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[19:57:57] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome CRAIG MYERS!!!!

[19:58:02] Drift'r: ric invited me

[19:58:11] ebijack (mi): he fishes the mwt and the usfa curcuit

[19:58:14] Drift'r: hi craig

[19:58:18] RoyG(PA): Welcome CRAIG MYERS!!!!

[19:58:27] Craig(MI): hi all!!!

[19:58:31] RoyG(PA):


[19:58:34] Craig(MI): aka Woody

[19:59:25] Esf: Craig what kind of boat do you have?

[19:59:58] Craig(MI): I have a Starcraft Pro Elite 2000 ( 20 ft....102 inches Wide)

[20:00:05] ebijack (mi): yes craig, tell us all about your new sponsors

[20:00:12] Esf: sweet

[20:00:32] Craig(MI): Its powered by Mariner 200 EFI, Mariner 9.9 kicker

[20:00:40] ebijack (mi): craig, you wanted to talk about the comeradere on the curcuits

[20:00:58] Craig(MI): yes,

[20:01:27] Craig(MI): It's kinda like here, but it's all in person on the tourney circuit

[20:01:56] ebijack (mi): craig is that part of what keeps you fishing the curcuits

[20:02:01] Craig(MI): I also have two Lowrance on board, TR-1,

[20:02:10] Craig(MI): yes it is ebi

[20:02:41] Craig(MI): I pull the beast down the road with a Dodge Ram

[20:03:17] ebijack (mi): how does that rig (the boat) tow and launch craig

[20:03:26] RoyG(PA): nice truck...i have one too

[20:03:39] Esf: C ya later

[20:03:42] Craig(MI): great, I have no problem launching/loading all by myself

[20:03:52] ebijack (mi): craig, how many days do you try to prefish before a tourney

[20:04:12] Craig(MI): I like to prefish 3, most of the time two

[20:04:37] Craig(MI): most of the waters here in Michigan I have fished in previous


[20:05:37] ebijack (mi): does that determine where you fish every time

[20:06:07] Craig(MI): no, I keep a journal from previous visits

[20:06:23] Craig(MI): sometimes this eliminates where I am not going to fish

[20:06:31] ebijack (mi): do you also keep a journal on who and what won the tourney

[20:06:45] Craig(MI): yes, most definetly

[20:07:09] Craig(MI): Fishing, for me anyways, is always a learning experience

[20:07:18] ebijack (mi): have you found one patteren that really produces the best

[20:07:32] Craig(MI): I like to troll harnesses

[20:07:47] Drift'r: do u use lead core

[20:07:54] Craig(MI): most of my bigger fish have come with this technique

[20:08:24] Craig(MI): not yet Drift'r, I have thought about it but haven't used it yet

[20:08:41] Drift'r: what size line on the harnesses

[20:08:52] Craig(MI): I am a firm believer in the Precision trolling book

[20:09:07] ebijack (mi): what about snap weights craig

[20:09:21] Craig(MI): I tie my own harnesses.....I use Berkley Steelon, 20 lb

[20:09:47] Craig(MI): three hooks, the last hook being a treble hook

[20:09:57] Craig(MI): I use them alot

[20:10:05] Craig(MI): the snap weights

[20:10:27] ebijack (mi): craig, what do you do when you are on a lake that just had the

fish fly hatch

[20:11:12] Craig(MI): I found that a Hot'n' tot works good during the hatch

[20:11:22] Craig(MI): It wobbles alot

[20:11:30] Craig(MI): a better attractant

[20:11:50] ebijack (mi): thanks, now what about weed growth that is to the top of the


[20:11:51] Craig(MI): I found this to be true on Houghton Lake a couple of weeks ago

[20:12:26] Craig(MI): Rip jigging, slip bobbers, lindy rigs work well

[20:12:33] gwalt(MI): craig did you fish the mwt at houghton

[20:12:39] Craig(MI): look for the "holes" in the weeds

[20:12:43] ebijack (mi): craig, are any of the tourney's you fish a pro/am event

[20:12:55] Craig(MI): gwalt, yes I did

[20:13:04] Craig(MI): only fished one day due to the storms

[20:13:04] gwalt(MI): how did you do

[20:13:31] Craig(MI): finished in the middle(38)

[20:13:41] Craig(MI): no, I fish a two person team format

[20:14:30] gwalt(MI): i was at houghton lk yesterday. talked to a guy who is catching

walleyes on home made spinner baits

[20:15:03] Craig(MI): A key to Houghton Lake is to fish the Tops of the weeds

[20:15:04] gwalt(MI): have you tried spinner baits at all?

[20:15:16] Craig(MI): no, just harnesses

[20:15:17] ebijack (mi): craig, have you though about fishing the pwt curcuit now that

it's going to split up

[20:15:28] Craig(MI): yes I have ebi

[20:15:51] Craig(MI): I will discuss that with my sponsors this winter

[20:16:00] ebijack (mi): craig, would your sponsors go with you?

[20:16:12] Craig(MI): I hope so Ebi

[20:16:17] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:16:18] gwalt(MI): who are your sponsors?

[20:17:02] Craig(MI): Starcraft. Mariner, TR-1, Lowrance, Chapman's Sprt Center, and I

have a couple of local businesses

[20:17:26] Craig(MI): Aero Marine is also a sponsor, hope that Lance will be here next


[20:17:30] gwalt(MI): are you going to fish saginaw bay tourney in july?

[20:17:37] Craig(MI): you bet

[20:17:55] gwalt(MI): where do you live in mich?

[20:17:57] Craig(MI): I will start fishing Saginaw Bay later next week

[20:18:18] Craig(MI): Mt. Pleasant, right in the center of Michigan

[20:18:33] gwalt(MI): do you fish saginaw alot?

[20:18:58] Craig(MI): yes, gwalt. I like to consider Saginaw Bay my "home" waters

[20:19:17] Craig(MI): btw, caught two the day I ran into you

[20:20:06] gwalt(MI): I live about a mile for the bay in kawkawlin. craig. is chapmans

still coming to the show at hoyles?

[20:20:14] Mick (WI): Craig, do you have a scouting routine when fishing new water?

[20:20:38] Craig(MI): gwalt, I don't think so. I'll check with Dale this weekend

[20:21:15] Craig(MI): Mick, I like to start scouting by using a Hot Spot map of the lake,

body of water that I am going to fish

[20:21:39] ebijack (mi): craig, have you found those to be the best maps

[20:22:11] Craig(MI): so far, you can also stop at the local bait store....

[20:22:26] Craig(MI): just listen to the "locals"

[20:22:35] Craig(MI): this is a good start

[20:22:43] Mick (WI): I find most locals to be tight lipped

[20:22:45] ebijack (mi): craig, do you always take 3 kinds of live bait to a tourney

[20:22:57] ebijack (mi): me too mick

[20:23:07] Craig(MI): right now, just two....leeches and crawlers

[20:23:24] Mick (WI): thats why this forum is so helpful

[20:23:25] Craig(MI): I find minnows to be better in the spring and fall

[20:24:01] Craig(MI): Mick, I have found that you don't ask, but just listen to others

[20:24:49] ebijack (mi): craig, how tough was it to get your sponsors

[20:24:56] Craig(MI): I also have a problem when I pull up with the outfit that I

have......It's all logo’d up and I stick out like a sore thumb

[20:25:07] ebijack (mi): you sure seemed to take of with the sponsors

[20:25:12] gwalt(MI): craig how many spots will you use during a tourney?

[20:25:45] Craig(MI): the sponsors, it has taken me four years to get the sponsorship

that I have

[20:26:18] Craig(MI): I have found that you have to prove yourself before they will

sponsor you

[20:26:26] Mick (WI): Craig,how many tournaments do you fish in a season?

[20:26:34] ebijack (mi): what kind of proof do you have to have craig

[20:27:05] Craig(MI): gwalt, ideally just one, but I like to have at least three areas that


[20:27:38] Craig(MI): Mick, I will fish in 10 this year

[20:28:02] Mick (WI): how do you find the time?

[20:28:06] Craig(MI): The proof, the sponsors like things in writing and pictures

[20:28:30] Craig(MI): newspapers, TV, etc.

[20:28:47] ebijack (mi): craig, how did you go about getting/talking to the sponsors you


[20:28:58] Craig(MI): Mick, I am a paramedic....I work only two 24 hour shifts per week

[20:29:50] Craig(MI): Just starting talking, I also have a nice resume all printed up in my

back pocket:)

[20:29:55] Mick (WI): Craig, have you ever had to use your paramedic training at a


[20:29:58] ebijack (mi): craig, would you go to a bigger boat or is 20 ft as big as you

would like to go

[20:30:36] Craig(MI): Mick, my last tournament I removed a hook , that is the extent of

my skills so far

[20:31:11] Craig(MI): my 20 ft. is as big as I will go.....I like to river fish as well as inland

lakes and the Great Lakes

[20:31:17] Drift'r: what do you do with your boat at the end of the season?

[20:31:33] Craig(MI): this year I am going to sell it

[20:31:58] Craig(MI): interested???

[20:32:21] ebijack (mi): craig, do you think you can go straight into the pwt since it's

beening split up and not have to fish as a am

[20:32:41] Drift'r: :-)

[20:33:02] Craig(MI): I think the split will be interesting, I think you will see a big interest

from the group of guys I fish with now

[20:33:15] ebijack (mi): list it on walleyecentrals boats for sale page

[20:33:20] Craig(MI): It may make for a waiting list still

[20:33:44] Mick (WI): Craig, do you guide for others in your area?

[20:34:17] Craig(MI): yes I do, it gives me a reason to fish.....:)

[20:34:27] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:35:23] ebijack (mi): craig, how do you like the tr-1 now that you have used it for

most of the season

[20:35:42] ebijack (mi): and what about the pin point system

[20:35:47] Craig(MI): I love it, I wish this product would have come out years ago

[20:36:04] Craig(MI): I don't have the pinpoint, yet:)

[20:36:34] Craig(MI): with the TR-1 my partner and I can both fish, no one needs to

drive/steer the boat

[20:36:37] ebijack (mi): craig, do you use the tr-1 most every time you troll

[20:36:45] Mick (WI): Craig, can you describe the tr-1?

[20:37:00] Craig(MI): I use the TR-1 any time I troll

[20:37:21] Craig(MI): The TR-1 is an autopilot system used on your kicker motor

[20:37:39] Mick (WI): Is it foot controlled?

[20:37:41] ebijack (mi): is it tied into your gps craig

[20:38:01] Craig(MI): it uses a compass heading to steer the course, you also have a

hand held unit that can be used to control the throttle

[20:38:32] Craig(MI): I do not have my unit tied into my gps

[20:38:39] Craig(MI): but it can be

[20:39:13] ebijack (mi): craig, do you have the global map 2000

[20:39:15] Craig(MI): Mick, there is a hand held unit that you can use to control speed

as well as steering

[20:39:54] Craig(MI): no, I have the LMS 350 A

[20:40:16] Mick (WI): has anyone heard of the LMS 160?

[20:40:25] Craig(MI): no

[20:40:26] ebijack (mi): craig, is your team member the same person for every tourney?

[20:40:52] Craig(MI): yes it is, if we change partners we forfit our points

[20:41:08] ebijack (mi): is that only for the mwt?

[20:41:14] Craig(MI): if my partner can't fish, I fish alone

[20:41:29] Craig(MI): I believe the USFA is the same

[20:42:09] Craig(MI): I think this is so that I can't find a "local" for each tournament

[20:42:19] ebijack (mi): craig, how do you like the starcraft, does it handle as well as

you though

[20:43:00] Craig(MI): yes, It has a very large front hull....I have found that it rides better

with the front 50 gal livewell full!!

[20:43:38] Mick (WI): Craig, what kind of support do you get from your sponsors, cash

or product discounts?

[20:43:46] ebijack (mi): craig, how do you like the 4 stroke kicker

[20:44:04] Craig(MI): Mick, product discount at this time....I also do seminars for these


[20:44:30] Drift'r: do you have to buy the boat

[20:44:50] Craig(MI): I am still new to the sponsorship programs, they tell me that

eventually they will let me use there products for the season

[20:45:15] Craig(MI): yes, I don't know what I would do without my 9.9 kicker

[20:45:31] Craig(MI): Drift'r, at a discount yes

[20:45:45] ebijack (mi): craig, what makes you like the 4 stroke over a 2 stroke

[20:45:57] Craig(MI): this also will allow someone else to take advantage of a great buy

in the fall

[20:46:29] Craig(MI): I like the Clean running of the 4, it is also very quiet

[20:47:09] Mick (WI): Craig, do you run the kicker off the main gas line to the big


[20:47:11] Craig(MI): I can also rig the fuel from my main tank to my 4

[20:47:20] Craig(MI): yes

[20:47:28] ebijack (mi): craig, can you give us an idea of how long it took to get your

boat setup after lining up sponsors

[20:47:59] Craig(MI): about 6 weeks, I was getting frustrated with the time, but A real

nice rig

[20:48:33] ebijack (mi): craig, is trolling or jigging your favorite way to fish

[20:48:46] Craig(MI): I also worked my deal out in the spring, the fall is a better time to

work out your sponsorship

[20:49:17] Craig(MI): depends on the body of water,

[20:49:28] Craig(MI): Jigging is a slower presentation

[20:49:39] Craig(MI): trolling covers more area

[20:49:42] ebijack (mi): what do you prefer,

[20:49:44] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:49:48] Craig(MI): I have to do what the fish want

[20:49:57] Craig(MI): I would much rather troll

[20:50:46] Mick (WI): Craig, how many lines can you fish with in Mi?

[20:50:53] Craig(MI): two per person

[20:51:01] ebijack (mi): craig, what kind of rods do you use for your trolling

[20:51:14] Craig(MI): I use Eagle Claw

[20:51:41] Craig(MI): I use Diawa line counters, a MUST!!

[20:52:17] Craig(MI): I spool those with Berkley XT 10 lb

[20:52:21] ebijack (mi): do you find that it really makes that much difference craig

[20:53:09] Craig(MI): I do, I can have out 90 ft on one line and 100 on the other, the 90

may outproduce

[20:53:22] Craig(MI): duplicate and I'm catching twice the fish

[20:53:51] Mick (WI): Craig you are doing a great job, I gotta go, good luck this year!

[20:54:53] ebijack (mi): I'd like to THANK CRAIG MYERS for hosting tonight!!!

[20:55:02] Craig(MI): thank you ebi!!

[20:55:12] ebijack (mi): you really came thru for us craig, i appreciate it

[20:55:14] Craig(MI): thanks to all of you for having me

[20:55:22] RoyG(PA): thanks for the chat tonite craig

[20:55:27] ebijack (mi): anytime craig, good luck at muskegon

[20:55:28] Craig(MI): anytime

[20:55:34] Drift'r: thanks craig

[20:55:36] Craig(MI): thanks ebi!!!

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