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[19:59:27] golden ( co ): OK Let's get started. Tonight Guest Host is PWT Pro Bruce

DeShano. Bruce also owns OffShore Tackle. Makers of Offshore Boards. Bruce,

thanks for lending us your time.

[19:59:44] ebijack (mi): Welcome Bruce

[19:59:50] golden ( co ): The floor is open to questions, let's try not to bombard him all

at one time.

[19:59:51] Chrmn o the Bds: I am glad to be here

[20:00:06] golden ( co ): Bruce is signed on as Chmn o the Bds

[20:00:13] Just Look"N--MI: Welcome Bruce

[20:00:44] Chrmn o the Bds: I am ready to go fishing

[20:00:49] Walleye Nut(IN): hello Bruce .. thaks for taking the time to join us.

[20:01:04] Just Look"N--MI: Saginaw river Saturday Bruce,its open

[20:01:12] golden ( co ): Bruce, tell us a little about trolling with boards, the pros and

cons. when and when not to

[20:01:14] reeltime(OH): bruce does your company make the automatic reel for pulling

in the tow line?

[20:01:42] Chrmn o the Bds: Yes on the automatic reel, it is under Riviera

[20:01:55] Reelmn(In): bruce, when can i get the strike indicators for your boards

[20:02:09] Chrmn o the Bds: Boards are a lot of fun esp. for kids and new fisherman

[20:02:18] Jo'Eye: Tattle tale boards out in the stores?

[20:02:43] Chrmn o the Bds: The Tattle Flag kits will be available as soon as the printer

finishes the instruction sheets

[20:02:46] blane (wa): Bruce, I here you are coming out with some new boards can you

tell us about them?

[20:03:12] Reelmn(In): who do we get the kit from

[20:03:26] Chrmn o the Bds: Not new boards, a kit to go on the existing ones. they will

let you know about small fish and fouled lures

[20:03:32] Just Look"N--MI: Bring alot to the PALACE SHOW Bruce

[20:03:42] clay(wy): sounds great

[20:03:58] oldben: what do i need to know to switch from salmon and boards to

walleyes and boards

[20:04:06] Chrmn o the Bds: all the retailers will have them by spring and they will be in

our newspaper and on our website soon.

[20:05:01] elf: what is your web address

[20:05:02] Chrmn o the Bds: old ben no real difference except that most walleye guys

only troll downwind

[20:05:16] reeltime(OH): how well do the automatic reels work on the big boards........4


[20:05:22] cb(oh): why only downwind?

[20:06:23] Jo'Eye: Bruce, can you use snap on wts. after the kit is put on, or do they

pull flags back?

[20:06:28] Chrmn o the Bds: they will handle a big board and come with 150 ft of line

[20:06:51] Chrmn o the Bds: better line control down wind and with the in-line boards

you get better action

[20:07:02] Just Look"N--MI: 200 lb line?

[20:07:21] oldben: what is the best speed to target as a starting point

[20:06:51] Chrmn o the Bds: better line control down wind and with the in-line boards

you get better action

[20:07:02] Just Look"N--MI: 200 lb line?

[20:07:21] oldben: what is the best speed to target as a starting point

[20:07:31] Chrmn o the Bds: snap wts are fine even larger body baits, the flag will go

back but not all the way down

[20:07:52] Chrmn o the Bds: 200# line also

[20:07:55] KG: bruce, describe your boat for `98

[20:08:28] Chrmn o the Bds: about 1.8to 2.0 for cranks and .5 to 1.5 for harnesses

[20:08:58] reeltime(OH): will the reels accept 300' of 200#

[20:09:01] Chrmn o the Bds: which one? I have a 19 Champion and a 23 Pro-Line

[20:09:12] Chrmn o the Bds: No on the 300 feet.

[20:09:28] Hank: Bruce, do you use an autopilot. If so, what kind do you recommend.

[20:10:22] Chrmn o the Bds: On the trolling kicker I use the TR-1 for both boats and an

autohelm on the main engine of the 23

[20:10:40] Reelmn(In): what is a good rod for pulling boards

[20:11:21] Chrmn o the Bds: I have a Pinpoint for my electric, it is really nice slow

trolling contours like Cumberland for stripers.

[20:11:31] Just Look"N--MI: Autohelm Sport pilot?

[20:11:42] Jo'Eye: Bruce, do you use Fireline in any situations?

[20:12:01] Chrmn o the Bds: any 7-8' rod suitable for downrigger fishing is good.

[20:12:09] Chrmn o the Bds: Sportpilot

[20:12:32] Just Look"N--MI: Same on my boat,works perfect

[20:12:48] Reelmn(In): how were the stripers at Cumberland

[20:12:52] Lemmen: which auto pilot do you like better

[20:13:03] Chrmn o the Bds: I use Fireline more than I thought I would especially where

you want to know you are on the bottom such as flatlining cranks or using bottom


[20:13:45] Chrmn o the Bds: Stripers are slow now the lake is down quite a bit. I am

planning on a mid march trip there though.

[20:14:21] walleye guru: hi mr Offshore

[20:14:24] oldben: bruce would you give us your web site

[20:14:25] Chrmn o the Bds: the tr-1 for trolling, whenI am running is when I use the


[20:14:45] Chrmn o the Bds: www.offshoretackle.com

[20:15:21] Lemmen: have you ever used the sport pilot for trolling? if so how doew it


[20:15:30] Reelmn(In): bruce, will you have anyone at the Indy show in Feb

[20:16:37] Chrmn o the Bds: Trolling with the sport was better at the 2mph range, but i

seldom use the 225 when trolling

[20:17:05] Walleye Hunter: what is an average for cost on getting set up with boards

[20:17:09] Chrmn o the Bds: I don't think so but ill try to find out.

[20:17:30] Chrmn o the Bds: about 20 for the board and 15 for the Tattle Flag.

[20:17:32] HPS: Hi Bruce caught about 50 eyes below the dam today

[20:18:30] Chrmn o the Bds: Lets hope Erie will be 50 fish days .

[20:18:44] Jo'Eye: What are your favorite cranks for deep (20' & down) eyes?

[20:19:46] Just Look"N--MI: How did you do on the bay last summer.I was at the south

end all the time.becaue of waves when I was there

[20:19:48] Chrmn o the Bds: I use Storm t-sticks Bomber 25's and Mann' stretch 20's

unless there is a front then it is stickbaits and snap-weights

[20:20:45] Chrmn o the Bds: The bay was good and I fished the Charity's and south

too. If the Bay doesn't get over 75 the fish will not leave.

[20:21:31] Just Look"N--MI: I missed the hogs at Charity when I was there to

rough,south was good

[20:21:50] Hank: Do you use worm harnesses very often?

[20:22:15] Chrmn o the Bds: My son Nick did good there in a MWT event fishing

alone, right on my PWT waypoints.

[20:23:04] Chrmn o the Bds: Lots of open water trolling is done with harnesses and I

use them when conditions are tough or if I find tight schools

[20:23:29] Just Look"N--MI: Harnesses or Double Troubles?Both?

[20:23:58] lundman(Wi): do you use them for suspended fish as well as bottom fish


[20:24:17] Chrmn o the Bds: Mostly harnesses, I have found that the snap weight will

usually outfish the doubles but are a bit more work

[20:24:41] Walleye Hunter: do you spend more time with cranks or rigs on the PWT?

[20:24:43] *** Cranky has left Walleye Central

[20:24:46] Chrmn o the Bds: Mostly suspended, I will go to bouncers for bottom


[20:24:52] KG: Bruce, whats your strategy for finding fish on new body of water?

[20:25:14] Chrmn o the Bds: Last year it was mostly live bait but this year will be


[20:25:36] Walleye Hunter: because of the boards?

[20:25:36] Reelmn(In): why different this year

[20:25:38] Chrmn o the Bds: I like cranks for search and spinners for destroy.

20:26:15] Walleye Hunter: good anology

[20:26:33] Chrmn o the Bds: New waters need at least one day on shore talking. then

go fishing with that knowledge and try to cover a lot of water the first day

[20:27:27] Chrmn o the Bds: day 2 on try to isolate areas with fish and dont pound


[20:27:41] DTALE(OH): Bruce, will we be able to buy the tattle flags to modify the old


[20:28:31] Chrmn o the Bds: This year we should be at sites that are conducive to

cranks and boards, Erie Oahe and Peck. I think leech could be fished with cranks but

we need more time there.

[20:28:56] Hank: Have you ever fished out out of Barcelona Harbor in N.Y?

[20:29:18] Chrmn o the Bds: Tatle flage will be out by spring at the retailers and on the

net at our website

[20:29:38] Chrmn o the Bds: No, I talked to some guys from Henderson and it is good


[20:29:44] Todd: Where on Oahe is this years event?

[20:30:04] Chrmn o the Bds: Pierre

[20:30:18] Jo'Eye: Bruce, do you match the hatch with cranks and blade


[20:30:39] DTALE(OH): Bruce, you really attracted a crowd. Are you going to fish Lake

Erie Fairport this summer?

[20:31:26] Gofish(MN): Hi bruce,tom here from leech lake. did you try trolling on leech

last year?

[20:31:35] Chrmn o the Bds: As long as it is silver-- actually I prefer silver,gold copper

and chart. for spinner blades and except at erie you can stay pretty basic with crank


[20:32:16] cb(oh): explain except at erie with crank colors

[20:32:58] Chrmn o the Bds: Go, just a little, last year was not much of a learning year. I

only caught 3 fish in practice so can't say much about methods there

[20:33:03] rubber man: bruce,tell us how the tattle flag will help us catch fish.

[20:33:46] sk: goodd question rubber man

[20:33:55] Chrmn o the Bds: Erie seems to like loud and high contrast colors like you

would find on a hiwaiian shirt

[20:35:00] Chrmn o the Bds: The tattle flag will give you more indication of what is

happening out there. You will spend more time fihing good baits and not having fouled

lures or small fish

[20:35:47] sk: tell us how they work exactly?

[20:35:56] Reelmn(In): hope those flags are ready soon cause little is all I catch

[20:36:14] Just Look"N--MI: Did you know your black releases work good on boards

with braided line?The salmon ones

[20:36:33] Chrmn o the Bds: I have found out that a walleye will hit several times and

not hook up or move the board.

[20:37:23] Chrmn o the Bds: Yes, the hole pattern is the same but I just use the

superline loop on my regular releases when i use the superlines.

[20:37:45] DTALE(OH): Bruce, I think that the flag will be good for those fishing


[20:37:48] golden1 ( co ): superline loop?

[20:37:53] sk: Are you incorporating the tattle flag on all new boards? or is it strictly an

optional add on?

[20:38:02] Chrmn o the Bds: I have tested Stren's new Sensor and it seems like a good

medium between mono and suerlines.


[20:38:48] DTALE(OH): Bruce, will the boards be at the Cleveland show in March?

[20:38:50] Chrmn o the Bds: Strictly an add on, all you have to do is drill one hole and


[20:39:22] Chrmn o the Bds: They will be at Cleveland at the Off Shore/Riviera booth

[20:39:24] Just Look"N--MI: Uh OH Directions

[20:40:05] DTALE(OH): Are you going to be at the Cleveland show?

[20:40:28] rubber man: tattle flag is like tip up fishing,the flag is a strike indicator.

[20:40:30] Chrmn o the Bds: Some of the Pro-staff will be there but not an off shore


[20:40:39] Chrmn o the Bds: No, Larry Hartwick.

[20:40:56] sk: Would you use your boards with out the tattle tail system for walleyes

now that you have them?

[20:41:38] Chrmn o the Bds: I haven't used the regular board since the first time Mike

Victor showed me the prototypes....

[20:43:02] Chrmn o the Bds: I will be at the Palace in Auburn Hills Mi. 3-5/3-8



[20:45:36] Chrmn o the Bds: Yep, we are using Cylume 4" light sticks and will have

them as an off shore product later this year. Lots of fun on erie last nov and dec.

[20:46:28] Just Look"N--MI: Have you seen the lite for glo lures that lites them up for

long time.?

[20:46:38] DTALE(OH): Bruce, I notice you were high in the rankings. Congratulations

on the PWT.

[20:46:53] Chrmn o the Bds: planning on an outing nov 6&7 next year at Huron Ohio.

That is just east of Port Clinton



[20:47:32] oldben: My mom grew up in huron 90 years ago neet little town

[20:47:40] ebijack (mi): yeah, what an outing, thanks bruce!!

[20:47:43] Turkey: Bruce, so does it look like the Ice season will be any good on erie

this season ?

[20:47:53] Reelmn(In): bruce, to what extent will you be involved in the nov 6&7 outing

[20:47:57] Chrmn o the Bds: Just-- no I haven's talk to me.

[20:48:35] oldben: please explain outing nov 6&7

[20:48:38] Just Look"N--MI: I heard somebody was selling them in your area.Havent

seen them myself.

[20:49:42] Chrmn o the Bds: Turkey, I came across erie and Lake ontario last week, no

ice 36 surface temp doent look good for ice. but I get tired cutting a long trench and

then cant walk along the slot.

[20:50:58] Chrmn o the Bds: I will be there and so will some writers and pro staff

[20:51:05] DTALE(OH): Bruce, will those flags make the Cabella's or Bass Pro spring


[20:51:19] Turkey: Bruce so you were TROLLING??

[20:51:26] Chrmn o the Bds: oldben, we will be fishing night walleye with planer boards

[20:52:10] Turkey: I wonder if the Big Eyes of the huron Lighthouse are still hitting?

[20:52:24] oldben: ok not much structure around huron

[20:52:31] Chrmn o the Bds: No on BPS and Cabela's I did not have enough info for

them but they may get them in a flier

[20:53:00] blane (wa): can we purchase them through your web site?

[20:53:13] Chrmn o the Bds: At huron we fish the top 5 ft. of water over the shoreline


[20:53:25] Chrmn o the Bds: They are still there.

[20:53:51] Chrmn o the Bds: Yes soon at the website.

[20:54:06] DTALE(OH): I have to put flags on the boards, you gave me in the NAWA a

couple years ago

[20:54:10] Turkey: Bruce I hope to see you at the Lake Erie spring opener ..will you be


[20:54:24] Chrmn o the Bds: I will have more info on the huron event later on my site.

[20:54:58] ebijack (mi): bruce is putting up some money for the big fish at the huron


[20:55:19] DTALE(OH): Are you going to fish the NAWA this year?

[20:56:34] Chrmn o the Bds: Yes I am, $250 for the first 12#, 250 first 13# and 500 for

a 14# and I expect to sign all those checks and give them to someone.

[20:56:58] golden1 ( co ): Thanks Bruce, we appreciate it!

[20:57:12] ebijack (mi): we SURE do bruce

[20:57:16] oldben: what is a starting crank bait for eire in the spring

[20:57:36] Reelmn(In): thanks bruce, i hope to be there

[20:58:04] Just Look"N--MI: Im in but I will have to use small boat instead of 24 ft

[20:58:41] Chrmn o the Bds: Jr. thundersticks Husky jerks and rattling rouges. Mostly

metalic colors with black and silver and rainbow trout my favorite.

[20:59:24] Chrmn o the Bds: Also ripsticks in their clown pattern

[20:59:56] Chrmn o the Bds: Don't leave the 24 home unless you have to.

[21:00:17] CAPT. SPANKY: bruce:whats a good spring erie spot for boards at night?

[21:00:18] DTALE(OH): Bruce, we had some luck running rattling rouges and Raps off

the dipsys.

[21:00:18] Just Look"N--MI: Will it work there.??

[21:00:31] Chrmn o the Bds: I am playing with an underwater camera.

[21:00:47] Reelmn(In): can those of us without a large boat get paired up with


[21:01:04] Wld Wil: Is that the camera Lindner was playing with on TNN?

[21:01:26] rubber man: bruce sounds like the tattle flag will tell you when the fish bites

your bait.

[21:01:36] Chrmn o the Bds: Absolutely, I will have the Pro-line 23' and there will be

guys wishing they hade a bigger boat. This is going to be an open water trolling bite.

[21:01:45] oldben: I'm a pro photog for 33 years any questions

[21:02:37] Chrmn o the Bds: In Nov. the 18-20 will be fine, I thought you were talking

about PWT in May.

[21:02:55] Chrmn o the Bds: We fished last Nov in the 19 Champion.

[21:03:31] oldben: thanks for being with us

[21:03:33] Chrmn o the Bds: Not the same brand but the same technology, I am

working on the rights to market them through Off Shore.

[21:03:36] Just Look"N--MI: I mean the Nov fish bruce

[21:04:16] Chrmn o the Bds: Bring warm clothes and hot coffee and rig some type of

flood lights.

[21:04:54] Chrmn o the Bds: I will have a lot more on Nov at Huron later, a full sheet of

what where when and how.

[21:05:02] Just Look"N--MI: Im set up for night fishing now on the 24ft

[21:05:25] Chrmn o the Bds: Then you will be one of the most comfortabl gusy there.

[21:05:49] Chrmn o the Bds: cuse my spelling, my fingers are getting sore

[21:06:00] Just Look"N--MI: I should have some room for sombody

[21:06:06] blane (wa): your doing great bruce

[21:06:10] ebijack (mi): your doing fine bruce

[21:06:38] golden1 ( co ): yes bruce, lots of great info coming out here. We certainly

appreciate it

[21:07:13] Chrmn o the Bds: You won't have to bring a boat, we are planning on

having several of the pro staff there and media.

[21:07:44] CAPT. SPANKY: what dates are you discussing for the huron outing?

[21:08:00] *** Pat Wi has left Walleye Central

[21:08:01] Chrmn o the Bds: More new toys, I got my first look at the new Penn Digital

line counter and I may have some Daiwa' s for sale.

[21:08:06] ebijack (mi): 3rd thru the 7th

[21:08:41] DTALE(OH): Bruce, what do you like about Penn?

[21:09:48] Chrmn o the Bds: They will read 1ft. from start to finish, have a back reel

lever and the counter reset will be hard to bump by accident.

[21:09:56] blane (wa): does penn make a left hand retrieve line counter?

[21:10:13] DTALE(OH): Penn, has 3-4 models. Which one do like the best?

[21:10:20] CAPT. SPANKY: does the penn have a faster retreive than the Daiwa27 or

47 LC's

[21:10:31] Chrmn o the Bds: No. They do have three sizes and the walleye size is only

12 oz.

[21:10:49] Reelmn(In): how about cost on the penn

[21:11:06] Chrmn o the Bds: Hi Jim I just spent a few days at Niagara

[21:11:16] DTALE(OH): You should get some rep money for this info.

[21:11:25] Chrmn o the Bds: They cost about 125 to 140

[21:11:39] Jim (Canada): Hi Chrmn... you should have dropped me a line... I'm in


[21:11:50] Chrmn o the Bds: No rep money, I just like to pass on new discoveries.

[21:12:01] Chrmn o the Bds: Glad you have power.

[21:12:19] DTALE(OH): Is the size of Penn like the 27Lc or the 47LC?

[21:12:49] Chrmn o the Bds: It is a little smaller than the 27 to larger than the 47

[21:15:13] oldben: Bruce what do you think the best water in north america is for trophy


[21:17:12] Chrmn o the Bds: Hard to beat Erie for 9-12# but I think you would have to

go to Tobin in the fall and jig up a 15+

[21:18:25] kg: Sask. fish hard to beat

[21:18:58] Chrmn o the Bds: also hard to catch

[21:19:13] oldben: on a fly rod

[21:19:16] Jim (Canada): Do you get to Canada often Bruce?

[21:19:17] kg: for some people

[21:19:21] Chrmn o the Bds: No I did not get to toronto.

[21:19:52] CAPT. SPANKY: Bruce little bay semms tough over 30"+?

[21:20:17] Chrmn o the Bds: Now that I fish the PWT, your life evolves around the next

tournament so I don't even get to fish my home waters much any more.

[21:20:43] Jim (Canada): What are your home waters... sorry... I came late to the chat...

[21:21:20] Chrmn o the Bds: A lot of those large fish have been kept from there and I

don't think they get replaced as fast as Erie's

[21:22:04] Chrmn o the Bds: Port Austin Mi. Between Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron,

Walleye on the left, Salmon on the right.

[21:22:24] CAPT. SPANKY: Bruce,what month would you target erie for openwater big


[21:24:02] Nels: Bruce we are going to miss you at our tournaments this year!!

[21:24:09] Chrmn o the Bds: May out of Port clinton and Late july, early august for

Cleveland east.

[21:24:43] kg: Bruce, you've fished Tobin?..lake or in river?

[21:24:54] Chrmn o the Bds: I will miss them also but Nick and I are going to try to do

good at Detroit this year.

[21:25:21] Chrmn o the Bds: Haven't fished tobin, my pro-staff has told me some good


[21:25:24] Just Look"N--MI: Good Luck Bruce

[21:26:31] Chrmn o the Bds: anybody know anything about Leech Lake?

[21:26:56] Reelmn(In): gofish should

[21:27:10] Reelmn(In): he guides there

[21:28:24] walleyezone(mn): Bruce, there is alot of water, Made up of several large

bays, almost like individual lakes

[21:29:48] walleyezone(mn): Walker bay is really deep with sunken islands, and the

other bays average 18-25 ft

[21:30:18] walleyezone(mn): Should be a good bite during PWT time

[21:30:24] Chrmn o the Bds: I fished there last year but only learned sucker and north

bay and ottertail

[21:33:08] Chrmn o the Bds: There are 70 amateurs signed up for all 4 of the pwt

events, nice field.

[21:33:35] Jim (Canada): Do you have favorite jig?

[21:33:38] bob (oh): bruce, i lost connection earlier, did you mention blade sizes and

colors you like for erie

[21:34:20] Chrmn o the Bds: Bait rigs Odd Ball and the Northland Rattle jig.

[21:34:55] Chrmn o the Bds: Silver 5&6 are first then gold copper and chart.

[21:35:19] Jim (Canada): Color of the Odd Balls? (notice the American spelling I'm using

tonight... ;-)

[21:36:06] Chrmn o the Bds: Chart/orange and chart/green combos eh!

[21:36:34] CAPT. SPANKY: bruce snap weight verses bottom bouncer preference for

crawlwers near bottom?

[21:36:41] HPS: bruce lets get back to the leeche stuff i was just getting ready to take

some notes

[21:36:41] Jim (Canada): Beauty,,,, with live bait only or will you use the plastics on

them as well?

21:37:41] LS1(nd): Bruce, where's a good place to stay at in prot clinton during the

pwt tourney?

[21:38:02] Chrmn o the Bds: Prefer snap weights in clear water without lots of snags

such as erie and the shoreline of Leech. Bottom bouncers in shallow water for there

speed and depth control.

[21:38:35] Chrmn o the Bds: Plastic in dirty water bait only in clear.

[21:40:13] bob (oh): camp perry has pretty cheap lodging near Port Clinton

[21:40:18] Jim (Canada): I had some good success this past year with the chartruese

odd ball and the chartruese berkely power grub... anybody else?

[21:40:23] Chrmn o the Bds: Captains Quarters and you might call 419-734-7147 and

ask them about their 6 man kitchenetts. Get someplace soon, the first week of May is

the best there is at Pt Clinton

[21:40:44] Quantum: Bruce. Do you ever downrig for walleyes if so do you have any

tricks of the trade?

[21:41:01] CAPT. SPANKY: bruce painting snap wieghts any +'s or -'s as you see it?

[21:41:40] Chrmn o the Bds: I have some serious Downrigger tricks for walleye and

they will be used this year, especially if the water gets rough.

[21:42:18] Chrmn o the Bds: Don't be afraid of keeping the cranks close to the balls on

the rigger, the fish are not as shy as you think.

[21:43:00] Quantum: i suppose that gives you better releases from the ball too hey

[21:43:03] Just Look"N--MI: Have you tryed the Manns -1 on downrigger?

[21:43:09] Chrmn o the Bds: changing colors lets a blind guy like me know which

weight is which. that is the only reason for colors on snap weights.

[21:44:28] CAPT. SPANKY: bruce,same reason i do it.i say orange moron instead of

1oz ect...,darn greenhorns you know!

[21:44:57] Chrmn o the Bds: yea, sometimes a walleye will actually pull off the release.

(trick--- add an 18" leader to the release and don't put much bend in the rod) you can

see the rod tip move as an indicator.

[21:45:37] Reelmn(In): spanky, is that moron or maron

[21:46:41] CAPT. SPANKY: thats moron as in idiot i have in boat on occcasion.

[21:46:53] Just Look"N--MI: I use the mini dipsy snubbers on the release,they stretch if

you are dragging one

[21:47:22] Quantum: what the best kinds of releases?

[21:47:42] Reelmn(In): offshore what else

[21:47:52] CAPT. SPANKY: i find a soft rubber band off the release works great as a

tattle tale for downriggers.

[21:48:00] Quantum: ha ha I don't know what I was thinking

[21:48:22] Chrmn o the Bds: Off Shore OR4 light tension for cannonballs

[21:48:31] Just Look"N--MI: You must have meant what number

[21:49:26] Chrmn o the Bds: Yep, Rubberbands work but I got one in a bilge pump on

a bad weather day so i don't allow them on the boat, funny about almost sinking.

[21:51:06] Sheila: Bruce, no wire cutting on the hands this year - OK?

[21:52:23] Chrmn o the Bds: I hope not, it takes a long time to heal a wire cut. I wish

the wind would not have been so stronge at Dubuque, we had it won on wire.

[21:52:56] Quantum: what about boat speed when rigging. does a stop and start

method work for walleyes as it does for lakers?

[21:53:34] Chrmn o the Bds: No secrets, Harry will be out buying downriggers!!! Yes.

[21:54:40] CAPT. SPANKY: Bruce do you use roller guides for wire tip or all? 7 strand

or solid?


[21:55:29] Chrmn o the Bds: no, I use a product called Twilli-Tip that is 10 times more


[21:55:38] CAPT. SPANKY: hps Stop yelling .turn off your caps chat room police!

[21:56:13] CAPT. SPANKY: bruce source for twilli tip?

[21:56:52] Chrmn o the Bds: Me

[21:57:46] bob (oh): bruce, you do fish weight forwards or weight forwards with blades?

(i think they call them flippin blades now ;-)

[21:59:32] Chrmn o the Bds: Mostly blades and snap weights, I don't like weight next to

my bait, I think it causes short strikes.

[22:01:36] Chrmn o the Bds: If I leave now maybe I can see the last of the hockey

game how about it?

Everyone thanks you for your time Bruce. !


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