Muskie Central

[20:28:07] ebijack (mi): howdy ric!!

[20:28:10] mikej (mn): hi rick

[20:28:12] Magic Marker: hi bigfoot

[20:28:17] Lefty: Hello Ric....

[20:28:19] boatnut: hey Ric

[20:28:20] Griz: Hi Rick

[20:28:22] cb (OH): hi rick

[20:28:23] sundance: RT13 runs north and south RT6 is east and west

[20:28:24] ebijack (mi): here's the guy!!!

[20:28:25] SINKER: are they getting big eyes. and how big

[20:28:37] Eyeman(IN): Hi Rick

[20:28:40] wolverine: hey rick

[20:28:40] Walleyes INC: Whats up Rick Talked to rich about that 20 your running

[20:28:50] sundance: hi ric

[20:28:51] Bigfoot: yo guys

[20:29:06] SINKER: whats up bigfoot

[20:29:08] Lefty: Question for Ric... this time of year.. whats best trolling speed???

[20:29:16] ebijack (mi): PLEASE WELCOME RICK LA COURSE "BIG FOOT"!!!!

[20:29:17] Bigfoot: got a computer bear with me

[20:29:44] Lefty: I was running 2.2 -2.7 ..... too fast?

[20:29:50] Bigfoot: it all depends on the lurse your running

[20:29:59] ebijack (mi): rick is the guy who wanted to get everyone together, he just

asked me to get an idea of the interest

[20:29:59] Lefty: stingers on dipseys.....

[20:30:02] sundance: sinker my buddy caught his 1st fish ohio off of nickle plate

sat.night ther coming in.

[20:30:16] Bigfoot: to fast

[20:30:24] Lefty: speed you suggest....

[20:30:41] Lefty: slower = better

[20:30:45] Bigfoot: 1.8 to 2.1

[20:30:52] Magic Marker: Rick, where we gonna meet and what time?

[20:30:57] Lefty: got it...

[20:31:03] reefer: Bigfoot: Talked to Gordan at Huron Sportsmart Saturday, told me tell

you hello.

[20:31:03] boatnut: like to get an idea of what type of fishing in day vs. type at night?

areas etc.??

[20:31:10] sundance: bigfoot are we only gonna be trolling or are we open for


[20:31:34] Bigfoot: blades went real good over the weekend at 1.1 to 1.3

[20:32:16] Griz: Question for Bigfoot, any other pros coming

[20:32:27] Bigfoot: what ever the guys want to do

[20:32:29] mikej (mn): bigfoot are you staying at the gull motel?

[20:32:33] Lefty: What do you suggest in cranks... types and colors?

[20:32:42] boatnut: are we talking trolling offshore in day? and nearshore at night??

[20:33:15] Lefty: Do the fish relate to the bottom or tend to suspend? .... I hear they ran

up this weekend....

[20:33:24] Bigfoot: no, I'll be back and forth from home I also have some outdoor

writers ccoming in

[20:33:29] Lefty: 25-35 in approx 45 ft......

[20:34:05] Lefty: What time are guys coming in Thursday nite... anyone fishing Night

the 4th?

[20:34:22] Bigfoot: the fish are everywhere

[20:34:26] boatnut: Ric- what channel do you suggest we all monitor?

[20:34:40] sundance: big foot have you fished huron before?

[20:34:41] ebijack (mi): this isn't a blast off at daybreak type of thing guys,

[20:34:59] Lefty: Ric..... if the waves get going... and trollin is out... what do you

suggest as alternative...?

[20:35:09] Lefty: drift.... cast?....

[20:35:19] Magic Marker: SLEEP :-)

[20:35:23] boatnut: how about that bar ya mentioned, Lefty? :)

[20:35:26] sundance: lefty fishing from shore is a plus.

[20:35:31] mikej (mn): play poker!!

[20:35:35] reefer: Just bring watermellon and purple anythy for day, blue chrome,

goldchrome clown Huskys at nite. Load new line!

[20:35:38] boatnut: i'm in!

[20:35:39] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:35:40] Lefty: Huron Lagoon Marina.... just south of bridge... nice bar...

[20:35:57] wolverine: rick:which launch should we use?

[20:35:58] Bigfoot: the nite bite is going to be on shore from 5ft on out, we run mostly

shallow minnow type baits

[20:36:03] Lefty: And they have GAS!!!!!

[20:36:29] Lefty: Only spot on river i think is Huron Lagoon Marina.....

[20:36:43] Lefty: for gas....

[20:36:47] Bigfoot: Ted takasaki will be in on Thurs. and Fri.

[20:36:55] Lefty: COOL!!!!

[20:36:57] Magic Marker: great

[20:37:06] mikej (mn): i'll be there thurs afternnon

[20:37:12] cb (OH): good deal

[20:37:18] boatnut: Rick- at nite...either direction from the Huron shipping channel?

[20:37:22] Lefty: Big.... rattle traps..... rapaplas

[20:37:24] Lefty: ?

[20:37:28] reefer: wed - sun here.

[20:37:35] sundance: so what are the chances of actually getting to fish with a pro????

[20:37:47] mikej (mn): reefer where are you staying?

[20:37:52] Lefty: Anyone know of charters that are running? Couple buds need spots..

[20:37:53] nite eyes: ric i don't have a boat and can't make it until sat. is that a


[20:38:04] reefer: MikeJ: The Gull.

[20:38:20] mikej (mn): me too

[20:38:27] Lefty: The Gull is full... Clarion is good 2nd choice....

[20:38:32] Bigfoot: Bruce will be in from OFFSHORE tackle Tony Puccio Greg Horoky

Mark Brumbaugh Tommy Skarlis

[20:38:34] boatnut: think we'll try the Comfort Inn...

[20:38:45] boatnut: Where is the Clarion, Lefty?

[20:39:00] Lefty: Just north of Huron Boat Basin... 2 min from Gull....

[20:39:07] Lefty: ALong river...

[20:39:09] boatnut: k...thanks..

[20:39:16] reefer: Mikej: great, see ya thursday, I'll have 'em pinned up for you.

[20:39:26] mikej (mn): good

[20:40:00] Griz: Got to go to work now, see ya all at Gull on the 5th

[20:40:05] Bigfoot: Maybe you can get on one of the guys boats, we want as many of

the guys to bring their rigs and then we can join up at the ramp

[20:40:12] Lefty: Big... do you expect theyll be inshore by then? They are bout 6 mi out

this weekend...

[20:40:20] Lefty: daytime....

[20:40:29] Lefty: do they run in at night?

[20:40:58] Bigfoot: not all the fish are out deep

[20:41:00] sundance: reefer,do you have room on your bot\at for a couple die


[20:41:02] reefer: Bigfoot I'll have room all 4 nites, Lund 1800.

[20:41:03] Lefty: ok....

[20:41:13] Lefty: Reefer run charter?

[20:41:20] Lefty: Couple buds need spots....

[20:41:26] mikej (mn): i'll have room for 1 or 2 each night

[20:41:43] reefer: no, just tournaments and this kinda stuff.

[20:41:50] Bigfoot: does anyone have an idea how many we can expect

[20:41:54] boatnut: about channel 79 as official channel??????

[20:42:03] boatnut: someone said 60

[20:42:05] ebijack (mi): 60 so far say they are coming rick

[20:42:16] mikej (mn): i bet thats high though

[20:42:17] Lefty: That seems bout right....

[20:42:18] Bigfoot: great

[20:42:18] reefer: 79 will really clutter the charters.

[20:42:28] Lefty: 79 is charter capts....

[20:42:33] nite eyes: mike would you have enough room for me???? i will help with the


[20:42:33] Lefty: Dont suggest we use it....

[20:42:36] boatnut: whadda ya suggest, Reefer?

[20:42:42] mikej (mn): sure

[20:42:45] Lefty: 74 is good....

[20:42:56] mikej (mn): meet up with me a the gull

[20:42:58] reefer: 74 or 78

[20:43:09] boatnut: how about 78 then??????

[20:43:15] nite eyes: what time and where can we meet sat.???????

[20:43:18] mikej (mn): ist come first serve

[20:43:23] Bigfoot: I thought busy b was on tonite

[20:43:24] Lefty: Say... if you post your handle ill pass out a list of handles at the GULL

[20:43:33] sundance: mike i'm niteeyes buddy got room for one more??

[20:43:37] ebijack (mi): so did i rick :)

[20:43:41] Lefty: Capt Ric... hes prob still fishing!!!!!!!

[20:44:02] Eyeman(IN): msot likle really into them

[20:44:06] reefer: watch Jensen, he'll burn your line! ha,ha,ha!

[20:44:12] mikej (mn): i think so again meet me at the gull first ones there go

[20:44:30] Lefty: Who else has room?

[20:44:35] sundance: allright thanks,and what time???

[20:44:51] Lefty: Couple buds from cincy coming in Thurs nite.. good diehard


[20:44:56] mikej (mn): i want to fish during the day too

[20:44:59] Bigfoot: we will probably meet like at 5:00 at the ramp or at the gull motel

and go from there

[20:45:13] sundance: am or pm??

[20:45:18] Walleyes INC: I will probably have room for one but I am not coming untill

late afternooon friday

[20:45:34] Magic Marker: how should we rig our boats for the nights (lighting ect.)?

[20:45:44] reefer: Eyeman: You taking your rig?

[20:45:45] Bigfoot: the guys have to bring as many boats as possible

[20:45:47] Walleyes INC: Bigfoot you still got your gps settings in my 350

[20:45:55] Bigfoot: p.m.

[20:45:58] Eyeman(IN): Yep as far as i know

[20:46:15] Eyeman(IN): don't know when i getting in though

[20:46:16] Bigfoot: do they work

[20:46:16] ebijack (mi): ok, busy b should be here in a sec!!!

[20:46:36] reefer: Eyeman: When you getting in?

[20:46:51] Eyeman(IN): most likely thursday

[20:46:54] nite eyes: it would be really neet if some of the pro's would sign my lucky

fishing hat!!!!

[20:47:04] Lefty: Reefer... when you comin in? Room on your boat Thrus Nite?

[20:47:21] reefer: Great, BusyB has really been putting me on fish.

[20:47:28] sundance: if there is not enough room i'll fish from shore ,so does the big fish

count if i bring one or two in????

[20:47:29] *** busy has joined Walleye Central

[20:47:34] Magic Marker: reefer, when you starting? i'll be up bout 1-2pm wed

[20:47:35] hyderipper: hello bigfoot, how ya doing?

[20:47:37] Lefty: Hey RIck.!!!!

[20:47:44] boatnut: ok...OFFICIAL CHANNEL TO MONITOR IS 78- any problems with


[20:47:52] Bigfoot: be right back got to take a phone call

[20:47:54] Lefty: 78 it is....

[20:47:54] mikej (mn): hi ric

[20:47:57] boatnut: hey Ric

[20:47:58] ebijack (mi): howdy busy b!!

[20:48:03] reefer: Lefty: I'm getting in Wed. noonish. Should have room for two Thurs.

[20:48:04] Eyeman(IN): Buzy B

[20:48:05] Magic Marker: hi busy

[20:48:07] busy: sorry guys, computer locked up

[20:48:12] boatnut: I'll post channel 78 on the board

[20:48:14] Lefty: Full Wed?

[20:48:16] SINKER: whats up busy b

[20:48:24] reefer: hey Busy!

[20:48:24] *** Bigfoot has left Walleye Central

[20:48:25] busy: safe mode, took a while to get it running

[20:48:30] Lefty: Reefer? Full Wed?

[20:48:39] wolverine: hey rick

[20:48:43] reefer: Lefty: open

[20:48:51] busy: was rick Lacourse here

[20:49:00] Eyeman(IN): just left

[20:49:01] boatnut: he just left to take phone call

[20:49:03] sundance: yup!!!!!

[20:49:05] busy: ok

[20:49:10] Lefty: Cool... how bout i hitch with you Wed Reefer....

[20:49:12] busy: where are we

[20:49:19] Lefty: What time to meet you reefer?...

[20:49:41] boatnut: good question, busy!

[20:49:49] reefer: Busy: Thanks for your help this weekend. Ended up with 4 Fish O.

[20:50:01] busy: that sounds good

[20:50:11] busy: I had best trips of year this weekend

[20:50:28] Magic Marker: nice fish in the picture you sent, busy

[20:50:35] Eyeman(IN): hope it last awhile

[20:50:37] SINKER: busy whats the size of these big boys

[20:50:38] Lefty: Ric..... what worked this weekend.... ..yeh great pic...

[20:50:39] sundance: any 13pounders caught yet?

[20:50:54] reefer: Lefty: 5:00pm at Gull, Blue Lund 1800 Fisherman behind blue


[20:51:21] Lefty: Will do Reefer... ill be there ....Brown Ford Explorer.... Cleve Indians


[20:51:33] Magic Marker: Directions to Gull Motel?

[20:51:44] *** busy has left Walleye Central

[20:52:02] mikej (mn): that was quick

[20:52:04] Lefty: Take RT 2 to Huron Ohio .... RT 13 exit North... at RT 6 right.... quick

left before bridge .. North side of Road

[20:52:13] reefer: Busy: Meant to come by your boat on my way out, had a long haul


[20:52:18] Lefty: Gull Motel...

[20:52:30] Walleyes INC: well guys gotta go will see you there red dodge va white


[20:52:33] boatnut: he left, Reefer

[20:52:38] Eyeman(IN): wher is the gull motel from the ramp

[20:52:41] reefer: thanks

[20:52:50] ebijack (mi): c ya randy

[20:52:52] Lefty: Opposite side of bridge....

[20:52:53] reefer: Right across the street

[20:53:00] Lefty: No problem finding it...

[20:53:04] nite eyes: mike what kind of vehichle will you be in so i know who you


[20:53:10] Eyeman(IN): ok thanks

[20:53:20] Walleyes INC: hope you can make it ebi if just for evening your welcome to

ride with me

[20:53:23] mikej (mn): green sub and gray and green ranger

[20:54:11] bob (oh): first time i've been able to get in here for a week ;-(

[20:54:24] sundance: does any one fish the shores at night???

[20:54:38] boatnut: question on the night fishin' part- are we talking slow trolling shallow

minnow cranks off planers in shallow water?

[20:54:44] Eyeman(IN): reeltime does bu he left

[20:54:57] Eyeman(IN): yep

[20:55:00] mikej (mn): nut you got it

[20:55:19] boatnut: k....just curios...never night fished shallow at erie before.

[20:55:36] mikej (mn): me either

[20:55:48] boatnut: what's a good speed at night to pull those shallow cranks?

[20:56:13] mikej (mn): rick said 1.8 to 2.1

[20:56:18] Lefty: 1.1 TO 1.5 I HEAR

[20:56:21] boatnut: k....

[20:56:25] ebijack (mi): bring lots of night glow sticks to attach to your planner boards

[20:56:37] sundance: it is mostly awsome this time of year,you won't have to go out far

to get them.

[20:56:40] boatnut: just a safety note to those new to erie..especially at night...

[20:56:40] reefer: We'll be trolling cranks about 200 yards off shore at night. Best lures:

Husky, Rip Sticks, Rogues. Colors: blue/ chrome, gold chrome clown, black/chrome.

[20:56:52] boatnut: water can still be rough......wear your pfd's!

[20:56:56] mikej (mn): or those new flashing lights by off shore

[20:57:10] Magic Marker: what about lighting in boat, ?

[20:57:11] Eyeman(IN): flashing lights????

[20:57:28] reefer: you mean rods?

[20:57:52] boatnut: magic- i'd recommend all your nav lights on....shouldnt make a

differnce with lures way back

[20:57:53] mikej (mn): yea off shore has water proof flashing lights for they're boards

[20:58:14] Magic Marker: will too much light scare fish?

[20:58:26] mikej (mn): maybe

[20:58:27] MarbleEye: Is Rick in here?

[20:58:41] ebijack (mi): both rics should be back

[20:58:42] cb (OH): left for a while

[20:58:45] boatnut: I wouldnt think so....not at Erie anyways...i'm keepin mine on for


[20:58:58] *** busy has joined Walleye Central

[20:59:07] boatnut: welcome back, busy

[20:59:08] busy: I m back i hope

[20:59:18] MarbleEye: Whats the water temp at Erie now?

[20:59:23] busy: AOL is bad tonight

[20:59:24] mikej (mn): need a new computer busy??

[20:59:33] busy: need new server

[20:59:37] cb (OH): over the weekend they said 56 - 59

[20:59:43] boatnut: aol.....what can ya say? :)

[20:59:44] busy: that about right

[20:59:59] MarbleEye: Are the fish near Lorain?

[21:00:09] busy: I really apologize for tonight, i tried

[21:00:17] busy: no they are off huron

[21:00:20] Eyeman(IN): things happen

[21:00:23] Magic Marker: you troll with your big boat at night, Busy?

[21:00:30] busy: 413100 and 823200

[21:00:36] busy: yes

[21:00:43] busy: but small boats are often better

[21:00:45] SINKER: how far is huron from pa line

[21:00:45] MarbleEye: Have they been marking a lot of bait fish in the river?

[21:00:51] busy: too far

[21:01:14] busy: bait is in river, they had the best nite of the year for shinners saturday


[21:01:18] reefer: Busy: After we put these guys in traction from all these big fish at nite,

probably otta put 'em on perch in the day so they can heal.

[21:01:37] mikej (mn): good one

[21:01:41] Magic Marker: :-)

[21:01:44] busy: perch are great in lorain, fish are averaging 12-14 pounds for 30 fish

[21:01:57] mikej (mn): i'll be ready for day 2

[21:02:06] MarbleEye: Are they already shore fishing off the lighthouse?

[21:02:22] busy: really slow for nite bite now

[21:02:32] Magic Marker: you gonna be there all week, Ric

[21:02:38] busy: day fishing is best ever

[21:02:39] Eyeman(IN): when did the bait show up Busy

[21:02:44] mikej (mn): will that change by then??

[21:02:50] reefer: saw a few come in sat. nite, but big fish.

[21:02:56] busy: 2 days ago, shad are just beginning to show

[21:03:18] Eyeman(IN): timing for this could be real good !!!!!!!!

[21:03:28] busy: i think it will be great

[21:03:53] Magic Marker: who's in charge of the weather :-)

[21:03:53] reefer: make sure you bring your long haqndles, the lake is cooling quick.

[21:04:06] busy: lot of big fish there, we did 4,6,8 pounds in two days this weekend

[21:04:07] reefer: handles

[21:04:08] MarbleEye: Busy, how many miles are they out from huron during the day

[21:04:14] mikej (mn): wow

[21:04:14] busy: 7-8

[21:04:17] boatnut: gotta run folks...will post channel 78 as offical channel.....any other

good info out of this chat..someone please post!

[21:04:17] Eyeman(IN): YEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:04:19] cb (OH): you got to buy a "weather permit"

[21:04:35] boatnut: rember...BE CAREFUL out there!

[21:04:44] busy: we run channel 79 at nite and channel9

[21:04:59] busy: i will kep 78 on though

[21:05:01] reefer: two of us got over 200lbs.

[21:05:04] Eyeman(IN): ric either way out of the river ????

[21:05:26] reefer: NW

[21:05:29] busy: best west along shorelin, however it can be good around the nickel

plate pier

[21:05:30] boatnut: busy...ok...

[21:05:37] busy: nw

[21:05:51] MarbleEye: Nickel Plate Pier?

[21:05:54] boatnut: perhaps someone can post latest fishin info on the tuesday


[21:05:56] busy: slow is key now for troll, and quiet at nite

[21:06:19] busy: 1.4-1.6

[21:06:24] boatnut: rick...someone asked if lights at night scare fish??

[21:06:31] busy: i tink they do

[21:06:35] Magic Marker: use electric or gas kicker?

[21:06:43] busy: electric is best

[21:07:05] busy: that is why small boats are best for troll, i usually cast with my boat at


[21:07:15] Eyeman(IN): Auto pilot Magic :-) !!!!!!!

[21:07:21] boatnut: its ok to have nav lights on though, right?

[21:07:31] Magic Marker: good been wondering when i could use that pinpoint

[21:07:35] mikej (mn): pin point it'll last all night

[21:08:09] Eyeman(IN): what time is the best bite Ric


[21:08:32] mikej (mn): ever at night!!!

[21:08:35] busy: usually from 6-8 and then from 10-12

[21:08:42] reefer: yes

[21:08:43] boatnut: k...thought so...

[21:08:43] MarbleEye: Rick, Are they already shore fishing by the lighthouse?

[21:08:51] busy: yes but slow now

[21:09:56] *** Bigfoot has joined Walleye Central

[21:10:05] busy: HI ric-ric

[21:10:17] ebijack (mi): welcome back rick

[21:11:43] ebijack (mi): just ask questions you need answers to

[21:11:43] Lefty: Times to fish... lures and presentations and such...

[21:12:11] Lefty: Do we expect the fish to be close or off shore?

[21:12:33] spanky: ric,how late does the night bite last date wise as well as time of


[21:12:37] Lefty: Do you suggest lites to attract baitfish?

[21:12:45] busy: When ice up happens

[21:12:52] busy: no lites

[21:12:55] Bigfoot: I've been on the road for 6 weeks and just got home but I,ve heard

its gang buster on the lake and we should have a fantastic outing next week

[21:13:18] Lefty: Whats working currently ... lures ... presentation?

[21:13:23] reefer: hello capt. Denny, man the big guns are showing up.

[21:13:48] Eyeman(IN): Need a breack form the weather gods too

[21:13:48] Magic Marker: hi clicker

[21:13:49] Clicker: glad you did ok last weekend

[21:13:48] Eyeman(IN): Need a breack form the weather gods too

[21:13:48] Magic Marker: hi clicker

[21:13:49] Clicker: glad you did ok last weekend

[21:14:05] reefer: slammed 'em!

[21:14:23] Bigfoot: during the day everything has been working but I hear spoons and

blades are best

[21:14:45] ebijack (mi): bigfoot, is there a time you'd like most everyone to meet the first


[21:14:53] Lefty: What do you suggest for overcast ... this weekend Sunday went from

cloudy to clear.....

[21:15:07] busy: Fish are 30-35 foot down during day and come up early evening, 40

foot on 1 setting has been good

[21:15:18] Bigfoot: got it dialed in now 61mph lite and 58mph fully loaded

[21:15:44] reefer: harnesses at 36'

[21:15:47] busy: Is that with or without a bird lunch

[21:15:44] reefer: harnesses at 36'

[21:15:47] busy: Is that with or without a bird lunch

[21:15:59] Bigfoot: W/O

[21:16:11] Magic Marker: keep your teeth closed :-)

[21:16:11] Eyeman(IN): :-)

[21:16:19] Lefty: Ric... you run fireline?

[21:16:28] Bigfoot: no

[21:16:30] Lefty: BBee

[21:16:36] busy: no

[21:17:17] Magic Marker: does color of dipsy make a difference, ric

[21:17:17] Eyeman(IN): what pound mono you run

[21:17:19] Lefty: What cranks are working? Is this a good present....

[21:17:21] sundance: ric is 10lb tset heavy enough for trolling???

[21:17:34] busy: no 10 is too lite

[21:17:48] wolverine: bigfoot-how about fusion?

[21:17:54] busy: use braided line, rip cord or spider line

[21:18:13] Bigfoot: The hot lure I'll be running at nite will be the new PRO and SUPER


[21:18:21] sundance: busy you don't suggest a mono??

[21:18:25] Lefty: The Rogue?

[21:18:41] busy: ok for boards, but not for dipsey use

[21:19:05] Lefty: What test on spider or rip....?

[21:19:05] Bigfoot: 12 SILVER THREAD

[21:19:14] busy: good line

[21:19:27] Lefty: Big... whats that lure again... colors?

[21:19:43] spanky: bigfoot:where are pro rogues and super's sold?

[21:20:04] busy: your favorite tackle dealer


[21:20:20] busy: and then fire tiger

[21:20:30] sundance: i like the ultra thin lines did not like the silver thread i thought it

frayed to easy.

[21:20:45] Bigfoot: not at all

[21:21:11] sundance: what do you suggest ric.

[21:21:22] spanky: are these rogues new for 98?

[21:21:22] Eyeman(IN): thunder sticks husky jerks too ?????

[21:21:30] Bigfoot: Bruce will have the lighted flags at the event

[21:21:39] Lefty: Big and BB ... whats your fav in stingers ? ...and other cranks....

[21:21:40] Eyeman(IN): alright !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:22:27] Magic Marker: will he have new releases for boards too!

[21:22:48] Bigfoot: for nite fishing like we will be doing I like the Rbel SHAD-R

[21:23:06] Eyeman(IN): tell hime to load the boat Guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:23:38] sundance: bigfoot what color Rebel shad-r??

[21:23:45] Lefty: Say.... Suggest the Gull and the Huron Lagoon Bar as rendevous

spots... Lagoons has gas....

[21:23:51] busy: i like thndersticks AJ and rip sticks at nite

[21:24:37] Bigfoot: SHAD AND

[21:24:47] spanky: how far back do you run the sticks off the boards at nite ,ric?

[21:24:49] Eyeman(IN): them trebles do a job on nets at night ????

[21:25:00] Bigfoot: theres a rainbow I realy like

[21:25:13] Bigfoot: 30 to 50 ft

[21:25:17] busy: use pliers

[21:25:46] Eyeman(IN): And a smile :-) !!!!!!!

[21:26:17] Bigfoot: Mike are you going to try to come down

[21:26:21] sundance: bigfoot how late will we be fishing at night???

[21:26:28] mikej (mn): gota go see ya there

[21:26:28] busy: mike is coming

[21:26:38] Bigfoot: when you all get tired

[21:26:53] mikej (mn): yea i'll be there thurs afternoon

[21:26:54] sundance: i can go all night!!!!!!

[21:27:00] Bigfoot: great

[21:27:03] mikej (mn): you bet ric

[21:28:23] Magic Marker: what day is mark brumbaugh showing up?

[21:28:27] Lefty: Busy... you have any open spots the 5th or 6th or 7th.. couple buds

coming up from cincy...

[21:28:39] Bigfoot: I'm not sure yet

[21:28:43] reefer: c ya partner, give me a call.

[21:30:18] ebijack (mi): any more questions for either rick?!!

[21:30:36] Bigfoot: Got to go got another phone call

[21:30:43] ebijack (mi): thanks rick!!!

[21:30:51] reefer: not here, just lookin forward to the shin dig.

[21:30:54] Lefty: Thanks Big and BBee..... great info!!

[21:30:55] Magic Marker: guess i got a new list of tackle to get :-)

[21:31:02] nite eyes: bigfoot do you know how many people and how many boats are

going to attend????

[21:31:07] busy: nite guys sorry for being late

[21:31:16] Lefty: Same here !!

[21:31:16] ebijack (mi): about 60 boats nite eyes

[21:31:29] spanky: see ya alter spanky out

[21:31:30] Magic Marker: seeya ric

[21:31:30] reefer: ebi: let me know if you and Scott need anything.

[21:31:45] ebijack (mi): just have everyone take lots of pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:32:10] ebijack (mi): ok, thanks for your time both rick's!!!

[21:32:30] *** busy has left Walleye Central

[21:32:34] *** Bigfoot has left Walleye Central

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