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Off Shore Tackle with Bruce DeShano  Nov. 22, 2000

chatman-  Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome tonight's Guest host, Bruce 

Deshano from Offshore Tackle!!!

Driftr-  Welcome Bruce !!!

Juls-  clap clap clap clap clap...welcome Bruce!!

chatman-  For real this time!!!!! LOL

Driftr-  clap clap clap

Swat1-  Welcome Bruce

Juls-  - -)

Denied(Oh)-  me too

Driftr-  howdy Swat

Chairman-  Hi all, I am ready, general topics OK?

Denied(Oh);-  ok

chatman-  Well, Bruce, a couple weeks back we got into talking about the new release, can you tell us about it more in detail?

Chairman-  There are 2, the snap weight clip which is red and the new Snapper Release

Swat1-  Considering that Off Shore is "generally" the best board on the market general questions should work....LOL

Chairman-  The snapper is the answer for the super lines

chatman-  Has the snapper replaced the red clip as the standard release on the Offshore boards?

Chairman-  No, it is not an inexpensive release so it will be an option

Chairman-  The black release will still fit most uses

Denied(Oh);-  what's different about the snapper?

Swat1-  What will they retail for Bruce?

Chairman-  around $12-13 depending on the retailers markup

chatman-  I have had considerable time using the snapper on my in line boards and am really impressed with it

Chairman-  The snapper is a clamp type release that positively holds the line

Ristorapper-  do you use super lines with them chatman?

Chairman-  It has a replaceable upper pad

Dan(oh);-  can you use mono with it

Swat1-  From what I have seen it looks like just what is needed

chatman-  I have used super line (Fireline and Gorilla Braid) the releases worked well. Also did well with lead core!

Chairman-  we have been testing it all year and it has been on the market for a year also

Ristorapper-  one hand release???

chatman-  I use predominately 10lb XT for trolling though....

Chairman-  one hand is no problem. great on the tattle flag

Pikeman-  May have already been asked, but: is there any new big things coming from Off Shore this year?

Chairman-  mostly the pin in the center of the pad on the Red clip and the Snapper release

Chairman-  we are looking for suggestions

Chairman-  I am looking at a change in the night light this weekend

chatman-  How successful has the light been for offshore Bruce

Swat1-  Anything new on the Riviera line Bruce?

Chairman-  It is not a big item, but I like it better than the cyclume lights

Chairman-  it just rounds out the line

chatman-  What types of changes are you looking at? With the lights that is.....

Lance V (MI)-  Bruce, have you thought of different colored lights, so we can tell boards apart?

Chairman-  Riviera will be able to get more hand lines this year and has made some changes in the dual planer board

Chairman-  The dealers do not like to stock any more parts than they have to so we only offer red

Swat1-  I would like to see a light that is constantly on, not blinking, the current ones are hard on my eyes at times

Chairman-  steady light would eat batteries like crazy and get lost against shore lights.

Lance V (MI)-  No, I want short sleeve weather

Lance V (MI)-  Bruce, the Tattle Flag has been a great hit here in my area, How about other parts of the walleye world?

Juls-  same here Lance...love them

Chairman-  they do well in WI and out west, haven't caught on with a lot of anglers.

Chairman-  cost is a factor until you use one

Ristorapper-  cost on the tattle upgrade??

Chairman-  about the same as 2 cranks and last longer

Chairman-  about $14

Ristorapper-  :)

Lance V (MI)-  Too bad if everyone would give them a fair shot I think they would really enjoy how they work

Driftr-  I think the tattle flag would work really well for someone that has just started to use boards.....like me

Juls-  Bruce..have hand line sales gone up since all of the visibility they got in the mwc and a few other circuits did so well with them?

Ristorapper-  ditto drifter

Juls-  or I should say some teams did so well with them...

Chairman-  oh yes, Bass Pro just ordered 150 of them

Juls-  cool

Lance V (MI)-  Tattle Flag is great for lots of uses-light biters, small fish, perch on crawler rigs

Chairman-  they are not magic as you know Juls

Driftr-  unless a fish sunk it I had a hard time with a hit

Driftr-  Linda wants to get them bad :)

Swat1-  Takes a little getting used to Jim but you will catch on

Driftr-  + for team Driftr :)

Chairman-  get her a pair, they are easy to learn the basics.

chatman-  It is amazing to me Jim, that many of the draggers that you would normally miss actually turn out to be decent sized fish...

Lance V (MI)-  At first I wasn't sure Tattle Flag was a great idea-then I tried it. Now all my boards have them.

Lance V (MI)-  Helps you see if crank is running right also

Chairman-  the tattle flag lets you know a lot about what is going on

Chairman-  when you see a board go back and then come forward you think you have a hit but that is when you just lost a fish

Ristorapper-  ease of upgrading to tattles, straight forward directions??

Chairman-  you had been dragging for a while

Lance V (MI)-  Very easy and quick

Chairman-  The girl in my office doesn't fish and she could put one together.

Lance V (MI)-  Bruce, have you thought about packaging boards with the Tattle Flag option already included?

Chairman-  most people don't use the Tattle Flag to its fullest extent.

Ristorapper-  explain

Chairman-  Yes, but we are already one of the most expensive and it would cost sales

Juls-  then they are missing out on their usefulness

Chairman-  they don't tune the flag so that it is back a little so if the lure is not pulling as well the flag will come forward

Lance V (MI)-  Right, lets you see if lure is fouled or not running correctly

chatman-  So, one should set the spring so the flag is about 5 to 10 degrees back?

Chairman-  also, you can tell if the bait is bouncing bottom by watching the flag move. good in reservoirs

Chairman-  yes Ralph load it about that or a little more

Chairman-  If I miss a question, ask again please

Lance V (MI)-  And don't forget stalling baits and letting them suspend-use Tattle Flag like a bobber!

Chairman-  especially do that on cold fronts.

Driftr-  Lance , how is that done?

Juls-  never tried that...good I learned something new tonight..

Ristorapper-  gotta love it Juls

Lance V (MI)-  Bruce, how much weight can you use and still have the board work right-with and without Tattle Flags?

Swat1-  Doing slow S turns is a good way to stall one side and speed the other side up

Driftr-  that was my thought Swat

Chairman-  with the Tattle Flag about 2 oz trolling about 3 maybe 4 if the speed is up. it will sink with 4 but when you pull it will come up

Ristorapper-  Puccio was using 3 oz bottom bouncers with spinners behind boards last time I was with him

Chairman-  I seldom use more that 2 oz my favorite is 1.2 and vary the lead length

Ristorapper-  worked great!

jerry-  Risto...did he have to upgrade spring for this?

Chairman-  that way you get more movement on the spinner.

Ristorapper-  no tattles back then !! 3 years ago

Chairman-  No, he took the spring out of the flag and put it around the stem of the flag

Lance V (MI)-  Swat, sometimes on the bay suspended fish get real picky. Go through them w/ Crawler and Snap weight and just STOP when over the fish. Let spinner slowly sink down through the fish and watch your Tattle Flag.

Chairman-  it changes the spring tension when you do that

Swat1-  Good point Lance.

Chairman-  The Tattle Flag was really designed for live bait\spinners not for heavy pulling cranks.

Chairman-  they will work but you have to play with them

Driftr-  do you use snap weights too off the boards

Lance V (MI)-  But it still works great once you get them tuned right.

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Any tip's on running boards in strong river currents?

Chairman-  whenever I am using spinners and quite often on cranks. especially on cold fronts

Swat1-  Yes Drift'r

chatman-  I know a couple guys who have gone to the local hardware and picked up different springs to play with them for using deep diver cranks

chatman-  Some success, but not like the original springs....

Chairman-  I have found most river fish on the bottom and boards are no more effective that flat lines

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Really?

Driftr-  how deep can you drop a harness off a board using a snap weight

Juls-  ahhh but hand lining is more effective..hehehe

Chairman-  Use hand line technique when fish are on bottom in current.

Lance V (MI)-  Use the drill bit that comes with the Tattle Flag kit and drill 6-8 holes on leading edge of board-gives you more adjustments for the spring

Chairman-  200 feet if you are not moving driftr haha

Chairman-  I can get to about 40-50 at 1 mph

Chairman-  Latest boards have the nose changed and the holes are in them, no more notches!

Driftr-  how much weight is that with Bruce?

Chairman-  3oz 40 ft to spinner and 150 to the board we would say 40-2-150

Chairman-  that will take a reef runner with 2 oz about 45' at 1.8

Lance V (MI)-  Sure will lol

Chairman-  that would be called 40-2-150

Driftr-  outstanding :)

chatman-  I can see just how much keeping accurate notes really helps with the snap weight system, and everybody does it just a little different

Chairman-  we are working on the '01 paper now and will have lots of tips in it

Ristorapper-  how soon will that one be available the paper that is?

Chairman-  Yes, the 50-50 is a great start and fits almost all conditions, but- 

Lance V (MI)-  most people don't use snap weights with cranks and are missing a great tool or depth control

Den-  Bruce, my partner in crime said to tell you the boards (in line) can cut your nose, lol

Juls-  hahaha Den

Chairman-  especially neutral cranks in cold front conditions

Lance V (MI)-  Or long thin shallow divers down to negative fish

Mckoz-  What's a good method with boards for beginners??

Chairman-  He should not try eating them or did you hit him with one?

chatman-  Use them and experiment. Also pick up the Precision Trolling book Mckoz

Chairman-  beginners should use spinners and 50-50

Chairman-  and have patience, they do work

Mckoz-  Juls showed me that - its on the xmas list!

Chairman-  Great

Chairman-  thanks juls

Chairman-  they are best on suspended fish

Chairman-  Night bite is going at Erie I hear

Dan(oh);-  a little advice, NEVER lose a fish that Den catches

Juls-  anytime..

Juls-  lol

Mckoz-  What are the min and max. trolling speeds with these?

Den-  he missed the board with his hands , just then the Huron hog got off, and bam, in the nose

Juls-  ouch

Den-  lol

chatman-  Ouch!

Chairman-  any moving current, I have fished them over 5mph and at .2

Chairman-  most of your spinner fishing will be .5 to 1.5

Juls-  some people use them shore fishing McKoz, so like Bruce said..all you need is current

Chairman-  I have fished them on the White r. in Arkansas from shore for trout

chatman-  There is a new trend up at Depere. Guys anchor and put a spread of boards out in the current

Chairman-  Great winter presentation as long as they don't hog the river.

chatman-  Kind of annoying when they have a 70 foot wide spread in a community hole though....

Mckoz-  Are there different models or styles or are they all basically the same? The Offshore's I mean

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Cat fisherman in the southern reservoirs are using boards and long lines for huge Blues now, have you seen any of the 100 lb blues Virgil Agee has boated in this manner yet?

Chairman-  all the same with and you can add the Tattle flag kit

Driftr-  I'm not really happy with dipsey fishing, I 'm seeing that the snaps would accomplish what I would like to do

Chairman-  No, but I bet we could get In fish to do an article on it.

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  they know.

Den-  driftr, it all takes a lot of practice

Chairman-  The dipseys are a great technique for precision depth control, the snaps search a lot of water

chatman-  man, I can just see it, a 100 lbs of big blue Ugly!

Lance V (MI)-  What's that Dan?

Chairman-  dipseys are the best when you know what depth your fish are at.

Juls-  anytime you want to learn them McKoz, you know where to find me.. but I guess we will have to wait for the thaw now though

chatman-  gotta love them Cats........

Chairman-  I have tried to make something close, but dipseys are no. 1

Lance V (MI)-  Dipseys add a different action then snap weights too

Mckoz-  We are set up to start trolling with 4 lines - how many could we use boards on ? Remember we are just starting out

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Long lining cut baits on massive flats, multiple sets at a little more then a drift speed. Virgil has a few real monsters in this method!

Chairman-  still good board fishing this year yet at Huron

Swat1-  Snap weights are so speed dependent that at higher speeds they don't go very deep while a dipsey is somewhat speed sensitive it isn't nearly like a snap weight Drift'r

chatman-  all 4 Mike

Juls-  four is good to start with....then we will show you how to handle three per side.

Den-  very good Bruce

Chairman-  I have caught a lot of crappies on boards

Driftr-  Airwave was telling me that a dipsey can't go any deeper than at 90 back, all the rest let out is just a bow in the line ...Right?

chatman-  I have had 8 boards and two down riggers at one time terry...

Den-  Juls we run as many as 5 on a side

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  WOW, 8 board!

chatman-  got me beat there Den..

Chairman-  I think I can get them deeper with wire or super lines

Juls-  showoff den...lol

chatman-  Well, there were 4 of us in the boat, so we were well within being legal

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Take me two months to untangle them!

Chairman-  that is by yourself too right den

Juls-  well if only two people in the boat...in Wisconsin you can only run six lines.

Swat1-  I used Off Shore boards on the charter this summer and would commonly run 5 or 6 to a side

Juls-  lol I hear that BE

Den-  it be a mess when a steel head gets the outside, and goes the other way, lol

Den-  no Bruce, lol

chatman-  I spent several years on a 27 foot cabin cruiser, 4 riggers 2 Dipsey rods 4 stackers .....

Juls-  or a rolling sheepshead..haha what a mess they can make

Ristorapper-  lol

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Or a Musky!

Chairman-  The new clip should help the charter guys cause they like to run upwind in the bigger boats

Den-  they come to the top,

Swat1-  Yes it will really help Bruce

Mckoz-  Another stupid question - would you split up spoons/cranks or stick with all divers or mix it up till you find something that interests em?

Den-  a big help Bruce

Juls-  not a dumb question...

Chairman-  as long as the lures all work at the speed you are running have at it

Ristorapper-  then replicate the one the fish tie into

Chairman-  usually the local shops can tune you in to whether you should be doing cranks live bait or spoons

Juls-  - -)

Chairman-  stop in and see them, it will be worth it

Ristorapper-  when is the next offshore paper due out Bruce??

Den-  most will tell you the truth

Chairman-  just like with snap weights, once you find the right weight, duplicate it

Mckoz-  I must have missed something - will they be around here?

Juls-  who McKoz?

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  On large flat lakes like Traverse or Big Stone will willow 

spoons run well on boards and keep off rock?

Mckoz-  The Off Shore folks?

Juls-  you have already talked to one at Dick Smith's...wink

chatman-  BE, willows are great especially at slow speeds

Chairman-  I hope sometime in January but we are always behind. I need to quit fishing tournaments and go back to work- - -NOT!

Juls-  lol

Ristorapper-  NOT!!

chatman-  I flat line them or use a small bouncer or keel sinker on em

Ristorapper-  as long as you get it out before the ice thaws as far as I'm 


Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Thought so but never tried them, shads and jigs are great on boards there.

Chairman-  I like a weight ahead of a spoon at slow speeds to enhance the action

Juls-  jigs on boards? huh?

chatman-  Just give Bruce a phone call any Monday Morning 


Mckoz-  Chairman - my son is looking at the current issue of Off Shore Release and wondering out loud as to whether or not the crank in the picture is a Frenzy??

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Ya, standup jigs and 4" shads.

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  They swim like a crank.

Swat1-  Troll a jig Juls Works great on LBDN with a red tail shiner on the jig

Ristorapper-  :)

Juls-  hhmmm never heard of that before BE..interesting

chatman-  another river secret shot.....Thanks BE........LOL........

Chairman-  No, I don't think so probably a reef runner

Juls-  lol Ralph

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  OK, I better shut up!

Ristorapper-  tell us more BE

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  The Arkie style heads crawl over glacial rock well and hang up less,.

Chairman-  on reservoirs, I troll a live minnow with split shot right up on shore in mud works great sometimes

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  I use up to 5" shads!

Chairman-  get the board in shallow and you'd keep the boat out and don't spook fish

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  yepper!!

Juls-  that sounds like a good technique Bruce

chatman-  You basically long line a jig/shad tail and set it to be just above the bottom, then let out the board. Big body, big fish, natural presentation....

Chairman-  underutilized though

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Drag them on the mud if need be!

Chairman-  that is the way when you need one or 2 big ones Ralph

chatman-  good one on the piggies early and late in the year.....

Lance V (MI)-  Guess I need more fishing time to try out all these new techniques lol

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  yep, and at night!!

Chairman-  try it along dam faces too works at Pierre

Chairman-  and in Iowa

Juls-  lol I hear ya there lance I agree

chatman-  just gotta get out and play......try anything....how do you think boards got invented?

Chairman-  again Lance the tournaments eat into your experiment time

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Just don't wrap a board around a late season dock, that is bad!

Lance V (MI)-  Yet but they are too fun to give up!!!

Ristorapper-  speaking from experience!:)

chatman-  I took my wife's uncle out to Depere last month, and he cast a shad body almost all day

Driftr-  unless you experiment at tournament time like I have to

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  LOL, YA!

Chairman-  Most of the changes in the boards have come from tournament anglers.

Driftr-  I haven't fished many

chatman-  I hear that Jim. I am always pre fishing by 12 Saturday! LOL.......

Den-  lol

Ristorapper-  Fishing all 6 PWT this coming year Bruce?

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Most of the money in the past few years at the Traverse or Big Stone events have went to shallow water board runners!!

Chairman-  I have not made a decision yet, but probably only the East and the MWT.

chatman-  well, you gotta keep an eye on the locals with the great big minnows on big slip bob's....

Chairman-  Waiting for RCA to let us know what is going down there. then I will send in my entries

chatman-  at Big Stone....

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  YA, Whap boys too!

Ristorapper-  you are a busy man was hoping to bump into you out west here several times

Lance V (MI)-  What's the current status on RCL Bruce?

Lance V (MI)-  Are you waiting like everyone else-any ideas on what is coming

Chairman-  with the PWT practice rules we don't have much time for promotion or visiting

Chairman-  Sonny said we would know by Dec. 1 that's all I know

Lance V (MI)-  Bruce, Whatever happened to the practice time vote the PWT had this year?

chatman-  I have also talked to Sonny. We are guaranteed a press release as soon as he can say the details

Chairman-  I don't like rumors so I will wait for sonny. whatever they decide it will be good for the anglers

Ristorapper-  PWT registration has to be in by Jan 10 if you all are interested

Chairman-  we have 5 days but have to be off the water by noon on Tuesday

Lance V (MI)-  So really only 4 days again this year

chatman-  Wow! the hour is slipping away! Any more questions for Bruce tonight?

Chairman-  This years tour doesn't appeal to me, ugly times to be at some of the sites and I hate no cul tournaments.

Mckoz-  Thanks for the info everyone

chatman-  Ladies and Gents, a big round of applause for tonight's Host, Bruce DeShano!

Ristorapper-  thanks again for a very informative chat Bruce Clap Clap Clap Clap!

Driftr-  Thanks Bruce !!!

Driftr-  clap clap clap

Swat1-  Thanks Bruce

Chairman-  any time Ralph, just catch me home

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