Paul Folden Chat 2-18-98


[19:58:20] LS(nd): Tonights Host is Paul Folden, Paul is a Pro Angler, Outdoor Writer,

Guide, and "Field Editor" for Walleye Cantral. Please give Paul time to answer the


[19:58:44] LS(nd): go ahead Paul

[19:59:01] waliguy: paul, on Sak does water temp dictate your pref to crawlers vs.


[19:59:03] *** JO'EYE has joined Walleye Central

[20:00:43] waliguy: sounds like mille lacs

[20:00:45] GC<wy>: So in prespawn it's usually jig and minnows right Paul?

[20:00:55] Paul Folden: jigs or live bait rigs

[20:01:38] Jigman: How did you tackle the Missouri R. last June with the water being

so high, for me I did the best from shore even during the day, very difficult from a boat

[20:02:20] *** geo has joined Walleye Central

[20:02:23] Paul Folden: the tactics and presentations were the same jigman, the only

difference was the locations of the walleyes

[20:02:25] Ric: Paul,do you ever use leadcore when structure trolling flatland res. for

precise depth control?

[20:03:04] Paul Folden: i've used leadcore, but i find it easier to use snap weights

[20:03:20] LS(nd): Paul, what presentations work best for you in post spawn?

[20:03:25] Paul Folden: the snap weights are harder to master, but once you do, you

can control your bait just as well

[20:03:57] rip some lip wy: do you use fireline??

[20:04:21] Paul Folden: live bait rigs work well, but bottom bouncers and spinners will

also take fish

[20:04:24] JO'EYE: Why are snap wts. harder to master?

[20:04:26] Paul Folden: yes i do rip

20:04:36] Ric: so leadcore can be used for precise depth control not just for very deep


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[20:04:54] waliguy: any situations where you would lean toward lead instead of snap

weights, paul?

[20:05:08] Paul Folden: snap weights are more speed dependant than leadcore in my


[20:05:20] GC<wy>: Paul while fishing the upper reaches of reservoirs for early spring

eyes do you find they generally like a slow retrieve with little action?

20:05:51] Paul Folden: i like using leadcore if i find fish that will not bite and are tight to

the bottom during mid summer

[20:05:59] blane (wa): Paul wo you "search" with a particular lure or presentation and

then switch once you have located fish?

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[20:06:37] Paul Folden: i use a rod that is spooled with nothing but leadcore, that way i

can let out enough line to run a spinner or crank inches from the bottom putting it right

in front of the fish[

20:07:13] Paul Folden: best presentation i have found personally for shallow fish is

casting jigs tipped with minnows, hoping them along the bottom

[20:07:38] rip some lip wy: Do you use the percision trolling book when you use


[20:08:06] Paul Folden: i will usually search with cranks baits blane, then depending

how active the fish are, either stick to the cranks or switch to something slower

20:08:55] Paul Folden: i use it for reference rip, but i only run a dozen or so different

lures and know by memory about how deep they will run

[20:09:50] Paul Folden: if i miss a question, ask it again

[20:10:00] fishncrazy(nd): Paul, how do you explain why Sakakawea walleyes

generally always have smelt in their stomacs while there has been an explosion of

yelloe perch in the lake in the last 3 to 4 years also the perch have been using all

different water columns

[20:10:04] rip some lip wy: your doing good.

[20:10:28] LS(nd): Paul, tell us a little on how you set up your boat for trolling cranks

[20:10:46] Reefer (IN): Paul, primarily pull lead with boards or flat line?

[20:10:53] Paul Folden: i feel that the walleyes are feeding on these smelt during the

day in deeper water, feeding on the perch when they move up shallow during low light

and such

[20:11:19] fishncrazy(nd): makes sence

[20:11:36] Paul Folden: when i use leadcore, i use it right behind the boat, i can control

where the lure i'm using runs better that way

[20:11:59] *** RHILL49242 has joined Walleye Central

[20:12:22] Paul Folden: i set up my boat with four rod holders in the back of the boat

within easy reach from where i run my kicker

[20:12:32] Ric: Paul,can leadcore be used for precise depth control and not just

deeper water, example,fish holding at 15' over 30 of water?

[20:13:00] Paul Folden: with the rods located close together like that it makes it easier

to adjust them and also easier to watch

[20:13:03] Hank: Paul Do you have downriggers on your boat??

[20:13:09] Yar-Man(SD): Paul, do you use the TR-1?

20:13:52] Paul Folden: yes it can ric, a good rule of thumb is about 5 feet per color of

leadcore, you can use that to get you fairly close to any depth

[20:14:03] Paul Folden: no i don't hank

[20:14:11] *** wannabe has joined Walleye Central

[20:14:24] Paul Folden: i don't have one on my boat, but have used them in the past,

nice units

[20:14:33] Babby(NY): hey wannabe

[20:15:00] Paul Folden: the only thing that concerns me with the TR1 is the reaction

time[20:16:00] Yar-Man(SD): Then is your kicker a tiller or connected to the main?

[20:16:02] *** Fallsman (ON) has left Walleye Central

[20:16:07] Paul Folden: tiller yarman

[20:16:16] Ric: Paul,why do you think downriggers aren't that well liked on erie,does

the ball really spook the fish?

[20:16:41] fishncrazy(nd): do you feel walleyes (post spawn) on Lake Sakakawea will

be less bay oriented and will move towards the mouths and slides earlier this year with

the decreased water levels?

[20:16:53] Reefer (IN): Thanks Paul, good luck and keep up the good work. I gotta

run..see ya!

[20:17:27] Paul Folden: that depends alot on what time of year it is GC and what the

current conditions are, on a bright sunny, calm day they may be as deep as 60 feet or

more, but if the wind starts blowing and it becomes cloudy, they may move up into very

shallow water, 5 feet

[20:17:37] Paul Folden: or less

[20:18:08] *** Reefer (IN) has left Walleye Central

[20:18:14] Paul Folden: i don't think the ball spooks the fish, i used to use them, but i

find the snap weights easier to use and alot cheaper

[20:18:41] GC<wy>: Paul my question on vertical jigging I guess had more to do with

spooking fish when it gets too shallow beneath your boat.

[20:19:17] Paul Folden: i think that is going to depend on what the lake is doing at the

time, the walleyes will want to be close to the main lake if the water is still dropping

[20:19:34] Ric: Paul,when you say you to throw jig/minnow in shallow water what are

you saying is shallow?

[20:19:39] fishncrazy(nd): ok thanks

[20:19:58] Paul Folden: i've caught fish in ten feet or less under the boat jigging, but i

don't like to be that close

[20:20:09] waliguy: paul, do you change speed/put motor in-out of gear when you troll


[20:20:19] GC<wy>: Hey Rip, where from in WY?

[20:20:23] Paul Folden: if the walleyes are in water under 10 feet you are better off

casting to them

[20:20:31] rip some lip wy: lander

[20:20:34] Ric: ok

[20:20:43] GC<wy>: <--- Casper

[20:21:02] Paul Folden: yes i do, also turning the boat back and forth changes the

speed also waliguy

[20:21:20] Paul Folden: especially with planer boards

[20:21:23] Yar-Man(SD): Paul, when using spinner harnesses what length of snell do

you use? 20:21:45] *** Hank has left Walleye Central

[20:21:46] Paul Folden: i like to use spinners that are around four to five feet in length

[20:22:10] waliguy: double hook or triple on the harnesses?

[20:22:29] Paul Folden: double hook when i'm using crawlers, otherwise single hook

[20:22:42] LS(nd): Paul, what length of leader do you use on leadcore?

[20:22:57] Paul Folden: i tie my own spinners so i can vary the length between the

hooks to match the size of the crawler i'm using

[20:23:12] JO'EYE: Paul, do you find that larger fish are generally on those harder to

find spots on small structure?

[20:23:27] Paul Folden: for leadcore i'll run 30 feet of mono for a leader

[20:24:10] geo: when you get to a new body of water what approach do you use for

finding fish

[20:24:11] Paul Folden: somewhat, jo'eye, but more so that they will not compete with

the smaller more active walleyes

[20:24:31] Yar-Man(SD): When you tie your spinners how many, what color, and what

size of beads do you use, and hooks?

[20:24:48] Paul Folden: the bigger walleyes will usually wait until the smaller ones have

finished feeding, then feed themselves

[20:24:57] Paul Folden: run, run, run geo

[20:25:06] Paul Folden: cover as much water as i can in a day

[20:25:18] RHILL49242: Paul: Is there a good rule of thumb to gauge depth vs. line out

when using clip-on weights

[20:25:26] Paul Folden: never hit the same spot twice until i've covered every likely


[20:26:18] Ric: Paul,if using 30 ft. leader on leadcore you use deep diving crank does

the 5 ft. per color still hold up or do you take into consideration the diving

characteristics of the crank?

[20:27:14] Paul Folden: on my spinners i use just enough beads to get the blade 1

bead above the hook, the size of the bead i feel isn't overly important, for color i try to

contrast the blade somewhat

[20:27:39] Paul Folden: rule for snap weights is about 10 feet per ounce

[20:28:04] *** racer has joined Walleye Central

[20:28:05] GC<wy>: Paul how do you fish big areas of flooded timber (usually 10 ft or

less depth)?

[20:28:17] Paul Folden: you add the 5 feet per color to the diving of the crank

20:28:55] *** Babby(NY) has left Walleye Central

[20:28:56] Paul Folden: but remember, the crank isn't diving the full depth.

[20:29:25] Paul Folden: by casting crankbaits GC

[20:29:49] GC<wy>: I'm talking lotsa snag type timber Paul.

[20:30:23] Paul Folden: then i would switch to a snagless jig and either a big minnow or

a leech

[20:30:36] Jigman: Do you cast diving baits or minnow baits

[20:30:44] Paul Folden: use a heaviey jig that will allow you to work the area quickly

until you find fish

[20:30:55] LS(nd): Paul, what are your thoughts on suspended walleye on Lake

Sakakawea...what tactics do you use?

[20:31:16] Paul Folden: diving baits jigman

[20:31:30] Ric: Paul,how would you fish a stumpfield on a flat,10-15' deep,early

summer on a flatland res. dark water?

[20:31:31] Paul Folden: you aren't letting me keep any secrets are you lS

[20:31:46] LS(nd): :-)

[20:31:52] blane (wa): :-)

[20:32:22] Paul Folden: first try to find something different in the structure

[20:32:55] GC<wy>: Will try TJ.

[20:32:58] Paul Folden: maybe a brushpile or something, then work jigs around the area

[20:33:09] waliguy: Paul, any brand preference of hooks for cranks? In other words, do

you replace them or just sharpen?

[20:33:38] Paul Folden: i just sharpen the ones that are standard, although i usually

bend them out slightly

[20:34:15] Paul Folden: for suspended walleyes on Sak, i use both spinners and


[20:34:58] LS(nd): Please elaborate, paul

[20:35:04] Paul Folden: find the schools of smelt suspended off of structure and troll

through the school or just above them

[20:35:29] JO'EYE: Paul, how do you know what size spinner blade to use for different


[20:35:39] Paul Folden: also look for them to suspend off of points and such that see

heavy pressure from anglers

[20:37:30] Paul Folden: although they be halfway across the lake

[20:37:53] fishncrazy(nd): when using a LBR do you use a bead infront of the hook?

[20:38:22] blane (wa): Paul, during the pre through post spawn, do you ever downsize

your baits, like use a #2 blade instead of a #5?

[20:38:30] Paul Folden: sometimes fish, i usually start with a plain hook, then add a

bead if nothing bites

[20:38:42] JO'EYE: Paul, when you spot baitfish suspended, are they scattered or

tightly grouped ?

[20:38:45] fishncrazy(nd): ok thanks

[20:39:37] Ric: Paul,what time of the year should I expect to find heaviest

concentrations of eyes using the stumpfields,dark water flatland res.not too much

classic structure, points,droppoffs, sunken islands etc.?

[20:39:44] Paul Folden: i have blane, but i've found that by keeping the blade bigger i

catch just as many fish as with the smaller blade

[20:39:47] *** Lipp Lipper has left Walleye Central

[20:40:21] Paul Folden: the big blade sends out alot stronger vibration attracting the

fish from farther, thinking its a big easy meal

[20:40:30] Paul Folden: instead of a small quick one

[20:40:32] RHILL49242: In luie

[20:40:34] geo: when looking for fish how fast can you go while watching your sonor

and what kind do you use

[20:40:42] GC<wy>: Gotta go guys. Been fun. Thanks Paul. Hey Rip , we've (North

Platte Walleye Club) are having an eye seminar on March 7th in Casper you ought to

come (at the fairgrnds 1-5 pm_.

[20:40:42] racer: do you have a preferred blade colo or indiana or some of the new


[20:40:55] Paul Folden: the baitfish are usally grouped fairly tight jo

[20:40:58] *** WHALE-EYES has joined Walleye Central

[20:41:02] *** TB has joined Walleye Central

[20:41:12] rip some lip wy: ill be their

[20:41:34] Paul Folden: i would guess early to mid summer ric, water temps in the mid to

high 50's

[20:41:47] RHILL49242: In lieu of sounding stupid, whats a LBR

[20:41:55] *** Lipp Ripper has joined Walleye Central

[20:41:58] GC<wy>: Hope to meet ya. Look for a Geoff (Jeff) Cerrelli. BYE

[20:42:06] LS(nd): live bait rig

[20:42:24] *** GC<wy> has left Walleye Central

[20:42:26] Paul Folden: i use a LMS-350A geo, i usually search a spot at 5 mph or

so...anything faster and you miss little things

[20:42:42] RHILL49242: That was entirely to simple

[20:43:37] fishncrazy(nd): Paul, Irun a flasher (Vexlar) and a Bottom Line graph in the

boat but I feel I can detect fish while running better with the flasher of course your eyes

have to be glued to it how do you feel

[20:43:39] RHILL49242: Thgank you LS

[20:43:41] Paul Folden: i like the colorado blades best of all racer

[20:43:41] Paul Folden: i like the colorado blades best of all racer

[20:44:23] racer: are you using the quick change clevis?

[20:44:42] WHALE-EYES: paul have you used the new TATTLE-FLAG system yet

[20:44:52] *** lundman has left Walleye Central

[20:45:02] Paul Folden: the flasher works great, but like you said you have to be

watching it constantly, if you get your graph set correctly, it will read just as well

[20:45:17] Jigman: Ever mess around with the night angling on the Sak?

[20:45:23] Paul Folden: seen them used, but haven't really tested them yet[20:46:02] Paul Folden: some jigman, nothing to brag about though

[20:46:35] Paul Folden: the fish seem to be scattered more at night and are harder to

find consistently

[20:46:42] Jigman: Would it be something that would improve with the perch boom?

[20:47:24] Ric: Paul,in late summer we seem to lose contact with the fish,any tips you

can give me on where to look,same res. type I described earlier?

[20:47:26] *** Captain Marty has joined Walleye Central

[20:47:36] Paul Folden: it should, the walleyes will move into the shallow water after

these perch at night and casting cranks will definitely produce fish

[20:47:46] JO'EYE: Paul, do you run your graph on manual for searching structure


[20:48:08] *** chrm o the brds has joined Walleye Central

[20:48:09] racer: ever tried the fleats at night with planer boards and cranks?

[20:48:16] Redeye: Paul, what type of locators do you use and where on the boat?

[20:48:35] Paul Folden: look deeper ric, most likely the water has warmed enough to

were the walleyes will move deeper in search of more likable water temps

[20:48:41] WHALE-EYES: paul do you use DGPS if so how well does it work

[20:48:56] Paul Folden: yes i do jo

[20:49:36] Paul Folden: i have racer but with mixed results, but that's only on Sak

[20:50:02] Ric: Paul,thank you very much for the tips tonight,can't wait to apply some

of them!! Bye

[20:48:09] racer: ever tried the fleats at night with planer boards and cranks?

[20night fishing

[20:53:27] JO'EYE: Paul, when you said 5' depth per color of leadcore, at what speed

were you talking?

[20:53:40] Paul Folden: another presentation that i've found to work great after dark

are glow in the dark spinners

[20:54:12] *** TJ(OH) has left Walleye Central

[20:54:18] chrm o the brds: Paul, ever fish the surface with cranks at night?

[20:54:19] Paul Folden: around the 1.5 mph mark jo

[20:54:24] *** Captain Marty has joined Walleye Central

[20:54:53] *** reeltime(OH) has joined Walleye Central

[20:54:58] racer: yes have varied results with hem also but seems like what we catch

for fish at night will always run much larger average mainly cuase the large ones will

come shallow to feed at night

[20:54:59] Paul Folden: not really

[20:55:22] WHALE-EYES: PAUL do you have a favorite spinner blade, if so what size

and color.

[20:55:37] RHILL49242: Paul: do you gauge your speed by speedometer, your GPS or


[20:55:47] Jigman: On the Missouri R. last year we run raps a foot down

[20:55:55] Jigman: at night

[20:55:56] racer: only place we see the surface cranks work is in the tailrace

[20:56:03] Paul Folden: my favorite blades are the astrobrites blades from bait rigs

[20:56:49] Paul Folden: a combination of all of them rhill, gps, paddle on the graph, and

watching the shoreline

[20:56:56] Dogfish (AZ): Paul do you find that the hatchet shaped spinner blades work

well at night?

[20:57:06] Yar-Man(SD): When pulling cranks, whats your No.1 go to crank?

[20:57:27] Paul Folden: i haven't tried them at night dogfish

[20:58:03] Paul Folden: #1 crank without any doubt 25A Bomber gold/black back/

orange belly

[20:58:30] Dogfish (AZ): Paul I thought maybe with the added vibration and

luminescence - right combo

[20:59:04] Paul Folden: sounds good, i just haven't played with them much

[20:59:27] WHALE-EYES: PAUL thanks for the info.good luck fishing this year.

[20:59:32] Paul Folden: thanks

[20:59:41] *** WHALE-EYES has left Walleye Central

[20:59:56] racer: Paul have you fished the tailrace at sak much if so with success?

[21:00:42] Paul Folden: the fishing in the tailrace can be great in the spring and early

summer, it should be starting anytime now

[21:01:00] Jigman: How the walleyes doin' through the ice at the moment

[21:01:11] racer: hopefully with reduced water flow...

[21:01:15] RHILL49242: Paul I'm relativily new to trolling, any quick tips??

[21:01:30] Paul Folden: they are catching some around the pouch pt area but

everything else is slow jigman

[21:01:41] Jigman: Ice rotting

[21:01:52] Dogfish (AZ): Paul do you ever add crawlers to a crank like we used to do

on a flatfish?

[21:02:08] *** chrm o the brds has left Walleye Central

[21:02:33] *** Yar-Man(SD) has left Walleye Central

[21:03:02] Paul Folden: pick a few lures and learn how they run rhill, troll them when

the fish are biting until you become confident

[21:03:37] RHILL49242: Thanhs

[21:03:38] racer: Paul what is standard for sak in the tailrace floating raps and btm


[21:03:43] *** Redeye has left Walleye Central

[21:03:45] Paul Folden: i tried it some on the lakes dogfish, but the adding of bait to a

crank really works on rivers

[21:04:32] blane (wa): Paul does a nightcrawler add scent or is it more of a taste thing

so the walleye holds on once it bites?

[21:04:50] *** bob (oh) has joined Walleye Central

[21:04:51] Paul Folden: either longlining minnow cranks, slipping with the current with

jigs, or anchoring and casting jigs

[21:04:51] *** Captain Marty has left Walleye Centra

l[21:05:16] *** RoyG(PA) has left Walleye Central

[21:05:18] *** RoyG(PA) has joined Walleye Central

[21:05:31] RHILL49242: Paul When trolling in a river is it best to troll with or against the


[21:05:38] Paul Folden: scent is the big thing blane, most of the time when a fish hits a

crank it's hooked

[21:05:49] JO'EYE: Paul, do you like the gold/black/or. belly 25A in clear water, any


[21:06:05] Paul Folden: my best results have been trolling against the current...troll up,

drift back

[21:06:08] waliguy: paul, any thoughts on crank modifications eg. glow paint, flash

strips, jelly scent?

[21:06:33] *** RoyG(PA) has left Walleye Central

[21:06:55] racer: Propst SR has always preached gas and oil are the best sent

[21:07:27] Dogfish (AZ): Paul any particular cranks to add bait to?

[21:07:44] Paul Folden: i use the 25A in water from 25 feet and deeper, switching to

the 24A in 25 to 20 feet and the 15A in water less than that...anytime, anywater

[21:08:19] Paul Folden: crankbaits that have a slow wobble to them seem to work best


[21:08:28] wannabe: thanks paul sea ya later

[21:08:29] Paul Folden: don't forget the WD-40 racer

[21:08:35] *** wannabe has left Walleye Central

[21:08:46] racer: use it for

[21:09:27] Paul Folden: i haven't had much luck on any lures that i've painted glow,

but flash strips really help in muddy water

[21:09:35] fishncrazy(nd): Paul beings that cranks are reflex lures, wouldnt bait be non

important on a crank also wouldnt it take action away from the crank just like whena

weed is caught on the hook?

[21:09:56] *** Wolfie has joined Walleye Central

21:10:28] Paul Folden: the main reason i use scent is to cover my scent

[21:10:36] *** Jim (Canada) has joined Walleye Central

[21:10:47] fishncrazy(nd): should be a bowhunter!!

[21:10:48] racer: you will find any bait on the hook or even changing size of hooks

changes the motion of a crank

[21:10:57] Paul Folden: use the bait/crank combo when finessing cranks, trolling them

slow, make the fish take it

21:11:40] Paul Folden: bait on the hook will mess up the action on fast crankbaits,

such as hot n tots and such

[21:12:14] Paul Folden: changing hooks sizes doesn't seem to matter as long as you

don't over do it, a size or two bigger is about the limit

[21:12:24] *** TB has left Walleye Central

[21:12:25] Dogfish (AZ): Paul thanks for your time

[21:12:30] *** Dogfish (AZ) has left Walleye Central

[21:12:52] fishncrazy(nd): your doing great Paul!!

[21:12:55] racer: true you can over come the natural design of the crankbait

[21:12:56] Jigman: For a july trip which would you recomend Fort Peck or Tobin, hit

tobin last year in july lots and lots of 1-3lb no one 27" in three days. Wrong time of year

for the trophy bite?

[21:12:58] LS(nd): Paul, on behalf of Walleye Central we want to thank you for your

time tonight, it was very informative...if you need a out this is it....continue if you wish.

[21:13:21] RHILL49242: Paul Im fishing my first tourn. this year any advice??

[21:13:27] racer: one of the most important thins is make sure the lure runs true in the


[21:13:31] Wolfie: Wolfie..Folden..Have you lead lined? Length of lead to mono

[21:14:08] Paul Folden: where did you fish jigman, the river or the lake?

[21:14:16] Jigman: Both

[21:14:20] Paul Folden: 30 feet wolfie

[21:14:36] Wolfie: Wolfie..Folden Have you lead lined? Length of lead to mono.

[21:14:39] racer: hit tobin in early october for large fish

[21:14:40] Paul Folden: best trophy bite on the river is late september through october

[21:15:29] *** Wolfie has left Walleye Central

[21:15:50] Paul Folden: fort peck is nothing to pass up though either jigman

[21:16:09] Jigman: kind of had my heart set on Peck

[21:16:41] Paul Folden: i'm heading there for the Gov. Cup, looking forward to it

[21:16:49] Jim (Canada): I know I'm late to the show... Have you gotten much Ice

fishing done this seaon Paul?

[21:17:06] JO'EYE: Paul, under post- cold front cond's, do you still start out with cranks

or go to live so

[21:17:18] Paul Folden: did alot earlier, but none lately

[21:17:55] Paul Folden: i like to start with cranks, just to see if there are any active fish

in the area

[21:18:09] *** Wolfie has joined Walleye Central

[21:18:18] blane (wa): Is trolling cranks your favorite way to fish Paul?

[21:18:21] Paul Folden: if there are any fish at all, you can usually catch at least one,

then go after them with bait

[21:18:40] Paul Folden: yes it is blane, and most productive

[21:18:55] waliguy: thanks for the great info tonight paul, take care

[21:17:55] Paul Folden: i like to start with cranks, just to see if there are any active fish

in the area

[21:18:09] *** Wolfie has joined Walleye Central

[21:18:18] blane (wa): Is trolling cranks your favorite way to fish Paul?

[21:18:21] Paul Folden: if there are any fish at all, you can usually catch at least one,

then go after them with bait

[21:18:40] Paul Folden: yes it is blane, and most productive

[21:18:55] waliguy: thanks for the great info tonight paul, take care

[21:19:04] Paul Folden: later waliguy

[21:19:07] *** waliguy has left Walleye Central

[21:19:24] Wolfie: Wolfie...Folden..Lead lining...How much lead to mono

[21:19:55] Paul Folden: mono leader?

[21:20:01] Paul Folden: 30 feet

[21:20:11] JO'EYE: Thanks for the info Paul, learned lots. Good Luck this season!

[21:20:16] Paul Folden: thanks

[21:20:43] Paul Folden: bait, 30 feet of mono, then leadcore

[21:20:44] Wolfie: mono then 30 feet lead and last 20-50 ft mono

[21:21:34] Paul Folden: when i do use leadcore i have rods that are spooled

completely with it, only have a 30 foot mono leader

[21:22:13] RHILL49242: Paul: Do you use line-counter reels when trolling or count on

your own judgement

[21:22:16] Wolfie: when running a floating rap on this set effective is it.

[21:22:27] Paul Folden: linecounters rhill

21:23:05] Paul Folden: you can run the lure within inches of the bottom wolfie, if it

starts to hit, reel in a few turns

[21:23:19] Paul Folden: that's the only time i use leadcore, for that presentation

[21:23:30] Paul Folden: getting lures very tight to the bottom

[21:23:37] *** golden (co) has joined Walleye Central

[21:23:43] Wolfie: I have used the risto rap and I have found them to make a BIG


[21:23:53] blane (wa): howdy scott

[21:24:06] *** JO'EYE has left Walleye Central

[21:24:26] blane (wa): Paul have you ever tried using a bottom bouncer with a stick

bait like a rapala?

[21:24:55] Paul Folden: yes, but running the stickbait behind a 3-way rig has been

more productive for me

[21:25:12] rip some lip wy: Paul great job looking foward to meeting you at boysen

tournament this year...

[21:25:26] Paul Folden: i'll be there with bells on :)

[21:25:33] *** rip some lip wy has left Walleye Central

[21:25:35] golden (co): I'll be there too

[21:25:38] Jim (Canada): Is that because the bottom bouncer get's the bait too close to

the bottom?

[21:26:17] Paul Folden: yes, and i don't like the bottom bouncer draging and turning up

the silt

[21:26:20] Jim (Canada): What length of line do you use on the dropper of a 3-way rig?

21:27:06] Paul Folden: from 3-way swivel to weight, 12 feet......from swivel to crank, 6


[21:27:28] Jim (Canada): How do you store those suckers? Or do you just tie them as

you need them?

[21:27:35] Paul Folden: let out just enough line so the weight only touches the bottom

every so often

[21:27:56] Paul Folden: tie them as you need them, i trip over enough stuff on the floor

of my boat

[21:28:25] Jim (Canada): And a light line on the dropper?

[21:28:50] Paul Folden: 8 lb on the dropper and 10 to the crank

[21:28:52] racer: gotta run paul good luck this summer

[21:28:57] Paul Folden: thanks racer

[21:29:10] *** racer has left Walleye Central

[21:29:27] Jim (Canada): You say a 12 foot lead to the weight... for what depth of water

would you use that?

[21:30:26] Paul Folden: any depth, i've found that to be the best combination for me,

puts the crank right over the fish

[21:31:14] geo: thanks paul gotta go

[21:31:19] Wolfie: I don't use a three way..I use bobber stops and beads on each side

of a snap swivel. I then can move the distance of the drop line any distance I want

from the bottom

[21:31:33] Jim (Canada): And then tie on a shallow running stick bait? Like the original

rapala? [21:32:01] Paul Folden: rapalas work very well

[21:32:11] *** geo has left Walleye Central

[21:32:16] RHILL49242: Paul: Could i get you to explain that a little better, the way it

looks to me the crankbait is going to be 7 to 9 ft off bottom

[21:32:20] Paul Folden: that would work also wolfie

[21:32:26] fishncrazy(nd): Paul, do you feel that with the age class (20-21 inch walleyes

on the east end of Sak now that with those fish maturing they will be harder to locate

this year since they might be heading west towards Van Hook

[21:34:20] bob (oh):

[21:34:24] Paul Folden: your line is going back at an angle rhill, that allows that crank

to get deeper

[21:34:34] Wolfie: Hey Paul look out I'll be out gunning for you this year...Money time

for Wolfie...HA..HA..

21:34:54] Paul Folden: i love competition wolfie :)

[21:34:58] RHILL49242: Thanks Paul Like i say Im new to trolling

[21:35:22] Wolfie: Me to...Have a good year..

[21:35:35] Paul Folden: same to you wolfie

[21:35:43] *** Wolfie has left Walleye Central

[21:36:13] Paul Folden: it depends on just what the forage is going to do fish

[21:36:19] Jim (Canada): So do you figure with a proper speed and angle on the line

the crank bait will be about 2-3 feet off bottom?

[21:36:23] blane (wa): great chat paul, lots of real good questions with even better


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