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[20:01:43] Pedro(PA): Hello Everyone

[20:01:53] Linda: Pedro if you have any question of Aero go ahead and ask

[20:02:03] Linda: he is our host tonight

[20:02:58] Aero: What can we talk about tonite Pedro-anything special

[20:03:06] Linda: marine radios, depth finders

[20:04:01] Aero: My brother fishes the Michigan Walleye Tour and works for


Communications and Marine. We do lots of tuning,installation and repair on



[20:05:37] Linda: Pedro where in Pa are you from?

[20:05:37] Pedro(PA): Seems like a simple subject, but I'm curious about


preferences. Sharpest, light wire, etc. I lose too many fish to bad


[20:06:09] Aero: what kind of fishing are you doing Pedro

[20:06:18] Pedro(PA): Linda: Clearfield County

[20:06:35] Linda: ah we are from Butler County

20:07:05] Pedro(PA): Aero: Walleye, mostly troll spinners, unless it is

not producing.

[20:07:25] Aero: what kind of hooks are you using on your harnesses

0:09:26] Pedro(PA): Aero: Lately I have changed from Eagle Claw to Mustad,


today I sent an order to Cabelas for a variety, to see if I can detect any


[20:09:30] Aero: On big water (Saginaw Bay,Erie) we use 2 hook harnesses-a


Eagle Claw Lazer sharp salmon egg hook on the front and a #2 Lazer sharp

treble on

the rear

[20:10:23] Aero: just make sure they are sharp-are you fishing

boards,bottom bouncers


[20:10:49] Aero: Hi Thawk-I'm hosting the chat tonite-What can we do for


11:25] Thawk: Just checking who's on & whats happenig

[20:11:53] Pedro(PA): Keith Kav. indicated on this Chat several weeks ago

that he

uses Mustad Triple Grips on his spinners, so I included some of them on my

order. So

far I have not used Trebles on spinners, but I am going to start.

[20:11:53] Aero: on smaller inland lakes we use 2 salmon egg style hooks

size is

dependant on size of fish are in the system

[20:12:28] Linda: Have any questions on marine radios or gp's electronic

etch Aero is

your man Thawk

[20:12:37] Aero: Trebles are great for suspended fish but a little snaggy

for weedy

areas or on bottom bouncers

[20:12:57] Aero: Where you from T hawk

20:13:10] Thawk: Green Bay WI

[20:13:21] Thawk: Big Fish Country

[20:13:32] Aero: Great multi species fishery! youre lucky

[20:14:12] Thawk: Getting ready to start prefishing for the tournaments

that are coming


[20:14:14] Pedro(PA): Aero. I sharpen the hooks continually. I have not yet

found any

hooks factory sharp. I use the thumb nail test.

[20:14:28] Aero: Anyone got any questions on marine electronics or bite


[20:14:50] Aero: Pedro-are you not hooking fish or losing them during the


[20:15:41] Aero: Pedro-any thing in front of the harness-weight/planer


[20:15:56] Pedro(PA): Aero. I am just not getting a good hook set. Even

went to a

musky rod w/fireline.

[20:14:50] Aero: Pedro-are you not hooking fish or losing them during the


[20:16:32] Pedro(PA): Aero. Bottom bouncers.

[20:16:42] Aero: Fireline is a great idea but i like a rod with a little

tip action so the fish

can inhale the harness without feeling the rod tip

[20:17:45] Linda: Aero is our host tonight if you have any questions on


electronics ask away

[20:17:52] Aero: harnesses on bouncers have a tendency to get small pieces

of "crud"

on the hooks-use a heavy enough bouncer to keep a small amount of line out

[20:18:00] Aero: Hi Raybone:)

[20:18:04] Pedro(PA): Hi Raybone[wy]

[20:19:49] ebijack (mi): howdy folks, sorry, i couldn't get into the


[20:19:55] Linda: you made it ebi

[20:20:37] Pedro(PA): Aero. I don't have a problem with crudding, and the inhale/take

is O.K. Often I will get them up to the boat, and they just open their mouth and let go of

the hook and swim away. Very frustrating.

[20:22:01] Aero: Pedro-what size of fish -all sizes?

[20:22:22] ebijack (mi): aero, how long have you been rigging boats, and what are the

major lines that you do

[20:22:54] Pedro(PA): Aero. 10-4, although mostly on large fish.

[20:23:30] Aero: Ebi-we have been doing boats for ourselves and friends for about 6

years -as a business about 3 years and we will do any style of boat but we prefer

walleye boats

[20:24:21] Aero: Pedro-try colored hooks -my favorite is red- so fish have a target when

they hit

[20:24:41] Aero: or use small glow beads in front of the hooks

[20:25:12] ebijack (mi): what curcuits do you two fish, and do you fish as a team?

[20:25:19] Aero: We have gotten alot busier year after year now that word is spreading

[20:25:57] Aero: This year we are fishing the Michigan Walleye Tour and do fish as a

team-next year we will fish the MWT and MWC

[20:26:26] Aero: Trying to work our way onto the PWT-hope the split helps open some

spots up

[20:26:46] ebijack (mi): aero, how often do you use your marine radio, and do you use

as for info on where the walleye are

[20:27:45] Aero: Our radio is on ALL the time. In prefishing we have about 6 or 7 boats

we work with to eliminate water and find fish -invaluable tool

[20:28:35] Aero: Guys up this way are kind of tight lipped when fun fishing but you can

usually get enough infor from the radio to help out a little bit

[20:28:49] ebijack (mi): aero, how well do the hand held radios of today work comapred

to the mounted units

[20:28:54] Aero: we fished the detroit for the first time this year in our 1st MWT tourney

[20:30:13] Aero: Handhelds are great as a backup!! Limited range and power. If you

have one try to get a 12 volt power cord-don't want batteries dead when you need

them in an emergency!!

[20:31:01] Aero: Todays mounted units are so small they fit anywhere-even in the

smallest boats

[20:31:03] ebijack (mi): what about the range, is that a problem?

[20:31:41] ebijack (mi): what size antenna is the smallest that we can get away with for

the great lakes

[20:33:14] Aero1: range on handhelds is about 6-8 miles. We use a 3 foot high quality

6 dB gain stainless steel whip antenna-gets us about 18-20 miles on the great lakes

[20:33:30] ebijack (mi): why stainless steel

[20:34:27] Aero1: easier to get out of the way when casting of storing boat-8 foot

fibergalass antennas take up too much room and also require a heavier ratchet mount

[20:34:32] ebijack (mi): aero, do you guys use a tr-1, and how long have you had it and

how do you like it

[20:35:29] Aero1: We have had our TR-1 since April and LOVE it. They are also one of

our sponsors-but we really do think their product is great

[20:36:21] Aero1: I didn't say better Ebi- different application- If I had to talk as far as i

could I would probably have an 8 or 10 foot fiberglass

[20:36:42] ebijack (mi): aero, can you tell us about the rig you run and what you have

on it as far as elecronics etc

[20:37:04] Aero1: but i need to talk only 10-15 miles and need as much room as

possible-cant have things in the way when not in use

[20:37:55] Aero1: Ebi-we are sponsored by Crestliner thru our local dealer Freeway

sports and run a dual console 1850 Tournament boat-18 feet long 96" wide

[20:38:44] Aero1: we use Lowrance electronics-a x85 and globla nav 310 on the dash,

and a LMS-350 w/gps at the back trolling station

[20:39:42] Aero1: also a President LTD-950 marine radio, a in dash Zercom flasher at

the dash and one at the bow of the boat for operation the bow mount

[20:40:30] Aero1: One of the neatest things we have on our boat is a Professional

Mariner on-board charger-plug in on cord and all 4 batteries charge overnight

[20:40:39] ebijack (mi): aero, how did you guys get involved with marine radios

[20:41:15] ebijack (mi): do you have to disconnect any of the batteries before you

charge them or does the unit take care of that

[20:41:31] Aero1: Aero started as a professional 2way radio sales and service

shop-people started asking if we could fix marine electronics-we said sure-the rest is


[20:41:56] Aero1: The unit automatically charges the batteries-including a 24 volt bank

that runs the bow mount

[20:42:31] ebijack (mi): so you two are the company? :)

[20:43:19] Aero1: Quality batteries are the heart of any quality marine system-we use

Deka Marine Master-great warranty and power for 2-3 days of vertical jigging in the

Detroit without charging

[20:43:36] ebijack (mi): aero, how did you guys like fishing the detroit river earlier this


[20:44:30] Aero1: part of it-My father owns the company-my mother is one of the

secretaries-kathy helps with customer service and Ron is our main technician-without

these 4 people we couldnt devote the time we do to tourneys and seminars

[20:45:06] Aero1: Loved the Detroit-can't wait to get back. Vertical jigging in rivers is

both of our favorite way to fish

[20:45:44] Aero1: Learned to handline this past spring so we'll be ready for anything

next year on the Detroit

[20:46:40] Aero1: Pedro-what kind of line do you use on your crawler harnesses

[20:46:46] ebijack (mi): aero, how do you like the crestliner that you are running, looks

like a nice boat

[20:47:32] Pedro(PA): Aero. Mostly berkley XT, that's the only mono on the rig.

[20:47:56] Aero1: Have you seen us? We love it handles big water (4-6 footers) like a

dream, easy to manuever,TONS of room and 3 livewells 1 50 gallon and 2 20 gallons.

no reason to ever weigh in a dead fish

[20:48:54] Aero1: I wish i could help you more Pedro-we use 12-14 lb Trilene

tournament line on our harnesses and haven't had too many lost fish

[20:50:57] ebijack (mi): aero, are most of the marine radios about the same

[20:51:08] Aero1: Pedro-if possible try Off Shore inline planer boards in front of your

bouncers-extra resistance should help get better hooksets

[20:50:57] ebijack (mi): aero, are most of the marine radios about the same

[20:51:08] Aero1: Pedro-if possible try Off Shore inline planer boards in front of your

bouncers-extra resistance should help get better hooksets

[20:52:15] Aero1: Most are but be careful-we recently did a seminar at a tackle shop

and just for fun checked the radios on the shelf. All were advertised to do 25 watts and

only 1 out of 9 did!! rest were from 9-18 watts.

[20:52:51] Pedro(PA): Aero. 10-4, I'm trying numerous things, think sharp is certainly a

big part of the answer.

[20:53:12] Aero1: we get alot of people in the shop saying their new radio doesn't work

as good as their old one-we check it and it is doing less then 25 watts

[20:53:32] ebijack (mi): what brand do you recommend

[20:53:50] Aero1: programmable scan is a feaure I would definitly recommend. also

external waterproofing seals on radio andmic

[20:54:01] Pedro(PA): Aero. do you have some recommendatins on radios?

[20:54:12] Aero1: We like President because of 3 year warranyt and great


[20:55:02] Aero1: the president LTD-950 is our favorite-small, waterproof, great

features and an excellent price-most places sell it for less then $160

[20:56:10] Aero1: Lots of great radios on the market though. I have a checklist of

features and reasons to have them. e-mail me and i will fax you a copy.


[20:56:18] ebijack (mi): what else do you need with that, the ant.? and do you need a

lic to operate

[20:57:17] Aero1: no license needed as of right now. Antennas vary greatly in quality

although they all look the same. Differences are inside antenna!!!

[20:57:22] ebijack (mi): i've heard alot of different stories about yes/no to a lic

[20:57:56] Aero1: as of right now no in US waters you still need a licensed to operate in

Canadian waters!!!

[20:59:10] ebijack (mi): hey guys thanks for all the great info!! stick around if you can

[20:59:23] Aero1: Most people we see w/radio problems have 1 of 3 things 1)radio not

tx 25 watts, 2)poor installation to battery 3)bad antenna cable or connector

[20:59:54] Aero1: I'll stay as long as ? are coming.

[21:00:43] Linda: k from a female point of view how do you know what is in the


[21:01:06] Pedro(PA): Aero. You seem to be quite satisfied w/the 18' aluminum boat. A

lot of the pro's are going to the 20 footers.

[21:01:18] Aero1: Pedro-keep those hooks sharp and be sure rear hook is at tail of

crawler. and be sure there are enough beads in front of first hook to keep blade from

hitting it

[21:01:59] Pedro(PA): Aero. 10-4. And perhaps add a little beef to the hook set.

[21:02:38] Aero1: Linda-hard to tell by looking. Cable is the best indicator the thicker

the better. also the quality of the connector supplied is a BIGGER factor then most


[21:03:14] Aero1: go get em Pedro. Want to see some pics of 10 lbers you get on

sharp harnesses. Best of luck :)

[21:03:48] Aero1: seems most people don't pay attention to their communications until

they need it once!!

[21:03:52] Pedro(PA): Aero1. How important is insulating the radio wiring from the other

wiring, etc. in the boat installation?

[21:04:35] ebijack (mi): yes, what about interference from the radio like loran used to


[21:04:46] Aero1: We run all of our wiring to a fuse block mounted under the dash. use

short run lengths helps a lot.

[21:05:21] Aero1: Loran was tough on interference because frequency was very close

to vhf radio. GPS freq is alot higher

[21:06:06] Just Look"N--MI: wish I would have let you rig my boat last year Lance what

an experience.

[21:06:32] Aero1: keeping the battery that runs accessories fresh and charged is the

most important factor for good performance

[21:06:45] ebijack (mi): aero, do you guys travel to rig boats or where do we have to

bring our boats to you do get it done

[21:07:34] Aero1: Depends -it's a lot easier at our place have all our tools, access to a

sheet metal shop and suppliers for anything that might pop up.

[21:08:04] ebijack (mi): you guys have a machine shop?

[21:08:11] Aero1: Most important thing in rigging boats is to take as much time as you

need before drilling the 1st hole.

[21:08:28] Aero1: our next door neighbors have a sheet metal shop

[21:09:12] ebijack (mi): experience makes the biggest difference on where to put


[21:09:14] Aero1: think about where EACH PIECE of equipment is going to go, how it

will be used, who needs to use it and from where in the boat

[21:10:47] Aero1: It took Kirk and I about 6 full days of preperation, thinking and

fighting before we drilled the 1st hole on our new boat

[21:10:55] ebijack (mi): what kind of trolling motor (electric) do you guys have on your


[21:12:00] Just Look"N--MI: Im late and you probably already told everybody

[21:12:01] Aero1: Crestliner 1850 Tournament dual console with a Johnson 150 Ficht

and 8 Hp Johnson kicker

[21:12:30] ebijack (mi): aero, what do you think about the ficht

[21:13:05] Aero1: we really like the fuel economy, power and quietness of the ficht.

Starts first turn every time!

[21:14:43] Aero1: Any of you new folks got questions about marine electronics or boat

rigging we can answer or help you with

[21:18:52] ebijack (mi): aero, have you had any problems putting the marine radio up

on top of the console out in the weather next to the lcd's

[21:19:52] Aero1: what kinds of problems ebi-anything in particular

[21:20:22] ebijack (mi): noise or anything to watch out for when i do get a radio :)

[21:22:04] Aero1: no problems ebi- a clean instll cuts out most of the problems. We

have our x85 and global nav 310 on top of the dash and radio below-no problems

[21:24:01] Aero1: I would also like to invite everyone to Walleye Week '98 at Hoyles

Marine in Linwood,MI July 11 thru the 19. Outdoor fishing show with reps and about

150 boats on display

[21:25:36] Aero1: We will be doing radio checks at Walleye Week and will be

available for test rides and demos of some products we sell and have sponsors for

[21:26:03] Aero1: Boat is all stickered up-not as big as last year -alot more sponsors this


[21:39:54] Pedro(PA): L&K....Thanks for your time and all the good info., got to shut

down. Tight lines everyone.

[21:48:26] Aero1: Walleye Week is July 11th thru 19. July 11 is one day tourney $75

per boat ends 18-19 with MWT tourney. All week is outdoor fishing show. Reps,demo

boats, boat rides, rods reel exibitions.

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