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[19:56:54] ebijack (mi): PLEASE WELCOME DAVE AND JERRY inventors of the


[19:57:06] Lundman: Hi Dave and Jerry

[19:57:06] ClearCatch: Jerry got bumped he will be right back

[19:57:10] gwalt: hi dave and jerry

[19:57:15] LS(nd): welcome Dave & Jerry

[19:57:24] ClearCatch: Hi all

[19:57:38] ebijack (mi): to start off dave, can you give us a bit of an explaination of your


[19:58:50] Clear Catch 3: Hi all Im back.

[19:58:57] gwalt: hi jerry

[19:59:10] ebijack (mi): also how many sizes do your nets come in

[19:59:30] ClearCatch: We have one size net

[20:00:16] ebijack (mi): can you explain some of the uses of your net system

[20:00:23] Lundman: one size for both the bait nets, and the fish nets?

[20:00:24] gwalt: dave give us some info on your nets. I'm not familiar with them

[20:00:30] Clear Catch 3: We have tried to make a net that works well for both bait and

medium size game fish.

[20:00:47] ClearCatch: The net pocket is 2 feet deep with a 17 Inch bow. The 2 hollow

tubes are 3 feet each and they extend out to 5 and 1/2 feet. With the rim and handle

the over all reach is about 7 feet.

[20:01:16] gwalt: aluminum?

[20:01:22] Lundman: 17 inches across?

[20:01:23] ebijack (mi): do hooks bother the invisible net?

[20:01:38] ClearCatch: No our net is completely clear.!

[20:01:52] ClearCatch: Net handle and rim

[20:15:54] Clear Catch 3: The advantage of ours over the competition is that ours

actually works and the others scare more than they catch.

[20:17:30] ClearCatch: Let's just chat for a while and see how things go

[20:17:51] ebijack 5(mi): ok, but you'll have to answer all over again :)

[20:17:56] gwalt: dave now that were live tell us about the net

[20:18:03] ClearCatch: That's fine

[20:19:02] ClearCatch: bouncing in & out

[20:19:14] Clear Catch2: Yeh gwalt I just keeping losing the connection.

[20:19:42] ebijack 5(mi): just one of those nights

[20:19:45] gotcha: hey everyone

[20:19:54] ClearCatch: Has anyone gone to our page to see what a Clear Catch is


[20:19:54] gwalt: tell me a little about the net I'm not familiar with it

[20:20:12] gwalt: not yet>

[20:20:15] Kart: Nope.. Whats the URL

[20:20:21] ebijack 5(mi): cool kart,

[20:20:37] ClearCatch: http://www.clearcatch.com/

[20:20:39] Clear Catch2: gwalt the net is made to be virtually invisible to bait and game


[20:21:07] ebijack 5(mi): what do you consider a medium size fish cc

[20:21:09] gwalt: will it hold a salmon?

[20:21:26] ClearCatch: Up to 15 lbs

[20:21:51] gwalt: so it would be more of a walleye net then?

[20:22:10] Clear Catch2: what are most walleye fisherman using to catch their bait?

[20:22:25] gwalt: bait shops

[20:22:31] ClearCatch: Oh yes it was written up in the Walleye_Insider when it was just

a bait net

[20:22:48] Clear Catch2: that could get expensive.

[20:23:04] gwalt: dave sorry I couldnt help it.

[20:23:26] ebijack 5(mi): don't think it's to easy to find enough bait fish around here

[20:23:52] ClearCatch: Minnows are usually around the docks

[20:24:07] Kart: Neat concept!!!

[20:24:13] Clear Catch2: we have good luck attracting bait under lights at night or very

early morning.

[20:24:21] ClearCatch: It works its not hipe!

[20:24:40] Clear Catch2: It really works good on shad.

[20:24:54] ebijack 5(mi): do you think bait from the lake is better than what you get from

bait shops?

[20:25:00] Kart: We have a LOT of shad down here!!

[20:25:16] gwalt: jerry around here in the summer its mostly crank baits and crawlers.

[20:25:23] Kart: Cast nets are to bulky

[20:25:43] Clear Catch2: Kart --have you tried putting out lights to attract the shad?

[20:25:50] ClearCatch: Of course any bait you get from the lake you are fishing is better.

All of the wild life departments will agree with that.

[20:25:54] ebijack 5(mi): one net in the boat to do it all

[20:26:42] ClearCatch: We used live bait a lot. During the white bass run in the spring


[20:26:52] Clear Catch2: The net completely disassembles without the need for

tools,--very portable.

[20:27:01] Kart: Yes.. Fished for Rainbows in kentucky hanging light over the side of

the boat

[20:28:00] Clear Catch2: Lights really seem to hold the bait in a small area except on

full moon.

[20:28:06] ClearCatch: we would spend $15 a night on bait. There were millions of

shad in the in the area and the conventional stuff would not work? It just scared them


[20:28:50] ClearCatch: What type of bait do you have in the lakes whre you fish?

[20:28:53] ebijack 5(mi): is that why/how you came up with the clearnet?

[20:29:28] ebijack 5(mi): shad, crawfish

[20:29:34] ClearCatch: That's right! Clear is better.

[20:29:49] ebijack 5(mi): do the hooks tear up the net?

[20:29:57] Clear Catch2: sorry about the in and out.

[20:30:09] ebijack 5(mi): not a problem cc2

[20:30:20] ClearCatch: On Lake MI you can catch crawfish on the docks and cement


[20:30:45] ClearCatch: A hook will tear up any net if you are not careful removing them

[20:31:08] Clear Catch2: Hooks do not get tangled in our net real easy which is a good


[20:31:30] ebijack 5(mi): smaller holes?

[20:32:24] Clear Catch2: Yes the holes are 1/8th inch mesh real small so you do not gill

net the bait.

[20:32:31] Kart: Is the net durable?

[20:33:27] LS(nd): whats the warranty on the net?

[20:33:32] Clear Catch2: Yes Kart the net is very durable and does not absorb water, it

just shakes dry.

[20:33:50] gwalt: can you buy replacement netting if you do rip it?

[20:34:07] ClearCatch: The rim handle and extension are made of the same stuff as bullet

proof glass.

[20:34:20] Clear Catch2: Yes gwalt you can get a replacement net.

[20:35:02] gwalt: wnat is the cost? I'm sorry if you answered this already but I didnt see


[20:35:23] ebijack 5(mi): the net is for mainly catching baitfish walleyeman

[20:35:53] ClearCatch: $49.95 and we eat the shipping cost for people in this chat

room tonight.

[20:35:55] Clear Catch2: Hey guys Dave and I have a big thunderstorm moving in.,

might get zapped of line, but wow do we need the rain.

[20:36:17] Kart: Where from CC2?

[20:36:23] gwalt: where r u from ?

[20:36:33] ClearCatch: Austin, TX

[20:37:07] ClearCatch: Over 100 for the past 30 days and no rain in 2 months

[20:37:09] Clear Catch2: The shipping runs $7.95 a pretty good savings if you are

interested in getting one from this chat session.

[20:37:13] gwalt: ah ha your catchin bait from them hog bass arent ya!

[20:37:16] ebijack 5(mi): how long for shipment cc?

[20:37:42] ClearCatch: 2 weeks

[20:38:00] ebijack 5(mi): can we order from your web page?

[20:38:16] ebijack 5(mi): a clear bait/fish net wally

[20:38:23] ClearCatch: Yes directly from the page.

[20:38:45] ClearCatch: Please include your email address

[20:39:30] ClearCatch: We are just giving this discount to people here

[20:39:43] ebijack 5(mi): cool, thanks cc's

[20:40:11] Kart: Nice discount CC2!

[20:41:06] ebijack 5(mi): can you give the dimensions again cc

[20:43:45] Captain Marty: explain a little about this net?

[20:44:38] ClearCatch: It is completely clear when emersed in water it disappears. Fish

cant's see it so they swim right in it!

[20:45:19] Captain Marty: sounds like what I need, last week was one of those weeks!

If you know what I mean!

[20:45:30] Magic Marker OH: sounds good! is it exspensive?

[20:45:41] ebijack 5(mi): their giving a discount tonight marty

[20:45:46] ClearCatch: It has helped many a boat captain getting bait.

[20:46:22] Captain Marty: what about netting fish?

[20:46:44] ClearCatch: It pays for itself if you live bait fish. it is 49.95 shipping included

just for chatters here tonight

[20:47:19] Magic Marker OH: what size?

[20:47:28] ClearCatch: The netting is like a monofiliment

[20:47:56] ClearCatch: The net pocket is 2 feet deep with a 17 Inch bow. The 2 hollow

tubes are 3 feet each and they extend out to 5 and 1/2 feet. With the rim and handle

the over all reach is about 7 feet.

[20:49:29] ClearCatch: Check out our site Capt. at http://www.clearcatch.com

[20:50:22] ebijack 5(mi): is there a direct link to order your nets from your site cc?

[20:50:41] ClearCatch: The net does have resistance in water. but you hold it still then

scoop the fish. It works completely different.

[20:51:02] ebijack 5(mi): you said it comes apart, into how many pieces? Cc

[20:51:21] ClearCatch: Yes there is a direct link to order the net on our site it takes 2

weeks for delivery

[20:51:27] Kart: I can see your point. They can't see it so why rush.

[20:51:53] Captain Marty: what exactly is this net made out of?

[20:52:16] ClearCatch: 5 pieces rim handle net extension and delrin clip

[20:52:27] ClearCatch: Polypropylene

[20:52:56] Captain Marty: How new of a product is this?

[20:53:17] ClearCatch: Scooping hard does cause noise too.

[20:53:35] Magic Marker OH: can you get just netting to retro-fit old net?

[20:54:39] ClearCatch: You can buy the replacemnet netting to retro fit a wood or

Aluiminum one but it does not work well You need the whole thing clear.

[20:55:04] Magic Marker OH: didn't think about that

[20:55:34] ClearCatch: This is our 5 th generation. we got it the way we want it now .

This new one has been on the market for 5 months

[20:55:43] ebijack 5(mi): how many years you been selling this net cc

[20:55:44] Magic Marker OH: how strong is it?

[20:56:02] ClearCatch: We started the prototypes in 93

[20:56:24] ClearCatch: First sales model in 94

[20:59:45] ebijack 5(mi): do you sell mostly to charter captains and bait shops?

[21:00:26] ClearCatch: Actually we sell a lot to marine life studies in colleges.

[21:01:11] ClearCatch: Several colleges use this net now because it will not hurt

delicate marine life.

[21:02:12] Magic Marker OH: what's the netting size? or does it vary?

[21:02:19] ebijack 5(mi): anyone have any more questions for clearcatch?

[21:02:39] ClearCatch: Fl, CA, TX, MA, and Canada colleges use them

[21:03:33] ClearCatch: 1/8" mesh, non-absorbent, polypropylene netting.

[21:03:54] ebijack 5(mi): incase you get bumped off,



[21:04:56] Kart: Thanks for the info Dave!!!!

[21:04:56] gotcha: thanks dave

[21:07:11] ClearCatch: Just check out our site we have more detail than you ill ever

need. http://www.clearcatch.com


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