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Jonnie Candle 11/3/99
[20:01:21] ebijack: Please welcome our host tonight JOHN CANDLE!!!!!!!!!
[20:01:26] Steve (IA): evening, everyone
[20:01:27] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap
[20:01:29] ebijack: clap clap clap
[20:01:33] Steve (IA): clap, clap, clap
[20:01:38] bob g: haaaaaaaaaaaa
[20:01:39] Pete[Oh]: Heeeeeresss JOnnie
[20:01:41] R238S: clap clap clap
[20:01:43] river king mi: welcome jc
[20:01:43] Jim (Oh): Clap Clap Clap!!!!
[20:01:44] Drift'r: welcome john
[20:01:49] ebijack: john, how about starting off with telling us how the 1999 season
[20:01:50] GILMAN: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:01:55] Den 1: welcome jc
[20:02:04] JC: I am shocked to see so many here. Thought everyone was headed to
[20:02:18] Jim (Oh): too windy
[20:02:19] Pete[Oh]: not yet
[20:02:21] Reefer: you draw a crowd
[20:02:24] JC: The 99 season went very well for me.
[20:02:25] eyeguy/mn: too far
[20:02:28] Juls (WI): tomorrow morning...;-)
[20:02:36] bob g: fri night
[20:02:47] slapshot: can't go
[20:02:55] R238S: not soon enough
[20:02:55] Reefer: you gonna show at huron JC?
[20:02:58] JC: It started out kinda tough with some boat problems, but ended up in the
NAWA championship and finished 12 there.
[20:03:10] eyeguy/mn: cool
[20:03:14] GILMAN: where was your best tournament john
[20:03:15] Juls (WI): way to go jonnie....;-)
[20:03:21] ebijack: john, didn't you fish with your wife as your team member?
[20:03:36] ebijack: good job john and wife!!!
[20:03:38] JC: Best pro am finish was at redwing in the champ.
[20:04:40] JC: On the team side, Dawn and I placed 3rd overall and had a second
place day one finish at Mille Lacs and a second day 4th place finish at Sac. The later
was with a sub, but it still counts.
[20:04:48] ebijack: john, are you going to fish the PTW curcuit for 2000?
[20:05:23] JC: My plans for now include the PWT, but it is up to them at what level I
get to participate.
[20:05:29] slapshot: good question
20:05:59] ebijack: john, both divisions?
[20:06:10] Jim (Oh): what  about PTW Johnnie
[20:06:26] river king mi: you meant the ptw right ebi
[20:06:44] JC: I have talked to the PWT and it looks like there is an outside chance I
could fish both divisions. Odds are only one. Most likely the west.
[20:07:01] river king mi: ptw jc
[20:07:18] ebijack: yes, john. what about the PTW curcuit
[20:07:25] Juls (WI): only three tournies? what willlllll you do with all your time?
[20:08:11] JC: River King, I have a hard time with team tourneys. I have been fishing
pro ams for 7 years now. it is hard to find a partner that doesn't want to call the shots.
Maybe if my wife would like to we will hit a few.
[20:08:27] slapshot: anybody know how the sign up is on the PTW
[20:08:48] Jim (Oh): Texas will not say
[20:09:00] ebijack: john, are you working on sponsors for 2000?
[20:09:03] JC: Juls, I will fish more than just the three. i will try to get in some governors
cups and that type of thing. Merc Nationals etc. I would turn up the heat on my guide
service as well.
[20:09:18] river king mi: i agree its hard to fish with a partner everybody has there own
[20:09:26] eyeguy/mn: yup
[20:09:31] Juls (WI): cool JC
[20:09:34] slapshot: Awsome!
[20:10:01] Jim (Oh): good partners help each other be better fishermen. BUT THEY
[20:10:05] slapshot: Jc I think you and Dawn should fish the PTW
[20:10:05] JC: This is a busy time of year. Currently working on sportshows for Y2K as
well as new sponsors. i am trying to get outside of the fishing industry, more money out
20:10:35] Juls (WI): who are some of your sponsors JC?
[20:10:36] Jim (Oh): how is that going Jonnie
[20:10:38] eyeguy/mn: is lowrance still with you?
[20:10:55] ebijack: john, do you think with what the FLW has done with sponsors, it will
help you?
[20:11:16] JC: A good tournament sponsor is a special thing. You need one that helps
you think better and fish better, but not doubt yourself. Very fine line there. I must admit,
my wife did a great job this summer.
[20:11:37] Juls (WI): Way to go Dawn!! ;-)
[20:11:43] Jim (Oh): you mean partner
[20:11:56] Jbob: How's Dawn and Bee doing
[20:12:14] huck oh: jc whats the best advice you can give a guy after a big blow and
cold front comes through other than stay home 
[20:12:30] JC: It is hard to say Ebi. i would be lying if I said the walleye game didn't
make me nervous right now. If I were a bass fisherman I would say absolutely. Right
now as a walleye fisherman it may be hurting us.
[20:13:05] JC: Dawn and "B" are great. B is having the time of her life getting ducks
out of the water for Dawn.
[20:13:57] ebijack: i'm suprised you say that john, i would think that the "outside"
sponsors would be more than willing to now get into the game..just my thought
[20:14:10] river king mi: i was told the flw was gonna get involved in the walleye game
have you heard that
[20:14:40] JC: My first choice after a big system moves through is to crank up the
speed and get some hard stuff in the water. I know things have changed because of
the front, but don't know how. Trolling lets me put a bait in front of more fish to help
figure it out.
[20:15:46] JC: Ebi, in a way you are right, but if they do their homework , the walleye
game appears to be shaky. The folding of the NAWA really hurt. And with the sale of
In-Fish last year, no one is 100% for sure about the PWT.
[20:16:06] ebijack: john, do you prefer to spend lots of hours prefishing, or go by
seasonal patterns
[20:17:12] JC: I have heard the Irwin Jacobs is coming at the walleye game. To what
extent, i don't know. It scares me how powerful he is. He can force everyone to do
things his way in order to succeed. I think things will continue to grow and get better
each year.
[20:17:31] bob g: what do you do different in dirty water to get fish jonnie
[20:17:42] Jbob: JC how many pros from the NAWA will the PWT accept
[20:17:46] ebijack: john, what sponsors did you have in 1999
[20:18:19] JC: Ebi, I spend a lot of time trying to find a few fish that aren’t in the typical
seasonal patterns. You can bank on the majority of the fish to be doing the same thing.
it is those other 15% that can win a tournament for you.
[20:18:58] JC: In dirty water i like to use lures that have subtle rattles. Not too loud, just
a little.
[20:19:37] JC: I think that the PWT will take as many from the NAWA as they can. I
have heard rumor of an expanded field to let everyone in.
[20:19:44] river king mi: are you talking about rattle tots in dirty water jc
[20:20:00] Jim (Oh): Jonnie what is your go to lure??
[20:21:01] slapshot: JC are working on that sponsor you and talked about at
Sakakawea?? (Mike Peluso)
[20:21:11] JC: Not Quite that extreme King. More like rattle jigs or rattle beads on
spinners. Stick with thundersticks or reef runners in dirty water they make enough
noise. I use rattle tots in really clear water when fishing suspended fish in open basins
like Saginaw
[20:21:36] Reefer: gotta go all, keep up the good work Jonnie, hope to stick against ya
[20:21:57] JC: Mike, still trying, but getting nowhere. I think they are too big and i keep
getting lost on someones desk.
[20:22:11] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:22:20] slapshot: Isn't that brutal!!!!
[20:22:47] JC: Go to bait is a Deep Jr T-Stick.  Rainbow trout or fire tiger.
[20:23:33] JC: Ya that is the problem when going outside the industry. If you don't have
an in with someone it is hard to make head way.
[20:23:34] Jim (Oh): what do you think of the brand new Deep Lil Rippers??
[20:24:20] JC: Jim, as you know we could have used them a while ago. They will be a
great bait all across the country just like their big brother.
[20:24:46] Jim (Oh): Don't I know. And so does Scott
[20:24:49] slapshot: That's right!
[20:25:23] JC: I just hope Scott has enough made before he puts them on the shelf.
They will go reel fast :)
[20:25:37] river king mi: you/re right on the rattle tots on saginaw bay for sure
[20:25:41] Jbob: JC what is your favorite area to fish
[20:25:48] Jim (Oh): he's trying to anticipate the problem
[20:26:13] Steelhead: When will we see a artificial only Walleye tournament?
[20:26:26] JC: JBob, Erie is awesome, but I really like the Missouri River system. It
offers something for everyone. Sak is awesome right now.
[20:26:36] slapshot: I hope NEVER!!!!
[20:26:52] Steelhead: Why?
[20:27:18] Jbob: so is the Mississippi and the ST Criox
[20:27:29] JC: I think an artificial only tourney will happen in the next two or three years.
Look for Berkley to be a big sponsor.
[20:27:38] slapshot: I love to fish with everything!  Especially Jigs!
[20:27:51] JC: Why what?
[20:27:54] Jbob: jigs with power bait
[20:27:58] Juls (WI): why would you want an artificial only tourney?
[20:28:12] Steelhead: The Bass boys have been artificial only for years and the
sponsors love it.
[20:28:19] Jim (Oh): Do you really think the artificial only rule will effect sponsors
[20:28:41] JC: Juls, just to prove it could be done. Look how many are that way by
choice. I didn't even take bait in 3 of five tourneys this year.
[20:28:43] Juls (WI): yea, but their fishing for bass....easy fish dont need live bait
[20:29:13] slapshot: Good answer Juls!!!!!
[20:29:16] Jbob: yes it will because if you can't use the sponsors product how can we
promote it
[20:29:33] Pete[Oh]: how do you think bass are easy,juls?
[20:29:36] JC: I don't think all of the tourneys will be artificial only. Just some special
events so No it shouldn’t affect sponsors.
[20:29:54] Juls (WI): because i used to fish them before fishing eyes...eyes are tougher
[20:30:07] Pete[Oh]: no way
[20:30:14] Jim (Oh): way
[20:30:18] slapshot: I agree with Juls!
[20:30:26] Juls (WI): my humble opinion..dont want to start anything here.......go on
[20:30:38] Jim (Oh): LOL LOL
[20:30:51] Steve (IA): shoot...... thought we had a cat fight here..... :-)
[20:30:57] Juls (WI): lol
[20:31:29] ebijack: john, tell us about what boat and electronics etc you ran in 99
[20:31:32] Steelhead: Just stiring the pot
[20:31:37] JC: I like that discussion. I think bass are much easier. Fished one bass
tourney in entire career. Beat Van Damn, Clunn, Stacey King, and Penny Berryman.
No way should that happen. I cant even cast a bait caster.
[20:31:37] slapshot: The Bass guys don't want any part of what the walleyes guys
have to do! He He I love it!
[20:32:06] Juls (WI): lol JC
[20:32:21] JC: I finished 9th out of 25 at a charity event on Table rock. Only walleye guy
[20:32:28] Juls (WI): cool
[20:32:57] JC: Boat was a Tracker Targa 2000 and Lowrance LMS 1600 and 2 X-85s
[20:33:05] Steelhead: I think walleye people have an advantage, we deal more with
structure and deep fish than most of the bass folks.
[20:33:14] mbrandt(in): When your on them on Erie tho, eye's are easier than bass
[20:33:41] Juls (WI): make that a Purple Tracker...only one i saw all summer that
[20:33:53] Pete[Oh]: see what you started juls
[20:34:00] Jim (Oh): gettin 'on Them" is the key. It starts as a hunt
[20:34:01] Juls (WI): heheh sorry
[20:34:15] mbrandt(in): Very true
[20:34:45] JC: Thanks for the compliment Juls
[20:34:53] Juls (WI): your welcome...;-)
[20:35:03] ebijack: john, which technique is your favorite way to get walleye
[20:35:10] Jim (Oh): Jonnie did you run a Pin point
20:35:40] JC: Thats a loaded question, what ever is working. I love to troll crank baits.
I like the science behind it.
[20:35:52] JC: Jim I ran a MinnKota 101.
[20:36:16] Jim (Oh): is that an auto pilot type motor
[20:36:25] ebijack: john, why do you think more folks run snap weights instead of dipsy
divers for cranks
[20:36:36] slapshot: Jim did you have question about Pinpoint?
[20:37:15] JC: No just the good ole cable steer foot control. Most of the auto pilot types
steer too slow. The pin Points of the world are starting to change that.
[20:37:15] Fastrack (Wi): JC do you use mono  or fireline for trolling?
[20:38:00] slapshot: They are working on it as I speak. Not sure when they will be out.
But look for them maybe this spring
[20:38:26] JC: I don't understand the snap weight craze. For me they are a last resort.
For some reason Dipsys are very under utilized. I have had success with then
[20:38:53] JC: I use both mono and fireline depending on how deep I need my baits to
[20:39:54] JC: I don't believe that line color makes a difference. I use different colors
on my reels to tell me what they are in the rod locker. Green is rigging, Clear is jigging,
[20:39:55] Fastrack (Wi): JC what size dipsys do you use?
[20:40:57] JC: On the great lakes i use the regular or largest size out here i use the
smallest ones and even the big jon mini disks. They work great for spinner rigs. Just like
a weight , but directional too.
[20:41:51] Fastrack (Wi): thank you JC
[20:42:00] Jim (Oh): Jonnie how do you think they compare with 20 Jets (depth wise)
[20:42:13] Jim (Oh): mini disks
[20:42:26] JC: I have had great things happen in the Missouri River system when i
have tried great lakes tactics. People should experiment more.
[20:42:52] Jim (Oh): some are
[20:43:03] JC: Jim it depends how fast you go. I can get about 20 to 25 feet out of
them and still keep spinners turning pretty good.
[20:43:12] Fastrack (Wi): JC do you use down rigger at all?
[20:43:17] Jim (Oh): 1.6??
[20:43:51] JC: I love to Down rig.  Again a tool that should be used more for eyes.
[20:44:21] JC: Jim I would say 20 feet for sure at that speed with about 125 feet of
[20:44:27] Fastrack (Wi): you bet JC they work great
[20:44:30] ebijack: john, do you have a trolling speed that seems to work best no
matter where and when?
[20:44:33] Jim (Oh): thanks
[20:45:48] ebijack: JC is going back to pwt rabbit  :)
[20:46:05] GW: mabrandt; do you fish in Indiana?
[20:46:06] rabbit(wi): Welcome back Johnny
[20:46:13] JC: I like to troll just a little faster than the rest of the boats around me. That
seems to work most of the time. If not I go slower, but rarely the same. It helps to be the
different presentation.
[20:46:13] Den 1: JC what is the shallowest that you have used the riggers?
[20:46:25] mbrandt(in): Yes
[20:47:28] rabbit(wi): Are you fishing all 6 JC
[20:47:41] JC: Shallowest with riggers would be in 10 feet of water. Use them to get
lines down quick to stay out of the way of other presentations. Run shallow divers or
spinners still along way back.
[20:47:46] mbrandt(in): I fish Indiana all the time
[20:48:16] JC: Rabbit, that is up to the powers that be.  I hope Jim and Mark like me. :)
[20:48:39] Den 1: we use them in spring in 7 ft of water, with 8 ft of line out, after dark it
is deadly
[20:49:15] GW: mbrandt: i am new to the state and live in Indianapolis. any
[20:49:26] river king mi: later everbody and thanks jc and good luck
[20:49:50] JC: GW, try the Ohio River. There is great walleye and sauger fishing from
one end to the other.
[20:50:02] R238S: jonnie you making it to huron
[20:50:12] rabbit(wi): JC, What  boat are you fishing out of this year?
[20:50:31] JC: I am not going to be in Huron.  Just to far to drive and too $ to fly.
[20:51:06] JC: I am staying with the Tracker. They are very good to me and i love the
boat. They even fixed the livewells for Y2K.
[20:51:28] rabbit(wi): Thats good to hear, 
[20:51:28] mbrandt(in): Now how can y2k affect livewells
[20:51:38] ebijack: :)
[20:51:56] JC: The timmers get screwed up when the year flips over. :)
[20:51:57] rabbit(wi): computer chips in livewells?
[20:52:21] mbrandt(in): Most of our motors will die too
[20:52:30] Steve (IA): Y2k gremlins are EVERYWHERE
[20:52:39] JC: I meant for the model year 2000.
[20:52:51] ebijack: john, do you use a auto pilot on your kicker motor?
[20:54:00] JC: I used to use the TR1 and thought it was a great product. The problem
was with the management, they didn't think I was a good representation for them I
guess. I would love to get some other type of system, but haven’t found one as good.
[20:55:01] ebijack: john, do you have a limit on how far you'd run in a tourney ?
[20:56:08] JC: I have ran up to 64 miles one way. You have to go to the best fish that
you know of. Some guys get lucky and find them close others don't. if you fish to win
there are NO LIMITS!!!
[20:56:31] ebijack: :)
[20:57:21] JC: My father and i fished a tourney on Erie once. Ran from Port Clinton OH
to Geneva. Had 1 hour to fish, finished second by 1/4 of an inch.
[20:57:23] ebijack: ok folks, if you have any more questions for our host tonight, ask
em now!
[20:58:12] ebijack: wow john, now that's time management!
[20:59:59] I’d like to thank our host tonight JC…JOHN CANDLE!!!!!!!!!
[21:00:00]clap clap clap!!!!  Thanks john!!!

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