[20:09:24] capt tom: open to anything

[20:09:55] ebijack (mi): where do you charter out of capt

[20:10:11] capt tom: Hows by guy from downriver doin

[20:10:48] capt tom: Bolles Harbor Erie and Harsen Island St.Clair

[20:11:01] ebijack (mi): the detroit river is REALLY dirty, 8in of visibility

[20:11:29] capt tom: Yes so is the lake high winds

[20:11:35] ebijack (mi): i launch out of bolles when i go to the hot ponds when

everything else is freezing up

[20:12:08] ebijack (mi): what size boat do you run for charters

[20:12:10] capt tom: Is their walleyes their in the fall?

[20:12:24] capt tom: 27'

[20:12:35] capt tom: searay amberjack

[20:12:52] ebijack (mi): lots of bass, a few walleye, on dec 29th on of my buddies got a

10lb 11oz wally there last year

[20:13:30] capt tom: heard the geese use the area also

[20:13:31] ebijack (mi): do you mainly charter for walleye

[20:14:09] capt tom: no but walleye are my bread and better trips

[20:14:20] capt tom: butter

[20:14:43] ebijack (mi): do you mainly troll or use weight forward for the wally's

[20:15:22] capt tom: fish smallies and Muskie a little spring salmon on Huron

[20:16:17] ebijack (mi): how have you done on the musky's so far, isn't the season just


[20:16:43] capt tom: both what ever the customer wants, if they need limits we troll if

they want sport we cast. I like the weight forward fishing

[20:17:15] ebijack (mi): do you have to use drift socks in a boat that size

[20:17:30] capt tom: no fishing was terrific in July a little slow now

[20:18:17] capt tom: depends on the wind speed

[20:18:29] ebijack (mi): which waters (areas) do you find more musky, canadian

[20:18:42] capt tom: you bit

[20:18:47] capt tom: bet

[20:21:26] capt tom: the trick is to find Muskie were their is minimal surface weeds

[20:24:12] golden(co): Capt Tom, what does it take to become a "qualified" Great

Lakes Captain?

[20:24:22] *** ynot has joined Walleye Central

[20:24:27] golden(co): Hi Ynot

[20:24:37] ebijack (mi): howdy rick, ynot

[20:24:45] capt tom: You need a coast guard captains lisense

[20:24:49] ynot: Hi guys

[20:25:12] Rick M: Hi Golden and Capt Tom . I,m from Wisconsin about 25 mi from


[20:25:12] ynot: hi Capt. Tom

[20:25:12] golden(co): What is the criteria to getting a coast gaurd liscense?

[20:26:28] ebijack (mi): how long have you been a charter cart. , tom

[20:26:32] capt tom: You must pass a test on Rules of the Road ,Seamanship ,

Navigation, and Weather they don't care if you know how to fish

[20:26:48] capt tom: 12years

[20:27:17] ebijack (mi): do you run more than one boat?

[20:27:23] Rick M: I suppose this question has been asked , but where do you captain


[20:27:46] capt tom: No but have worked for other Charter Boats

[20:27:47] ynot: Which lake do you charter on?

[20:28:23] capt tom: Erie and Huron including connecting waterways

[20:29:00] golden(co): Is there any special equipment that you use to navigate the "Big


[20:29:35] Rick M: what part of erie do you fish in early season

[20:29:39] ynot: Stupid question: What's your biggest (fish :-)

[20:30:48] capt tom: Western Basin 11 1/2 pounds

[20:31:26] ynot: On the wall?

[20:31:28] capt tom: At Gander Mountain in Taylor , MI.

[20:31:43] *** LS has joined Walleye Central

[20:31:44] Rick M: Are you out of Port Clinton? and how was your year

[20:31:48] golden(co): Hi LS

[20:31:52] ebijack (mi): how many people min/max for a walleye charter

[20:31:59] ebijack (mi): howdy LS

[20:32:08] ynot: Hi LS

[20:32:08] golden(co): Tonight'

[20:32:13] golden(co): soops

[20:32:21] capt tom: No NO NO! Monroe they are the competion

[20:32:21] golden(co): never mind

[20:32:27] LS: hi guys

[20:33:01] Rick M: Where is Monroe?

[20:33:04] capt tom: 6 max.

[20:33:16] ynot: Do you tourney fish?

[20:33:25] capt tom: southeast Mi. near Toledo

[20:33:46] jigmup: tom, with 6 on board are you trolling or mostly drifting in-line


[20:34:03] capt tom: Not walleye but fish Muskie and Salmon tourn.

[20:34:22] capt tom: costomers choice

[20:34:28] capt tom: customer

[20:34:46] jigmup: do you run the big boards or in-line

[20:35:31] capt tom: big boards use mastercraft boards

[20:35:32] Rick M: I,ve noticed lots of erie fishing is done with dipsys when trolling.

Does anyone us snap weights and side planners on erie

[20:37:05] capt tom: sure I use rubber bands instead of offshore clips remember I fish

many times with novice

[20:37:39] capt tom: the clips are expense if they loss them

[20:37:51] golden(co): What do you mean you use rubber bands, how?

[20:38:44] ynot: how do they lose clips?

[20:40:42] Rick M: I,ve lost some snap weights when caught on the bottom. However I

do use leadcore so I dont always have to use snaps

[20:44:55] Rick M: I fish Green Bay alot and it can get shallow pretty quickly.

Sometimes I,ll run over a rock hump that I have not charted and I,ll lose a snap weight

, but thats also when I get a lot of fish. On rock Humps etc. So i guess its worth it.

[20:49:02] golden(co): No problem, we were talking about the rubber bands instead of


[20:49:46] Rick M: I would imagine that you run the rubber band thru the weight eye

and loop the wight around the line and cinching the band to the line. Yes?

[20:49:52] Capt tom: o people wind them to guides and they sometime fall off

[20:50:24] Capt tom: tes must break the rubber

[20:51:04] Capt tom: also use lead core

[20:51:13] golden(co): Do you ever use downriggers?

[20:51:47] Capt tom: yes when they are 20' deep or more

[20:52:06] Rick M: What pound test leadcore would you use when trolling cranks say

at 30 feet. what works best for yo9u

[20:52:18] ynot: What release system are ya'll talking about if not downriggers?

[20:52:46] Capt tom: I use 12# lead core

[20:53:24] Capt tom: I use and sponsered by Offshore Tackle

[20:53:25] ynot: P.S What are you releasing from?

[20:53:28] Rick M: How many colors do you use

[20:54:25] Capt tom: boards', downriggers, or inline weights

[20:54:51] *** ynot 500 has joined Walleye Central

[20:55:03] Capt tom: hot colors in turbit water naturals in clear water

[20:55:11] jigmup: when your running the leadcore, tom, i take it your running segments

of it?

[20:56:17] jigmup: about five feet down per color?

[20:56:26] Rick M: I guess I meant how many color segments do you usually tie on

[20:58:13] Capt tom: Yes Rick M but i fish 16 rods on trolling trips.

[20:58:35] jigmup: tom, do you figure about five feet per color on your leadcore?

[20:58:37] Wannabe: How did you finish jig

[20:58:37] ynot 500: How do keep that going, Tom?

[20:58:47] jigmup: 15

[20:59:17] Capt tom: good mate and patients when tangle

[20:59:52] *** Bigfoot has joined Walleye Central

[20:59:59] jigmup: hi rick

[21:00:02] golden(co): Hi Bigfoot

[21:00:03] Rick M: tom come back on how many segments of leadcore do you usually

tie on?

[21:00:04] LS: hi bigfoot

[21:00:04] ebijack (mi): howdy bigfoot

[21:00:18] Wannabe: Wow they really put ya out there in that wind hu?

[21:00:20] ynot 500: Do you have to bait thier hooks, land thier fish...?

[21:00:26] Bigfoot: hi guys

[21:00:29] Jim (Canada): Hey Bigfoot... congratulations.... saw the show this past


[21:00:30] Capt tom: I think 5' per color I count he color changes when I finf fish

[21:00:55] Capt tom: sorry about spelling

[21:01:01] Jimmy: hi guys..

[21:01:14] golden(co): Tonight's guest Host is Captain Tom Arlington, He's a Charter

Captain in the Great Lakes, we are discussing tactics for deep walleye

[21:01:20] Jim (Canada): Don't worry Captain... we can barely read.

[21:01:29] Rick M: thanks thats ok I,m not the greatest myself

[21:01:29] jigmup: good one

[21:01:33] ebijack (mi): howdy jimmy

[21:01:43] Capt tom: I can barely type

[21:01:49] Bigfoot: Paul where do I want to stay in Garrison

[21:02:08] Jim (Canada): Capt... did ya ever think in a million years that one night you'd

host an internet show????

[21:02:10] ynot 500: You type better than I fish tho

[21:02:20] jigmup: what's the dates again?

[21:02:44] Bigfoot: Aug. 12-16

[21:02:46] *** tom n has joined Walleye Central

[21:02:54] Capt tom: no but love to chat you can never learn enough

[21:02:55] Jimmy: howdy...I think the walleye inLake erie are deep now after the blow

the past few days!!

[21:02:57] ebijack (mi): howdy tom n

[21:02:59] ynot 500: Hi Tom N

[21:03:11] Rick M: rick m gotta go . Thanks

[21:03:14] *** Rick M has left Walleye Central

[21:03:19] Wannabe: the trip was good 28 hours +-

[21:03:26] tom n: hey ynot whats going on

[21:03:38] golden(co): HI tomN

[21:03:40] Capt tom: They are heavy in the central portion of Erie

[21:03:43] LS: wannabe, everything go ok?

[21:03:49] tom n: hi golden

[21:03:52] Jim (Canada): I didn't catch what Lake you're on Capt.

[21:03:54] ynot 500: Playing pinger games, I think

[21:04:15] Bigfoot: already booked talked to tolly

[21:04:18] Wannabe: Yes LS thanks

[21:04:44] Jimmy: That what I heard

[21:05:04] Bigfoot: small cabins yuck

[21:05:09] Capt tom: Erie, St. Clair

[21:05:21] LS: wannabe, steve wants to buy earnie's boat you should e-mail me his #

[21:05:45] Jim (Canada): Ever sneak out for some muskie????

[21:05:57] Bigfoot: what motels or resorts by Garrison

[21:06:22] ynot 500: Capt. Tom, How tall of seas can you still fish in?

[21:06:27] Capt tom: Yes scroll back 20 minutes ago if you can

[21:06:29] Wannabe: I'll send it to ya tonight LS

[21:06:57] Bigfoot: Italked to him and reserved rooms but wanted to check with you


[21:07:13] Capt tom: Love to catch "toothy"

[21:07:24] Jim (Canada): I only get to see the conversation that's been going on since I

joined in....

[21:07:27] ynot 500: Sorry, i stop at the rubber band thing

[21:07:32] golden(co): What's a good muskie gonna go up there Tom

[21:07:51] Capt tom: 35-40#

[21:08:17] tom n: i am ready

[21:08:20] Jim (Canada): I'm a bit of tackle junkie... TJA .... I bought some Deep Jr.

Thundersticks... are they worth it for Eire?

[21:08:22] Bigfoot: so the Garrison motel is best

[21:08:27] Capt tom: rare but their some caught every year

[21:09:04] Bigfoot: no Mike will be with me and the Glorvigens will be there also

[21:09:09] Capt tom: Yes I like them in Spring

[21:09:17] tom n: jim they work well on erie

[21:10:00] Jim (Canada): Capt... how far up Erie do you come???? I'm a Port Maitland

kid.... grew up with a load of Powell's around.

[21:10:05] Bigfoot: to small, probably stay at the motel

[21:10:27] tom n: got to go see you all later

[21:10:30] Capt tom: Wiggle Warts are number one in Erie for Cranks

[21:10:40] ebijack (mi): have a good one tom n

[21:10:45] *** tom n has left Walleye Central

[21:10:47] Wannabe: Bigfoot what are you going to Garrison for if you dont mind me


[21:11:10] Bigfoot: NAWA tournament next year

[21:12:18] Capt tom: stay in wesren basin rarely go beyond West Sister

[21:12:56] Bigfoot: both circucts are tring to make us choose one or the otheer

[21:13:49] golden(co): Capt Tom, what fish is in "season" right now?

[21:14:20] Capt tom: Does anyone one have the standing to the last tounment "team

walleye" fishing Sachwawa

[21:14:26] *** Walleyes INC has left Walleye Central

[21:14:26] null: Hows it going Scott

[21:14:33] Wannabe: hard to say right now but if I keep fishing tournys I'll be back

some time

[21:14:41] Bigfoot: I'll have to look at the dates but I think I'll be coming in like on the

second of Aug

[21:15:05] null: How is it going boys

[21:15:17] Jim (Canada): It amazes how Erie has come back in the last twenty years...

back then only thing in abundance was large perch.

[21:15:30] golden(co): Capt Tom, where was that tourney, LS was there I think

[21:15:57] Bigfoot: ok

[21:15:58] Capt tom: A friend of mine was in the top ten

[21:16:25] LS: a husband, wife team won , out of SD

[21:16:35] Walleyes INC: Hows it going guys

[21:16:36] Jim (Canada): You in for good randy???

[21:16:40] Capt tom: is their a web page with results

[21:16:44] Walleyes INC: I hope so this time

[21:16:44] golden(co): Hi again Randy

[21:17:08] Walleyes INC: Hi Scott last time I got on my keyboard locked up

[21:17:16] jigmup: i don't think so tom

[21:17:18] golden(co): Capt Tom, I will have results on my page next year, I didn't get

those this year but I've made arrangements for the coming year

[21:17:22] LS: it would be on walleye central if it is posted yet

[21:17:56] Bigfoot: Hi Randy

[21:18:15] jigmup: after seeing how the national directors handled things up here scott,

i wouldn't be too sure

[21:18:28] Bigfoot: amen

[21:18:35] Walleyes INC: Congratulations on the championship Rick fine JOB

[21:18:38] golden(co): Jig, I was supposed to get them this year so I agree

[21:18:48] Bigfoot: thanks

[21:19:13] Jim (Canada): Capt... how long have you been at this game???

[21:19:25] Walleyes INC: I talked With Sam yesterday and it seems both you and him

went on a roll towards the end of the season

[21:19:34] Bigfoot: alot of things are happening now

[21:19:40] jigmup: from what i seen, they only care about one thing...putting money in

their pocket, to heck with the rest

[21:20:00] Capt tom: chartered 12 years

[21:20:02] golden(co): Tonight Guest Host is Capt. Tom Arlington, Great Lakes Charter


[21:21:33] golden(co): Capt Tom, getting back to tactics, what is the best strategy for

catching walleye on the "Big Water" right now?

[21:22:50] Capt tom: Large body baits in the fall I find to work best. #11 Rapalas

[21:22:54] Wannabe: JIG ,Babby did agreat job as our director

[21:23:10] ebijack (mi): capt. tom, do you do 4 hr charters only or all day

[21:23:21] Bigfoot: never

[21:23:27] Jim (Canada): Any particular colour combinations in those #11 Raps?

[21:23:28] Walleyes INC: Whats the primary color and water temp you are looking for


[21:23:40] Capt tom: jigging with large shinners

[21:23:50] ynot 500: How fast do you pull the 11's, Capt. Tom?

[21:24:42] Bigfoot: capt. Tom are you fishing St. Clair andthe rivers

[21:24:56] Capt tom: look at the water, hot colors in turbit, naturals in clear.

[21:25:40] Wannabe: Capt tom ever use #18 Rappals ,we do on Ontario's Eastern


[21:25:45] ynot 500: Does the water change over pretty often?

[21:26:16] Capt tom: no not really must off the trips are for yellow perch, so die hard

Muskie fisherman lookin for a trophy

[21:26:53] Capt tom: turnover yes at 40F

[21:27:15] Capt tom: water temp is 60

[21:27:54] ynot 500: Sorry, I meant the turbidity. You spoke of changing water clarity

[21:28:58] Capt tom: I have used #18 Rapplas at nite fun fishin over weed beds in St.

Clair and if they are active it is a blast

[21:29:10] Bigfoot: where do you run out of apt. Tom

[[21:30:06] Jim (Canada): I'm already thinking about next spring... the water temp at my

end of Erie is a lot cooler than your end... what temp should I look for as a key to start

planning my trips for some walleye????

[21:30:31] Wannabe: cap tom isn't 40F kind of cold for a turn over temp or did I miss

some thing?

[21:30:42] Capt tom: Bolles Harbor Erie - Harsen Island St. Clair- Salmon in Huron look

for me at Port Sanalac

[21:31:08] Walleyes INC: Next Spring the fall I feel is the best time especially on rivers

because most of the boaters if any are duck hunting and I can do a little of both this

time of year

[21:31:11] Bigfoot: I think he's talking about the thermocline

[21:33:23] Capt tom: Turnover is when the water temp. is the densive. The top sinks to

the bottom. Remembering Physics I thought 40 F was the temp.

[21:35:26] Walleyes INC: Tom what do you mean by densive or do you mean density?

[21:36:11] Capt tom: Harsen Island "golden" do you have my web address their is a

map on the page

[21:36:53] golden(co): Yes, your link is in the links page under the "Great Lakes


[21:38:12] Argo3(Can): I've never seen this many people here before.

[21:38:14] Jim (Canada): Hey Argo... another Canuck... cool eh?

[21:38:25] jigmup: kind of nice

[21:38:44] Argo3(Can): Jim, how was your trip?

[21:39:09] lip ripper: Does anyone know who won the team walleye championship?

[21:39:13] golden(co): Capt Tom, did you see Jim(Canada)'s question?

[21:39:15] Jim (Canada): Argh... don't remind me... I ended up guiding the whole

weekend and was outfished ny everyone I took out... guess I'm at least a good host.

[21:39:28] jigmup: a husband/wife team out of sd

[21:39:37] Walleyes INC: Are you asking about the NAWA tourney

[21:39:43] LS: a husband wife team from SD

[21:39:46] Wannabe: Jigump are you workin right now?

[21:39:58] jigmup: nope, days off

[21:40:04] Capt tom: no had a phone call

[21:40:09] LS: extended dinner break????

[21:40:19] jigmup: :)

[21:40:39] golden(co): His question was #21:37:32

[21:40:47] ebijack (mi): thanks for hosting tonight capt.tom

[21:40:54] lip ripper: My partner and I were state champs from Illinois but couldn't make

it. too far

[21:41:00] Argo3(Can): Golden, how did you get this many people here?There's 11

people here!

[21:41:14] Jim (Canada): Capt... I'm supposed to be in Rochester Hills MI late

November... a little too late to hit the water?

[21:41:27] ebijack (mi): he greased the system argo

[21:41:39] Walleyes INC: In the nawa team tourney at red wing the press release says

Tim carlson and scott Carlson day 1

[21:41:51] Wannabe: you missed Bigfoot Argo

[21:41:52] Capt tom: Ok No fish the shore with Rapalas and Bommers

[21:42:07] Walleyes INC: Day 2 for nawa tim fields and Steve Fields

[21:42:09] Capt tom: Big fish time again

[21:42:12] Jim (Canada): The Long A's?

[21:43:09] Capt tom: Yes cast from well lite pier heads in early evening

[21:43:12] golden(co): NAWA results are on Walleye Central

[21:43:50] Wannabe: Golden you get an elk yet?

[21:44:26] lip ripper: anybody fish the USFA team walley tournament trail?

[21:44:38] Wannabe: YES

[21:44:38] LS: yes

[21:44:41] jigmup: yes

[21:45:23] golden(co): Capt Tom, if someone was to charter a fishing trip, what would

they be expected to bring?

[21:46:05] Capt tom: Lunch and cloth.

[21:47:12] Capt tom: Charter boats supply everything you need to be successful

[21:47:55] golden(co): Any special hazards on the big water, what about weather. Is it


[21:48:05] Walleyes INC: Can Licences be purchased 1 day at at time

[21:48:47] Wannabe: capt Tom is running charters your only line of work

[21:48:49] Jim (Canada): Hey... there's a good question... as a Canadian what do I

need to do ahead of time????

[21:50:15] Capt tom: Yes the hard thing to determine are thundstorms


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