Jim O'Rourke: I'll tell him
[20:01:56] Pirate: the best thing that ever happened to the PWT
[20:02:10] Swat1(oh): Jim do the In Fish Staff ever read this board much
[20:02:11] slapshot: Great voice!
[20:02:19] ebijack: i agree, you do a great job jim!
[20:02:20] Sheila: Jim, you do the greatest job on stage!
[20:02:21] Juls (WI): i agree mike...
[20:02:30] bob g: jim were you a fishermen before this job???????/
[20:02:35] walleye&bass wi: you sure do jim
[20:02:38] Jim O'Rourke: Hey thanks pirate...I've had a ball working with the pros and
ams...get to me the BEST people in the world ...FISHERMEN/WOMEN!!
[20:03:06] spampy: how many women?
[20:03:31] Jim O'Rourke: I fished some before I joined In-Fisherman in 1988. The
opportunity to fish is evident but there still isn't enough time.
[20:03:48] ebijack: jim, about how many hours/week do you spend on each season
just doing the live weigh-ins
[20:04:26] Jim O'Rourke: I'm actually at each site the day before the tournament starts,
travel day and rules meeting
[20:05:00] Sheila: Do you do research or prep before each PWT tourney??
[20:05:01] Jim O'Rourke: ...then I get on the water on Day One and spend the 3
tournament days there, then back home. Turn around and do it again in two weeks
[20:05:03] Juls (WI): what are some of the things you have to do to produce a show for
in fish jim??
[20:05:20] Wade: Good question Juls
[20:05:34] Jim O'Rourke: Thanks to computers, the research and prep isn't as tough as it used to be. 
[20:06:02] Jim O'Rourke: There was a time when it was mostly from memory but now I
have a teleprompter loaded with info.
[20:06:09] Todd_NE: Will we see the PWT evolve to more tournaments?
[20:06:10] slapshot: Computers are the new age in fishing
[20:06:12] Juls (WI): good thinking...
[20:06:15] Sheila: aren't you lucky!
[20:06:38] walleye&bass wi: whats the funniest thing that has ever happened on stage
[20:06:56] slapshot: The tournaments need to be later in the summer!  hehehehehe
[20:06:59] Jim O'Rourke: The PWT will probably expand to more tournaments in the
near future. there was a tremendous response this year from pros and ams.
[20:07:15] Juls (WI): cool
[20:07:19] spampy: open up the field?
[20:07:24] bob g: good
[20:07:41] Jim O'Rourke: Hey I agree that late summer tournaments would be better, in
fact a split season would be cool...maybe someday.
[20:07:42] Sheila: Is it all filled up Jim?
[20:08:06] Jim O'Rourke: The funniest thing that ever happened I think was at the
1996 Championship...
[20:08:06] ebijack: jim, what was the hardest thing you've ever had to cover time for on
[20:08:10] Pete[Oh]: why don't they open the field to more anglers?
[20:08:19] walleye&bass wi: what happened??
[20:08:23] Swat1(oh): How many Pros to each of the division fields this year Jim?
[20:08:33] Jim O'Rourke: Ron Seelhof comes into the Bismarck CC, pulls up his boat
and hauls one of his schnauzer dogs out of the live well...
[20:08:47] Juls (WI): hehehehe
[20:08:49] jumbojim: lol
[20:08:51] mikej: i remember that!
[20:08:52] Den: lol
[20:08:52] Jim O'Rourke: holds it over his head while the dog is yapping a barking. It
was great
[20:09:20] Dusty(ND): I saw that Jim...that was great!! Looking to have you back to
Bismarck this fall!
[20:09:39] slapshot: Great crowds in Bismarck eh Jim!
[20:09:46] Jim O'Rourke: The hardest time to kill is when the bite is vvverrryyy slow and
the anglers are getting zeros...Dubuques Iowa in 97 comes to mind.
[20:10:07] andy: I remember
[20:10:15] Sheila: Wow, did you make everyone still come on stage w/the skunks?
[20:10:20] Magic Marker: favorite tourney site?
[20:10:23] Jim O'Rourke: The Bismarck crowd is always great and we're looking
forward to going back.
[20:10:47] slapshot: The new walleye town USA!
[20:10:54] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:10:55] Jim O'Rourke: We don't make em come up with skunks, that's why I have to
kill so much time, there was no one there with me!
[20:11:10] Sheila: the Jim O show...hehe
[20:11:13] Den: remember lots of jokes
[20:11:15] Juls (WI): hehehe
[20:11:31] Jim O'Rourke: As of this day, all tournaments for 2000 are full with extras on
both the pro and am side.
[20:11:41] ebijack: jim, have you found any "best" topics to use to kill time?
[20:12:22] Jim O'Rourke: When it gets really hard to find things to say I call for Jim
kalkofen and leave the stage. 
[20:12:29] ebijack: :)
[20:12:29] joe ia: any new walleye videos releasing soon
[20:12:30] Sheila: great idea
[20:12:32] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:13:03] Jim O'Rourke: I'm not sure about the walleye videos but the Walleye Guide
just came out. You should be getting it soon, Great stuff.
[20:13:12] Magic Marker: what's your favorite tourney site?
[20:13:24] Den: what is your favorite place to be at a tourney?
[20:13:28] slapshot: Bismarck?
[20:13:35] RichardM(AB): that 's good news!
[20:13:37] Pirate: lake Erie
[20:13:50] Jim O'Rourke: There are so many great tournament sites it's hard to pick
one...Erie and Saginaw Bay simply because of all the big fish.
[20:14:15] donyar/mi: good choice
[20:14:20] Juls (WI): has to be bago with that sweet smell coming from the sewage
plant across the channel there right jim?? lol
[20:14:26] spampy: big fish big interest
[20:14:33] Jim O'Rourke: As far as the weigh-in goes, Bismarck is tough to beat indoors, but the poutdor venue is cool too, except when it rains or is cold.
[20:14:35] ebijack: jim, do you fly to each location, or drive with the crew
[20:14:49] mikej: or hails on you
[20:14:56] Todd_NE: Jim, what's the number one thing that separates successful,
consistent tournament anglers from the crowd in your opinion?
[20:15:16] Jim O'Rourke: You mean last year at Fond du Lac? We parked across from
a sewage treatment plant. When the wind blew just right...
[20:15:26] slapshot: ish
[20:15:29] Juls (WI): hahahah ya...;-)
[20:15:31] Swat1(oh): Good Question Todd
[20:15:58] Jim O'Rourke: I fly to the to Ohio and Michigan but drive to the others. Ft
Peck is a haul but it's almost faster to drive than make all the plane connections
[20:16:31] Jim O'Rourke: I wish I knew the answer to why some fishermen are more
successful than others...
[20:16:48] andy: Jim, do you ever have time to fish during tournaments
[20:16:48] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:16:56] ebijack: jim, when do you set up your times for the radio spots
[20:17:01] Doc (wi): how about a little luck and attention to detail Jim??
[20:17:02] Jim O'Rourke: you could say versatility, experience, etc., but there are so
many great fishermen who have never won that it's hard to figure.
[20:17:14] Doc (wi): well said
[20:17:29] Sheila: agree doc
[20:17:30] bob g: no problem
[20:17:32] jumbojim: that's where that little luck comes in
[20:17:42] Jim O'Rourke: I sometimes get to fish if I get in early enough on the final
practice day. Once the tournaments start I stay off the lake.
[20:17:53] spampy: timeing!
[20:17:58] slapshot: luck is always good!  No matter what you are doing
[20:18:14] Den: right
[20:18:17] Swat1(oh): I'd rather be lucky than good any day
[20:18:31] slapshot: there is truth to that!
[20:18:33] Hopalong: i like luck and lucky
[20:18:39] Jim O'Rourke: Luck is important, but look at guys like Mike Gofron,
runner-up Angler of Year in 98 then comes back and wins it in 99, hasn't won a PWT
tourney yet.
[20:18:40] Eyez (SD): theres two kinds of luck though....
[20:18:52] andy: if i didn't have bad luck i'd have no luck
[20:19:04] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:19:08] Sheila: Well I'm going to join Ebijack and ask too how you do all those
Radio Shows?
[20:19:11] Den: but the best thing is , you cant be lucky at a consistent pace
[20:19:44] Jim O'Rourke: The radio stuff is my primary job but I think people know me
from tournaments...
[20:19:47] bob g: you make your own luck//////
[20:19:55] Todd_NE: I suspect it's the "vision" on the water environment, unbelievable
concentration, and successfully placing yourself in the path of good luck from what I've
[20:20:01] Jim O'Rourke: the radio shows are actually very easy when you consider the
experts I have to work with here.
[20:20:07] jumbojim: no the guys we call lucky usually put themselves in those situation
bye experience or experiment
[20:20:33] R238: every thing has to go absolutely perfect to put together a win plus
some luck
[20:20:59] Jim O'Rourke: Last year at Madison, I brought my digital tape player along,
set up a microphone in my hotel room and interviewed 14 of the top walleye pros...
[20:21:09] ebijack: wow!
[20:21:17] Jim O'Rourke: from those interviews produced over 90 radio programs.
Those guys are great!
[20:21:19] andy: cool
[20:21:27] Den: neat
[20:21:50] Sheila: So you used clips from them all year?
[20:22:05] Jim O'Rourke: Right now we have 850 radio stations who air our daily 3
minute shows and 400 who air the one-minute tip progam.
[20:22:15] curt-t-o: what happen to madison this year?
[20:22:21] ebijack: jim, do you have a set time you try to keep each pro on stage?
[20:22:21] Hopalong: that is very impressive
[20:22:25] Jim O'Rourke: I guess I never run out of things to talk about because there
are so many facets to fishing.
[20:22:53] Sheila: How do you put all the 1-minute tips together? Can you like whip off
20 a day?
[20:22:56] Jim O'Rourke: I use sound clips throughout the year and actually have some
from a couple years ago that are still usable.
[20:22:59] Hopalong: Jim ,, where is your home base
[20:23:02] Todd_NE: Is everything in the In-Fisherman network been sold, including
the PWT - I'm not clear on that..
[20:23:53] Jim O'Rourke: The one minute shows are really just variations of 3 minute
shows, magazine articles, and existing stuff, On a good day I can do 20, maybe!
[20:24:24] Todd_NE: I promise not to be the one to ask about handlining.... esp after
article in mag... ha
[20:24:29] Bluewater: Jim, are there individuals who are "Walleye Fishing Legends"
who don't or are too old to fish the tournaments?
[20:24:33] Jim O'Rourke: I'm based here in Brainerd Minnesota at In-Fisherman. Lived
here since 1979, formerly from St. paul
[20:24:35] mikej: lol
[20:24:59] Jim O'Rourke: Todd, how do you mean everything?
[20:25:28] slapshot: Jim do you know Ron Christopherson?
 [20:25:44] Jim O'Rourke: Walleye legends too old to fish tournaments??? how about
Rick LaCourse?
[20:25:53] mikej: lol
[20:25:53] ebijack: :)
[20:25:54] Swat1(oh): Ouch!!!!
[20:25:56] slip-bobber(MT): lol
[20:25:58] Eyez (SD): ouch
[20:26:00] Ness: :-))) 
[20:26:04] walleye&bass wi: lol
[20:26:09] Todd_NE: Jim, my understanding is the information network (mag, radio, etc) was sold, wondered about the PWT, other publications, etc. Not trying to ask a tough one, just wondered.
[20:26:22] Den: lol' he not here, taking a nap?
[20:26:26] Jim O'Rourke: I only say that becaused bigfoot has big shoulders, and he'll
relish the opportunity to get me back on stage!
[20:26:45] Doc (wi): or behind it
[20:26:53] jumbojim: lol
[20:26:56] Busy: Big foot has big heart also!!!!
[20:26:59] Swat1(oh): Bob probst Sr comes to mind for that question though
[20:27:12] slapshot: Foot is one of the best!  He's taken me under his wing!
[20:27:26] Jim O'Rourke: In-Fisherman, the whole ball of wax, was sold to PRIMEDIA
INC. out of New York in May 1998. Al is under contract with them and still works here.
Ron Lindner is gone, retired.
[20:27:28] Todd_NE: Mr. Pontoon and 5 gal bucket can smoke most of us on the
water yet...
[20:27:31] slapshot: Rick LaCourse!
[20:27:50] Sheila: you should say "underfoot"
[20:28:13] Todd_NE: thanks Jim, was just interested
[20:28:14] jumbojim: how about dave csanda
[20:28:30] Jim O'Rourke: Bob Probst Sr is my guess too. I really admire guys like Gary
Roach...it's gotta be tough competing against the younger guys but he stays...
[20:28:45] Jim O'Rourke: and he does a lot for the tournament circuit and walleye
[20:28:52] slapshot: Young energy is always good!
[20:28:56] spampy: good guys
[20:29:27] Pete[Oh]: makes us older guys work harder
[20:29:28] Jim O'Rourke: The young anglers are a different breed, they're tough and
competitive and very, very smart.
[20:29:41] slapshot: YES!
[20:29:27] Pete[Oh]: makes us older guys work harder
[20:30:01] Doc (wi): yes but sometimes the cunning of age defeats the exuberance of
[20:30:14] Jim O'Rourke: I can do old jokes, people, I got my AARP application in the
mail a few months ago!
[20:30:32] ebijack: jim, do you write articles about your trade for mag's?
[20:30:50] Sheila: hehehe
[20:31:20] Jim O'Rourke: The problem with age is the pounding these guys take and
the concentration to win. The edge gets a little dull...at least for me.
[20:31:36] Bigfoot: my ear's were burning
[20:31:36] Den: bout time bigfoot
[20:31:39] Juls (WI): hehehe
[20:31:42] Jim O'Rourke: Hey Richard...how are you tonight?
[20:31:54] RichardM(AB): Great Jim and you?
[20:31:54] mikej: foots ear must have been ringing
[20:31:54] Eyez (SD): hi foot
[20:32:12] slapshot: I was just talking about you foot!
[20:32:18] Bigfoot: Hi Sir James
[20:32:19] slapshot: hehehehehehe
[20:32:27] Jim O'Rourke: Richard provided one of the most electrifying moments that I
can remember last season when he came into 
[20:32:42] Jim O'Rourke: the Madison arena with the BIG fish.  It was awesome.
[20:32:50] Sheila: Go Richard!
[20:32:53] Juls (WI): that was cool...
[20:33:09] Jim O'Rourke: Hi Bigfoot..I was just telling everyone how young and
charming you are .
[20:33:10] RichardM(AB): I was ready for a reaction but they half scared me!
[20:33:15] Doc (wi): ha
[20:33:22] Pete[Oh]: once again Jim, why doesn't PWT open the field for more
[20:33:40] slapshot: I told everyone how you have taken me under your wing! Thanks
[20:33:54] Bigfoot: I'll pay you the Ten bucks later Jim
[20:33:59] Jim O'Rourke: They will expand...they'll have to, but you have to do it slowly
so these tournaments are filled.
[20:34:25] Sheila: Foot, you might want to collect $10
[20:34:27] slapshot: I figured he was!
[20:34:34] Jim O'Rourke: Last season we made 115 pros at most of the tournaments
with few to spare...
[20:34:37] Pete[Oh]: waiting list now, right
[20:34:46] Jim O'Rourke: this year we could probably do 135-140 easily.
[20:35:10] spampy: their not all full of ams?
[20:35:10] Sheila: Them ranks are growing!
[20:35:10] Pete[Oh]: why don't they let them in
[20:35:30] Jim O'Rourke: There is a waiting list...unfortunately but they may be able to
get most of the people fishing...things happen.
[20:35:31] Pete[Oh]: more money
[20:35:34] RichardM(AB): When will the new applicants know if they got in Jim?
[20:35:39] slapshot: I wish the dates were later for the west!  Hockey
[20:36:12] ebijack: it's hard to have 300 boats for alot of lakes, plus time for blastoff
and weigh ins
[20:36:16] spampy: Mo money,need regions
[20:36:19] Jim O'Rourke: The notifications are being sent as we speak...you should
know in the next few days if you made it or not.
[20:36:44] Pete[Oh]: I sent in my entry early and still didn't make it
[20:36:48] RichardM(AB): there a lot of sleepless guys out there right now
[20:37:03] Sheila: and girls
[20:37:06] Steve (IA): what are the qualifications to fish, Jim?
[20:37:12] bluesevens: Jim O'Rourke Has the PWT set any boundaries for Pt Clinton?
[20:37:34] Jim O'Rourke: Other exciting moments on stage...the first wins for some of
the veterans..like Rick laCourse, Ted Takasaki, Gary Gray...it's great stuff.
[20:37:35] spampy: expand with the demand.
[20:37:56] fishrgirl78(MT): Jim, are there any women in PWT now?
[20:38:01] Jim O'Rourke: I don't know hat those boundaries are, they will let you know
at tournament time.
[20:38:15] Juls (WI): only as amature fishergirl...so far..;-)
[20:38:38] Jim O'Rourke: We have some female ams,(Shiela) but not pros. 
[20:39:01] Sheila: one year i was only girl in whole show, hope not this year!
[20:39:07] Doc (wi): I'm sure that they have to weigh all things...There is some pressure
to limit fields due to the perception of what a tournament does to the fish.
[20:39:19] Jim O'Rourke: I would really like to see more women get involved. It's a lot
of fun and a wonderful learning experience.
[20:39:21] Juls (WI): there was one at bago last year too
[20:39:31] Doc (wi): but they need to grow to expand the sport and it's appeal
[20:39:33] Pete[Oh]: when they have so many entries how do they decide who gets in
[20:39:39] Sheila: yeah, i want Juls in there with me for competition!
[20:39:45] Juls (WI): amature gal at bago...i meant
[20:39:53] jumbojim: jenn wi is part of first girl girl team on mwc and a great stick
[20:39:53] bluesevens: Jim ORourke : Will we be able to fish Canadian waters this
[20:39:56] Jim O'Rourke: The limiting of fields goes further than the fishery although I
agree that's part of it.
[20:40:44] Jim O'Rourke: As far as the decision to get in when there are a lot of
[20:40:49] Doc (wi): much further but is a good example of what needs to be
[20:41:22] Jim O'Rourke: ...returning anglers, top 55 and top 10 from each division and
other criteria help the section committee.
[20:41:55] mbrandt(in): who all is on the committee
[20:41:55] Pete[Oh]: so its kind of political
[20:42:02] Jim O'Rourke: ME!
[20:42:17] Sheila: look out
[20:42:27] slapshot: Everything is to some extent
[20:42:28] Doc (wi): I wish they would break it down somewhat like the BASS
does...qualifying tournaments etc
[20:42:29] andy: vote for o'rourke
[20:42:29] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:42:35] Jim O'Rourke: No I'm just kidding, it's Jim Kalkofen, &  Mark Dorn
[20:42:43] mbrandt(in): LOL
[20:42:56] Busy: put them on your christmas list
[20:43:04] Sheila: and never cross 'em
[20:43:06] ebijack: :)
[20:43:13] Bigfoot: hit list lol
[20:43:14] Swat1(oh): What do they like to drink Jim?   LOL
[20:43:19] Juls (WI): lol
[20:43:29] Jim O'Rourke: Actually, you might see this break down into the federation
type tournaments...the sky is the limit but it will proceed cautiously.
[20:43:44] Busy: sounds like a politician
[20:44:38] Jim O'Rourke: Another funny moment on stage...1998...Jim Klick wears hot
pants on stage...full house at Bismarck, TV cameras rolling from the local news...
[20:44:42] ebijack: jim, do you plan on continuing with emceeing for many years?
[20:44:48] Jenn_WI: jim maybe i missed it but what are the "prerequisites" to get in as
a pro
[20:45:15] RichardM(AB): was his wifes bathing suit Jim
[20:45:24] Jim O'Rourke: and who do you suppose gets on the local sports that night in
Bismarck...Jim Klick in his hotpants ""PRO ANGLERS ARIVE IN BISMARCK FOR BIG TOURNAMENT!"
[20:45:25] mikej: lol
[20:45:34] Todd_NE: I heard that wasn't entirely funny.... but hey
[20:45:48] Reefer: bet that tickled the staff...lol
[20:46:30] Jim O'Rourke: Jim Klick is one of a kind...could be good for the sport but
must know when to stop...he's a funny guy.
[20:46:59] Jim O'Rourke: I think you ought to wait for notification since the phones ring
off the hook at the PWT anyway....
[20:47:06] Bigfoot: he's back this year
[20:47:21] Sheila: Guess committee would vote him in for fun!
[20:47:25] Jim O'Rourke: ...if you need to contact someone at PWT go internet and
e-mail at pwt@in-fishermancom
[20:48:23] Jim O'Rourke: Did I miss anyone?
[20:48:54] ebijack: jim, have you played any pratical jokes on any pro's while on
[20:49:04] mikej: jim how do you prepare for the weight ins-- you always ask good
[20:49:37] eyefish(mi): Jim have you ever had someone so whiney( lets say at the 99
championship) that you didnt want them back on stage
[20:50:02] Jim O'Rourke: The only one I nailed was Bob Hansen in Bismarck in '96,
said on day 2 that he caught a big fish and almost messed his pant. On day 3 I
presented him with a pair of yellow joe boxers with the smily face.
[20:50:16] Juls (WI):  lol
[20:50:18] Doc (wi): Jim, would you please let me know when you plan on retiring..I
would like to apply for your job
[20:50:22] Jenn_WI: lol doc
[20:50:32] ebijack: :)
[20:50:53] Bigfoot: nobody can take his place . we won't let him leave
[20:50:59] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:51:06] Swat1(oh): Amen to that
[20:51:13] Ness: Putting your Foot down, Rick ...?
[20:51:14] fishrgirl78(MT): Jim, Got any advice for women trying to get into tournaments and amateur stuff?
[20:51:20] Jim O'Rourke: I don't think I'll touch the winey statement from '99. It
sometimes gets a little tense when the politicking starts....
[20:51:20] Bigfoot: yep
[20:51:22] Doc (wi): could never walk in those shoes
[20:51:29] Jim O'Rourke: but I usually try to move on quickly.
[20:51:31] Sheila: See Jim, you can't leave or retire. no one will let you
[20:51:33] Juls (WI): good thinking Jim
[20:51:44] eyefish(mi): LOL
[20:51:46] mikej: Jims the best!
[20:51:55] Juls (WI): You Da Man Jim...;-)
[20:52:27] Jim O'Rourke: Hey thanks everybody...I don't really want to retire, I'm too
young and this is too fun...the only thing that could change the current picture...
[20:52:41] Jim O'Rourke: ...is PRIMEDIA, and I don't see that happening for now.
[20:52:51] Bigfoot: you think it's hard for Jim to keep in moving try coming up empty
 [20:53:10] Juls (WI): lol
[20:53:40] Bigfoot: had to think of something
[20:53:45] Jim O'Rourke: Rick, you seldom come up empty handed but when you do
you're always gracious.
[20:53:56] slapshot: hehehehehe
[20:54:10] ebijack: are there any more questions for our host tonight?
[20:54:16] Swat1(oh): Has anyone ever brought in a Sucker or Carp or anything?
[20:55:15] Pikeman(Sask): jim, is the pwt going to go with lund next season?
[20:55:23] ebijack: I'd like to thank our host tonight...JIM O'ROURKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:55:26] Sheila: Jim, gotta hand it to you -- great announcer and great CHAT host
[20:55:33] mbrandt(in): clap clap clap
[20:55:34] Juls (WI): clap clap lcap clap clap clap thanks Jim
[20:55:35] Doc (wi): YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
[20:55:36] Swat1(oh): Thanks Jim Great Job
[20:55:37] andy: Jim is anything really new and exciting happening at pwt
[20:55:38] Den: thanks jim    clap clap clap
[20:55:40] Sheila: THanks! xxxooXX
[20:55:42] RichardM(AB): Thanks Jim
[20:55:42] jumbojim: clap clap clap
[20:55:43] Drift'r: Thanks Jim !!!!!!!
[20:55:45] slapshot: Scored!
[20:55:45] R238: good job jim
[20:55:47] Todd_NE: Tks Jim
[20:55:48] mikej: thanks jim
[20:55:59] eyefish(mi): Thanks Jim
[20:56:00] Eyez (SD): thanks alot jim
[20:56:05] slip-bobber(MT): SUPER JOB JIM. THANK YOU
[20:56:12] Juls (WI): you got that right Jim...;-)
[20:56:13] Jenn_WI: yes i heard lund is affiliated with pwt now pikeman
[20:56:25] donyar/mi: thanks jim good job
[20:56:37] Jenn_WI: thanks jim
[20:56:38] ebijack: great job jim!!  clap clap clap
[20:56:40] eyefish(mi): Lund and PWT two of the best
[20:56:43] bluesevens: good job jim - thanks
[20:56:43] fishrgirl78(MT): Thanks Jim
[20:56:56] slip-bobber(MT): CLAP, CLAP, CLAP
[20:56:56] Jim O'Rourke: Lund is now the official boat sponsor of the PWT. Winning
pros and winning ams will both get Lund rigs in 2000
[20:56:58] Reefer: 2025 to pro and Mr Pike to AM at each event.
[20:57:11] Pikeman(Sask): cool
[20:58:06] Sheila: Jim, we'll go try that Lund out after I win one ;-)
[20:59:18] Jim O'Rourke: I gotta run everyone...thanks for the opportunity...you're the

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