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Fisher Boats Chat 5/5/99
[19:59:33] ebijack (mi): Please welcome our host tonight MONTE (fisher) !!!!!!

[19:59:41] SdDoc: thats better

[19:59:43] slip-bobber(MT): CLAP, CLAP

[19:59:46] prairiepillow: hi Monte!!!

[19:59:54] Catch 'em all: *whistles

[19:59:56] ebijack (mi): and welcome SWAT and EYECATCHER and NORM !!!

[20:00:00] RoyGPA: welcome monte!!!

[20:00:04] Monte(FISHER): Hi guys

[20:00:10] ebijack (mi): clap clap clap ~

[20:00:15] Pikeman(Sask): clap clap clap clap.....ooh ooh

[20:00:15] Swat 1 (oh): Hi All

[20:00:20] prairiepillow: welcome swat and eyecatcher and norm

[20:00:23] Monte(FISHER): and ladies too

[20:00:27] Pikeman(Sask): aaaaaaaaaah

[20:00:33] Drift'r: hi fisher guys :)

[20:00:34] RoyGPA: welcome swat...even tho you are a regular! lol

[20:00:36] prairiepillow: :-)))

[20:00:42] eyetaker: hey all

[20:00:42] RoyGPA: and you too eyetaker

[20:00:46] Swat 1 (oh): Thanks Roy

[20:00:52] ebijack (mi): ok monte, start us off about fisher boats!

[20:01:46] Monte(FISHER): I am hear to answer your questions, we are part of a

company that represents the largest manufacturer of fishing boats in the world

[20:02:00] Pikeman(Sask): what kinda water can the fx handle?

[20:02:02] ebijack (mi): how many walleye boat models does fisher have, alum and glass

[20:03:03] Monte(FISHER): One noted fibreglass being the FXDV

[20:03:33] Monte(FISHER): Who hear tonight is running a Fisher besides SWAT

[20:03:43] eyetaker: me monte

[20:03:44] slip-bobber(MT): What is the FX rated for-motor.

[20:03:48] Swat 1 (oh): And for those not into Glass boats they have the Hawk Series

aluminum boats that are great too

[20:03:48] Rooster: Is the Zercom C.I.D a flasher or sonar & is it in dash

[20:03:52] Monte(FISHER): 200

[20:04:09] Monte(FISHER): It is an indash flasher with temp

[20:04:16] eyetaker: flasher with temp

[20:04:33] Rooster: I bought Rich Mellons & get it next week I hope

[20:04:46] eyetaker: you'll love it

[20:04:52] Monte(FISHER): As far as the water I have been out in 5's easy and no problem

[20:04:57] Swat 1 (oh): I'll second that

[20:05:04] slip-bobber(MT): are you guys running 9.9 kickers or 15s?

[20:05:07] Rooster: I can't wait!!!

[20:05:15] Monte(FISHER): Rich will be home with your boat this weekend rooster

[20:05:19] Pikeman(Sask): what are the advantages of having rod storage up front

instead of the side?

[20:05:19] eyetaker: 9.9

[20:05:33] Swat 1 (oh): More room Pike

[20:05:42] Pikeman(Sask): i see

[20:05:45] slip-bobber(MT): tiller or do you hook up to main motor?

[20:05:46] eyetaker: straight compartment doesn't bend rods

[20:05:51] Monte(FISHER): I run a 9.9 4 stroke but many are going with the 15

[20:05:58] Rooster: Is it possible to use one livewell for dry storage

[20:06:16] eyetaker: tiller, run TR1

[20:06:20] Swat 1 (oh): The center rod storage in the FX will handle 8 1/2 foot rods

and lots more of them than the side rod storage models do

[20:06:45] Monte(FISHER): Sure but the side compartments offer lots of storage and

the cooler behind the passenger seat is available

[20:07:50] slip-bobber(MT): What kind of GPS speed are you guys getting?

[20:07:54] ebijack (mi): monte, does fisher build the glass hawk bass boat? or do they

buy it from hawk (john storie)

[20:08:00] Monte(FISHER): 63 with a 200 opti

[20:08:58] slip-bobber(MT): All of you run TR1s?

[20:09:11] Monte(FISHER): Ebi we are not related to the Hawk Bass boat but we

bought the design from John Story and ran it in the fx bass boats

[20:09:25] Rooster: What kind of onboard battery charger do you put on these boats

[20:09:46] Monte(FISHER): Dual Pro Rooster

[20:09:54] Monte(FISHER): 3 bank

[20:10:05] eyetaker: 2 or 3 bank 10 amp

[20:10:18] netter: Monte, is there are particular geographic region that Fisher boats are

being marketed toward more aggressively

[20:10:25] Monte(FISHER): We also for the Bass guys own Astro and Procraft

[20:11:21] netter: Do you market more aggressively toward bass or 'eyes?

[20:11:22] Monte(FISHER): We build a full line of boats for the national and

international markets but our latest release are for the walleye belt

[20:11:25] Drift'r: is the charger an option or std equip on some models?

[20:11:51] red baron: what are some of the more obvious changes fisher has made in

the last few years

[20:11:54] Monte(FISHER): It is an option Drift'r

[20:12:43] Monte(FISHER): We have redesigned our Hawk series into the widest on

the market and are constantly improving the fishability with input from guys like you

[20:13:03] red baron: what is the with of that now

[20:13:16] Drift'r: do the hawks have dry storage

[20:13:30] Swat 1 (oh): Yes they Do Driftr

[20:13:58] SdDoc: Steve,put a bigger handle for the passengers to hang on to on the fx

[20:13:59] Monte(FISHER): We have a 17 foot that is 92.75 beam but the bottom is

74.5 for the stability

[20:14:15] netter: Do you have walleye tourney guys running Fishers. If so, who??

[20:14:17] Swat 1 (oh): They have a roto molded insert in them to help keep things drier too

[20:14:29] Monte(FISHER): Faint heart and weak stomach, LOL

[20:14:38] ebijack (mi): monte, i heard it's pretty tough to get a fisher fx 18 right now.

their selling everyone they can make. is that so?

[20:14:45] SdDoc: no just big waves monday on Oahe

[20:15:21] Monte(FISHER): right now we are sold out for the 99 model year and are

taking orders for the 2000 that will be available by the 1 july

[20:15:31] Swat 1 (oh): Richar Melon, Daryl Christiansen, Dave Kidd, Mike McClelland

and a few otehrs run the FX Netter

[20:15:47] Monte(FISHER): Scott Fairburn as well

[20:15:48] netter: Thanks Swat 1

[20:15:53] Swat 1 (oh): Yes scott too

[20:15:58] eyetaker: Mike McClelland , Rich Mellon, Daryl Christensen, Scott Fairbairn,

Dave Kidd

[20:16:11] Swat 1 (oh): Then some of us run the Hawk series boats too

[20:16:33] netter: Are tournament anglers your primary marketing avenue?

[20:16:42] ebijack (mi): so hawk is the alum. line?

[20:16:48] Swat 1 (oh): Not at all netter

[20:16:51] Swat 1 (oh): Yes Ebi

[20:17:12] eyetaker: no the boats are great for weekend anglers especially those

with families

[20:17:12] Swat 1 (oh): Also the Sport and Pro Avenger models are aluminum as well

[20:17:20] Monte(FISHER): The boat has been well received by all, it is not just a

tournament boat guys it prices in there with the better aluminum boats and appeals to

the wives with the windshield option

[20:18:06] ebijack (mi): is fisher pushing merc or omc or yamaha?

[20:18:08] netter: Sorry. I meant are tournament anglers the primary method of

marketing Fisher boats

[20:18:13] eyetaker: merc

[20:18:39] red baron: what are the price ranges roughly

[20:18:51] eyetaker: actually my mercs push my fisher! lol

[20:18:51] Monte(FISHER): Our tournament team is something we are proud of but our

dealers do a terrific job of marketing these boats as our primary market is the fisherman

in general

[20:18:52] Swat 1 (oh): No Netter there is a marketing program through adds in

magazines like Walleye Insider and others as well

[20:19:50] ebijack (mi): how about advertising in walleyecentral mag? !! :)

[20:20:03] Monte(FISHER): for anyone that is interested our website is at


[20:20:08] NORMS SPT: 17 f/s 115 merc15900 aprox red barron

[20:20:14] Catch 'em all: which you fish on mostly>

[20:20:16] Catch 'em all: ?

[20:20:17] Rooster: Thanks Monte . Got to go coach soccer. Later guys

[20:20:52] Monte(FISHER): Always looking for a deal Ebi

[20:21:14] Pikeman(Sask): i have to go to, thanks monte, fishers look awesome!!!!!!

[20:21:25] Pikeman(Sask): oops, thanks swat to!

[20:21:25] Swat 1 (oh): Thanks Pike

[20:22:09] Monte(FISHER): I need questions my fingers are cooling off LOL

[20:22:11] ebijack (mi): monte, is fisher going to try to sponsor some of the walleye tourneys?

[20:22:26] red baron: where can i find a list of dealers in WI

[20:22:41] Catch 'em all: monte . . . you have any decent used boats available?

[20:22:43] Monte(FISHER): We are very open to that and welcome proposals, Ebi

[20:22:45] netter: Which t.v. guys are running Fisher??

[20:22:52] eyetaker: there is a lot of sponsorship at the dealer level in my area

[20:22:52] Swat 1 (oh): A lot of thought and planning goes into the production of all of

Fishers products and they all meet or exceed the minimum safety requirements for level

flotation too

[20:23:20] ebijack (mi): that includes all the alum boats too swat?

[20:23:24] Monte(FISHER): Dealer Lists are available at themarinegroup.com

[20:23:24] Swat 1 (oh): Catchem all Norms Spt can answer that for you

[20:23:32] Swat 1 (oh): Yes Ebi

[20:23:38] red baron: thanks

[20:24:06] Monte(FISHER): TV personalities include Bill Dance, Shaw Grigsby

[20:24:42] ebijack (mi): monte. does the 18fx require a kicker to be mounted only on one

side or can it go on either side of the transom

[20:24:52] Monte(FISHER): Used boats are available through our dealers

[20:25:06] Catch 'em all: ok

[20:25:08] Drift'r: does Fisher have the new web site up yet...all i get is tracker marine

[20:25:14] netter: any walleye t.v. guys monte

[20:25:32] Swat 1 (oh): Yes Fisher has one at Themarinegroup,com

[20:25:38] Monte(FISHER): Due to the way we designed this boat with battery storage

etc the kicker needs to be on the starboard side

[20:26:00] ebijack (mi): monte, does fisher build the tracker glass boat for bass pro?

[20:26:02] eyetaker: either side, but remember to position your equipment evenly for

weight distribution

[20:26:30] Monte(FISHER): We build the Targa 19, Ebi

[20:26:43] Swat 1 (oh): if you put it on the Port side move the batteries to the

starboard side

[20:27:01] Drift'r: where is the battery storage for the trolling motor on the 170 hawk

[20:27:11] SdDoc: What can you tell us of a glass boat being designed 102 inch

beam, 300hp max?

[20:27:23] eyetaker: I moved my batts, because I run my kicker with my left hand

[20:27:24] Monte(FISHER): Between the consoles or alongside the S?C

[20:27:25] Swat 1 (oh): Next to the console in a compartment for them Driftr

[20:27:58] Drift'r: will it hold 2- 27's

[20:28:02] Swat 1 (oh): They are on the centerline of the boat so not to mess up the

weight distribution

[20:28:12] ebijack (mi): does fisher build the trailers for their glass boats?

[20:28:12] Swat 1 (oh): Yes it comes with them standard

[20:28:37] Monte(FISHER): We are positioned in the market as the higher end boat

Brand and are on happy Family with the Johnny Morris Companies

[20:29:25] ebijack (mi): about how many 18fx including for tracker does fisher build

each year

[20:29:27] netter: What aluminum boats does Fisher compare with on price

[20:29:39] Monte(FISHER): Yes we now have 2 state of the art trailer plants to

manufacture our own trailers so we will not have unhappy boat customers due to

inadequate trailers

[20:30:01] ebijack (mi): good to hear monte!! on the trailers

[20:30:17] Monte(FISHER): I would be guessing on that ebi

[20:30:24] Drift'r: are they trailstar trailers

[20:30:53] Monte(FISHER): Yes the are Drif't and also Marine group trailers depending

on boat model

[20:31:29] Drift'r: never had a problem with mine for the 4 years i've had it

[20:31:40] Monte(FISHER): Its only 2 months away SD doc , going to have to wait, but

you will like it

[20:31:49] ebijack (mi): monte, do you know what plans are in effect for the year 2000

as far as sponsorship

[20:32:11] Swat 1 (oh): I would say the prices on the Fisher boats are about the mid

range on aluminum but the quality is second to none

[20:32:44] Monte(FISHER): Each of my dealers has the programs in place to sport a

couple of teams , but your going to have to work for it, LOL

[20:32:49] ebijack (mi): swat's boat is a nice set up!

[20:33:08] Drift'r: what boat do you have Swat

[20:33:11] Swat 1 (oh): They have the welded hulls and ride as dry and smooth as any

aluminum boat on the market too

[20:33:22] Swat 1 (oh): I run the 17 foot Hull

[20:33:28] Monte(FISHER): Yeah , he is one guy that has permission to run a 17

[20:34:12] Drift'r: does the warrenty cover all welds or only exterior welds

[20:34:18] arnie: monte, what do most companies such as fisher look for in their

sponsored fisherman.

[20:34:19] ebijack (mi): monte, you run a 18 fx? and fish tourney's?

[20:34:20] Monte(FISHER): why are you so quite Norm

[20:34:56] SdDoc: fx's-- These boats are great to ride in from glass like water to a

rough 3-4 foot chop

[20:35:21] eyetaker: I do ebi

[20:35:22] SdDoc: i dont own one yet, but soon

[20:35:31] Monte(FISHER): I run a FXDV and fish toruneys when I can, Mostly

Canadian, when my dealers don't sell my boat out from under me, Ebi

[20:35:47] Monte(FISHER): How Soon SD Doc

[20:35:53] NORMS SPT: just doing paper work at the same time Monte

[20:36:07] SdDoc: September when rich is done with his new one

[20:36:18] Monte(FISHER): What paperwork???? LOL

[20:36:35] Monte(FISHER): That is Great SDDOC

[20:36:43] arnie: Monte, what does fisher look for in their sponsored fisherman??

[20:36:54] Monte(FISHER): Rich doesn't even know it yet but it will be a 2000

[20:37:08] SdDoc: good, i wont tell him

[20:37:18] Swat 1 (oh): You have to sponsored through a dealer for the most part arnie

[20:37:24] SdDoc: same with the motors?

[20:37:35] NORMS SPT: from trying to keep up with the new boats on order

[20:38:04] Monte(FISHER): This is very much up to the dealer , but I sign off on most

of them and I can tell you that I look for the best personality not the best fisherman

because so much of what we do is promotion

[20:38:29] SdDoc: good, how do i sign up?

[20:38:44] Swat 1 (oh): They will want you to do things like help at shows and give

Demo rides etc Just help them out in any way you can basically

[20:38:52] eyetaker: professionalism, some one who realizes that this business is 10%

fishing and 90% promotions

[20:38:52] ebijack (mi): fisher must be doing it right, since it's so hard to get a boat!!!! :)

[20:39:11] arnie: how much free time so to speak would you need? How many shows

etc.. would you prefer your fisherman to be at?

[20:39:11] Monte(FISHER): Our boats are all packaged with Mercury Products so

when you are sponsored you only have to deal with one outfit, BOAT Motor Trailer

[20:39:43] Swat 1 (oh): I did 4 shows for my dealer this year.

[20:40:00] arnie: what circuits are you fishing?

[20:40:05] eyetaker: did 5

[20:40:08] ebijack (mi): how long have you been with fisher eyetaker

[20:40:09] Monte(FISHER): This is up to the dealer, SDDOC, a sponsorsip is only on a

new boat

[20:40:19] eyetaker: 2 years

[20:40:19] Swat 1 (oh): Team Walleye and Some of the NAWA'a

[20:40:40] arnie: how long have you been fishing team walleye?

[20:40:59] Swat 1 (oh): A couple years now arnie

[20:41:34] ebijack (mi): monte, does fisher plan on support for the bigger tourneys as far

as a trailer/mech?

[20:41:41] arnie: Did you by chance fish the national championship in Sakakawea ND?

[20:41:46] Monte(FISHER): your local dealer can fill you in as he has the written


[20:42:36] Monte(FISHER): Ebi we have support in conjunction with mercury as all

boats are with Mercury

[20:42:57] eyetaker: thats pretty much a powerplant option ebi, Jay Anderson is the man

[20:43:12] ebijack (mi): at detroit pwt, merc didn't show up because of a b.a.s.s.

tourney, just wondering

[20:43:17] Monte(FISHER): Good old Jay

[20:43:40] Monte(FISHER): I wasn't aware of that Ebi

[20:43:48] arnie: Monte, who would I send a resume to for possible sponsorship for

fisher? Does it have to be done at the dealer level?

[20:43:55] eyetaker: He was in CA, he's only human

[20:44:19] Monte(FISHER): Everyone starts at the dealer level as this is were we all

benefit the most

[20:44:50] ebijack (mi): monte, can alot of questions be answered thru your web site?

[20:44:52] Monte(FISHER): You could mail it to me, where are you from, Arnie

[20:45:19] Swat 1 (oh): Starting at the dealer level is better for you in the long run too

since working shows etc is easier done close to home

[20:45:32] Monte(FISHER): A lot can , it also provides a dealer lookup so that you

could contact them

[20:45:51] arnie: I've been a skeeter man for six years but you know fisherman, were

always looking at the new boats out on the market? (Mn)

[20:46:27] Monte(FISHER): Just an FYI but I do know where there is one late

production 98 FXDV if any one is interested

[20:46:46] Monte(FISHER): Where in Minnesota

[20:46:47] ebijack (mi): monte, for the walleye application, does fisher do any deals on

tr-1 or pin point equipment?

[20:47:10] arnie: Ortonville, Mn on Big Stone Lake (SD border)

[20:47:40] ebijack (mi): you could post it on the walleyecentral classified page :)

[20:48:04] arnie: We've got a team walleye tourney this weekend on Big Stone and

MWC the week after that.

[20:48:10] Monte(FISHER): YOu have a good dealer in PIpestone, Rustads

[20:48:22] Swat 1 (oh): Most of the anglers I know have separate sponsorships

through TR 1 or Pin Point for that equipment Ebi

[20:48:54] arnie: I'll have to check them out. That's about 2 hours from here. The only

fisher I seen was Mike McClellands

[20:49:16] Monte(FISHER): We have looked into Offering Pinpoint but at present we

have a solid deal with Motorguide who private label for us

[20:50:23] ebijack (mi): monte, do you see fisher making a 20ft walleye boat?

[20:50:43] Pikeman(Sask): hey guys, just checkin out the last end of the chat

[20:50:47] Swat 1 (oh): They have the Hawk 200 now Ebi

[20:50:47] Monte(FISHER): Yeah if you buy enough 18's

[20:50:57] Swat 1 (oh): LOL

[20:51:52] ebijack (mi): haven't seen that one swat, the hawk200

[20:52:30] Swat 1 (oh): It is in the aluminum line and is a very nice and Deep boat...

Great for lakes like Erie and Mich etc

[20:52:37] ebijack (mi): are all the fisher boats pic's up on the web site?

[20:52:39] Drift'r: they are BIG ebi

[20:52:41] arnie: does fisher have state teams ?

[20:52:59] Swat 1 (oh): I believe so Ebi

[20:53:03] Monte(FISHER): Yes , ebi, the 200 Hawk is 32 inches deep

[20:53:16] Monte(FISHER): Yes Arnie through the dealers

[20:54:15] ebijack (mi): how long have you been with fisher monte?

[20:55:49] Monte(FISHER): Our head office is in Springfield MO

[20:56:29] red baron: thanks guys but have to run

[20:57:24] Monte(FISHER): Oddly enough , I haven't seen that many used ones Ebi (

happy Customers)

[20:57:38] Swat 1 (oh): Resale on the aluminum line is very good Ebi and people aren't

selling the FX series...lol

[20:58:42] Monte(FISHER): I have worked directly for the company for 4 years and

managed a Fisher dealership prior to that

[20:59:04] ebijack (mi): are there any more questions for our hosts tonight?

[20:59:09] Monte(FISHER): The FXDV seem to have a waiting list for used right


[20:59:23] SdDoc: did they do anything different around the seal of the live wells in the

2000 series FX

[20:59:35] SdDoc: yes, im waiting for one now

[20:59:47] ebijack (mi): richard mellon said he couldn't even get a new boat! :)

[20:59:57] Monte(FISHER): It is a different production technique started on the 99

[21:01:03] ebijack (mi): i'd like to thanks our hosts tonight !! MONTE, SWAT and


[21:01:15] RoyGPA: thanks guys..

[21:01:15] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap ..thanks monte,swat and eyetaker and norm

[21:01:17] ebijack (mi): clap clap clap!!!!

[21:01:20] Monte(FISHER): Guys I want to thank you all for the opportunity tonight and

will be happy to answer any questions you have.I can be reached at

fhsbtmonte@aol.com Thankyou

[21:01:22] Nite Eyes: clap!clap!

[21:01:23] Swat 1 (oh): Monte are there plans to try to increase production on the

FXDV for next year?

[21:01:29] ebijack (mi): good job guys, thanks!!!

[21:01:38] Monte(FISHER): OH yes SWAT

[21:01:48] Drift'r: Great chat guys Thanks !!!!!

[21:01:49] eyetaker: UR welcome

[21:02:03] ebijack (mi): stop in any time dave

[21:02:12] NORMS SPT: good night guys

[21:02:25] Swat 1 (oh): Thanks everyone..... Fisher does make a very good product

and I am extremely happy with the performance and quality I get from mine in hard use

[21:02:32] ebijack (mi): thanks norm, did you get your paper work done? :)

[21:02:45] Swat 1 (oh): Night Norm

[21:02:49] eyetaker: ditto to Swat!!!!!

[21:02:56] Monte(FISHER): Swat you wouldn't use your boat hard would you??LOL

[21:03:12] NORMS SPT: not yet

[21:03:13] Swat 1 (oh): Never Monte I baby it all the time...lol

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