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[20:01:28] ebijack (mi): PLEASE WELCOME PAUL ABKE,

[20:01:45] Paul: Thanks, great to be here.

[20:01:53] Drift'r: hi Paul

[20:01:54] ebijack (mi): howdy paul, can you first fill us in on what the gtm40t is all


[20:02:24] Paul: The GTM40T+ takes water temp and depth readings as you lower it

through the water.

[20:02:46] ebijack (mi): every how many feet paul

[20:03:04] Paul: It's about the size of a pager and it records temp every five feet as it

falls to the bottom

[20:03:22] Paul: You can lower it by Dipsy, Downrigger or just on the end of your line

[20:04:06] ebijack (mi): does the unit tell you the depth at which the temp was takin

[20:04:10] ClearCatch: What happens if you hit rocks while on the way down?

[20:04:10] Paul: The Dipsy guys love it, because alot of guys are using Fireline and

SpiderWire on their Dipsys and they can now find out how deep they are running

[20:04:39] Paul: Yes, temp is recorded every 5 feet, to 100 feet deep.

[20:04:50] Paul: It's best to keep off the rocks.....

[20:05:29] Paul: The display reads: 5' 52 degrees, 10' 50 deg., 15' 49 deg. ,etc.

[20:05:31] ebijack (mi): paul does it take a surface temp alos?

[20:05:38] ClearCatch: What kind of bump can it take?

[20:05:47] Paul: It only works from 5 feet and lower.

[20:06:49] ClearCatch: Here it would read 5'100deg 10'88 deg :)

[20:06:51] Paul: I have not figured out how hard you can wack it, its a small electronic

device and is very sturdy, but a good bump could be bad

[20:07:09] Paul: Got some hot water there..

[20:07:34] ebijack (mi): how long could you troll with it before you had to bring it in paul

[20:07:45] ClearCatch: It is hot here in Austin, but its cool now only 95

[20:07:48] Paul: it reads in tenths of degrees and also gives the final depth and temp

after resting for 10 seconds

[20:08:31] Paul: it turns off after 5 minutes, so you have to retrieve it before then. just

bring it back to the boat and press the button on the side to display the readings

[20:08:44] ebijack (mi): is the most popular use for finding the thermocline?

[20:08:45] ClearCatch: Paul I went to your site and you have a temperature chart there

for the ideal temps fish like to hang out at.

[20:08:52] Paul: the display scrolls every time you press the button

[20:08:58] ClearCatch: I thought that was great!

[20:09:31] Paul: half the guys buy it for depth readings on Dipsys and lead core and

half buy it for temp

[20:10:06] Paul: I tried to email ClearCatch but mail kept coming back

[20:10:08] ebijack (mi): so this unit could really be used to find out how deep you really

are trolling.. a big plus!!

[20:10:31] Drift'r: what kind of batteries does it use?

[20:10:35] Paul: yes, it finds actual depth by barometric pressure. it's very accurate

[20:10:37] ClearCatch: My email is ccnet@dbcity.com

[20:11:09] Paul: it uses a CR2032 lithium battery, about 2 bucks

[20:11:19] Paul: at any office supply store

[20:11:30] ebijack (mi): can you get a baro reading for every depth? paul

[20:11:31] Paul: it lasts for about 2 years or so

[20:11:37] ClearCatch: Here water temp is critical for catching stripers. That device

would help a lot.

[20:11:43] Paul: no, only depth and temp readings

[20:12:05] Paul: Temp seems critical for alot of fish up here too.

[20:12:31] ebijack (mi): i've seen the unit, it is really small

[20:12:37] Paul: it weighs about 2 ounces

[20:13:05] Paul: it's about 1.5w x 3h x .5 deep

[20:13:24] Drift'r: what is the case made of?

[20:13:47] Paul: it's a very sturdy plastic. sealed except for the screw cover for the


[20:14:04] busy: that unit works well, i ve had one for about 6 years

[20:14:30] busy: take the hooks off the lure

[20:14:42] busy: trust me

[20:14:48] ebijack (mi): didn't know you had one busy

[20:14:50] Paul: Do you have a Fish Hawk? The GTM40T+ has been around for only

a year

[20:15:06] busy: I don't remember brand, but it works great

[20:15:30] Paul: is it the pencil shaped one Wille used to sell?

[20:15:40] busy: its scary if a fish hits it with hooks on

[20:15:41] busy: yes

[20:16:00] Paul: Mine is a little different. It takes temp and depth

[20:16:01] busy: iu don't think they make it anymore

[20:16:13] busy: that is a big plus

[20:16:14] Paul: I haven't seen it around for years

[20:16:40] busy: no guess work, it really helps for setting up jets and wire line rigs

[20:16:53] ClearCatch: Do you have any other products?

[20:16:56] Paul: Guys that are running Dipsy's with the super line are really getting them

deep and the GTM tells them how deep.

[20:17:05] Paul: no, sorry

[20:17:15] busy: the dipseys go about 60 feet when set up right

[20:17:41] busy: speed makes a big difference with wire and dipseys

[20:17:42] Paul: I have heard of guys getting down well past that with SpiderWire

[20:18:09] busy: ON a 0 setting with 50 10 i believe its about 72 foot

[20:19:18] ebijack (mi): the superlines go deeper than wireline?

[20:19:20] Paul: I don't have a chart on the new lines, but lots of guys are using them,

Gorilla braid and even wire

[20:19:30] Paul: I'm not sure

[20:19:32] ClearCatch: What is the warranty on the device?

[20:20:05] busy: With dipseys, the thin lines go deeper than wire

[20:20:14] Paul: it has a 6 month warranty. They are sealed so 99 percent work. I have

had about 1 pecent DOA.

[20:20:27] Paul: It's made in Germany

[20:20:47] ebijack (mi): paul, is it a problem if you have more weight on the unit, it being

2 ounces, does that cause more problems for the readings?

[20:21:16] Paul: the only problem is the temp reading. the faster you lower it the less

accurate the readings will be

[20:22:03] Paul: I have sold almost 700 this year...

[20:22:07] ebijack (mi): wow

[20:22:10] ClearCatch: What rate should on lower the device?

[20:22:54] Paul: the brochure says the slower the better. I have not come up with a

foot per second rate, just try a few different speeds and see what happens

[20:23:11] ebijack (mi): you have any special things you use yours for busy

[20:24:02] busy: just to ckeck when i buy new lures or different lines, sometimes if i can't

get a good program going, i pull it out and see how deep i am actually trolling

[20:24:14] ClearCatch: I fish the docks off a dock and this would give the depths to

fish at.

[20:24:41] ebijack (mi): you don't use it to find the thermocline or you haven't found that

matters busy

[20:24:56] Paul: if you lower it by its own weight it works great. You can cast it too

[20:24:56] busy: mine doesn.t tell temp

[20:25:24] busy: cold water is a plus

[20:25:40] Paul: Busy has the one Wille used to sell a few years ago

[20:25:49] busy: hungry fish is the best though

[20:26:41] Paul: I have customers in the North and South and even in Sweden using


[20:27:03] busy: sorry i came in late, what is cost of unit

[20:27:23] Paul: the unit sell for $79.99 at Walleye Central's site

[20:27:30] busy: that is a bargain

[20:27:51] Paul: yes, compared to the Fish Hawk 520 at $170

[20:28:00] busy: i think i paid 150 or so

[20:28:21] Paul: But, the 840 Fish Hawk is great! Even at $560

[20:28:21] ebijack (mi): heck, i think it cool to have a unit that can tell you how deep

you are really trolling

[20:28:56] busy: its better than draggin your lures in the mud to find depth

[20:28:59] Paul: yes, with all the diving things on the market, it's great to know how

deep and what the temp is

[20:29:17] Paul: it works down to 100 feet

[20:29:37] busy: that better than the willie

[20:30:06] ClearCatch: Where are you located?

[20:30:19] Paul: Yes, I have had great feed back from the customers. Just got a call

the other day from a happy fisherman

[20:30:32] Paul: I am in Grosse Pointe Michigan

[20:30:36] ebijack (mi): paul, do you know if there are plans for a unit to read to 150


[20:30:47] Paul: not as of yet

[20:31:04] Paul: most thermoclines are lower than that, I'm told

[20:31:21] busy: except for riggers, it hard to get much below 70 foot

[20:31:41] ebijack (mi): was wondering for salmon fisherman who fish that deep

[20:32:09] Paul: when using the GTM on riggers, it's best to use it as a lure and attach

it to a stacking release and just bring it up with out bringing up the ball

[20:32:11] ClearCatch: We fish at 120 feet this time of year for striper

[20:32:21] Paul: wow

[20:32:31] busy: with riggers

[20:32:36] ClearCatch: oh yes

[20:33:16] Paul: just take off your lure, attach the GTM and lower it with a stacker,

after it collects the date, trip it an bring it back up to read the data

[20:33:18] ClearCatch: We can get on top of a school and drop live shad down and

get them that way too.

[20:33:23] Drift'r: temperate bass are real finicky

[20:34:20] Paul: lots of guys fishing lead core on Lake Michigan

[20:34:32] Paul: and Huron too

[20:35:02] Paul: lead core really differs with speed changes so it's important to monitor


[20:35:24] ClearCatch: My partner and I got some great lake trout while we were in MI.

[20:35:52] Paul: I've heard of a lot of Lakers taken this year.

[20:36:58] Paul: the GTM works great in inland lakes too.

[20:38:02] Paul: also great for fly in trips

[20:38:56] ebijack (mi): that's a great idea paul, you could find out how deep the lake is

and how cold

[20:38:59] Paul: Wisconsin walleye anglers are pretty excited about it too

[20:39:22] Paul: I have even had guys use it ice fishing

[20:40:37] Paul: In Fishermen ran a product release and I had a really great response

20:41:39] Paul: walleye central has a great article on the GTM on their site

[20:41:43] Lundman: So you can clip it to your line and find out how deep your plugs

are huh?

[20:41:47] esf-wi: how much does it run for?

[20:42:09] Paul: yes, attach it to your line, dipsy or downrigger

[20:42:14] Paul: its $79.99

[20:42:48] Lundman: is it small enough not to interfer with the resistance, so you get a

true reading?

[20:42:51] Paul: it reads temp every 5 feet and the final depth and temp at it's deepest


[20:43:12] esf-wi: that sounds sweet

[20:43:17] Paul: its ads some drag, but not much more that most lures would ad

[20:43:12] esf-wi: that sounds sweet

[20:43:17] Paul: its ads some drag, but not much more that most lures would ad

[20:43:42] Paul: also good for vertical jigging

[20:43:49] Lundman: be helpful finding the thermocline

[20:44:13] ebijack (mi): busy was just here and he's been using the older unit for years

[20:45:14] gotcha: how deep can it go?

[20:45:21] Paul: Busy's unit is for depth only and is not related to the GTM

[20:45:45] Paul: depth and temp are great combination in finding fish

[20:45:58] Lundman: I'm not sure I understand why you would need it for depth,

[20:46:17] Lundman: to find the temp at a certain depth, yes

[20:46:24] Paul: for finding how deep your Dipsy is running or how deep your

downrigger really is

[20:46:25] Team Dunn (MWT): can use this on dipsy diver lines?

[20:46:38] Paul: Dipsys, lead core

[20:47:06] Team Dunn (MWT): how much does this run n the stores?

[20:47:30] Paul: is sells for about $79.99 in stores an on Walleye Central

[20:47:55] Paul: it's about the size of a pager

[20:48:08] Lundman: if I'm not mistaken, Scott G uses one doesnt he?

[20:48:09] Paul: pretty low drag, it weighs 2 oz

[20:48:14] Paul: Yes,

[20:48:18] gotcha: where can i find one?

[20:48:52] Paul: in Michigan, Frank's in Linwood, Lakeside in Detroit, Al & Bob's, etc

[20:49:12] Paul: several places in Ludington

[20:49:23] gotcha: anything around traverse city?

[20:49:36] Paul: or (plug) right at Walleye Central

[20:49:45] Lundman: :-)

[20:49:46] Paul: no not yet

[20:50:05] Paul: Too bad about Traverse Bay Tackle. I wish Larry was still around

[20:50:18] Lundman: Do you have any up north here Paul?

[20:50:50] Paul: Try Reeds

[20:50:59] Lundman: Seems to me the trout and salmon trollers would love this


[20:51:12] gotcha: yah mc sports took over they have a pretty good selection though

[20:51:23] ebijack (mi): heck lund, now you can find out how deep you really are


[20:51:23] Team Dunn (MWT): are they available in the Mi Thumb region?

[20:51:29] Paul: Reeds ordered a bunch this spring. yes, salmon guys love it

[20:51:45] Paul: Frank's Great Outdoors is the closest place.

[20:51:52] Paul: in Linwood

[20:51:58] Paul: 517-697-5341

[20:52:01] Team Dunn (MWT): thanx

[20:52:12] Paul: See Scott or Andy

[20:52:55] Paul: Lake Erie trollers using them to find how deep their Dipsy's are running

for those deep walleyes

[20:53:10] gotcha: does this thing work off of water pressure to find the true depth?

[20:53:49] Paul: water pressure is a constant factor that is used to calculate depth

based on pressure. its very accurate on depth

[20:54:17] Paul: it will read in tenths of a foot on the final reading.

[20:54:40] Paul: I have used it next to a LMS350 with great results

[20:54:42] gotcha: yes but is that what it works off?

[20:55:20] Paul: it has a barometric pressure senson inside of it. It calculated depth

based on water pressure. the deeper it is, the more pressure it is under

[20:55:40] ebijack (mi): so the unit takes a base reading as soon as turned on?

[20:55:49] ebijack (mi): as far as pressure

[20:56:00] gotcha: i take it that it has a line that runs back up to the boat for a


[20:56:16] Paul: yes, it calibrates itself off the current barometric pressure to calculate


[20:56:40] Paul: no, you lower it and then retrieve it to view the readings

[20:57:20] Paul: the display scrolls just like a pager when you press the button

[20:57:45] Paul: 5' 59, 10' 57, 15' 55, etc

[20:57:59] Paul: too 100 feet deep

[20:58:30] gotcha: the second number is the temp.,?

[20:58:33] Lundman: Oh wow, so you can track the temp at certain depths without

raising and lowering it multiple times??

[20:58:35] Paul: yes

[20:58:52] Paul: yes, lower it once and then retrieve it to see the readings

[20:59:03] Lundman: That's way cool...

[20:59:13] Paul: you will get a final depth and temp reading too in tenths

[20:59:23] Paul: so you know the max depth it went to

[20:59:36] gotcha: what kind of battery does it use?

[20:59:41] Lundman: How many depths will it store, for recall once it reaches the


[21:00:00] Paul: a standard size lithium 3v, CR2032, about 2 bucks at Office Max

[21:00:25] Paul: it stores readings every five feet, in 50 feet, you will get 10 readings

[21:00:36] gotcha: how long will it last?

[21:00:41] Paul: temp and depth

[21:00:44] Lundman: is that the max, 10 readings?

[21:00:45] Paul: about 2 years

[21:01:01] Paul: no, 20 readings in 100 feet of water

[21:01:11] Paul: every 5 feet you get a reading

[21:01:15] Lundman: Ok

[21:01:45] Lundman: I understand that, I just wondered what the maximum number of 5

foot readings it will store

[21:02:16] Paul: the battery comes with it

[21:02:42] Paul: it turns off after 5 minutes to save battery life

[21:02:48] Lundman: cool

[21:03:03] ebijack (mi): will it still save the info after it turns off?

[21:03:13] Lundman: handy for those of us with such good memories....:-)

[21:03:56] Paul: nope, you have to write them down before the five minutes is up, I

believe it's 5 minutes of no activity

[21:04:11] Paul: so just keep pressing the button

[21:05:07] Paul: the last reading comes up first, so you know the max depth and temp

right away

[21:05:49] Paul: and it gives you an icon on the diplay to tell you it sat for 10 seconds

and did not go any deeper

[21:06:22] gotcha: if you drop it right down is it able to keep up with the temp.


[21:07:02] Paul: if you drop it under its own weight yes. it you lower by dipsy or

downrigger, i would lower it slower than normal

[21:07:16] Paul: to get the most accurate readings

[21:08:01] gotcha: ok it doesnt need any weight then

[21:08:23] Paul: it weights 2 oz and will fall fine unless you are trolling

[21:08:50] Paul: when trolling, you will need to use a dipsy or downrigger or added

weight to lower it

[21:09:43] Team Dunn (MWT): how deep can it read?

[21:09:49] Paul: over 650 in the field rght now

[21:10:00] gotcha: does it have its own hooks incase of a strike? :-)

[21:10:03] Lundman: how does it attach to your monofiliment line for finding how deep

your plugs are running?

[21:10:12] Paul: no hook advised

[21:10:41] Paul: there is a place for a swivel to attach. see my site for a good photo.

[21:11:01] Paul: www.concentric.net/~Pmabke

[21:11:52] Team Dunn (MWT): thats good enough I guess

[21:12:01] Paul: or see http://www.walleyecentral.com/gtm40t.htm

[21:12:03] ebijack (mi): i'd like to thank PAUL ABKE for his time!!

[21:12:12] Paul: any time!

[21:12:18] ebijack (mi): thanks paul great info

[21:12:27] Lundman: Thanks Paul.....

[21:12:31] Drift'r: i don't see how it will tell you trolling depth when you are adding 2oz.

of weight to your exhisting plug weight

[21:13:09] Paul: You really don't use it with lures, mostly let it fall by itself or use Dipsys

or downriggers

[21:13:17] gotcha: thanks paul

[21:13:20] Drift'r: ok

[21:13:31] Paul: your are right it would add too much weight for use witha lure

[21:13:39] Drift'r: thanks

[21:13:53] ebijack (mi): so it will tell you with "x" amount of line how deep 2 oz will troll

at "x" speed

[21:14:01] Paul: email me with further questions at: pmabke@concentric.net

[21:15:40] Lundman: Thanks again Paul, good job fielding questions

[21:15:52] Paul: Thanks guys!

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