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 Catch Cam Chat with Pete Moroz    Oct. 11, 2000

chatman-  Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome Pete Moroz from Axial Tech, makers of the Catch Cam!!!!

Juls-  welcome Pete..clap clap clap clap clap clap

chatman-  Vociferous applause!!!!!!

gary gray-  hey Pete!!!

Pete-  Thanks for letting me come on tonight with everyone. I'll try to answer your questions as best I can. Gary can help with some questions too.

gary gray-  you bet

Driftr-  Welcome Pete !!!

Swat1-  Welcome Pete

Pete-  Thanks

gary gray-  Pete, explain the red lights theory

chatman-  Good point Gary!

CRUMPLER-  clap clap clap whistle ...

Driftr-  what is a catch cam ?

Pete-  from our research, the red light penetrates the spectrum better than IR.
chatman-  Also, please remember Pete is new--give him time and keep all the questions up front for all to see

mckoz-  How does that compare to the red & green on the Mc2x Aquaview?

Pete-  IR picks up heat which means since fish are cold blooded you only pick up according to temp of the water

Pete-  MC2X is new from Aquaview. I know they are using red like us but also in combo with green.

chatman-  What are the differences between that and straight red lights

Pete-  We have used red from the beginning because it simply works better than IR and I think Aquaview is beginning to learn from us.

gary gray-  Pete-  don't get me wrong, they have a good product and I respect competition-  I feel we have an overall better package when you match the features.
chatman-  Pete or Gary: Can you give us some history on how the Catch-Cam came to be?

gary gray-  Go Pete

Pete-  Initially we were in the computer business and that is where we get a lot of our experience. We had known about Aquaview when it first came out and we felt we could build a better "mousetrap!"

Pete-  Axial uses proprietary technology that we've developed specifically for this unit.
chatman-  Explain some of the advantages of the gimbal mounted vs the other competitors

gary gray-  We have sold a lot of units around Lake Winnebago, all the guys love them
Driftr-  how deep can they go

Pete-  One of the many things that separates us is that not only is the CatchCam perfect for ice fishing but it's great for summertime due to our anti-reflective lens.

Pete-  Fifty feet, 100, and 150

Driftr-  that about covers it :)

CRUMPLER-  what is available in your view screens and does this play a roll in the performance does size matter?

Pete-  We include a gimbal mount that allows you to mount to a Johnny Ray or ram mount on your boat

gary gray-  Their unit, looks like another graph on your boat, you won't even know it's a camera

mckoz-  How far can you see in about 20 feet of stained water with a 90' lens

Driftr-  how clear are they at the 100 & deeper depths

Pete-  stained water is a tough question. Honestly we have barely seen a foot in really murky water and up to 25 feet in decent water.

chatman-  Pete, could you explain proprietary technology in a little more detail for those unfamiliar with the product?

gary gray-  In lake Winnebago, which is stained, you can see about 6-8ft

mckoz-  How about portability? the Aqua View shuttle looks awkward but I used the other brand this summer in the soft bag ( cant recall the name) but it was very handy
Pete-  We developed our own camera as compared to competitors who use off the shelf cameras. This allows us to control the specifications of the camera more effectively.

chatman-  Could a guy wanting a portable unit set the camera up the way you would for a locator when ice fishing?

Pete-  Portability--is crucial! Our unit is small and we now offer a bag that allows you to be even more mobile on the ice. The bag the camera, battery and all cables!

Driftr-  can these be used while moving?

Pete-  Yes...absolutely. We offer a stand that allows you to set the unit directly on the ice. You can adjust the angle, or again, use our bag for mobility.

gary gray-  you can troll up to about 1.5 with it, and still see

Pete-  Gary is correct.

Driftr-  how about hanging the camera up on something?

Pete-  Good questions...

mckoz-  Is there a ballast system or fin for the camera to steady it?

Swat1-  Could the camera be modified to fish faster say off a down rigger ball?

Driftr-  good one Swat

Pete-  we include a stabilizer fin and are in the process of working on a downrigger mechanism

CRUMPLER-  gary I hafta go please leave some info on how I can contact a sight a phone no. or address maybe a dealer list as we can check back tomorrow on this chat for availability of this fine option of a under water camera

Swat1-  A lot of times I will troll a lot faster than 1.5

Pete-  we also offer and extendible pole up to 23 feet if you are rougher water.

gary gray-  call:

gary gray-  call 888-805-6339 for nearest dealer

Pete-  We have had people connect a down rigger ball to the camera for trolling faster.
chatman-  Crumpler: there is a banner on the "Boats & Motors" page that takes you directly to the CatchCam site.

mckoz-  Do the lights on the lens spook the walleye?

gary gray-  you can call Pete, for the nearest dealer also

CRUMPLER-  thanks gary and Pete sounds great gotta go

gary gray-  no, they are attracted to it

Swat1-  Does the water turbulence from the camera cause any problems with air bubbles obscuring the view at say 2.5 mph?

Pete-  we feel our size, monitor size, anti reflective lens, red lights, gimbal mount, 200 coverall cord, and multiple viewing angles are our strongest features.

gary gray-  I spent 45 days on the ice this last year with it, I was amazed, I even had a Sturgeon try to swallow the camera head.

Juls-  lol gary

chatman-  Speaking of cord, Pete, explain the tensile strength.

Pete-  In our viewing we have not had any fish that have been scared. some walleye, when they see the lights, tend to shy away, but quickly return for a closer look. We have actually had some fish try to eat the camera!

Driftr-  is the kevlar cord incorporated into the camera in case of a hang up ?

Pete-  Our cable is reinforced with kevlar and has a 200 pound pull strength. Drifter-yes.

mckoz-  Are there various models/options?

Driftr-  I often wondered about that

Pete-  yes. our original Catch Cam, our new Sports pack, which includes bag, battery, battery charger and on/off switch.

chatman-  I know from experience now, fish that I always thought were walleyes have ended up being suckers, drum, white bass and other "fun" fish.

Pete-  Axial prides ourselves on listening to all fisherman and trying to incorporate their ideas as we continue to develop new products.

gary gray-  Pete, what are these new units selling for

gary gray-  I, can contest to that, they listen very well!

chatman-  And many times, I have seen walleyes all mixed in with these "fun" fish.
Pete-  The Catch Cam is 449. The Sports pack is 479. For anyone online tonight who wants to purchase, we will give a $30 discount on either model.

gary gray-  that's great!

chatman-  Nice deal!!! Mention you saw it here on the chat site at Walleye Central!

Pete-  yes

mckoz-  Who does warranty work/ where?

Pete-  A lot of fisherman use the Catch Cam to interpret their other electronics in new ways. Plus they use it for finding the appropriate structure, but not necessarily fish.

Swat1-  Anything I can help with Drift'r?

Pete-  Warranty-1 yr. on parts and labor.

gary gray-  I have seen things, that I never that where there before, the structure, fish, how they relate to it, and amazing, you can see the zoo plankton in the water with it
Pete-  For those of you who are not as familiar with the Catch Cam, please visit our web site at www.catchcam.com

chatman-  Good point Gary! I have also found it useful finding open rocks on a mud flat.
Lance Lemon-  Pete...how are ya

Pete-  Good. Nice to hear from you. I hope all is well.

Lance Lemmen-  wanted to compliment you on your unit Pete

chatman-  Pete, I know the camera has an attachable fin option. How fast can you go without using the fin?

gary gray-  I used it last year to find the Sturgeon on the upper lakes, then monitor them for 2 weeks. I got the biggest one of my life. After we harvested 38 lbs of caviar, she weighed in at 93 lbs. live weight 131 lbs

Pete-  Gary and Lance, have you found that your other electronics aren't telling you what you may have thought now that you have the Catch Cam?

Lance Lemmen-  Petenti certainly opens up a whole new world

Pete-  Without using fin--we don't recommend more than 2 miles/hour because of the bowing of the cable.

Lance Lemmen-  I have seen things that fish relate to that answered a lot of my questions

chatman-  Thanks!

mckoz-  Thanks for the info Pete & Gary, have to get some work done now, also Thanks Juls and Ralph hope to meet both of you soon.

Juls-  nite mckoz

Pete-  Usually you hear that when a northern comes in and there are other fish around they tend to flee. I have seen big northerns come into our bait that is surrounded by sunfish and they don't move.

chatman-  It depends on how the pike is moving....

Pete-  The Catch Cam is also useful for routine maintenance on your boat or dock because you can inspect props, etc.

chatman-  Blue gills know when a predator is aggressive or not. I've studied this for a few years with someone who was studying to be an ichthyologist

Pete- chatman...I have seen northern come in from out of nowhere to strike the bait and still the sunfish did not move which surprised me.

Lance Lemmen-  I was amazed at how clear of a picture it produces

Den-  learn something for me too. it all helps

chatman-  Element of surprise, safety in numbers. And as a last resort, stupid fish!
chatman-  Or so I'm told....

Pete-  Thanks. We feel due to our proprietary technology we do indeed have the clearest picture!

chatman-  It is amazing though, how much you thought you knew until you see it the way it really is....

Pete-  Safety in numbers. Also, it was under the ice so the fish may have been lethargic.
gary gray-  Like chatman said, it can save you a lot of time, when you mark a lot of fish, can't catch them, drop it down, 9 times out of 10, they are not what your are looking for.
chatman-  I know when watching blue gills by boat docks, and a bass or pike crashes through, sometimes the fish scatter in every direction....

chatman-  but then immediately, regroup but move rr--ee-aa-lly slow after that
Pete-  Exactly. Came upon an armada of boats and our graph showed big fish...we put the camera down and it was carp, so we left, leaving everyone to try to decipher their blips.

Driftr-  sure would be nice to know what all those fish really are

Pete-  Driftr...now you can!

chatman-  It makes you feel a little thick when fish you would swear are walleyes on the locator magically turn into suckers on the CatchCam screen!

Lance Lemmen-  Gary..I know you as well as I, have wasted a lot of time prefishing the wrong kind of fish..the Catch Cam really saves precious time for me

gary gray-  Like I said before " it lets you see what you've been missing"

Pete-  It really is a great prefishing tool.

Driftr-  the ice fishing part is a good part...it is really tough to troll then :)

chatman-  Ya Drifter, by the time you cut the hole for the boat, who has the energy to fish?

Pete-  You can now monitor your presentation and determine if the fish like your bait or if it is time to switch to something else.

gary gray-  My cousin bought one last year after seeing mine, he forgot it at home one day, and would not fish till he had it with him. It spoils you, once you use them, you feel lost without it

chatman-  It is really amazing to watch fish swallow your bait all the way and blow it out and you never see it or feel it unless you have the camera!

Pete-  Sunfish are great at that.

Lance Lemmen-  While ice fishing with the CatchCam...I don't even bring my other electronics...graph, flasher, etc.

chatman-  Pete, that's what I was referring to. Makes you go crazy, doesn't it?

gary gray-  It's like watching a good outdoor channel all day!!!

Pete-  It's wonderful to use the Catch Cam while ice fishing

slickster-  lance where do you ice fish the most?

Juls-  when you use it for ice fishing....will condensation build up if you bring it in the house right away after fishing, and if so does it hurt it at all?

Lance Lemmen-  there are several lakes in my area...Muskegon, Spring Lake, Saginaw Bay and the river

Pete-  You may get some fogging when you enter an icehouse, but simply wipe it off and you are ready to go.

Juls-  I see ...cool

chatman-  Lance, how good does the Catch Cam work on the inner bay and in the Saginaw Bay?

chatman-  Saginaw River that is....

Pete-  A fully charged battery should last you 8-10 hours during the ice season and 15 in the summer.

Lance Lemmen- chatman...The unit performs great on those waters...you can see very clearly

Pete-  We also offer an adapter that allows you to hook into your cigarette adapter on a boat for power.

Lance Lemmen-  many of the waters we now fish have really cleaned up making the camera really perform well

Pete-  Every lake is different and time of year matters regarding clarity. Honestly, we have had a camera in "pea soup" and in "gin clear" lakes. I think you'll be impressed what type of water you are in.

gary gray-  Have to leave early tonight, got to pick daughter up at church at 8, nice talking to everyone, see you on NOV 1.

chatman-  It impresses me when you put the camera down by some smallies and one will swim right up to the lens and stare you down...

Lance Lemmen-  Pete...I would like to also compliment you on how well the unit is protected with rubber armor

Pete-  Thanks Gary

Driftr-  what is the cost of the units?

Pete-  The unit is constructed of a tough plastic shell and a rubber jacket around the monitor lens

Pete-  Cost is 449 but for those on the chat tonight, we'll offer it at 419.

Lance Lemmen-  Pete...I really like that feature...I don't have to worry about it being damaged in the boat

Driftr-  that is great!!!

Pete- That is...$30 off

chatman-  I'd just like to take a moment to again mention you can get to the Catch Cam web site from the banner atop the "Boats & Motors" page of the message boards here at Walleye Central.

Juls-  nice offer Pete..thanks!

Pete-  yep it's tough and durable.

Driftr-  ya gotta wait...I just bought a new boat so I am broke :(

Driftr-  lol

chatman-  Just mention you talked to Pete on the chat tonight.

Pete-  That's fine.

Driftr-  hey thanks Pete , really

Pete-  My pleasure

Driftr-  that is not out of reach for most people either

chatman-  Without spilling any secrets, is there any new developments or products we can look for from Axial Tech?

Pete-  It's been great talking with others who enjoy fishing and are always looking for new ways to have fun.

chatman-  Pete, are you planning on having a booth at any shows this season?
Pete-  Always looking into new product development. Our special this winter is the Catch Cam with the carry bag, battery, battery charger and on/off switch for the real mobile user.

Pete-  shows...we will be at the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show, Walleye Expo and Shokapee,MN and Milwaukee and possible a show in Green Bay

Juls-  Cool...I will be at the Milwaukee show...I will come by and check them out and say hi

chatman-  Cool, I enjoyed talking with your rep at the Milwaukee Walleye Expo last season.

Pete-  Look forward to seeing everyone at different shows.

chatman-  Pete, are you planning on attending the Milwaukee show this year?

Pete-  yes we'll be at the Milwaukee show.

Pete-  It has been a pleasure talking with everyone. If you'd like more info visit us at www.catchcam.com, or call 888-805-6339. Thanks! Will be signing off in a few minutes

Juls-  thanks Pete...

Dunn-  Thanks Pete.

Den-  thanks Pete

Driftr-  Pete, thanks for the chat & great offer

chatman-  As we wind down, are their any more questions for our host tonight??

Pete-  Lance, I'll call you tomorrow.

Pete-  Thanks Ralph...signing off!

chatman-  Ladies and Gentlemen a warm round of applause for our host tonight, Pete Moroz from Axial Tech !!!!

Dunn-  Clap Clap Clap

ETT-  clap clap clap

Ness-  clap, clap, clap, clap, clap

Driftr-  clap clap clap

Den-  clap clap clap

Juls-  clap clap clap clap clap...thanks Pete!

Ness-  Thank you :)

Pete-  Thank you...Elvis has left the building.

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