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[19:59:54] golden (co): Tonight's host is PWT pro Jonnie Candle, he is logged on as JC, he will give a short intro about tourney fishing and then open up the chat

[20:01:32] JC: I am currently residing in Bismarck ND, but am originally from NE Ohio.

I grew up fishing the big pond Known as Lake Erie. It is a great place to learn the ins

and outs of walleye fishing.

[20:03:00] ebijack (mi): how did you get started in the pwt JC

[20:03:05] JC: I am currently one of the youngest touring pros on the PWT. I had

previously fished the NAWA and in 1995 finished the year ranked 29. In 1996 My

tournament partner and I finished 6 overall in the Nation in the USFA team walleye


[20:04:19] JC: To get in to the PWT, I had to apply and have several sponsors and

pros be references for me. They look at past tournament history and how much tme

you spend promoting walleye fishing.

[20:05:30] JC: The PWT has worked real hard at making their circuit a true

professional sport, much like golf or tennis or NASCAR.

[20:07:22] JC: So any how: I am currently a member of the tracker pro team, Mercury

Pro team, Walleye Angler Pro team( Bass Pro Shops), Minn Kota, Lowrance, Stren,

and TR-1 so if any one has any questions about any of these products feel free to ask.

I know I have see

20:07:54] JC: seen some good questions on the message board.

[20:08:20] LT(ont): so JC are you a full time pro or do you have something that gets in

the way....work!!!

[20:08:43] JC: I think the best way to go about this is to just field as many questions as

I can. This way you guys get to hear what will help yopu most

20:09:25] golden (co): OK Jonnie, we'll open the floor to questions, but let's all try to be

patient and give him an opportunity to answer.

[20:09:27] *** Oley has joined Walleye Central

[20:09:28] JC: I am as full time as one can be. When in OHio I guided on Erie and the

Niagara river in NY. I t never freezes so I could fish year round.

[20:09:31] KeithK(MI): JC, what did you learn the most your first year as a pro

[20:09:39] *** Buck has joined Walleye Central

[20:10:14] JC: now that I am inND I guide on the Missouri River and on Lake

Sakakawea out of Indian Hills Resort. It is Owned by my In Laaws

[20:11:43] cb: what type of tracker do you fish from

[20:12:21] JC: The thing that I learned most in the first year out is that I had the

knowledge and skills to do this. I think most guys do. .What I learned that I didn't have

was the mental aspects of tournament fishiong. .I was only 22 when i fished my first


[20:13:41] JC: I learned real quick what experience could do for a touring pro. I finished

50 something the first time out and was impressed by the veterens that made a hard

bite look easy. Later found out that they only had 6 bites all day.

[20:13:53] JC: I am now 27

[20:14:18] barespot: i just started to learn about walleye fishing and i am excited about

the adventure

20:14:44] Dutchman: JC what's your opinion of sponsors that are not related to


[20:14:55] steelchaser: jc prefer minnows leeches crawlers

[20:15:07] JC: It can be very adventurous and gets that way for touring pros. Every

lake is just that a new adventure.

[20:15:39] KeithK(MI): JC what are you best at in a tourny and what are your


[20:15:55] JC: I can't wait to get one Dutch. There is a place for it. Look at Nascar.

What does tide have to do with racing?

[20:16:12] barespot: I went fishing 2 years ago on lady evelyn lake in ontario and we

caught about 200 walleye in this week

[20:16:21] *** "Skeeter"(WI) has joined Walleye Central

[20:16:27] LS(nd): JC, are you still doing the NAWA circuit also

[20:16:45] Dutchman: I agree I just wonder why this type of sponsorship is minimal in

the PWT

[20:17:36] JC: My strong points would be finding fish, catching them early or quikly.

Weaknesses would be finding fish after they have moved and remaining patient and

beleiving in my self.

20:18:08] JC: No more NAWA. This year I will fish their team tourney on Sak.

[20:19:09] bubba: are you fishing the pwt this year?

[20:19:11] JC: I think one of the hardest things to do in tournament fishing is when you

lose your fish is to just go find more instead of trying to find where they went.

[20:19:21] JC: Yes I am.

[20:19:32] *** eh has left Walleye Central

[20:19:39] RIP SOME LIP'S: JC what do you think about the MERC OPTIMAX

[20:20:02] Oley: JC - Whats your favorite fishing lure or Rig ?

[20:20:23] JC: I hope to run one this coming season. They are a little behind on

production, but that is only to make sure they are right .

[20:21:06] JC: They are going to be the best thing out there. Th eincreased efficency

should pay for the motor in a very short time frame.

[20:22:32] JC: Oly, that's a loaded question. I love Storm Jr Thundersticks. It seems I

can put one of them on in any body of water at any time of the year and catch a fish. I

guess that would be my confidence bait.

[20:22:53] golden (co): JC, what is your favorite technique for "searching" a lake and

finding the fish

[20:23:16] JC: Metalic Rainbow Trout would be my favorite color in that bait, Bu tI like

to use what ever caught the last eye.

[20:23:35] KeithK(MI): JC, when you fish a new body of water what do you do first

20:24:07] JC: On natural lakes, cranking with boards is probably the best. On

reservoirs, bottom bouncers and spinners are hard to beat.

[20:24:28] RIP SOME LIP'S: JC what do you think about fireline

[20:24:54] JC: I never search with jigs or rigs, too slow. Unless you can get some good

inside info on the lake, but then you aren't searching.

[20:25:27] Oley: JC - I agree on your choices of lures. Never heard of Storm Jr

Thundersticks though

[20:25:45] LS(nd): JC, do you have any info. to share on the new direction the PWT is


[20:25:48] JC: The first thing I do is get a good map. The internet is also a great place

to start fishing a new lake. Th emore information you can get before you leave home

the better.

[20:25:50] blane (wa): when prefishing, do spend more time looking or fishing?

[20:27:15] JC: Fire line is a great tool when used by someone that understands what it

will do. It will never replace Mono. I personally don't use it much. It took me to long to

learn what a bait does on Mono. No time to learn new line.

[20:28:10] JC: Stren has a new line out that may be a good middle of the road line.

Sensor is a no stretch mono. I t will handle like mono and gve the sensitivity and

hooksetting power of fused lines.

[20:28:38] Just Look"N-MI: do you troll with mono JC

[20:28:49] JC: As far as the direction of PWT look for bigger purses and smaller fields.

[20:29:25] JC: The first day or so , Blaine, it is more looking than fishing, but after that it

is fish your buns off.

[20:29:29] "Skeeter"(WI): How will the PWT accomplish that?

[20:30:03] Fallsman (ON): I don't get it, why smaller fields when the purses increase/

[20:30:22] Dutchman: so you start by sonar fishing?

[20:30:27] JC: Yes I troll with mono. I use some superlines when Ineed that extra depth,

but for the most part it is mono all the way.

[20:30:54] KeithK(MI): JC, what do you typicaly take with you for a day of tournament


[20:31:40] JC: I think the tournaments want to see something similar to the BASS top

100. Make sure every calling themselves a pro really is. It will let them clean up the

image of pro fishing.

[20:32:09] "Skeeter"(WI): Where will the money come from?

[20:32:10] JC: The only way to do that is charge High entry fees to get only the very

serious guys to play.

[20:32:31] KeithK(MI): why do they have to clean it up? have they had problems?

[20:32:53] LS(nd): we've heard there will be 2 pwt's...central & west

20:52:49] KeithK(MI): So why did they have to clean the PWT up? have they had


[20:53:18] Fallsman (ON): Give us a picture of your boat setup. Motors, rtc.

[20:53:30] JC: I don' t think that it is problems. Just want to elevate the field.

[20:53:38] RIP SOME LIP'S: JC is the PWT going to have more tournament's out west

[20:53:43] LS(nd): we here there are going to be 2 PWT's... central & west...can you fill

us in?

[20:54:57] JC: Let's see. @0 foot tracker targa 2000, deep v Fiberglass. 175 HP merc,

9.9 merc kicker 48 ld thrust auto pilot electric.

[20:55:08] JC: Thats 20 foot

[20:55:41] Fallsman (ON): is the kicker a 4 stroke?

[20:55:48] JC: Global map 2000 at counsel and LMS 350 A at the bow. Tr-1 Auto pilot

for kicker

[20:55:59] JC: No just a two stroke

[20:56:07] "Skeeter"(WI): There is aloy of good guys out there now who can't afford it

how will they elevate the feild by raising entry fees?

[20:56:14] JC: $ Stroke fo rnext year

[20:56:24] JC: Thats 4 stroke

[20:56:56] JC: As long as they can get 100 guys to pay they will have a circuit.

[20:57:06] Roy (PA): Tracker gonna sel the Targa 20' this year, or is it discontinued???

[20:57:25] Roy (PA): didn't see it in the catalog

[20:57:35] "Skeeter"(WI): A rich man can be a pour fisherman Right?

[20:57:44] JC: Yes they arre. They added a walk through windsheild for this year.

added a 19 foot version as well.

[20:57:52] Dutchman: I know this may sound harsh but how many PWT Pro's really

amke money on the circuit?

20:58:43] JC: There aren't many guys making money at it right now. That is another

reason to have less guys. The sponsors only have so much to give out.

20:58:53] blane (wa): JC what have you heard about the PWT splitting into 2

divisions, west and east?

[20:59:12] JC: I would say less than 20 guys right now make a living at it.

[20:59:40] JC: I don't think that they will split into two divisions any time soon.

[20:59:59] *** seamaster (OH) has joined Walleye Central

[21:00:02] LS(nd): we were told in 99 it would happen

[21:00:22] JC: That could be. I haven't heard anything yet.

[21:00:32] "Skeeter"(WI): Told by who LS?

[21:00:51] LS(nd): bigfoot, i think it was

[21:00:52] seamaster (OH): j

[21:01:20] JC: I don't know if there are enough places and people to do that.

[21:01:30] Dutchman: Bigfoot being Lacourse LS?

[21:01:35] RIP SOME LIP'S: bone you got lock finger

[21:01:36] LS(nd): rick lacourse

[21:01:48] LS(nd): yes dutch

[21:01:53] Raybone[Wy]: just watchin'

[21:01:59] LS(nd): on the chat here

[21:01:59] golden (co): rick hosted a chat a while back and I think LS is right, he did

mention that

[21:02:44] LS(nd): what tourney in 98 are you most excited about JC

[21:03:06] KeithK(MI): JC, how does that 175 do on the targa. I fished with a pro in a

targa with a 225 and it took forever to get on plane.

[21:03:25] ebijack (mi): do you expect erie to be won by trolling or drifting in 98 JC

[21:03:27] "Skeeter"(WI): Personally untill some major sponsers start dumping alot of

money into the PWT I can't see to many serious changes

[21:03:43] JC: Well he must know something that I don't I am most excited about the

Erie tournament. I t is kind of a homecoming. I have won money every time out on


[21:04:32] JC: The 175 is geared differently than the 225. I tactually is quicker out of

the whole. Takes the big guys a good half mile to catch up.

[21:04:54] LS(nd): does the tourney at Peck have the bounty on the record walleye

again this year JC

[21:05:14] JC: Erie will be a trolling bite to win. You'll catch some fish drifting but not

enough to win.

[21:05:48] JC: Yea, Ft. Peck will pay 25,000 fo rthe new PWTrecord.

[21:05:58] RD: JC, I know you guys run LMS350's mostly. Are they that much better or

are they just better sponsors? How 'bout the new Humminbirds

[21:06:07] LS(nd): to the pro only?

[21:06:15] seamaster (OH): Hot'N'Tots and wiggle warts

[21:06:24] JC: Yes the pro only, that bites I think.

[21:06:33] LS(nd): me tooo

[21:07:20] JC: I don't know much about the Hummingbirds. I do know this Lowrance

only sponsors about 20 guys on the PWT. That means that a lot of guys are buying

LMS 350s

[21:08:05] KeithK(MI): Jc, have you use the genatron locator, and what do you think of


[21:08:09] JC: I use a lot of hot n tots, sea. Wiggle warts work good too when the eyes

are eating fat bait like shiners ar shad.

[21:08:44] JC: No i have never used a genetron. I know a ot of guys that like them


[21:08:59] seamaster (OH): troll them slow and 5' off of the bottom

[21:09:11] seamaster (OH): on erie that is

[21:09:44] LS(nd): JC what do you think of the new tracker 19'

[21:10:09] JC: I have had days on Erie wher mag warts were the only thing the fish

would hit.

[21:10:29] Fallsman (ON): JC, tell us a little about your rod setups on erie.

[21:10:51] JC: I t loooks very sharp. Very similar to the Starcraft T 180. I think that it will

be a big seller.

[21:12:23] seamaster (OH): the black and blues with silver seem to be a consistant

color on erie

[21:12:25] JC: I ran charters for many years. I liked to run a little of everything.

[21:12:49] RD: If you were going to fish Erie just for fun & you had to drive 700 miles to

fish it, what month would you go?

[21:13:14] JC: I always ran lines high 10 or 15 feet down. Then a few deeper 20 to 25.

These were or are on the boards. Shallower farther out .

[21:14:08] walleyezone(mn): JC, when you are on Erie and you are not marking fish on

your electronics, how do you proceed?

[21:14:08] JC: Then we would run down riggers and dipsy divers between 30 to 60 feet

deep. I fished the Central basin most of the time.

[21:15:17] JC: If I am not marking fish I will either troll very fast or pick things up and

move. There are too many fish there to fish with out marking them. Move 1/4 mile at a

time then look for fish.

[21:15:44] JC: As far as the best time, it depends what you want.

[21:16:31] Dutchman: Who do you think are going to be the Top contenders on the

PWT tthis year JC?

[21:16:39] JC: For big fish I would hit the western end in mid to late april or the central

basin in late may or early june. Not a lot of numbers but always big fish.

[21:16:44] KeithK(MI): april = BIG fish, les stable weather June = better weather and

more stable fish

[21:16:54] ebijack (mi): are there boundries on erie for the pwt

[21:17:03] seamaster (OH): JC,as close as i am to erie ,I start the middle of april

[21:17:21] RD: To be able to get on the lake foremost. Catch Walleye hopefully

[21:17:29] JC: The top contenders this year will be the big water guys. Look for big foot

to do well after the big win

[21:18:23] Fallsman (ON): Did you ever catch walleyes in the Niagara River? If so, was

it lower or upper?

[21:18:28] Sheila: How many miles you think you'll run on Big Erie Johnnie?

[21:18:30] JC: P&K are over due. Dale Strochein should be tough as well as ted T. and

Perry God. I hope to be near the top. The schedule fits my style of fishing this year.


[21:19:22] Capt., Marty: I wish you the best in 98

[21:19:30] JC: Every now an dthen I would catch walleye on the lower river. I never

fished it during the peak waleye bite. Always fishing trout or salmon and would catch

them by mistake.

[21:20:58] Fallsman (ON): So, I guess that you would have fished near


[21:21:01] walleyezone(mn): JC, on Erie do you prefer to pull blades and crawlers or


[21:21:38] JC: I fished the Lewiston area to the Niagara bar pretty hard

[21:22:23] Dutchman: are you going to fish Stockton Lake JC?

[21:22:49] JC: Erie is a good lake to do both. Run cranks deep and willow leaf spinners

high or vice versa. The willow leafs will let you troll faster. Double blades are best.

[21:23:14] RD: Do you normally have to troll out past the reefs in Erie? ( Port Clinton


[21:23:27] walleyezone(mn): When you are fishing with crainkbaits, how long do you

give a bait before you switch?

[21:23:29] golden (co): Bait Rigs just came out with a double willow leaf harness, is that


[21:23:31] JC: I am not in the super pro, but I will have to pick up my new boat in

Springfield so I will probably be there around that time.

[21:23:54] JC: I'm sure it is scott.

[21:24:13] JC: We have been using them fo r10 years or more.

[21:25:07] JC: I finished 19 in a NAWA pulling double willowsw tied on wire behind

dipsy divers 3 yrs ago.

[21:25:20] JC: took 110 lbs to finish 19th

[21:25:50] JC: Any where else 110 lbs would blow away the field.

[21:25:59] Fallsman (ON): wow

[21:26:09] Nick(IA): JC, what is your line choice when pulling cranks? depth or dipsy

change your choice?

[21:26:18] JC: The fish in Erie are definately not afraid of hardware.

[21:26:33] Dutchman: so when every thing goes wrong how do you start to put the

pieces together JC, or maybe you'v never had a day like that

[21:27:17] JC: I like mono with limited stretch. New stren sensor or original stren works


[21:27:47] JC: When all else fails do what you do best. What I mean is everyone

knows how they catch fish.

[21:28:00] Indy Eyeman: JC do you ever fish Erie at night?

[21:28:10] Just Look"N-MI: does Stren sponsor you?

[21:28:34] JC: If you are trying something that your e not real sure of ,Quit. Go to your

#1 trick. With me it is Cranks. For the next guy it is jigs and so on.

[21:28:36] seamaster (OH): Good chat JC,time for lights out.See you all later or on the

Lake (Erie)

[21:29:07] Dutchman: I think my problem is that I hate to leave my "comfort zone"

when is the right time to experiment?

[21:29:10] JC: Youhave to believe in what you are doing or it won't work.

[21:30:11] JC: Experiment when the fish are biting. You know what is working, try to

find what won't. You will be surprised how easy it is ti find something that works better

that way.

[21:30:52] walleyezone(mn): JC, when you are fishing with crainkbaits how long do

give a bait before you switch to another?

[21:32:18] blane (wa): JC, do you use scents on your cranks?

[21:32:27] ebijack (mi): JC, do you run your tr-1 off your gps?

[21:32:27] cmaloy: I am thinking of fishing the Leech Lake event this year. Do many

Pros take amatures out during pre fishing?? What is the best way to get hooked up

with someone??

[21:32:36] JC: I always pull my confidence bait. I will leave a Jr. Thunderstick in the

water all day. I give the others about 1/2 hour. There are a lot of variables. Speed

depth color size action. It takes a while to decide what to change.

[21:33:35] Sheila: Johnnie, sorry to change subject here, but I've been told (by another

in this room) that your wife is a pretty darn good fisherman! Is that true?

[21:33:36] KeithK(MI): JC, do you modify your thundersticks or any other cranks

[21:33:36] JC: A lot of pros are on the internet now. That would be a good start. Most

guys don't make plans to far in advance. You can get hooke dup right at the ramp for

the most part.

[21:34:45] JC: She does ok. I can't doubt the fact that she usually out fishes me.

[21:35:25] golden (co): JC, do you like to fish weeds? If so how? Any tricks to keep the

hook clean? Are weeds a good thing?

[21:35:40] JC: Keith, no I don't modify my cranks. Maybe some Suspend dots when

casting ,but just for added distance not depth.

[21:36:23] RD: Do you still fish the PWT & NAWA? Is one better than the other?

[21:37:33] JC: Golden, when I fish the weeds, I like to use the old Beetle Spins. I have

a hard time keeping jigs above the grass. It helps keep the jig high, and it gives the fish

a little more to see.

[21:38:11] KeithK(MI): JC how did you do on St. Clair last year?

[21:38:28] JC: The two circuits can't even be compared anymore since the NAWA

changed formats.

[21:38:51] LS(nd): what do you mean JC

[21:39:17] JC: I fished the river day one and got skunked . Followed it up with two limits

and just missed the money. Three days on the lake and I would have done well.

[21:39:25] Dutchman: isn't the NAWA Pro Am anymore?

[21:40:20] KeithK(MI): lots of smelt and shad entered the river just before the tourny last

year, killed the river bite

[21:40:21] JC: The NAWA is still pro am, but only 40 guys and a 2000 dolar entry.

Three days but only top ten on day three. thenit is a shoot out. Everyone back to 0 for

one day tourney.

[21:41:16] Dutchman: so if you don't make the cut your out? how does this affect the


[21:41:22] JC: Yeah, I know. But when you are 65 miles from you r #2 spot your kinda

stuck. By the time I realized that all my river spots were done I had no time to go 65


[21:41:41] JC: Only the top ten ams too.

[21:42:45] golden (co): JC, for anyone thinking of pursuing a career as a fishing pro,

are there any pitfalls to avoid?

[21:43:00] KeithK(MI): good question scott

[21:43:37] JC: Yeah a bunch. the most important is to realize how littl fishing has to do

with professional fishing.

[21:43:58] blane (wa): what is the main difference?

[21:44:07] JC: If it wasn't for my marketing degree, I would not have done near as well

as I have.

[21:44:58] ebijack (mi): are there boundries for the tourney on erie JC?

[21:45:10] JC: The real money in pro fishing is made before you ever fish a tourney.

[21:45:38] JC: I don't know for sure Ebi

[21:45:51] blane (wa): so the big difference is off the water not on the water

[21:46:02] walleyezone(mn): could you expand on this area, marketing

[21:46:14] JC: The other ting to watch for is getting hooked up with the wrong guys.

[21:46:34] Sheila: What are "wrong guys"?

[21:46:41] LS(nd): no loose cannons

[21:46:58] Dutchman: how do you know who the right or wrong sponsors may be JC?

[21:46:58] jigmup: :)

[21:47:15] JC: I have a BS in marketing from the University from Akron. Selling is the

name of the game

[21:47:30] KeithK(MI): JC do most of the sponsers give just equipment or do they

contribute $ too.

[21:47:34] fargo: Two good friends of mine did well last year in the MWC. They had a

1st, 3rd and 18th finishes. I am trying to help them get sponsors. I have suggested that

they speak at local clubs and try to write some articles. What else could you suggest to


[21:47:38] walleyezone(mn): Shakin hand and makin deals!

[21:47:58] JC: Not wrong sponsors, wrong fishermen. These guys would eat their

young. Not all of them, but some guys will use anyone to get a head.

[21:58:27] jigmup: JC, what was the biggest difference you found when coming to fish

sakakawea after fishing erie?

[21:59:20] JC: How tight the schools of fish are. On erie you can troll in a straight line

for hours and always be on fish. Not a dense school ,but always fish.

[21:59:52] Sheila: Because there's more in Erie?

[22:00:09] JC: On sak. 50 yards and you may not see another fish for 3 miles. The fish

stay much closer together.

[22:01:01] Sheila: So you spent a lot of time finding them on Lake Sak?

[22:01:25] JC: I don't think it is because of more fish. I think that it is the way the fish

relate to structure or lack of it. And food too. The food is more tightly grouped in a

reservoir than in a Great Lake.

[22:02:13] JC: Yeah, you have to do more hunting on Sak, but Erie isn'rt always as

easy as it sounds.

[22:02:24] Dutchman(SD): JC you mentioned the USFA TEAM Circuit earlier will you fis

it again this year?

[22:02:24] Sheila: Similar situation on Lake Oahe? Is Mr. Stiles out there?

[22:03:04] JC: No, The PWT keeps me busy. Then add guiding to th emix and there

isn't much time left.

[22:03:06] hps: yes it is

[22:03:21] Sheila: Harry, you're here!

[22:03:56] JC: All of the resevoirs on the Missouri River system are remarkably similar.

[22:03:57] hps: yes i made it back

[22:04:14] JC: Hi Harry. How are the dogs?

[22:04:44] hps: The pointer sisters are doing fine.

[22:05:43] KeithK(MI): How fast do you like to pull your cranks JC

[22:05:53] JC: Great. So are ther eany more questions? Any equipment particulars? I

saw some rod and reel questions and the TR-1 mentioned on th emessage board.

[22:06:04] Sheila: Johnnie, can you talk Reservoirs now?

[22:06:22] Sheila: Like differences in strategies compared to Minn. lakes?

[22:06:28] JC: I start out at about 1.5 mph then get faster. Very rarely do I go slower

than 1.omph.

[22:07:40] JC: Resevoirs are the hardest to fish, but the most fun. You can look for

hours and nothing then in 10 minutes have the winning basket. It is unreal hoew the

fish bunch up. Much like we said earlier.

[22:07:43] Dutchman(SD): will the TR 1 company have the specials on the PWT tour

this year JC?

[22:07:43] Sheila: All trolling on reservoirs?

[22:08:13] ebijack (mi): do you run your tr-1 off your gps JC?

[22:08:16] JC: The MN lakes are pretty easy. I fyou like to fish weeds you find weeds

then the fish in the weeds.

[22:08:21] Sheila: Guess I'll have to get used to gassing.

[22:08:49] JC: If you like to fish rocks, you hop rock piles till you find one with fish, then

you fish it.

[22:08:54] Sheila: The engines, I mean

[22:09:24] JC: Resrvoirs don't let you fish the way you want, you have to do what the

fish want.

[22:09:43] golden (co): Personally and this might sound crazy, but I have the best

results in reservoirs out west with rocks that are baseball size to grapefruit size, no


[22:10:26] JC: No not all trolling on Res. A lot of pitching jigs and casting cranks. Love

to fish shaloow mud lines that way.

[22:10:27] Sheila: I gotta get off the screen!!! I'm an idiot.

[22:10:41] Roy: fish prolly feeding on things hiding in the nooks and crannies between

the rocks

[22:10:44] blane (wa): just enough to hide behind scott

[22:11:11] JC: I believe that scott. Too many big rocks are not always good. Especially

there where everything is rocky.

[22:11:36] Dutchman(SD): JC will the TR 1 company have the specials and install at

the PWT events this year?

[22:12:03] JC: It is a transition area, from large chunk rock or boulders to rubble.

[22:12:24] JC: Sorry, Dutch. I am sure they will.

[22:12:56] JC: No my tr-1 is not ran through my GPS. It can be though if you would


[22:13:25] JC: You won't be sorry. With out mine I would never get to eat lunch. HA


[22:14:01] JC: It is like having an extra fisherman with you. One that can drive straight.

[22:14:09] Dutchman(SD): they certainly look like the cat's meow

[22:14:41] golden (co): Jonnie, I'm certainly not trying to run you off, you are more than

welcome to continue, but you have contributed plenty already. If you need an out, this

is it. Or please continue

[22:14:48] JC: They are slick and only take about an hour to install.

[22:16:35] jigmup: fun huh? ok....how do you correctly rig a turbo spinner?

[22:16:41] *** MNrus has joined Walleye Central

[22:16:42] JC: Sak is just starting to freeze. Last I heard, the people who could get out were catching fish. Some places through the ice.

[22:16:49] LS(nd): :-)

[22:16:50] jigmup: kidding!

[22:16:53] jigmup: :)

[22:17:12] JC: Up and down.

[22:17:21] JC: :)

[22:17:24] MNrus: hey Scott

[22:17:31] jigmup: it don't work, barry tried it through the ice

[22:17:31] ebijack (mi): have a good one all of ya, please come back and join us when you can

[22:17:31] ebijack (mi): have a good one all of ya, please come back and join us when you can

[22:17:47] ebijack (mi): i've got to run

[22:17:49] blane (wa): see ya ebi

[22:17:52] jigmup: later ebi

[22:17:56] LS(nd): later ebi

[22:18:05] ebijack (mi): talk to ya tomorrow

[22:18:06] Roy: night ebi

[22:18:14] *** ebijack (mi) has left Walleye Central

[22:18:18] JC: So how many guys in here are tourney dudes?

[22:18:51] KeithK(MI): me

[22:19:13] blane (wa): just starting out, will fish a few local ones this year

[22:19:17] Roy: i fish a few...but mostly for bass

[22:19:22] Dutchman(SD): I love tourneys , great competition and good freinds

[22:19:34] Roy: one walleye club tourney so far...

[22:19:36] LS(nd): most are i think

[22:19:38] MNrus: Golden - Sorry I coudn't Help you with that file

[22:20:00] KeithK(MI): JC, what kind of rods do you like to use on your boat for trolling. what is your typical setup when fishing

[22:20:48] LS(nd): .

[22:21:05] JC: For trolling I use Bass Pro Extreme rods 8'6" MH salmon rods for cranks and boards.

[22:21:11] *** hps has left Walleye Central

[22:21:25] jigmup: have to go guys, take care

[22:21:31] golden (co): see ya jig

[22:21:31] LS(nd): later jig

[22:21:32] Dutchman(SD): bye jig

[22:21:39] jigmup: later

[22:21:40] *** jigmup has left Walleye Central

[22:21:48] JC: 7' medium action of the same for BB and spinners.

[22:22:37] MNrus: mostly walleye fishing with it, heard tillers were better?>?

[22:22:45] JC: If not using boards I will use long rods on outside and shorter rods on inside or boards on the outside and flatlines on the


[22:22:58] blane (wa): my turn, see ya tomorrow at the TB2 site

[22:23:13] golden (co): g'nite blane see ya tomorrow

[22:23:21] Dutchman(SD): I think tourney can be very intimidating for the first few times , do you have any advice for the new tourney

anglers JC?

[22:23:22] *** Indy Eyeman has joined Walleye Central

[22:23:25] LS(nd): later blane

[22:23:32] *** blane (wa) has left Walleye Central

[22:24:12] LS(nd): brb

[22:24:17] JC: For the first timer, just go to learn something. It is like anything else new. you won't be good at it till you learn all the rules both

written and unwritten.

[22:24:29] MNrus: Scott- any in put on my outboard question?

[22:24:56] JC: Does that help Dutch?

[22:25:20] JC: The other thing to remember is you are there to have fun.

[22:25:27] Dutchman(SD): how do you approach a seasoned angler for tips at tourney time ?

[22:26:00] golden (co): what was the question MNrus? Maybe JC can give a hand with it

[22:26:08] *** Ken has left Walleye Central

[22:26:23] JC: Remember we are all fishermen and love to talk fishing. Just don't ask the leader where or what he is doing before the tourney

is over and you will be fine.

[22:27:42] MNrus: need to kmnow if boat with a tiller is better than one with steering column for walleye fishing

[22:28:45] MNrus: getting a 40hp honda next month. Tow the boat up there to get it done if its not snowin to hard

[22:28:57] JC: It all depends. Boat control is usually better with tiller, but it is no fun driving long distances in tiller boat. Hard to hold on to in

rough water and very wet ride.

[22:29:23] *** JB has left Walleye Central

[22:29:35] Dutchman(SD): It seems to be zipper mouth time unless you know some people, I have tried to talk with a few folks in tourneys

that I don't know and they are very short I don't pry only ask if they have had any luck prefishing or is tha prying/

[22:30:21] MNrus: I know about the wet ride!! have a 40 merc tiller now. was thinking about adding the counsole too

[22:30:59] JC: Some guys are weird about it. I will talk fishing anytime. I just won't tell where or how for that ourney. I will tell how many and

give some pointers, but not the whole picture.

[22:31:43] Dutchman(SD): on unknown waters any tip is is good tip to me

[22:31:53] JC: Me too.

[22:31:53] *** 1785bt has joined Walleye Central

[22:32:21] MNrus: Mr. Golden my freind it has been fun but I goto go SEE YA

[22:32:28] Dutchman(SD): they could send me anywhere........ away from the good fishing

[22:32:43] KeithK(MI): JC, what was your first year on the PWT like

[22:32:44] JC: Well guys, it seems to be slowing down. Maybe now is a good time to go. I have had fun.

[22:32:49] *** MNrus has left Walleye Central

[22:33:19] LS(nd): thanks JC you did a good job

[22:33:20] Roy: thanks a lot JC

[22:33:29] KeithK(MI): Thanks JC, good luck in the comming season

[22:33:33] Dutchman(SD): I really appreciated you joing fot the cat JC Thank you very much

[22:33:34] golden (co): Jonnie, I certainly appreciate the time you put in, and I'm sure the others do too

[22:33:39] Dutchman(SD): chat

[22:34:00] JC: I was glad to do it, maybe again sometime?

[22:34:14] golden (co): I'd like to keep track of you in the circuit, maybe we can do a page for you on that

[22:34:14] LS(nd): would be nice

[22:34:18] Dutchman(SD): soon I hope

[22:34:39] golden (co): I'd love to have you back, just let me know when

[22:34:45] 1785bt: Mnrus was talking about a wet ride, i have a tiller now and its the dryest riding boat i've ever been in, its not whether its a

tiller or console its the hull design!

[22:35:12] JC: Sure, I will get a hold of you some time to discuss that. Good Night all.

[22:35:20] Roy: goodnight

[22:35:27] Dutchman(SD): THANKS AGAIN JC

[22:35:28] LS(nd): g nite JC

[22:35:37] golden (co): good night, and thanks again JC it was a great chat

[22:36:02] *** JC has left Walleye Central

[22:36:02] Indy Eyeman: Take care JC

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