Busy B Ice Chat

[20:02:01] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our host tonight BUSY B !!!!

[20:02:07] busy: Lost the connection for a while, Hello room and all,

[20:02:40] KARP (PA): hi bb

[20:02:45] Woody: hi busy!!

[20:02:50] busy: The subject is ice fishing get together, however i

will answer any and all that i can on any related subjects

[20:02:55] RoyG(PA): welcome back busy

[20:02:56] Indy: Hi again Busy :-)

[20:03:05] Woody: when is the get together busy?

[20:03:20] busy: The fishing trip is for next Friday at Put in Bay

[20:03:32] ebijack (mi): busy, why don't you start with your plans for thd ice get together

[20:03:37] Magic Marker: When's ice and snow gonna melt :-)

[20:03:41] busy: We fly over from Port Clinton

[20:04:19] busy: When the water temperature gets above 32 lakewide

[20:04:28] ebijack (mi): how many per flight busy

[20:04:53] busy: They take 4-5 people and shuttle over, they usually run 3-5 planes

[20:05:00] Swat 1(oh): Hi Busy

[20:05:07] Juls (WI): hi busy

[20:05:14] busy: Evening everyone

[20:05:22] ebijack (mi): do you have to schedule in advance?

[20:05:42] busy: no but you need to schedule the guide and

lodging if you wish in advance

[20:06:00] busy: The guide supplies transportation from airport to shanties

[20:06:03] ebijack (mi): what kind of lodging busy

[20:06:09] busy: He provides shanties with heat and bait

[20:06:18] busy: You need to supply equipment and lures

[20:06:27] busy: he does have a grill on the ice for cooking

[20:06:36] Indy: Busy, what type of accommodations are available

on P.I.B. this time of year? We always stay over for a week in June

[20:06:53] busy: They have bread and breakfast outfits on island if

you wish to go nite ahead or stay over

[20:07:17] busy: I stay at Gails, really nice and food is great 7

course breakfast, 45 per nite

[20:07:27] Magic Marker: going over thurs to fish fri or fri to fish sat?

[20:07:34] busy: The skyway restaurant and bar is open next door also

[20:07:54] busy: I am going over thurs after and fishing friday and maybe sat

[20:08:30] busy: The guide also has a large air boat that can travel

over ice and water and uses that to move to far outpost if fish are

slow at main camp

[20:08:38] Indy: Is Pat Chrysler doing the guiding then Busy?

[20:08:41] Magic Marker: what are the hours for fishing fri?

[20:08:47] busy: Yes i have set it up with pat

[20:08:54] busy: he does a good job for groups

[20:09:03] busy: hes very safe and knows the program

[20:09:14] ww: hey busy is there a lot of ice?

[20:09:22] ebijack (mi): how many have registered with you so far busy

[20:09:33] busy: Ice fishing is a lot of fun and very relaxing, it is

really great out there on the ice off shore like that

[20:09:41] busy: ice is about 10 inchs now

[20:09:51] busy: they have been catching fish for a couple days now

[20:09:59] Dave (Pa.): For those of us who can't make this trip. Is

there a number or www for Pat?

[20:09:59] Indy: What area of the lake would be fished you think

Busy......west towards Rattlesnake?

[20:10:01] ww: perch?

[20:10:25] busy: i have about 10 so far, mostly people I know, no

one from WC has confirmed yet, had a few but they canceled

[20:10:34] pelee(oh): busy are details also posted on WC general Posting board?

[20:10:42] busy: That is usually area, just off ship and then to

greenor rattlesnake

[20:10:58] busy: No you need to e mail me and i will send all details

[20:11:05] busy: cost is 75.oo for guide

[20:11:10] pelee(oh): k t/y

[20:11:24] busy: app 38 for round trip air fare, depending on

sandusky or port clinton departures

[20:11:30] Swat 1(oh): What types of baits would you suggest busy?

[20:11:49] busy: If you fly over in morning it is best to call airline and

arrive early and sign up for first flight

[20:11:50] Juls (WI): sorry to be so uninformed: what is the email for details?

[20:12:09] busy: i use swedish pimples and jigging spoons,

[20:12:15] busy: usually put on several minnows

[20:12:26] busy: busybric@aol.com

[20:13:03] Juls (WI): thanks

[20:13:15] ww: hey busy do yu ever fish around cleveland?

[20:13:20] busy: Later in year, maybe week or two we fish off

mainland, but it is too dangerous now

[20:13:44] busy: Never go out on lake erie without someone who

is very experienced with ice and never NEVER venture out alone

[20:14:00] busy: there are a lot of pressure cracks and other areas

[20:14:16] busy: i have seen iced melt 6 inches in two hours off mouse island

[20:14:51] busy: Also never fish off mainland with strong S or SW

winds, it can break off ice as thick as 18 inches in a few hours

[20:14:55] Swat 1(oh): Sounds dangerous to me

[20:15:12] busy: the island area locks in the ice between the

islands and is usually the safest place for fishing

[20:15:30] Swat 1(oh): That is good to know thanks

[20:15:36] busy: excuse spelling , i am typing fairly fast to give as

much info as possible

[20:16:05] Juls (WI): nevermind...your good

[20:16:06] R Hill(mi): Ric how far out do you go to ice fish

[20:16:10] Indy: Busy, I've never had experience ice fishing (other

than farm ponds) does Pat provide gear and tacke\le? Or you

provide your own type of thing?

[20:16:15] ww: hey busy, u sound real busy, talk to u when your in my back yard ok?

[20:16:43] busy: i often take as many as 20-30 of my friends to

these early season tirps over to bay, we have a lot of fun

[20:16:49] Juls (WI): lol

[20:18:15] R Hill(mi): Ric how far out do you go

[20:18:20] cadabra22: live close by but never tried it

[20:18:27] busy: off island usually 1-2 miles

[20:18:33] busy: off mainland as far as 8 miles

[20:18:48] ebijack (mi): busy, where are you planning on meeting, at a marina?

[20:19:35] busy: I am settng that up with the individuals, Willmeet

some at airport, others are to go to airport and they will be

transported to shanties by guide

[20:19:45] cadabra22: is the action hot on erie under the ice ?

[20:20:36] cadabra22: are you talking about oh. or pa

[20:21:01] busy: can be good can be slow, depends on conditions,

usually more iffy than summer fishing, but if you like it , it can't be beat

[20:21:07] busy: Island west end

[20:21:18] busy: Don't know of any off shore LE in PA

[20:21:46] cadabra22: ever fished kinzua reservoir, busy ?

[20:22:03] ebijack (mi): busy, what kind of size for walleye can we expect or hope for

[20:22:08] busy: I can also talk about other types of LE fishing, or

Pelee will correct me when i am wrong

[20:23:41] ebijack (mi): busy, do we bring back fish in our own coolers?

[20:23:42] busy: I fish mostly west end and central basin to fairport

[20:24:02] busy: Just bring buckets, don't need any coolers, think light small planes

[20:24:18] busy: you know it is small when the pilot asks how much you weigh

[20:24:22] cadabra22: ok roy ever fished kinzua

[20:24:24] R Hill(mi): Do you land these planes on the ice

[20:24:39] busy: hope not, if he does, we are in some kind of trouble

[20:24:45] busy: lands on south bass island

[20:25:04] Indy: Too bad they can't run the ole Ford Tri-Motor again, huh :-)

[20:25:24] busy: it is history, i flew over as a kid on the old tri motors

[20:26:44] ebijack (mi): what kind of temps are you expecting busy

[20:26:50] busy: Magic is putting an airport on his private lake or

sea planes can land

[20:26:51] Indy: Busy, does Pat provide the gear or bring own?

[20:27:13] busy: most bring your own, he has some rods, but you

are to supply own lures

[20:27:32] busy: Just need a short pole, and either a small spinning or casting reel

[20:27:41] Indy: What type of gear does he use for ice fishing?

[20:27:46] Magic Marker: at least when i get cold, house only 100 yrds away :-)

[20:27:49] ebijack (mi): what lb test line busy

[20:27:53] Indy: Read my mind :-)

[20:27:54] cadabra22: do you fish live bait there busy ?

[20:28:04] Indy: Short novel, huh

[20:28:22] busy: light , i use either fire line or spider line in 4 pd diameter,

[20:29:19] busy: swedish pimples, or jigging rapalas

[20:29:31] Indy: Busy, do they use the salted minnows for this

[20:29:43] busy: the rapala is very good but you loose a lot of fish,

I feel they produce the most strikes though

[20:29:47] busy: no live

[20:29:56] Indy: thought so

[20:30:15] Magic Marker: Have you perfected the ice-troll yet, Busy?

[20:30:26] busy: we use a gaff hook on pole for pulling these large

fish through ice

[20:30:38] jm: have you been catching any fish jigger

[20:30:43] busy: yes when i find a crack, hard to set up a wide

spread program though

[20:31:09] busy: Never problem finding ice for evening slurpies though

[20:31:19] Juls (WI): lol

[20:31:37] ebijack (mi): busy makes some great slurpies

[20:31:44] busy: adult slurpies to be correct in Caribbean flavors

[20:31:48] Juls (WI): sign me up! lol

[20:32:15] busy: We do keep a blender and lot of ice on boat in summer

[20:32:24] ebijack (mi): how big are most of the shanties busy

[20:32:47] cadabra22: busy, have won lots of tourneys /

[20:32:48] Swat 1(oh): Both last nite and tonight are great

[20:32:48] busy: usually two man ,he has some 6 man shanties

[20:34:21] busy: For point of info, some really great ice out fishing will

be found this year just after ice leaves till mid to late march

[20:34:44] Juls (WI): good to know

[20:35:27] Juls (WI): what color or pattern jigging rapala busy?

[20:35:30] busy: Yes the shanties are set up and heated and bait in

them, holes are drilled and cleaned. He moves shanties at nite if

needed. If slow he usually moves you through day with sleds and

airboats , then bucket fishes if we have to stay on fish, he works hard

[20:36:06] busy: i like the blue chrome patterns and the fire tigers

[20:36:27] busy: some ties gold and orange is good, usually depends on water clarity

[20:36:37] Magic Marker: do you use fish-finder on ice?

[20:36:48] busy: yes they are good

[20:36:49] Juls (WI): will try some of those around here ...thanks

[20:37:09] Indy: Well fishermen/women I gotta head outta here for

tonight> Thanks for the chat Busy

[20:37:14] busy: you can see the fish approach bait and work it till

he hopefully takes the bait, we often see the fish hit the lure,

[20:37:28] busy: you can see the lure move off the bottom as little as two inches

[20:37:50] jm: have you been out fishing that way

[20:37:55] ebijack (mi): busy, does a portable flasher help at all?

[20:38:03] Magic Marker: which finder do you like the best on ice?

[20:38:14] busy: yes i like to use one, they are the best or a vexlar

[20:38:40] busy: the three color vexlar is probably best, the lcd

don't work that well in cold, all flashers are good

[20:40:44] ebijack (mi): so fishing rod, lures, flasher, power for

same, food and drink, is that it?

[20:42:00] busy: camera to take picture of people making fools out

of themselves, just normal things

[20:42:05] ebijack (mi): how far in advance will it be cancelled because of weather busy

[20:42:54] busy: usually that morning, if planes don't fly he calls it off, otherwise it will be ok

for quite a while now, the ice will be fine off island till at leat mid feb this year

[20:43:12] busy: Yes i will take digital camera

[20:43:34] Swat 1(oh): Will this warming trend in the weather

forecast hurt anything do you think Ric?

[20:43:38] busy: no would be interesting for ice fishing, i have used them in summer

[20:44:00] busy: no not in island areas, mainland ice may break off with strong winds

[20:44:13] Juls (WI): keep digital camera warm!

[20:44:13] busy: planes fly unless there is fog or freezing rain

[20:44:15] Swat 1(oh): Thanks

[20:44:25] Magic Marker: bout only time it wouldn't be bouncing around

[20:45:45] cadabra22: busy what is the biggest eye u caught there ?

[20:45:52] ebijack (mi): you can view some of the photos from the

last get togther off of walleycentral

[20:45:52] busy: through ice

[20:46:04] cadabra22: yes

[20:46:14] busy: biggest through ice is just over 13 pds

[20:46:24] R Hill(mi): Nice fish

[20:46:29] busy: lot of 10-11 pd fish

[20:46:35] cadabra22: nice

[20:46:58] Magic Marker: are these the fish from huron last month?

[20:47:14] busy: average could be anywhere from 3 pds to 5-6

pounds on any given day, they aren't always hogs

[20:47:22] cadabra22: wow, that is great do you do this every year ?

[20:47:34] ebijack (mi): you left some there marker? :)

[20:49:58] cadabra22: busy do you run out of there every year ?

[20:50:21] cadabra22: bass island

[20:51:16] busy: no i am not guiding this trip , i had to give up ice

guiding, for health reasons, too hard on me, still run boat charters

from Catawba to Lorain huron, fairport , etc, move my boat with

[20:51:50] cadabra22: busy do have an ad on the net ?

[20:52:18] busy: I have a site here on WC but can't tell you how to get there,

[20:52:20] pelee(oh): busy only guide I know that brown noses WALLEYE, and never lets up.

[20:52:53] cadabra22: very interested in the charter

[20:53:11] busy: i can e mail you site with pictures,

[20:55:45] Swat 1(oh): Thanks Busy GREAT as usual

[20:56:00] cadabra22: do you fish tourneys ?

[20:56:04] busy: be nice magic

[20:56:09] Magic Marker: thanks Ric

[20:56:10] ebijack (mi): THANKS BUSY !!!!!

[20:56:41] busy: Thanks to all for your KIND attention, except for a few certain persons

[20:56:50] ebijack (mi): :)



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