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[19:57:45] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome PAUL and MARSHAL DUNN!!!!!! team dunn!

[19:57:54] nail: hello

[19:57:57] Raybone[wy]: Howdy fellow eye seekers

[19:58:05] bob (oh): hi

[19:58:06] prairiepillow: welcome team dunn

[19:58:08] ^2old2^ (mi): Welcome Team Dunn!!!!

[19:58:11] Drift'r: hi dunns

[19:58:13] ebijack (mi): they fish the MWT and also manufacture the releases for off

shore tackle

[19:58:18] BIG I 2: welcome

19:59:02] BIG I 2: what tpye of release should i use on fireline they keep pulling out

[19:59:44] ebijack (mi): team dunn, can you tell us about how you got started

manufacturing releases?

[19:59:56] Team Dunn (MWT): BIG I 2, we are coming out with a release that will hold

the superlines, such as fireline

[20:00:08] BIG I 2: iDUNN WHEN

[20:00:17] Magic Marker: WHEN!!!

[20:00:21] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, Byron Shaw invented the releases, he is Marshall's


[20:00:30] Team Dunn (MWT): BIG I 2, next season

[20:00:36] BIG I 2: TO BAD

[20:01:00] Team Dunn (MWT): BIG I 2, we only just developed the releases and have

had molds made

[20:01:36] ebijack (mi): team dunn, when did you start fishing the mwt curcuit

[20:01:37] BIG I 2: do you have any yet or not?

[20:02:12] ^2old2^ (mi): is there any way to expedite the manufacturing process

[20:02:29] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, last year was our first year in the MWT, but we

have fished many other tournaments over the years

[20:02:30] BIG I 2: know kidding can we help pay??????

[20:02:31] ebijack (mi): these guys are hot for new releases :)

[20:02:54] Team Dunn (MWT): 2gold2, no, guys you are going to have to wait till next

year :-)

[20:03:01] BIG I 2: what is different about them??

[20:03:23] Team Dunn (MWT): BIG I 2, we are working on different pad material, and

other changes

[20:03:37] Drift'r: what color are they?

[20:03:46] BIG I 2: so you dont have a finished product yet?

[20:03:58] Team Dunn (MWT): no color yet, any suggestions..?

[20:04:01] nail: est cost ?

[20:04:14] BIG I 2: gold

[20:04:22] ebijack (mi): bright color, and could they float?

[20:04:22] Team Dunn (MWT): yes, several, but none ready for manufacturing

[20:04:28] ^2old2^ (mi): Make em gold for all the money they will make you ;)

[20:04:34] Team Dunn (MWT): cost will remain about the same as the Red releases

[20:04:40] nail: ic

[20:04:59] Team Dunn (MWT): we are not able to make them float

[20:05:02] Magic Marker: can we trade red ones back in :-)

[20:05:13] BIG I 2: ya trades cool!!!!!!

[20:05:13] nail: haha

[20:05:42] Team Dunn (MWT): if unused yes

[20:06:02] BIG I 2: well mine have a little use?

[20:06:04] ebijack (mi): team dunn can you tell us about the rig and set up you run for

tourney fishing

[20:06:16] Magic Marker: just the ones I haven't lost because they won't hold :-)

[20:06:19] nail: indeed

[20:07:34] nail: set up and fine tuning

[20:07:39] Team Dunn (MWT): use VMC hooks, on either body baits or harnesses,

useing the 50-50 method off of the Offshore Boards(in-line)

[20:07:54] ebijack (mi): i know you don't have anything to do with where the releases

are sold, but we find it hard to locate them at local stores, so maybe you could push

bruce into getting them out more

[20:08:10] Team Dunn (MWT): Magic, what are using the Reds for that they will not


[20:08:39] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, thats is mostly up to the distributers

[20:08:48] BIG I 2: ya get them to more stores that would be great:}

[20:09:15] Magic Marker: heavier snap weights, and on boards in waves

[20:10:19] Team Dunn (MWT): Magic, the new releases we are designing for the

superlines will hold heavier snap-weights and boards in waves

[20:11:36] ebijack (mi): team dunn, you guys fish out of a lund tiller?

[20:12:02] Team Dunn (MWT): ebi, no a Lund Console

[20:12:13] ^2old2^ (mi): How are you doing in the standings this year Team Dunn

[20:12:28] ebijack (mi): can you tell us about your rig and electronics etc

[20:12:42] Team Dunn (MWT): we dont know, we only fished one MWT tourny this


[20:13:07] Woody(MI): whick tourney did you fish with the MWT

[20:13:07] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, Rigs? is that how the boat is rigged?

[20:13:32] Team Dunn (MWT): Woody, the Linwood Classic

[20:13:35] nail: isnt the pwt final in redwing this year ?

[20:13:37] ebijack (mi): yeah what motors can controls etc

[20:14:11] Woody(MI): Team Dunn, did you fish any other circuit

[20:14:50] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, a 200 EFI Mariner, a 9.9 4stroke Kicker, a Bow

Mount electric., Lowrance LMS 350 A, w/ GPS

[20:15:36] Team Dunn (MWT): no circuit, only local tournys, Paul has a new job,

rigging boats at Chapmans Sports Center

[20:15:37] nail: hows the mariner grab ya

[20:15:44] ^2old2^ (mi): What kind of boat

[20:16:16] nail: there dam nice motors bought my first this year

[20:16:18] Team Dunn (MWT): nail, we love it

[20:16:28] nail: me to

[20:17:06] nail: fast quiet not goin back to evenrude again

[20:17:12] Woody(MI): Team Dunn, I am on Dale's Pro Staff(Starcraft Pro Elite 200)

Just like Rod and Dale used

[20:17:14] Team Dunn (MWT): 2gold2, Lund Dual Console Pro V

[20:18:08] ebijack (mi): team dunn, are you guys going to fish teh full curcuit of mwt in


[20:18:17] nail: you miss a tiller

[20:18:21] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, yes

[20:18:31] Team Dunn (MWT): nail, no

[20:19:25] Team Dunn (MWT): nail, the 9.9 Mariner kicker gives you tiller control when


[20:19:26] ebijack (mi): so you'll be down here fishing the detroit river in april

[20:19:38] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, yes

[20:19:40] Mud Duck: what is your go to presentation for tourneys team dunn

[20:20:27] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud Duck, Boards, but we're versatile

[20:20:53] ^2old2^ (mi): how are your jiggin skills

[20:20:59] Mud Duck: spinners or cranks any preference

[20:21:11] ebijack (mi): team dunn, so you prefer to troll mostly? and do you prefer

cranks or harnesses

[20:21:12] Team Dunn (MWT): 2old2, still mastering them

[20:21:25] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud, spinners

[20:21:50] Mud Duck: bouncers or snap weights

[20:21:55] nail: banana head hair jigs in a blue will always be my favorite

[20:21:58] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, yes we troll mostly, harnesses primarly

[20:21:25] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud, spinners

[20:21:50] Mud Duck: bouncers or snap weights

[20:21:55] nail: banana head hair jigs in a blue will always be my favorite

[20:21:58] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, yes we troll mostly, harnesses primarly

[20:22:24] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud, Offshore Snap Weights, of course :)

[20:22:49] Mud Duck: of course are their any other brands????

[20:22:49] ebijack (mi): team dunn, do you modify your cranks at all, and do you make

your own harnesses

[20:23:18] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, we make all are own harnesses, and we change

the hooks on the cranks, to VMC's

[20:23:32] nail: larger hooks?

[20:23:46] Drift'r: do you use colored hooks?

[20:23:49] Mud Duck: have you guys tried Lindy's new X-change bottom bouncers

[20:23:58] Team Dunn (MWT): nail, primarily the same size, the VMC offer that Sticky


[20:24:06] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud, no

[20:24:07] nail: ic

[20:24:28] Team Dunn (MWT): Drift'r, some times, the bite calls for it

[20:24:55] Woody(MI): Team Dunn, what do you think of the 99 MWT schedule?

[20:24:59] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud, what?

[20:25:17] Mud Duck: how long a snell do you use on you spinners

[20:25:43] Team Dunn (MWT): Woody, smaller bodies of water than we like to fish, but

thats what tournament fishing is all about, fishing new places

[20:25:53] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud, 36" minimum

[20:26:03] Woody(MI): should make for an interesting year!!

[20:26:12] Mud Duck: what about blade size

[20:26:37] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud, depends on the water conditions

[20:26:39] nail: ever use full once jigs with 9 inch lizards on nesting eyes

[20:26:55] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud, smaller blades clearer water, bigger blades darker


[20:27:10] Mud Duck: when you say 36" our we talking 36" from snap weight

[20:27:14] Team Dunn (MWT): nail, no

[20:27:33] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud, no snell on the harness is 36 inches minimum

[20:27:56] nail: they loose there minds when you drop one in on them never seen a fish

hit something so hard

[20:28:10] Mud Duck: how far from snap weight do you run the spinners

[20:28:18] Team Dunn (MWT): nail, we'll have to try it in april

[20:28:30] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud, 50 feet

[20:28:54] Mud Duck: color preference on blades?

[20:29:06] nail: even in shallow water one of tommy skarlis old tricks i tought him

[20:29:09] Woody(MI): Nail, are those LIVE lizards??

[20:29:15] Woody(MI): lizards

[20:29:22] nail: no

[20:29:32] bob (oh): why do you need 1 ounce??

[20:29:32] nail: plastic

[20:29:35] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud, again depends on water conditions

[20:30:08] ^2old2^ (mi): 1 oz for fast deep current

[20:30:09] nail: heavy weight rally scares the fish triggers a fantastic reaction

[20:30:36] nail: no when there nesting shallow water

[20:30:40] Mud Duck: give me some generalizations i need to learn to be a better

spinner angler

[20:31:37] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud, Cracked Ice blades, Blue Blades w/ Blue beads,

Copper Blades w/ Copper beads

[20:31:48] Woody(MI): Team Dunn, what do you use for the suspended walleyes

[20:32:09] Mud Duck: is that for stained or clear water

[20:32:14] nail: spoons?

[20:32:37] Team Dunn (MWT): Woody, using the 50-50 system with in line boards

[20:32:42] Drift'r: do you always match your bead & blade color

[20:32:43] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud, clear water

[20:33:17] Mud Duck: chartreuse and oranges for stained

[20:33:20] Woody(MI): what do you figure a 1/2 oz. snap weight runs at that set-up?

[20:33:35] Team Dunn (MWT): drift'r, no a blade we call Jungle Bunny, with orange

beads, green beads, yellow beads, has worked also

[20:33:48] Team Dunn (MWT): Woody, depends on your speed

[20:33:56] Woody(MI): .5

[20:34:24] bob (oh): have you tried the may fly harness during the hatch?

[20:34:25] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud, generally

[20:34:59] ^2old2^ (mi): have you ever done any Hand Lining

[20:35:04] Team Dunn (MWT): bob, no, we have had some of our best bites on

Crawler Harnesses during Hatches

[20:35:07] Mud Duck: do you guys use fire line on your snap weights

[20:35:14] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud, no

[20:36:04] Team Dunn (MWT): 2gold2, (Paul) yes

[20:36:07] Mud Duck: what blade size is TOO big

[20:36:15] bob (oh): may fly was popular in erie west basin this year

[20:36:22] ebijack (mi): team dunn what fishing line do you use

[20:36:27] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud, we use Mono

[20:37:23] Team Dunn (MWT): Mud, size of a silver dollar, we've had luck on some

BIG blades

[20:37:38] Woody(MI): Team Dunn, do you think speed or snap wieght makes the

difference when pulling your harnesss'

[20:37:47] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, Trilene Big Game

20:38:16] Mud Duck: thanks for the chat TEAM DUNN

[20:39:02] Team Dunn (MWT): Woody (from Paul) did I rig your boat or did you rig your


[20:39:17] Woody(MI): Chapman's did, late March

[20:39:47] Woody(MI): so, was that Paul??

[20:40:10] Team Dunn (MWT): Woody, I must have rigged it, is everything ok?

[20:40:12] nail: that was quick

[20:40:35] Team Dunn (MWT): Woody-((yes that was Paul talking)

[20:41:33] Team Dunn (MWT): what was the matter with the 350?

[20:41:40] ebijack (mi): team dunn, i take it you prefer to troll big water like saginaw

[20:41:59] nail: ant tips or tricks for early spring on the river you wanna give up guys ?

[20:42:56] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, yes we prefer big water

[20:42:59] Woody(MI): then Paul didn't rig my boat

[20:43:17] Team Dunn (MWT): nail, no

[20:45:12] ebijack (mi): team dunn, do plan on handlining the detroit river in april?

[20:46:04] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, no jigging primarily

[20:46:42] ebijack (mi): what are the limits/boundries for the mwt in april?

[20:46:04] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, no jigging primarily

[20:46:42] ebijack (mi): what are the limits/boundries for the mwt in april?

[20:47:07] ^2old2^ (mi): do you think handlining works better than jiggin if the water is


[20:47:44] ebijack (mi): is all of canadian water and ohio water open to fish it?

[20:47:56] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, no not yet

[20:48:08] FishinMagician: What is handlining?

[20:48:10] Team Dunn (MWT): 2old2, we'll find out :)

[20:48:35] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, like we said, we dont know yet :)

[20:49:22] ebijack (mi): it's a method of trolling up current with heavy weight and long

leaders to plugs

[20:50:53] RUKO: hey pros i'm planning on getting a planner board , i have a 14foot

alum. what do you suggest

[20:51:09] ebijack (mi): off shore of course :)

[20:51:18] Team Dunn (MWT): RUKO, Offshore Tackle In-Line Boards

[20:51:29] hyderipper: why is it legal to run three baits off of a hand line, when you a

person is only aloud 2 baits per pole?

[20:51:31] Woody(MI): In line planers from OffShore are the BEST!!!

[20:51:54] RUKO: thanks

[20:52:16] Team Dunn (MWT): hyde, who says that three is legal?

[20:52:57] hyderipper: when i fish the detroit river, everyone said it was legal, and

everyone was doing it

[20:53:38] ebijack (mi): it is legal , but you don't have 3 poles,

[20:56:29] ebijack (mi): tean dunn, do you prefer long rods for your trolling?

[20:57:10] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, we prefer a 8 foot Trolling rod

[20:57:45] FishinMagician: What type of divers do you use, if any?

[20:58:00] ^2old2^ (mi): do you ever use the superlines for jigging

[20:58:12] Team Dunn (MWT): Fishin, we use Slide Divers, and are own Divers which

are in development

[20:58:23] Woody(MI): Team Dunn, do you think Bruce(OFFSHORE) will come out

with there own trolling rods??

[20:58:29] Team Dunn (MWT): 2old2, we will be trying that this April

[20:58:34] RUKO: team dunn what is a good length for a jigging rod.

[20:58:39] Team Dunn (MWT): Woody, no

[20:58:50] nail: 5 6

[20:58:52] Team Dunn (MWT): RUKO, 6 foot 6

[20:58:57] FishinMagician: I have never heard of Slide Divers, how do they work?

[20:59:34] Team Dunn (MWT): Fishing, they slide down the line to a speed bead when

tripped, they are available at Frank's Bait and Tackle, in Linwood

[20:59:44] nail: you use a 6 6 jigging rod

[20:59:56] Just Look"N--MI: slide divers are great once you get them out.bait 50 ft

behind diver easy.

[21:00:09] Team Dunn (MWT): nail, 6 foot and 6 foot 6, yes

[21:00:23] nail: huh

[21:00:34] RUKO: in a medium ?

[21:00:39] Team Dunn (MWT): RUKO, yes

[21:00:44] nail: loomis blanks

[21:00:47] Woody(MI): Team Dunn, you use two different sizes when jigging

[21:00:48] RUKO: the jigging rod

[21:01:10] Team Dunn (MWT): nail 6 foot rods, and rods 6 foot 6 inches

[21:01:31] Team Dunn (MWT): Woody, depends on how tight the situation is

[21:01:34] nail: what kind of blanks ?

[21:01:48] Woody(MI): what do you mean by tight??

[21:01:55] Team Dunn (MWT): nail, Ugly Sticks

[21:02:07] nail: ok

[21:02:12] Team Dunn (MWT): Woody, up against the bank, or open water

[21:02:20] Woody(MI): ok, thanks

[21:03:07] Team Dunn (MWT): Woody, it depends on the fish, if aggressive or not

[21:03:17] RUKO: what is the most popular colour of jig head do you use

[21:03:44] Woody(MI): I use a 6 in my left and a 6'6'' in my right, I am right handed

[21:03:54] nail: what color in dirty water 10 inch clarity

[21:03:54] Team Dunn (MWT): RUKO, homemade, and painted with MAGIC DUST


[21:04:09] Woody(MI): slower reaction with my left, thus a shorter rod

[21:04:14] LS: how many tourneys does the MWT have?

[21:04:21] Team Dunn (MWT): Woody, sounds like you do the same thing we do

[21:04:41] Team Dunn (MWT): LS, 4 qualifiers, and the Championship

[21:05:00] LS: how many teams usually?

[21:05:17] Team Dunn (MWT): LS, 100 on average

[21:04:41] Team Dunn (MWT): LS, 4 qualifiers, and the Championship

[21:05:56] Woody(MI): Team Dunn, did you read the latest newsletter, 375 teams

through the year!!

[21:06:22] RUKO: have you guys tried the new shakspear. reel [interpide]

[21:06:32] Team Dunn (MWT): Woody, yeah...?, we need to find time to read that

more often :)

[21:06:39] ebijack (mi): can anyone confirm that the in-fisherman is taking over the


[21:06:43] Team Dunn (MWT): RUKO, no but we've heard good things

[21:06:57] Team Dunn (MWT): Ebi, yes we have heard it as well

[21:07:25] Woody(MI): Ebi, think that is rumor at this time

[21:08:19] LS: do you fish any other tourneys?

[21:08:31] Team Dunn (MWT): we think it would be good national coverage of

Michigan walleye fishing

[21:10:13] Team Dunn (MWT): LS, just local ones

[21:11:00] ebijack (mi): i'd like to thank TEAM DUNN for their time here tonight!!!

[21:11:07] Team Dunn (MWT): :)

[21:11:15] RoyG(PA): thanks team dunn

[21:11:24] Drift'r: thanks team dunn

[21:11:24] ebijack (mi): get us those new releases guys!!!!! :()

[21:11:25] ^2old2^ (mi): Thank You Paul and Marshall

[21:11:39] nail: ya thanks guys well see you at the wheigh in

[21:11:52] Team Dunn (MWT): we'd like to thank our sponsors, Bluewater R&D, and

Chapmans Sport Center

[21:12:05] Team Dunn (MWT): and Ebi for having us on

[21:12:10] Team Dunn (MWT): :-)

[21:12:20] Team Dunn (MWT): good night guys, and good fishing

[21:12:30] ebijack (mi): c ya team dunn

[21:12:33] Lundman: See ya Dunn's

[21:12:36] Just Look"N--MI: thanks guys see ya on the water

[21:12:39] LS: c ya Dunn

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