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Bob Jensen 4/7/99 

[19:59:45] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our guest tonight BOB

JENSEN !!!!!!!

[19:59:51] bull(oh): need to get into ohio bob!!!!!!!

[19:59:53] ebijack (mi): clap clap clap

[19:59:59] Drift'r: Welcome Bob

[20:00:02] coop(oh): clap

[20:00:07] ripper: yeahhhhhhhhhh

[20:00:07] Juls (WI): clapclapclapclapclap

[20:00:09] bull(oh): <<<clapping!!!!!!!!

[20:00:22] Bob Jensen: Thank you all very much. Great to be here.

[20:00:28] sundance: hello all

[20:00:53] ebijack (mi): bob, why don't you start with telling us abit

about how you got started

[20:01:43] Bob Jensen: Started as an instructor at Camp Fish in

Walker MN on Leech Lake. Guided on Leech Lake. Fished

175-200 days per year

[20:02:15] Bob Jensen: Started writing fishing articles for Fishing

Facts, Fins and Feathers and In-Fish

[20:02:31] Bob Jensen: Then started doing seminars at

sportshows, etc.

[20:02:37] ebijack (mi): bob, how did you get started in shooting a

tv show?

[20:02:53] Bob Jensen: T. V. station in Ames, Iowa hired me to host

4 local fishing shows

[20:03:28] Gooch: hi bob, how are you doing today?

[20:03:30] Bob Jensen: When they decided to get out of the

business of producing fishing shows, I took ownership and

developed our current show

[20:03:39] Bob Jensen: Doing good Gooch

[20:03:53] ebijack (mi): bob, is that your main job? doing the tv


[20:04:07] Doc (wi): How many shows a year Bob

[20:04:25] Bob Jensen: Worked with Gary Roach and Randy

Amenrud for 4 years. T.V. is now my main deal. Don't have a real


[20:04:29] Gooch: it's nice to see you're chatting on the chat line

[20:04:40] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:04:44] Fireman(mn): Bob, how do you select your fishing show


[20:07:43] Gooch: bob: I met you at the sport show in fargo last

year, I'm from emerado n.d.

[20:08:02] Bob Jensen: Did everyone get cut off or just me?

[20:08:10] Doc (wi): lots did Bob

[20:08:10] ripper: alot did

[20:08:13] ripper: lololo

[20:08:22] Bob Jensen: Does that happen often?

[20:08:30] Steve (IA): Juls did it!

[20:08:34] ripper: did u have a shower bob lolo

[20:08:47] Doc (wi): I'd still like to get you to come and film some

Fall Walleye or Whitebass on the Wolf

[20:08:49] Bob Jensen: Did you go to the Fargo show this year


[20:09:32] Bob Jensen: The Wolf is place we need to get to Doc.

Can you get me info?

[20:09:44] Juls (WI): please go on bob......how do you find the sites

for your shows?

[20:09:46] Doc (wi): Yes..

[20:10:10] Bob Jensen: We rely heavily on folks such as those on

this site tonite.

[20:10:13] Doc (wi): I have done a bunch of TV there..can get you

set up including complimentary lodging

[20:10:42] Bob Jensen: Really like to include that local flavor.

Please let me know if any of you have suggestions.

[20:11:04] bull(oh): bob ..have u ever done a show on Erie??

[20:11:29] Bob Jensen: Hope I'm keeping up with everybody.

Please ask? again if I don't answer.

[20:11:46] Doc (wi): I'll email you Bob

[20:11:47] Gooch: bob: how are the shows going?

[20:11:58] Bob Jensen: Did a show on Erie several years ago. SM

bass and walleyes. Erie is really good.

[20:12:17] Doc (wi): do you have a web site ??

[20:12:33] Bob Jensen: We're going to start shooting again in a

couple of weeks. All of our shows have run for 1999 in most areas.

[20:12:50] Bob Jensen: website is fishingthemidwest.com

[20:13:41] Bob Jensen: just got the website up and running. Will be

interested to get your feedback re: website

[20:14:03] Doc (wi): Great...I'll add a link too

[20:14:36] ebijack 1(mi): bob, you'll have to get a link from


[20:14:55] Bob Jensen: Just got info that walleyes are hot in Clear

Lake in IA.

[20:15:11] Bob Jensen: We're working on the walleyecentral link

[20:15:12] ebijack 1(mi): bob, do you talk to locals to find out what's

happening before you go out?

[20:15:33] Bob Jensen: Try to get as much info as possible. Locals

can be a great source of info.

[20:16:22] ebijack 1(mi): bob, what are your plans for the show in

the future?

[20:16:59] nuheart: Mr. Jensen, my son is doing a career report on

profisherman which is what he wants to be. do you have any

helpful hints

[20:17:06] Gooch: bob: are you doing any shows on devils lake

this year?

[20:17:07] Bob Jensen: We want to continue to provide info and

entertainment re: fishing. The regional format is where we want to


[20:17:38] nuheart: how long did it take before you became a pro

[20:17:44] Bob Jensen: nuheart. He should e-mail me at

bjensen@frontiernet.net. I will set a phone conversation up with him

[20:18:02] nuheart: thanks, will do now

[20:18:06] nuheart: report is due friday

[20:18:12] ebijack 1(mi): bob, what's the time line from when you

shoot a show till it airs

[20:18:29] Bob Jensen: No shows on Devil's Lake planned at this

time. we were on sakakawea and Nelson Lake in ND last year.

ND is a very interesting place.

[20:19:17] Bob Jensen: Ice fishing shows air almost immediately.

Open water shows can be six months out

[20:19:50] Fireman(mn): whats your favorite venue?

[20:19:55] ebijack 1(mi): bob, since we're not lucky enough to get

your show, how many do you run each year

[20:20:56] Bob Jensen: We run 13 new shows a year

[20:21:29] Gooch: bob: are you going to be around for a few days?

[20:21:53] Bob Jensen: nuheart. I don't really consider myself a pro

fisherman. I don't fish tourneys anymore

[20:22:14] Bob Jensen: I'll be in and out the rest of this week Gooch

[20:22:22] ebijack 1(mi): bob, who do you get to host with you,

locals or pros?

[20:23:01] Gooch: bob: why don't you give a call when you have a


[20:23:06] coop: bob,don't get the show here do you mainly fish for


[20:23:15] Bob Jensen: ebijack, we do shows with locals and pros.

Did a show with Ron Lindner this year, also John and Duane

Peterson. Anyone who has a story or technique is a potential


[20:23:42] ebijack 1(mi): bob, do you try to fish the way the locals

recommend on that water or do you try different applications to

show "how"

[20:24:00] Bob Jensen: WE fish for everything coop, but walleyes

do make up a big part of our programming

[20:24:34] Fireman(mn): how much pre-fishing do you normally do

before taping?

[20:24:40] Bob Jensen: We do what the locals suggest. if that

works great, but we'll try whatever it takes to catch a fish or two

[20:25:00] Spinner(WI): What's the biggest walleye you have


[20:25:17] Bob Jensen: No pre-fishing. WE just go fishing with a

camera and hope something bites.

[20:25:38] ebijack 1(mi): bob, how big is your crew to go out and

film a show, and do you take 2 boats?

[20:25:41] Bob Jensen: Biggest walleye was in the 13 pound

range. Caught it on tape in the Red River

[20:25:44] Nite Eyes: do you ever do shows on muskie and if so

how much time is involved in a muskie show (the fish of 2000 casts)

[20:26:04] Bob Jensen: Generally just one person crew. use 2

boats sometimes,

[20:26:26] Bob Jensen: Haven't done a musky show yeat.

[20:26:43] ebijack 1(mi): ok bob, now the tough question, how many

hours does it take to edit a show

[20:26:58] Nite Eyes: would you like too???

[20:26:58] ebijack 1(mi): :)

[20:27:17] Gooch: Bob: thank you for that knot you taught me over

the phone, it worked a lot better than the one I was tieing

[20:27:33] Bob Jensen: Takes anywhere from 4-12 hours to get a

14 minute segment on tape, then about 8 hours to edit.

[20:28:08] ebijack 1(mi): gee, sounds like fun :) not really :)

[20:28:18] Bob Jensen: Sometimes we don't get enough footage in

a day. We just pull the plug on those days

[20:28:20] Drift'r#1: a 14 minute segment would be a half hour show


[20:28:46] Bob Jensen: We do a 14 minute segment, then an 8

minute segment.

[20:29:09] Bob Jensen: Need to leave 8 minutes for commercials,

show open and close, credits, etc.

[20:29:59] Bob Jensen: It is an enjoyable thing to do. When it stops

being fun, its time to find something else to do.

[20:30:04] ebijack 1(mi): bob, who chooses your commercials?

[20:30:21] Steve (IA): Who are the companies that sponsor your


[20:30:30] Bob Jensen: Fishing is supposed to be fun. When it

stops being fun for me, I will move on to something else

[20:30:44] bull(oh): bob...where do u call home???????

[20:30:46] Bob Jensen: Sponsors choose which commercials run

[20:31:01] mikej: Bob how do you decide where to do shows? I

hope this hasn't been asked

[20:31:14] Bob Jensen: Sponsors include Berkley, Abu Garcia,

Northland Tackle, Alumacraft, Mercury

[20:31:50] Bob Jensen: also Ely, MN, Avis Sports, Frabill, Aqua-Vu

[20:32:00] Bob Jensen: StrikeMaster

[20:32:04] ebijack 1(mi): bob, do you run alumacraft boats?

[20:32:08] Bob Jensen: I live in Iowa

[20:32:16] Bob Jensen: also Off Shore Tackle

[20:32:40] Bob Jensen: Yes, They're a great boat for virtually any


[20:32:50] Gooch: bob: how do you like the Ely area?

[20:33:02] Bob Je[20:33:24] Bob Jensen: The Ely area is really nice Gooch. Glad to

hear the knot is working

[20:33:32] holdzit: Have you ever done a show out of state? The

Columbia river in Or , Wa?

[20:33:42] bull(oh): do u have a favorite place to fish and/or


[20:33:56] Bob Jensen: Never in WA holdzit. Only the Midwest

[20:34:05] Gooch: I sent the other fishing line back and they said

ther was a defect in it.

[20:34:26] cowboy(wy): Should come out yo WYOMING bob!!!!!

[20:34:34] Bob Jensen: Lots of favorite places. Ely is great for

smallmouth, I like wherever the fish are biting best.

[20:35:41] bull(oh): if u need someone to go for free call me!!!!!!!!!!!!

[20:35:33] ebijack 1(mi): bob, does each show only cover one


[20:36:12] cowboy(wy): i'd be happy to catch the fish bob, if you

wanted to operate the camera!!!!!!!!

[20:36:13] Bob Jensen: Never at Red Wing fireman, but several in

Pool 2 and on Pepin. Maybe at Red Wing this fall

[20:36:15] holdzit: Do you have that one great day of fishing that

sticks in your mind ? Where did it happen at?

[20:36:29] Gooch: I'm going down there for the P.W.T. this year

[20:36:48] Fireman(mn): try late september, seems to be best

around then

[20:37:16] Bob Jensen: Best walleye day ever was on the Red

River. Caught a walleye about every five minutes for two or three

hours. 3 were under 4 pounds, everything else was bigger up to

about 13

[20:37:21] Gooch: I'll be there in late May

[20:37:34] Bob Jensen: Usually two species per show. we also

show the incidental fish.

[20:38:01] Gooch: I'll keepyou in mind

[20:38:17] ebijack 1(mi): how do you keep it fresh bob, the show

[20:38:48] Bob Jensen: New guests, new areas, new tactics. it is

difficult to keep things new

[20:39:10] Bob Jensen: I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss new

shows for 2000. We need to keep fresh stuff going

[20:39:36] ebijack 1(mi): how about covering a walleyecentral get

together :)

[20:40:23] Bob Jensen: Always open to ideas ebijack. What are

the details. When, where, etc

[20:40:44] ebijack 1(mi): there's one in s.d. at a regulars bed and


[20:41:40] ebijack 1(mi): i'll have to e-mail you the details bob, but

they are posted on walleyecentral

[20:41:48] ebijack 1(mi): if your interested

[20:42:37] Bob Jensen: I'll check it out on walleye central. Might be

a good thing ebijack.

[20:42:44] Fireman(mn): Bob, generally speaking, how much does

it run to "fully" produce a show?

[20:42:54] ebijack 1(mi): would love to see it bob, i'll let scott know

[20:43:42] ebijack 1(mi): bob, do you think you'll pass the show on

to someone when you get tired of it?

[20:44:45] Bob Jensen: Haven't thought that far ahead ebijack. I

can't imagine getting tired of going fishing.

[20:44:58] ebijack 1(mi): good!

[20:45:20] ebijack 1(mi): how many years have you run the show


[20:45:20] Gooch: bob: any tips for the tournament on the missorri

river this month?

[20:45:30] Bob Jensen: 10 years

[20:45:59] Bob Jensen: Local info would be far better than mine


[20:46:04] ebijack 1(mi): speaking of tourney's, do you cover any

of them for the show bob?

[20:46:09] Bob Jensen: I would bet on jigs though

[20:46:20] Gooch: thank you

[20:47:14] Gooch: does your show run all summer bob?

[20:47:26] Bob Jensen: We have included a couple of

tournaments, but only briefly. they don't really fit into our format'

[20:47:44] Bob Jensen: Just jan. feb. and march gooch

[20:47:59] cowboy(wy): Sorry I joined late, before I disconnect

where can i see the show bob?????

[20:48:14] Fireman(mn): I like the family segments you run with kids

[20:48:28] red baron: Bob if you ever want to do a show on Lake

Michigan fishing copy my address give me a buzz

[20:48:47] Bob Jensen: Midwest Sports Channel is the best bet

cowboy. Please check our schedule at fishingthemidwest.com

[20:49:12] cowboy(wy): thanks bob, have a good summer fishin!

[20:49:30] Bob Jensen: The family and kid segments are very

popular Fireman

[20:49:42] cowboy(wy): thanks bob, have a good summer fishin

[20:50:13] Bob Jensen: Family and youth shows are very popular


[20:50:25] mikej: any body left?

[20:50:46] Capt. Marty: For the past 6 years it's been a pleasure

working and being a member of the Fishing The Midwest Team,

Bob you do a great job, I've learned a lot and speaking for myself

I'm glad to be a member! Thanks Bob!

[20:50:52] Bob Jensen: Was that the java server again?

[20:50:56] mikej: it must have booted all of them

[20:50:59] Gooch: i'm still here mikej

[20:51:41] Bob Jensen: Thanks Marty. Glad to have you as a

business associate, but better yet, as a friend.

[20:51:55] mikej: wb al

[20:52:01] ebijack 1(mi): dang!!!!!!!!

[20:52:05] Juls (WI): eheh yea...server dumped us again...

[20:52:09] mikej: wb ya all

[20:53:10] ebijack 1(mi): bob, what's the chance of getting

coverage in more states of your show

[20:53:55] Bob Jensen: We've thought about that ebijack, but we

don't want to fragment and dilute what we're doing

[20:54:00] ebijack 1(mi): the chatroom is supposed to only hold 25,

we overload it :)

[20:54:01] Bull: $%^%&***&*&^%!!!!!!!!!!

[20:54:03] Jbob: OK

[20:54:13] Bob Jensen: The regional is very popular with our

viewers and sponsors

[20:55:21] ebijack 1(mi): are there any more questions for our host


[20:55:35] Bob Jensen: I have a question ebijack

[20:55:42] ebijack 1(mi): ok bob :)

[20:55:52] Fireman(mn): Thanks alot Bob for your time, hope to do

it again real soon !!!

[20:55:54] Bob Jensen: What fishing shows are popular with other

members of this site

[20:56:04] mikej: Bob, how do you decide where you have your


[20:56:07] Jbob: When are you going to have a show for walleye

fishing only

[20:56:07] ebijack 1(mi): any fishing shows we can get!!

[20:56:22] Drift'r: ditto

[20:56:24] Fireman(mn): In Fisherman, Tony Dean

[20:56:31] sundance: i like the in fisherman

[20:56:35] Bull: anything but bass fishin!!!!!!! get tired of it

[20:56:48] Bob Jensen: We take advice from locals jbob, and also

go on past experience

[20:57:01] Fireman(mn): Tony runs a show much like your's, but

includes hunting

[20:57:03] Jbob: never enough shows on walleye fishing

[20:57:03] Gooch: tony dean, in-fisherman, babe winkleman

[20:57:11] ebijack 1(mi): i'd like to see a fishing channel like they

have golf channels

[20:57:31] mikej: me too all walleye fishing!

[20:57:39] Bull: lets start one ebi!!!!!!!!

[20:57:40] Bob Jensen: We will do segments on walleyes, but don't

anticipate doing full shows on walleyes

[20:58:22] Jbob: Bob, how do you pick your fishing partners for

your shows

[20:58:29] Bob Jensen: walleyes are great, but we need to appeal

to the masses, and lots of people like the other species

[20:58:31] ebijack 1(mi): if their aren't any more questions for our

host, ,,

[20:58:55] Bull: tell the bass fisherman that bob!!!!!

[20:58:55] ebijack 1(mi): i'd like to THANK BOB JENSEN !!!!!!!!!!!!! for

hosting tonight

[20:59:06] sundance: thanks bob

[20:59:07] Capt. Marty: thanks Bob

[20:59:09] Bull: <<<<<clapping for bob J!!!!!!!!!!!!

[20:59:09] Drift'r: Thanks Bob

[20:59:13] red baron: thanks Bob

[20:59:18] Jbob: Thanks Bob

[20:59:21] Fireman(mn): Thanks again Bob Clap, Clap, Clap

[20:59:21] mikej: thanks Bob and I like your last name!

[20:59:24] Gooch: thank you bob, speak to you soon

[20:59:28] ebijack 1(mi): thanks bob, great job

[20:59:38] Juls (WI): thanks bob...clap clap clap

[20:59:41] sundance: brb

[20:59:43] ebijack 1(mi): stick around if you want to chat bob

[20:59:51] Bob Jensen: Thank you all for stopping by. Looking

forward to doing this again. Be nice to one another.

[20:59:52] Bull: good luck in 99 bob txs!!!

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