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 3/10/99  Johnnie Candle
[20:03:02] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our host tonight JOHN
CANDLE>>>>JC !!!!!
[20:03:04] prairiepillow: hello everyone
[20:03:06] Drift'r: Welcome Johnnie
[20:03:09] Juls (WI): clap clap clap
[20:03:10] Rod(Sask): hi jc
[20:03:11] prairiepillow: hi John..........
[20:03:13] sundance: clap clap
[20:03:14] SdDoc: hi pp
[20:03:18] ebijack (mi): clap clap clap
[20:03:21] jigman: ya ya ya ya 
[20:03:44] JC: So what will be the topic of discussion?
[20:03:51] sundance: you pick
[20:04:10] ebijack (mi): why don't you tell us about your plans for
1999 JC
[20:04:37] gwalt: JC you are one of the younger anglers on the tour
have the vets helped you much?
[20:04:39] JC: OK, I will be fishing the NAWA this coming season.
[20:05:07] sundance: why not the pwt??
[20:05:12] bobeyerite/wa: hi gang
[20:05:23] ebijack (mi): i understand your fishing the NAWA with
your wife as your partner,!
[20:05:28] Catch5: JC do you still run the Tracker 2000
[20:05:33] JC: Gwalt, some have and some havenít. At first no one
helped much at all. I think I have proven myself so now they talk
to me a little more often.
[20:05:57] jigman: such is life jc
[20:06:11] gwalt: It seems like its pretty hard to break into the circles
isnít it?
[20:06:17] JC: Yes, my wife, AKA Dawn Charging, will be fishing the
Team Challenge series with me this season.
[20:06:32] Buckets: bring them to the central basin john they will be
talking to ya then
[20:06:46] gwalt: What made choose the NAWA over in fish?
[20:07:08] JC: It is like any other profession, until you prove that
you are not just a flash in the pan, you are nobody.
[20:07:16] ebijack (mi): JC, did you partner up with anyone in the
PWT when you were fishing it?
[20:07:27] bingo: JC what do you think of power baits in early spring
[20:08:00] gwalt: who are some of your sponsors JC?
[20:08:19] JC: Gwalt, I am currently making two house payments
and I can't afford to be on the road the amount of time that the PWT
would demand. I like the NAWA schedule and should do well
there. Besides now I get to fish a circuit with the Mrs.
[20:08:23] harley.mi: lol
[20:08:49] gwalt: that'll do it everytime:-)
[20:08:57] JC: Ebi, I never really found the right guys to work with
there. i think that has a lot to do with success now days.
[20:08:59] freud: jc are you fishing the nawa
[20:09:26] ebijack (mi): JC, what's your favorite technique of fishing
for walleye
[20:09:33] sundance: so when is the 1st tournament you will be
doing this year jc???
[20:09:55] JC: My favorite technique when fishing walleye would be
open water trolling. Cranks and boards.
[20:10:22] JC: The first NAWA is April 22
[20:10:27] Catch5: JC are you still running the Tracker 2000
[20:10:28] bobeyerite/wa: jc do think jigging has it's place walleye
[20:10:34] gwalt: sponsors?
[20:10:56] JC: Yes catch, still running the 2000. Until they make
something better. 
[20:10:56] harley.mi: jc been doing it with wife for two years
[20:11:23] Hogboss IL: John what is your favorite crank bait to troll
with and color.
[20:11:36] Catch5: What do you get for speeds out of the 2000 JC?
[20:11:39] JC: Sponsors are Tracker Bass Pro, Berkley, Storm,
MinnKota, Lowrance
[20:12:08] JC: Jigging definately has its place. I do a lot of jigging in
the early season.
[20:12:30] bobeyerite/wa: have you tried the new shallow plug yet
[20:12:47] jigman: jc do you have any tips for fishing 3-10 ft of water
[20:13:02] ebijack (mi): JC, did you start out fishing local tourney's
before going pro?
[20:13:04] JC: Which shallow plug are you referring to?
[20:13:29] bobeyerite/wa: the new storm shallow
[20:13:32] JC: 3-10 feet what time of year?
[20:13:42] Hogboss IL: John what is your go to bait when trolling.
[20:13:45] jigman: spring
[20:14:00] JC: Ebi, i jumped right in.  Started with the NAWA in 1994. 
[20:14:05] Nite Eyes: jc what kind of rods do you use for
[20:14:06] ebijack (mi): wow!
[20:14:18] bobeyerite/wa: I'm sorry the shallow stick
[20:14:43] jigman: 3-10 ft of water in the spring jc
[20:14:45] Catch5: JC what do you get for speeds out of that
Tracker ?
[20:15:05] JC: Yes I have fished the new shallow stick. It is a winner.
Great for riggers, 3 ways and bouncers because it will only go so
[20:15:45] idoc(mn): jc, because of the hectic schedule and
rigorous demand of any professional sports, do you think that
fishing will become large enough that there will be a need for pro's
to have agents?
[20:15:46] sundance: JC have you tried the new lighting shads yet
[20:15:47] JC: Hogboss, when I need a fish I put on a Jr
thunderstick (deep) in the met. Rainbow trout. It works all the time.
[20:16:13] gwalt: JC what kind of reels do you use for trolling?
[20:16:25] JC: Nite eyes, for jigging I like 6' medium action Bass
Pro Shops Pro qualifier rod.
[20:16:43] gwalt: I see the price of the 27's are coming down now
that theres a little comp.
[20:17:22] JC: Jig man , 3-10 feet in spring. Start with your
namesake. Next would be shallow cranks and boards. From there
its would be a guessing game.
[20:17:34] ebijack (mi): JC, did you have any sponsors when you
started fishing the nawa or pwt?
[20:17:41] JC: Tracker will do a shade over 60 with 225 optimax.
[20:17:42] jigman: thank you
[20:18:25] JC: idoc, at times i wish i had one. Some of the big guns
now have people working for them 365 days per year.
[20:18:41] Nite Eyes: jc have you ever used the bass pro
tournament series spinning reels????????
[20:18:53] Catch5: JC are you running the TR-1 ?
[20:18:59] JC: Sundance, the lightin shads are awesome. Caught
tons of fish on them last fall.
[20:19:26] JC: Diawa lc and will be trying the new South Bend LC as
[20:20:03] gwalt: comparable? I havenít seen the southbends
[20:20:21] ebijack (mi): JC, what job did you used to do before you
jumped into pro fishing
[20:20:26] sundance: what color of lighting shad do you prefer???
[20:20:37] JC: Ebi, the first year was out of my pocket. It was tough
considering I was only twenty three.
[20:20:55] JC: Never have used the tournament series reels.
[20:21:04] SdDoc: what does BPS provide for you?
[20:21:09] JC: No on the TR-1 Long story there.
[20:21:40] jigman: why would you use a 6ft rod instead of a 7ft rod
for verticle jigging???
[20:22:04] JC: The south bend reels would be very similar to the
Older Mitchell LC. more economic I am sure.
[20:22:47] JC: Before Pro fishing i was a college student. After
graduation I sold door to door for a local printing company.
[20:23:14] ebijack (mi): JC, do you have to buy special equipment
for your wife,/does she like different equipment than you
[20:23:15] JC: Firetiger is always good and the firestorm hot tiger is
great too.
[20:24:19] JC: Sd doc, if i told you what they did for me I wouldn't
get it anymore. I am one of six guys in the country on their walleye
angler pro team. they are a major sponsor of mine.
[20:24:26] fishy: you run those that close to the dipsy or have a
leader between dipsy and harness?
[20:25:17] JC: Ebi, Dawn is great about using what we have. She
does have different preferences than i do at times, but mostly in
style not brand.
[20:26:03] ebijack (mi): JC, does dawn excel in different
presentations than you?
[20:26:08] JC: Don't tell me that i am all caught up, any more
questions or should I get more specific with my answers?
[20:26:19] gwalt: what type of commitment did you have to give
them? shows and more
[20:26:58] JC: Ebi, Dawn is a very good live bait fisherman,
woman. I would say that she will out fish me with a jig most days.
[20:27:09] jigman: jc why a 6ft rod over a 7ft rod for vertical
[20:27:15] netter: jc, do you have a time-table for how long you
would like to fish tourneys. is there something you would like to
move on to someday
[20:27:17] ebijack (mi): :)
[20:27:33] gwalt: your doing fine
[20:27:43] JC: Gwalt, most sponsors require that you give them
certain numbers of days for what ever they see fit.
[20:28:33] JC: Jig man, those 7' get heavy after a long day. I
usually use longer rods than most guys. I like the extra leverage
for fighting fish.
[20:28:45] ebijack (mi): JC, what helped you the most to start to get
[20:28:55] Magic Marker: What electronics do you use?
[20:29:25] Just Look"N--Mi: what line JC?
[20:29:26] tlml(mn): what is your favorite presentation?
[20:29:33] JC: Netter, I have nothing against the tourneys and will
fish them as long as I have too. I would like to do more than that. I
don't really know what, but there is bigger out there.
[20:30:20] jigman: fishing for a living would seem to be the ultimate
for me 
[20:30:26] JC: Ebi, I found early on with sponsors that coming
through on promises is a good thing to do. Be honest, sincere and
try not to over inflate yourself. 
[20:30:28] gwalt: what about the flex of the rods JC  Fast tip?
[20:30:48] JC: I run all Lowrance stuff.  X 85 and 1600 this year.
[20:31:09] gwalt: what was your major in college?
[20:31:39] JC: Look'n, Berkley Pro select for jiggin, xt for trolling,
sensithing for bouncers and fireline for extra crankin depth.
[20:32:49] netter: jc will you be doing any seminars in the next few
weeks and if so where?
[20:32:50] JC: Jig, fishing for a living is great when your winning or
the guide schedule is full. Trust me there have been a lot of days I
wish I was selling used cars instead. :)
[20:32:51] ebijack (mi): JC, would you go to a 21ft boat if tracker
built one for walleye? or is 20 ft as big as you'd go
[20:33:45] JC: gwalt. That all depends on what I am doing. For
jigging fast tips are good. For live baiting, i like a little slower action
and for trolling really slow action is best.
[20:33:46] jigman: used cars ??? you just destroyed my dream jc
[20:34:26] JC: netter, I will be at several shows in ND this month.
[20:34:43] JC: Ebi 20 feet is perfect for me.
[20:35:10] steve(IL):  If you could have any 1/2 - 1oz jig rod
other than Loomis - what would it be?
[20:35:55] JC: Jig man, the point is it is as much work as anything
else out there.
[20:36:14] Juls (WI): :-)
[20:36:20] ebijack (mi): JC, can you tell us how you go about
planning to fish a lake, 
[20:36:33] jigman: the trick is to love youre work jc
[20:36:50] JC: The first step has been completed for a while now
and that is getting and reading a good map of the lake.
[20:37:31] JC: From there I start calling bait shops and guides to find
out as much as possible before I get there.
[20:37:38] ebijack (mi): JC, do you mainly look for trolling water
[20:38:09] JC: This lets me be a little more prepared upon arrival.
Next I just let my instincts take over.
[20:38:19] tlml(mn): JC do you fish a spot if you don't see fish on
your electronics?
[20:38:41] sundance: JC what was your best finish????
[20:39:01] JC: Ebi, i like to troll first for two reasons. First it will
catch active fish and secondly it lets me fish and cover water at the
same time. It is definitely my strong suit and I have to try it first.
[20:40:31] ebijack (mi): JC, is cabala's going to be the biggest
sponsor of NAWA again
[20:40:32] sundance: thats good considering the fields you have to
fish in..
[20:40:39] JC: So are there any hot topics on the message board
that we could dive into?
[20:40:52] JC: Thanks Sundance.
[20:41:15] ebijack (mi): yes JC, electronics questions..brands and
trolling motor brands
[20:41:33] SdDoc: JC, what did it take to turn pro? someone
encourage you or just a gut instinct that you could make it in the
[20:41:33] netter: jc, what do you see as the future of tournament
fishing, especially for eyes
[20:41:46] tlml(mn): JC do you fish a spot if you do not see fish on
your electronics?
[20:41:49] Bull 1: JC, what college did u attend and what was your
[20:41:54] Birdman(MI): JC - do you depend on a GPS at all
[20:42:29] JC: To be honest, the reason I went pro was because
my job wasn't getting me anywhere. I figured if I were to be poor, I
would have fun doing it.
[20:42:44] jigman: is the death rate of fish bad enough that
tournaments should be stopped in your opinion jc
[20:42:48] Just Look"N--Mi: good answer JC
[20:43:00] ebijack (mi): i like that plan JC  :)
[20:43:05] Jim Oh: Johnny nice write up in Field 7 Stream!!
[20:43:18] JC: There is no way to know if you have what it takes to
be a pro unless you try. The word pro has a lot more to do with just
the skills end of things, too. That is where most fall short.
[20:43:48] JC: Netter. walleye tourneys are just babies compared
to Bass. We are just emerging.
[20:44:26] JC: I went to the University of Akron in OH and have a BS
in Marketing and Business Adm.
[20:44:33] gwalt: I heard the ams can participate in the NAWA circuit
is this true. they can supply input also?
[20:44:48] JC: Bird, wouldn't leave home with out my GPS.
[20:44:56] jiffy: JC what would you say are the best rod and reels
[20:45:14] jiffy: name brand
[20:45:23] netter: jc, is the pro side of nawa full for all tourneys??
[20:45:55] JC: Jig, I have to watch myself here. No it isn't bad at all
and if it is, walleye have a high food value so why not use them for
that. OH has been donating tournament catches for years to the
needy. Great Idea.
[20:45:58] jiffy: JC being on the N.A.W.A do you get offered jobs to
guide fishing
[20:46:54] Bigmouth(oh): JC...Can spawning and post spawn eyes
be caught trolling in a great lake 10 to 30 ft deep. If so any tips???
Tired of jigging every year.
[20:46:56] JC: I haven't seen F&S, I hope it was accurate. Tell me
more about it please.
[20:47:07] walleye ryy: JC what do you do differently when working a lake
then a river ? 
[20:47:26] jiffy: JC what kind of reels do you use
[20:47:34] walleye ryy:  hard to troll
[20:47:35] JC: Gwalt you are correct about ams, but frankly, I take
most things with a grain of salt.
[20:48:28] JC: Jiffy, I have been very happy with Bass Pros rods
and reels. I have only broke two rods in three years and believe
me that is a good ratio.
[20:48:38] Jim Oh: In "THE FISHING ISSUE" Pg 84 & 85 by
PhilipBourJaily, What do you want to know?
[20:48:48] JC: Netter, I think there are still spots available.
[20:48:59] jiffy: JC do you like pinnacle reels
[20:49:33] ebijack 1(mi): JC, have you tried bass pro line?
[20:49:48] JC: I have been offered guide jobs all over the country
and I just got an offer to guide on Tobin this fall. Doubt if I will, don't
want to mess with a work permit and all.
[20:49:49] netter: jc, do you think the nawa tournaments are run as
well as pwt, and do you think nawa gets the publicity that pwt
[20:51:16] JC: Big mouth, put on the cranks and start moving. Use
boards to cover water and vary depths of cranks till you find the
right one. Start 5' deep and put a bait every five and you will get on
fish faster than you realize. I promise
[20:51:49] Bigmouth(oh): thanks JC
[20:52:08] JC: Rivers are tougher because you can't just rely on
electronics, you have to fish to see if they are there.
[20:52:25] jigman: jc what do you think of rattles on jigs
[20:52:29] JC: Jim, I remember the interview.  Thanks for the help.
[20:52:32] ebijack 1(mi): why do you say that JC
[20:52:57] JC: Jiffy, I have fished Pinnacle stuff. Very similar to BPS.
[20:53:10] JC: Ebi, their line is very high quality.
[20:54:06] ebijack 1(mi): JC, is there anything special about how
you rig your boat?
[20:54:14] JC: Netter, Both tourney circuits are ran very
professionally. I don't rely on them for publicity I try to make my
own so on that point, I don't even think about it much
[20:54:56] JC: Rattles and Jigs are deadly combinations.
[20:55:18] JC: Ebi, why do I say what.  I got lost.
[20:55:30] Magic: rattles work better in rivers than in clear lakes?
[20:55:56] ebijack 1(mi): that you have to fish for fish in the river and
not rely on electronics
[20:56:14] JC: My boat is rigged pretty much standard. A few
holders up front, most in rear for trolling Electronics both front and
[20:56:49] Birdman(MI): JC - what fishfinder do you use?
[20:57:01] bingo: JCgot disconected what about berkly power baits
[20:57:05] JC: Rattles work good all the time, may not be
necessary in clear water, but I promise they won't scare fish
[20:57:47] JC: Ebi, current and water depth in rivers doesn't always
let your electronics see the fish that may be there.
[20:57:47] Jim Ohio: Sorry Jc got booted did you see pg 84 & 85?
[20:58:09] ebijack 1(mi): you don't even think so using a flasher?
[20:58:17] JC: Bird man  Lowrance X-85
[20:58:29] critt(wi): jc how do you cope with lots of floating weeds
when trolling
[20:58:50] JC: Power bait is incredible stuff. It almost works as good
as live bait and in certain instances it is better.
[20:59:21] Magic: Do you use power bait on spinners?
[20:59:40] JC: Jim, I havenít seen it yet. I will have to get to a news
[21:00:06] JC: Ebi, I don't know what a flasher would do.
[21:00:41] JC: Critt, try a tiny split shot about 2 feet in front of your lure
it will catch the weed before it gets to your bait.
[21:01:33] Jim Ohio: It is by Philip Bourjaily pretty neat you talk
about your grandpa
[21:01:41] JC: Power bait is great on spinners, but give it a liitle
bend, don't hang it straight or you get very little action.
[21:02:07] JC: Bingo, I have done very well with burnt orange in
stained water. Give it a try.
[21:03:03] pa walleye: JC how about clear water
[21:03:11] Birdman(MI): JC -what's your opinion on stinger hooks
when jigging as in Fireball jigs
[21:03:22] ebijack 1(mi): JC, how did you come to decide to fish
with your wife as a partner,
[21:03:47] Bigmouth(oh): JC....What kind of powerworm do you use
on spinners? ie...length,style,and color
[21:04:01] ripper: jc when rigging in a fast current what length of
snell do u like
[21:04:11] JC: In clear water stick with whites and pastel type colors
like light blue and pink. Also try colors painted over chrome. Storm
has several cranks painted this way. They flash, but not too much.
[21:04:37] JC: Big mouth,  the 6" power crawler in Pumpkinseed.
[21:05:03] Bigmouth(oh): thanks JC...
[21:05:28] JC: Ripper, longer is better. I like to use three ways in
current with at least 5' leader to the hook.
[21:05:30] pa walleye: JC is that for clear water
[21:05:32] ebijack 1(mi): JC, have you ever tried using dipsy
[21:06:00] zimpelp: Do you have any advice for a young
up-and-coming walleye pro?
[21:06:05] JC: Yes clear water, does it sound wrong? I could
explain more.
[21:06:25] pa walleye: no thats fine
[21:06:27] JC: Yes Ebi, i have won some $ using Dipsy Divers.
[21:06:51] jigman: do you have any tricks for getting a hook of a
snag jc
[21:07:03] jigman: off a snag jc
[21:07:04] Birdman(MI): JC - stinger hooks - pros and cons?
[21:08:14] JC: Zim, for an up and coming pro. Make some good
relationships and stay loyal. Trust everyone, but trust no one. Fish
hard and keep your nose clean. In the end remember that you are
the only one you have to be accountable too. It is a business, so
learn a
[21:08:46] JC: Jigman, I usually just break them off and reach for
my check book.
[21:08:58] jigman: ouch
[21:09:12] ebijack 1(mi): JC, now for the hard question...who gets to
hold the trophy, you or your wife :)
[21:09:51] JC: Ebi, I have held enough of them, It is her turn.
[21:09:58] ebijack 1(mi): what a guy   :)
[21:11:03] ebijack 1(mi): JC, will she start to do shows with you? for
your sponsors
[21:11:08] JC: I am not in a hurry, i will stick around if there are more
[21:11:34] Birdman(MI): JC - stinger hooks - do you use them
[21:12:11] Jim Ohio: Do you know how many openings remain in
the Pro side at Sandusky NAWA?
[21:12:12] Bull 1: JC, u said u went to Akron U, r u from Ohio
[21:12:15] JC: Ebi, she has travelled with me and helps me out. I
don't really think she is interested in being sponsored herself, but
we are working on some things to be sponsored as a couple.
[21:12:52] JC: Bird man, I use stingers as soon as I miss three bites
in a row. Mostly with minnows.
[21:12:57] ebijack 1(mi): JC, that would be cool
[21:13:04] Birdman(MI): thanks
[21:13:18] JC: No, jim, I don't but i am sure there are some.
[21:13:49] Birdman(MI): how long have you been on the tour and
how old are you?
[21:14:14] zimpelp: JC what is the easiest way to get a sponsor,
without winning any touraments
[21:14:17] JC: Bull, yes I am from OH. Went to South east high in
Ravenna and lived near youngstown After high school. I am a
Mahoning Valley product.
[21:14:55] JC: Bird, I have 5 years under my belt and i am 28 yrs
[21:15:02] jigman: do you think slot limits are the way to go for
preserving our fish jc?
[21:15:35] Birdman(MI): Buckeye - is that a hairless nut?
[21:15:40] ebijack 1(mi): JC, have you been able to turn a profit in
all 5 of those years?
[21:15:43] JC: Zim, the best way to get a sponsors is to show them
that yu can do something for them that no one else can. Create
your own package and sell it to them. 
[21:15:49] Bigmouth(oh): thats correct
[21:15:59] Drift'r: JC do you ever use leadcore
[21:16:04] old crow/Mt.: on holter lake in mt we have a slot limit 3
under 18 and 1 over28 works good
[21:16:08] REDEYE: JC Your favorite type of fishing
[21:16:26] JC: Jig, I love slot limits, I think they work great.
[21:16:51] pa walleye: good for you JC
[21:17:00] zimpelp: Slot limits really helped out Mille Lacs become
one of the best fisheriers around
[21:17:42] ebijack 1(mi): JC, did you think going to 2 divisions was
a good thing for the pwt?
[21:17:48] Bull 1: what is your favorite lake, JC???
[21:17:55] JC: Ebi, I have been lucky that I have a guide business
as well. The guiding kept me going while the tournament stuff got
up to speed. The past few years have been ok.
[21:18:30] JC: No I don't use leadcore.
[21:18:41] REDEYE: favorite color jig for clear water
[21:18:30] JC: No I don't use leadcore.
[21:18:41] REDEYE: favorite color jig for clear water
[21:18:44] walleye ryy: no
[21:18:48] Magic: Why do they call it a western division, still 1500 mi
to Detroit for me-MT
[21:18:59] pa walleye: JC is there a reason why
[21:19:21] JC: Yes the two division thing is very positive. It was not
an easy decision not to fish with them this year.
[21:19:51] JC: Red eye.  In clear water I like white.
[21:20:15] JC: My favorite lake is by far Erie.
[21:20:19] Magic: Need a western division in MY, WY OR WA
ID-lots of walleye lakes
[21:20:34] Hooter: your bias JC
[21:20:52] REDEYE: just round? short shank or long
[21:21:02] JC: Magic, you are not the first one I have heard say that.
Some day it may happen. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
[21:21:48] JC: I use mostly long shanked jigs. I haven't found a time
when the length of the shank makes a lot of difference.
[21:21:55] jigman: when river fishing and a cold front comes
through over night where do you startjc
[21:21:57] Magic: Same here for your lakes
[21:22:38] JC: Jig, the same as the day before. River fish are not
effected nearly as much as lake fish by weather changes.
[21:22:44] Bigmouth(oh): JC...When erie goes flat the bite usually
does also...Time for a swim...Any tips on strategy changes?
 [21:23:16] Just Look"N--Mi: later..... thanks for the info JC
[21:23:28] Hooter: depends where he fish's jigs
[21:23:40] REDEYE: what diamater line for jig
[21:23:57] zimpelp: JC- How about fireline?
[21:24:18] JC: Big mouth, I would disagree totally. Try speeding up
and pay special attention to your sonar. Change with the fish.
Speed up until you begin to mark more fish and get your baits in
their face. Go for reaction type strikes instead of waiting for them to
[21:24:23] Magic: Thanks for the chat JC, see you again at FT
Peck. Need to run!! Take care all
[21:24:31] Bull 1: try using a leech and a jig when it goes flat
bigmouth works for me..dead rod
[21:24:50] JC: Redeye, i jig with 6 lb test.
[21:25:05] Bigmouth(oh): thanks
[21:25:09] JC: Fireline is good for deep jigging and better for deep
[21:25:56] jigman: what about shallow jigging jc what dia. line and
what type?
[21:26:39] ebijack 1(mi): is there anymore questions for our host
[21:27:08] zimpelp: Nice talking to you JC, thanks for the advice!!
[21:27:12] JC: Jig, all of my Jig rods have 6 lb Berkley Pro select
on them. Shollow deep or in between. I will use fireline when jiggin
60' plus for sauger.
[21:27:40] Bull 1: good luck in 99 JC !!!!!! keep your net wet and your
lines tight!!!!!! good job hosting!!!!
[21:27:58] ebijack 1(mi): thanks JC !!! good luck in 99 to both of you!!
[21:28:06] jigman: thank you for you're time jc hope you fill you're
boat nite all
[21:28:13] Nite Eyes: thanks jc
[21:28:16] Capn': JC is berkley pro select a mono or a braided line
[21:28:20] Juls (WI): thanks JC good luck to you and Dawn ...clap
clap clap
[21:28:21] REDEYE: see ya
[21:28:26] pa walleye: good luck JC
[21:28:40] JC: Thank for having me, I will be around from time to
time and feel free to email anytime. candle@ndak.net
[21:28:58] Bigmouth(oh): good luck this year JC and god bless....
[21:29:10] Hooter: we love ya man, good job J C 
[21:29:14] ebijack 1(mi): thanks again JC  !!!
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