Angie Marin (Prairie Pillow)

[19:59:31] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our guest tonight ANGIE (prairiepillow)!!!!!!

[19:59:41] Indy: HI!

[19:59:43] what's cooking: high pillow

[19:59:48] prairiepillow: hello everyone

[19:59:55] ^2old2^ (mi): hi

[19:59:57] LS(nd): hi PP

[20:00:01] Swat 1(oh): Hi PP

[20:00:02] ebijack (mi): angie runs a bed and breakfast in SD

[20:00:04] Thunderstick: hi angie

[20:00:04] prairiepillow: hi cooking glad you came tonight

[20:00:05] Mark(Wi): Hi PP

[20:00:19] rip: howdy angie

[20:00:32] ebijack (mi): angie can you give us a quick run down on

what you have to offer the fisherman/hunters

[20:01:16] prairiepillow: before we get started tonight i would like to

introduce you all to my best friend and fishing teach Jeff Jertson he

will help with any techno fishing questions

[20:01:29] ebijack (mi): howdy jeff!!!

[20:01:34] Swat 1(oh): Hi Jeff

[20:01:38] rip: hi jeff

[20:01:41] LS(nd): hi Jeff

[20:01:43] Mark(Wi): Hi Jeff

[20:01:51] what's cooking: high jj

[20:01:58] prairiepillow: yes jack I offer room and board for

fishermen and hunters......also guiding available for fishing and hunting

[20:02:48] Indy: Where do you base your fish guiding out of PP

[20:03:07] ebijack (mi): angie, what are the seasons for walleye

and for goose that you specialize in

[20:03:11] prairiepillow: mostly walth bay and swan creek on Lake Oahe

[20:03:47] prairiepillow: my season here runs from April to Nov

[20:04:01] prairiepillow: the hunting that we do here is mainly pheasants

[20:04:13] ebijack (mi): angie, are there and package deals that you run?

[20:04:44] prairiepillow: yes we have differnet packages

depending on what you would like

[20:04:52] prairiepillow: fish and hunting are both different

[20:04:53] LS(nd): PP is your B&B on the lake? dock the boat walk up for lunch?

[20:05:08] ebijack (mi): can you give some examples

[20:05:12] prairiepillow: no LS i am six miles from the dock

[20:05:27] Swat 1(oh): When is Pheasant season Angie

[20:06:11] prairiepillow: yes jack I will do that shortly

[20:06:21] prairiepillow: pheasant season is Oct-Dec

[20:06:45] prairiepillow: packages depend on how long you are

staying and if you need guides or not also how many in the party

[20:06:53] Mark(Wi): What kind of meals do you provide Angie?

[20:06:59] ebijack (mi): is jeff your charter guide?

[20:07:02] shiner 1: geese to angie?

[20:07:12] prairiepillow: Breakfast is included in the package it is a full breakfast

[20:07:19] racer: hi pp better late than

[20:07:32] prairiepillow: shore lunches and dinners are separate

but are available

[20:07:52] prairiepillow: yes he does and will do most of my guiding

[20:08:18] prairiepillow: he also does my hunting for me guiding

[20:08:50] LS(nd): do you sell bait also or would it need to be brought with?

[20:09:01] prairiepillow: my B&B is nothing fancy as most are but

we try to make everyone as comfy as possible

[20:09:05] ebijack (mi): angie, what would be the average size

walleye we could expect to get out of oahe

[20:09:18] prairiepillow: no I don't sell bait there is a bait shop by the dock

[20:09:19] Thunderstick: Any turkeys in your area PP ?

[20:09:35] prairiepillow: no thunder no turkeys here west of the river

they have a season

[20:09:46] Swat 1(oh): Not till we all show up ;-)

[20:09:50] Thunderstick: thanx

[20:10:20] racer: Angie how many miles north of pierre are you located?

[20:10:38] prairiepillow: as of this year there is a one over 18 restriction

[20:10:43] prairiepillow: 86 racer

[20:10:48] Indy: PP, what is license cost (non-res.) and daily bag

limits where you are? (walleye)

[20:11:31] prairiepillow: non-residence license is #59.00 per year

and $30.00 for three days daily limit is 4 8 possession

[20:11:33] racer: are the ice fishermen doing any good or lots of small fish

[20:11:49] prairiepillow: ???

[20:13:21] LS(nd): is the 18" slot in effect now?

[20:13:29] racer: your here we don't need a melt down this early...

[20:13:31] prairiepillow: if I have missed a question please ask again

[20:13:56] prairiepillow: yes LS it went into effect Oct 1st

[20:14:13] Indy: PP, how do they take most of the 'eyes where you

are? Trolling, jigging or other?

[20:14:38] prairiepillow: alot of people troll I like to live bait but all

methods are used and work here

[20:15:15] prairiepillow: Lake record is 14 plus pounds

[20:15:24] Thunderstick: can i expect to catch big walleyes there?

[20:15:34] Thunderstick: ok

[20:16:15] what's cooking: I have been to Angie's and am just watching.

[20:16:28] racer: what is the thoughts on the smelt run or will there even be one??

[20:16:56] prairiepillow: we expect minimal smelt run but good

fishing april may and june

[20:17:11] LS(nd): how many people can you handle at your B&B?

[20:17:12] mikej: alright!!!

[20:17:17] Indy: Do you have any shad problems in SD? I live near

a local resevoir here in IN and can't hardly get the 'eyes to bite

because of tons of shad for 'eyes to feed on

[20:17:19] prairiepillow: 10 is perfect LS

[20:17:30] ebijack (mi): angie, what made you decide to go into the

bed and breakfast business

[20:17:43] prairiepillow: no shad in Lake Oahe

[20:17:52] Indy: Lucky :-)

[20:18:05] prairiepillow: I love to cook and have a huge house and

there seemed to be a shortage of rooms around the Lake

[20:18:25] racer: not really we could use some forage base that is

what the problem is now we don't have enough smelt

[20:18:54] Indy: PP, something you started on your own or been in family?

[20:18:57] racer: Angie will you be doing any of the sport shows this spring?

[20:19:21] prairiepillow: no i depend almost solely on word of

mouth advertizing racer

[20:19:32] prairiepillow: I started it on my own Indy

[20:19:42] Lundman(Wi): Are you full up during your season?

[20:20:04] ebijack (mi): angie, you also farm your own land for

some of your food don't you?

[20:20:09] prairiepillow: not totally mostly full on the weekends

week is usually not as busy

[20:20:29] shiner 1: how far in advance should we call for


[20:20:35] prairiepillow: yes jack i farm at this time but am trying to get everythin in

[20:20:37] Indy: How far in advance would you recommend one to

make their reservations PP?

[20:20:51] Indy: Beat me Shiner LOL

[20:20:52] prairiepillow: into a CRP program for my hunting

[20:21:08] prairiepillow: for hunting at least six months

[20:21:12] shiner 1: lol yes but you spelled it right

[20:21:12] Lundman(Wi): Is it a big breakfast, sportsmen like to eat.....:-)

[20:21:19] prairiepillow: for fishing a week or so

[20:21:32] prairiepillow: yes it is lund

[20:21:37] prairiepillow: not a continental

[20:22:13] racer: do you have fish cleaning station and place to plug in boat chargers

[20:22:15] prairiepillow: we took close to 400 pheasants off the land

this season was a good year for hunting

[20:22:36] prairiepillow: fish cleaning near the dock and yes I have

places to plug in here

[20:22:37] mikej: wow!

[20:22:39] ebijack (mi): angie, do you have anything worked out

with and small planes for trips to your place?

[20:23:34] prairiepillow: yes jack I am putting together a get

together here the first weekend in June for anyone from Walleye

who would like to come fish Oahe meet each other and have a good time

[20:24:02] LS(nd): what are the dates PP?

[20:24:21] prairiepillow: June3-6th lund

[20:24:27] prairiepillow: scott is going to post it on here jack

[20:24:30] prairiepillow: somewhere

[20:25:21] ebijack (mi): angie, how far are you from the nearest town

[20:25:26] racer: what do you have planned for the get together angie

[20:25:38] prairiepillow: I have made arrangements at the resort for

any overflow for the get together

[20:26:01] prairiepillow: mostly fishing and eating racer I am open to suggestions

[20:26:24] Nettie: She is a great cook racer

[20:26:26] racer: with the current hog price a out door barbeque

would be cheap

[20:26:35] prairiepillow: would like to put together a little tourney on the 5th

[20:26:43] prairiepillow: hahahahaha thanks racer

[20:26:48] Lundman(Wi): I got a feeling you better get some extra

refrigerators Angie....:-)

[20:27:14] racer: no put the barley pop on ice in a horse

[20:27:15] prairiepillow: ahahahaha ok Lund

[20:27:24] prairiepillow: don't have one racer

[20:27:24] Lundman(Wi): for the beer overflow....:-)

[20:27:40] prairiepillow: I want to see everyone have a good time

[20:27:51] prairiepillow: have a shore lunch planned as well

[20:28:02] Nettie: mmmmmmmm...shore lunch

[20:28:03] racer: they are not hard to find i got friends over at bowdle

that have something

[20:28:22] Indy: Do you still provide shore lunches if one (like

myself) doesn't catch one LOL

[20:28:24] prairiepillow: :-)

[20:28:31] ebijack (mi): angie, what do you have for family's, any deals?

[20:28:41] prairiepillow: LOL well hopefully you will catch them indy but yes I do

[20:29:12] prairiepillow: yes jack but it is much easier for me to do

that in email as it all depends on how many what ages and how long you are here

[20:29:17] Indy: I'm sure Jeff would make sure I caught one :-)

[20:29:33] prairiepillow: yes he would Indy

[20:29:52] prairiepillow: if you have questions for Jeff ask away that

is what he is here for

[20:30:19] ebijack (mi): how long has jeff been fishing oahe

[20:30:28] what's cooking: How are the ice conditions

[20:30:29] prairiepillow: 25 plus years

[20:30:53] prairiepillow: 16 inches all across cooking

[20:31:08] racer: jeff do you fish the entire lake or stay in the local areat

[20:31:12] Indy: What is a typical length of guide service? I have

been on 4,6 and 8 hrs. before.

[20:31:22] prairiepillow: fish from the dam to the ND border

[20:31:38] racer: hmmm same as

[20:31:46] prairiepillow: between 8 and 10 hours indy

[20:31:57] ^2old2^ (mi): can you supply a boat if a person doesn’t

want to drag one all the way out there

[20:32:00] Magic: any fish left up at the ND border anymore?

[20:32:06] prairiepillow: yes

[20:32:17] prairiepillow: 2 old2 that was for you

[20:32:23] Indy: Wow! That's great. If I couldn't catch one in that

length of time...who deserves to eat :-)

[20:32:43] prairiepillow: yes Magic

[20:33:06] Magic: Fish there last spring and it was bad for all

[20:33:08] racer: jeff what are you running for a boat that you guide with

[20:33:24] rip: can you tell if the new regulations have affected your bookings for next year.

[20:33:26] shiner 1: great chat angie!!! gotta go bye all

[20:33:33] prairiepillow: 2090 Warrior with 125 tiller

[20:33:36] Indy: Bye Shiner

[20:33:41] prairiepillow: thanks shiner night

[20:33:46] Nettie: bye shiner

[20:33:47] shiner 1: night

[20:33:59] Lundman(Wi): Oh Baby, I want one of those boats!!.....:-)

[20:34:15] prairiepillow: don't seem to have as of now rip I getting calls weekly

[20:34:23] racer: nice rig lots of room

[20:34:24] Drift'r: But , you are a lundman!

[20:34:36] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:34:42] prairiepillow: lund Jeff says to wrap your ass in fiberglass

[20:35:49] ebijack (mi): how's your boat turned out this past year angie

[20:35:57] prairiepillow: smelt population is down but there are still

plenty of fish in the lake

[20:36:17] prairiepillow: it has been great jack I really like it spent

alot of time trying to learn how to use it

[20:36:19] bob (oh): hang on lund, they're turning on you !!!!!!

[20:36:23] racer: lots of 14 to 16 in fish.....

[20:36:52] prairiepillow: lots of them bigger too racer just have to

be able to catch them

[20:37:09] teammac1: Is it all open, even barry's?

[20:37:28] Indy: Do you guys/gals use bottom bouncers any?

[20:37:35] rip: You can really tell the forage base is down, I think I

only caught 3 perch last year

[20:37:36] RoyG(PA): if a person was to wrap himself in fiberglass,

wouldn't that be kinda itchy?

[20:37:38] racer: well i know that but with the water level changing it

was hard to find them but they are still there just not in the large numbers

[20:38:23] prairiepillow: I hope that those of you that would like to

come fish here will try to make it for the get together this summer

[20:38:40] prairiepillow: yes they are used here Indy

[20:38:56] LS(nd): is scott planning on comming for the get together PP?

[20:39:14] prairiepillows: I don't know yet LS he has not said yet

[20:39:33] Indy: How slow does one usually have to troll in SD?

1.5-2.5 is recommended for Erie.

[20:39:49] prairiepillows: same speed here Indy

[20:40:10] prairiepillows: depends on the lure you are using

[20:40:13] racer: speed really varies from day to day and with the wind

[20:40:16] Indy: Guess a walleye is a walleye where ever you go then, huh. LOL

[20:40:31] prairiepillows: hahahaha yep indy

[20:40:37] Ellrod: angie, do you do any shows in the midwest to

promote your business? If yes, how's attendence been?

[20:40:44] bob (oh): trolling speed has slowed on erie, indy

[20:40:53] Magic: Do you know Harry Stiles?

[20:40:56] prairiepillows: russ=walleye and a russ, is a russ, is a

russ, is a russ

[20:41:15] prairiepillows: no ellrod I dont' do shows depend on word of mouth

[20:41:19] prairiepillows: yes we know harry

[20:41:41] prairiepillows: Harry is a good guide and is located at Pierre

[20:41:47] Magic: With him last night here in MT. Nice guy

[20:41:55] prairiepillows: yes he is

[20:42:22] Magic: Seems to know his stuff

[20:42:28] racer: harry is one of the best out of pierre as far as my two cents

[20:42:34] teammac1: Harry gave a great seminar for our walleyes unlimited club in MT

[20:43:28] rip: there is a really nice poece about harry in one of the

recent walleye insider mags

[20:43:36] ebijack (mi): how many rooms do you have angie

[20:43:37] Magic: I'll see him in Havre MT this weekend, I'll tell him Hi!

[20:43:50] prairiepillows: thanks macic

[20:44:01] mikej: tell harry BUBBA says hi

[20:44:08] prairiepillows: hi bigfoot this is Jeff Jertson

[20:44:45] Indy: PP, is there any site-seeing one can do in SD while

there for a fishing trip

[20:45:16] prairiepillows: not really around here Indy it is pretty

much a sporting and farming area

[20:46:14] LS(nd): Indy, there's probably a casino close by :-)

[20:46:37] bob (oh): I think the biggest ball of string in the world is in SD ;-)

[20:46:44] bob (oh): I heard

[20:47:00] ebijack (mi): angie, how many rooms do you have to rent

[20:47:07] ^2old2^ (mi): how about the largest earthen dam in the usa

[20:48:05] prairiepillow: jack I have four rooms ten beds

[20:48:09] Juls (WI): prairepillows, someone whispered that you run

a B&B...any pheasant hunting by you and where is this B&B? I

know this is fishing, but when opportunity knocks

[20:48:14] prairiepillow: hahahaha yes bob I did

[20:48:55] prairiepillows: yes Juls the pheasant hunting here is real good

[20:49:05] prairiepillows: north central south dakota

[20:49:23] teammac1: pheasant this is walleye walleye walleye : )

[20:49:34] ebijack (mi): angie, can you set up packages where you

include lic. fee's and all? and guide service?

[20:49:55] bob (oh): pheasants and walleyes go together

[20:50:02] prairiepillows: jack i do everything but the liscense will

take you to the bait shop for that when you get here

[20:50:04] teammac1: yummy

[20:50:17] Ellrod: like late nights and wacko's from New Zealand...

[20:50:56] prairiepillows: there is a resort near by for those of you

who like to have your happy hour

[20:51:09] ebijack (mi): angie, is there anything near by for the kids if they come?

[20:51:13] prairiepillows: you are welcome to bring your coolers

here and most do but I don't provide drinks

[20:51:37] racer: can't we just bring some scotch and sit around

and sip it and tell tall

[20:51:41] prairiepillows: there is a couple swimming pools near......and a couple parks

[20:52:02] prairiepillows: yes racer that is what most of my guests do

[20:52:23] racer: good some single malt scotch and social hour

[20:52:32] Juls (WI): brandy please!

[20:52:37] prairiepillows: don't give me any though racer you might

not get breakfast hahahahahaha

[20:52:43] Juls (WI): lol

[20:52:54] ebijack (mi): angie, do you supply other guides when jeff

is already out on a trip

[20:53:03] Indy: I'd like to be the first to say .....I am really enjoying

this chat...haven't been in chatroom for a while

[20:53:15] prairiepillows: yes we have alot of good fishing guides in this area

[20:54:12] prairiepillows: what's cooking will guide here and

pancake guru and 99 they are all great fishermen

[20:54:19] racer: you could even hire me if you are hard up and

don't want to catch many fish

[20:54:27] Juls (WI): lol

[20:54:30] Nettie: LOL

[20:54:36] Indy: No not yet... will have to. Thanks Nettie

[20:54:36] rip: I can vouch for that there are really some excellent

people up there and they know the lake well

[20:54:42] Magic: Wheres your web page pp?

[20:55:58] prairiepillows: the address is Magic

[20:56:34] Indy: Any pics of the B & B Ang.?

[20:56:51] prairiepillows: an aireal view of the place

[20:57:08] Nettie: Of my favorite place...the porch swing

[20:57:27] Indy: Aaaaah :-)

[20:58:19] ebijack (mi): is there any more questions for our host tonight?

[20:58:35] Indy: PP,you get many women coming to go


[20:58:56] prairiepillows: am starting to get more couples now than i did at first

[20:59:13] Magic: when is the best month/weeks for walleye

[20:59:20] ebijack (mi): how many years you been doing this angie?

[20:59:37] bob (oh): how far are you from badlands, black hills??

[21:00:12] prairiepillows: April through November Magic

[21:00:53] Indy: Does anyone ice guide where you are located?

[21:00:53] Juls (WI): you know i think i'm addicted to this chat room

now...thanks to all you nice people

[21:00:56] racer: Angie GFP just changed the spring snow goose

season you may want to push that some also

[21:01:21] prairiepillows: not many snow geese here racer

[21:02:32] racer: i can't believe they are allowing 20 geese per day with no possesion limit

[21:02:51] Ellrod: geese are out of hand here in NY

[21:03:13] Indy: Ang., is there any ice fishing guides where you are at one could hire?

[21:03:33] teammac1: shepherd magic told us about it

[21:03:39] prairiepillows: yes there are Indy

[21:03:56] Indy: They have much lot there through the ice?

[21:04:52] prairiepillows: yes Indy

[21:04:53] teammac1: bob what ya hunting

[21:05:09] Juls (WI): lot of perch along with those walleyes thru ice PP?

[21:05:09] Magic: Birds, bob[oh] ?

[21:05:16] bob (oh): birds

[21:05:25] Indy: Do you or Jeff do any ice fishing?

[21:05:28] prairiepillows: no juls

[21:05:43] prairiepillows: Jeff does I don't

[21:06:10] Magic: pp, do the big northerns still bite at ice-out in the bays?

[21:06:26] prairiepillows: yes they do magic

[21:06:28] racer: YES..... big ones

[21:06:57] prairiepillows: if you are done with me I am gong to let

Jeff at the puter to talk with cooking some

[21:07:06] prairiepillows: thank you everyone for having me tonight

[21:07:14] Juls (WI): bye PP thanks!

[21:07:15] LS(nd): thanks PP

[21:07:16] Magic: I used to live in SD and we always had fun catching northern in the spring

[21:07:16] Ellrod: thanks

[21:07:17] bob (oh): thanks, pp

[21:07:18] mikej: thaks pp great chat

[21:07:19] Swat 1(oh): Than You PP

[21:07:22] what's cooking: good job

[21:07:23] RoyG(PA): thanks pp

[21:07:26] ebijack (mi): THANKS FOR YOUR TIME ANGIE !!!!!!!!!

[21:07:27] teammac1: Thanks PP

[21:07:29] Bigfoot: bye PP

[21:07:31] Drift'r: Thanks Angie for a great chat!!

[21:07:32] Magic: Thanks pp, GREAT CHAT

[21:07:34] rip: thanks angie

[21:07:37] racer: by angie great job catch you later

[21:07:42] Indy: THANKS ANGIE! :-)

[21:07:42] ^2old2^ (mi): Thanks Angie

[21:07:42] RichardM (Ab): by pp

[21:07:46] Nettie: bye angie and jeff

[21:07:48] Eyeman (IN): thanks PP

[21:08:04] JW(NY): Thanks PP!

[21:08:25] prairiepillows: was my pleasure everyone

[21:08:33] prairiepillows: hope to see some of you in June


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