Chat with Paul Folden Sunday Oct. 5 1997



[20:11:44] golden(co): Tonight's guest Host is Paul Folden, recognized tournament fisherman specializing in reservoir fishing

He is signed on as Paul

[20:11:55] Blane: Have any of you guys fished the Columbia before?

[20:12:11] LS: not me

[20:12:15] Paul: not i

[20:12:17] *** tom n has joined Walleye Central

[20:12:28] golden(co): Hi Tom

[20:12:36] Paul: hi tom

[20:12:44] LS: hi tom

[20:13:03] Paul: those fish were there the whole time, just needed wind

[20:13:15] Blane: Is the PWT or NAWA going to hold a tournament west of the Rockies someday?

[20:13:35] *** tom n has left Walleye Central

[20:13:42] Paul: alot of that depends on sponsorship and where most of the anglers are from

[20:13:44] *** tom n has joined Walleye Central

[20:13:59] golden(co): Paul, what would be a good technique for reservoirs this time of year? Realizing the forage plays an important role in this

[20:14:24] Paul: right now crankbait are your best bet

[20:14:33] LS: HAHAHAHAHA

[20:14:34] tom n: hi gus had a liile trouble connecting

[20:14:35] Paul: the walleyes are looking for a big easy meal

[20:14:56] LS: i thought that last week

[20:14:58] golden(co): Night time the best? Or daytime just as well?

[20:15:24] Paul: it doesn't really matter if the water is stained

[20:15:41] Paul: with the sun lower in the sky, the amount of light is cut down

[20:16:03] Paul: so the walleyes feed longer into the day and through-out the afternoon

[20:16:11] Blane: What colors do you use depending on water clarity?

[20:16:48] Paul: in muddy water i like to stick to colors that are bright, firetiger is the best

[20:17:10] Paul: in clearer water, i match the main forage that the fish are feeding on

[20:17:27] Blane: In muddy water should I use painted as opposed to metalic?

[20:17:31] Paul: with ciscoes and smelt, white, silver work good

[20:17:37] *** tom n has left Walleye Central

[20:18:20] Paul: the metalic lures give off more flash, providing there is sunlight penitrating to the depth the lure is running

[20:18:46] Paul: the painted lures are not as bright and work better when the fish are not as aggressive

[20:19:09] LS: Paul, do you think cranks with rattles would be good now?

[20:19:41] Paul: i almost always use cranks that have rattles in them

[20:19:50] Paul: especially if the water is muddy

[20:20:25] golden(co): Do you prefer mono or fireline for pulling cranks, behind the boat or on boards?

[20:20:30] Paul: rattles allow the fish to use their sense of hearing along with their latteral line to pinpiont the lure

[20:20:39] LS: did you go by yourself the other day?

[20:20:47] Paul: yes

[20:21:09] Paul: i like mono for pulling cranks because it has some forgiveness

[20:21:10] LS: whats barry's kids name?

[20:21:18] Paul: jason

[20:21:44] LS: you don't like the fireline?

[20:21:54] Paul: fireline works great in tournaments because you can usually pull your lure free when you snag up

[20:22:21] Paul: alot of guys praise the fireline because you can get the lure down deeper

[20:22:32] Blane: Stren is coming out with a low stretch mono, do you know much about it?

[20:22:34] *** Dave P. has joined Walleye Central

[20:22:51] LS: hi dave

[20:22:58] Blane: hi dave

[20:23:01] Paul: i've heard about the new line, but haven't seen any info on it yet

[20:23:12] Dave P.: Hey LS.

[20:23:16] Paul: hi dave

[20:23:36] Dave P.: Hi Paul

[20:24:01] LS: how was the trip back to NY, dave

[20:24:23] Dave P.: I only drove back to school in Minneapolis

[20:24:37] LS: thats right

[20:24:40] *** Blane has left Walleye Central

[20:24:56] Dave P.: Have you been back on the water at all

[20:25:14] LS: no, i was hunting this weekend

[20:25:26] LS: pauls been out

[20:25:56] Paul: the fish finally moved shallower

[20:26:05] Dave P.: On Sakakawea

[20:26:12] LS: what depth?

[20:26:14] Paul: 6 to 14 feet

[20:26:41] Paul: yes, on sak

[20:27:32] LS: did you only pull cranks, paul?

[20:27:44] Paul: yes

[20:27:51] Dave P.: Paul, what do you think about PWT Pros fishing the USFA Champ

[20:28:06] LS: did you do tb2 anymore?

[20:28:07] Paul: took bait along, but didn't need it once i found that they were shallow

[20:28:43] Paul: the pros have to put their line in the water just like everyone else

[20:28:55] LS: dave, do you stay in the dorms?

[20:29:01] Paul: i just was wondering if they fished enough tournaments to qualify

[20:29:25] Paul: or if the people that they fished with used more than one alternate

[20:29:27] Dave P.: No, I stay in a house

[20:29:41] LS: paul, who are you talking about?

[20:29:51] Dave P.: Thats what I was curious about to

[20:29:52] Paul: pwt pros in usfa

[20:30:21] LS: they only fished the nationals i think

[20:31:27] LS: it will be interesting to see what comes about with this other circuit

[20:31:32] Dave P.: Paul, What tournament curcuits will you participate in next year

[20:32:10] Paul: if i get the cash sponsor i'm working on, i'll be in the pwt next year

[20:32:17] Dave P.: What other curcuit?

[20:32:58] LS: a new one to replace team walleye

[20:33:32] LS: better payout for the fishermen

[20:33:36] golden(co): I've heard bad press about Team Walleye, what's up with that?

[20:33:40] Dave P.: Are you talking about the In-Fisherman deal

[20:33:51] Paul: just the midwest states, i think

[20:33:59] LS: no not in fish, something else

[20:34:05] Paul: this would be completely seperate

[20:35:03] LS: team walleye pockets too much of the money, 2nd place at nationals was only 1000

[20:35:16] Dave P.: Is it a national or state by state curcuit

[20:35:35] LS: i think a group of states

[20:35:38] Paul: they were talking a state by state, with a national championship

[20:35:52] LS: maybe 7 or 8

[20:36:07] Dave P.: Including NY?

[20:36:19] LS: i don't know

[20:36:50] golden(co): Paul, do you fish any systems with rainbow smelt in them?

[20:36:50] Dave P.: Paul, Have you ever fishind PWT as a pro or am

[20:37:00] LS: should hear something by dec. don't you think paul?

[20:37:31] Paul: golden, the missouri river system has the rainbow smelt as the main forage

[20:37:47] Paul: dave, never fished a pwt event

[20:38:06] Paul: i would think they would have something out by then

[20:38:15] golden(co): What would be a quick rundown on the seasonal patterns in a reservoir like that, I have one close to me.

[20:39:08] Paul: in the spring the walleyes move up the lake and major feeder bays for spawning

[20:39:50] Paul: as the water warms you see the fish slowly moving back down towards the main lake

[20:40:24] Paul: on sak we have saugers, which spawn later than the walleyes, and they are active as soon as the ice goes out

[20:40:59] Dave P.: Paul, who are your current sponsors

[20:41:04] Paul: during the spring as the water's warming, livebait with jigs or rigs work the best

[20:41:57] Paul: Pradco lures, Off Shore Tackle, Bait Rigs Tackle, Quantum/MotorGuide

[20:42:46] Paul: when the water temp starts to get around the 60 degree mark bottom bouncers and spinners work best rigged with nightcrawlers

[20:43:25] Paul: that usually is early summer

[20:43:47] Paul: crankbaits also start working then

[20:44:29] Paul: as the summer goes on and the water warms, trolling faster with both cranks and spinners produce fish

[20:44:55] LS: paul have you heard any results on the Vanity cup?

[20:45:15] Paul: not yet, should know tomorrow

[20:45:19] Dave P.: Do walleyes suspend much in Sak

[20:45:39] Paul: some, but not enough that you can catch them consistently

[20:46:18] Paul: you find them off of points, but usually they just raise up off the bottom three or four feet when they are feeding

[20:46:36] Dave P.: How deep were you catching fish during the championship

[20:46:56] Paul: 30 feet was a good depth then

[20:47:12] Paul: the lake was turning over and it had been calm all week

[20:47:39] Paul: this week with the wind and the lake finally turning, the fish have moved up shallow

[20:48:05] Dave P.: Do they stay shallow through fall?

[20:48:26] Paul: pretty much, unless we go a few days with out wind and the water clears up

[20:48:53] Paul: usually they won't be any deeper than 20 feet the rest of the year

[20:49:03] Paul: the saugers will be deeper though

[20:49:17] Dave P.: What did you do on day 3 when we couldnt run?

[20:49:24] Paul: cried!

[20:50:01] Paul: we worked a couple of points with live bait, and then pulled cranks the rest of the day hoping for a couple of fish

[20:50:11] LS: see you guys later, have to take the antelope to the processor

[20:50:19] Paul: later, ls

[20:50:21] golden(co): See ya LS

[20:50:27] Dave P.: Buy LS

[20:50:31] *** LS has left Walleye Central

[20:51:06] Paul: that last day of the championship should of been called with out a doubt

Whisper sent to [Paul]: Paul, next chat might be better on Wednesday, huh? Sorry for the lack of participation I tried!! Maybe more will join later on?

[20:51:46] golden(co): What was the deal, lots of wind or something?

[20:52:02] Whisper from Paul to [golden(co)]: i'm not too worried about it, wednesday probably would be better though

[20:52:05] Dave P.: On the Great Lakes, we have small craft advisories. What would be the equivalent on Sak?

[20:52:51] Paul: they call them "lake advisories", usually when the wind is going to blow over 30 mph

[20:53:13] Paul: that last day there were gusts to over 50 mph

[20:53:32] Paul: and they came from the worst direction possible

[20:54:28] Paul: did you and babby go out, or just stay in the bay?

[20:54:28] golden(co): What would be the fall seasonal pattern in a rainbow smelt reservoir?

[20:54:41] golden(co): Where's babby been??

[20:54:44] Dave P.: There needs to be some kind of standard set for calling a tournament day. There is no reason to beat up people and equipment

[20:55:27] Paul: the state is going to come up with a set of guidelines for tournaments, the wind didn't bother me as much as the lighting

[20:55:46] Paul: early fall, like now, crankbaits work the best out of anything

[20:56:13] Paul: the fish are kind of scattered and covering ground with something big is the key

[20:56:33] Dave P.: golden, Do you mean Mark B.

[20:56:33] golden(co): Big being a #13 rapala or larger - smaller

[20:56:47] golden(co): Dave, Yes Mark Babcock

[20:57:07] Paul: 25A Bombers work great

[20:57:27] Paul: you want something around 6 inches long that is long and thin like a smelt

[20:57:48] Dave P.: I havent spook with him since the USFA Champ. Where are you from?

[20:58:04] golden(co): I'm from Colorado

[20:58:25] Paul: later in the fall, until freeze up, big jigs tipped with sucker minnows about 6 inches long really get the big fish

[20:59:09] Paul: the key to remember is that the walleyes are looking for an easy meal, something big that they don't have to work too hard to get

[21:00:23] golden(co): At night time I used to troll Smithwick Rattlin' Rogues with great success, close to the shore. It hasn't been working lately, I was

wondering if the smelt were doing something different since it's been unseasonably warm.

[21:01:03] Paul: i caught walleyes on the firetiger Rattlin' Rogues thursday

[21:01:20] Paul: running them behind a planer board in 6 feet of water

[21:01:44] golden(co): The rattling rogue is an old bass lure from years ago, i'ts made the transition to walleye and is a great lure in my book

[21:02:23] golden(co): I have some that are 20 years old, in colors that they don't make anymore, the black/white zebra stripe is my favorite at night

[21:02:27] Paul: they are great for trolling at faster speeds, but when trolling slow they just don't seem to have the action

[21:02:46] Paul: the bomber 15a works great trolled slow

[21:03:04] Paul: by slow i mean .5 to .8 mph

[21:03:20] golden(co): Do the smelt generally hang out in the open water at night in the fall? Kinda shallow?

[21:03:46] Dave P.: Paul, How do you monitor your trolling speed?

[21:03:55] golden(co): .5 - .8 is real slow, good question Dave

[21:04:00] Paul: they usually relate to structure of some sorts

[21:04:12] Paul: i use gps for speed

[21:04:35] Paul: when i'm pulling cranks that slow i use my electric trolling motor

[21:05:07] Paul: the smelt will come shallow as soon as the amount of light that goes into the water drops

[21:05:07] Dave P.: Is your GPS hooked up to a differential land based antenna?

[21:05:48] Paul: just the satilites

[21:05:59] Paul: as far as i know

[21:06:11] golden(co): You can't be getting real deep at that speed, maybe 4ft or so?

[21:06:33] Paul: 4 to 6 feet usually

[21:06:53] Paul: i run the lure only about 50 feet behind the board

[21:07:10] Paul: if you let out more line than that, the line forces the lure up

[21:08:15] Paul: if the walleyes are in 10 feet or less, you only have to get a lure down with in four feet or so of the bottom

[21:08:24] Paul: the fish will come up and hit it

[21:08:40] Paul: especially if they are activily feeding

[21:09:35] Dave P.: This is my first chat on walleye central, how long do they last?

[21:09:50] golden(co): The "new" technique here is casting the points with suspending rogues at night and jerking-waiting on the retrieve, been real


[21:10:11] golden(co): Generally 1 1/2 to 2 hours,

[21:10:22] golden(co): Have you had enough Paul?

[21:10:27] Paul: i do basically the same thing with my boat

[21:10:34] Paul: i have until 1am

[21:10:53] golden(co): OK , let's keep going, how do you do that? Speed control with the trolling motor?

[21:11:45] Paul: if the wind is blowing, the waves will speed your boat up and slow you down as much as 1 mph

[21:12:10] Paul: the walleyes are usually shallow when the wind is crashing into the shoreline

[21:12:57] Paul: if it is calm, the fish are usually in a little deeper water, then i'll use my kicker and troll making S curves

[21:13:39] Paul: that causes the lures to speed up, then stop, then speed up again

[21:14:04] Paul: the hit usually comes when the lures either stops or when it takes off again

[21:14:55] golden(co): How about "glow in the dark" at night, any reason to try that? Like dots for eyes or stripes down the lure or the like?

[21:15:38] Paul: i've used glow spinners blades at night and have done really good on them

[21:15:46] *** Dave P. has left Walleye Central

[21:16:20] Paul: some of the cranks i use have the glow stipes and they do help when fishing muddy water during the day

[21:16:51] Paul: during the night, i have found that you can over-kill with the glow

[21:17:07] Paul: too much seems to spook more fish than it catches

[21:18:15] golden(co): I'll have to give glow spinners a try,

[21:18:38] *** Dave P. has joined Walleye Central

[21:18:50] golden(co): I use glow jigs for Mackinaw through the ice, but never tried it too much for walleye, Sounds like subtle is better than loud

[21:19:05] Paul: give them a charge, then let them set for awhile

[21:19:33] Paul: once they start to die down they seem to work better

[21:19:36] golden(co): It's getting "hog" time around here for night fishing, will probably do some next weekend.

[21:19:58] Paul: it doesn't seem to make much difference here

[21:20:08] Paul: the water is stained enough

[21:20:28] Paul: and when the wind blows into the shoreline, look out!

[21:20:58] *** Paul has left Walleye Central

[21:21:27] golden(co): Well, Dave. I think Paul will be back, his server must of kicked him off for idle time

[21:21:34] golden(co): Where are you?

[21:21:51] null: Same thing just hapened to me

[21:21:52] *** Paul has joined Walleye Central

[21:22:19] null: I think I also lost my nick name

[21:22:19] Paul: $&*#^%$!!!

[21:22:20] golden(co): HI paul, I hope the new version of the chat will fix all that

[21:22:37] golden(co): I see that "null" Log off and log on again

[21:22:43] null: Are you there golden?

[21:22:51] Paul: that's the first time it has happened to me

[21:22:54] golden(co): Yes, I'm here

[21:23:03] Paul: now i know what everyone was talking about

[21:23:09] *** Dave has joined Walleye Central

[21:23:10] *** Dave P. has left Walleye Central

[21:23:26] golden(co): I don't generally have that problem either, it's dependent on the server

[21:24:17] golden(co): are you there dave?

[21:24:25] Dave: Still there

[21:24:29] golden(co): OK

[21:24:45] Paul: where were we?

[21:25:03] golden(co): cranking the windy shoreline

[21:26:12] golden(co): I fish alot of tourneys in Wyoming, the wind is a given. The shoreline is always getting beat up. I've found good fishing on the

inside of cups off of major points out of the wind several times.

[21:26:45] Paul: with the wind blowing over the point

[21:26:53] golden(co): yes

[21:27:38] Paul: that is a sign that the current that is created by the wind is drifting baitfish over the point and the walleyes are just sitting there waiting

[21:27:54] Paul: great place to be, don't have to fight the wind

[21:28:00] golden(co): Yep, it makes an "eddy"

[21:28:32] Paul: personally, i like fishing in the waves and wind

[21:28:47] golden(co): I have control problems when I try that

[21:28:54] Paul: alot less competition and the fish are not as likely to get spooked by the boat

[21:29:31] Paul: it takes practice and knowing your boat like it's a part of you

[21:29:50] golden(co): Do you use drift socks to control the back of the boat? I can control the front with the trolling motor

[21:30:52] Paul: if i'm drifting, i put a drift sock at a spot where the boat drifts perfectally sideways

[21:31:15] Paul: all i have to do then is move the boat back and forth with the trolling motor

[21:32:03] golden(co): I try to pull cranks or bouncers along a windy shoreline, but the back of the boat always wants to go ashore

[21:32:28] Paul: have you tried backtrolling

[21:32:40] Paul: there are times when i resort to that

[21:32:50] Paul: i hate it with a passion though

[21:32:55] golden(co): NO, looks like a good way to get a wave in the boat, average waves are around 2 -3 foot in the wind

[21:33:23] Paul: i was backtrolling the last day of the championship

[21:33:43] Paul: 6 to 8 footers

[21:33:55] golden(co): Woah! Get wet?

[21:34:02] Paul: that is why there are two BIG bilge pumps in the boat

[21:34:14] Paul: cabela's raingear does it job

[21:34:51] golden(co): I never tried backtrolling, don't see alot of that out west

[21:35:01] Paul: if you leave your big motor down it breaks the waves up so you don't get the full blast over the back of the boat

[21:35:37] Paul: you can troll forward, but you are usually going sideways most of the time

[21:36:08] Paul: one way to help that is dragging a drift sock out the side of the boat

[21:36:10] Dave: time for me to leave, thanks for your time Paul.

[21:36:23] Paul: no problem dave

[21:36:28] golden(co): see ya dave

[21:36:30] *** Dave has left Walleye Central

[21:36:40] Paul: tie it on the side towards the wind

[21:37:31] golden(co): I'll give that a try, what's a good manufacture of drift socks? Drift Master?

[21:37:47] Paul: how big of boat do you run?

[21:37:57] golden(co): 17 ft Tracker Magna

[21:38:17] Paul: you could probably get by with one from Drift Control out of SD

[21:38:36] golden(co): Do you have any contacts there?

[21:38:38] Paul: they open really easy and fast when they hit the water

[21:38:44] Paul: no

[21:38:58] Paul: i used to when they first started making them

[21:39:08] Paul: they only had one size

[22:57:27] RickM: do you ever fish with leadcore when you are trolling cranks?

[22:57:43] jig: yes i do rick

[22:57:43] Sheila (co): Great.

[22:57:58] golden: Sheila, the guest host for tonight is Paul Folden, he is signed on as "jig"

[22:57:58] jig: not alot, but under certain conditions

[22:57:59] Sheila (co): How deep to choose leadcore?

[22:58:17] ynot 2: No, but I have three. She takes the little one out

[22:58:29] jig: i'll use leadcore when i want to run a lure right on the bottom

[22:58:47] Sheila (co): Like how deep though?

[22:59:04] ynot 2: I run LC under 25 feet myself

[22:59:06] jig: you can run it as deep as you want

[22:59:13] RickM: how many colors do you usually tie on

[22:59:29] jig: i run a 50 foot leader then leadcore the rest of the way

[22:59:45] Sheila (co): Ok.

[22:59:54] ynot 2: I use three and a fat lip bate with 50 ft in front

[22:59:57] jig: i let out line until i feel the lure hitting the bottom then reel in 1/2 a color

[23:00:25] jig: it works great with shallow lures

[23:00:41] ynot 2: Does this mean I did something right, Jig?

[23:00:44] jig: other than that presentation, i use snap weights

[23:01:18] Sheila (co): I use snap weights.

[23:01:18] jig: i'm a firm believer that everyone does it right

[23:01:26] RickM: I use it on Bay de Noc and it seems to not inhibit lure action as snaps weights seem to do for me

[23:01:33] ynot 2: Thanks buddy

[23:01:33] jig: if it catches fish for you, then it's right

[23:02:05] jig: how far are you running your snap weights ahead of the lure rick

[23:02:07] ynot 2: I seem to lose a lot of snap wieghts

[23:02:11] Sheila (co): they really shouldn't inhibit

[23:02:20] RickM: 50feet

[23:02:22] jig: that's right sheila

[23:02:43] jig: it shouldn't hurt the action at all

[23:02:53] jig: ynot, using fireline?

[23:03:04] ynot 2: Does anyone lose weights on a sweep set?

[23:03:29] ynot 2: No, 12 or 14 pound AN40

[23:03:40] jig: red releases?

[23:03:57] ynot 2: Ya, tons of them

[23:04:03] Sheila (co): if it's weedy, and we or risky I put a snap swiv on the line. No loss with that.

[23:04:11] RickM: Maybe its just my imagination. but if I slow down or on a turn my snapweight changes depth more quickly than with just Lc

[23:04:24] ynot 2: I'm on my foufth set from Cabellas this year

[23:04:34] jig: that's right rick, they are really speed dependant

[23:05:08] golden: But, is changing depth a detriment most of the time?

[23:05:12] jig: i've never had a problem loosing the weights, even with fireline, but i loop the line in the release

[23:05:20] ynot 2: So I could be dropping too low on turns?

[23:05:36] RickM: I use a snap weight on a rig I run out the back of my boat with Fireline. I loop it as well

[23:05:49] Sheila (co): With fireline you have to.

[23:05:57] ynot 2: I haven't tried that. Do on the boards, tho

[23:06:15] jig: that could be the problem ynot, when i turn i speed up just to make sure they stay off the bottom

[23:06:46] ynot 2: Never even heard that. Makes perfectly good since, tho

[23:07:22] jig: you've never seen me fish before, stragest thing you will probably ever see

[23:07:27] Sheila (co): Paul, Scott, Rick & Ynot2, I must run. Glad to visit!

[23:07:30] jig: strangest

[23:07:34] ynot 2: Do you snap weight all the lines or just the center ones?

[23:07:38] jig: bye sheila

[23:07:42] Sheila (co): Thanks Paul!

[23:07:46] golden: so soon sheila? see ya later

[23:07:46] ynot 2: Bye sheila

[23:07:57] RickM: bye sheila

[23:08:22] Sheila (co): I'll be in the Lk Oahe & maybe Ft. Peck PWT's next year (amateur of course) See ya.

[23:08:27] ynot 2: I'd love to tho!

[23:08:32] jig: most of the time i am trolling along structure and i use weights to get my lures all running about two feet off the bottom

[23:08:48] *** Sheila (co) has left Walleye Central

[23:08:53] jig: maybe see you there

[23:08:55] ynot 2: Four poles?

[23:09:10] jig: if i can get someone to go fishing with me

[23:09:28] jig: i like to run a board out each side and two behind the boat

[23:09:33] ynot 2: Certainly that's not a problem!

[23:09:34] RickM: when you use snaps, do you feel for the bottom then crank back? How far?

[23:10:18] ynot 2: Do you put weights on the board?

[23:10:34] jig: i know from experience how deep the lure is running with the weight

[23:11:12] jig: you mean on the line hooked to the board?

[23:11:30] ynot 2: Yes (sorry)

[23:11:42] jig: remember, simple mind here

[23:11:48] jig: yes i do

[23:11:52] RickM: Do you publish a guide? I know there are some out there but none that I know of use LC

[23:12:04] ynot 2: I'll beat you there, also

[23:12:36] jig: i just bought one that is pretty good

[23:12:45] jig: hang on a second so i can get the name

[23:12:59] RickM: who publishes it?

[23:13:02] ynot 2: I've never seen anyone use weights behind a board. Any tricks?

[23:13:50] jig: Precision Trolling (4th Edition)

[23:14:06] ynot 2: Scott, while he's gone am I out of line on the message board?

[23:14:45] ynot 2: Who's book, Jig?

[23:14:55] RickM: thanks i will try to find it.

[23:15:18] ynot 2: All I have is Mike Mc's chart

[23:15:24] golden: ynot, not at all, I appreciate the help, just let me know if someone gets outta line

[23:15:24] jig: by Dr. Steven Holt, Tom Irwin, & Mark Romanack

[23:15:48] RickM: Thanks

[23:15:49] golden: jig got an address?

[23:15:57] ynot 2: Got it. Thanks. Just don't want to step on toes

[23:16:01] jig: i have one of those also, junk compared to this book

[23:16:16] jig: i'm looking in the book now

[23:16:51] golden: The problem on the message board was that mamabo guy, gotta get his server address and block him out

[23:16:59] jig: they have a phone number to order the book: 800/353-6958

[23:17:27] golden: Name of the book?

[23:17:29] RickM: thats great

[23:17:36] golden: I want to make this available on the site

[23:18:03] jig: this book is 140 pages and has dive curves for just about all lures, LC, snap weight, dipsy divers just about everything

[23:18:20] ynot 2: Got it Jig. Thanks. Scott- there were a bunch of satan type guys there, not just that idiot Mobamo (or whatever)

[23:18:32] jig: the name is: Precision Trolling (4th Edition)

[23:18:41] golden: did I miss some yknot? Thanks jig

[23:19:16] RickM: I thinks thats great. I've wanted to learn more about the method of using dipsys

[23:19:25] ynot 2: Ya you did but you caught it when you zapped the whole thread

[23:19:55] golden: Had to do it, couldn't find another way, ynot, sorry

[23:20:04] jig: they have quite a few divers in the book

[23:20:11] ynot 2: I think he has a following or something. Bummer,too

[23:20:34] golden: I can get the server addresses and block them if necessary

[23:20:49] jig: luhr jensen jet diver, 2 sizes of dipsy divers

[23:20:56] ynot 2: No, Scott, That's what needed to be done. Send a message to them

[23:21:36] RickM: jig: when do find it neccesary to use dipsy or jet divers?

[23:21:40] ynot 2: They were all AOL but I couldn't get a house number

[23:21:49] jig: i don't

[23:22:06] jig: but they are in the book

[23:22:18] ynot 2: I wanted to see dipseys in action myself

[23:22:28] RickM: They use them alot on Lake Erie.

[23:22:28] jig: i've used them before

[23:22:34] golden: yknot, I didn;'t even check, that will make it harder to find them, any help would be great.

[23:22:36] jig: kind of a pain

[23:23:17] jig: i feel that if i can't reach the fish with deep diving lures and snap weights, i don't want to fish for them

[23:23:24] RickM: Thats good to know. What is the average depths that you fish for fall eyesw and on what kind of water

[23:23:42] ynot 2: They were all four on AOL servers but left no address or signiture....

[23:24:02] jig: here on Lake Sakakawea, the fish are fairly shallow right now

[23:24:15] jig: 6 to 14 feet was good thursday

[23:24:32] jig: a few weeks ago they were down 30 to 50 feet

[23:24:34] ynot 2: Thanks for saving me the money on the divers, Jig

[23:24:58] jig: i gave mine away

[23:25:02] golden: Probably one rogue leaving 4 messages, keep an extra eye on the board if you could, let me know if I miss something

[23:25:12] ynot 2: Sounds bad

[23:25:17] golden: I use my divers for Macs

[23:25:30] ynot 2: Gotcha, Scott

[23:25:35] jig: i'll tell you what...they can pull

[23:25:35] golden: when I don't want to use a downrigger

[23:26:01] golden: jig, ever downrig for 'eyes?

[23:26:25] golden: constant depth and all that?

[23:26:25] ynot 2: OK, what's a Mac?

[23:26:31] RickM: Is there that much vertical movement over such a short period of time ? Or is it typicaol on your lake?

[23:26:35] golden: Mackinaw, Lake Trout

[23:26:49] jig: i've tried it a few times and it works, but i can get just as deep with weights

[23:27:18] jig: that's pretty common rick, alot depends on the wind

[23:27:20] ynot 2: Never seen one before. Look good on film, tho

[23:27:39] jig: if the wind blows the fish will probably be shallow

[23:27:51] RickM: what oz weights do you use most often to fish say 30 -35 ft. at 1.5-2 mph

[23:28:08] golden: jig, what's the preference on snap weights, what brand. Has anyone tried the new Wille snap weights?

[23:28:24] jig: go with the off shores!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[23:28:54] jig: in 30 feet, a 25A bomber will get down there without weight

[23:28:54] golden: roger

[23:29:21] ynot 2: What lb line?

[23:29:47] jig: with ten pound test line, let out about 190 feet of line

[23:30:10] ynot 2: You like line counters, eh?

[23:30:19] jig: the big thunderstick will get down there, along with the reef runners

[23:30:33] jig: line counters are mandatory

[23:30:41] jig: in my boat

[23:30:48] ynot 2: Do you try fireline before you'll try weights?

[23:30:56] jig: the rebel definer works good to

[23:31:12] golden: I use a bobber stop as a guide, Always get to the same place with feel, I fish alot at night

[23:31:18] ynot 2: What's a definer?

[23:31:23] jig: this is where you guys are going to think i'm nuts

[23:31:49] ynot 2: Scott, rubber or thread?

[23:31:55] golden: rubber

[23:32:15] jig: first, the definer is a little counter that clips onto your rod and you loop the line around it and it counts the feet out

[23:32:18] golden: the cone shape goes through the guides real easy

[23:32:20] ynot 2: Why do I lose them in my eyelets?

[23:32:28] jig: costs about $12

[23:32:47] jig: back to the fireline deal

[23:32:48] golden: old rubbers ? no joke intended

[23:32:56] ynot 2: Jig got a phone number?

[23:33:00] golden: what is a definer?????

[23:33:27] jig: go back a few lines scott

[23:33:31] golden: OOPs,

[23:33:33] ynot 2: Cute Scott. Yes they are. Make a dif?

[23:33:41] golden: will it fit most rods?

[23:33:46] jig: yes

[23:34:06] jig: they have them in cabela's and bass pro

[23:34:12] golden: yes, yknot it does. Need to keep a fresh supply. One season is all it can take

[23:34:26] RickM: Its been really informative. what a fabulous chat site. thanks jig for your insights. I gotta go and tie some LC . I,m getting ready for a

trip to Bay de Noc for late fall eyes. Thanks guys

[23:34:31] ynot 2: Never seen them. Gonna look harder tho

[23:34:34] golden: thread slides too easy for me

[23:34:42] jig: thank rick

[23:34:52] golden: I've seen them, like jig says, I never even considered them as a tool,

[23:34:55] ynot 2: See ya Rick.

[23:35:04] ynot 2: Good luck!

[23:35:11] golden: see ya rick

[23:35:29] *** RickM has left Walleye Central

[23:35:38] jig: never considered what as a tool

[23:35:41] golden: Thanks for coming back to work jig

[23:35:47] ynot 2: Got to be better than 140 a pop for a good counter

[23:35:49] golden: definers

[23:36:29] jig: they are great, when i have customers with and they insist on using their own rods, i just hand them one of those

[23:36:37] ynot 2: I have to stop at $1400 a year if it don't float

[23:36:48] jig: i used them for years until i could afford linecounters

[23:37:03] golden: I always just count the passes on the 500

[23:37:44] jig: that works for repeating, but not for getting the lure precisely at a certain depth

[23:37:48] golden: I know it's not a science, but I'm comfortable with it and with a "fresh" rubber bobber stop I always get back to the same depth

[23:37:49] ynot 2: You meen watching the slide back and fourth?

[23:38:10] golden: yes, yknot

[23:38:14] ynot 2: FINE!

[23:38:35] ynot 2: I never new they deteriorated

[23:38:53] ynot 2: "knew"

[23:39:00] *** Wake has joined Walleye Central

[23:39:04] golden: reading a line counter at night means light, I'm certainly going to cosider one for daylight fishing however

[23:39:25] jig: night fishing is a whole different ball game

[23:39:44] golden: It's an exercise in futility!!

[23:39:51] ynot 2: I've seen electronic ones from Shimano. Maybe with a light?

[23:40:01] golden: Hi Wake

[23:40:05] jig: hi wake

[23:40:10] ynot 2: Hey Wake

[23:40:16] Wake: HELLO

[23:40:16] jig: let's not get too fancy

[23:40:25] golden: Tonight's guest host is Paul Folden, he is signed on as "jig"

[23:40:27] ynot 2: Sorry

[23:41:03] jig: i have enough trouble keeping the reels in ones peice, i don't think an electric one would last long

[23:41:11] ynot 2: That's nice to tell everyone else that, scott :-)

[23:41:16] golden: Feel free to join in, we were talking about line counters and depth control

[23:41:44] jig: good dig ynot

[23:41:53] golden: Hey, easy guys!!!

[23:42:15] ynot 2: Thanks. I hurt myself thinking of it

[23:43:46] golden: Hey Wake, do you walleye fish?

[23:43:52] ynot 2: No prob

[23:44:28] Wake: Getting started. fished our first tournament in july. got 14th

[23:44:44] jig: nothing wrong with that

[23:44:49] golden: that is good

[23:45:00] ynot 2: Congrats!

[23:45:00] golden: where and what did you use?

[23:45:52] Wake: We used bottom bouncers with crawler harness in about 10 to 20 feet. mainly following pelicans

[23:46:30] ynot 2: Good idea. That's knew to me also

[23:46:45] jig: ah, the greatest anglers in the world

[23:47:11] golden: Ever caught a pelican, that's for another night I guess

[23:47:17] ynot 2: They havs to be, I suppose

[23:47:26] golden: Where were ya Wake, and what time of year?

[23:47:36] jig: i've never seen a skinny one before

[23:47:45] ynot 2: I caught a gull on the Miss last week

[23:47:48] Wake: it was july at lake siminoe in wyoming

[23:48:02] golden: Was it the WWC?

[23:48:07] Wake: yes

[23:48:38] golden: Good job, I missed that one. I've fished the WWC since it was created, Seminoe is a tough lake

[23:48:48] Wake: yes

[23:49:05] golden: Were you in the Platte or the Medicine Bow?

[23:49:10] *** Wake has left Walleye Central

[23:49:22] golden: oops, he was a local.

[23:49:26] ynot 2: woops

[23:49:36] jig: oh oh, pinger deal again?

[23:49:42] golden: I want some infor from that guy!!

[23:49:53] ynot 2: I didn't say it this time, Scott

[23:50:05] golden: yea, the pinger thing. It depends on your server how much "idle" time you are allowed

[23:50:11] *** Wake has joined Walleye Central

[23:50:25] ynot 2: Hi wake!

[23:50:29] golden: Did you get my last question Wake?

[23:50:40] Wake: no

[23:50:56] golden: Were you in the Medicine Bow or the Platte River Arm?

[23:51:07] jig: well guys, i think i'm going to catch a nap before i go to work

[23:51:07] Wake: Medicine Bow

[23:51:18] Wake: by jig

[23:51:29] golden: Jig, thanks alot for the patience, let's try wednesday for the next one.

[23:51:40] jig: talk to everyone later

[23:51:43] ynot 2: See ya Jig. Been a real pleasure

[23:51:53] jig: sounds good scott[23:51:59] jig: later!

[23:52:01] *** jig has left Walleye Central

[23:52:27] golden: That's a good guy, stuck the chat out till almost 10:00

[23:52:44] ynot 2: Even later here


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