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Rick Cole 2/16/00
[19:58:47] Drift'r: Please welcome Rick Cole....PTW / Team Lund Pro !!!
 [19:58:57] Swat1: Welcome to tonights chat. Hosting is Reefer Rick Cole
 [19:59:02] Den: clap  clap  clap
[19:59:03] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap welcome Rick
[19:59:03] Jenn_WI: welcome Rick.....................
[19:59:06] gillman(IN): clapclap
[19:59:11] eyefish(mi): Welcome Rick  clap clap clap
[19:59:13] #1 Saugeye: HI Rick
[19:59:14] Larry O: hi  Rick
[19:59:14] Minnkotaguy(Mn): YEA TEM LUND!!!
[19:59:18] Reefer (Rick): wow, thanks!
[19:59:22] Holdzit: horay
[19:59:26] Drift'r: Start off by telling us a bit about yourself Rick
[19:59:28] Larry O: haha
[19:59:31] Jenn_WI: ditto minnkotaguy! 
 [20:00:13] Reefer (Rick): sure, live in central IN, been chasin 'eyes for
over 25 years, 2nd year as pro.
[20:00:21] Larry O: hey Rick...there is also a Rick Cole working for Yamaha Motor Camada
[20:00:46] Reefer (Rick): larry: yes, I heard of him.
[20:01:00] Minnkotaguy(Mn): rick, you ever get around southern Minnesota?
[20:01:15] Reefer (Rick): 1st year with Team Lund, very excited to be with them.
[20:01:28] Larry O: what lund are you running
[20:01:29] Minnkotaguy(Mn): rick who were you with before this year?
[20:01:39] Reefer (Rick): Minn: mostly northern part of MN
[20:01:53] Reefer (Rick): Larry: 2025SE this year.
[20:02:01] Larry O: NICE BOAT
[20:02:03] rookie_angler: rick, did you ever fish Brookville lake in Indiana?
[20:02:06] Minnkotaguy(Mn): just like Al Linder's boat
[20:02:14] Reefer (Rick): ran Lund last year, 1st year on the team
[20:02:21] Minnkotaguy(Mn): cool20:02:31] Reefer (Rick): yes, I have fished Brookville
[20:02:33] eyefish(mi): me tooo Rick
[20:02:42] Minnkotaguy(Mn): rick what are you running for a trolling motor?
[20:02:51] spampy: how did you land such a good team in only your 2nd year?
[20:02:57] Reefer (Rick): the new Genisis Minnkota
[20:02:59] Larry O: Does lund sponsor lots of guys in the States..they
used to but it got abused so they really cut back
 [20:03:07] Minnkotaguy(Mn): you don't have it yet do you?
[20:03:21] *** rookie_angler has left Walleye Central
[20:03:28] Larry O: i mean they used to in Canada
[20:03:46] Reefer (Rick): yes, they have cut back, takes a couple years of "proving yourself" to get a look.
 [20:03:58] Larry O: rightfully so
[20:03:59] Den: ho old man
[20:04:03] Reefer (Rick): Minn: no, not yet
[20:04:09] Drift'r: Who are all of your sponsors Rick?
[20:04:12] Reefer (Rick): yo terry!
[20:04:23] Minnkotaguy(Mn): i thought so, my bro is the service manager for minnkota
[20:04:25] Reefer (Rick): Lund, 
 [20:04:29] TerryMac: Hi  Rick[20:05:05] Larry O: ever ponder comming up to manitoba for the fall greenbacks?
[20:05:13] Reefer (Rick): Merc., Denny's Marina, Reef Runner, AkroMils,
HOOKHIDER, H30 RediRig and a few others.
[20:05:23] Reefer (Rick): oh, and my wife!
[20:05:28] Larry O: hahaha
[20:05:32] Minnkotaguy(Mn): lol
[20:05:39] Drift'r: thats the main one there Rick :)
[20:05:40] Larry O: politically correct
[20:05:51] Reefer (Rick): would love to get up to Manitoba[20:06:04] Swat1: Probably the best and most important sponsor any of us can have in this business...lol
 [20:06:10] Larry O: the greenbacks in fall are WELL worth the trip
[20:06:20] gillman(IN): LOL
[20:06:22] Jenn_WI: hey dan can't say that for us women lol 
[20:06:22] TerryMac: LOL
 [20:06:29] Reefer (Rick): actually, we own a business (which she is pres.), they sponsor also.
[20:06:37] Swat1: True enough Jenn... Sorry...LOL
[20:06:39] Jenn_WI: cool waht kind of business
 [20:06:44] walleyemaster: sounds great good luck mabey loose you here again somthing screwed up
[20:06:52] Minnkotaguy(Mn): ok, good you had me worried[20:07:19] Reefer (Rick): I got the nick name "reefer" from my success pounding the rocks in Northern MN
[20:07:29] Minnkotaguy(Mn): ok, got ya
[20:07:37] Larry O: hmmm...i was wondering
[20:07:38] eyefish(mi): Rick what kind of electronics are you running this year
[20:07:45] Reefer (Rick): Jenn: Fiber Optic Splicing
 [20:08:19] Reefer (Rick): eye: Lowrance, LMS350A, x85
[20:08:41] *** Sheila has joined Walleye Central
[20:08:42] Minnkotaguy(Mn): rick, you ever fish around redwing minnesota?
[20:08:44] Reefer (Rick): and Glodal 160
[20:08:47] Den: Rick, where is your favorite place to fish?
[20:08:59] gillman(IN): hi sheila
[20:09:12] Reefer (Rick): yes, only a couple times at R.W., would like to go back.
[20:09:15] #1 Saugeye: Have you ever fished Fort Peck, Montana?
[20:09:18] Larry O: i gotta run..good luck in the comming season rick
[20:09:22] Minnkotaguy(Mn): it's a good place in the spring
 [20:09:41] Minnkotaguy(Mn): take it easy larry
[20:09:45] Reelmn: What did you think of the turnout at Denny's last
Thursday? [20:10:08] Reefer (Rick): Den: my favorate lake to go fishing is Namakin,
MN, for catching fish it's definately Lake erie.
[20:10:16] gillman(IN): very good start i thought
[20:10:22] eyefish(mi): Rick what circuits are you running this year
[20:10:26] Reefer (Rick): not yet to Fort Peck
[20:10:39] Minnkotaguy(Mn): rick, what else do you like to do besides tournament fish?
[20:10:39] Reelmn: Me too gillman
[20:10:49] Den: what is your favorite style of fishing, casting, trolling, jigging?? 
[20:11:04] Jenn_WI: what kind of motors are you running..maybe i
missed it sorry...and for your kicker, do you have the steering at console or do you prefer it in back and why
[20:11:09] Reefer (Rick): great turn out at Denny's, oops! forgot, Denny's Marina sponsor also.
 [20:11:54] Reefer (Rick): I really like walleye fishing for fun or money, bass and others are ok too.
[20:12:04] Minnkotaguy(Mn): do you do any hunting rick?
[20:12:14] eyefish(mi): theres that 4 letter word
[20:12:26] Reefer (Rick): running Merc 225 Opti, 9.9 Merc. 4 stroke
[20:12:27] Juls (WI): lol
[20:12:44] Reefer (Rick): love too hunt
[20:12:50] Minnkotaguy(Mn): yep, same here
[20:12:56] Minnkotaguy(Mn): waterfowl hunt mostly
[20:13:09] Sheila: Reefer, been real busy with Sports shows and such lately? Which ones of late?
 [20:13:38] Reefer (Rick): Jenn: I'm going to try the Panther remote steer this year.
 [20:14:06] Reefer (Rick): Sheila: been busy, big show starts in Indy this fri.
[20:14:37] Sheila: You go in there for like a week right?
[20:14:51] Reefer (Rick): 9 days total
[20:14:56] Sheila: WOW
[20:15:21] Swat1: That should about do you in Rick...lol
[20:15:28] Reelmn: that's lots of Hooples Italian sausage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 [20:15:31] Reefer (Rick): will be at Denny's display and The Angler's
Group20:16:11] Erie TT: Reefer you going to fish any Team walleye erie tournaments?
[20:16:11] Reelmn: please explain the Anglers Froup
[20:16:22] Reelmn: group
 [20:16:58] Reefer (Rick): ETT, yes, Erie disrict with Roger and PTW with Ronnie Rhodes.
[20:17:11] Erie TT: all of em ??
 [20:17:23] Swat1: Rick what is your favorite method of fishing
[20:17:25] Minnkotaguy(Mn): rick, what kind of truck are you using this year to pull your boat?
[20:17:31] Reefer (Rick): Angler's Group is a manufacture rep company.
 [20:18:00] Reefer (Rick): east PTW, all Erie stops.
[20:18:03] Jenn_WI: rick what lund did you run last year
[20:18:10] eyefish(mi): Rick who do they Rep for
[20:18:15] Erie TT: cool see you there!!!
[20:18:21] Reefer (Rick): Swat: i really enjoy finess
 [20:18:30] Drift'r: Rick , How about discussing techniques on structure
fishing on lakes & rivers
 [20:18:55] *** jigboy has joined Walleye Central
[20:19:00] Den: COPS IS HERE
[20:19:09] Reefer (Rick): eye' Crooked Creek, PA's, Reef Runner,
HOOKHIDER, AkroMils and more
[20:19:10] Dafuzz (Sask): hands on da hood
 [20:19:27] Reefer (Rick): 1800 last year Jenn
 [20:20:18] Minnkotaguy(Mn): rick, here's my problem, there is a old gravel pit that i fish a lot. The Dnr has recently stocked some walleyes. I need some help on trying to find out how to catch em. There isn't much structure in the lake just 1 point and it's mostly sand
[20:20:18] Reefer (Rick): Drift: lakes, I look for wind swept points and structure.
 [20:20:52] Swat1: When Finesse fishing what do you like to use Rick
 [20:20:55] Reefer (Rick): any feeder systems or currant, Minn?
[20:21:06] Minnkotaguy(Mn): the pit isn't that big, i can fish it from my 10ft duck boat pretty good
 [20:21:18] Minnkotaguy(Mn): um, i think there is some underwater springs in it
[20:21:38] Minnkotaguy(Mn): no feeder creeks 
[20:22:01] Reefer (Rick): depending upon the mood of the fish when
using finess dictates approach, care to hear more?
 [20:22:12] eyefish(mi): yes
[20:22:14] Minnkotaguy(Mn): sure, i need all the help i can get
[20:22:28] Swat1: Sure Rick That is something I can always learn more about
[20:22:31] fishmon: hey Rick  tell us more
[20:22:38] Reefer (Rick): ok, please bear with me.
[20:22:58] Minnkotaguy(Mn): i guess we are swamping rick with questions
[20:23:16] jigboy: Rick, It's Walt Matan from custom jigs; call me at
(800)666-8878 ex111 tomorrow
[20:23:18] Reefer (Rick): in the spring on shield lakes I first determine
what stage the fish are in.
[20:23:43] Erie TT: spawn??
[20:23:48] Reefer (Rick): pre spawn, spawn, post spawn.
 [20:24:09] Swat1: How does that dictate your approach Rick
 [20:24:43] Reefer (Rick): the pre spawn fish typically stage at the mouth
of creek arms or around rocks near spawning flats.
 [20:25:20] Minnkotaguy(Mn): rick, how do you tell between the different
kinds of lakes? [20:25:31] Sheila: it's that post-spawn that usually baffles me a few
weeks, comments on that Rick?
[20:25:46] Reefer (Rick): i generally cover alot of water pulling sticks for pre spawn fish, once i find them, whip the jigs out.
 [20:26:14] Minnkotaguy(Mn): rick, what are some of your favorite kinds of jigs to use?
[20:26:30] Reefer (Rick): post spawn fish is a double edge sword.
 [20:27:36] Sheila: sharpen it for me?
[20:27:44] TerryMac: LOL
 [20:28:09] Reefer (Rick): post spawn initially presnts two patterns, males hanging around the spawning area and the females wondering in recovery.
 [20:29:02] Reefer (Rick): I try the fem's, if nothing gets them going I work
the males and keep checkin in on the girls
[20:29:18] eyefish(mi): Dont forget about the females pouting
Rick....thats my favorite part.....LOL
 [20:29:36] Minnkotaguy(Mn): rick, what kind of truck do you use to pull the 2025?
 [20:29:40] fishmon: what do you mean you work the males
[20:29:40] Reefer (Rick): once the fish head for stucture and settle down,
that's when the fun starts.
 [20:29:41] Sheila: vf, very funny[20:29:41] Sheila: vf, very funny
[20:29:54] Reefer (Rick): Expedition
[20:30:17] Minnkotaguy(Mn): i thought all you walleye pros drove surburbans.....lol
 [20:30:35] Sheila: not Reef
[20:30:42] Reefer (Rick): when the fish get on the rocks, I work them over
with rig or bb's. 
[20:31:16] Denied(Oh): Rick, how would you adapt your approch to Lake Erie??
[20:31:21] Reefer (Rick): minnows in the begiing, going to leeches and or crawlers as the water warms.
 [20:31:56] Minnkotaguy(Mn): rick, do you happen to have a website?
 [20:32:33] Bigeye: how big of minnows
 [20:32:47] Minnkotaguy(Mn): hey mn walleye
[20:33:00] Reefer (Rick): Erie is a little harder to predict, at least for me,
have done well on the reefs jiggin and riggin, once the fish start to move off the reefs, get big and troll.
[20:33:20] Sheila: if not, he sure needs one (website) ;-)
[20:33:25] Reefer (Rick): no web site, we're putting a pro page together.
[20:33:45] Minnkotaguy(Mn): rick, do jiggin spoons work well in the
spring on rivers? also do you put any bait on them
[20:34:13] Reefer (Rick): hope I haven't missed much, gotta watch my hands ya know...lol
[20:34:29] Juls (WI): lol
[20:34:38] Erie TT: you're doin great!!
 [20:34:48] Reefer (Rick): jigging spoons tipped with meat can be deadly.
 [20:34:57] Swat1: Rick what is your favorite thing to pull behind a bottom bouncer
[20:34:58] Minnkotaguy(Mn): rick, sorry if i ask some dumb questions, i'm
not a very good walleye fisherman, bass on the other hand, i'm un-stopable
[20:35:03] eyefish(mi): Rick with USFA not allowing handlining, How do you see the Detroit River tourneys going this year
 [20:35:09] Reefer (Rick): espeasially on Erie too. 
 [20:36:06] Reefer (Rick): not being a handliner Rod I really don't know. I
think the good anglers will come through regardless. 
[20:36:39] Juls (WI): thats only the ptw right? the rest of the usfa teams can handline yes? anyone know?
[20:36:48] eyefish(mi): no
[20:37:01] Swat1: No they can not handline Juls
[20:37:01] Reefer (Rick): no, total USFA ban
[20:37:18] Juls (WI): really? dang...was going to on the miss. dang dang dang!!!!!!! thanks for telling me
[20:37:34] Sheila: cool, evens the field, forget the wire
[20:37:40] TerryMac: dang ?
[20:37:47] Erie TT: does USFA have the same rod length rule???
[20:37:47] Den: ??
[20:37:58] Juls (WI): hehehe im not in my seahag mode terry..this is a family site..lol
[20:38:07] Reefer (Rick): slip jiggin should be the theme again. 
[20:38:40] eyefish(mi): Rick what changes will you make if the water muds
[20:38:44] Swat1: Yes ETT they have the rule word for word with the PWT
 [20:38:48] TerryMac: LOL   JULS
[20:38:56] Reefer (Rick): hey eyeman, didn't see you slip in.
[20:39:09] Erie TT: ok thanks Dan
[20:39:17] Eyeman IN: yep I made it leep typing :-) 
[20:39:21] Eyeman IN: keep
[20:39:22] Reefer (Rick): if it's muddy I'll follow you Rod!
[20:39:23] gillman(IN): what is rule
[20:39:39] eyefish(mi): Im lost at home
[20:39:43] Minnkotaguy(Mn): rick back to my problem about the pit, would
finess techniques work well? what kind of rigs and bait?
[20:39:56] Drift'r: Rick, Tell us about slip jigging
[20:39:58] Reefer (Rick): lol...probably get bright stuff out and make some noise.
[20:40:03] Swat1: If it's muddy there are 2 places to go both a long way away...lol
 [20:40:50] ct: rick how about sand bars in rivers?
[20:40:52] Reefer (Rick): vertical jigging in deep pits would be my first approach.
[20:40:53] eyefish(mi): where would that be Dan
[20:41:02] Minnkotaguy(Mn): thanks rick!!!
 [20:41:33] Reefer (Rick): by slip jigging I mean position your boat facing the current.
 [20:42:23] Reefer (Rick): run your electric fast enough that you slowly slip back with the current.
[20:42:45] Reefer (Rick): keep an eye on stuff in the water as an indicator.
[20:42:50] irish: later gang, Thank you Rick
[20:42:59] gillman(IN): bye[20:43:20] Minnkotaguy(Mn): rick, have you seen the new liquid paper graph from zercom? if so what do you think?
[20:43:40] Reefer (Rick): use a heavy enough jig that you line is at about
a 20-30 deg. angle (down stream)
[20:43:56] Reefer (Rick): no Minn., not yet.
[20:44:37] fishmon: nice job 
 [20:44:41] Minnkotaguy(Mn): rick, what kind of minnows do you suggest using for jigging in the spring of the year on a river?
[20:44:42] Reefer (Rick): lift the rod tip just enough to pick up the jig then
 [20:45:08] Reefer (Rick): shiners[20:45:46] Reefer (Rick): if you lift too high your jig will move too much down stream on the fall.
[20:45:50] fishmon: Rick look forward to seeing you soon. nite all
[20:45:54] Bigeye: what size shiners
 [20:46:02] Reefer (Rick): c ya jimmie
 [20:46:56] Reefer (Rick): after you have drifted through the target, pull in
the jigs and run heavy bottom bouncers up stream.
[20:47:17] *** WalleyeWiz1 has left Walleye Central
[20:47:21] SdDoc: hi  richard
[20:47:22] eyefish(mi): Rick why did you decide on the electro steer instead of the TR1
[20:47:34] Reefer (Rick): we didn't learn that soon enough did we gilman?
[20:47:35] Reefer (Rick): lol[20:47:47] gillman(IN): no we didn't
 [20:48:16] Drift'r: interesting technique
[20:48:28] *** dale has left Walleye Central
[20:48:51] Reefer (Rick): works great on the Rainy, Miss., Ill., and hopefully the Detroit.
 [20:49:17] Minnkotaguy(Mn): rick have you always owned a lund boat?
[20:49:33] Drift'r: how often do you get a better bite on the upstream b-bounce
 [20:49:59] Reefer (Rick): Minn: no, had a couple Sylvans before i started the tournament the trail. 
[20:50:49] Minnkotaguy(Mn): what do you think of yar-crafts rick?
 [20:51:01] Minnkotaguy(Mn): i've been convinceing my dad to get one
[20:51:03] eyefish(mi): Rick have you fished the Detroit before
 [20:51:25] gillman(IN): very nice boats
[20:51:26] Reefer (Rick): drift: depends on the moud, I experiment with small cranks or floating jigs until I find what they want. sometimes the bb's out perform the jigs.
[20:52:18] Reefer (Rick): YarCraft is a quality ride, no doubt, and they got a true winner carrying thier flag.
[20:52:30] Minnkotaguy(Mn): thanks rick
[20:52:47] Reefer (Rick): only fished the detroit a couple of times, mostly up river.
 [20:53:42] Minnkotaguy(Mn): walleye wiz, where you from?
[20:53:49] Drift'r: Are there anymore questions for our host...time to get them in
[20:53:52] Reefer (Rick): i'm sure anxious to get over to the big pond though!
 [20:53:59] Minnkotaguy(Mn): cool
[20:54:17] Sheila: gosh, aren't we all Reef? yes. hehe
[20:54:39] Minnkotaguy(Mn): hey rick, thanks again for the good info, the
pit fishing tips will help out alot this spring and summer. THANKS!!!
[20:54:42] gillman(IN): on erie what is the best color reefer runner
 [20:55:10] Reefer (Rick): the one that's cating fish...lol
 [20:55:42] Sheila: Hey Reefer excellent chat man, thank you. Looking forward to fishing with you again
[20:55:45] Reefer (Rick): if I could only use one color it would either be Erie Descent ot Blue Chrome.
[20:55:56] Den: both good
[20:56:05] gillman(IN): good
 [20:56:06] Minnkotaguy(Mn): take care rick, nice talkin with ya buddy
[20:56:11] Minnkotaguy(Mn): i'm outa here
[20:56:15] Drift'r: Thanks to Rick Cole for a great chat!!!!!
[20:56:16] gillman(IN): bye
[20:56:17] Eyeman IN: you meand 1 doz right :-) !!!!
[20:56:21] WalleyeWiz: fried chicken was good off of Huron
 [20:56:26] eyefish(mi): Great job Rick
[20:56:29] Drift'r: good luck in the upcoming season
[20:56:30] Den: thanks rick, good job
[20:56:34] Swat1: I Would like to thank tonights host for a great chat
[20:56:35] gillman(IN): clapclapclap
[20:56:38] TerryMac: Thanks  reefer
[20:56:41] #1 Saugeye: Thanks Rick
[20:56:43] Eyeman IN: Good Job Rick 
[20:56:43] Reefer (Rick): my pleasure, really enjoyed it, hangin with my pals!
[20:56:45] Sheila: xxOOxx fisher "man"
 [20:56:45] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap...thanks Rick...great chat!
[20:56:49] eyefish(mi): Clap Clap
[20:56:51] Drift'r: clap clap clap
[20:56:51] Minnkotaguy(Mn): clap, clap clap clap
[20:57:02] Reefer (Rick): thanks!
[20:57:04] Erie TT: good job Bud

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