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[19:58:33] Baker Marine: You got Sam, Jeff, and our ProStaff fisherman Mark Schwind



[19:58:45] Drift'r: hi baker marine

[19:58:49] ebijack (mi): WELCOME MARK!

[19:58:50] busy: thanks for coming

[19:58:50] Baker Marine: How's it going.

[19:59:02] prairiepillow: welcome Sam. Jeff, and Mark

[19:59:11] gotcha: welcome baker marine

[19:59:29] Baker Marine: What can we do for all of you?

[19:59:41] busy: ??? can answere

[20:00:02] ebijack (mi): how about a talk on what you have for the ficht and opti-max

as far as performance

[20:00:03] gotcha: tell us how to catch more fish

[20:00:28] adam frick: have you heard of alot of brand new 90 mercs acting up?

[20:00:30] ebijack (mi): these guys do custom engine and boat work

[20:00:42] Baker Marine: Well, as far as performance goes, you can't get anything

done to the heads, but Tuners are available.

[20:00:46] gotcha: sorry

[20:01:14] Baker Marine: As far as the 90 Mercs go, what's the problem?

[20:01:46] busy: Are yo familar with Mercruser, INboard sea pumps

[20:01:47] adam frick: well my grandpa has one and when its idleing it seems to miss

and then quit, he has had the idle adjusted many times and they dont know what the

prob is?

[20:02:04] Rooster: Do you guys sell boats as well & if so what lines

[20:02:44] Baker Marine: The 90 Mercs idle on two cylinders, then run on four as you

give it gas (around 1500RPMs I think)

[20:03:01] adam frick: merc has new carbs coming but im not sure if that will help

[20:03:18] Baker Marine: Yes we sell Allison Bass Boats, TideCraft Fishing Boats, and

Mirage race boats

[20:03:34] Baker Marine: We're also an Evinrude and Mercury Hi-Performance Dealer

[20:03:41] adam frick: it sounds like its not running on all of the cylinders when its ileing

[20:04:26] Baker Marine: Sorry adam, the 90 is a three cylinder not four. It sounds like

a "Sync and Link" problem.

[20:04:38] adam frick: whats that mean

[20:04:40] Woody(MI): where are you located?

[20:04:45] ebijack (mi): www.scaryfast.com is their web site

[20:04:52] Baker Marine: The carburetors and throttle linkages need to be properly


[20:05:03] ebijack (mi): great updated info

[20:05:12] Baker Marine: We are located (business) in Antioch, Il about 45 miles

northwest of Chicago

[20:05:36] Baker Marine: Our e-mail address is bakermarine@ameritech.net

[20:05:39] adam frick: thanks i hope that helps, merc is not like mariner where you can

get a refund

[20:05:44] Woody(MI): thank you!!

[20:06:11] Baker Marine: What's everybody running for boats?

[20:06:26] Woody(MI): Starcraft Pro Elite 2000 here

[20:06:44] adam frick: alumnacraft trophy 175 w/a 125 merc and a 9.9

[20:06:47] busy: I have a question on raw water sea pump for Mercruser Inboard

[20:06:55] prairiepillow: Warrior 1891 w/175 merc

[20:06:56] ebijack (mi): champion bass boat 1984

[20:07:03] Baker Marine: What's the question Busy?

[20:07:22] gotcha: how is the outdrive on the volvo motor i think its called pentax or


[20:07:53] Baker Marine: Volvo Penta makes the SX outdrive. It used to be the OMC

Cobra drive.

[20:08:00] busy: Had one today, overheat at mid range, chaged Impeller, still, heat,

removed thermostat( open system) still heat, pulled hose after oil cooler, as rpm

increase, pump pressure drops

[20:08:16] Baker Marine: It's a great drive, but it's lost in the market.

[20:08:29] busy: can shims go , or can case go bad on pump, oil cooler has no


[20:08:35] Baker Marine: Busy, sounds like a lot. Give us a call at 847-838-0066. We'll

try to help you.

[20:08:43] busy: thankyou

[20:08:45] gotcha: im looking at one to buy should i think twice?

[20:09:22] Baker Marine: If it's one of the SX drives, it's a great drive, but if it's an older

standard Volvo, I'd think hard about it.

[20:09:42] gotcha: its a 77

[20:10:18] Baker Marine: Probably an old drive. It's a decent drive, but not nearly as

good as the new ones.

[20:10:20] ebijack (mi): baker's, do you have different gear ratio's for those

[20:10:29] Baker Marine: For those.....what?

[20:11:03] ebijack (mi): those out drives

[20:11:18] gotcha: a friend told me to stick to merc outdrives

[20:11:35] Baker Marine: I'm sure there are, but we don't specialize in Volvos. We can

get info and parts, but we don't work with them much.

[20:11:40] ebijack (mi): is that performance option on outdrives

[20:11:56] Baker Marine: Merc outdrives are certainly the market leaders.

[20:12:12] gotcha: ok thanks\

[20:12:33] Baker Marine: Mercury and OMC (VolvoPenta) make good outdrives for

performance. We do a lot of work on Stern Drive boats (blowers, etc.).

[20:12:41] adam frick: thanks guys ill be going now , thanks again

[20:13:00] ebijack (mi): so motor work gives the best gain

[20:13:34] Baker Marine: On a stern drive, the cheapest way to get speed is to go with

a Super Charger. We usually see about a 10 mph gain on most boats.

[20:13:52] Baker Marine: Plus, there are now models available for the newer EFI


[20:14:20] ebijack (mi): what about engine life with a blower

[20:14:32] big man: how much will a stainless prop increase speed,if any?

[20:14:44] Baker Marine: If you run decent boost (5-7 pounds) and have good internal

parts, engine life should not deteriorate much.

[20:14:47] busy: Is there a problem with New EFI,s on gm blocks, seen a lot of new

boats with problems with electrnic feul pumps

[20:14:56] Baker Marine: Stainless props can make HUGE differences on the right


[20:15:21] Baker Marine: Haven't seen any problems come through here with GM


[20:15:25] big man: three or four blade

[20:15:50] busy: had four last week in our area i know of that went bad

[20:16:00] Baker Marine: It depends on the boat. Actually, if you go to our site

www.scaryfast.com, this weeks tip is on Propeller selection. That should answer a lot

of questions for you.

[20:16:27] Baker Marine: That's four more than we've seen here in a while. Was it the

same problems or just general failure.

[20:16:52] big man: thanks-i'll look that up

[20:17:21] Baker Marine: Does everybody seem to see the trend into higher

performance Walleye Boats like the trend with Bass boats 5 years ago?

[20:17:41] busy: They all said it was the electronic feul pump, One boat, my dock

partner, has a 36 foot tiara, with 502,s it was blowing the circut breakers, put in new

pumps, fixed it, boat has mabey 200 hours on it

[20:17:41] Baker Marine: After all, wouldn't it be better for a Walleye fisherman to reach

the hole faster too?

[20:17:45] ebijack (mi): bakers, have you had a chance to run the opti-max motors

much, and what do you think of them

[20:17:55] big man: definitely

[20:17:56] Woody(MI): yes, especially for the big water tourneys

[20:18:10] ebijack (mi): yes bakers, bigger/faster

[20:18:19] Woody(MI): I run 200 EFI

[20:18:22] Baker Marine: We have three OptiMax 150s rigged on a ski boat. They are

HEAVY, and not quite as punchy as the 175 Intruders they replaced.

[20:35:55] ebijack (mi): big man runs a 19ft compet. w/100hp

[20:36:27] ebijack (mi): he was asking about s.s. props

[20:36:42] Baker Marine: Sounds like some great hardware out there. We're seeing

people looking for Allison to make a Walleye boat for the same reasons they make

bass boats - big water is covered in a short amount of time.

[20:38:12] ebijack (mi): do you see them going bigger than 20ft for the walleye boats?

[20:38:51] Lundman: how do I turn my forty into a fifty.....??....:-)

[20:39:00] Baker Marine: I don't think Allison is thinking about building a Walleye boat,

but they would build one at just over 20 ft.

[20:39:11] Baker Marine: Forty HP what? Evinrude, mercury?

[20:39:12] big man: do you think i would have to change prop size-pitch if i go s.s

[20:39:20] Lundman: Johnson

[20:39:57] Baker Marine: Typically no big man. Usually go with the same pitch and

you'll possibly see RPMs come down slightly at the same MPH, but speed will go up so

you'll turn the same rpm.

[20:40:17] big man: thank you

[20:40:39] Baker Marine: Lundman, basically there is a different carburetor and there is

a difference in the water jacket area. Carburetors would be the best and easiest fix.

[20:40:41] Lundman: Hi band

[20:41:07] Baker Marine: Lundman, you can also put the 60 horse head on it. That will


[20:41:23] ebijack (mi): heard rumor, toyota is building a motor for a new allison boat,

you hear about that?

[20:41:23] Lundman: So, it would be cheaper for me to have someone do the carbs ,

and switch it over, than to buy a new engine??

[20:41:46] Lundman: really??....I could put a 60 horse head on the forty, then switch

the carbs, and giddyup??

[20:42:03] Baker Marine: Typically yes. What year is it?

[20:42:12] Lundman: 1991

[20:42:46] big man: hold on to your jock lundman-sounds like your in for a ride :)

[20:42:47] Baker Marine: Is your lower motor cover 1 piece of aluminum or 2 pieces of


[20:43:03] Lundman: fiberglass

[20:43:33] Lundman: good one big man....:-)

[20:43:47] big man: yahoo

[20:43:52] Baker Marine: Then it's carb, there's some internal water jacket holes to

plug, and you can shave the head to turn it into the 60 horse.

[20:44:22] Lundman: hhmmmm.....here's the big question, how much..:-)...???

[20:44:31] ebijack (mi): these guys are near you lundman, they have a machineshop

[20:45:31] Baker Marine: Between $400 and $600 dollars with labor. Add another

couple of hundred for the new prop and the chiropractic bills when you launch this


[20:45:49] Lundman: hehehe

[20:45:56] Drift'r: :-)

[20:45:59] RoyG(PA): sounds like a good deal.....

[20:46:17] Lundman: ok, something to think about, let me ask you this, do you think it

would be worth it?

[20:46:18] RoyG(PA): have it done ...then host a chat about the experience

[20:46:21] ebijack (mi): sounds good for more speed!!!!!!

[20:46:27] Baker Marine: We're in Antioch. About 1/2 mile west of Route 59 on grass

lake road.

[20:46:38] Lundman: as opposed to buying a new 50 horse

[20:47:14] Baker Marine: I think it would be worth it. What boat do you have it on....let

me guess, a StarCraft?

[20:47:14] Baker Marine: hehehe

[20:47:19] Baker Marine: We're about 45 miles northwest of Chicago and about 5 miles

south of the Illinois/Wisconsin border

[20:47:23] Lundman: I bet it would make my 1600 stinger stand right up on end eh...:-)

[20:48:13] Baker Marine: Our number is 847-838-0066, our e-mail is

bakermarine@ameritech.net, and our web-site is www.scaryfast.com

[20:49:35] Baker Marine: No problem, we have a lot in stock. Give us a call.

[20:49:51] ebijack (mi): you guys take trade ins?

[20:50:22] Baker Marine: It depends. This time of year, we try to stop, but I'll consider


[20:50:44] Lundman: in other words , for Ebi, sure......:-)

[20:50:49] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:51:00] Baker Marine: What do you want?

[20:52:43] ebijack (mi): what do you see as the next gain in outboards for next year

[20:53:21] ebijack (mi): have you guys run the new ranger (20ft) walleyeboat yet

[20:59:43] Drift'r: do you think they will make a 75 hp ficht

[20:59:49] Baker MArine: OMC has announced pricing for 200/225 FICHT motors,

Mercury has discontinued the 150 ProMax and there is no more Mariner


[21:00:05] ebijack (mi): cut backs?

[21:00:23] band: I hear Suzuki is coming out with 40/50 hp EFI 4 Strokes

[21:00:29] Baker MArine: No 75 FICHT. OMC has a 70 Four Stroke. Then FICHT starts

at 90 on up.

[21:00:45] Baker MArine: Suzuki makes the 70 FourStroke for OMC. They also make it

for themselves.

[21:01:28] Baker MArine: I'm going to cut this short. I apologize for our hardware

problems. We'll make it up to you. Thanks again and if you have any questions, check

our our site at www.scaryfast.com and e-mail us. Thanks again.

[21:01:33] band: I heard that only Evinrude will have Ficht for 1999

[21:01:43] Drift'r: do you think the 4 strokes will hold up to the full throttle running that

we do

[21:01:55] ebijack (mi): not a problem guys, THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!!!!!!!

[21:01:59] Lundman: Thanks a lot for the info, Baker Guys

[21:02:00] Baker MArine: Before I go. No. Evinrude/Johnson own the FICHT

technology. Both brands will have it.

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