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[19:58:16] ebijack (mi): Please welcome our guest tonight Paul Abke "PMA" he is the

importer for the gtm40t depth/temp sensor unit

[19:58:30] LS(nd): welcome Paul

[19:58:31] PMA: Hello everyone!

[19:58:35] ^2old2^ (mi): Welcome Paul

[19:58:40] Hunter(Pa): Hi Paul

[19:58:46] ebijack (mi): it's an open forum tonight, please let paul answer the questions

and not hammer him, thanks

[19:59:27] LS(nd): Paul, can you expalin a little on how your unit works?

[19:59:30] ebijack (mi): paul , can you give us a run down on what the unit does

[20:00:00] PMA: Yes, the GTM40T+ uses barometric pressure to sense depth.

[20:00:14] PMA: It records water temp every 5 feet as it falls to the bottom.

[20:00:36] PMA: When it rests at any depth for 10 seconds it stops recording.

[20:00:59] Drift'r: Paul , how heavy is the unit?

[20:01:04] PMA: Retrieve the unit to the surface and press the button on the side and

the readings scroll on the digital display.

[20:01:13] PMA: The unit weighs 2oz.

[20:01:14] Skeeter: I would think having the unit attached to the line would affect the

depth reading compared to without what is this factor.

[20:01:49] PMA: Yes, the unit will ad some drag, but any lure will also add drag. I do

not have a factor.

[20:01:57] Hunter(Pa): Is this unit set up on a reel or is it a hand line

[20:02:04] Skeeter: Ok thanks

[20:02:24] PMA: the unit can be attached to your rod and reel, Dipsy or to a

downrigger on a release.

[20:02:33] Skeeter: does it read in 1 foot increments?

[20:02:36] Hunter(Pa): thanx

[20:02:46] ebijack (mi): paul, discribe the actual size

[20:03:00] PMA: The slower you lower it the more accurate the temp readings will be. It

only reads in 5' increments.

[20:03:34] PMA: The unit is about the size of a pager, 3 1/2 x 1 3/4 x

[20:04:11] Hunter(Pa): what kind of batteries does it use and how long do they last?

[20:04:26] PMA: The unit uses a lithium battery, it lasts for about 2 years and costs

about $2..00

[20:04:51] PMA: can be purchased at any office supply store

[20:05:08] Hunter(Pa): Ok now for the question on everyones mind. What does this

unit sell for

[20:05:26] PMA: I have extra o-rings. They should be replaced when the battery is


[20:05:33] Skeeter: How does it attach to the line?

[20:05:55] PMA: Walleye Central sells the unit for $79.99. List price is $99.99 and for

the chat tonight, free freight!

[20:06:19] ^2old2^ (mi): does it need calibrating for changes in barometric pressure

[20:06:20] PMA: There is a hold in the upper end of the unit where a snap can be


[20:06:35] PMA: Everytime the unit is turned on, the unit calibrates itself.

[20:06:49] Skeeter: OK like a release from a snapweight?

[20:07:11] PMA: Yes

[20:07:19] Skeeter: OK

[20:07:46] PMA: If you haven't looked yet, Walleye Central tested a unit and has a

nice write up on their site.

[20:07:55] ebijack (mi): paul, do the salmon fisherman use this unit in the great lakes?

[20:08:32] PMA: Yes, the Salmon guys love it. They can find the depth their Dispys


[20:08:53] PMA: And they can use it with a downrigger to check the temp profile of the


[20:09:05] Hunter(Pa): does it have a maximum depth?

[20:09:13] ebijack (mi): how many decimal points is the temp recordings, like for


[20:09:48] PMA: Just attach it to a stacker release and send it down with the rest of

your lines and bright it up after it has rested for 10 seconds. It works to about 100'

[20:10:01] PMA: Depth and temp are in "tenths"

[20:10:41] PMA: I believe the units actually works to about 40 meters, but I say 100

feet to keep it simple

[20:10:58] Hunter(Pa): what is the accuracy of the unit?

[20:11:11] ebijack (mi): a guy could attach this to his line and cast it into a river stream

and find out the bottom hole temp?

[20:11:45] PMA: I have not tested absolute accuracy on the temp, but the depth is

based on barometric pressure and is right on.

[20:12:15] PMA: Yes, in Germany, where it's made, casting is how it was designed to

be used.

[20:12:20] ebijack (mi): paul, do you know how the baro changes per depth of water?

[20:13:15] ebijack (mi): so it is german made i take it

[20:13:33] PMA: water pressure is one of those Newton laws that is a standard in the

world. The unit does have different settings for use in saltwater.

[20:14:13] Big Red: What is the warrenty on this unit?

[20:14:34] PMA: The unit has 4 or 5 settings for water density (fresh/salt). Its is

precalibrated for fresh water.

[20:15:11] PMA: The factory has a 6 month warranty. I will guarantee it for a full fishing

season. Never had a dud yet!

[20:15:16] jbeboatman: one atmosphere pressure per 33 feet if i remember rite

[20:15:54] PMA: I knew someone would have the scientific data.....

[20:17:04] PMA: Remember, the unit is designed for 100' of water. Lots of pressure

down there. It's really well made.

[20:17:22] ebijack (mi): paul, have you trolled with the unit yet

[20:17:29] PMA: Yes.

[20:17:50] PMA: It ads a little drag, but there is no way around that.

[20:17:57] Big Red: Did you say what this weighed?

[20:18:07] jbeboatman: pressure thats why we have to fize our fish

[20:18:12] PMA: It weighs 2 oz. It's a compact little unit.

[20:19:49] ebijack (mi): paul, have you used the unit to find the thermoclines

[20:20:00] PMA: I have also talked to someone who used it for ice fishing and found it

works well for that too.

[20:20:41] PMA: Yes, the unit can sense temp in tenths of a degree and you just watch

the display for the temp change.

[20:21:26] PMA: I have a temp chart on my web page.


[20:21:39] ebijack (mi): is that for the unit paul

[20:21:48] PMA: It will give you temps fish are most active at.

[20:22:19] PMA: It covers most all the sport fish around the area and beyond

[20:23:20] PMA: I did not invent the chart, but it has been around and is used by

several companies marketing temp devices for fishing

[20:23:24] ebijack (mi): so you should try to hold it at depths for 5 seconds to get a

good reading?

[20:23:25] jbeboatman: seen that chart today one of my charter guys has it on his boat

[20:24:07] PMA: No, the temps readings are automatic. The slower you let the unit

down, the mroe time the sensor has to adjust to the different temps.

[20:24:24] Skeeter: one question if it finds the thremocline but only reads in 5 foot

increments and the thermocline is ussally only a 2 to 3 foot swat of water how does it

give you the correct depth?

[20:24:34] ebijack (mi): paul, is there a way to hook it up to a remote readout, so you

could watch it on a downrigger etc

[20:24:50] PMA: Ideally, it falls under its own weight, but it is not necessary to lower it

that slow.

[20:25:10] PMA: No remote read out available. That's where the $600 Fish Hawk

come in handy.

[20:25:19] Hunter(Pa): does the unit have a memory or does it clear when shut off?

[20:25:33] jbeboatman: some downriggers have temp in the ball

[20:25:58] PMA: The unit stores the data unit you reset it by holding down the button

for 5 seconds

[20:26:14] PMA: Yes, Walker and Riviera make temp downriggers

[20:27:02] PMA: The unit automatically shuts off after 5 minutes to save battery life.

[20:27:13] sirwaltr: Paul, I got here late, so how does the unit give you the correct

depth of a dipsy diver?

[20:28:22] PMA: When you use it behind a Dipsy, remove your lure and send the Dipsy

down with the GTM40T+ and let the Dipsy reach it max depth. Trip the Dipsy and

revies the readings when you get it back to the surface.

[20:28:44] ebijack (mi): speaking of depth, with only 2 oz of weight, you could really

find out how deep your cranks really run?

[20:28:55] sirwaltr: Thanks

[20:29:02] PMA: If you do this with different amounts of line out, you can get a profile of

how deep the Dipsy goes with different amounts of line out.

[20:29:56] PMA: Yes, I imagine if you attach it to the back of a Jensen Deep Diving

lure, you could get a round-about depth reading.

[20:30:08] sirwaltr: Sounds like you are taking the guessing out of play

[20:30:23] ^2old2^ (mi): would it be better to connect it above or below a dipsy diver

[20:30:35] ebijack (mi): heck, it sounds like a easy way to find out how deep your

cranks really run

[20:30:47] PMA: Between the Crank Baits In-Depth book and the GTM40T+, fish don't

have a chance.

[20:31:20] PMA: I would run it in back of the Dipsy on a snubber, just in place of the


[20:31:42] PMA: Just let it out a little slower than usual

[20:32:05] Skeeter: say a crank runs 17 feet would it tell you its at 20 feet or 15 feet

does it go to the nearset up or down?

[20:32:12] sirwaltr: How accurate are the readings

[20:32:18] ebijack (mi): paul, will it get hurt by hitting a few rocks? when trolling

[20:32:43] PMA: When it takes the final reading, the number is the acutal number in

tenths. The last reading is not in a 5

[20:32:47] PMA: foot increment

[20:32:58] ^2old2^ (mi): does it read in both feet and meters

[20:33:13] PMA: I think rocks are bad no matter what they hit.

[20:33:42] PMA: It can read in meters, but must be set that way everytime you want

another reading

[20:34:04] PMA: It comes on in feet

[20:34:05] ebijack (mi): i was refering to finding a rock hump etc by accident

[20:34:38] Big Red: I think it would be difficult to get a good reading on cranks with

two onces of extra weight!

[20:34:54] PMA: Yes, accidents happen and I have not tested it on the rocks.

[20:35:03] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:35:24] Skeeter: Paul give me an example of what it would say if its reading 17 feet


[20:35:29] PMA: Yes, adding it to a crankbait would just be for comparison purposes.

Because if you add it to you baits, it will effect them all the same.

[20:36:28] PMA: If you let it down to 23 feet of water and it rests on the bottom, the

display would read:

[20:37:16] PMA: 5' 65.3 deg, 10' 63.1 deg,. . . . . 23.5' 62.2 deg.

[20:38:00] PMA: Again, the final reading is always absolute, whatever the actual temp

and depth is.

[20:38:33] Skeeter: ohh ok I understand now it reads in 5 foot increments until it

reaches its max depth right

[20:38:53] PMA: If you let it down 100' you would get 20 data points to check.

[20:39:05] Skeeter: Ok thats cool

[20:39:05] ebijack (mi): so if your electronics show a thermocline at 29ft you could

drop it to approx.27ft and 30 ft to see the difference in temp

[20:39:49] PMA: Well, it would read temps at 25' and 30'. Hopefully it will catch the

temp shift.

[20:40:05] PMA: It's not perfect, but at $79.99 is does a great job compared to lowering

a thermometer down.

[20:40:55] ebijack (mi): paul, how much affect does it have on sideplaner boards

[20:41:03] PMA: I used it a marina and was suprised to see the temp change in only 12

feet of water.

[20:41:24] Skeeter: Actually depth is the more important factor at least as far as

walleyes are concerned

[20:42:04] PMA: I have not tried it on planer boards, but I suppose if you attached it to

a diving lure and sent it out to the side it would work fine. I would remove the hooks to

reduce snags......

[20:42:40] Skeeter: it wouldnt be any different than having a 2 once snapweight on


[20:42:55] PMA: You will be very impressed with the depth readings. When I compared

the depth to the LMS-350, it was right on,

[20:43:22] PMA: Never though of using it as a snap weight. Kind of an expensive


[20:43:37] PMA: it does not float....

[20:43:39] Big Red: Gotta go, thanks for the info. Neat unit

[20:44:20] PMA: great questions, fishermen keep coming up with new ways to use the


[20:45:08] Skeeter: I not saying use it as a snapweight but it doesnt weigh anymore

that was my point

[20:45:11] PMA: I have never returned a unit yet, but it the unit is new and the box is

perfect, I will accept returns. But the unit must be as new.

[20:45:38] PMA: I got your idea about the snap weight, it was a good point.

[20:46:44] ebijack (mi): what's the max temp it reads paul

[20:46:59] Skeeter: OK paul you convinced me to give this unit a test

[20:47:46] PMA: 32 to 86 degrees

20:47:55] ebijack (mi): so you don't reccomend that the wife uses it for her bath temp


[20:48:26] ebijack (mi): paul, can you tell us how to get tonights special deal

[20:48:33] PMA: Must be in 5 feet of water to take the first reading. Works only for

deep cold tubs.

[20:48:41] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:49:07] ^2old2^ (mi): if a person was to take it ice fishing would it perform after being

exposed to sub freezing temps

[20:49:20] PMA: I believe you just get to the Walleye Central site and they have

sercure online ordering. The is a 24 hour grace period on the free freight.

[20:50:37] jbeboatman: thanks for the info sounds cool gotta go

[20:50:42] PMA: The unit reads to 32 degrees. But like and peice of electronic

equipment, I would keep the unit in a pocket until you use it and then lower it into the

water when needed. Water will not be too cold.

[20:51:01] PMA: "any piece"

[20:51:01] Skeeter: cool paul thanks for the info tonight where do you use your unit?

[20:51:41] PMA: I'm on Lake St. Clair in Michigan and Lake Huron. Lots of guys on

Lake Erie use them.

[20:51:48] ^2old2^ (mi): about what is the physical size of the unit

[20:51:59] PMA: Charter guys like the Dipsy idea

[20:52:28] PMA: 3 1/2" x 1 3/4 " x 1/2"

[20:53:17] ebijack (mi): is there anything that you can tell us that we didn't ask yet paul

[20:54:35] PMA: When I used it, I was checking for bottom depth and have never tried

to check a thermocline depth. Good idea though.

[20:55:19] ebijack (mi): is ther any other questions out there for paul

[20:55:20] ^2old2^ (mi): it's sort of cone shaped then?

[20:55:41] PMA: For best reading, especially when it's warm outside, dunk the unit in

the water for a few seconds to cool the unit done. That way it won't have to drop so

much in temp to take the first reading.

[20:56:11] PMA: The unit looks like a pager with both ends rounded. It

[20:56:26] PMA: It;s flat on front and back and round on top and bottom.

[20:56:45] PMA: about 1/2 inch thick.

[20:56:57] PMA: Like a oval race track.

[20:57:09] ^2old2^ (mi): ok :-) sorry i've never seen one

[20:57:10] R Hill(mi): How much does it weigh Paul

[20:57:25] PMA: it weighs 2 oz.

[20:57:50] Eagle1 (mn): Forgive my tardiness but what is it we are discussing?

[20:58:13] PMA: The GTM40T+ depth and temp recorder

[20:58:58] R Hill(mi): Paul was this unit in In-fisherman

[20:59:06] Jester: they just had a blurb in walleye insider eh?

[20:59:31] Duffy: What kind of a unit is the GTM40T?

[20:59:53] Jester: interesting unit....

[21:00:16] PMA: It reads water temp and depth every 5 feet as you lower it into the

water. Its is used to find depths of Dipsys, Downrigger balls. or thermoclines.

[21:00:28] ^2old2^ (mi): what would you use to attach it if you wanted to hook it

directly to your line

[21:01:10] PMA: swivel

[21:01:22] Jester: can you run the unit on in-lines?

[21:01:46] ebijack (mi): any quick last questions for paul,

[21:02:11] PMA: Yes, just attach it to a diving lure to get it down. It weighs 2 oz, but

when trolling, I think you'll need something to pull it down

[21:02:49] PMA: Thanks for all your great questions. Check out the Walleye Central

write up

[21:02:57] ^2old2^ (mi): where are you located at

[21:03:05] ebijack (mi): thanks for your time paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:03:18] Skeeter: Thanks alot paul very informitive!!!

[21:03:20] ^2old2^ (mi): yes thank you Paul

[21:03:31] PMA: I'm in Grosse Pointe Woods. I have a day job at Lakeside Fishing

Shop in St. Clair Shores

[21:03:36] null: thanx paul

[21:03:37] R Hill(mi): Thanks Paul it looks and sounds like a neet unit

[21:03:38] lars: thanks PMA

[21:04:03] PMA: Time flys, just like fishing.

[21:04:37] PMA: you can email me questions at : pmabke@concentric.net

[21:05:19] ^2old2^ (mi): insert applause! here :-)

[21:05:24] ebijack (mi): :)

[21:05:29] Skeeter: !

[21:05:31] PMA: Anyone used any of the new video fishing cameras?

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