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Bracket Pro Chat 1/3/01

chatman-  Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome tonight's guest, Brad Maurer with Bracket Pro Kicker Motor Brackets!!!!

Juls-  clap clap clap clap clap clap...welcome Brad..- -)

fisherman-  Hi Brad

prairiepillow-  Hello Brad

eyefish(mi)-  Welcome Clap Clap

Brad Maurer-  Hey folks

Stacker-  Hi Brad

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Wuuzzup?

chatman-  Well Brad, let's start off with a little info on your affiliation with Bracket Pro and the product itself...

Brad Maurer-  Just here to talk fishing and tell ya about a new Bracket to hold your 9.9, 15, 20 or 25hp kicker tight.

Brad Maurer-  I am the dealer rep for Bracket Pro

Brad Maurer-  We have been workin on this for a while

Juls-  What is the bracket pro and what's it made out of...how does it work?

Brad Maurer-  We have the bugs out and were ready to put it on your boat

fisherman-  How does it hold the kicker tight?

Brad Maurer-  The Bracket Pro is a manual bracket to be used as a substitute for a power lift

Brad Maurer-  It is a stainless steal Bracket

fisherman-  Is it used only while trailered or while on the water also?

Brad Maurer-  Bob is the owner and inventor

Stacker-  More info please?

chatman-  Beat me to it Brad!....LOL, Bob Idzikowski is online with us tonight as well....

Brad Maurer-  Both, trailering and on the water

Chad Maurer-  http://www.hnet.net/~bracketpro/

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Does the bracket offer any kick out protection for shallow water rock knocking?

Stacker-  In 4 ft waves can I make this work?

chatman-  The Bracket Pro is designed to work with any motor up to 25 hp, is that correct?

Brad Maurer-  Well it comes with a two inch buckle down strap

fisherman-  Will that site show a picture of how it's attached and works

Chad Maurer-  Yes it will

Chad Maurer-  Lots of pics and views of the bracket

river king mi-  What's the cost of the bracket?

Brad Maurer-  Wait a second, this is a Bracket for your kicker not a bow mount

chatman-  So the Bracket Pro will work on any boat, from duck skiffs to 30 

footers, cool idea

Brad Maurer-  The Bracket Pro retails for 165

eyefish(mi)-  Great 

river king mi-  Not a bad price

chatman-  Brad or Bob, the idea came form someone being tired of spending over 700 dollars to repair a kicker motor?

Chad Maurer-  Or, lose it all together

Brad Maurer-  This bracket is made to go on in minutes, look good, and you won't have to look over your shoulder to see if your kicker is still there!

Stacker-  700 is cheap

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Will the bracket work with lower unit protectors such as a 

Rock Hopper? Will it still have enough room to lock?

chatman-  I see the bracket Pro Also travels up and down as you tilt the kicker....

fisherman-  Or slapping the water as you fly along. Hey

Brad Maurer-  Yes the bracket is free swinging and is not sitting below the water line

Brad Maurer-  Cavitation keeps it tight to the transom wile moving fast

chatman-  Hey BE, it doesn't matter about any of that, the Bracket Pro will lock into place with ease, then you just strap it and go...

robert idzikowski-  The bracket will not interfere with any after market products

Brad Maurer- Yyes kicker in up position, when trailering

Brad Maurer-  Strapped tight

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Cool

Brad Maurer-  Similar to a transom savor, on trailer to big motor

Brad Maurer-  Chad hit the address to the sight so these guys can check out a pic

Chad Maurer-  www.hnet.net/~bracketpro/

robert idzikowski-  The Bracket Pro is very heavy duty, yet very light weight

Chad Maurer-  The product info link has a number of good photo's

chatman-  Can you explain the nuts and bolts of mounting one to any boat?

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  I have been looking at a new jet drive river runner and the ability to center the kicker and be able to swing it up and away would be a big bonus in my type of running.

Brad Maurer-  Yes mounting is done in a few minutes. Two bolts

Brad Maurer-  Backwater Eddy, can you explain up and away?

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Up and tilt

chatman-  The hole pattern on the bracket allows for any brand kicker too, that is a nice touch

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  What is the total lift of the bracket?

chatman-  How long have you been developing the Bracket Pro?

Brad Maurer-  mmm I don't wanna say its perfect for ya Eddy, I'm not sure of what your trying to do

robert idzikowski-  Any brand motor, any boat! The Bracket Pro is fully universal

Brad Maurer-  The concept has been around for 6 years

chatman-  So, we can then take it that you have thoroughly tested the Bracket.....

Brad Maurer-  The bracket will hold your kicker, as high or higher than your kicker supports will go

chatman-  Is the arm adjustable Brad?

Chad Maurer-  The Bracket Pro was given some heavy tournament and big water testing the last year or 2 as well

Brad Maurer-  The Bracket Pro has been on a lot of boats and run hard. It won't break!

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  I think I may have seen one in Canada this fall, I liked the easy lift.

Spinner(WI)-  Brad, did you have one on your boat last yr. I don't remember seeing it?

Brad Maurer-  The support arm is fully adjustable. The arm also has settings to fit your application

Brad Maurer-  Yes I did

robert idzikowski-  chatman the arm is adjustable. It has 5 pre drilled hole settings

Brad Maurer-  And, had about a dozen prototypes on others

fisherman-  Brad, are there dealers, say in WI. or is this an order direct type of product

Brad Maurer-  We Bolted a bunch on at the RCL this fall too. Saved some kickers

Chad Maurer-  Have a look at www.hnet.net/~bracketpro/

Spinner(WI)-  I have a bad back Brad, is it easy to lift and lower?

Chad Maurer-  There is a dealer page there as well with Wisconsin dealers listed

Brad Maurer-  Yes, lot's getting set up soon! We need and want to support our dealers

fisherman-  Thanks Chad

Brad Maurer-  Oh, you'dd be amazed! Up and down in seconds, no harder than tilting your kicker now.

Chad Maurer-  Not a problem

Brad Maurer-  By the way, Chad is in Australia case you guys were wondering...

fisherman-  Modern technology is a wonderful thing

Spinner(WI)-  Brad, are you fishing the WWA this year?

SONARS-  Have you had any interest from BASS PRO or CABELA'S

fisherman-  So are there many walleye in Australia

Chad Maurer-  Grin-  Thursday here!

chatman-  I think that may be a first, someone in Australia on the chatsite.

.Chad Maurer-  Just the security issue of this bracket alone is huge

chatman-  How well received was the Bracket Pro by the anglers at the RCL that had one bolted on?

Chad Maurer-  Something like this saving your kicker while on Green Bay or Erie - anywhere for that matter

Chad Maurer-  Or, even while traveling

chatman-  If anyone has had a question that was missed, please re post it for Brad and Bob...

SONARS-  have you had any interest from BASS PRO or CABELAS

Chad_Maurer-  Pretty good - stinkin hot though....... grin- 

Brad Maurer-  So, feel free to talk fishing But I will be here to talk Bracket Pro if anyone needs questions asked

Chad_Maurer-  www.hnet.net/~bracketpro/

Spinner(WI)-  Brad, are you fishing the WWA this year?

Chad_Maurer-  I can't wait to get back this spring and hook in

Brad Maurer-  I'll be there

Brad Maurer-  Should be a bigger year!

Brad Maurer-  Some team walleye too

Chad_Maurer-  Very excited here too!

Brad Maurer-  Merc Nationals and Otter Street on Winnebago, too

Chad_Maurer-  grin- 

gary gray-  It sounds like I will see you a lot?

Brad Maurer-  Just wants to look, send him a camera

chatman-  FYI, Bob and Brad? Are going to be at the Midwest Walleye Expo in Milwaukee at the MW Marine Booth and hopefully at the Walleye Central Booth, stop in and say hi...

Juls-  Cool...will do

robert idzikowski-  chatman we sure wil!

Brad Maurer-  And, we can show you this Bracket. Up and down, with ease, on a boat it's slick

Chad_Maurer-  Very solid

gary gray-  Good

chatman-  Nothing like a hands on demonstration....

gary gray-  Chad, what is the purpose of the bracket?

Chad_Maurer-  To lock your kicker down while traveling...

robert idzikowski-  A note to all, There are not many products now days with life time warranties

Chad_Maurer-  Either on or off the water

Brad Maurer-  I guess there is a lot of thing s you can rig a boat with but you have to take care of your kicker 

Split-Shot Wi-  I have a Triton, will the Bracket Pro fit it?

Chad_Maurer-  The Bracket Pro prevents damaging or especially losing your kicker

Chad_Maurer-  www.hnet.net/~bracketpro/

Chad_Maurer-  Have a look

Brad Maurer- Iif you can save money and put the difference other tools

Brad Maurer-  Split-Shot, it'll go on your Triton

Split-Shot Wi-  Are they made locally?

Chad_Maurer-  Or, our team site is at www.teammaurer.20m.com/

Brad Maurer-  Slinger, Wisconsin

chatman-  Hey Split-Shot, Bracket Pro has a Dealer listing on their web site...

Brad Maurer-  100% stainless lifetime warranty

Brad Maurer-  The Bracket Pro fits everything, every motor brand, every boat

Split-Shot Wi-  Alrighty

Chad_Maurer-  Gary - Wendt's and Spellmans are dealers in your area

gary gray-  just Wendt's

Brad Maurer-  Mr. Outboard, Mr. Marine and Pamps in Green Bay coming soon

robert idzikowski-  chatman, I talked to a guy that forgot to buckle his kicker motor into the Bracket Pro, before hittin the throttle. His strap jiggled down into the main motor's prop and stopped his boat in it's tracks! Not a problem with the bracket. There was just some slight bending on the strap support.

Chad_Maurer-  There is a dealer link on the Bracket Pro site

Chad_Maurer-  http://www.hnet.net/~bracketpro/

chatman-  Brad and Bob, if a potential dealer wants to get in touch with you, how can they contact you?

chatman-  The strap got caught in the prop?? Was the bracket still functional?

Chad_Maurer-  Team Maurer's site is http://www.teammaurer.20m.com/

Brad Maurer-  920-894-1630, for Brad

Chad_Maurer-  The Team Maurer site also has e mails and info for us

Brad Maurer-  Or you can reach Bob at, 262-644-5337

robert idzikowski-  Absolutely! He just dropped his kicker back in place, strapped it in and took off

chatman-  Great, I am sure you are looking for a good dealer or two.....

Brad Maurer-  We need dealers! And, the ones we have are going through Brackets! You have to see them!

chatman-  Jeez, did the strap damage his motor? 

Brad Maurer-  It is important to note, most problems with wear on your kicker are not covered under factory warranty

chatman-  Brad, I like the idea that because of the way the Bracket Pro is mounted it creates no additional strain on the transom, and no more holes than are already there...

robert idzikowski-  chatman it didn't sound like it he said he was darn happy to have his bracket fully in tact

Brad Maurer-  Yes the Bracket Pro will save stress on your transom and spider cracks in your gel coat

chatman-  Well, even if it did break you would have stood behind it anyway, a win win for the consumer...

Brad Maurer-  Yes! You bet! We stand 100% behind this product!

robert idzikowski-  chatman, Absolutely!

Brad Maurer-  Robert is an outstanding individual and will bend over backwards for anyone who needs the Bracket Pro

Brad Maurer-  We have seen a lot of damage to boats and kickers without this product

robert idzikowski-  Ask any body at the RCL, hey Brad?

Dan(MI)-  I just joined, where can I see this product in Michigan

Chad_Maurer-  http://www.teammaurer.20m.com/

Brad Maurer-  Our dealers are happy. If you spend the money on a 9.9 and the supports break, they aren't being backed up by the factory. The dealer needs to put something on the boat that will prevent you from being a unsatisfied customer.

Chad_Maurer-  http://www.hnet.net/~bracketpro/index.htm

robert idzikowski-  Brad, how many did we put on at the RCL? 8 or 9?

jigbite-  about 10

Brad Maurer-  And the guys in need wished we would've been there sooner

Brad Maurer-  The RCL was reckin a lot of stuff

Juls-  No, Green Bay was wrecking a lot of stuff...- -)

Chad_Maurer-  grin- 

gary gray-  No, the guys.. were wrecking a lot of stuff

Brad Maurer-  Yes, Juls your correct.

Juls-  Hahaha, there ya go...thanks Gary..- -)

Brad Maurer-  You're correct too, Gary!

robert idzikowski-  Hopefully, we helped those guys out. That's what it's all about folks.

Juls-  - -)

Brad Maurer-  Gary, need some support for your kicker?

Brad Maurer-  9.9.

Chad_Maurer-  That's what happens when you have big waves, a heavy hand and no 

Bracket Pro bracket :)

gary gray-  I just might

robert idzikowski- Good one, Chad....

gary gray-  I'd like to see it

Brad Maurer-  Well, send me your resume. Might have a spot for you on the pro staff... don't get your hopes up though......lol

Chad_Maurer-  LOL

Brad Maurer-  I'll see you at a show or two, Gary. We can get you into one

Bigfoot-  Gee, Gary. If you have trouble getting one, I don't have a chance!

Juls-  - -)

Dunn-  lol

chatman-  Anyone have any more questions for Brad or Bob as we wind down? Only about 4 min left ....

Brad Maurer-  Make sure you check out the Bracket Pro sight, ok folks? Or I'll see you at the show's

Chad_Maurer-  http://www.hnet.net/~bracketpro/index.htm

Juls-  clap clap clap..thanks Brad, Chad and Robert!

robert idzikowski-  If any body knows of any dealers out of Wis., we would appreciate the word. Thank you.

gary gray-  clap..clap...clap...

Brad Maurer-  Thanks, you guys

Chad_Maurer-  thanks guys

robert idzikowski-  You got it Juls..

chatman-  Where about in Australia are you Chad?

gary gray-  thanks Brad

Brad Maurer-  Chad get outta Australia and lets fish

Bigfoot-  Thanks Brad

Chad_Maurer-  Just south of Sydney - down the coast

Chad_Maurer-  Place called Jamberoo

chatman-  Be sure to check Bracket Pro's web site for a dealer near you....

Chad_Maurer-  I'll be back home in April tho - WOOHOO!

Brad Maurer-  You too, Bigfoot! Feel free to call 920 898-1630 on Bracket Pro

Chad_Maurer-  http://www.hnet.net/~bracketpro/index.htm

Brad Maurer-  And, tell a dealer about us, ok? Thanks.

Brad Maurer-  chatman, thank you

Chad_Maurer-  Thanks chatman

gary gray-  Chad and bob thanks

chatman-  Ladies and Gentlemen A warm Round of applause for our Guests tonight 
Bob Idzikowski, Brad Maurer and Chad Maurer!!! Of Bracket Pro!!!

gary gray-  And Brad

Brad Maurer-  And thanks so much chat man

Juls-  Clapping...Thanks guys!

Dunn-  Clap Clap Clap 

chatman-  Good night, Bob!

Bigfoot-  Thanks Guys

robert idzikowski-  G-nite chatman

chatman-  Feel free to stick around and talk a while guys...

Brad Maurer-  Thanks Bob and Chad good night

Split-Shot Wi-  Thanks guy's I think I will look at one.

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