Walleye Central

[20:07:11] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our special guest tonight

"BUSY B" a.k.a. ric !!!!!

[20:07:12] busy: full house tonight, what are we going to talk about

[20:07:17] Drift'r: hi ric

[20:07:20] Lundman(Wi): Yo Rick!!

[20:07:27] prairiepillow: hi Busy!!!

[20:07:28] ebijack (mi): your going to tell all about dipsey's :)

[20:07:46] busy: OK Dipseys it is

[20:08:23] Lundman(Wi): Ok, how do you know how deep they run

with a certain plug on them....?

[20:08:26] Nite Eyes: is the western basin deep enough for


[20:08:30] sundance: how do you properly tune in a dipsey


[20:08:52] busy: Slow down now, first you can fish dipseys in water

as shallow as 15 feet

[20:09:13] pikeman: Full house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[20:09:24] busy: The western end we use a combination of large,

small (0) and little ones, ( Big john and lure both

[20:09:54] busy: All dipseys run a little different, I always leave

them on the poles I use and have them Tuned

[20:10:03] Drift'r: why all three sizes

[20:10:40] prairiepillow: tuned?

[20:10:44] busy: Because of depths

[20:10:45] Lefty: tuned?

[20:11:06] busy: I generally start with a pattern of at least 8 large

dipseys and then add board rods if I need to

[20:11:28] busy: The dipseys are by far the easiest, most

productive and quickest way to catch fish

[20:11:41] sundance: how much lead do you give from the dipsey

to the bait?

[20:11:41] busy: You are much more maneuverable with dipseys

than boards

[20:11:52] Lundman(Wi): Why dispeys, and not snap weights...and

do the larger ones run deeper than the smaller ones..?

[20:12:36] pikeman: 30 people here!!!

[20:12:38] Lefty: BB... do you rely on the published depth charts for

your dipseys?

[20:12:41] busy: Because of the pattern spread, I donít run snap

weights on boards and on small dipseys but not on large ones, If

you get the large dipsey program down , you will catch more fish

then you need

[20:12:47] Griz: hi sheila, enjoyed your story on Huron

[20:12:53] busy: No don't rely on the depth charts

[20:13:13] Lefty: Tell us how you go about gauging depths of


[20:13:15] busy: each boat and each captain will have different

results on dipsey programs

[20:14:05] busy: It is a function on a lot of factors, such as the reel,

the amount of line that is on the reel to start with, the line diameter,

the speed, the rod position, and the amount of turns and the slow

down when you catch a fish

[20:14:39] Lundman(Wi): Ric, what would be suggested for

someone who has never fished them before, how do you start...??

[20:14:39] busy: Each reel is different,

[20:14:43] Lefty: Do you find an area to drag bottom ?

[20:14:50] busy: Just use the depth out as repeatability

[20:14:58] busy: Find what is working and duplicate

[20:15:00] Nite Eyes: what size line is best????

[20:15:16] busy: Use the chart to see the different settings for a

certain depth

[20:15:24] Bigfoot: the scale works great, Bruce is buying it so relay

the message

[20:15:27] busy: Say the number three is hitting at 125

[20:15:32] Lefty: ok...

[20:15:38] Just Look"N--MI: this is fast tonight

[20:15:43] Swat 1: Do you like the super lines for pulling divers ric

[20:15:46] cb(OH): rick, as a charter do you find dipsys easier that


[20:15:47] Magic Marker: do you run the big dipsys with or without

o-ring, if you do how do you keep it on and tight to dipsy?

[20:15:49] busy: Then look at chart for 3 and 125, then adjust your

number 2 and 1 and 4 according

[20:16:02] busy: I usually run rings, I sometimes glue them on

[20:16:33] busy: I don't like mono for dipseys, I always use the

braided lines such as Spider line or Ripcord

[20:16:38] Griz: good deal for both

[20:16:53] Lefty: What factors go into your lure selection on a given

day BB?

[20:16:59] Just Look"N--MI: Do you run the slide divers Ric?

[20:17:00] Eyeman (IN): what size ripcord Ric

[20:17:24] sundance: is that because of the stretch in mono lines?

[20:17:33] busy: Dipsey bite is the best, easy and quick to bring in,

sometimes boards outproduce and we use them, but I like a

dipsey bite especially in crowds

[20:17:55] busy: The stretch in mono makes it hard to use the

dipseys or see if something is on the line

[20:18:25] busy: I use a minumum of 25 pd class line for large

dipseys and 15 for board dipseys

[20:18:43] busy: We use a lot of small dipsey and the silver dollar

size on boards

[20:18:53] Lefty: what is your experience with the jet divers?

[20:19:07] Nite Eyes: how much line should you run from diver to


[20:19:24] busy: Jet divers are very effective, right foot, but they are

harder to bring in with small fish, clients have a hard time with them

[20:19:32] boatnut: how does a dipsey trip and also pull off the

release on the big boards ?

[20:20:11] cb(OH): do you run shallow plugs and spoons or deep


[20:20:12] busy: The small dipseys work ok off boards, but

youneed to use one or two rubber bands

[20:20:27] sundance: at what speed do recommend to run the


[20:20:30] busy: We sometimes use large dipseys on boards , but

you must use a roamer release for them

[20:20:35] boatnut: so it trips first THEN pulls out of the big board


[20:21:07] busy: Yes it will trip first, then you can tell action on

boards and then release if you have to

[20:21:46] busy: Just be watching board lines for anything different,

same thing goes for big dipseys

[20:22:04] busy: I like a light tip for my dipsey rods and look for any

slight change

[20:22:14] busy: If something looks different then check it

[20:22:29] blue eyes: ric how do you like running down riggers

[20:22:39] Swat 1: Everyone should know that Busy runs big

boards and this doesn't work except with diver disks off little in-line


[20:22:48] busy: Lately off Huron, the small dipseys back 80 to 100

on 0 and 2 settings has been very good

[20:23:09] busy: Down riggers make good rod holders

[20:23:31] Eyeman (IN): is there a good and bad way to reset the

lines . To keep them from getting tangled???

[20:23:43] busy: They are fine for you guys with limited rods out,

You can run long leads and they are very effective tools for

precise depth control,

[20:23:57] busy: But on big boats with a lot of lines out they are in

the way

[20:24:28] boatnut: what size leader do you normally use off big


[20:24:38] busy: Setting lines is the most important thing with


[20:24:55] busy: There are basic two ways to set them, Speed

setting or controlled drop

[20:25:06] boatnut: whats speed setting??

[20:25:08] busy: I run a 34 foot California Sport

[20:25:13] Magic Marker: any favorite color dipsy?

[20:25:49] busy: I like the metalic

[20:26:07] cb(OH): do you think the flash attracts?

[20:26:45] Nite Eyes: what is your favorite bait to run off dipseys

[20:27:00] sundance: the bionic minnow

[20:27:06] Eyeman (IN): when using different settings which one do

you put in first and so you put that rod foreward or to the rear ???

[20:27:22] busy: I like the stinger spoons, I also use shallow lipped

plugs and I have been using the bionic lures all summer

[20:27:57] busy: I run the largest setting to the front of boat

[20:28:02] Just Look"N--MI: Are you losing alot of tails on the Bionic


[20:28:03] boatnut: what test leader do you normally run, Ric?

[20:28:25] Lefty: What factors determine your lure selection Ric?.....

[20:28:31] busy: Sorry I got kicked off, lost yoiu for a while

[20:28:40] Magic Marker: have you noticed a difference in quality

of different dipsys, seems like some are made cheaper than

others, what do you look for before buying them?

[20:28:45] busy: back to setting lines this is very important

[20:29:21] busy: When setting a side always set the highest number

first and you can do this quickly with just setting on the clicker

[20:29:31] busy: Then follow down to the smallest setting,

[20:29:54] busy: It is important to keep some tension on line so the

dipsey doesn't wrap around itself

[20:30:13] boatnut: rick, can you explain "speed setting"????

[20:30:26] busy: Don't use your thumb as a drag, this will be uneven

and the line will jerk and tangle the dispey

[20:30:31] busy: Use the clicker

[20:30:45] busy: When setting a dipsey in the middle of a pattern It


[20:31:04] busy: Say you want to set a number 3 in the middle of a 1

2 4

[20:31:06] Just Look"N--MI: Do you use those magnetic

dipseys?or the slide dipseys?

[20:31:27] busy: There are two options. The easiest way is to set the

dipsey in the water clear of other lines,

[20:31:38] Perchn ( Pa ): Ric do you use the rings or not on


[20:32:06] busy: Then release the line with the drag so it goes out

mabey a couple of feet per 3 seconds or so and hold that rate till it

reaches the amount out

[20:32:20] busy: That way it will work its way into the pattern

[20:32:06] busy: Then release the line with the drag so it goes out

maybe a couple of feet per 3 seconds or so and hold that rate till it

reaches the amount out

[20:32:20] busy: That way it will work its way into the pattern

[20:32:35] busy: The other option is to speed set, This takes


[20:33:23] busy: set the line ou in the back of the boat at a fairly fst

[20:34:00] busy: When the lines reaches distance out, then lock in

drag and dipsy will pull in over other ones and not tangle, this take


[20:35:17] Lefty: Ric.... tell us about lure selection...

[20:35:30] busy: I buy the lure jenson units magic, always use the

same brands on the boat, other wise they will act different and


[20:35:57] boatnut: i tried the magnetic kind but didnt care for 'em.

[20:36:22] Magic Marker: I had two different types, man did they

tangle :-)

[20:36:28] busy: Lure selection changes every day sometimes but

as a starting point I use a combination of purples, chrome/blue ,

fire tiger, and greens till I find a pattern

[20:36:41] busy: I like golds and coppers in stained water

[20:36:48] busy: I ;like blu chrome in clear

[20:37:16] busy: The magnetic units were a little hard for me to get

used to

[20:37:44] boatnut: what type of rods do you use with your


[20:37:54] Lefty: Do you run all stingers on a given day .. what

leads you to run cranks?

[20:38:09] Lefty: or spinners?

[20:38:10] busy: I recommend the JBI rods, The shimano, or the

eagle claw rods which I use

[20:38:36] busy: I use a combination of cranks or spoons till I find a

productive pater,

[20:38:45] Eyeman (IN): how much can you vary your speed and

still keep the pattern from tangleing or having othre problems Ric


[20:38:46] busy: Often they will hit on both

[20:38:49] Lefty: any method to the selection process?

[20:38:49] Magic Marker: any certain glue for rings, will odor scare


[20:38:55] mikej: how heavy of an action on the rods

[20:38:58] busy: An earlier question on bionics, I do use the tails

[20:39:07] busy: I prefer the chatruse color tails

[20:39:22] busy: Speed is very important,

[20:39:38] sundance: what speed do you run busy.

[20:39:56] cb(OH): ric - how do you control boat speed?

[20:39:59] busy: I watch the bend in the dipseys when I am catching

fish and the speed at surface when I catch a fish in a giver

direction, I then try to keep duplicating that untill it works

[20:40:19] busy: I use two large bags on side of boat to help keep

speed constant

[20:40:41] Lefty: you rely on gps or a paddlewheel?

[20:40:53] busy: Often in large sees ( Sheila know) We fish threw

troughs, It rocks, but most times will produce more fish to fish

across the current

[20:41:15] cb(OH): ric - one each side? toward the back?

[20:41:23] Sheila: we caught a slew in the trough

[20:41:33] busy: I don't like GPS speed I don't think it is accurate

enough at slow speeds to gie any kind of reading

[20:41:45] busy: I put them on each side midship

[20:41:47] boatnut: is that because of the action the rocking imparts

on the lures?

[20:41:54] cb(OH): thanks ric

[20:41:55] Eyeman (IN): on a small boat the waves slowing and

speeding up the boat going to hurt a bunch !!!!

[20:42:22] busy: No the surge of the waves makes speed hard to

control and it is hard to adjust speed in each direction to catch fish

[20:42:47] Lefty: :Ric, while were on speed here.. how often do you

troll upwind?

[20:42:52] FishinMagician: Busy, how much line difference do you

have to let out when you have the dipsy angled off to the side?

[20:42:55] Magic Marker: on a small boat fishing the trough in

heavy waves your gonna get wet

[20:43:02] busy: If you fish the troughs in a slight angle 10 degrees

off the troughs you can cover the same areas at the same speed

and catch fish very steady

[20:43:12] busy: Not at slow speed Dan

[20:43:54] Lefty: Whats your experience re; trolling with wind or


[20:44:30] busy: I like to keep at least 10 foot per setting, but if you

are careful you can keep them close, but you have to control boat

very steady

[20:44:34] FishinMagician: If you have the dipsy at 1 on the side

planing scale how much extra line do you have to let out to reach

the same depth as 0 on the scale?

[20:45:07] busy: When it is very rough and you are crabbing ( NO

PUN) It is sometimes best to clean the whole side before letting

out a middle setting dipsey

[20:45:18] busy: 'The current sometime is too hard to control

[20:45:32] busy: A tangle dipsey will not catch fish and takes time to


[20:45:48] Lefty: Do you ever troll upwind Ric?...normal seas...

[20:46:04] Nite Eyes: how do you know how deep a dipsey is


[20:46:22] busy: Yes sometimes it is more productive, I can troll

into 6-7 foot seas with little problems, except for camo boy


[20:46:53] boatnut: LOL...need a new mate? :)

[20:47:04] cb(OH): you're not suggesting the surf was up


[20:47:29] Lefty: do find any diff in results up vs downwind?

[20:47:32] busy: Ssurf was up and camo boy toby was in rare form

[20:47:52] busy: just have to remember to bring it up

[20:48:00] busy: I will have it on the ice in january

[20:48:10] Perchn ( Pa ): Ric are you fussy about resetting the

dipseys ( Bending the metal thingie)

[20:48:25] busy: Most times down wind is better than up, but not


[20:49:03] busy: That comes with experience, you have to get the

feel for the setting you need wind wind, waves, and size of fish

you are catching

[20:49:11] Lefty: Ric.... i know you run planer boards.... how do they

compare results wise with inlines if you ever compared?

[20:49:18] busy: That is why the braided lines are far better than

mono for the dipseys

[20:49:47] busy: Boards will always out produce flat lines behind


[20:50:11] Bigfoot: the release pin is to be fine tuned and most of

the time you don't have to touch it again perchn

[20:50:21] boatnut: Ric, do you use leadcore much with boards???

[20:50:43] Steve (IA): Do you have a theory why boards produce


[20:50:45] busy: No it is too hard for charter uses, but for limited

line fishing it is very effective

[20:51:05] busy: Get the lures away from the boat and drunken


[20:51:17] Bigfoot: once you set it say for a rough day you may

need to lighten it on a calmer day

[20:51:35] cb(OH): ric - how far away from the boat with big


[20:51:43] boatnut: drunken fishermen? huh? on Erie??? i'll be


[20:51:49] busy: I run them 100-175 foot out

[20:52:03] Lefty: What are you fav crankbaits Ric? Do ever run

them on Dips?

[20:52:25] busy: I like the husky jerk and the rip stick

[20:52:36] busy: Thunderstick are very popular

[20:52:44] Lefty: Small lip?....

[20:52:52] busy: Our best this year was purple trout thunderstick

[20:53:02] busy: It worked for about 3 months, I never took them


[20:53:27] Lefty: thurnder jr... no lip?

[20:53:38] busy: small lip AJ size

[20:53:53] Lefty: ok.... its on my list for xmas!!

[20:53:59] Swat 1: It is almost impossible to run a deep diver with

dipseys due to the pull it exerts on the back side of the diver.

[20:54:10] busy: if you find some buy them for me, hard to find

[20:54:27] Lefty: How often you run spinners Ric? they seem more

and more pop on erie...

[20:54:36] busy: Don't use deep lip on dipseys, makes no sense,

the dipsey is to dive not the lure

[20:54:52] Just Look"N--MI: what storm color number Ric?

[20:55:09] Sheila: Yeah, do you ever run spinners on dipsey's?

[20:55:11] busy: I don't run spinners on my boat, too hard to contol

speed, that is a small boat deal, It works very well

[20:55:31] busy: Don't have it with me but i will get number for you


[20:55:42] Just Look"N--MI: thanx

[20:55:50] Sheila: you mean you can't finesse-fish on the big 38':)

[20:55:50] cb(OH): ric - spoons and hard baits spring through fall?

[20:56:14] busy: I run worm harness on dipseys in august, but you

need to set up complete boat with them because you need to run

real slow for them to work right

[20:56:55] Lefty: slow as in .8 or 1?

[20:57:04] busy: yes or slower

[20:57:19] busy: I can get to about .6-7 on boat with no wind and four


[20:57:33] Swat 1: What speed do you like for stinger spoons ric

[20:57:59] busy: Time for slurpies I think

[20:58:06] busy: Yes ric thanks

[20:58:07] Magic Marker: when running that slow, how much deeper

will dipsy run?

[20:58:16] busy: 2-2.5 for stingers

[20:58:29] Swat 1: thanks

[20:58:36] busy: They go deep, each boat is different, have to work

with it

[20:59:00] Lefty: Ric,...how far east on eriie do you fish in a season?

You were in Lorain most all yr yes?

[20:59:22] Magic Marker: had a little trouble with zebra mussells

when going that slow

[20:59:31] busy: I sometime go as far Astabula, but Lorain wasn't

broke so why fix it

[20:59:46] Swat 1: You know what depth the water is and you can

bump bottom then crank up from there and then let the fish tell you

what they want for depth

[20:59:47] Bigfoot: good answer

[20:59:53] busy: Yes , Dipseys really need at least over 1 knt to

work right

[21:00:01] Lefty: lolol... makes a local guy feel good.!!

[21:00:27] busy: That is the whole key, don.t read too much

[21:00:40] busy: Work it till it works, then do it again

[21:01:14] Lefty: Ric, re Stingers.... how do you keep in supply...

they sure have become hard to get... at least the right ones.... any


[21:01:36] Lefty: And does Advance refund /replace bad paint


[21:01:44] busy: Gorge in Lorain had good supply and will get

special anytime you need them

[21:02:03] boatnut: gotta run to...thanks a BUNCH RIC! later all!

[21:02:30] Perchn ( Pa ): Me too Heyyy ric YOU DA MAN!!!

[21:04:07] Lefty: Ric, couple questions... how do you think the

zebras have effected lake and walleye? has it changed the fishing

at all?

[21:04:09] Magic Marker: ?

[21:04:15] busy: No maybe tomorrow , maybe not

[21:04:51] Drift'r: how long do you leave your boat in , ric

[21:05:03] busy: We all know it has changed , for the better I hope,

[21:05:20] Lefty: and ... what do you see for the skamania in the


[21:05:27] Nite Eyes: bb, has the bite on huron pier got started

yet??????? if so where would be best?????? light house or east


[21:05:32] busy: Till december or christmas i hope

[21:05:58] busy: Bite is good at nite, between piers in boats and

east pier has been steady

[21:06:16] Nite Eyes: thanks!!!!!!!

[21:06:22] Just Look"N--MI: lets do the hardwater get together Ric

[21:06:46] busy: I posted a message today, I am limiting it to the

first 30 people

[21:06:52] Just Look"N--MI: Port Clinton?

[21:07:12] busy: Yes , I have reserved 30 spots for the 22 at Put in


[21:07:33] Just Look"N--MI: will check board later... thanx

[21:07:37] busy: 22 Janunary, the first annual hard water WC get


[21:07:53] Magic Marker: what if no ice?

[21:07:55] Nite Eyes: what is the cost?????

[21:08:03] busy: I recommend going the nite ahead and get bed

and breakfast, get on ice early

[21:08:13] Drift'r: that will be cool

[21:08:26] busy: No Ice we may fish in his steel boat, have to see,

We did that last year, was a ball

[21:08:27] Swat 1: Spring Fling will be April 30 -may 2 on

marblehead if anyone interested

[21:08:51] busy: See barad for details

[21:09:11] busy: Saturday is ok lefty, I have room for three more is


[21:09:55] busy: The guide has an air boat this year and can move

groups fast over thin ice safely to good fishing holes, so may not

be in shanties all day

[21:10:01] busy: depends on fishing

[21:10:41] Drift'r: what kind of gear do we need for the ice

[21:10:44] Just Look"N--MI: Sold my house I am moving in mid

January.might be moving alone if I pull that one.....oh well

[21:10:41] Drift'r: what kind of gear do we need for the ice

[21:10:44] Just Look"N--MI: Sold my house I am moving in mid

January.might be moving alone if I pull that one.....oh well

[21:11:02] busy: Short ice rods, light line, and jiggin spoons

[21:11:38] Drift'r: how about shantys & augers

[21:12:00] Lefty: Great chat.... nite all ... Ric..what time Sat?

[21:12:09] busy: 5

[21:12:20] Sheila: how about 4-wheelers, big power augers and

discreet shanties included?

[21:12:35] Sheila: just a joke

[21:12:43] busy: What ever Sheila, I am sure you will make it work

[21:13:46] ebijack (mi): hey folks, get in your questions to busy

[21:15:08] Just Look"N--MI: Thanks for the info Ric

[21:15:11] busy: Drift, the guide takes care of all the details

[21:15:25] cb(OH): Great chat Ric - thanks for the info

[21:15:28] Drift'r: k thanks

[21:15:33] Sheila: No more questions? well I move for a giant

THANK YOU to Busy b Ric

[21:15:35] Nite Eyes: brb

[21:15:36] Swat 1: Thanks Ric great chat I gotta run.

[21:15:49] mikej: thanks ric

[21:15:53] cb(OH): early morning - night all

[21:15:55] ebijack (mi): THANKS RIC !!!!!!!!!!

[21:16:06] Steve (IA): thanks, Busy!

[21:16:12] Eyeman (IN): great Job Ric !!

[21:16:12] RoyG(PA): thanks ric

[21:16:20] Pedro(PA): Thanks Ric & ebijack for a great chat!!

[21:16:28] Just Look"N--MI: fastest chat I ever saw

[21:16:35] Eyeman (IN): :-)

[21:17:01] Pedro(PA): Nite-All!!

[21:17:15] busy: Thanks all , good questions

[21:17:33] Eyeman (IN): I know i'll think of more later :-)

[21:18:04] busy: Any time guys just E mail me for conditions and


[21:18:14] Eyeman (IN): Thanks ric

[21:18:26] busy: Had a long day today, been going since 5 am

[21:18:44] Eyeman (IN): how did you do today ???

[21:18:54] ebijack (mi): thanks again busy, have a good one

[21:19:03] busy: Nite all

[21:19:09] Eyeman (IN): Nite !!!!!!!!!

[21:19:11] mikej: see ya ric

[21:19:16] sundance: c ya busy

[21:19:30] Just Look"N--MI: Later Ric

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