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[19:58:36] ebijack (mi): Please welcome, RIC>>>BUSY "B"

[19:58:51] ebijack (mi): welcome tonight ric

[19:58:54] walleye42: ebjack i fish out of Barcelona NY

[19:58:56] Drift'r: Hi Ric

[19:58:56] busy (oh): Just ask away and i will answere all

[19:59:06] busy (oh): welcome to our end

[19:59:08] Hogboss: Hi Ric.

[19:59:09] ebijack (mi): ric, can you tell us a bit about how long you have chartered on


[19:59:39] busy (oh): I have fished the lake since 1954 as a kid, and fished mostly

constant except for a few years in early 60's since

[19:59:52] busy (oh): started chartering in 1969

[20:00:00] busy (oh): seen a lot of changes on lake

[20:00:24] busy (oh): right now i am docked in Lorain, but fish from the western basin to


[20:00:26] ebijack (mi): ric, did you start chartering in a small boat or did you with a big

boat to start

[20:00:49] busy (oh): I started with a 26 ft John Almond, I now have a 34 foot California

[20:01:11] busy (oh): I fish out of a small boat quite often, especially for night trips

[20:01:18] ebijack (mi): did it take you long to build up the clients that you have

[20:01:34] Hogboss: Busy if you had to nail down one time of the year to fish erie what

time would that be.

[20:01:48] busy (oh): Lot of years,, I am very fortunate, I have a large client base and

often refer as many trips as I take out

[20:02:04] busy (oh): I like to fish anytimne the fish are hunrgy,

[20:02:21] Hogboss: spring, summer or fall.

[20:02:32] busy (oh): Actualyy if you want large fish, the late October - November is

prime time for trophy fish

[20:02:37] Hogboss: day or night.

[20:02:49] busy (oh): excuse spelling. left hand is numb, can't feel keys too well

[20:02:55] busy (oh): night for sure

[20:03:05] ebijack (mi): ric, do you have gps cordanates that you use as a regular spot

to fish or do you have to travel alot

[20:03:12] Hogboss: me to for great lake's fish.

[20:03:13] busy (oh): We do alot of hogs in daytime in late May in Lorain

[20:03:44] busy (oh): The weather is your biggest enemy to catch fish, they eat all time,

but conditions are not always right for you

[20:04:32] busy (oh): I travel alot, in central areas, we fish where the bait is for the most

part, if you figure out the bait fish, you will find active walleye

[20:04:45] busy (oh): hi dave

[20:04:49] Hogboss: Busy how rough is to rough for you to go out on a charter.

[20:05:21] busy (oh): It depends on my group, some groups i limit 4 foot, others i

comfortable much rougher

[20:05:36] ebijack (mi): busy, do you take your bigger fish on cranks or spinners or

weight forward spinners

[20:05:45] busy (oh): I absolutely don't want anyone hurt or uncomfortable., there is

always another day

[20:06:13] busy (oh): Cranks for the most part, early in year spinners seem to take large

inactivve fish

[20:07:10] ebijack (mi): over all the years busy, what do most of your guests prefer to

fish with

[20:07:11] busy (oh): Right now the best school of walleye is located between Chigrin

and fairport in 65 foot of water

[20:07:39] Hogboss: Busy when do you stop chartering for the year and do you guide

at night at all during the fall

[20:07:52] busy (oh): My client have changed with lake conditions, Used to be mainly a

drift program, and slowly changed to mostly trolling

[20:08:03] Drift'r: How do you compare the walleye population of today as to when you

started chartering?

[20:08:22] busy (oh): I charted whenever the ice is off. I start the year in Sandusky and

end the year in sandusky

[20:08:41] busy (oh): I run night trips from mid October to December\

[20:08:57] Hogboss: big boat or smaller.

[20:09:16] busy (oh): It is much better than when I started, I have seen it better, but

right now we really have a large audience out there

[20:09:30] busy (oh): How that hog

[20:10:03] Hogboss: night5 trip's from the big boat or do you have a smaller boat.

[20:10:20] busy (oh): I run my big boat at night often , but sometimes for shallow fishin I

run my seanymph

[20:10:37] Hogboss: gotcha ya.

[20:10:48] ebijack (mi): busy, do you book more day trips than night trips

[20:11:08] busy (oh): If its not too rough I can get my boat in shallow, I won't fish an

area at night if I don't know the water well

[20:11:26] busy (oh): About 10 to one on day verse night trips for charter

[20:11:42] busy (oh): I run about 120 trips a year

[20:11:48] ebijack (mi): busy, over the years, have you found the walleye to return to

the same areas

[20:12:05] busy (oh): absolutley especially different spawn runs

[20:12:26] busy (oh): however you have to remember the fish have to have temp,

oxygen and feed

[20:12:40] Hogboss: busy what do you get for trip's on smaller boat in fall and how

many guy's on that one.

[20:12:43] busy (oh): we have a good idea of where to go

[20:13:11] walleye42: do you run jet planners with your worm harness

[20:13:42] busy (oh): later in year, i would guess it will be about 2-3 weeks before the

gummies( worm harness) take off well for trolling

[20:14:03] big man mi: busy,does the full moon really affect night fishing

[20:14:08] busy (oh): right now the fish are about 2-3 weeks ahead of normal behavior

[20:14:21] busy (oh): I havge never figured that out about the moon,

[20:14:46] busy (oh): one thing I know, for night fishing, especially from shore, I like a

stong Ne or east wind

[20:15:21] busy (oh): the nastier it gets, the better the fish seem to be from piers, of

course the boat fishin is out in cold rough weather

[20:15:44] busy (oh): I have had serious ice form on small boats in cold weather, very


[20:15:47] ebijack (mi): busy, you do pretty good from shore? at night

[20:16:07] busy (oh): Avoid going out in any boat in below freezing weather when you

have any wind at all

[20:16:36] busy (oh): I would say given the opportunity to fish a good spot , you are

better off on shore than a boat

[20:17:37] busy (oh): I have seen it more than once the guys from shore catch fish, and

in a boat you can't

[20:17:52] busy (oh): This is the area I'm referring to

[20:18:01] big man mi: busy, what color lure is your favorite for night fishing on erie

[20:18:31] busy (oh): In huron, get there early and tie up, if conditions allow to the wall

on the west drums, and cast into lake, you will do better

[20:18:50] busy (oh): At night I like either blue/silver or fire tiger

[20:19:40] big man mi: do you use weight forward spinners a lot

[20:20:38] busy (oh): Not too often anymore, however they do work on occasion, that

was a good lure before we had the Zebra mussels

[20:21:51] busy (oh): That will catch a lot of fish, it is important to find right depth, and

leader length that is working and then duplicate it

[20:22:12] big man mi: how about spinner rigs

[20:22:15] ebijack (mi): busy, you think the clear water stopped the spinners from being

so effective

[20:22:22] busy (oh): It is a real art to fish with bottom rigs on charter boat and handle

large quanities of fish

[20:22:58] busy (oh): Spinner rigs are a finesse type of fishing which is not possible with

the big boats, I give my compliments to good spinner fisherman

[20:23:49] busy (oh): With all the years chartering, I have never got that good at

spinner rigs

[20:24:23] walleye42: what kind of speed do you run with harness and what kind of

worm harness do you like the best?

[20:24:46] busy (oh): The spinners are not as good in the clear water, however early in

year clear water don't hold fish, so they work very well for large fish in stained water

20:25:21] busy (oh): I use a harness that works with many speeds, like a small blade,

because we seldom run oly harness

[20:25:43] busy (oh): I run usually 16 rods, and it takes a dedicated program to do that

[20:26:26] big man mi: has fishing been better this year than last?

[20:26:28] busy (oh): In spring, the stained water is warmer than clear in LE and that

usually holds active fish

[20:26:53] busy (oh): this year is tougher that last year, I believe the weather is the


[20:27:11] busy (oh): After stable weather, the fishing has been awsum

[20:28:04] ebijack (mi): busy, do you find that it takes 3 days to turn the fish on

[20:28:09] busy (oh): If you adapt to the fish, the fishing has been good

[20:29:02] busy (oh): Most times after a strong change in weather ( especially in colder

times) it takes as much as a week to get right again, and when do we get a week of

stable weather anymore

[20:29:11] big man mi: lets blame it on EL NINO for the bad days

[20:29:42] busy (oh): With the deep cold water to the east and warmer water to west in

spring, all it takes is a slight water change and everything changes on you

[20:30:19] busy (oh): Ask the touring pro how the bite changes on this lake overnight

[20:30:35] busy (oh): I do some smallmouth trips ( catch and release)

[20:30:47] busy (oh): You can fish an area out with smallmouth in a few days

[20:31:12] busy (oh): those fish don't travel like walleye and you can hurt an area very


[20:31:51] bob (oh): too much wind today??

[20:32:04] busy (oh): today was ok, fish were good

[20:32:47] bob (oh): busy, if you were only allowed to have one bait on erie, what

would you choose

[20:32:58] busy (oh): Worm and a hook

[20:33:00] ebijack (mi): busy, do you check with your charter buddy's before taking out

a group

[20:33:09] walleye42: What kind of surface temp did you have today out there

[20:33:21] busy (oh): They are my best fish finder, I like my friends, it is a big lake

[20:33:32] busy (oh): surface temp was 65.6

[20:33:33] big man mi: do you ever have too run to mich water to find fish

[20:34:28] busy (oh): right now in western end that is where active fish are

[20:34:42] busy (oh): some of the Port clinton charters are running there

[20:35:04] busy (oh): I'm in lorain now and don't travel that way

[20:35:17] Magic Marker OH: how far are you running to fish now?

[20:35:39] busy (oh): I start in sandusky, move west to catawba, then east to lorain,

then to fairport and then move back east ot huron and sandusky as fish move

[20:35:50] busy (oh): in lorain the fish are 6 mile out

[20:36:10] busy (oh): i try to stay as close to quality fish as i can

[20:36:23] busy (oh): back west to huron

[20:36:37] big man mi: with all the charter boats available, do you have charters every

day? Is there enough customers to do that?

[20:37:11] busy (oh): i could run every day, but i am lucky to have a good base,

charters don't come easy, you have to earn them

[20:37:21] busy (oh): anybody can be a taxi driver,

[20:37:37] busy (oh): you have to be a "tour guide" and like and enjoy people

[20:37:46] busy (oh): I like the people more than the fishing

[20:38:34] ebijack (mi): busy is a great guy, i had the chance to meet him and go out

on his BIG boat

[20:39:17] Old busy(oh): sorry AOl kicked me off

[20:39:21] Magic Marker OH: how far by boat from mazuric ramp to where your


[20:39:34] Old busy(oh): take rt 2 its, closer

[20:39:36] bob (oh): isn't AOL great

[20:39:42] Old busy(oh): it is 28 miles by water

[20:40:04] big man mi: It sounds like the same as salmon charters in mich. Reputation

and personality are the winners

[20:40:04] Old busy(oh): If you can trailer ( and that can be a big advantage)

[20:40:31] Magic Marker OH: just thinking :-)

[20:40:58] bob (oh): only 30 more miles marker :)

[20:41:19] Old busy(oh): it is about 18 miles from shore though

[20:41:30] Magic Marker OH: can't come yet, but thinking bout it

[20:41:43] Old busy(oh): From fairport it is about 10 miles west NW

[20:42:14] Old busy(oh): In lorain we are doing well, but school of big fish have moved

east for now

[20:43:24] bob (oh): there was a big school of fair fish (18-23) north of west sister last

weekend - hope theyr're still there :)

[20:43:56] Old busy(oh): They are ther, but a lot of 12-14 inch fish mixed in from what I


[20:44:19] bob (oh): yeah, but they tended to be at 8 miles and better at 11 - 12 miles

[20:44:26] ebijack (mi): besides president bush, who else have you taken out busy

[20:44:35] Old busy(oh): I have a lot of friends from one end of lake to other and we are

in daily contact with each other to stay on fish and help each other out ( what a

phone bill)

[20:45:20] Old busy(oh): Ive had out the governor, several sport figures and a lot of

good normal people like all of us, my kind of people

[20:47:33] Old busy(oh): Please callme, e mail me or get me on radio anytime for help

on conditions, fish reports, weather anyting

[20:48:09] Old busy(oh): I usually on channel 79 on radio, just mention walleye central,

and i will answer

[20:48:10] ebijack (mi): THANKS!! busy, that can really make a trip

[20:48:13] walleye42: thanks busy

[20:48:27] bob (oh): busy, fred snyder said he believes zebras may help walleye spawn

and didn't seem concerned about them hurting walleye; is that your observation????

[20:48:42] Old busy(oh): I can often save yuou a bad trip or make a trip for you

[20:48:43] ebijack (mi): I'd like to thank BUSY B (ric) for hosting tonight,

[20:49:04] big man mi: thanks busy good fishing

[20:49:05] Magic Marker OH: got the walleye central fish -off all planned yet, Busy?

[20:49:18] Old busy(oh): I don't think they hurt the walleye. I believe they almost wiped

out the white perch population, boy that makes me sad

[20:49:27] bob (oh): :)

[20:49:35] Old busy(oh): Yes I will be posting the dates for you guys

[20:49:56] Old busy(oh): Nite guys, got to answere some phone calls

[20:49:59] bob (oh): I read on the message board where you like OPB

[20:50:08] Old busy(oh): My favorite and yours

[20:50:13] Magic Marker OH: thanks, Ric

[20:50:17] bob (oh): :-) take care, busy

[20:50:26] cb: Thanks Rick

[20:50:38] ebijack (mi): thanks again ric

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